8/5/20199:48 PMNoneEnd of Season END OF SEASON 2018/2019 A big Thank You to my partner earlybird_AEF for holding my hand through this up & down season. We could never have imagined what came to be in the Hamlet, day in & day out. This is my last post for the 2018/2019 season - it never really seemed like the 'end of the season" with Samson staying around so long. And we so enjoyed his visits. I do believe that he is still around the area, not too far away. He is just avoiding detection. Plus the hawks in the Hamlet have been relentless. It has been their "time" in the Hamlet so eagles have not been so welcome. In just a few short weeks we should begin seeing who will return to the nest & area. Will it be Samson ready to start a new season? Will his mate be A2 or a new lady? Will we see Romeo & Juliet return & continue their love story in the Hamlet? Will maybe just Romeo or Juliet return with a new mate or choose a new one in the Hamlet area? Or will we see a different pair altogether? It is completely out of our hands. Whichever scenario occurs, we will accept the beautiful eagle family & hope for a wonderful season especially after the emotional one we just went through. I thank everyone for following the Event Log this past season. Little did we know that it would become such an important tool. I have attached the Summary of Events. It was difficult at times as we had so many eagles coming & going. We could not be as exact as we would have liked to be - making it comments like "unknown male or female" or 'it is possible" or "this could have happened." There were unknowns. We looked so hard to see if some of the eagles flying in so fast were Romeo or maybe even Juliet. And now we wait. We have come to learn one thing - "The eagles are the residents; We are the guests." There is no steadfast rule. We hope & pray for the best possible outcome! Until the start of the 2019/2020 season begins.......The Summary of the 2018/2019 season is entered below. Each adult BE was given an A# with the exception of the Sub-adults. There may or may not have been 10 actual adults as a few of the ones with the white heads & tails may be one & the same, like A7/Whitey/Guardian Angel. There were several with different amounts of speckles or dots or "paint splatter" in their white head feathers, and there were also different colorings in their tail feathers. Many photos/snaps were taken of all the eagles that visited the nest, and we tried to identify all of them as best as we could. We felt some may have had similar head feathers but different tail feathers. The one eagle that we could not really identify was on 1/2/2019 when A4 & A5 were attacked on the nest by an unknown adult BE. We do not believe that this eagle was Romeo as we do not believe that any of the other white headed eagles were Romeo as nares, beaks & feathers were continually being compared. We believe that Romeo & Juliet left the area not long after they flew away from the nest this season. It is hoped that they are safe & we hope & pray that we will see them again in the upcoming season. In the meantime Samson & A2 have given us a much needed uplifting of our spirits, and we hope & pray for their safety, & for their return in the Fall. Whatever path Mother Nature decides to take Romeo, Juliet, Samson & A2...... 12/12/2018 (1) Sub-adult arrived @6 PM (2) Injuries first noticed on Juliet's beak/facial area @10 PM 12/13/2018 Arrival of A1 (unknown adult female BE) 12/17/2018 Juliet last seen when she flew @9:15 AM 12/18/2018 Arrival of A2 (unknown young adult female BE) 12/19/2018 Arrival of A3 (unknown adult female BE) 12/22/2018 A2 & A3 scuffle on the nest 12/24/2018 Confirmed pip on NE21 @7:21 AM (changed to NE20 as first egg NE20 non-viable) 12/25/2018 Loss of NE20 RIP little one 12/26/2018 Romeo last seen (confirmed) @2 PM. A3 last seen this date also. 12/27/2018 Arrival of A4 (unknown adult female visitor) (F) @9 AM ; Arrival of A5 (unknown young adult male) @12:33 PM
7/28/20198:30 AMEnd of SeasonEnd of SeasonThe season began like all the seasons before. Romeo and Juliet arrived within days of each other. We were filled with excitement on what was yet to come. Our hearts were bursting with joy to see them again. We watched as they rearranged the sticks and spread the bed of moss, all in preparation for their little ones. The interaction between our beautiful couple was heartwarming as it had always been in the past. Our hearts were overflowing with love as we watched Juliet allopreening her handsome Romeo, the camaraderie they shared as they worked side by side in the nest, the beak kisses and special looks they gave each other. We laughed out loud at their little “disagreements” over the stick placement. They were like an old married couple at times bickering over where the sticks should go. We knew who would win that battle. They could be so hilarious! We woke each morning with a feeling of anticipation. We couldn’t wait to turn on the cams and see what the new day would bring. Juliet laid her first precious egg NE20 on November 14th with Romeo right by her side. We were thrilled to see egg NE21 come into the world just three days later. We watched in wonder as they took turns gently rolling their treasures. We were totally mesmerized by their tenderness and devotion. These are the wonderful memories that I will hold forever in my heart. I hope all of you will too. All that changed in December. We had several eagle visitors disrupting the peace and harmony. Things would never be the same. Romeo and Juliet did all that was possible to defend their nest and their two precious eggs. Their courage and perseverance were an inspiration to us all. These were dark days in the Hamlet. The one bright spot in all of this upheaval and turmoil was Samson. Our “golden boy” who we believe is Romeo and Juliet’s offspring because of that now infamous flat toe. Samson, with his Dad’s sweet disposition and his Mom’s dazzling charm has helped us see the light at the end of the tunnel. He has given us so much comfort. We don’t know what the future holds for Romeo and Juliet. We can’t imagine life in the Hamlet without them. We continue to hang onto hope that they will return. Thanks to all of our viewers and followers of the Event Log who have shared this journey with us. We appreciate all of your kind words and sentiments. We know that this has been painful for you too. As one season ends, another begins. We once again look forward to what is yet to come. 12/29/2018 Possible sighting of A2 at Tatine's Tree (TT) 01/02/2019 A4 & A5 attacked on the nest by unknown BE 01/07/2019 A4 last seen @10:53 AM 01/09/2019 Arrival of A6 (unknown New female) @8:20 AM; A5 young adult male (now believed to be Samson) arrived 01/13/2019 Sub adult (@4 years old) arrived @6 PM then Samson arrived; A6 (believed to be GF or girlfriend) @ Lumber Yard Tree @6:15 PM. 01/14/2019 A6 aka GF returned & chased off Sub adult after midnight; A6 aka GF flew off with Samson @1:12 PM then A2 returned to the nest with Samson @3:48 PM 01/16/2019 Samson & A2 together; A6 aka GF last seen 2 days ago 01/18/2019 Samson has dried blood on side of face, no outward signs of injuries; Arrival of A7 (unknown adult BE with white head, few dark spots on top), cuts on right foot @4:32 pm 01/19/2019 Samson not seen since 4:22 pm on 1/18/2019; Arrival of A8, unknown young adult BE with dark splotches on top & back of head, visited nest 1/19/2019 & 1/20/2019
01/20/2019 A7 returned @5:54 pm 01/22/2019 A2 & A7 still in & out of the nest tree; Arrival of A9?? @5:22 pm, new unknown adult BE with white head but different neckline & different tail feathers & accepted by A2 01/25/2019 A8, adult BE with dark splotches on top & back of head returned today 01/27/2019 It is believed Samson returned today. Confirmed to be Samson. 01/30/2019 Two Visitors arrived, one @1:33 pm, similar to A6 aka GF (not confirmed); other @3:09 pm, similar to A7, U/K mature BE with white head & cuts to feet (not confirmed) 02/02/2019 Still A2 & possibly A7, mature BE from 1/30/2019 (also known as Visitor/ white head or Whitey) visiting nest; Samson not seen since he flew off with A2 on 1/30/2019 @5:17 pm 02/03/2019 Samson returned with A2 @6:14 pm. 02/04/2019 Samson flew off @7:30 am
7/4/20198:00 PMSamsonArrival/Departure/LYTAnother visit! Samson flew in @8:00 pm, again going to the Wallenda Branch. He flew off @8:14 pm. Looks like Samson is just keeping the nest in check. The Ground Crew found him over by the Lumber Yard Tree where he flew right after leaving the nest. Even with a vulture visiting close by. Samson was still perched there as darkness settled in. Hard to stay away isn't it Samson! Stay safe!01/30/2019 Two Visitors arrived, one @1:33 pm, similar to A6 aka GF (not confirmed); other @3:09 pm, similar to A7, U/K mature BE with white head & cuts to feet (not confirmed)
02/02/2019 Still A2 & possibly A7, mature BE from 1/30/2019 (also known as Visitor/ white head or Whitey) visiting nest; Samson not seen since he flew off with A2 on 1/30/2019 @5:17 pm
7/3/20198:00 PMSamsonArrival/DepartureA short visit Samson! We just never know when he will fly in but smiles abound when we look & there he is. He flew in @8:00 pm, landing on the Wallenda Branch. He looked around for a bit then was off @8:14 pm. I, for one, am looking forward to the molting of his head feathers to be over & his new ones to grow in. Just leave those few dark spots though so we can identify him. Be careful out there Samson. 02/03/2019 Samson returned with A2 @6:14 pm. 02/04/2019 Samson flew off @7:30 am 02/08/2019 A2 & possibly A7 (Visitor/white head/Whitey) have been back & forth to nest for a few days now. Visitor appears to be a male.babyhawk_AEF
7/3/20197:00 AMSamsonPerching/Alert Vocals/DepartureSamson spent much of the morning at the nest yesterday and he’s back again this morning. It appears that he flew in sometime during the night and slept on the nest tree. Our cam op finds him perching on Sunset Branch at 5:08am, the sky still dark. He sleeps fitfully, shaking the bugs off as his eyes open and close. At 5:55am he hops down in the nest and onto the Wallenda Branches just two minutes later. He continues to perch on the Wallenda Branches and casts a pellet at 6:08am. By the sound of it, the Red Shouldered hawk has returned to pay Samson a visit and Samson is not at all pleased. Samson sends out some alert vocals at 6:11am. They share some conversation before Samson moves back in the nest at 6:15am. He rearranges a stick or two before marching up to Sunset Branch and flying off at 6:17am.02/09/2019 @12:32 pm Samson has made his return once again, with A2. A7 (Visitor) flew @6:55 am (last seen) 02/14/2019 A2 was last seen at the nest tree @3:40 pm on 2/12/2019 02/16/2019 A2 returned to the nest tree @10:19 am with Samson 02/17/2019 Sub-Adult arrived @5:20 pm & perched for the night (no other eagles present) 02/21/2019 Visitor arrived @5:35 pm - unsure if A7, white headed mature eagle (Whitey) or maybe A6 aka Girlfriend (GF) 02/22/2019 A10, believed to be new Visitor arrived @3:45 pm; lots of dark speckles in head & dark terminal bands on tail endsearlybird_AEF
7/2/20197:00 AMSamsonArrival/Alert Vocals/DepartureThe sky is gorgeous in hues of pinks, blues and lavenders. The birds are singing softly in the background. Samson hasn’t been in the nest for over a week now and we begin to wonder if he’s gone off for a summer hiatus. We believe that the ground crew spotted him yesterday afternoon but we still can’t be sure if it was indeed him. We get our answer at 6:02am as Samson arrives in the nest. What a delight to see him, flat toe and all. Samson, you have just made our day extra special. Samson attentively scans the area from the nest. We hear a red shouldered hawk screeching nearby at 6:13am. Samson sends out a warning. “Move along hawk. You’re not welcome”. They continue with the conversation. The hawk bound and determined to win this round; Samson equally determined to send the hawk packing. Samson appears to be mild mannered for the most part but when it comes to defending “his” nest he can be quite fierce. Much like his Dad before him. Samson flaps his mighty wings and continues with the vocals. He swivels his head to the left and to the right, tracking the hawk. Samson departs from the nest and disappears from our view at 6:17am. 02/24/2019 A11, believed to be another New Visitor arrived @9:04 am. A few dark splotches in the tail; salt & pepper head, less speckles. Departed @10:28 am. 02/25/2019 @8:03 am Samson has returned after a 4 day hiatus. Another eagle was also in the nest tree @6:22 am - different speckles in head feathers. Hard to know with molting.
03/02/2019 Samson & A2 continue to come to the nest & nest tree. 03/05/2019 Two different Visitors today - one with lots of dark speckles in head & dark coloring in tail feathers & second one with white head & white tail (could be previous visitors) 03/08/2019 White headed Visitor in the nest & perching, possibly A7, Whitey or WH from previous visits. 03/09/2019 Two more Visitors - Sub adult maybe @4 years old & another different mature BE ** Not assigning A# as could be previous visitor 03/10/2019 Samson last seen on 03/05/2019 when he stayed overnight in nest tree; then Cams went out the nest day so unknown if he was around after that. Sub adult @ nest for the night. 03/11/2019 Sub adult was observed with an unknown injury to the leg; staying close to the nest & the Hamlet
7/1/20192:53 PMSamson (believed)PerchedThe Ground Crew saw an eagle in the same tree over by the golf course this afternoon @2:53 pm. It was hard to get a close up of the eagle but it is the same tree & the same area that Samson has been hanging out in. So for now, it is believed to be him. It has been a week since he was last seen but he could be flying around the area, checking out different fishing holes & other trees that he likes. I think he just wanted to make a showing today as he knew there were some Canadians celebrating Canada Day & he wanted to celebrate too. Who knows! Maybe Samson has even been up to Canada in his travels. We never know! Continue to stay safe Samson. **It should be noted that Samson came by briefly to the nest tree later in the evening. An unexpected visit Samson!03/12/2019 Still no sign of Samson; Sub adult seen by Sleeping Tree again @10:32 am then flew ; not seen since @11:19 am 03/14/2019 The Visitor, possibly A7, & A2 are still being seen at the nest. 03/16/2019 Visitor did not stay at the nest all night; back to the nest this morning & flew off @10:10 am. 03/17/2019 Samson is back @6:00 am, perching in the tree. A2 joined him later. 03/20/2019 Sub adult returned to the nest @10:05 am & rested in the nest until Samson may have unknowingly made it fly off @12:01. Still showing signs of an injured leg. babyhawk_AEF
6/23/20196:03 AMSamsonPerched/Departure Samson is full of surprises. Little did we know that he spends his days checking in on his realty over the summer months. Last year he came by a few times to check the natal nest tree but this summer, he is checking in more often. We love it! But last night, he snuck in sometime throughout the night & was found by one of the Cam Ops perched on the Sunset Branch early this morning @6:03 am. Confirmation was made when the IR went off & daylight arrived. He headed out @6:13 am, making an early run to the fish market no doubt. When will we see you next Samson? It's anyone's guess! Stay safe out there Samson.03/25/2019 Sub adult returned @3:15 pm, and the Visitor also came back @6:27 pm. The Visitor had not been seen since 3/16/2019. 03/26/2019 Injured Sub adult last seen departing nest after 9:00 am. 03/31/2019 Samson has returned @7:10 pm, (6) days after flying off on 3/25/2019. 04/04/2019 Visitor, aka Guardian Angel or possibly A7/Whitey, was last seen flying off @1210 pm. 04/18/2019 Samson & A2 have been visiting regularly since 04/04/2019babyhawk_AEF
6/22/20197:05 PMSamsonArrival/DepartureHey earlybird_AEF, it was nice to see that Samson came to the nest on National Eagle Day June 20th. He just couldn't resist. Thank you Samson. And then he came by this evening as well @7:05 pm. He is sure making it hard on us to ID him when his head is wet. Hard to see those dark speckles in his head feathers, and the molting doesn't help either. He was off @7:32 pm maybe to find another spot to perch with storms in the area. Always concerned for your safety Samson. 05/02/2019 Beautiful Sub-adult @3 1/2 years old visited nest with A2 there. *This is not the injured Sub-adult. 05/10/2019 A2 was seen when she joined Samson at the Lumber Yard Tree sometime after 8:30 pm. 05/11/2019 The Ground Crew missed seeing A2 fly off in the morning from the LYT but the Cam Op saw her fly by the nest & pick up Samson @6:33 am. ** A2 last seen on this date @6:33 pm. 05/25/2019 Samson on & off the nest for last few weeks as well as visiting the Lumber Yard Tree. babyhawk_AEF
6/20/20197:30 AMSamsonArrival/Perched/ DepartureWhat a nice surprise to find Samson in the nest this morning. He arrives at 5:57am, briefly checks out the nest and marches up to enjoy the beautiful view from Sunrise Branch. He is a sight for sore eyes, looking as gorgeous as ever as he gazes around the Hamlet. Our handsome Samson flies back into the nest, hops over to the Wallenda branches and departs at 6:14am 05/31/2019 Samson returned to the nest after being away for 6 days. 06/01/2019 Samson at nest @6:15 am, off @6:26 am. Back @8:31 pm then off to LYT @8:37 pm. 06/02/2019 Samson at nest @8:08 pm, vocals (hawk in area), then flew @8:17 pm to LYT. Back to nest @8:24 pm but flew within a minute back to LYT. earlybird_AEF
6/18/20198:31 AMSamsonAt nestWell surprise! Look at you Samson, paying us all a short visit. "Here I am" Flew in @6:00 am then off @6:10 am. Stay safe Samson. So great to see you! 06/03/2019 Samson was at the nest @6:11 am then flew off @6:17 am. 06/18/2019 Samson at the nest @6:00 am then flew off @6:10 am. babyhawk_AEF
6/17/20198:50 PMSamson (believed)SightingEven though we have not seen Samson in the Hamlet since 6/3/2019, the Ground Crew continually sees an eagle believed to be Samson perched over by the ocean near a golf course, bascially in the same area almost every day or so. If indeed it is Samson, he is enjoying his stay in the area, & it is expected he will remain in the same area all summer. Stay safe out there beautiful eagle!06/20/2019 Samson flew in @5:59 am & perched on the Sunset Branch, flying off @6:14 am. 06/22/2019 Samson visited @7:05 pm then off @7:31 pm. 06/23/2019 Samson returned to tree overnight, time unknown & stayed until he flew @6:13 am. 07/02/2019 Samson at the nest @6:02 am, off @6:17 am. Back again (maybe chasing a RSH) @11:25 am. babyhawk_AEF
6/7/201910:20 PMSamson (maybe)SightingThe Ground Crew saw an eagle perched near the ocean & golf course this afternoon, and it could very well have been Samson. That is the area he has been seen at over the past month or so. We may see him back for a quick check of the nest from time to time. Stay safe Samson! Goodnight!Stayed a long time, flying off later in the afternoon. 07/03/2019 Samson flew in sometime between 1:30 am - 5:00 am. Seen on Wallenda Branch then he flew @6:16 am. Back @8:00 pm on Wallenda, off @8:14 pm. 07/04/2019 Samson last seen at nest from 8:00 - 8:14 pm. Then he flew to LYT where he was last seen there @8:35 pm. Not seen since then.babyhawk_AEF
6/3/20199:54 PMSamson.Arrival/Vocals/DepartureSamson visited for a short time this morning, flying in @6:11 am with vocals. Looks like a hawk was chasing him or was in the area again. He flew off @6:17 am. Stay safe out there Samson! No sign of Samson this evening. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
6/2/201910:34 PMSamsonArrival/Vocals/DepartureHow wonderful to hear those familiar vocals of an eagle on the nest & look to see that it is Samson again this evenimg. He arrived @8:08 pm & we soon realized that there was another bird out there. Samson stayed on the nest until 8:17 pm when he flew off & was soon followed by another bird which appeared to be some kind of hawk. It did not appear to be a RSH. Samson flew to the LYT area - the Ground Crew was waiting for him to show up. He went into hiding in the pine tree in behind the LYT, the hawk arrived & flew around him several times. Then Samson figured that was enough so flew back to the nest @8:24 pm but only for a minute. Off again & back to the LYT. No hawk followed him this time. The Ground Crew stayed until dark & Samson was still perched, no doubt for the night. Stay safe Samson & hope you can get some rest. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
6/1/201910:15 PMSamsonTo Nest/Departure/To LYTOh Samson how we love seeing you! Two nights in a row! You flew in @8:31 pm, so beautiful on Cam 3, landing on the nest. Where did you spend the day? Hope it was a good one. You didn't stay with us too long at the nest but every minute we see you is a plus. You flew off @8:33 pm, heading in the direction of the Lumber Yard Tree. The Ground Crew has you pegged, awaiting your arrival. In you flew, landing in the LYT, void of any osprey this evening. And the red shouldered hawk had already left prior to your arrival. So you are free to relax tonight. Rest well & stay safe Samson. Goodnight! babyhawk_AEF
5/31/201910:28 PMSamsonOn Nest/Divebombing by Hawk & Osprey/Departure to LYTWell hello Samson! Gone for 6 days this time, keeping us guessing. So nice to see you @8:02 pm. Your head feathers are sure changing color - not many dark spots in there now, more like a mottled look. But still the same toe. He looked around for a bit, tried to catch some kind of flying insect bothering him & dug in the nest a bit. Then he zeroed in on something flying around out there. The Ground Crew was in the area, watching to see what he was going to do. @8:14 pm he went out onto a limb, he made some vocal sounds. We don't hear him vocalizing too much. Then down he crouched & was divebombed by a hawk (confirmed by the Ground Crew). More vocals, then he was divebombed by an osprey (confirmed by the Ground Crew).Not sure what was going on but no doubt the osprey & hawk have nests in the area & they were in protective mode. @8:20 pm Samson went back to the nest then flew off @8:24 pm & headed to the LYT. The Ground Crew saw him fly in, landing on the dead LYT; he made some more vocals then @8:37 pm, an osprey (maybe Bogey) flew in & divebombed Samson. The osprey had this LYT to himself last night so not too happy that Samson was there. Samson soon flew to a nearby pine tree tucked further back in & perched in his hiding spot. The Ground Crew left him at dark, still perched in the same spot. Stay safe Samson. Goodnight! Last day of May 2019!babyhawk_AEF
5/30/201910:13 PMNoneVisiting ospreyNo sightings of Samson for several days now. Has he left the area for a vacation, or will he return for a few visits over the summer? Time will tell. Stay tuned! The osprey are visiting the nest & enjoying the Hamlet now. babyhawk_AEF
5/25/20199:54 PMSamsonVocals/Arrival/Hawk?/Off@7:19 pm we could hear the vocals & then, there was Samson, in the nest, none too pleased about having to deal with what we believe was that same hawk or its mate from the previous days. Every time he has come to the nest the last few days, he has to pass through what the hawks have declared as their territory now. "Samson, the hawks don't expect to see you or any eagle around now. You are getting too close to their nest & possible eyases." So much for peace & quiet in the Hamlet. Watching on Cam 3, you could see the hawk flying in towards the nest 2 different times, and on Cam 2, you could see Samson anticipating the hawk then readying himself for a possible attack & spreading out his wings. I think the hawk got the message as it did not return. At least not before Samson flew off @7:24 pm. It was a short visit Samson & another drama filled few minutes but we did get to see you. The Ground Crew checked over by the LYT, but no Samson this evening before dark. Looks like he had a different perch in mind for tonight. Maybe he wanted to get closer to the fish market for an early morning visit before the festivities of the holiday weekend start up on the Intracoastal. Stay safe Samson. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/24/201910:29 PMSamsonArrival @LYT/PerchedThank you Ground Crew for waiting patiently at the Lumber Yard Tree area & reporting that Samson flew in there @8:24 pm. He did a little bit of tree hopping then finally settled on one with more branches, a nice pine tree in behind. He even found a nice spot to hide away. Stay safe back in there Samson & stay cool. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/23/201910:13 PMSamsonArrival/Fish/Vocals/Hawk/ DepartureSamson sure loves the Hamlet. He does not seem to want to leave, at least for now. So when an eagle landed on the nest again this afternoon @1:46 pm, we were once again thrilled to see that it was Samson, and he had a huge fish. It was a repeat of yesterday afternoon, not the fish , but the vocals & the raptor (believed to be a hawk) flying around the nest tree. Samson ate quickly, leaving that yummy tail for the last. Then he went to Lookout Point, more vocals then down to the nest.. He was dive-bombed a few times by the hawk - we are thinking the hawk is a red shouldered hawk & it has a nest close by. Samson protected himself well on the nest, and soon the coast was clear. He flew off @2:39 pm. It was not clear yesterday what the raptor was but the Ground Crew was close by today & saw the hawk. So it is believed it was the hawk yesterday as well. The eagles have been gone pretty much at this time so the hawks have the nest tree area to themselves. Samson may have to make a few detours. Hope to keep seeing you Samson. Stay safe. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/22/20199:58 PMSamsonArrival/Vocals/DepartureWhat a nice surprise for us nest watchers today! Samson came flying in @2:02 pm this afternoon with another bird following him, it seemed. Samson was sounding the alerts, looking up & out around the nest area. Before arriving, he may have grabbed a quick lunch from another raptor, or he was followed to the nest after catching something to eat. Some blood was seen at the end of his beak. At one point, it looked like he was flying off but he went to Lookout Point. "I can watch much better from here" said Samson. A bird was seen flying around near the nest but not sure if a hawk, or vulture or another eagle. Samson called out some more then @2:20 pm he went down onto the nest, flying off a few minutes later. No more vocals were heard. The Ground Crew checked the area this evening but Samson was not around. Stay safe Samson & rest well. So nice to see you at the nest! Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/20/20199:31 PMSamsonArrival @LYT/PerchedThe smiles came out tonight! The Ground Crew checked a few areas where Samson may be perched but nothing. Then just before dark @8:27 pm. Samson came flying in as seen by the Ground Crew, with camera in hand, to the Lumber Yard Tree & perched for the night. It's a warm night & Samson wasted no time spreading out his wings a bit to cool down. It is hoped that Samson will spend the night there, resting up, then come to the nest in the morning for a little "cam" time before he heads off for breakfish. Stay safe Samson & Goodnight! Same goes for A2, Romeo & Juliet wherever you all are. **We will be posting less & less here as the eagles are heading north or wherever they spend their summer vacation. If there are visitors or anything newsworthy, it will be posted here throughout the next few months. Thank you. babyhawk_AEF
5/18/201910:52 PMNo EaglesEmpty NestNo sign of Samson or A2 today or this evening. Stay safe wherever you are! Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/18/201910:50 AMSamsonNest Work/DepartureOur handsome Samson did remain on the nest tree throughout the night. He was up bright and early to tidy up the nest before briefly perching on the Wallenda Branches. He departed at 6:25am.earlybird_AEF
5/17/20199:47 PMSamsonArrival/PerchedOh Samson, this never gets old seeing you fly in to the natal nest. If you could only hear all of us excited Aunties calling out that you are on the Cam. You gave us one afternoon visit @3:00 pm, looking like you had a nice bath. Up to Lookout Point you went & perched until 3:34 pm when you decided to fly off. Has A2 left all of us for the summer? Are you seeing her out there anywhere, Samson? We wish her well wherever she may be. This evening Samson came to visit again @8:15 pm, and he decided to stay the night, at least it sure looks like he will be staying. When he landed on the nest upon arrival, he moved some branches & then went to a branch more in back of the nest. And that is where he stayed, no moving around tonight from branch to branch, at least for now. He has been tucked, getting some nap time. Hard on Samson molting those feathers - lots of down feathers coming out all over his back area. "Molting requires a tremendous amount of energy, and birds do not molt during the breeding season or migration periods when that energy is needed for nesting or traveling." So we will enjoy the extra time Samson is staying around the Hamlet, however long it is. Stay safe Samson & soon those beautiful new feathers will be grown in. See you tomorrow, hopefully. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF

5/17/20199:30 AMSamsonArrival/Nest Work/Vocals/DepartureSamson arrived in the nest at 6:20am. He’s been more vocal than usual this morning and has been hopping back and forth between the nest and the branches. He returns to the nest from the Wallenda Branches and is dive bombed by something. It was so fast that even after scrolling back I wasn’t able to see what it was but Samson appeared to be just fine. The only thing that may have been hurt was his pride. He had a few things to say before he was back to rearranging some sticks a few minutes later. He continues to send out vocals intermittently throughout the morning. He finally settles down and takes a little break, lying down in the nest at 8:06am. So cute to see him moving some fluff and one wayward feather as he gets all comfy in the nest. He doesn’t stay there long but is up and perching on Sunset branch a short while later. He departs from the Wallenda Branches at 9:02am.earlybird_AEF
5/16/201910:23 PMSamsonArrival @LYT/PerchedAnd back Samson came tonight @8:03 pm, flying in to perch at the Lumber Yard Tree. The Ground Crew was ready & waiting for you Samson. Thank you for making their night! Samson settled in & it appears that he will be there for the night. The Ground Crew left with a nice smile on their face. Stay safe Samson & hope the early risers get to see you at the nest tree. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/16/20196:38 AMSamsonPerching/DepartureMuch to the joy of all his fans, Samson remained on the nest tree the entire night. It was so special to see him perching on the Wallenda Branches this morning. He moves down into the nest at 6:05am to begin the morning chores, fluffing up the moss and rearranging some sticks. He returns to the Wallenda branches to enjoy the beautiful view before flying off at 6:38am.earlybird_AEF
5/15/201910:22 PMSamsonArrival/On Nest/PerchedSamson changed course on us this evening. One that we all were very happy about! He flew in & landed on the nest @7:59 pm then to the Sunset Branch. @8:23 pm he went back to the nest, laid down - how cute was that Samson!. Then he got up, moved a stick, looked around, tried to pick up another stick but it didn't move, picked at the nest material then laid back down again. So many memories there in that nest, right Samson! @8:31 pm he went to a branch, a broken branch at that. Looked like he was going to fly off & the Ground Crew was all ready, waiting over by the Lumber Yard Tree, hoping to get a video. Not going to happen. Samson had other ideas. @8:43 pm he flew down to a lower branch then back to the nest to lay down a 3rd time ever so briefly, stood back up & moved to one of the Wallenda branches. He was sure undecided for a few minutes on where he was going to be the most comfortable, away from the bugs & feeling the nice breeze. But settled in he did & was tucked not long after. Rest well Samson! We are over the moon thrilled that you are "with us" tonight. No sign of A2 today or tonight. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/15/20197:30 AMSamsonArrival/Nest Work/DepartureSamson arrives in the nest at 6:16am. He aerates the fluff and rearranges some sticks before moving up to Sunset branch at 6:23am. He casts a pellet before returning to the nest and continuing with some nest work at 6:39am. He departs at 6:40am.earlybird_AEF
5/14/20199:46 PMSamsonArrival/Perched/Off to LYTWe really do smile Samson when you fly in & grace us with your presence at the end of the day. You make us wonder if you are going to show up. We know that our time with you is running short as the season comes to a close. A2 was last seen early in the morning of 5/11/2019 flying by to pick you up, Samson. Do you plan to stay around the Hamlet & area for the summer? It is not out of the question. We would love that but we do understand that you may want to join up with some eagles & enjoy the summer in a cooler area. The Cams will be staying up so if you do stay around Samson, drop by & say hello once in awhile. This evening, Samson flew in @7:47 pm, landing on the nest & picking away at the nest materials for a few minutes. He then flew up to perch on the Sunset Branch (what's not to love about watching a Florida sunset) then flew off @7:55 pm towards the Lumber Yard Tree. The Ground Crew was ready & sure enough, Samson flew to the LYT & perched. He did some preening then @8:17 pm, he made a few vocals - he was having a little discussion with a woodstork perched in a tree next to him. That didn't last very long lol. The woodstork left @8:21 pm, rethinking his perching spot with an eagle next to it. After that, Samson went to another tree beside the LYT; good choice Samson, more branches. The Ground Crew left Samson with a beautiful sunset on the horizon. Stay safe Samson, and to A2, Romeo & Juliet whereever you are, safe travels. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/13/201910:11 PMSamsonArrival@LYT/PerchedShort & sweet tonight.....the Ground Crew checked the nest then the Lumber Yard Tree area & found an osprey perched there. Not long after @8:08 pm, Samson flew in, the osprey flew off but decided to dive bomb Samson a few times before leaving. Samson was quite vocal throughout this exchange but calmed down after the osprey left. As darkness set in, Samson was still perched at the LYT, a place he really enjoys to spend many a night lately. No sign of A2 today nor this evening. Stay safe Samson & A2, Romeo & Juliet, wherever you are. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/13/20197:00 AMSamsonArrival/DepartureSamson arrives in the nest at 6:11am. He fluffs up the nesting material and briefly lies down before getting back to the nest work. He flies off from the Wallenda branches at 6:45am.earlybird_AEF
5/12/201911:22 PMSamsonArrival/Short Visit/OffSamson was a no show this morning at the nest. He left the Lumber Yard Tree before 7 am heading in another direction. A2 was not around the area at all that anyone saw. This evening Samson came in for a short visit @7:38 pm, landing on the Wallenda Branch. The Ground Crew saw him fly in. He perched, looked around, spread his wings a bit to cool down & scratched from the bugs that were bothering him. @7:51 pm he flew off in a southerly direction but turned around & came back to perch at the LYT for the night it is believed. Thank you to the Ground Crew for their great observations. No sign of A2 all day, not even over by the Golf Course, and no sign this evening either. We hope that both Samson & A2 stay safe in their travels wherever they decide to go. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/11/201910:47 PMSamsonArrival/Perched/On Nest/ DepartureWe were blessed with another visit by Samson @7:57 pm as he landed on the Wallenda Branch. The Ground Crew were in the right spot at the right time. They saw Samson flying in. Wonderful! Then he went down onto the nest, picked around a bit then went to the Sunset Branch. @8:20 pm he decided to go to the nest again & do some more digging, for whatever reason. He was only on the nest for a short time & @8:23 pm he went to the edge of the nest & decided it was time to head to his night perch. Again the Ground Crew were in the right spot at the right time. They saw Samson fly to the Lumber Yard Tree & perch. Perhaps A2 will make another late evening flight to meet up with him for the night. Take care you 2 & stay safe. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/11/20197:30 AMSamson & A2Arrival/DeparureSamson arrives bright and early this morning. He’s already in the nest at 5:55am and half heartily moves a stick and some fluff around before lying down in the nest. I guess he wasn’t ready to get out of bed just yet. He’s up to do a little more nest work before lying down briefly again and then one more time. Someone must have been out cavorting way too late last night. He’s finally refreshed and ready to get back to the renovations at 6:09am. He rearranges some sticks before moving over to the Wallenda branches at 6:13am. Samson quietly perches, shaking the pesky bugs off as he gazes out in the Hamlet. He turns himself around and flies off in the trees at 6:33am. **Cam Op saw A2 flying by & Samson left to join her.earlybird_AEF
5/10/20199:37 PMSamson & A2Arrival/Fish/Perched/OffWe are seeing less & less of the eagles now although Samson still likes to visit - this is Samson's home. "Born & raised in the Hamlet." A2 seems to prefer the area by the golf course & ocean these days. How much longer will we see them? I think as long as it takes for their feathers to molt & grow back in at least & then we will see if one or both of them decide to stay in the area. Samson is losing a bunch of feathers - lots of downy & some flight feathers. He did visit the nest this evening @5 pm, perching on Lookout Point then he was off @5:27 pm. Guess he wanted a late dinner as @7:21 pm in he flew with a nice fish, eating it all then up to the Sunset Branch to feak & perch. He had to get all of those scales off his beak. He perched for about an hour, looking out over the lake & LYT area. @8:20 pm he moved down onto the nest, moved a stick then flew off out across the park & towards the LYT area. The Ground Crew saw him fly over & land in a tree right there at the Lumber Yard Tree location. He knew where he wanted to spend the night. A2 did fly in to join him sometime later. Stay safe Samson & A2. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/10/20197:45 AMSamsonArrival/DepartureSamson arrives on the Wallenda Branches and flies in the nest at 6:06am. He checks out the nest and gazes out into the Hamlet before moving up to Sunset Branch. He departs at 6:35am.earlybird_AEF
5/9/201910:00 PMSamsonArrival/Perched/ Departure/LYTA short visit at the nest tree this evening by Samson @7:27 pm. He was perched, looking around & preening. No sign of A2 & no vocals heard. The Ground Crew was checking the area. Samson flew off @8:01 pm & went to the Lumber Yard Tree as per the Ground Crew. Still no sign of A2 up until just before dark. She may yet join Samson sometime throughout the evening or in the early morning. We hope for their safety as they perch at night & as they fly around through the day. For now, Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/9/20197:05 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest Work/DepartureSamson arrives in the nest at 6:05am with A2 following close behind to the Wallenda Branches. Samson begins rearranging some sticks and aerating the fluff with A2 giving instructions from her perch. Samson flies up to Sunset Branch at 6:15am. A2 gets busy with some morning chores before moving up to join Samson on Sunset Branch at 6:26am. A2 has a few things to say to Samson before she returns to the nest and commences with the renovations. She moves back up to Sunset Branch, Samson moves back in the nest and back to rearranging some sticks. He moves up to Lookout Point and departs at 6:49am. A2 flies off at 7:05am.earlybird_AEF
5/8/201911:02 PMSamson & A2PerchedQuiet day in the Hamlet. @1:30 pm the Ground Crew did see A2 over by the ocean , perched. And then @7:45 pm both Samson & A2 were located at the Lumber Yard Tree area, both perched in the same tree just before dark. Time will tell if they stay there all night. Stay safe Samson & A2. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/8/20198:31 AMSamson & A2DepartureSamson flies off at 8:20am. A2 departs soon after at 8:31am.earlybird_AEF
5/8/20197:54 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest Work/PerchedHandsome Samson arrives in the nest at 6:29am with A2 following right behind him to perch on the Wallenda Branches. A2 has a few things to say as Samson moves up to Sunset branch. She preens her feathers and continues with the conversation before flying off at 6:49am. She returns to the nest but a few minutes later with Samson jumping in to help her with the “nestorations”. A2 moves up to Sunset Branch as Samson continues with the stick arranging. He finishes up the work for now and flies up to Lookout Point at 7:04am. He spends some time preening himself and enjoying the view before returning to the nest work at 7:44am. He joins A2 on Sunset Branch at 7:54am.earlybird_AEF
5/7/20199:53 PMSamson & A2DepartureThe only observation that I have so far is when Samson & A2 left this morning - both flying off the nest tree @9:32 am. The Ground Crew was not available to provide any further information regarding any activities this evening. It is hoped that Samson & A2 are perched safely for the night close by. Any further information will be posted should it become available. For now, Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/7/20197:45 AMSamson & A2PerchingA2 returns and after some additional nest work, they both take a well-deserved break. A2 is currently perching on Lookout Point while Samson spends some time on Sunset Branch.earlybird_AEF
5/7/20196:05 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest Work/DepartureA2 arrives at the nest tree sometime between 3am and 5am. She greets Samson as he makes his appearance at 6:05am. A2 moves in the nest to begin the morning chores while Samson enjoys some preening time on the Wallenda Branches. They share some beak bumps but Samson marches up to Sunset branch after A2 gets a little too demanding. Samson’s returns to the nest after A2 departs around 6:25am and gets busy with the stick rearranging. earlybird_AEF
5/6/20199:50 PMSamson & A2Perched Offsite & LYTThe nest days may be winding visits today or this evening. But the Ground Crew got lucky & found both Samson & A2 hanging out near a golf course near the ocean @ noon time. Ahh! Nothing like enjoying an ocean breeze! This seems to be one of their favorite areas to perch these days, and perhaps even in the past months. Will they stay around the area for awhile or migrate a ways up the coast? Time will tell. And then this evening, Samson & A2 were found perched in the trees in the Lumber Yard Tree area @8:05 pm. No mistaking those vocals from A2. They were still perched there as darkness settled in. They seemed to have picked a few spots in which they are comfortable in visiting & perching. We hope to keep seeing you both but each day you are still around is a blessing. Stay safe Samson & A2. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/5/20198:55 PMSamsonArrival/Departure/RainyHappy Cinco de Mayo to all who celebrated today! Not too much to report after the eagles departed this morning. Samson it is believed was perched in the one of the pine trees over by the Lumber Yard Tree @5:44 pm as per the Ground Crew. Samson was drying out his wings after the heavy rain & storms today. No sign of A2. Then @6:32 pm Samson flew to Lookout Point for a very short time then left. Maybe he saw A2 somewhere out there in the Hamlet. The Ground Crew checked the LYT area but no sign of Samson or A2. Stay safe out there you two. Hope to see you both tomorrow. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/5/20198:48 AMSamson & A2Perching/DepartureSamson moves back in the nest at 8:41am and checks things out before joining A2 on the Wallenda Branches at 8:44am. He departs at 8:48am. A2 flies at 9:50am.earlybird_AEF
5/5/20197:18 AMSamson & A2Perching/Nest WorkA2 moves out on the Wallenda Branches at 7:18am. After all the hard work with that branch, she deserves a break. Samson’s back in the nest at 8:08am. He rearranges some of the smaller sticks but leaves A2’s ungainly stick right where she left it. Smart thinking Samson. He moves over to perch on the Wallenda branches at 8:10am.earlybird_AEF
5/5/20196:14 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/PerchingIt appears that A2 and Samson may have slept in the nest tree last night. These two always keep us guessing. You never know when one of them is going to pop in. A2 makes her way to the nest at 6:14am with Samson following close behind. They aerate the fluff and each move a stick before sharing some beak bumps. Sam moves over to help A2 with aerating the moss but with some whiney vocals, A2 gives him some pecks. Samson hops up on the Wallenda branches and gets out of her way as A2 continues with the renovations. She flies up to Sunset Branch and with some considerable pulling and tugging, finds a beautiful sprig of greenery to add to nest. Samson’s back in the nest and back to the nest work by 6:32am. He’s back on the Wallenda branches and back out of her way by 6:35am. Samson looks on as A2 flies off and returns with an interesting stick at 6:41am. A2 plays a little “stick wars” with the branch as she tries to maneuver it around. She finally gives up on it and moves to Sunset branch. Samson seizes the opportunity and jumps back in the nest. Maybe he can find a good spot for this ungainly stick. A2’s not having any of that. She’s back in the nest by 6:55am and they have a little tug of war with the stick. A2 gives Samson some pecks and gains control of it. Samson tries his best to help but to no avail. He finally returns to Sunset branch and watches her from there.earlybird_AEF
5/4/201911:13 PMSamson & A2On Nest/Departure/RainNice visit Samson! He did go down onto the nest @3:23 pm, and even left 2 good size feathers behind before he departed shortly after. The rain moved in & no doubt he & A2 found a nice spot to ride out the rain, The Ground Crew found them both before dark over at the Lumber Yard Tree are, both perched in separate trees but close together. Great to know that they are together for the night. Stay safe & goodnight! babyhawk_AEF
5/4/20193:00 PMSamsonPerchingSamson flies into the nest at 10:47am. So cute to see him move some sticks around before lying down and getting all comfy in the nest. He seems to feel right at home here as he quietly gazes around the Hamlet. It’s been so nice to have him spend a good part of his day with us. We have come to love this handsome eagle. He’s a mixture of all that’s wonderful about Romeo and Juliet. He moves from the nest and onto Lookout Point at 2:12pm. The sun smiles down on him as he preens his feathers and attentively watches the area. He looks especially adorable as he gives a little tilt of his head, sporting some feather bling on his beak. What a joy to have this long visit with him. He continues to perch on LOP at 3:00pm. earlybird_AEF
5/4/20198:36 AMSamson & A2ASamson makes his appearance at 8:36am. He perches on the Wallenda Branches and attentively gazes around the Hamlet, perhaps in anticipation of A2’s arrival. Thanks to the great reporting from the ground crew, we know that they were together in a tree earlier this morning. By all accounts, they had quite a conversation before Samson flew off and joined us at the nest.earlybird_AEF
5/3/201910:10 PMSamson & A2Arrivals/DeparturesHow many more days will we get to enjoy these 2 beautiful eagles? As many as we can! Both Samson & A2 came to the nest @6:15 pm - Samson to Lookout Point & A2 to Wallenda. A2 spread out her wings a bit to cool off. Both were looking around, resting their feet, preening. Then @7:19 pm, Samson flew off but soon used his sneaking up on A2 tactic. He flew in from behind A2 & landed right next to her. Off go the vocals! A2 you are something else - you should know Samson by now! lol. Samson hopped over to another branch then flew off yet again @7:23 pm towards the Lumber Yard Tree. A2 did not follow him right away - she hopped down onto the nest for a few minutes then to Lookout Point. She was probably checking to see if Samson was going to pull another fast one on her. But she must have seen him to go over to the LYT as off she went @7:47 pm. The Ground Crew saw them both perched in behind the LYT, and A2 was still calling out to Samson. Really A2? Glad to see you both perched for the night. No rain expected overnight. Stay safe & mostly bug free! Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/3/20191:48 PMSamsonArrival/DepartureSamson announces his arrival at 10:25am. He attentively watches the area from his perch until he flies off at 11:35am. He returns to the nest at 1:01pm and moves out to a branch. He’s there less than a minute before he’s back in the nest and appears to be tracking the skies above. Something out there seems to have piqued his curiosity because he’s out on the branch once again. But wait. Samson has yet to make up his mind on where he wants to go. He’s back in the nest at 1:11pm and continues to scan the sky. He doesn’t appear concerned, perhaps A2 is soaring above. He finally flies off at 1:48pm.earlybird_AEF
5/3/20196:12 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest Work/DepartureSamson arrives at the nest tree at 6:12am. He perches on a branch, gazing around the Hamlet and working on some morning preening. He moves in the nest at 6:33am and begins to rearrange some sticks and aerate the fluff. A2 announces her arrival at 6:34am. The rain begins and both Samson and A2 fly off, perhaps to find a sheltered spot until the rain shower passes on by. Samson returns but a few minutes later and is back to perching and preening on a branch. He’s off again at 7:08am.earlybird_AEF
5/2/201910:23 PMA2/Sub adult/SamsonArrivals/On Nest/Perched/ DeparturesAnd who dropped by? Well first it was A2, flying in & landing on the nest @7:49 pm. But soon she was not alone. She was vocalizing but at first it was thought she was calling out for Samson. Instead a beautiful Sub-adult @3 1/2 years old flew in & perched on a branch a little below the nest. The Sub then flew to another branch closer to the nest & then it took the brave leap to the nest, landing close to the edge away from A2. There was a bit of a stare down. The Sub started to move closer to the middle of the nest, perhaps about to search for some nestovers. But A2 was not going to have any of that. The decibel level of her vocals went up & she was clearly vocalizing more & more. She made her move towards the Sub & it flew off. No aggression, just shooed it off. The Sub flew away but it is not known where it went. It could be close by & maybe we will see it again tomorrow. NOTE: It is not the Sub adult with the injured leg. Samson in the meantime heard A2, left the LYT area & flew to the nest shortly after 8:00 pm. He perched above the nest & A2 soon joined him. Samson did not have any contact with the Sub & may not have even seen it. A2 flew off @8:05 pm & Samson followed her. They headed to the pine trees in behind the LYT & were perched there as per the Ground Crew. A little excitement for the evening! Hope you can sleep well, Samson & A2, & stay safe. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/2/201910:12 PMSamson & A2Arrival/Fish/Perched/OffA2 may have found some breakfast but for sure she found a mid afternoon snack - she brought a fish to the nest @3:17 and ate it quickly. She even stayed around for awhile, enjoying the Hamlet until she flew off @5:15 pm. Samson arrived after Chat, naturally, @7:10 pm but only stayed a few minutes. He went to the LYT with crows in tow. Just a little too early Samson - the crows were still awake. Then the action started over on the nest........babyhawk_AEF
5/2/201912:26 PMSamson & A2Nest Work/DepartureSamson and A2 continue to have a busy morning. A2 flies off and returns with sticks at 7:34am and 7:40am. She departs around 8:45am, perhaps on her way to get breakfast while Samson remains nest side. He gets on with some nest work before moving up to Lookout Point for a well-deserved break. He flies off at 12:26am.earlybird_AEF
5/2/20196:48 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/PerchingSamson looks on as A2 leaves her perch and moves back in the nest at 5:58am. A2 resumes the morning chores before moving out to the Wallenda Branches at 6:10am. She flies off and quickly returns with a stick at 6:29am. Samson flies down to help her but miscalculates and lands directly on A2. Needless to say, A2 is anything but happy about this. She gives him a piece of her mind with some vocals and he moves back out to Sunset Branch to get out of her way. A2 is off again and brings back another stick at 6:48am.earlybird_AEF
5/2/20195:20 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/PerchingA2 lies snuggled in the nest at 5:20am. She looks so sweet with her wings slightly outstretched, her head raised and appearing to be gazing out into the darkness. Samson sleeps nearby on the nest tree. A2’s up and singing out some vocals at 5:24am. Samson is immediately by her side and joins in the chorus. They greet each other with some beak bumps and begin aerating the fluff. Samson jogs up to Sunset branch at 5:28am. A2 follows him a few minutes later. They perch closely together preening themselves as the breezy winds ruffle their feathers. earlybird_AEF
5/1/20199:12 PMSamson & A2Off & On/Fish/PerchedHappy May Day! Hope it was a great day for everyone. Samson had a nice visit at the nest tree, leaving @2:48 pm. He was back in less than 2 hours, perching at Lookout Point @4:23 pm. Something may have caught his eye as he was off @4:38 pm. This started the "on & off" the nest a few times until he finally settled on a branch higher up above the nest. A much better spot for viewing the lake below. I believe he was eyeing a fish all of this time & just could not catch it, because the next time he left @5:16 pm, he was back several minutes later with a huge fish. He did not take long eating that fish - all gone @5:40 pm then he was off @5:55 pm. The next eagle to fly in was A2 @6:56 pm. She perched & waited for Samson who flew back in @7:27 pm. He perched at Lookout Point. @8:07 pm A2 went to the nest then back to a branch. It was then Samson's turn - down to the nest but stopped short by A2 as she came to the nest & put a stop to any nest work by Samson. He obliged & went to perch on one of the Sleep branches. A2 dug in the nest for a bit then she too went back to perch on the Sunset Branch @8:20 pm. Just above Samson. Have a restful, safe night Samson & A2. The nice breeze will hopefully keep the bugs away. Rain is expected over the next few days. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
5/1/20191:20 PMSamsonArrival/PerchingSamson returns to the nest at 12:36pm. He moves to a branch above the nest and continues to perch there at 1:20pm.earlybird_AEF
5/1/20199:36 AMSamson & A2DepartureOur lovely duo continues to spend some time at the nest tree. A2 perches on Lookout Point as Samson enjoys the scenery from Sunset Branch. Samson is the first to fly off at 9:36am with A2 not far behind at 9:38am. earlybird_AEF
5/1/20196:25 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest Work/PerchedA2 arrives in the nest at 6:25am with Samson following right behind her. They share a few beak bumps before rearranging some sticks and aerating the fluff. Samson moves out to the Wallenda Branches and A2 to Sunset Branch at 6:35am.earlybird_AEF
4/30/20199:59 PMSamson & A2Arrivals/Departures/FishBoth Samson & A2 were both on the nest early this morning, working the nest. It has more or less become a ritual for the last several days & we are truly blessed to see them. A2 departed @7:12 am & Samson waited longer, departing after 8 am. It was the usual quiet afternoon. Just before the evening Chat session, we had a nice surprise. @5:57 pm, A2 flew in with a huge fish, maybe a mackeral but not for sure. She ate the whole thing, feaked on some branches in the nest and went up to Lookout Point to perch. Way to go A2, the Chatters so enjoyed seeing you eating on the nest. And you stayed for the entire Chat. So nice! Later on, Samson flew in, almost right in A2's face, landing right in front of her. She sure vocalized at him. After 8:00 pm they both flew to the Lumber Yard Tree area & perched there for the night. Both were seen there by the Ground Crew. Have a safe night & hope to see you both tomorrow. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
4/29/20199:50 PMSamson & A2Offsite/PerchedWell it seems that the Ground Crew found A2 & Samson's daytime rest & relaxation spot, about 2 miles from the nest near the ocean. It was confirmed today that these 2 beauties have been perching in that area for awhile now. We just didn't know it was them as it was not easy to access where they were. Samson & A2, you tried but you can't hide. When darkness was just around the corner this evening @7:54 pm, the Ground Crew was in the right spot again & saw both Samson & A2 fly in together to the Lumber Yard Tree area, having a great conversation with each other. Samson then flew to a live pine tree next door & A2 stayed at the LYT, at least at last check. Stay safe you 2. Until tomorrow....Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
4/29/201911:27 AMSamsonArrival/Perched/ DepartureSamson arrives at 11:27am. He digs around in the nest and appears to be looking for some leftovers for a snack. He finds something red in color and with what appears to have a fish tail attached. Whatever it is Samson decides he’s not so hungry after all and leaves it lying in the nest, perhaps a special treat for A2. He moves up to Lookout Point, preens himself and gazes out at the scenery. He’s off to enjoy this beautiful day at 12:19pm.earlybird_AEF
4/28/20198:42 PMSamsonArrival/Fish/Perched/OffToday we’re expecting cloudy skies and temperatures in the low eighties with a chance of rain later in the evening. So nice to see occupants in the Longleaf Pine this morning. Samson and A2 are awake and sound ready to start their day as they send out the vocals at 6:18am. Cam 1 is still down but on Cam 2 we see A2 perched on Sunset Branch while Samson is snuggled in on another branch, playing a little hide and seek with us. As of 6:30am, it doesn’t appear that either of them is quite ready to leave their branches yet. babyhawk_AEF
4/28/20192:15 PMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest Work/DepartureSamson arrives at the nest at 6:16am with A2 following soon after to the Wallenda Branches. A2 calls out instructions to Samson before he flies off at 6:20am. Samson returns and perches on the Wallenda Branches at 6:25am. A2 and Samson share a little conversation before they both fly into the nest. A2 continues to give Samson instructions as he tries to help rearrange some sticks. She doesn’t appear to want any help as she gives him some beak bumps and pecks. Samson moves up to Sunset branch to give her a little space. They go back and forth like this for much of the morning, having their differences of opinions, moving off to a branch for a break and then back to work again. Both have flown off for the moment. Hope to see them back here soon.earlybird_AEF
4/27/201910:02 PMSamson & A2Arrivals/LYT/Nest Work/ PerchedThe afternoons are warming up in the Hamlet & the eagles are trying to stay cool somewhere out there. No visits to the nest this afternoon but as soon as the sun was starting to set, Samson flew in @8:06 pm. This is around the same time that the Ground Crew saw A2 fly to the Lumber Yard Tree. Wonder if each of them thought the other was going to fly to the same spot together. Samson got the hint real fast - he was off the nest almost as soon as he landed. heading over to join A2. How sweet is that! But they were not quite ready to call it a night. A2 showed off her stick breaking skills & snapped a branch off the LYT, aiming for the nest but unfortunately dropped it. She headed for the nest anyways, landing @8:16 pm, and Samson flew & joined her on the nest. I think he may have wanted to stay off the nest as A2 was not having any of his attempts at nestorating. She beaked at him each time that he bent his head & tried to move a stick or moss. She even complained a little (they are starting to remind me of Romeo & Juliet). Ok Samson, you got the hint. "I am not wanted here" he said. He flew back to the LYT @8:23 pm, and Miss A2, missing him already, was not far behind him. What a pair! We could even hear some vocals coming from them after they flew. The Ground Crew confirmed that they indeed shared some conversation at the LYT. They are now tucked for the night. Stay safe Samson & A2. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
4/27/201910:40 AMSamson & A2DepartureSamson looks on from the Wallenda branches as A2 departs from the nest at 9:22am. Samson flies off at 10:40am. earlybird_AEF
4/27/20196:16 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest WorkSamson arrives in the nest at 6:16am with A2 following right behind him. They share some beak bumps as they begin aerating the moss and rearranging some sticks. Samson flies off and returns with a nice bundle of fluff at 6:25am. Samson continues to work in the nest as A2 moves out to the Wallenda branches at 6:26am. A2’s flies off at 6:32am but is quickly back in the nest and helping with the renovations once again. Samson’s turn to fly off for a supply run at 6:36am. He returns with another mound of fluff as A2’s off again and returns with a stick. They continue to gather sticks and fluff, taking only short breaks in between. They have sure stepped up their game today.earlybird_AEF
4/26/201910:38 PMSamsonArrival/Fish/Depart/PerchThe next time we see Samson is @4:28 pm when he arrives at the nest with a big fish. What nice catch! You sure enjoyed that. Samson stayed around for awhile not leaving until @7:09 pm. Maybe he was lonely. The Ground Crew did check over around the nest, saw 3 deer but did not realize that Samson had flown to the Lumber Yard Tree area. There he was, perched & ready to tuck for the night. No sign of A2 that anyone could see. Samson so loves that area. Great memories of seeing Romeo & Juliet there. They taught him well. Stay safe Samson & A2 as well. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
4/26/20192:09 PMSamsonDepartureSamson moves back in the nest before flying off at 2:09pm.earlybird_AEF
4/26/20191:24 PMSamsonArrival/Nest Work/PerchingSamson arrives in the nest at 10:34am. He gets busy with aerating the fluff and rearranging some sticks, no easy task on this very breezy morning. The nest is rocking and rolling and so is Samson as he hunkers down against the wind gusts. He finally decides to just lie down and make himself comfortable. So cute to see him wiggle side to side as he lowers himself in the nest, much like Romeo would do in the past. No one can wiggle down like Romeo but Samson is a close second. The rain begins to fall but Samson continues to snuggle in the nest, looking all cozy and content. He’s up and perching on the Wallenda branches at 11:56am. He preens his feathers and spends some time enjoying the view before returning to the nest at 1:19pm. A little more tidying up seems to be in order before he heads up to Sunset branch at 1:24pm. earlybird_AEF
4/26/20197:45 AMSamson & A2DepartureIt’s been a rainy morning with temperatures in the upper sixties. Samson and A2 flew from the LYT at 7:00am. They haven’t been back to the nest as of yet but we hope they’ll join us soon. We hope that you’ll all join us for chat at 9:00am-10:00am this morning.earlybird_AEF
4/25/20199:00 PMSamson & A2Arrival/Depart/PerchedVery quiet after Samson left this morning. Just the songbirds singing in the Hamlet. And a "no show" for the evening chat. But the Ground Crew happily reported that Samson & A2 were located @8:09 pm, perched together at the Lumber Yard Tree. Those little sneaks lol. Happy to hear that they are still around & close by. Maybe we will see them at the nest in the morning. Stay safe Samson & A2. Goodnight! babyhawk_AEF
4/25/20197:21 AMSamsonDepartureSamson moves back in the nest at 7:21am. He rearranges a few more sticks before flying off at 7:23am.earlybird_AEF
4/25/20196:30 AMSamsonArrivalSamson arrives in the nest and begins the morning chores at 6:30am. He aerates the fluff and rearranges some sticks before moving out to perch on the nest tree. He attentively scans the area, perhaps in anticipation of A2’s arrival. earlybird_AEF
4/24/201910:13 PMNoneEmpty NestQuiet day & evening. No eagles visiting the nest & nothing to report on any sightings in the Hamlet. Stay safe out there Samson, A2, Romeo & Juliet (we hope) & all eagles. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
4/24/20197:05 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/DepartureSamson finishes up the nest work for the moment and moves onto a branch closer to A2 at 6:43am. A2’s ready to work on the renovations now and knows just what she wants for the nest. She climbs a little higher on Sunset branch and pulls off a sprig of pine needles. Oh yes, this will be just perfect. She decoratively places it in the nest and flies back up to Sunset branch. Samson’s off at 6:58am and A2 follows right behind him at 7:00am. Samson returns at 7:05am, works on the nest a bit more before flying over to the Wallenda branches to enjoy some of this beautiful day. Samson departs at 7:44am.earlybird_AEF
4/24/20196:25 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest WorkA2 calls out a greeting to Samson as he arrives in the nest at 6:25am. Samson quietly goes about the business of aerating the fluff and rearranging some sticks, paying her no mind at all as she continues to squee and squee and squee. Samson is an eagle of few words while A2 is quite the chatterbox, opposite ends of the spectrum but they compliment each other nicely. earlybird_AEF
4/24/20196:00 AMA2PerchingWe’re expecting partly cloudy skies with no rain and temperatures in the low eighties. A2 slept solo on the Longleaf Pine last night but is already awake and making her presence know at 6:00am. She’s taking care of some preening and sending out some vocals as only A2 can on this very early Wednesday morning. earlybird_AEF
4/23/20198:58 PMSamson & A2Arrivals & DeparturesSuch a beautiful day in the Hamlet today! Eagles may be enjoying some time down by the waterways - a liitle fishing & a lot of perching. Samson & A2 decided to stay away for our Chat session but wouldn't you know it! Samson flew in @7:33 pm with a crow hot on his tail. That information came from the Ground Crew. Samson rested for a bit then off he went & headed over to the Lumber Yard Tree to perch. @8:14 pm A2 came to the nest & perched on the Sunset Branch. She kept moving up the branch, trying to find that perfect spot. And she did. She started preening & is now tucked @9:05 pm. The Ground Crew reported that Samson was still at the LYT as of 8:26 pm. Will one of them fly to perch together for the rest of the night? Perhaps. For now, they are in separate trees, not too far from each other. Stay safe & hope to see you both back in the nest in the morning. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
4/23/20197:30 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/Perching/DepartureSamson and A2 take a well-deserved break after all of their nest work. They spend some time preening their feathers and enjoying the view on this beautiful morning. A2 flies off at 7:14am but is quickly back to Lookout Point. Samson’s off at 7:19am and returns to the nest with a fluff delivery. He spreads the moss around and moves over to perch on the Wallenda Branches. Both depart at 10:13am.earlybird_AEF
4/23/20196:19 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest WorkSamson arrives bright and early this morning with A2 not far behind at 6:19am. They share some beak kisses and sweet conversation before they begin the morning chores. So cute to see the special looks between them as they greet each other good morning. A2 reaches over and gives Samson a few beak nibbles on his tail feathers as they continue with the nest work. She flies up to Sunset branch at 6:30am. Samson rummages around in the nest before moving over to the Wallenda branches at 6:34am. He gives out a call as A2 flies from Sunset Branch. Samson joins A2 in the nest as she returns with fluff a few minutes later. They rearrange some sticks together with A2 giving Samson instructions on how she wants it done. earlybird_AEF
4/22/20199:45 PMSamson & A2Back for Chat/Arrivals/ Departures/TuckedAnother day of seeing eagles! Both Samson & A2 returned to perch for the morning Chat. Samson flew off @11:09 am then A2 left after that. No more visits until 3:23 pm when Samson arrived & perched at Lookout Point. Two great hours plus of Samson! He left @5:44 pm but came back @6:28 pm, again going to Lookout Point. A few minutes later he was off, maybe seeing a beautiful female eagle (A2 ) out there. Not long after they were both found perched over by the Lumber Yard Tree area. The Ground Crew then @8:06 pm watched Samson fly off towards the nest with A2 following. Both flew to the nest, did a little nest work & a few beak to beak moments. @8:25 pm Samson was ready to leave & A2 was right behind him. The Ground Crew found them back at the LYT area once again, both branch hopping & vocalizing. Lots to discuss before snooze time. Be safe Samson & A2. Goodnight & hope to see you both tomorrow.babyhawk_AEF
4/22/20197:25 AMSamsonDepartureSamson flies off at 7:25am.earlybird_AEF
4/22/20196:40 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/PerchingSamson and A2 both slept at the nest tree last night. They’re already in the nest at 5:42am, aerating the fluff and rearranging some sticks. Samson moves over to the Wallenda branches at 5:50am while A2 continues with the renovations. Samson returns to the nest for a short while and flies up to Sunset branch at 6:30am but is back to help with the stick work two minutes later. They move some sticks together and share some beak bumps before Samson heads back up to Sunset branch at 6:40am. A2 flies to the Sleep branches a short while later.earlybird_AEF
4/21/20199:01 PMSamson & A2Pellet/Departures/ArrivalsHappy Sunday to all! Hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful day. I heard that Samson coughed up a pellet this morning before he flew off. Then a beautiful hawk visited - maybe a Broadwing hawk. I missed the hawk as well but the Cam Ops have such great eyes on what is going on around the nest. Samson must have sensed there was a visitor as he came flying in not too long after, arriving @2:03 pm, and with a good size crop. He perched & perched, hardly moving all afternoon until flying off @4:52. Just before the start of Chat. Not good timing Samson. @6:40 pm who shows up but A2 - she perched on the Wallenda Branch, wings out to cool down. She seemed content to stay put for awhile but finally sent out some vocals @7:30 pm, and in came Samson. He went to one of the Sleep branches below the Sunset Branch. @8:08 pm they both went to the nest, doing some nest work. Then indecision time started, touch and goes! @8:13 Samson went to the Sunset Branch momentarily then back to the nest with A2 already there. Then some branch hopping until they both finally chose their respective branches for the night - maybe. Samson chose his hiding spot on the Beak & Tail Branch and A2 chose the Sunset Branch. For now! Rest well & stay safe Samson & A2. See you tomorrow. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
4/21/20196:30 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest WorkWe’re expecting a picture-perfect day with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-seventies. Our smiles couldn’t be brighter as we find Samson sleeping in the nest tree on this early Easter morning. A2 announces her arrival at 6:34am. Samson jumps into the nest from Sunset branch and they share some sweet conversation before beginning the morning chores. Did I say our smiles couldn’t be brighter? Well, we’re now grinning ear to ear. Happy Easter to all who celebrate. May your day be filled with family and friends, love and joy and of course, eagles.earlybird_AEF
4/20/201910:14 PMSamson & A2In & Outs/Fish/TuckedWhat a day for Samson & A2! They both have been back a few times this afternoon & this evening. Samson came back to join A2 @2:00 pm while she was still in the nest. He perched on the Sunset Branch & A2 joined him shortly after. Tag you're it! Samson then goes to the nest. Samson had a few things to say @2:36 pm & down A2 came to the nest. They did a few nestorations. Maybe they enjoyed staying close to the nest today with the wind still acting up. @3:13 pm they both flew off. Samson came back first @6:30 pm with a nice fish, and it took him @7 minutes to eat that. Feaked on a few nest branches. Then up to the Sunset Branch. @7:05 pm A2 arrived at Lookout Point. Samson left @7:17 pm & A2 went to the nest a few minutes later. On & off time again - Samson back to the nest then to the Sunset Branch. A2 searched for a few nestovers & found some. She went to the Sunset Branch @7:40 pm. Both flew off @7:55 pm, A2 first followed by Samson. The Ground Crew saw them fly to a tall pine tree across the street in another community. Then one flew off from there (found out it was Samson) & A2 stayed. Samson arrived back to the nest & perched on one of the Sleep branches. He is still tucked @10:27 pm. Not sure if he will be joined by A2 later but the moon is still pretty bright so maybe. Stay safe you two. Goodnight! Happy Easter to all.babyhawk_AEF
4/20/201912:44 PMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest Work/DepartureMorning Update: A2 arrives with vocals and joins Samson on the Wallenda branches at 9:21am. By the looks of it A2 won’t be needing any of the leftover fish at the moment. She has a nice crop already. A2 has a few sweet things to say as she moves closer to her handsome Samson. They share a beak bump or two before Samson moves to another branch. A2 flies into the nest with Samson following right behind her. It appears that A2 still has an appetite after all. She finds the leftover fish and begins to eat while Samson does a little housecleaning. A2 continues enjoying her meal as Samson flies off to the Wallenda Branches. A2 finishes her fish, feaks her beak and moves to the Wallenda branches once again. Samson’s back to digging in the nest at 9:40am. So cute to see him lie down in the center of the nest. It’s been breezy throughout the morning but the wind gusts really begin to pick up. A2 jumps in the nest to join Samson at 10:58am. She gives him a wing shove and some pecks and he skedaddles out of there to Sunset branch. A2 gets comfortable and lies down in the nest as Samson braves the howling winds on Sunset branch. Samson tries to return to the nest again at 11:51am. A2 squawks at him and delivers more beak pecks before he hightails it back to Sunset Branch. A2 gets busy with rearranging some sticks and the ever-persistent Samson is back again and ready to help. More vocals from A2 but Samson appears bound and determined to stay in the nest this time. They share some beak bumps and appear to come to some agreement for a while. A2 has a few more things to say at 12:07pm. Samson decides it’s time to go and makes his way to the Wallenda branches. A2 finds a comfortable spot and lies down to take a snooze in the nest. Samson flies off at 12:44pm.earlybird_AEF
4/20/20197:42 AMSamsonPrey Delivered/PerchingSamson amazes us more every day. He departs from the nest but is back within minutes with a large fish. Three minutes by my count. How does he do it? If I ever needed a fishing guide, I’d call on Samson. He begins to eat with gusto, pulling off big chunks and chowing down. He eats the head first and stops to check out his surroundings. So cute to see him pick up this still very large fish in his talon and move it to the other side of the nest. He repositions it a few more times and seems almost hesitant to eat the rest. Is he waiting to share it with A2? There’s certainly more than enough for two. If that was the case, it is no longer. Samson begins to dig in again and ultimately eats more but not all of the fish. There’s a nice portion left with the tail still attached. He feaks his beak and moves over to the Wallenda Branches at 8:10am.earlybird_AEF
4/20/20197:39 AMSamsonDepartureSamson flies off from Sunset branch at 7:39am.earlybird_AEF