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Sewell, TerriDAL71I rise in opposition to President Trump's misguided decision to withdraw America from the Paris Climate Agreement
O'Halleran, TomDAZ11For the future of Arizona, the U.S., and our world, we must show leadership on climate change now.
Grijalva, Raul M.DAZ31huge national security risk sincerely hope and believe that it’s the beginning of a new phase in human history.
Gallego, RubenDAZ71Pulling out of #ParisAgreement is bad 4 the environment, economy &future generations. US should be leading the way to a clean energy economy"Thanks to this agreement, our children...will inherit a cleaner planet"
Huffman, JaredDCA21
Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) today introduced the Standing Against Dirty Diplomacy (SADD) Act, legislation to reduce the United States’ global carbon pollution footprint and ensure that U.S. taxpayer funds are not used to promote a dirty energy agenda abroad."Disappointed we're not at #COP21 but we still strongly support US (+CA!) leadership on climate & clean energy"
Garamendi, JohnDCA31“’Sad, very sad.’ speech 12/2/2015 re Paris negotiations - planet's ability to sustain life as we know it
Thompson, MikeDCA51Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement is incredibly shortsighted.
Matsui, Doris OkadaDCA61We condemn President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. world community has sent a message that the climate crisis is real and should be taken seriously..."
Bera, AmiDCA71Disgraceful decision to withdraw from #parisclimateagreement takes us backwards as a nation and diminishes our leadership role in the world (links to online surveys asking people's opinion on climate change, nothing on COP21)
McNerney, JerryDCA91“I’m greatly disappointed"After COP21 we must lead and #actonclimate. Read abt my new #consumerrebateact to reduce emissions & boost economy."
DeSaulnier, MarkDCA111brazen attack by President Trump on our planet, public health, and scientific fact of Rep. Doris Matsui
Pelosi, NancyDCA121Pulling out of the Paris Accord defies the overwhelming support for action from credible scientists, the governments of 194 different countries and many religious groups."The success of the Paris Climate Summit is truly a monumental moment in the history of the world"
Lee, BarbaraDCA131yet another reckless abdication of American leadership on the global stage by this Administration"The world consensus is clear: we must act to protect our planet before it's too late."
Speier, JackieDCA141I am deeply disturbed and concerned that President Trump reportedly plans to back out of the Paris Climate agreement."The Paris Climate talks are showcasing the California Dream" (contains link to op-ed)
Swalwell, EricDCA151Withdrawing from the #ParisAgreement is bad all around. We show the world we can't keep our word & at home we're doomed to dirty air & water (tweets a lot about climate change in general but nothing about COP21)
Clyburn, James E.DCA161silent but signed anti-pullout resolutionin0silent
Khanna, RoDCA171Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out the #Paris Climate Accord is a huge threat to our planet.
Eshoo, Anna G.DCA181The President’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement is deeply irresponsible and dangerous."I’m proud of my country, President Obama and the work of his administration to think big and act boldly on shaping policies that are within longstanding law to address climate change." contains link to Medium article
Lofgren, ZoeDCA191Leaving the Paris Agreement is a senseless, self-inflicted blow to American leadership in the world.
Panetta, JimmyDCA201his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement is a threat to our environmental, economic, and national security.
Carbajal, SaludDCA241Withdrawal from #ParisAgreement is a bad deal for the health of our children. Today, the President has threatened the future of our planet.
Brownley, JuliaDCA261disappointing retreat from American leadership leadership of President Obama and Secretary Kerry has been key...
Chu, JudyDCA271Walking away from the Paris Climate Agreement signals that our nation is relinquishing our leadership role is safeguarding our planet. agreement is finally putting the entire world in action to ensure a livable environment for future generations
Schiff, Adam B.DCA281.@POTUS withdrawal from Paris Accord will forever damage our planet and our standing in the world. There is no Planet B, Mr. President. will not only power our economy, but bring the world together on a cause that is essential to the planet
Cardenas, TonyDCA291Withdrawing frm the #ParisClimateDeal does NOT protect our citizens.It endangers our children & our grandchildren & every generation to come
Sherman, BradDCA301Trump made it official -- Big mistake pulling US out of #ParisAgreement.
Aguilar, PeteDCA311Leaving the #ParisAccord will have devastating effects on our economy, planet & future. @POTUS's decision will unravel years of progress.
Napolitano, Grace F.DCA321“I am extremely disheartened and embarrassed by President Trump's announcement today
Lieu, TedDCA331deeply disappointed
Torres, NormaDCA351I am extremely disappointed by the announcement that President Trump will withdraw from the Paris climate accord.
Ruiz, RaulDCA361Leaving the climate accord is bad for our environment, health, and future.
Bass, KarenDCA371Climate change denial and policy implementation with no regard for scientific findings make the U.S. look backwards and ridiculous on the world stage.
Sanchez, Linda T.DCA381ICYMI - Trump’s Defense Sec Cites Climate Change as National Security Challenge @ProPublica #ClimateChangeIsReal
Royce, Edward R.RCA391Though flawed, the climate accord can be fixed.
Roybal-Allard, LucilleDCA401Leaving the #ParisAgreement is wrong, wrong, wrong. This decision shames our country and endangers our planet. ‪#‎ParisAgreement‬ to ‪#‎ActOnClimate‬ is a critical step in our fight to leave future generations a livable planet.
Takano, MarkDCA411It is ironic that under the doctrine of ‘America First’ the president has made a decision that will harm so many Americans for generations to come historic #COP21 agreement signals the world is united and ready to act.
Waters, MaxineDCA431I am deeply troubled by reports suggesting that Donald Trump intends to pull the United States out of the Paris agreement on climate change.
Barragan, NanetteDCA441This is completely selfish of Mr. Trump
Lowenthal, Alan S.DCA471President Trump, in a short-sighted and infantile move, has now set the U.S. against the world. Paris Climate Summit is not only historic, it is a game-changer.
Issa, Darrell E.RCA491This isn't the path I would have chosen, I would have preferred the President work within the agreement to ensure other nations are doing their fair share.
Vargas, JuanDCA511silent but signed anti-pullout resolutionin0silent
Peters, ScottDCA521It is morally wrong and monumentally stupid. do not have to choose between a clean environment and a prosperous economy.
Davis, Susan A.DCA531Backward and alone? Isn't leading toward a better energy future what America needs today? I think so. #ParisAgreement’s inspiring to see the world come together to take on a serious threat to the planet
DeGette, DianaDCO11ceding leadership at the ‪#‎ParisClimateConference‬ have made a big diplomatic step toward a longterm solution for ‪#‎climatechange‬. (NY Times link
Polis, JaredDCO21flies in the face of both economics and science. entire world is in Paris right now discussing climate change & here we are w the only political party in the world denying its existence (note: written before the COP was resolved on Dec 11th)
Perlmutter, EdDCO71The President's decision to leave the #ParisAgreement puts our environment, economy and national security at risk. is a major step forward in addressing climate change
Larson, John B.DCT11Paris climate accords are broadly supported from ExxonMobil to the Sierra Club. @POTUS withdrawal is a sad retreat of US leadership
Courtney, JosephDCT21puts country on wrong side of history
DeLauro, Rosa L.DCT31Trump’s disastrous decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement will roll back years of progress
Himes, JimDCT41Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement is a terrible decision
Esty, ElizabethDCT51The President's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord is a mistake for American jobs, American innovation, American leadership in the world
Rochester, LisaDDEAL1I am deeply disappointed
Lawson, AlDFL51I am extremely disappointed
Murphy, StephanieDFL71I—along with Republicans, Democrats, businesses and environmental groups—oppose the president’s decision
Soto, DarrenDFL91making America irrelevant again
Demings, ValDFL101By walking away from the Paris Climate Agreement, we are sending a strong message of indifference to our allies around the world.
Crist, CharlieDFL131It would be extremely disappointing and damaging for the U.S. to walk away from this commitment and surrender America’s leadership in climate stewardship.
Castor, KatherineDFL141Trump's decision to quit the international climate agreement deals a harsh economic blow to Florida families and businesses. of The White House
Buchanan, VernRFL161I strongly encourage the president to remain in the Paris climate accord,
Hastings, Alcee L.DFL201irresponsible renouncement of American leadership.
Deutch, TheodoreDFL211Trump's unfortunate decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement all but guarantees we cede our leadership
Frankel, LoisDFL221Leaving the Paris Agreement is both dumb and dangerous. of Doris Matsui
Wasserman Schultz, DebbieDFL231President Trump’s reckless withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord banishes America to the political and scientific fringes
Wilson, Frederica S.DFL241Trump has broken a sacred promise to all Americans to safeguard their health and the environment. of Doris Matsui
Curbelo, CarlosRFL261Strategic Mistake That Sets Us Back is particularly important for countries like China and India to cooperate and to honor their commitments. The United States cannot lead alone.
Ros-Lehtinen, IleanaRFL271#SoFL is directly impacted by #sealevelrise + coastal flooding. We need long term strategy against #climatechange #ParisAccord
Bishop, Sanford D.DGA21silent but signed anti-pullout resolutionin0silent
Johnson, Henry C.DGA41President Trump's reckless and arrogant abandonment of the Paris Agreement... is a historic blunder #TheParisAgreement the planet is now on a path toward a clean future
Lewis, JohnDGA51deeply concerned by this nation’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord important step by the community of nations towards protecting our planet for generations yet unborn
Hanabusa, ColleenDHI11sad statement that Republicans continue to refute science yet in office
Gabbard, TulsiDHI21short-sighted and irresponsible
Loebsack, DavidDIA21By pulling out of the #Parisclimateaccord, @POTUS has once again signaled his lack of a commitment to addressing climate change
Rush, Bobby L.DIL11The president’s decision puts the U.S. at odds with nearly every other nation on earth world has come together to put a halt to increasing global emissions
Kelly, RobinDIL21.@POTUS's decision to leave the #ParisAgreement will go down in the history books as America running away from a global crisis.
Lipinski, DanielDIL31Not good for our country
Gutierrez, Luis V.DIL41When climate science deniers advise POTUS who is reality denier, US pulls out of sensible int'l climate agreements. #sad #Twill of Doris Matsui
Quigley, MichaelDIL51several statements including urging IL Gov to maintain commitment to Paris the first time, we have an ambitious, durable climate regime that applies to all countries
Davis, Danny K.DIL71silent but signed anti-pullout resolutionin0silent
Krishnamoorthi, RajaDIL81Abandoning the commitments we made in the Paris Climate Agreement is a massive self-inflicted wound to our environment, our global influence, and our economy yet in office
Schakowsky, Janice D.DIL91win for big oil and gas companies at the expense of our children’s and grandchildren’s future"I am proud of this historic accomplishment and I will continue to do all that I can to support it and other efforts to address climate change."
Schneider, BradDIL101History will judge harshly President Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the international Paris Agreement on climate change.
Foster, BillDIL111.POTUS’s decision on #ParisAgreement marks a sad day for U.S. leadership & our planet’s future. of Doris Matsui
Bustos, CheriDIL171Instead of pulling out of the #ParisAgreement, @realDonaldTrump should work w/ us to create good paying jobs in the renewable energy economy
Carson, AndreDIN71Despite @POTUS' shortsightedness I'm committed 2 leaving my daughter & kids everywhere a cleaner world where they can build prosperous lives
Yarmuth, John A.DKY31Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord makes clear that the United States is not only abdicating its role as a world leader
Richmond, Cedric L.DLA21silent but signed anti-pullout resolutionin0silent
Neal, Richard E.DMA11The administration that consistently denies the existence of climate change has now abandoned an international effort to preserve and protect our environment.
McGovern, James P.DMA21Tweet storm including: This is outrageous. America has a responsibility to lead on #ClimateChange & @realDonaldTrump tramples on progress we've fought so hard for. to see America leading the global push to ‪#‎ActOnClimate‬
Tsongas, NikiDMA31Reports that President Trump will withdraw the U.S. from the monumentally important Paris Climate Accord will have devastating consequences at home and abroad, for this generation and the next, is my hope that these negotiations will put America and the rest of the world on a trajectory towards meaningful action
Kennedy, JosephDMA41President Trump’s threatened withdrawal from this agreement won’t just undermine global leadership
Clark, KatherineDMA51Pulling out of the #ParisAgreement is a gift to polluters and science deniers. Vulnerable families will be hurt most of Doris Matsui
Moulton, SethDMA61.@realDonaldTrump says Paris Accord imposes “draconian economic and financial burdens" American business leaders disagree:
Capuano, Michael E.DMA71Pres. Trump reportedly getting U. S. out of Paris Accord, shows shocking unwillingness to acknowledge scientific reality of climate change (inactive on social media)
Lynch, Stephen F.DMA81Trump risks irreparably damaging America’s future generations
Keating, BillDMA91US has stepped aside & allowed allies & adversaries alike to fill our shoes as both an economic & moral leader.
Ruppersberger, C.A.DMD21we turn our backs on our future generations
Sarbanes, John P.DMD31President Trump’s decision to withdraw... is a reckless gamble against science will help minimize some of climate change’s worst effects
Brown, Anthony G.DMD41I think the decision lacks foresight... In [the agreement's] absence, you’re going to have other countries demonstrate leadership instead yet in office`
Hoyer, Steny H.DMD51President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement completely surrenders America’s leadership position in the international response to climate change is a historic deal to curb carbon emissions