Literacy, Numeracy, Technology-It's Elementary! workshop evaluation-January 2015 (Responses)
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TimestampOn a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (excellent), please rate the following for today's session. [Your comfort level and safety as a participant]On a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (excellent), please rate the following for today's session. [The quality of what you learned]On a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (excellent), please rate the following for today's session. [The relevance of what you learned]On a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (excellent), please rate the following for today's session. [Your ability to interact with others]On a scale of 1 (terrible) to 5 (excellent), please rate the following for today's session. [Your overall experience]What did you like most about today?What suggestions do you have for improving what we did today?What additional supports will you need for successful implementation?What questions or concerns do you have as you leave today?Anything else you want to share with us?What are three things that you learned about students connecting, collaborating, creating and/or demonstrating thinking?What questions do you have about the coaching process?
1/16/2015 13:47:0155555I love being told to look at the standard first and then go from there!Thank you so much for bringing in Matt! This is the 2nd time I have heard him and he is so real! Even though I saw some of the same things, I learned a TON!! Thank you again!Process over Product
Students need experiences to learn - technology can help us with this!
Students need to be digital citizens to learn about digital citizenship
1/16/2015 13:47:3435555AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!!Warmth of the room - You can expect students to think at Higher Levels EVEN while building base level knowledge.
1/16/2015 13:48:4855444Getting to learn about the apps and having time to explore.More time to explore and interact with the apps.I will the more reminders and help of how to run each one. It's a little over whelming.How do I find time to teach these?It was great.I am surprised by how much an be done at the kindergarten level. I liked the book making app as well as the felt board and the ability to be able to create scenes.
1/16/2015 13:50:1455555The time to "play". None Twitter, Google earth, and wonderopolis
1/16/2015 13:52:4155555The presenter is still in the classroom implementing what he shares.None. Loved itTime with my team.NoneNo1) I can do this!
2) how to connect with Iowa Common Core
3) activities to use Monday and everyday in the future
1/16/2015 13:55:2445555Very practical and useful guided help!?Perhaps reminders later onTime for putting it in and rearranging some ways I do things It was a great 2 days and I appreciate the time to work with the apps.I can do this.
Be brave.
Use standards first and let it go!
1/16/2015 14:02:0955555Liked this class. So user friendly.
Loved collaborating.
A bigger facility would be nice.More iPadsNoneExcited to get started!Really excited to take my kids into the technology world.
Tweet. Expanding research and writing. Providing rigor and relevance.
1/16/2015 14:05:3755555I enjoyed the way he showed/explained how important it is for our students to connect with other classrooms around the world (by using Twitter).Make us dance for our stickers when the music comes on. None at the moment.Will we meet again as a group (Matt Gomez included) to discuss how we have implemented his suggestions? We can reflect the pros and cons of it.Thanks for giving us stickers as incentives to learn and be engaged in his presentation.1) Students can start connecting on social media as long as they are safe, smart, and nice.
2) Students can create a popplet to show how they segment sounds.
3) Students can demonstrate their thinking of sequencing in a story by using feltboard.
1/16/2015 14:48:0555545All the different tools we learned about.More move time. Lots of sitting.NoneNoneGreat class and I really enjoyed it!!!The simplest thing can be turned into something so educational and rewarding!
1/16/2015 14:49:1545555Don't overwhelm yourself. NothingSupport of faculty and staffIt is much easier than we think. The world exists outside of our classrooms. We need to start slowly.
1/16/2015 14:49:2455555The hands on experiences and examples from his classroom. It was great!Check in with coaches and other teachers to get refreshers and more ideas.Just making sure I get started and making it very effective in my classroom.Nope thanks so much it was awesome!I learned about new programs to use with students, more about using Twitter as a teacher tool, and great ideas for parent communication.
1/16/2015 14:49:3655555Matt is very smart, confident, and easy to listen to. He had great ideas and was very helpful. kids are naturally curious. Their experiences teach them so much more than a worksheet ever could. They are not a classroom of just themselves. Kids are excited to share projects with their parents of something they created.
1/16/2015 14:50:3455555Ways to create higher learning..Should have done this at the beginning of the year....Amazing apps: felt board to be used with educreationss
Wonderopolis for good journals
Explain everything for videos
1/16/2015 14:50:5855455All of it!more!The power of Student Choice and how it Motivates the Learning!
Collaborating via Twitter!
Looking at the core first!!!! Then finding the technology to support it!!!
1/16/2015 14:51:0345555The quality of the presentation and how relevant and "doable" the skills wereStudents are capable of more than we think!
Give students choice over how they demonstrate their learning.
Students need to learn to work with each other in the room and around the world.
1/16/2015 14:51:1555555The opportunity to try the apps and work with them with such an expert! Loved the conference!NoneThere are so many apps that we can use to connect our learning to the outside world (outside of our classroom).

Be brave.

We learned many ways to implement these apps within our lessons & we did a lot of brainstorming on how to redisgn our already set lessons.
1/16/2015 14:51:1755555All of the amazing apps and portals of technology in which we can communicate with others and enhance our students learning in the classroomNone-- great conferenceTime:)Amazing- so great and learned a lotBe brave!
Let students take control!
Where interest lies, learning occurs
1/16/2015 14:51:2155535Teach autonomy
1/16/2015 14:51:2855555This was a very powerful conference. Many great ideas that will be incorporated throughout the entire school day!
1/16/2015 14:51:3835445All the wonderful ideas. If i forget something that there be someone to help me out. Awesome workshop That there are many ways for students to connect and use technology.
1/16/2015 14:52:0155555All of itMore tech play timeTech play timeNoneNoneReal time
Digital citizenship
1/16/2015 14:52:1155555Great presenter. So many valuable ways to integrate technology!Be Brave! Let It Go!

It is about the process not the product.

Many apps that are purposeful. Look at Core first! Then is there a digital tool that can be transparent to use for the process of deeper understanding.
1/16/2015 14:52:1255555I enjoyed that all of the information given was easy to use and was very attainable for the classroom. None! None! None! This was such an amazing opportunity!! It's important to let the students create and be in charge of their learning, creation let's students express their individuality, and it is also important to connect with the world in order to expand the students awareness of the global community.
1/16/2015 14:52:2255555Matt's ability to connect with teachers as a "in the trenches" voice to others.none. will need contact with Mike.great communication and sharing of ideas and resources. love the badge system.focus on the how more than the what
process is more important than the product
*first know the standards before integrate with technology
leaders have followers, not about seniority or rank
let it go...PLAY...itโ€™s okay to fail (First.Attempt.In.Learning)
1/16/2015 14:52:2444444I really enjoyed the session about parent communication ideas.I would have enjoyed more Q&A time with Matt Gomez.I think I would need more collaboration time with others and set aside time with my coworkers to get us all on the same page.I am worried about students welcoming the different ideas.First, using technology to increase student learning and higher level thinking instead of drill and practice. I really enjoyed learning about the different ways to use technology to communicate with parents through Facebook, twitter, weekly etc. Last, I learned that you must start with standards when integrating technology and deciding the most effective way to use it.
1/16/2015 14:52:295555It was all relevant to the grade level I teach.Just remembering it all and not to do everything at once. A little at a time and I will suceed.1. Students are always engaged when it's something they like and our interested in.
2. less worksheets. More technology
3. Get parents involved with technology and interact with them through technology so they know what their kids are doing in the classroom.
1/16/2015 14:52:3055555All of it!May be connecting with our coach just for added support.FANTASTIC!! So applicable and easy to use right away next week! Matt was such a regular teacher and ready to help-loved this! Well worth 2 days away from the kiddos! Thank you!!Felt board will be the beginning of my adventures. So much of our core can be demonstrated.
More sharing with others with what we are doing in the classroom.
1/16/2015 14:52:3955555Possibility of global connections through Skype, TwitterAdding a full day work sessionBest PD ever
I will actually implement this stuff! Thank you!
Let students be in control
Change is good/ get uncomfortable/allow failures
Allow time to teach proper protocol, procedures when using technology
1/16/2015 14:53:0455555Good questions and answers from Matt on his classroom. Learning ways to share with parents.It was great!This was a very helpful workshop!Share things as they are happening!
New ways to have students share their learning.
How to effectively use the apps demonstrated to make learning meaningful in the classroom.
1/16/2015 14:53:1155555All the examples of ways to use the different technologies.Help setting up email for sharing at our school.Creating a FB page for parents, using poppet and skitch, and setting up iPad time in classroom for student choice and projects using these apps.
1/16/2015 14:53:1655555variety of tools shared, time to practice and planeat with coaching group both days so that you get a chance to put a face, name and relationshipongoing chances to just do it. Take baby steps and do one thing well,why our entire agency wouldn't benefit from attending this - if we are going to be innovative leaders.Powerful to attend something of this quality without traveling to Dallas!Be brave
Share in the moment
Where interest lies, learning occurs
1/16/2015 14:53:2955555Everything so many great ideas to take right back to the classroomThey learn so much about how to build a community and respect others.
If you give them the chance their creativity can really blossom
They are more willing to demonstrate learning when given the choice of how to do it.
1/16/2015 14:53:3435555The availability to use this in any area at any levelLose the sticky note posts- no purposeTime to implementNoneNogiving them more choice in learning
Having them work together to make a product to share
Connecting with parents
1/16/2015 14:53:3755555EVERYTHINGgive time to work and plan in addition to playing !!!time to plan and collaboratestay with uslove it!!!start small
be brave
give choice to kids
1/16/2015 14:53:4255555Hands on activities with appsWorking together a team
Google Doc+Symbaloo involving parents in their child's work
The power of hearing and see them self on video
1/16/2015 14:53:4555555I love that Matt is currently teaching and he experiences the same roadblocks as we do. I truly appreciate all his examples and advice.Let's make PLCs within this group to help one another use what we've learned.To be brave and to just try-I myself need to believe I can do this.It's all about being brave. Matt's presentation was truly inspiring and empowering. This is the knowledge and confidence I've been searching for to move toward a student directed classroom.
1/16/2015 14:53:4655555Being exposed to new apps and seeing them in use.Additional collaboration time with my team to determine our best method of implementing.It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend it to other teachers!
Thank You!
It's more about the process than the product.
The more ownership students take over a project, the more meaningful it is.
Be brave and go for it!
1/16/2015 14:53:5455555I like being introduced to new ideas and having a short bit to play. I also like that he has a play by play for these apps because it is easy to forget things once we get home. Temperature control was terrible. It was freezing cold most of the day.Time I have learned many things. I have not done a lesson on how to use the camera on the iPad so I will be teaching them this next week. I am also going to start a Facebook page for my classroom. I will now be able to send these learning experiences to parents.
1/16/2015 14:53:5545555All of the apps and ways to use them in the classroom as well as the time to discuss with fellow grade level teachers.Just to have a warmer temperature!Follow up and encouragement to make sure I am implementing ideas.Awesome experience!!!! Everyone should see Matt Gomez!So many things I can't wait to incorporate in my classroom. Apps to allow for student learning, ways to keep parents up to date on what is happening in our room, and collaboration with students in our state and around the country.
1/16/2015 14:53:5955555There is so much to wrap my brain around! Everything!!!Time and bravery!!!Awesome workshop! Thanks for bringing Matt to NW Iowa!Allowing students to have choices gets them excited and involved!
Allow students to have more time for exploration!
Remember: it's the process that is the focus not so much the product!
1/16/2015 14:53:5955555I appreciate that you gave us time to work after introducing each app.
Thank you for doing what you do. You're in the trenches every day, so we know these things will work.
It's about the student.
Start with the standard.
The enemy of change is fear.
1/16/2015 14:54:0355555This conference is just what I needed to hear to renew my spark and keep up my motivation to make meaningful and engaging lessons for my students! There are some interesting ways to use technology that I cannot wait to incorporate into my classroom.It was great!I would love someone to check in with us to help us in a few weeks/month. I am glad there are notes to look back on from the plaea.I am leaving today very excited!Thank you this is the best class I have been to in awhile!Higher level thinking does not need to be something that needs to be forces. When students are given the opportunities they will rise to the occasion.
1/16/2015 14:54:045555I learned things that I will use in the classroom.The classroom could have been warmer.Help with implementation when I get stuck.I am a bit overwhelmed, I hope that I can successfully implement what I learned,1. Apps
2. Connecting with parents
3. connecting with other classrooms
1/16/2015 14:54:0755555Seeing how I can let go of a broken schedule classroom and open things up to go deeper with our learningNothingTime to become familiar with apps and time to build resourcesWhere can I go for answer as I encointer problem within my classroomThank you1-students need to work as partners
2-students need to be able to fail inorder to succeed
3-I need to model what I expect of them
1/16/2015 14:54:1955545That I can't wait to implement this into my classroom!!
I have a new motivation to help my kids love learning!
There's never enough time;). We would like to have time for implementation.Be brave!
Let them have control.
Process instead of product.
1/16/2015 14:54:2155555I appreciated the opportunity to learn new forms of technology and collaborate and share ideas of how to incorporate it into my classroom.None--it was great!I will use the bitly to remind myself how to use certain apps and websites. I know there are coaches and other teachers that I can go to for help.Just making sure that I implement these things and use them effectively.Thanks!
The apps will be useful to help students show and share their learning.
I will more effectively communicate with parents what their students are learning.
I learned that it is not difficult to connect student learning with the Iowa Core.
1/16/2015 14:54:2155555Learning about technology that works for kindergarten. heatHelp when I run into questions about how to use the apps.I am anxious to use the felt board app as a starter. Then build from there.
1/16/2015 14:54:3345555EverythingHeat in the roomNew apps to try with students and for me ๐Ÿ˜„
Start slow but start some where doing something and give kids choices
Technology should be used don't let the camera sit on the shelf let the kids use it and post pictures or use to make books to write
1/16/2015 14:55:1045545I loved all the hands on experiences that we were able to have both days that allowed us to experience each new tool.
I really enjoyed the chatterpix today and really found out how easy it is to use daily.
Nothing I thought everything flowed very nicely.I feel all the information and websites that Matt Gomez shared will be great resources in the future along with the AEA staff.What an AWESOME conference I truly enjoyed both days. Very exciting and fun interaction conference to attend.Hands On!!!
Let them make the choices!
1/16/2015 14:55:2645555The time to play and challenge ourselves to think how we can align technology into everyday learning. That it can SAVE time for teachers.Take out the badges and sticky notes!Assistance from instructional team to integrate further learning with schools.NoneNo matter what Matt says.... Dallas Cowboys are AWESOME!!!1 - Students will learn more when engaged in their interests
2 - Children learn best from other children
3 - Where interest lies, learning occurs
1/16/2015 14:55:5755555That I can take this information and apply it to my class in many different ways.All was great!This was awesome!That you can do so much with these apps that put the students in control of their learning. I learned I need to do more connecting with other places. I will set up a facebook page to connect with parents.
1/16/2015 14:56:1555555How to relate everything to my classroom.NonePutting things on the bit ly should be helpful.NothingThanks for a great 2 days!integrate learning within large group, students with take that with them when working alone or within small group.
There is no learning in the product, only the process.
Go beyond the doors of the classroom.
1/16/2015 14:56:3355555The play...see...try shareA follow up
A summer or back to school would be great to start off
Better ipad sharing and access in our school which we will be working onWhich ideas to start with...I know I need to pick a couple to start and growBest workshop I've ever been to!Connecting with others helps develop empathy
Process is much more important than finished much they learn in process
Creating and collaborating helps thinking
1/16/2015 14:56:4055555The topic was relevant. I am excited to get back to my classroom and try these tools. Matt is an excellent presenter.I didn't understand the relevance of the badges and putting the sticky notes on the poster.I'm not sure at the moment. As I begin implementing the tools, I may need support. I'm not sure if I will remember everything I learned in these 2 days.What is expected of us now.AWESOME 2 days. Thanks for bringing Matt to Storm Lake.1. Let children show their learning and the standards will follow
2. Think about the standard first and the tool second.
3. Children are never to young to learn digital citizenship
1/16/2015 14:57:5255545The ability to start using this information immediately with learning in my classroom. Work with our school group one of the two days along with our leader so we can make a plan for implementation.Continued contact with our leader.
Funding for apps to be downloaded onto student iPads.
1. Start locally with connecting.
2. All students will be able to create on their own using a number of tools we learned about.
3. I need to start by adding one new thing at a time.
1/16/2015 15:06:3955555I liked that Matt showed what he does, why he does it, why it does it in the way that he does it, and how it knows it works. The flow of showing and explaining and practicing helped me to make connections to what I already know and extended my learning.I would reduce the number of examples by three or four and provide more time for practicing and applying.It would be helpful if I had an ipad. I know that I contact the technology consultants if I need help.What summer time opportunities could be provided to the teachers who attended to help them with kicking off using what they learned at the start of the 2015 school year?I really appreciate the efforts of Mike and Julie to make this a great learning experience for teachers and a rich opportunity for PLAEA staff to informally coach teachers to ensure that the teachers implement their learning.1) I learned that having students use technology to connect with others gives them ongoing, everyday experiences with developing empathy, broadening their world view, and gives the teacher rich opportunities to use student interest to teach them significant content.
2) I learned that the applications could help with time, being more purposeful and efficient
3) I learned that if we have students collaborate, connect, create, and demonstrate they way in which Matt demonstrated these four then students would be engaging in the level of cognitive complexity that is called for in the Iowa Core.
1/17/2015 15:27:5755555All of itMore tech play timeTech play timeNoneNoneReal time
Digital citizenship
1/20/2015 9:45:1955555How to relate everything to my classroom.NonePutting things on the bit ly should be helpful.NothingThanks for a great 2 days!integrate learning within large group, students with take that with them when working alone or within small group.
There is no learning in the product, only the process.
Go beyond the doors of the classroom.
8/18/2015 14:50:315 Excellent5 Excellent45 Excellent5 Excellent
I loved the hands on "doing"
More time to share what we are already using, specific websites, apps, etc.
some students didn't even know how to turn on iPad so may need basics course first
Administration buy in on need for technology and importance of good internet availability in all buildings/ rooms.
Concerned how some schools have no technology items or very limited and others have so many, not fair to students and educators.
Love the classroom blog ideas for newsletters, for texts, and chatter pix.
8/18/2015 15:01:2945 Excellent5 Excellent3 Average4
All the tech we learned and the helpful ladies who shared their ideas.
Maybe make it a two day for question and more time to play with the apps. And sites.
First have the baking from admits ration.
To use The sites or apps like chatter pix for quiet children.
Wonders polis for science and and pin point them. They could use the site for understanding more of the subject.
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