Schema Construct Table (Examples & Template)
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Shorthand Name4th order
Reality-defining theme
3rd order
2nd order
Situation construed
symptom with function
symptom w/o function
Outcome of Processingdisconfirming knowledgesourceOther notes / thoughts
Nature of self/others/world (ontology)Broad purposes and strategies (teleology)Meaning of the concrete situationConcrete response: overt thoughts, feelings, behaviors
Good GirlA Good Girl has a good life; bad things will not happen to her.Never ever make trouble or I won’t be that Good Girl and have that protected, good life.These bad things happening to us means I haven’t been good enough. I’m unprotected! I’ve got to try even harder to be good and make no trouble whatsoever, to get the bad things to stop.A. Doesn’t fight back while under attack (unpresented, unconscious symptom); consequently:B. Feels wide open to disaster, utterly vulnerable, and paralyzed by anxiety (presenting symptoms)At six-month follow-up client reported that after her single session she immediately began fighting back by taking assertive actions, and immediately her intense feelings of anxiety and vulnerability had been and still were “hugely eliminated.”Coherence Therapy

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I am dangerousI am a dangerously harmful, even lethal presence.My harmfulness can come out without my knowing or controlling it.I’ve got to avoid being the focus of others’ attention in order to keep my lethality from harming anyone.At this job I am completely visible in directly affecting others, so my lethality could cause grave harm at any momentA. Avoids attention and influence (unpresented, unconscious symptom)B. Panic attacks (presenting symptom) (when failing to remain unnoticed and unimpingingPermanent cessation of panic attacks after fourth session; five sessions total. Coherence Therapy

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universe requires sufferingThe universe requires intense suffering in every house and it will actively inflict it if not enough suffering is occurring. If one of us suffers enough, the others won’t have toAlways deliberately suffer enough so the universe won’t uncontrollably inflict harm on our family. My husband driving home is a prime moment of vulnerability, so I must quickly suffer enough to make calamity unnecessary. Panic attacks (presenting symptom)Major reduction in frequency and intensity of panic attacksCoherence Therapy

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disconnection is deathMy survival is totally dependent on my connection with my parents. Disconnectionis horror and death.At all cost I’ve got to stay connected with Daddy: I’ve got to feel, think and act in whatever way keeps me in shared emotional reality with him; I’ve got to agree with his view of me. I’m being [neglected; beaten; denigrated; molested; etc.] by Daddy because I’m unworthy of good treatment and love. It’s my fault. Daddy’s right about me.Thoughts and feelings of being deficient/unlovable/unworthy; feelings of shame; perfectionism; compulsive pleasing; etc.Coherence Therapy

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suppressing feeling griefI cannot survive feeling my hurt, grief and anger over how cruel and unloving daddy is.Always keep away from my overwhelmingly painful feelings about daddy.My baby’s illness is something I can worry about constantly and totally occupy my attentionContinuous anxiety over baby daughter’s health (presenting symptom)Client found that when she chooses not to suppress her emotional pain and grief over father, she is then anxiety-free. (Client ceases to produce symptom when she no longer needs it.) Client then moved forward with long-stuck grief process.Coherence Therapy

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“Black cloud”
of depression
Everything I know, do or care about is wide open to being taken over by Mom and others; I have no walls and no walls are allowed; I can never safely have my own life inside or outside.I’ve got to be blank, all erased, to be safe from being robbed painfully of anything I feel, know or do.Writing grant proposals for nonprofits is the right job for me because I have no interest or motivation for it at all—I can stay blank and safe.Feels no motivation or interest at all in anything. (Functional presenting symptom)Feels “blackcloud” of depression, hopelessness about herself and her future. Low self-worth: negative judgments toward self for being a “vegetable.” (Functionless presenting symptoms)Coherence Therapy

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Always hiding her truthOthers are fragile and my truth is too much for them, devastates them and drives them away. I plunge into aloneness and guilt that I cannot bear.Never say the words of my truth or knowledge to others, so they won’t crumble and go away.I’ll get to stay in this case consultation group only if I’m quiet and go along with whatever is said.Is unassertive, compliant, avoidant of interaction and attention. Hides her truth.(Functional symptoms)Negative judgments toward self for being an outsider, socially marginal, isolated.(Functionless presenting symptom)Coherence Therapy

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