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JMIH Abstract (Oral and Poster) Change Request
If you plan to cancel your presentation, make an edit to your title, change in speakers, change in presentation dates, etc., please fill out the information below. If you are making a change to more than one presentation (such as a Poster and an Oral), fill out the information separately (i.e. fill out the information for the oral presentation, then on another line fill out the information for the poster presentation). Updates will be made as soon as possible and will be noted on this document when the request is completed.
If you have any further questions, please contact Cara Richardson (Meeting Planner/Event Coordinator, or Marty Crump (Program Officer,
Date of RequestPresentation Type
Abstract NumberWhat type of change are you requesting?
(Cancellation/Edits/Speaker Change/etc.)
Last NameFirst NamePresentation TitleSpecific details about the change(s) you are requesting:FOR KSU CONFERENCES ONLY:
Date Completed
14/10/19Oral812Change to make M. Minicozzi (second author) the presenting speakerGibbAliceChanges in body size affect the biomechanics and behavior of teleost fishesA. Gibb requests that JMIH indicate that M. Minicozzi, the second author, will be the presenting author at the meetingdone
2 May 2019Oral
Not yet assigned
Cancellation of presentationWarnerDanielThe effect of density and timing of hatching on early life phenotypes and survival of brown anolesDue to unforeseen personal reasons at the time of abstract submission, I cannot attend the conference in Julydone
3 May 2019Poster449Cancellation of presentationHernandezAndrea Fancy Fish Bits: Morphology of Soft Cranial Projections of the Red Lionfish, Pterois volitansFor personal reasons, I will no longer be attending the conference in Julydone
3 May 2019Poster519Cancellation of presentationSuttonTraceyA New Species of Dragonfish (Stomiiformes: Stomiidae: Astronesthinae) from the Deep-Pelagic Gulf of MexicoWill be at sea during JMIH and coauthor is not able to attend meetingdone
03 May 2019Oral733Cancellation of presentationThillVickiVariation in Resistance to Black Widow Spider Venom across Lizards: Ecology overrides PhylogenyI am no longer able to give this talkdone
03 May 2019Oral197Change to abstractMonizHaleyJack of all trades, or master of one? Tradeoffs in organismal performance of Tetrodotoxin-resistant garter snakes (Thamnophis)In sentence 5 of the abstract, please change "standard metabolic rate" to "behavior" as the authors have decided to switch the focus of this research aspect. Thank you!done
03 May 2019Poster391Cancellation of presentationPageRobertAnuran Breeding & Larval Ecology on the C.L. Browning Ranch in Blanco County, TexasDue to reasons outside of my control I will not be able to produce & present this poster.done
3 May 2019Oral653Cancellation of presentationCoffeyDanielAssessing Performance and Habitat Suitability of a Vertically Migrating Deepwater Shark under a Changing ClimateDue to a scheduling conflict that cannot otherwise be resolved, I ufortunately will no longer be able to attend this year's meetingdone
4th May 2019
Poster196Cancellation of presentationCollatosCarolineNovel Animal-Borne Imaging Device to Assess Post-Release Swimming Behavior and Ecological Characteristics ofMustelus canisin the New York BightDue to recent scientific alterations/differences, this poster will not be presented.done
4th May 2019
Oral773Correction in the name of the second authorPachecoJuanEffects of oral probiotic administration in ambystoma mexicanum’s as a response to a skin incision before and after metamorphosis.Correction in the name of the second author from Christopher Beac to Christopher K Beachydone
4th May 2019
Poster681Change to make M. Struble (second author) the presentorElcockJaidaBurial Kinematics of the Rock PricklebackJ. Elcock requests that JMIH indicate that M. Struble, the second author, will be the presenting author at the meetingdone
7th May 2019
Oral454Cancellation of presentationKuchlingGeraldConservation Strategies for Pseudemydura umbrina (Testudines: Chelidae) in the Drying Climate of South-Western AustraliaDue to unforeseen personal reasons at the time of abstract submission, I cannot attend the conference in Julydone
7 May 2019Oral683Cancellation of presentationvan Zinnicq BergmannMauritsUsing a Multi-Species Conservation Planning Approach to Identify Hotspots for Protection of Marine Predators Through Acoustic Monitoring and MarxanDue to unforeseen personal reasons at the time of abstract submission, I cannot attend the conference in Julydone
7 May 2019poster439Correction in first author name and affiliation and change in dateMaugerLaurieA Population Survey and Biodiversity Assessment of Reptiles in Southern UtahCorrect of first author from Sierra Mauger to Sierra Ball. Correct of first author affiliation from Southern Utah University, Durham, NC, USA to Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT, USA. I would also like to request a change in poster presentation date. I am currently scheduled for the Saturday poster session. However, due to personal obligations I am trying to take the red eye home Friday night or early Saturday morning. Is it possible to move the poster presentation to the Friday poster session?done
8 May 2019poster522Author error (author listed twice; author addition)HickersonCari-AnnBehavioral Interactions between Striped and Erythristic Color Morphs of Eastern Red-backed Salamanders, Plethodon cinereusAuthors: Courtney Thomas, Jessica Ryan, Cari-Ann Hickerson, Carl Anthonydone
9 May 2019poster602Correction in first author name and affiliationWayeHeatherWhite Blood Cell Profiles in Long-Term Captive and Recently Captured Eastern Tiger Salamanders (Ambystoma tigrinum)Correct first and presenting author from Alexis Hernandez to Heather Waye, affiliation University of Minnesota Morrisdone
10 May 2019Oral235correction in first author and presentorMeyerLaurenCafé or Buffet? Using fatty acids to reveal the generalist diet and coastal habitat use of Australia’s white sharksCorrect the first and presenting author from Charlie Huveneers to Lauren Meyer. The same affiliation applies.done
10 May 2019Oral43Cancellation of presentationKrugerArielPredators Induce Morphological Changes in Tadpoles of Hyla andersoniiNo longer able to attend the conferencedone
13 May 2019poster204Cancellation of presentationHamptonPaul Evidence for adaptations of the axial skeleton as a factor influencing relative organ position in snakesNo longer able to attend the conferencedone
13 May 2019Oral341Author error (author listed twice; author addition)FischerChrisComprehensive data from live, large sharks at sea: Methods and results of capture, study, release, and funding model by OCEARCHAuthors should be: Chris Fischer, Brett McBride, Fernanda Ubatuba, Ami Meitedone
15 May 2019Oral329Cancellation of presentationMalleCarrasco-HarrisHome Range and Resource Utilization by Urban Copperheads, Agkistrodon Contortrix, No longer able to attend the conferencedone
15 May 2019Poster154Cancellation of presentationMalleCarrasco-HarrisSmall and Separate: Population Genetics of Urban Copperheads, Agkistrodon contortrixNo longer able to attend the conferencedone
15 May 2019Oral562Cancellation of presentationPetersonCassidyClarifying Abundance Trends of Coastal Sharks for AssessmentNo longer able to attend the conferencedone
18 May 2019Oral746Addition of authorsMaustellerEmilyCrotalus adamanteus Ambush Site Selection in Coastal South Carolina Salt Water MarshesAuthors should be: Emily Mausteller, Jayme Waldron, John Holloway, Will Dillman, Alex Foote, Nicholas Bolin, Elizabeth Johnson, Shane Welch. The additional authors (Foote, Bolin, Johnson) have same affiliation as first author.done
18 May 2019Oral341Session changeFischerChrisComprehensive data from live, large sharks at sea: Methods and results of capture, study, release, and funding model by OCEARCHRequest this talk be moved to the AES Ecology session on Sunday at 4pm. It was placed in a General Ichthyol session by mistake. Marty Crump has been involved in the change.done
23 May 2019Oral763Title editEastisAnnaApplying Genomic Methods to Investigate the Invasive Spread of the Green Swordtail (Xiphophorus hellerii)I would like to change the title of my oral presentation to "New Records of the Invasive Green Swordtail (Xiphophorus hellerii) in north Florida"done
24 May 2019Oral130Title editWishingradVanSceloporus occidentalis lizard landscape genetics in the Sierra Nevada mountain rangeEdit title to those in the cell to the leftdone
31 May 2019Oral752Change to make third author (Jim Christiansen) the presenting speakerLaDucTravisCitizen Sciences CSI: Better understanding the distribution of an undescribed turtle shell disease through citizen science observationsAnother author on the paper, Jim Christiansen, will now be the presenter of the paper instead of Travis LaDuc. Discussed with Marty Crump and Greg Pauly.done
3 June 2019Oral416Cancellation of presentationWillsonJ.D.Influence of behavioral responses to roads on snake density estimationFor personal reasons, I will no longer be attending the conference in JulyDone
4 June 2019Poster455Cancellation of presentationRuppertTrevordentifying the Physiological Limitations to Dispersal and Persistence of an Invasive Amphibian in Southern California
I am no longer able to attend the conference
5 June 2019Poster815Cancellation of presentationBarrettJennaTemperature influence on depth distributions of fishes on Caribbean deep reefsUndergraduate student got a job and cannot attend conferenceDone
6 June 2019Poster772Edits to author list & abstractWestTaylorFeeding Ecology of the Prairie Kingsnake (Lampropeltis calligaster)A collaboration has allowed me to expand my dataset and analysis. I'd like to add two authors and update the numbers given in my abstract to reflect new, accurate data. My email is I'm happy to submit this updated abstract and author list to whomever Done
11 June 2019Oral711Cancellation of presentationSchneiderEric
Biomass Accumulation Around Anchored Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs): Utilizing Light Trapping and Fisheries Sonar to Quantify Colonization of Pelagic FADs
Scheduling conflict, will not be able to attend meetingDone
12 June 2019Oral685Cancellation of PresentationAndresAlyssa
Metabolic Implications of Rising Temperature and Hypoxia in Three Coastal Shark Species
Due to unforseen project delays, and recent scheduling conflicts I will be unable to attend the conference in JulyDone
14 June 2019Poster 721Cancellation of PresentationGulsbyMiranda
Upland Snake Community in Montane Longleaf Pine Habitats of Northwest Georgia
Due to recent scheduling conflicts, I will be unable to attend the conference in July. Done
14 June 2019Oral599Cancellation of PresentationTalwarBrendanPreliminary research on juvenile silky sharks in the eastern BahamasScheduling conflict, will not be able to attend meetingDone
21 de Jun Poster608Change to abstractFischerBridget
Determining the Relationship of Micropogonias Species in the Indian River Lagoon
I would like to update my abstract to the following version if possible (to reflect project updates and make the text more clear): There is an inherent issue with taxonomic designations when using only one line of evidence (e.g. morphology) and not verifying whether the nomenclature reflects evolutionary history. This is especially important in taxa that display evidence of hybridization based on morphology because without genetic information, species identification can be challenging. Here, we used the mitochondrial COI gene to investigate population structure of the Atlantic Croaker (Micropogonias undulatus) and the Whitemouth Croaker (Micropogonias furnieri) along the east coast of Florida, as individuals cannot be unequivocally identified using morphometrics. The Atlantic Croaker is found in western Atlantic waters ranging from Massachusetts to Louisiana and the Whitemouth Croaker is commonly found in the coastal waters of the Caribbean and South America. Both species coexist in the Indian River Lagoon (IRL), a biodiverse estuary on the east coast of Florida. We sampled throughout the IRL and areas known to contain only one of the two species. To determine relationships between populations, we constructed a phylogenetic tree and haplotype network. Our preliminary data suggest that both species overlap in the northern IRL, providing an opportunity for hybridization. Additionally, there is evidence of a Micropogonias population in the IRL that is genetically distinct from other characterized Micropogonias species. Done
17 June 2019Oral529Cancellation of PresentationKarinBenjamin
Seafaring Skinks? Range-wide phylogeography of Eutropis multifasciata and the role of genetic priority effects in shaping mainland-island dispersal dynamics
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
18 June 2019Poster252Cancellation of PresentationHoldenMichael
Understanding the Interactions between Development and Nest Depredation in Bog Turtles
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
Oral414Cancellation of PresentationWilkinsonClareImpacts of catchment land use on freshwater trophic ecologyI am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
Poster415Cancellation of PresentationWilkinsonClare
Impacts of land use change on fish trophic ecology in Borneo
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
19 June 2019Oral272Cancellation of PresentationDavisHayden
Biogeography and Cryptic Diversity Within Bornean Cyrtodactylus Species
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
19 June 2019Oral314Cancellation of PresentationDeGrootBreanna
Fine-scale movement and habitat use of whitespotted eagle rays, Aetobatus narinari, in the Indian River Lagoon
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
20 June 2019Poster725Cancellation of PresentationVesyMiranda
Monitoring and Management of a Closed Population of Texas Horned Lizards (Phrynosoma cornutum) in Oklahoma City using Harmonic Radar Technology
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
20 June 2019Oral532Cancellation of PresentationTracyClaire
Evolutionary history of African dwarf toads and the implication on loss of the tympanic middle ear
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
20 June 2019Oral319Cancellation of PresentationBuehlerMatthewBiogeography and Systematics of Melanesian ElapidsI am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
21 June 2019Oral732Cancellation of PresentationKlockeBlake
Reintroduction efforts for two species of Panamanian Harlequin frogs (Genus: Atelopus) threatened by amphibian chytrid fungus
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
21 June 2019Oral 243Change coauthor orderGarcesKarlaEvaluation of Elasmobranchs caught by prawn trawls in the Gulf of California for Vulnerability Analysis (Fishing and Climate change stressors)Karla Garces-Garcia1, Javier Tovar-Ávila2, Dario Chavez-Arrenquin3, Bibiana Vargas-Trejo4,Terence Walker1, Robert Day1Done
27 June 2019Oral327Cancellation of PresentationYamauchi Jessica
Characterization of changes in the gut microbiome across ontogenetic development in the American Bullfrog
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
1 July 2019Oral417Cancellation of PresentationSavageAnna
Rapid Immunogenetic Adaptation to Chytridiomycosis in Arizona Leopard Frogs
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
1 July 2019Poster677Cancellation of PresentationBasantaM. Delia
Historical presence and prevalence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Mexico
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
2 July 2019Oral614Addition of authorsHuntElizabeth
Molecular phylogenetics of the genus Erimyzon (Family Catastomidae) based on mitochondrial and nuclear loci
Addition of two authors on abstract: Kyle Piller (Southeastern Louisiana Univeristy, Hammon, LA) and Jeremy J Wright (New York State Museum, Albany, NY). Author order should be Elizabeth P. Hunt, Kat Hamilton, Shannon O’Leary, Kyle Piller, Jeremy J. Wright, Kevin W. Conway, David S. Portnoy.
7 July 2019Poster624Title editClaunchNatalieStress in the infamous island invader, Boiga irregularisDone
8 July 2019Poster27Cancellation of Presentation DonlonKatePopulation Genetics of a Terrestrial Salamander Species Inhabiting Abandoned Mined Lands in Eastern OhioI will not be attending the conference Done
8 July 2019Oral427Cancellation of presentationJanuszkiewiczEric
Detection of Snake Fungal Disease Caused by Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola Among Timber Rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) in Pennsylvania
I will not be attending the conference Done
8 July 2019Poster333Edit to titleFirnenoThomas
Transcriptomic characterization and evaluation of the bufonid parotoid gland
Change title to "Investigation of toxin evolution of the bufonid parotoid gland"Done
8 July 2019Oral Presentation330Edit to title and addition of authorsFirnenoThomas
Diversification and gene flow in a problematic species complex of Mesoamerican toads (Incilius coccifer complex)
Change title to "Mitonuclear discordance reveals cryptic genetic diversity, introgression, and an intricate demographic history in a problematic species complex of Mesoamerican toads" ; add Justin R. O'Neill (same affiliation as 2) and Daniel M. Portik (affiliation 3 - The University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona) - NOTE: these two authors should be added as second and third authors, respectively.Done
9 July 2019Oral Presentation45Change in first presenterNickersonMaxChange first presenter to Kristen HechtDone
10 July 2019Poster624Title editClaunchNatalieStress indicates in the infamous island invader, Boiga irregularisChange "indicates" to "indices"Done
11 July 2019Poster230Cancellation of presentationVanekJohn
Landscape and Management Factors Influence the Occupancy Dynamics of Sympatric Salamanders in an Urban Preserve System
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
11 July 2019Oral205Change of presenterVanekJohn
The Only Good Snake is an Identified Snake: The Power of Collective Knowledge
I am no longer able to attend the conference, so co-author Andrew Durso will be giving the presentationDone
11 July 2019Oral presentation567Cacellation of presentationKudla NathanUsing landscape genetics to understand connectivity of an island population of eastern
massasauga rattlesnakes (Sistrurus catenatus)
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
11 July 2019Poster127Author error (author addition)Martin-KrikorianLindseyPhysiological trade-offs in reproductive collared lizardsAuthors should be: Lindsey A. Martin-Krikorian, Tristan Bulice, Matthew Gifford, Lorin A. Neuman-LeeDone
12 July 2019Poster807Cancellation of presentationGrundlerMaggie
Is genomic diversity a useful proxy for census population size? Evidence from a species‐rich community of desert lizards
I am no longer able to attend the conference.Done
12 July 2019Poster 501Cancellation of presentationManningRachel
A New Genus of Caribbean Deep-reef Gobies (Teleostei: Gobiidae) of the Priolepis Linage with Descriptions of Six New Species.
I am no longer able to attend the conference.Done
12 July 2019Poster359Cancellation of presentationPettyMichaA Primer on Reptiles & Amphibians: A Collection of Educational Nature BulletinsI am no longer able to attend the conference.
7/12/2019Oral presentation345Cancellation of presentationPettyMichaInnovations in Outreach: Interpreting Herpetofauna to the PublicI am no longer able to attend the conference.
15 July 2019Oral presentation476Cancellation of presentaionWagnerGrahamAge, growth, and reproductive biology of a data-deficient parrotfish species (Sparisoma viride) in the US CaribbeanI am no longer able to attend the conference.Done
15 July 2019Poster700Cancellation of poster PresentationVillingerKatrin
Resident and Migratory Sharks Utilizing Jacksonville’s Coastal Waters: Examining Their Role in NE Florida’s Ecosystems
I am no longer able to attend the conference.Done
15 July 2019Poster81Cancellation of presentationSantosTheresa
Foraging aspects of Cookiecutter Shark (Isistius sp.) in an equatorial Mid-Atlantic archipelago
I'm not gonna be able to attend to the meeting this yearDone
16 July 2019Oral presentation689Cancellation of presentationSporreMeganFrequency of Multiple Paternity Varies with Population Sex-Ratio in an Estuarine Turtle
Species (Malaclemys terrapin).
I am no longer able to attend the conferenceDone
16 July 2019Oral presentation674Day and time change of presentationDicksonMatthewGetting Comfortable In Your Own Skin: Variation In Integument Ultrastructure Among Introduced Populations of Mediterranean House GeckosCan no longer present on day assigned so changing to Sunday 8:45am General HerpetologyDone
17 July 2019Poster 375Title ChangeSabandoMariaDominance and Competitive Interaction Outcomes are Habitat-Specific In Ectothermic Marine Predators at a Pacific AtollChange title to "Reef Shark Behavioral Interactions are Habitat Specific"Done