Last edited: 01/07/2021
The data was collected by a survey conducted in May 2020. After the survey results were published, we asked communities to send us their program updates or missing information. If you see an error, or know of a program that is missing, please tell us by emailing us at or by filling out this form
Municipality Administering AgencyAmount AllocatedFunding SourceMax $ Assistance per household (total)Household Assistance Details (# of months, max per month, etc)Area Median Income ElgibilityProgram TimelineContact infoLink to applicationNotes
ActonRegional Housing Services Office (RHSO)$55,000CARES Act $3,200Up to 4 months of assistance, $ amount based on bedroom size of unitHouseholds up to 100% AMINot specifiedLaura Ducharme,
AmesburyThe Pettengill HouseNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specified
AmherstCommunity Action Pioneer Valley$250,000Trust$3,300Up to 3 months of assistance, $ amount based on 50% of rent up to a certain limit by bedroom sizeHouseholds up to 80% AMIUntil funds are depleted.Janna Tetreault, Assistant Director for Community Services at CAPV The trust initiated a second round of applications, this time on a first come first serve basis untill the funds run out. The first round was a lottery that ended in August. The Trust decided to remove the preferences that were in place for the first round. Assistance will be provided for up to 3 months and can be paid for arrears back to April 1, 2020 and for future rent. The maximum subsidy amount by bedroom size is 50% of the actual monthly rent up to the following maximum:
ArlingtonTown or Arlington, Housing Corp or Arlington, MCO Housing$400,000 CDBG-CV funds, $300,000 CPA (starting late summer/early fall 2020, $115,000 in donations through Arlington Health and Human Services Charitable Corporation, and $100,000 through Housing Corporation of ArlingtonCDBG-CV, CPA, regular CDBG, and donations$6,000Varies on funding source. CBDG-CV is up to three months of assistance, no more than $2,000 a month.Households up to 50% AMI. Housing Corp of Arlington is housholds up to 60% AMI. Donations through Arlington Health and Human Services Charitable Corp. is less restrictive.Through the fall.Erin Zwirko, Arlington Planning and Community Development,,,
Barnstable CountyHousing Assistance Cape Cod (HAC)$100,000HOME$6,000Not specifiedHouseholds up to 60% AMILaunched fall 2020Renie Hamman, Barnstable County HOME Consortium
BarnstableHousing Assistance Cape Cod (HAC)$300,000Trust$4,000Not specifiedHouseholds up to 80% AMIUntil money runs outAnne Van Vleck, Chief Development Officer, avanvleck@haconcapecod.org
BelmontMetroWest Collaborative Development$250,000CPA$4,320Benefit equals 50% of Fair Market Rent based on bedroom size for 3 monthsHouseholds up to 80% AMI, preference to 60% AMINot specifiedRachel Heller, Town did a mailing to all landlords with contact information we got from the assessor's database. Belmont's Municipal Light Company sent the flyer out with bills. And, our Superintendent emailed information to all parents.
BeverlyNorth Shore Community Action Program Inc. (NSCAP)$240,000CPA$3,600Up to 3 months of assistanceHouseholds up to 100% AMI3 monthsDenise Deschamps, Economic Develop Planner, The CPC is planning for a three month program but plans to revisit the situation at the end of that three month period to determine if they would like to consider additional funding.
BraintreeMetro Housing Boston$100,000City funds allocated by Mayor$4,000Not specifiedHouseholds up to 60% AMIEnds August 2020Not specified
BrewsterHousing Assistance Cape Cod (HAC)$75,000Trust/CPA$6,000Max assistance is per yearHousehold up to 80% AMI, but 100% AMI for COVID relief.Through 2021Jill Scalise, jscalise@brewster-ma.gov established a rental assistance program that will continue to operate after COVID crisis.
BrocktonNeighborWorks Housing Solution$250,000 CDBG, $250,000 HOME-TBRACDBG, HOME-TBRANot specifiedNot specifiedHouseholds up to 50% AMINot specifiedNot specified
BostonCity of Boston$8,000,000Round 1 of a rental relief lottery occurred on 4/13- $3 million, round 2 of the lottery in early June - $5 million in federal stimulus funds.$4,000Not specifiedHouseholds up to 80% AMIOngoingDominique Williams, Duputy Director,
BrooklineThe Brookline Center$1.2 million from Town Sources plus Private Fundraising via the Brookline Community Foundation$100,000 from Brookline Housing Trust and $375,000 from CDBG and $725,000 from Private Fundraising$3,000Not specifiedNo specific income limit - Funds to be used for emergency needs due to current public health crisis.OngoingBrookline Safety Net Fund, 617-277-8107 can be used for Rent or Mortgage Payments as well as food, utilities, or appliances/furniture. Available to anyone who lives or works in Brookline. Trained Social workers also link people to public benefits if eligible.
CambridgeCity of Cambridge$1.5 million is available to assist cost-burdened residents with rent or homeownership (excluding mortgage) costs.

Donations were used for Mayor's Distaster Relief Funds, $4,000Not specifiedHouseholds up to 100% AMIThrough end of July 2020Chris Cotter, Housing Director, ccotter@cambridgema.gov round was Mayor's Disaster Relief Funds and second round is Housing Stabalization Program.
CantonMCO Housing Services$52,000CPA$7,500Up to 70% of rent or deed restricted mortgage (max of $2,500 per month for up to 3 months, can be current or past dueHouseholds up to 100% AMIThrough end of December 2020Laura Smead (Town Planner), 781-575-6575In development by MCO Housing Services
ChathamHousing Assistance Corp (HAC)$150,000CPANot specifiedNot specifiedHouseholds up to 100% AMI ($96,600 or a family of 4) based on post-COVID-19 gross income or increases in expenses due to COVID-19Through 2021Aly Sabatino,
ChelseaChelsea Restoration$1,250,000CPA$5,000Over 3 months30% Area Median Income (AMI) or below
50% AMI or below
Lottery for assistance conducted and funds all disbursedHelen Zucco,, (617) 889-2277
Not available, closedFamilies that are not receiving other assistance may be eligible
EasthamHarwich Ecumenical Council for Housing (HECH)Not specifiedTrust/CPA$6,000Max assistance is per yearHouseholds up to 80% AMI, but 100% AMI for COVID relief12 month program starting August 2020Paul Lagg, Eastham Affordable Housing Trust, 508-240-5900 ext.3228 already had a rental assistance program for residents and expanded it for COVID relief using the existing administering agency.
EasthamptonRFQ in process$300,000CPA$3,000Not specifiedHouseholds up to 100% AMIOne yearJamie Webb, Assistant Planner, jwebb@easthamptonma.govTBD
EastonMetroWest Collaborative Development$80,000Trust$3,000Up to 3 months of assistanceHouseholds up to 80% AMINot specifiedRobyn@metrowestcd.org
Once the initial phase has run, the Easton Affordable Housing Trust will work with Metro West to evaluate and revise / expand / amend the program as warranted.
EssexAction Inc.Not specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedHousholds up to 80% AMINot specifiedAction Inc., 978-282-1000
FitchburgMOC, Inc.$230,000Trust, CDBG-CVNot specifiedUp to 3 months of assistanceHouseholds up to 80% AMINot specifiedWendy Lopez, MOC wlopez@mocinc.orgHouseholds in Need would contact the Family Resource Center for a referral to Wendy, Wendy screens applicants and refers them to the best match for assistance, (CDBG-CV, ERMA, RAFT, etc.)Includes rent, mortgage, and utilities
FraminghamCity of FraminghamNot specifiedFor emergency fund, the city is using CDBG and CARES act funds.$5,000Up to two months of documented expensesNot specifiedNot 508-532-5457 has existing rental assistance program and developed an additional program that is less restrictive for COVID relief
GeorgetownGeorgetown Affordable Housing Trust$22,000Trust$3,000Not specifiedHousholds up to 80% AMIThrough end of JunePaul Nelson, GAHT, paul_nelson@verizon.net
GloucesterAction Inc.Not specifiedCPANot specifiedNot specifiedHousholds up to 80% AMINot specifiedAction Inc., 978-282-1000
GraftonMCO Housing ServicesNot specifiedCPA$6,000Up to $2,000 a month for 3 monthsHousehold up to 80% AMI
Great BarringtonConstruct BerkshireNot specifiedTrustNot specifiedNot specifiedHouseholds up to 100% AMINot specifiedCourtney Kimball, ckimball@constructberkshire.org
GrotonMetroWest Collaborative Development$200,000CPANot specifiedUp to 4 months of assistance, maxmium monthly payment: $800/1BR, $1,000/2BR, $1200/3BRHouseholds up to 80% AMIApplications due December 18Merkeisha Dickson,
HaverhillHaverhill Department of Community Development$400,000CDBG-CV, HOME, One Haverhill Fund through United Way$2,100Not specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specified
HollistonHolliston Youth and Family Services$25,000CARES Act$2,000Not specifiedNot based on income, based on needNot specifiedJaclyn Winer, 508-429-0620
HopkintonTown of Hopkinton$90,000CPANot specifiedUp to 70% of rent or deed restricted mortgageHouseholds up to 80% AMIApplications due September 1, 2021Elaine Lazarus, 508-497-9701 or elainel@hopkintonma.govCovid-19 Emergency Housing Relief Program - Instructions & Fillable Application Form.pdf (
HudsonTown of HudsonNot specifiedTrust$1,500Up to $500/month for 3 monthsHousholds up to 80% AMIEnds in MayJack Hunter, DIrector of Planning and Community Development, jhunter@townofhudson.org
IpswichAction Inc.$100,000TrustNot specifiedNot specifiedHouseholds up to 100% AMIJune 2021Christina Aubin, chistinaa@ipswitchma.gov will pay up to 40% of their income toward their rent or mortgage payments and the program will pay the balance (up to 60%). If participants do not have income, Action will work with them to help them gain income. Each landlord will be required to sign a contract in which they agree to accept the funds and not evict the tenant for the duration of the program.
LenoxConstruct BerkshireNot specifiedTrustNot specifiedNot specifiedHouseholds up to 100% AMINot specified
Courtney Kimball,
LexingtonTown of Lexington$275,000Existing Lexington Emergency Assistance Fund (LEAF) recieved additional donations in response to COVID-19 crisisVaries by needNot specifiedVaries by needOngoing programAmanda Loomis, Planning Director, aloomis@lexingtonma.gov
LittletonLittleton Elder and Human Services Department$50,000Trust/CPA$3,450Maximum benefit is based on rental unit size, so the maximum total is $3,450 for a household with a 3-bedroom rental unitHouseholds up to 80% AMIUntil $50,000 runs outMauren Toohill, Town Planner, mtoohill@littletonma.org
MaldenMalden Redevelopment Authority$750,000CDBG-CV, CPA$3,600Maximum benefit is based on rental unit size and for one month's rent, so the maximum total is $3,600 for a household with a 5-bedroom rental unitHouseholds up to 50% AMILottery closed.Alex Pratt, Community Development Director, apratt@maldenredevelopment.com
ManchesterAction Inc.Not specifiedTrust/CPANot specifiedNot specifiedHouseholds up to 100%AMINot specifiedAction Inc., 978-282-1000
MarshfieldUnited WayNot specifiedDonations Not specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specified Community Fund will be flexible to respond as the needs of the Marshfield community evolve. Immediate needs have been defined as support for rent and other housing needs, food, utilities, internet connectivity for families with school-aged children, childcare and access to out-of-school time programs, medications and other basic needs. Priority will be given to those who are most economically vulnerable to this crisis.
Martha's VineyardDukes County Regional Housing Authroity$150,000Permanent Endownment of Martha's Vineyard donations, additional CPA funds for rental assistance, and other local fundsNot specified1 month's rent based off of 100% AMI rent calculationHouseholds up to 80% AMIOngoing program, can allocate additional funds if neededDavid Vigneault, DCRHA, david@housingauthoritymv.org program expanded in response to COVID-19
MaynardRegional Housing Services Office (RHSO)$70,000Trust/CPA$3,2001 BR $1,400 ($350/month for 4 months)
2 BR $2,000 ($500/month for 4 months)
3 BR $2,600 ($650/month for 4 months)
4 BR $3,200 ($800/month for 4 months)
Households up to 100% AMIStarts August 1, 2020Rick Lefferts, Maynard AHT Chair, and Liz Valenta at RHSO liz@rhsohousing.org are seeking additional funding to expand the program but it is not approved. (July 31, 2020)
MedfordABCD and Housing Families, Inc.$125,000, another $125,000 will be released after a pending report about the demand of the program, considering CARES Act and CDBG fundingCPANot specifiedNot specifiedHouseholds up to 80% AMINot specifiedABCD, housing@bostonabcd.org
MiltonMetro Housing Boston$100,000HOME$4,000Not specifiedHouseholds up to 60% AMIEnds in August 2020Not specified
MonsonWay Finders$127,500CPANot specifiedNot specifiedHouseholds up to 60% AMIAt least a yearDaniel Laroche, Town Planner, dlaroche@monson-ma.gov
NantucketNantucket Food, Fuel, and Rental Assistance$500,000Interfaith Council fundraising, CPA Town, Community Foundation for Nantucket, and ACK Saves.Up to $5,000 of assistance, $6,000 for elderly and long-term ill/injuredNot specifiedHouseholds up to 80% AMIOngoing program, but added Town/CPA $ is for a year.Janis Carreiro, nffra@assostnantucket.org is an existing program.
NatickNatick Service Council$45,000Trust, HOME-TBRANot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedTed Fields, Senior Planner, tfields@natickma.org
NeedhamMetroWest Collaborative Development$170,000CPA ($120,000), Foundation for MetroWest ($50,000)$4,500$1,500/month for up to 3 months, possible extensionHouseholds up to 80% AMIApplications due June 30, 2021
NewburyportThe Pettenghill House$100,000Trust$4,500$1,500/month for up to 3 months of assistanceHouseholds up to 80% AMIUntil funding runs outKatelyn Sullivan, Planner, kesullivan@cityofnewburyport.com is considering an out of round CPA request for additional funds. (7/31/20)
NewtonMetroWest Collaborative Development$2.5 million: $500,000 is CDBG-CV and $2 million from CPACDBG-CV, CPA$15,000Up to $2,500 per month for 6 monthsHouseholds up to 80% AMI, priority to households up to 65% AMIJune 2020 lotteryAmanda Berman, Director of Housing and Community Development, aberman@newtonma.gov their September 15 meeting, the CPC met with Newton's Housing staff for a presentation on the status of the Rental Housing Assistance program. The CPC unanimously voted to approve the staff recommendation to amend the program to provide up to six months of assistance to low income households which have been negatively impacted by Covid-19. Previously, the funding was only available for a 3 month period.
NorfolkNorfolk Municipal Affordable Housing Trust$50,000CPA$1,500Up to 3 months of assistanceHousehold up to 80% AMITBDSusan Jacobson,
North AndoverThe Greater Lawrence Community Action Council$100,000Trust$3,00050% of tenant's rent/month , max of $1,000 per month for up to 3 months of assistanceHouseholds up to 100% AMIUntil September 2020Laurie Burzlaff, lburzlaff@northandoverma.gov
NorthamptonCommunity Action Pioneer Valley$94,956CDBG$2,200Up to 3 months of assistanceHousholds up to 80% AMINot specified413-475-1570 rental and utilities arrears
NorwoodSouth Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC)Not specifiedCARES Act funds$4,000Up to $4,000 is available per household over a 12-month periodHousehold up to 80% AMINot specifiedNot specified
PittsfieldBerkshire Regional Housing Authority$100,000 CPA, $119,000 CDBGCPANot specifiedUp to 3 months of assistanceCPA funds will be for Households up to 80% AMI, up to 50% AMI for CDBGUntil September or October 2020Justine Dodds, Community Development Program Manager, jdodds@cityofpitsfield.orgNot specified
RandolphUnited WayNot specifiedDonationsNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNeighborWorks Housing Solutions Resilient Randolph Fund will cover the costs of essential needs including, but not limited to, rent, mortgage, food, utilities, medications, and other basic necessities. At this time, this fund is not intended to support nonprofit capacity. It will rather focus on the basic needs of families. Priority will be given to those who are most economically vulnerable to this crisis. All donations will be collected by United Way and distributed by South Shore Stars and NeighborWorks Housing Solutions, established Randolph nonprofit organizations with a track record of administering assistance funds.
RevereMetro Housing Boston$1,000,000CARES ActNot specifiedNot specifiedHouseholds up to 80% AMINot specifiedNot specified
RockportAction Inc.Not specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedHouseholds up to 80% AMINot specifiedAction Inc., 978-282-1000
SalemNorth Shore Community Action Program Inc. (NSCAP)Not specifiedHOME, City funds, CPA, and CDBG-CV$1,000$500/month for up to 2 months. Rent reducation request part of program, see notes*Up to 50% AMI
Until funds are depleted over next 2 years
Amanda Chiancola, Senior Planner, achiancola@salem.com key requirement of the program is that the applicant has to have requested a reduction in rent from their landlord. They do not have to receive the reduction but they need to ask for it. Some of Salem's community banks, are offering homeowners the option to defer at least three months of mortgage payments during this crisis, if their lender is participating and they can demonstrate a financial impact from COVID-19. Deferred payment amounts are added to the conclusion of the mortgage and spread out over the same timeframe. No late fees will be charged and deferrals are not reported to credited agencies.
SomervilleSomerville Homeless CoalitionNot specifiedAffordable Housing Trust$3,000Not specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedBrielle Short, bshort@shcinc.org only
SomervilleSomerville Homeless Coalition$95,000City funds$4,000Not specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedBrielle Short, bshort@shcinc.orgFlex FundVery Flexible
SomervilleSomerville Homeless Coalition$150,000ESG-CVNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedOcotber 2020Brielle Short, bshort@shcinc.orgArrears, prospective rent or move in
SomervilleSomerville Homeless Coalition$390,000CDBG-CVNot specifiedUp to 6 months of prospectie rentNot specifiedOctober 2020Brielle Short, bshort@shcinc.orgArrears included
SomervilleCommunity Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS)$375,000ESG-CVNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedOctober 2020Ashley Tienken,
SomervilleCommunity Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS)$305,000CDBGNot specifiedUp to 6 months of prospectie rentNot specifiedNot specifiedAshley Tienken,
SomervilleCommunity Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS)Not specifiedTrust and CPA$3,000Not specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedAshley Tienken, atienken@caasomerville.org only
SomervilleCommunity Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS)Not specifiedTrust$3,000Not specified Not specifiedNot specifiedAshley Tienken, atienken@caasomerville.orgArrears only
SomervilleJust-A-Start$42,500Trust and CDBGNot specified6 monthsNot specifiedNot specifiedElizabeth Winston, 617-494-0444
StoughtonStoughton Housing Authority$510,000CPA$9,000$1,500/month, up to 70% of rentHouseholds up to 100% AMIThrough June 30, 2022Colleen Doherty, SHA Exec.Director includes arrearage back to 4/1/20.
StowMCO Housing$300,000CPA/Trust$3,885$1,295/month for up to 3 months of assistanceHouseholds up to 80% AMIJune 2020Mike Kopczynski, Stow AHT, mgkstow@gmail.com
SudburyRegional Housing Services Office (RHSO)$20,000Trust$2,400$300-$800/month depending on unit size for up to 4 monthsHouseholds up to 100% AMINot specifiedElizabeth Rust, RHSO, liz@rhsohousing.org
SpringfieldWay Finders$1,404,414 of HOME, $389,005 of CDBGHOME, CDBGNot specifiedNot specifiedHouseholds up to 80% AMINot specifiedJanette Vigo, Chief Program Officer, Way Finders,
WalthamCity of WalthamCity previously allocated $2,700,000 of city funds, $1 million allocated by CPACPA/city funds$5,400Up to 3 months of assistance based on bedroom sizeVarious AMINot specifiedDeb Flanagan. Asst. Housing Supervisor,
WatertownMetroWest Collaborative Development$150,000 donations, $175,000 CDBGDonations - MA COVID Relief Fund, CDBG$1,000 for donations, CDBG differs by # of bedrooms3 monthsHouseholds up to 80% AMIDeadline is 9/24 and then rolling until all funds are disbursed.Robyn Rufo,,
WellfleetHomelessness Prevention Center$205,000CPA$6,000$6,000 over a yearHouseholds up to 100% AMIThrough 2021Maggi Flanagan, Program Director, Maggi@HPCCapeCod.org
WestboroughMetroWest Collaborative Development$150,000Trust, Westborough COVID-19 Community Fund, private donors$2000-3,600$500-900/month based on household size, up to 4 months of assistanceHouseholds up to 80% AMIApplications due April 20, 2021 by 5pm. Lottery online April 22, if necessary.
WestfordNot specified$36,000CPA/TrustNot specifiedNot specifiedHouseholds up to 50% AMI3 yearsRob Downing, Municipal Trust Chair, rob@robdowning.comNot specifiedTrust started planning before COVID-19
WeymouthNeighborWorks Housing Solutions239,773CDBG-CV $4,000Up to 3 monthsHouseholds up to 80% AMI12 months from start of contract or until funds expireChristine Howe, Grants and Procurement, Development
WilliamstownBerkshie Housing Development Corp.$20,700 Trust, $75,000 CPATrust/CPA$500 - or $1,000 in extreme situationsNot specifiedHouseholds up to 100% AMINot specifiedTom Sheldon, tom.e.sheldon@gmail.com
YarmouthHousing Assistance Cape Cod (HAC) and Hands Of Hope$108,000Trust, CPA$5,000Not specifiedHouseholds up to 100% AMIVarious programs expiring between May and June 2021Mary Waygan, Affordable Housing/CDBG Program Administrator, Funds; Hands of Hope Funds: 508-432-1312,, Please call or email to initiate application process.
South Berkshire Consortium, see notes*Construct Berkshire$220,000Foundation funding$1,000Not specifiedHouseholds up to 80% AMIRollingJune Wolfe, Housing Director, jwolfe@constructberkshire.org included: Sheffield, Mt Washington, New Marlborough, Sandisfield, Monterey, Tyringham, Lee, Stockbridge, West Stockbridge, Alford, Richmond, Becket, Otis, EgremontAdditional program being developed to create a micro-loan progarm for households 80-120% of AMI. Loan would be for $1,000-$2,5000 at a 2% interets rate, 3 month deferred payment and options for extensions.
Cape & the Islands, see notes*Housing Assistance Cape Cod (HAC) $914,000Donations, various town allocations$5,000Not specified, several months.Households up to 100% AMINo end date.Cassi Danzl, HAC, cdanzl@haconcapecod.org Assistance has established the Workforce Housing Relief Fund to provide urgent and ongoing assistance with past due rent or mortgage payments or other housing-related expenses for current, year-round Cape Cod and Island residents who are losing income due to the coronavirus.* Please note that the Cape communities using HAC are in in separate rows to show what each community contributed. Therefore the funds noted in those rows are all included in Cape and Islands row's total