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Active or FinishedGame TitleDiscord NameThread NameBrief DescriptionLink or DocCurrent State of the ProjectDate of Newest Update
#1 Berry JammonchopVagrantDevComfy rules-lite fantasy game made for one-shots and short campaigns, following small races and played with UNO cards.Version 4It's completed as it is, but i'm currently working on a visual update for it.4/11/18
Ad FinemZXXZ?/-Magitech-punk RPG with focus on conflicts between ideals and reality, struggling in an unforgiving world, juxposition of reason and intuition, and lots of references to Hindu cosmology. Inspired by BlazBlue, Final Fantasy, and a bunch of other Weeb shitTBABasic rules mostly complete. Plenty of room for expansion, really needs to be prettied up unfortunately
Aegeos: Burning ShardsAegeosAegeosSkirmish miniatures game set in a Mediterranean-lite fantasy settingTBABack to the drawing board, currently re-working rules
Akroydiesel AgeUlyssesUlyssesd100 Dieselpunk game, mechanically related to WFRP2e\DH2e, svelte but deep social combat., working on splats supported via Patreon.May 2018
AspirebootitanCard game with a mana economy and focus on positioning effects in project cards that will be central to deck construction and the gameplay. Project cards are cards are played right at the start, defining how your deck was contructed, like what classes could have been put into them. They also provide effect to you throughout the game if you invest your mana into them. 10/22/18
Brutal EdgeMagicJugglerWarstackAnonAlternating Activation wargame system where players can pre-empt attacks, with interrupts resolving in a "stack" akin to Magic or other card games. A regenerating pool of Strategy Points lets players manipulate turn order, via chain activations, interrupting interrupts, or other tricks. in Early Alpha. Testing via Tabletop Simulator and with old 40k minis.
Cornered Wolfgame writing anonChechen war game, skirmish scale, simple and chaotic, aimed at city fighting in Grozny
Dice SoulsLiterally Gilda (Ellie)AnonymousA ttrpg adaptation of Dark Souls, influenced by OSR approaches. playtests under the belt, Campaign in preparation
Heroes, Valor, and MeadHaxtes_ZHVMSimple Universal System that can be run fast with quick sessions, oh god oh god why is everything burning, oh god too much fire help.
HomunculiVitoA gothic-horror fantasy RPG that uses resource management and a deck of playing cards instead of dice.TBAWe have completed three playtests already. A new rewrite is underway.
Journeymen 2e JourneymenDevN/AAn Urban-Gothic RPG where you are an agent attempting to keep the existence of Taboo (i.e. Magic) from the public while trying to stop Awakened Magic-Users and eldritch horrors from causing havok. finished work on the 2nd edition of the game, looking for feedback and coming up with ideas for new content for the next edition.10/22/18
Lacquered Coffinsgame writing anonWW2 Air combat game
LongviewPullman?The first good RPG.TBARules mostly done, writing the first complete edition of the handbooknever ever
Magical Girl Noir WorldRattyRatmanMGNQ turned tabletop. You got the teenage girl, she got the issues, gotta fight the demons to stay alive and sane, gotta work for the aliens from outer space who now aside of still being gigantic dickbutts also run meguca cartels. Maybe save the world, if you don't fuck it all up, which you probably will, because being a meguca is still suffering. At least YOU've got whiskey and cigs, though. playtest ongoing, rules still very spotty.
Missile Threatgame writing anonModern Air Combat game covering 1960 - 2000
Ordinary World RPGKing of SugoiJon FoxFantasy Sandbox RPG - High level customization - Post release support in progress10/22/2018
Project JadeTribliTribli---Fantasy RPG that aims for a shonen feel, Various races which go for an unusual feeling while maintaining some more generic tropes to feel at home. D100 system with crafting and rock paper scissors like d20 stat defense/offense.Fall 2019Has been played a few times, but requires a more extensive playthrough which is aimed in Fall 2019 before it goes finalized and made into a PDF document.
SaorsaKatsuni / CatreeceN/AEscape from a dystopian purgatory run by corrupt angels by way of self-discovery and becoming a god. Tactical combat, heavy emphasis upon player choice and extreme customization. major alpha release up; possible for the designer to GM a game, other GMs are lacking tools at the moment. No longer considered to be early alpha, but not beta yet.28th October, 2018
Shipyardgame writing anonWW2 ship design and combat game
The Black Agelinksbane-grimdark fantasy horror inspired by grimdark fantasy vidyaversion 0.08.181027we'll get there when we get there
Trail of the Vagrant StarmonchopVagrantDevFantasy planet is introduced to a mysterious information cache and receives high level tech. Sci-fantasy shenanigans ensue.v0.081 (Alpha)Undergoing initial playtests.31/11/18
None/AtmosfearSaturn is hell, you are an astronaut, the people you are with are astronauts, there are demons that would prefer you not surviving, do it anyway.MEGA folder .pdfsGetting back on the saddle, working on the 0.3.x versions, playtesting
[Dragon Forest]Vito四 (Fantasy RPG with my setting and mechanicsSuccessive iterations have transformed Dragon Forest into Homunculi.
10v10FoxxyAnonymousGeneric system. Compare d10 dice pools to opponent's dice pools. Allowing for degrees of success and failure. You can't do anything without your opponent getting a chance to do something back.TBASuper early alpha. Past the proof of concept stage, now trying to get it into a playable stage to begin further testing. Was completely retooled after massive issues were identified.29/01/2018
All Around the FiresideUnityexploration based game of friendship
AP1 (Name Pending)Omni PresentGrueling fantasy-medieval combat based rpgTBAPre-playtesting
ArcanikHawk JohensonI RPG system based on using insane shenanigans to win. development, mostly just filling it out. Playtesting is ongoing.
Assassin WorldA PbTA game based off Suda 51's No More Heroes series, conceptually. Players play as bored people living in a crapsack world, who have joined a League of Assassins (name changes from game-to-game b/c obvious legal reasons) Google Drive FolderCurrently on the backburner. Since its inception, it's been very much a project I've been working with my personal gaming group on - at this point, I've officially decided that it's a co-product of one of my best buds & amateur game designer friend and I. We've had at least 2 different playtests amongst the same group, while the playbooks & moves were still being changed up, and they've been pretty successful. Some of the official rules are currently up in the air, and have to be written down.29/03/2018
Blood and IronalgolA fantasy kitsch RPG with mechanical support for combat and non-combat stories playtesting and development
Boob PlateUrsusA magical realm dungeon-crawler.Indefinate hiatus
Budding HeroesCloak GamingSuper streamlined rules-medium setting-generic game that uses map-based tactical combat rules, released for free, creating newbie-friendly guides
CutthroatBLloydAnonymousTabletop Skirmish game based around 17th century smugglers, uses a D6 system and tokensAlpha complete, aiming to playtest soon
D20 Modern StalkerHellfireE6 S.T.A.L.K.E.R D20 Modern supplementPlayer's PDA v. 0.8.4Playtesting, statting out Anomalies, NPC's and Monsters
Disturbed RealityDisturbedguyTakes place inside of an endless Insane Asylum. Class basedTBAIdea Stage
DragonBall Z: The RPGBASED RegaliaA d10 pool based RPG that attempts to emulate DragonBall Z. PDFEquipment/Items, Villain Creation, re-balancing. Just released Version 0.52
dual twelveMr. Motion*-------universal D12 system and playtesting
Ether Splitionsighnone/ion/ionsigh71st Century posthuman galalctic society is plagued by the fighting between space demons and higher dimensional "angels". The posthumans fight back with magic and ascending to godhood. Gutting and redesigning system and possibly setting/lore. New doc coming "soon".
Final Fantasy: InfiniteSasaisen---Alpha pdf soon
Gods of ManaTribeGuySkirmish Wargame influensed by Populous 3TBADocument editing
Hard:SuitHard:Suit guySmall mecha-squad based game in a politically tense Strange Real worldTBALore building, artwork, system playtesting (meeting challenges as they are found)
Heroics 101HeadmasterAdventurer-school RPG with very flexible character creation in a kitchen-sink fantasy worldTBAEarly playtesting
Hope RemainsAnonymousMagical Girls RPG with Fate CoreWorking towards initial release
Imagination EngineNo one in particularDice based generator designed to help DM's bring detail to their world, whether obscene or minute.Official source; release date TBD
Kem: An Alchemy Card GameMystic Harbor BoiiiResource management and trading card game based on the principles of Alchemy in a fictional "middle ages" Middle Eastern themed world
Last Children of the GodsXarDropbox LinkAlpha stage, but long - setting and math takes the space mostly
Lost ContinentCaptainOerskyCaptainOerskyRegency Era Industrial Fantasy using 3d6 for resolution with a focus on stories of exploration, adventure, and social intrigue. PlaytestersMarch 2018
MonomythWintermuteAnonymousCiv/Builder/4x ruleset suitable for any setting. Turns are being processed as ticks (no need to wait for someone to post). Made for Discord or similar text-only online platform. in beta testing phase
Monster Hunter TTRPGLiterally GollumBringing Monster Hunter into a TTRPG format.Players Handbook DocSlowly going through the list of things that need doing. Done: Rolling system, Combat, Character creation, Character stats, Weapon Stats/Specials, Status effects, Opposed Checks04/24/2017
Mystic HarborMystic Harbor BoiiiRules-lite dice pool RPG in which players play a gang of kids in the 1980s pitted against supernatural forces in small town USA - Think Goonies, Monster Squad, Stephen King's IT, maybe with a little Lovecraft thrown in development, spending tons of time on aesthetic5/4/2017
NTT:RPG/Naruto RPGTribliTribli---Uses Traditional NIC stats, has a profession system and favors rounded and skilled team play over minmax late game due to quick progressional growth and caps.Coming soonish to the public.V. 2.5 in creation currently. Occupations, backrounds, gender subclasses, jutsu evolutionary scaling, and Teacher-Student rules.
Pocket FrontiersDark fantasy roleplaying game of doom and redemptionNewly open beta
Pokémon TalesPokémon TalesNarrativist rules-light Pokémon gameGoogle DocsPlaytesting
Prisoners of FateJRPG: the Table-top Game: the MOVIEA narrative-based dungeon-crawl that mimics the JRPG formula. There will be tables and you will like them.TBAStill throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.
Project H (placeholder)heroskirmishGuyHero units on skirmish, terrain value map making before match.V2.6 REDONEbalancing on units, number crunching and mechanics revised, soon a pdf with basics to test will be made
Pyramid TCGPrester John)Cena Trading card gameRuleset Alpha: list coming soon (tm)
Realms of Triumph Journey Begins Games An RPG designed to be simple enough that you could essentially pull any idiot off the street and teach them to play with minimal effort.About to write a completely new rulebook for second edition.First edition finished, wasn't great. Starting on second edition soon.
RenaissanceRenaissance FagA D6-based game where task resolutions is done Yahtzee styleTBADrafting
Semiautomagic (working title)Sierra Hotel ECHOECHOECHOwoodchipperSystem built around character specialization in various fields, elemental magic and minor reality warping. Goal: Create a fun system to fuck around with while still creating viable strategies.Coming """soon :)™"""Working on the reality warping system, char creation and advancement and rough dice rolling mechanics.23.4.2018
Six StoriesScatterbrainA generic system, intended final launch has 6 settings (as implied by the name), settingbuilding, proofreading.
Small TownsBrian RichmondNew version of "Small Towns" with more monster generation rules and lighter crunchtbaIn development, system is in fifth draft and undergoing presentation layout for greater viewing.
The Last Book PRGMystic Harbor BoiiiA sorta game-ish, sorta sim-ish point builder system for low-ish fantasy systems (no fluff), playtesting, mostly complete, versioning up
The World 21 (working title)ComeauA PbTA-esque story game based off the Tarot. Player characters are based off the Major Arcana, all set on reaching the end of their own personal journey while avoiding misfortune and grave turns along the path. Draws heavily from In a Wicked Age & the Apocalypse World engine in its current state.TBAConceptualizing
Unite (place holder)NenPost Magical Apocolypse setting. Wound Levels, town management, group magicTBAIdea and Development Stage
unnamed Ace Combat brewFishanonsimplified translation of Ace Combat vidya to tabletopCurrent Doccore rules writing, weapon and aircraft stat blocking
WastelandersIhnaaimcA worker placement game set after the apocolypse where players develop their settlements and rebuild society.Very first prototype in the works. Playtesting is a thing that will happen soon enough.
Westfrontgame writing anonWW1 tabletop game
With a Turned ThumbWandererWargamesNone28mm gladiator wargame with dicepools and interesting close combat mechanics. Playtesting - in rebuild after initial tester feedback
HeadVsBrickWallAlternate History Steampunk wargame TBAStill perfecting the rules
S&S guy
UrsusLate stages of playtesting and rules editing
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