Super Mario Sunshine IL Spreadsheet
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Super Mario Sunshine Individual Level (IL) Spreadsheet
What is this sheet?
This sheet is a place to post and compete with IL times. This sheet requires the use of the Shine Get timer practice code. This timer skips loading times, so it can be used consistently across different consoles, discs, isos, and emulators.
Set up practice codes with the guide here:
Placement of runners on the IL Times sheet is determined using a point system, as follows: You get 1 point for last place in an IL, 2 points for second to last, etc. So, the more people you beat in an IL, the more points you get. The runners with more points will appear higher on the sheet.
- All times posted here must be timed using version 1.5 or higher of the "Shine Get Timer" practice code.
- Allowed codes: Fast text (except for Pianta 5), FMV Skips (except for Pinna 1), Free Pause (note: you are NOT allowed to gain an advantage through the use of this code, like pausing in the air in Pianta 1 to make the Shine appear)
- No other codes that speed up gameplay are allowed.
- The best time for each level on this sheet MUST have a video. WR times will not be bolded unless they have a video link.
- For Pinna Park, time starts inside the park for the episodes that take place there. This can be achieved by resetting the level once you're inside the park (Exit Area while holding Z).
- For Delfino Plaza, you must start from the default position (near Bianco Hills).
How to use this sheet
1. Request access by messaging 1UpsForLife#0189, Noki Doki#2899, Trey#4813, or Dutchj#3206 on Discord. Include an email address that you use for Google Drive.
2. Go to the tab "IL Times" on the bottom; you should have a row with your name on it there that you can fill your times into.
3. If you want to add a video to your time, upload it to YouTube or clip / highlight it on Twitch, right click the cell that your time is in, and select "Insert link".