How to Use
The most important thing to know about this spreadsheet is that accuracy with typing things the same way matters a lot. Otherwise, it won't acknowledge the entry into the formulas.
All you really need to do in order to observe your match data is correctly put the new data into the "Raw Data" tab (I highly recommend removing my information).
If there's a deck you would like to add, it's pretty simple. Create a new row (by right clicking on the left column) and insert new row. Copy the data from an existing row. Replace the deck name in the deck column, but you also need to replace it in the formulas for that row (Matches Played, Matches Won, and Matches Lost).
Drop down options can be found in a hidden tab, to add or replace a dropdown option: Click "View" in the navigation, then "Hidden Sheets" and then "Definitions". Change your data field and then re-hide the tab.
You can now filter time periods on the Metagame and Stats tab using the first row. To view all data, just make the number of days larger.
See something you think should be in here? Message me.