Taobao Shopping Services Guide
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Shopping ServicesEnglish CapabilityOrdering SystemForms of PaymentShipping MethodsSS FeesExchange RateTake Pics of Your ItemsStock ReliabilityDomestic Shipping costsWays of ContactMarking Down PackagesCombine Multiple OrdersGeneral Notes
BhinerLimited / AverageWeb cartPaypal (4% fee), Western Union, wire/bank transferEMS (40% off), Air Mail, Fedex, DHL5% (minimum ¥15)---YesEhh...Minimum 3.32 USD (unless item has free shipping)Skype, MSN, emailmarks down packages (% of total), click the dropdown box when paying for shippingYesStill sucks at quoting things unless you bother them on skype or put it in the remarks of the order. Some problems lately; see individual sheet.
Celestial DelinquentFluentEmail or excel spreadsheet formPaypal (5% fee), transfer to POSB bankSAL, EMS, Airmail, Dragonlink, sea shipping15% (minimum ¥10)1 SGD = 4.4 RMBCosts 1 SGD per itemExcellentThe flat rate is dependent on the seller (what is listed) with some exceptions. Click this to see more.emailAutomatically marked down as non-commercial (personal) at ~10 USD. Can request for different values or to not mark it down.Yes
PruanyLimited but goodWeb cartPaypal (3.9% + 0.3 USD fee), Western Union, MoneyGram, credit card through alipaySAL, EMS (55% off), SAL, Air parcel, Fedex, DHL8% (minimum ¥30)6.1 CNY = 1 USDYes (only if you ask using the chat client)Great / Excellent (?)flat rate per store (dunno what value)email, live chatcan declare as gift and/or pick a value on request when paying shipping---Recently notorious for telling customers that their packages weighed more than they actually weighed. More details in their individual page.
TaobaoNowDecentWeb cartPaypal, Western Union, Direct TT, Credit Card processorsEMS (40% off), Airmail (HK, China)10% (minimum ¥50)0.1749 RMB = 1 USDYes if you ask themGreat / Excellent (?)flat 15 RMB per storeinsite messaging, email------
TaobaoRingHighWeb cartPaypal (4.4% + 0.3 USD fee, no fees if friends/family payment [only for certain countries/money limit]), Western Union or bank transfer (7% SS fee if order >2000 USD on second payment), MoneyGram, WebMoneySAL, EMS (40% off), Airmail, DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, Sea, Singapore Airmail8% (minimum ¥30)1 CNY = 0.167 USDYesOkayflat 15 RMB per store until it goes over 1 kginsite messaging, email, Skype, QQ numberautomatically marked down and labeled as giftYesCan be slow if they get busy.
TaobaoSpreeHighemail list or spreadsheet formatPaypal (4% + 0.3 USD fee), TT, Western Union, MoneyGramSAL, EMS (40% off), DHL, Fedex, UPS, ePacket (only for USA, cheaper than EMS, safer than Air), TNT, Air10%, (minimum ¥50)1 CNY = 0.168 USDYes if you ask (automatically done for custom items)Great / Excellent (?)minimum 10 RMB; if you input the domestic shipping yourself, they may allow <10 yuan if actual is, MSN, fb, twitterautomatically marked down and labeled as giftYes
TaobaoTrendsHighWeb cartPaypal (no fees; if you do the friends/family payment method, the SS fee becomes 6%), Western UnionEMS (40% off), DHL, UPS, TNT, Fedex, SAL (not listed on site but you can request it through email)10% (minimum ¥35, if you gift Paypal payment, percentage becomes 6%)1 CNY = 0.171 USDYesGreat (?)flat 15 RMB per store, you can email them about it alsoinsite messaging, emailautomatically marked down and labeled as giftYes
YoybuyNeeds updating.
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