2018 Parking Lot Fundraiser Sign-Up
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About: Parking lot sales require a 2-hour commitment. You'll arrive about 2 hours before the game time. Cal has not listed all the game times yet, unfortunately. We keep watching the website and will post as soon as we know. You will need to park somewhere away from the campus and walk to the chapel. There is typically no parking nearby and the parking lot is only for those we sell to. Or, you can take the bus or BART and walk up to the chapel or bike. There are several things that you will need. The signs, the license, and markers. Logan will have all of these things ready for you. We typically charge $40 for each car. Usually 3 cars can fit in each lane, but there are often large SUVs or other large vehicles which take up 2 spaces. Remember to be sure to tell the people parking that they are responsible to come back to the lot right after the game and move their car. No one will be watching the vehicles or moving cars, so it is on the honor system. If someone is going to leave at half time, for example, they should be the last person in the lane. You are not responsible to stay and watch the cars during the game. As soon as all the spaces are sold, you can leave. Thanks for helping!
DateOctober 13thOctober 27thNovember 17thNovember 24th
Volunteers Needed at:TBATBATBATBA
Volunteers (2 needed for each date):Nani LoefstroemNani LoefstroemNani Loefstroem
Sarah Berg
Sam Tia
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