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Tour locations may be open for Visitors during 1, 2, 3, or all 4 of the time windows.
ADDRESSNeighbor hoodCoop, Run & StructuresPoultry & Other LivestockEco-Yard AspectsWheelchair Access >32 in wideHost Site Language/sHost Statements
YesYesNoNo2719 W. 16th Street, Chicago IL 60608East Douglas Park Chicken Tractor - movable chicken coop with integral run7 hens, 1 rooster. Breeds: Black Copper Maran, Olive Egger, Blue Rock, Ameraucana, Black Australorp, Buff OrpingtonNative Plantings, Veg Garden, Bug Hotels, Composting Wheelchair accessEnglish + SpanishWe tried chickens years ago as an experiment to be more sustainable and to accompany our vegetable garden. We were instantly hooked. We have hosted the Tour before and met many wonderful people. We love sharing our experience of a life of having chickens in the city. Our chickens are more popular in our neighborhood than we are! We hope we can share our experience with other chicken lovers, and help people who don't have chickens decide if it is an option for them.
YesYesNoNo1644 W 37th Place, Chicago IL 60609McKinley ParkCoop based on the look of homes in Antigua, Guatemala. We used new and recycled materials. There is an enclosed run and extended run as well as the coop itself. 8 chickens, mixed breeds.6 raised beds with edible plants and irrigation system. Native plantings to attract pollinators. We compost.. Rain water collection systems in front and back.Wheelchair accessEnglish + SpanishWe keep chickens because we like knowing where our eggs come from. We look forward to hosting because we want to inspire others to start their own flock. We love the Tour because it gives us a chance to meet fellow chicken enthusiasts and those that are just curious.
NoNoYesYes443 E 46th Place, Chicago IL 60653BronzevilleOur coop is a three-sided structure built from old wood studs removed from our house. It leans against the garage and has a small green roof with pollinator attracting plants. The run is a re-purposed old dog run and we use a temporary fence to let the hens roam further afield during the day.Four six-month old hens. a Golden Laced Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, and a Barred Rock. We also have bees.We just had our first summer season in this house and in the past year we replaced the lawn with a large vegetable garden, planted several native trees, installed a bee hive, created a hugulkultur berm, and built our coop.The yard but not the coop is wheelchair accessibleEnglish + SpanishWe want to foster and support a healthy ecosystem in our backyard and neighborhood. We are excited about what we are creating and would like to share it with others and hear feedback from people interested in urban agriculture. We love the idea of the Coop Tour because we think environmental stewardship should be a top priority for people on this planet. The more people show interest in this type of thing, the better off we will all be.
NoNoNoYes615 East 60th Street, Chicago IL 60637West WoodlawnMy coop and run were hand constructed by a very talented neighbor who lives down the street from my home. They are predator proof, with wire netting beneath the ground to prevent access by a digging predator. We added coop elements based on our observations of the hens to make the coop more interesting for them, as well as easier to access and to clean. It is made from the same material as my decks, pressure treated pine. It appears to remain cool inside in the summer. The back of the coop abuts a basement window and is warm in the winter. (Experts hold that chickens neither need nor should have added heat in the winter).6 hensI maintain compost, using the composted chicken waste plus hay and soil as well as composted plants from my vegetable garden. I maintain a raised bed and container garden. I recycle as much as possible and as much as I know how to recycle.They can reach the coop via pbulic transportation or by vehicle. I am located between Chaplain and St. Lawrence streets and across the street from Washington Park in the 600 block of East 60th Street - the only two-flat on the block!English + FrenchI keep backyard chickens because I wanted to do so for some time and was interested in the idea of raising the animals who produce the eggs I consume. I appreciate the idea of food coming from animals that are treated and raised using humane, kind, practices based on time tested principles.
I look forward to the Tour because I feel a sense of stewardship about the animals that produce the foods we eat. Though I am private by nature, I enjoy the idea of helping to expand people's notions about where food comes from. Food raised in a way that is respectful and conscientious is better and cheaper for us in the long run than supporting food production practices that do not consider animal welfare and the welfare of the earth that produces our food.
The Tour is also a way to expand my contact with people with similar interests.
YesYesNoYes2723 W. Ainslie Street, Chicago IL 60625RavenswoodWe reworked an old structure we built for the kids, used salvaged doors. We share the hens with our neighbors so we situated the coop on the property line with a door to both yards. The cedar fence was removed and salvaged for reuse as siding for the coop. The coop also has an enclosed run below with an extension we use for introducing new hens to the flock.13 hens: most are mixed breeds. Molly Rose is oldest, a 10 y/o Silver Laced Wyandotte who has been at every Windy City Coop Tour since 2010! Our hens free range in our yard every day. Unfortunately the grass hasn't caught up with them this year.We have an odd assortment of composting bins and a raised bed which is bare because we haven't hen proofed it yet!No wheelchair accessEnglishWe love keeping hens; they are fun, have personality and animate the yard. Their eggs are distinctly better than even the organic eggs we've bought in the store. We like hosting the Tour because visitors are genuinely excited and eager to hear about raising hens. This is also a great opportunity to share stories with others who already raise hens, but join the Tour to see what else is out there.
YesYesNoNo3041 N. Christiana Avenue, Chicago IL 60618AvondaleCoop/run built by professional carpenter, from wood and a lot of quarter inch hardware cloth! Coop has a litter box/ poop tray for easy cleaning and two nest boxes. Food and water in the run are hung to prevent food spills. Run area under coop for more outside room. The entire structure sits on pavers and sand to eliminate mud. The ladies have plenty of outdoor yard time and love the sand for dust baths (and the cleaning is easy).3 chickens, pullets: 1 Buff Orpington, 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte, 1 Black AustralorpSome native plantings such as coneflowers and milkweed and other bee loving plants.Wheelchair accessEnglishWe care about where our food comes from and how livestock is treated. The chickens are also very social and put on great chicken theater!
Our chickens seem happy with their set up so we thought we would share ideas for a Chicago yard.
This is first time to raise chickens and hear about the Tour.
YesNoYesNo1036 W Dakin Street, Chicago IL 60613Lakeview / WrigleyvilleAll materials used in our run and surrounding structures are recycled. The coop and run are on the side of our house and are completely enclosed top to bottom. Living in Chicago one of the biggest issues I have run into is rats, all day everyday. Since I do not like to kill anything I have researched and tried numerous methods including mint/lavender/onion/garlic plants, reinforced cement, hard wire cloth buried underground, and a high frequency emitter. As of right now, our coop area is almost 100% rat free.5 hens: 3 adults + 2 pullets: Black Australorp, RIR, Easter Egger, Buff Orpington and Silver Laced Wyandotte.Raised vegetable boxes using recycled materials. Compost box & in process of building an inground well for rain run-off.Wheelchair accessEnglishWe started keeping backyard chickens by chance when Nugget and I came across a sacrificial chicken in our neighborhood cemetery. As we are huge animal lovers we decided to keep her. We quickly realized that she was very lonely and decided to get her a friend. From there we ended up with five. Once I started researching I realized that this would be a beneficial experience not only for a few rescued chickens but for my children as well.
I would love to host the Tour in the hopes of inspiring others and sharing methods that may help their existing coop/run, specifically rat abatement.
NoNoYesYes2915 W Fargo Avenue, Chicago IL 60645West Roger's ParkBuilt a coop between my house and the next door neighbor's, with completely enclosed run10, mixed breedsCompost chickens' poop. Veggie and fruit garden fertilized only with my compost. Bees.Not wheelchair accessibleEnglishI raise chickens so that we have fresh eggs, and my grandchildren will have a better idea where eggs (and fruits and veggies) come from
NoYesNoNo1927 W. Farwell Avenue, Chicago IL 60626Rogers ParkThe duck house formerly housed chickens. The homemade 'coop' is inside the garage; the 4x8 wood and hardware cloth 'run' extends out from the garage. The fenced-in duck yard encloses a small 'pool' (formerly a sandbox). Modest changes to accommodate ducks included removal of nest box and perches.6 ducks: 4 Khaki Campbells: 1 male, 3 females; and 2 female Welsh Harlequins. All hatched in April 2019.The backyard includes edible landscaping -- vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, berry and nut bushes -- with some native plantings and incorporates composting and sustainable, permaculture practices. The narrow sidewalk may be problematic for wide wheelchairs.EnglishI keep backyard ducks because I enjoy fresh eggs. Duck eggs are particularly good for baking purposes, and they taste the same as chicken eggs!
I look forward to hosting the Tour for a rather selfish reason: I want to meet other folks either currently keeping ducks or who may be keeping ducks in the future.
I love the Tour (I participated when I was keeping chickens) because the children are so excited to see live "farm" animals and because I am always challenged by some of the questions people ask! It's a lot of fun.
NoYesNoNo2421 N Francisco Avenue, Chicago IL 60647-2609Logan SquareCustom-built coop with enclosed run, large enough for adult human to enter3 hens: 1 Cuckoo Maran and 2 Whiting True BlueIntensive food gardens and native plantings, composting and rainwater collectionWheelchair access; pathway next to house is rough paved 3' wideEnglishWe keep backyard chickens because it is an entertaining sustainable practice that integrates well into our garden, and lifestyle. We look forward to hosting the Tour because we want to share our knowledge and help others who are interested in keeping chickens! We love the Tour because we meet more of our neighbors and the community.
NoNoYesYes1711 W Granville Avenue, Chicago IL 60660EdgewaterCustom-made coop with a recent “remodel” & new bigger run.Six 1.5 y/o hens, my 3rd flock: 2 Plymouth Barred Rock, 2 Buff Orpington, 2 Salmon FaverolleWe practice organic gardening. Our chickens are the BEST composters of kitchen waste. I’ve incorporated native flowers that attract bees & butterflies. We have a beehive and a koi pond.No wheelchair access. Our sidewalk is old & narrow.EnglishThe Coop Tour allows us to share our flock, our experiences & knowledge with other enthusiasts & potential chicken keepers. We’ve hosted in the past, as well as visited other sites. It’s enlightening to see how other neighbors use their “city space” to incorporate their flocks into their lives. So much creativity out there!
YesYesNoNo4242 N. Keeler Avenue, Chicago IL 60641Old Irving ParkWe began with a very small ready-made coop for our first two chickens. We did not use this coop long and quickly built up a 6' x 15' space on the N side of our garage. We build this coop with recycled wood, hardware cloth, and plastic roofing. It is a simple but effective design and has allowed for the growth of our flock. This expanded coop includes the ready-made coop within it which houses the nesting boxes. It opens to the outdoors (via door on a pulley system) to a 20' x 30' outdoor play space. In the play space, we have transferred about a half-dozen plants from our landscaping to create dimension and shade for the chickens. 10 chickens: One each Black Australorp, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Brahma, Plymouth Blue, Barred Rock, and a crazy Leghorn + 2 Araucana + 2 Buff Orpington.
We have integrated new chickens for the past 3 springs and are well-versed about successfully adding young hens to the flock.
We have a fairly large food garden (lettuces, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, etc.) with a squirrel-proof design using the same recycled wood and hardware cloth from the chicken coop. We also have a composting system (with 2-3 barrels going at one time) and, finally, a large bee hive -- all of which are in the chicken play space. We harvested roughly 2-3 gallons of honey last season and, in addition to jarring honey, also made beeswax candles to give to family and friends.Wheelchair access... I have a wide side walk from front to back which should allow access to the coop.English + Italian + Spanish We keep backyard chickens because they are THE BEST. From the moment we got our first two chickens we were hooked by the fresh eggs, their funny antics, and the ability to integrate the chickens into our food system (both with fresh eggs for us and reducing food waste by sharing it with them).

We look forward to hosting the Tour because after 3 years, we feel like we have a lot of great information to share! We are proud of our homemade set-up that has grown each year and hope to share our knowledge with others.

We love the Tour because it helped us so much when we were first starting out. It was awesome to see all of the coops and how everyone interprets chicken keeping differently. We learned so many things from past coop Tours so we are fans of building up the chicken community in Chicago.
YesYesYesYes3717 N Kenneth Avenue, Chicago IL 60641Old Irving ParkMy coop is homemade and has some unique features specific to my Chicago property. 17 chickens: 1 very gentle adult rooster, 12 adult hens of varying ages, 3 pullets and 1 young rooster. Mixed flock: Wyandotte, Easter Egger, Maran, Dominique, Black Orpington, Black Concord, Production Red, Blue Plymouth RockThe chickens love to dust bathe in the fire pit... several compost bins for chicken waste produce huge night crawlers for the chickens...the yard is planted in native prairie and shade plants. The milkweed really took off this year and butterfly population increased. I have not used pesticides nor herbicides for the 34 years I have lived here. Wheelchair access; walkways are slightly narrow, but there are no stairsEnglishThat connection with nature, and really fresh eggs... chickens are a blast to hang out with! On a daily basis neighborhood folks drop by with kids or dogs just to see the birds. Each one has its own distinct personality... a joy to be able to know them!
YesYesNoNo3624 N. Leavitt Street, Chicago IL 60618North CenterAll of our structures are hand made including a chicken coop with enclosed run, goat enclosure, pergola, and three-tier compost bin. Most of our structures are made from cedar, and the enclosed areas utilize a mix of hardware cloth, chicken wire, and deer fencing. Our animals range freely in the yard all day, and return to their enclosures for nesting and sleeping. 7 chickens and 1 duck. Chickens are many different breeds: Plymouth barred and blue rock, Golden Wyandotte, Isa Brown, Orpington, Ameraucana. Our duck is a French Rouen. Age range from 6 months to 6 years and are all laying eggs. Some we raised from their first week of life, and others have magnificent rescue and adoption stories!
We have two Nigerian dwarf goats. They are brothers, have never spent a moment apart in their entire lives. They are 18 months old and very friendly! We also have a beehive in the back corner.
Many! Rain barrels, drip irrigation, bee hive, garden beds that utilize the square-foot gardening method, a large 3-tier compost system. Somewhat accessible to wheelchairs. We have a large gate at the rear corner of the lot that allows wheelchairs to enter, but the grade is not very even once you enter the lot.English + Spanish We keep backyard chickens because they are calm, content, peaceful family members.
We look forward to hosting the Tour because we love to share our experiences as well as learn from others who are doing similar urban agricultural activities.
We love the Tour because we have made some great friends during our visits!
YesYesNoNo2143 N Long Avenue, Chicago IL 60639Belmont CraginWe use 3 coops on our property to raise chickens. We outgrew our original coop, a small one (6'x3') that holds up to 5 grown birds. We use it primarily now as a safe place for sick or picked-on girls and in spring for pullets. Our Main Coop is larger (6' X12') with enclosed nesting, roost area, and a screened-in run. It can hold at least 18 birds. Our Garage is the 3rd space used for chickens. It has a walled off area (9'x12') that includes nest boxes and roosts. We also use part of the space to store needed chicken supplies. Our coops are built using recycled materials. We have 2 chicken runs with a gate between, ~430 sqft. Across the street from our home is Prosser Community Garden, where we maintain a free-range community flock of >20 chickens in a 1/4 acre fenced pasture with a chicken coop trailer.>50 birds in 2 flocks: Araucana, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Black sex link, Cuckoo Marans, Buff Orpington, Australorp, Speckled Sussex, Polish, silkie, sillkie/araucana, Black Australorp, Rhode Island red, Buff brahmas, Blue Andalusians, Partridge Rock, Silver penciled Rocks, Salmon Faverolles, White Rock, & interesting mixed birds from past years' flocks.We have created a small urban farm in our double city lot home. We have vegetable, herb and pollinator gardens, many fruit trees and berry bushes. Compost bins, Vermiculture, Rain barrels, barn cats and 3 Bee Hives.Wheelchair accessEnglishWe keep backyard chickens for many reasons. #1 is fresh eggs; they are the best. Not to mention chickens are amazing composters, roto tillers, entertainers, alarm clocks and soup. We look forward to this year's Tour because it's an opportunity to see how people in Chicagoland are getting closer to nature. Sharing ideas on how to produce food safely, humanely in an urban setting.
NoYesNoNo5749 West Midway Park Chicago IL 60644 West Side AustinOur yard can be seen from Menard Street, as we are on the corner of Midway Park and Menard. Our herd is located near Root Riot Community Garden, at 451 N. WallerHens, no roosters. Wyandotte, Ameraucana, Rhode Island Red, Red Star. Most of our flock is found on the street and adopted. If the weather is good, our goats will be located at 450 N. Waller, 1 block east of our address. We will not open the pasture to visitors, but the animals can been seen and fed outside the fence. We will try to provide feeding opportunities. We will provide milk tasting as well as possibly pie tasting, as our milk is used to produce chevre at the Happy Apple Pie Shop.We are a permaculture based garden and maintain red currant, apricot, cherry, filberts, blackberry, raspberry, comfrey, and strawberries in addition to annual crops. We are experimenting with cover crops on the Waller site.Wheelchair accessEnglish + SpanishWe are dedicated to the restoration of community on the West Side of Chicago. Having chickens and goats serves as an attraction and an education base.
NoNoYesYes1637 N Mobile Avenue, Chicago IL 60639GalewoodChicken Coop (8x4) was bought from a carpenter in WI. Around the coop is a fenced run with bird netting overhead.11 hens: barred rock, rhode island red, buff orpington, leghorn, & wyandotteOur property (1/3 acre) is on top of a hill & hosts 6+ mature red oaks, a white oak, several elms, box elders, hackberries, & maples. Each year we remove invasive species and add natives to our landscape. Last year's successes were Goat's Beard, Elderberries, goldenseal, and a few others. We try to maintain a healthy ecosystem for several bird varieties, possums, the occasional skunk, & insects. A culinary herb garden also grows well in our abundant shade. We have a compost system in the chicken run.The yard but not the coop is wheelchair accessibleEnglishWe keep backyard chickens because we love the eggs & the help with composting.
We look forward to hosting the Tour because we first went on the Tour before we even owned a home, and it's fun to show others what can be done!
We love the Tour because it brings the Chicago agricultural community together in a unique way and presents the opportunity to meet new neighbors both near and far.
YesYesNoNo4433 W. Montana Street, Chicago IL 60639Kelvyn ParkLarge walk-in coop and run.5 Hens: Barred Rock, Black Australorp, Buff Orpington (2), Speckled SussexPermeable paving, composting, native plants. Wheelchair accessEnglishWe love the eggs and are endlessly amused by the hens. We enjoy sharing how easy and rewarding it is to own chickens.
NoYesNoYes6021 N Nassau Avenue, Chicago IL 60631Norwood ParkMy coop is a repurposed kids playset turned into a coop by my neighbor, loved for many years, and then given to me. I updated the interior and exterior with reclaimed materials, and added an enclosed run. The materials for the run are all reclaimed, minus hardware cloth, screws, hinges/locks, roof-support 2x4's and the metal roofing. Wood was collected from multiple job sites, keeping it out of a landfill. I also used wood from a nearby resident who had dismantled their cedar deck.8 adult chickens, 7 hens and 1 rooster (Buckeye). The hens are 2 Splash Silkie, 2 White Silkie, 1 Buff Orpington, 1 Old English Game, and 1 Golden Seabright.
We also have a second temporary coop housing 13 chicks, born Mid-July. These are the offspring of my adult birds. Of these, we will be keeping the pullets and one rooster.
Modest vegetable and herb garden. This year we planted romaine, swiss chard, cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage, onions, sage, thyme, and rosemary. Native flowers in back and front: goldenrod, bee balm, black eyed susan, russian sage, salvia, and more. We compost and use this in the garden each spring.There is no walkway through the grass to the coopEnglishWe like knowing where our food comes from, and teaching our children about raising livestock. I would like to share with others the joys of chicken keeping, and I would also like to show off our hard work!
The Tour gives aspiring and veteran chicken keepers an opportunity to see how you can keep chickens in an urban setting.
NoYesNoYes2529 W. Shakespeare Avenue, Chicago IL 60647Logan SquareTransformed child playhouse into coop4 chickens: Orpington, Easter Egger, Brahma NoneNo wheelchair accessEnglishMy passion for raising chickens started as a young child visiting the country and I have brought that into my urban city lot. I love the energy and personalities of each chicken and seeing my toddler daughter help me raise them.
YesYesNoNo2226 North Spaulding Avenue, Chicago IL 60647Logan SquareWe have a large hand-crafted coop, with hardware cloth enclosed henhouse and attached run7 hens: 2 Rhode Island Red; 3 Barred Rock, 1 ISA brown, 1 AustralorpThree large raised garden beds and a compost binWheelchair accessEnglishWe keep backyard chickens because we enjoy the eggs, but also appreciate participating in the cycle of life. We look forward to hosting the Tour because we love sharing information about how to raise chickens; it’s how we were introduced and we love the Tour because we can pay it forward with encouraging others.
YesYesNoNo2448 N. Springfield Avenue, Chicago IL 60647Logan SquareCoop and run built by local carpenter8 birds: Polish, Silkie, Australorp, Ameraucana, Rhode Island RedWe also have a vegetable garden and herbsNo wheelchair accessEnglish + VietnameseWe wanted to see if we would like a farm lifestyle and this was the first step. Plus, we want fresh organic eggs.