Spring 2016 Schedule
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7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens7th - 12thStudents will read and work through the required book and workbook 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens' by Steven Covey with discussion and projects. Class price includes the book and workbook.Todd/Mendoza$14> 1 hourpen and notebook
All Things Fun and Fascinating Writing4th - 6thStudents will recieve an introduction to IEW writing with structure and style. They will complete outlines and improve writing skills. Class price includes required workbook.Todd $33> 30 minpen and notebook
American Folk MusicK - 3rdStudents will be exposed to American History through a combination of singing cultural folk songs and tradtional singing games.Alley$50writing utensil, crayons, markers or colored pencils
Art with Tangle Patterns2nd - 3rdStudents will relax and create beautiful images using simple steps and repetitive patterns.Lemmons$70pencil and paper
Beyond Pride and Prejudice9th - 12thStudents should come ready to study Jane Austen's other novels: Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion. Students will be expected to read outside of class and keep a notebook with chapter summaries, characters, and themes. Students will have a final project due.Stewart$05 hoursnovels: Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. Spiral-bound notebook, pen/pencil.
CitizenshipK - 1stStudents will learn about our country's heritage, symbols, and history.Conners$70scissors, crayons or colored pencils, gluestick
Cooking With Story BooksK - 3rdStudents will learn basic cooking skills and kitchen rules by creating snacks related to short stories.Schuerhoff$250apron
Creating Comic Strips7th - 12thStudents will create a comic strip from concept, to plot, to design, to drawing, and storytelling.Stevens$153 hourspencils, micron .01 drawing pen, vinyl eraser, ruler, 1 in blue painters tape, 9x12 or equivalent drawing/clipboard
Drive Through American History7th -12thStudents will watch DVD and go over discussion questions.O'Guinn$60pencil or pen
Fancy Nancy2nd - 3rdStudents will complete crafts and learn vocabulary while reading Fancy Nancy books.Lindley$100pencils, crayons, glueSTICK, scissors, wear something fancy each week
Handicrafts4th - 8thResponsible and independent students will complete a variety of crafts while building skills. Activities include sewing by hand, cutting patterns, making basic repairs, and weaving.Standley$250scissors, med. tote bag, ruler
Hotwheels Speedometry4th - 6thSpeedometry is designed to engage 4th-6th grade students in learning STEM content using Hot Wheels cars and tracks. Students will learn concepts such as energy, force, and motion, as well as scientific and engineering practices. The Speedometry Curriculum is designed using the 5E Model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate) to support students as they ask questions and conduct experiments to find the answers. Bond$100Graph paper, pencils, pencil sharpener, erasers, spiral notebook, and metal ruler
Intro to Theatre/Drama2nd - 6thStudents with reading and memorization skills will learn the basics of stage work, choose a play, and prepare for an end of semester presentationChapman/Petrillo/Estrada$5> 1 hourcostume pieces the final weeks
Letter Writing/Penpals3rd - 5thStudents will have practice letter writing skills with penpals. Lopez$80ability to write on own, stamps, envelopes, paper, pen/pencil
Life Science6th - 8thThis is an academic class for students with a basic knowledge of animals and with note taking skills who are interested in completing lab experiments including dissection (handling preserved specimens), completing diagrams, and using microscopes.Standley$2230 min1" binder, pencil, colored pencils
Math For Robots7th - 12thStudents with math skills will learn about math and mechanics needed for robots through fun projects with gears, spools, and computing mass. Lemmons$1030 minknowledge of using formulas, rations, multiplication and division. Scientific calculator, pencil, paper
Miniatures4th - 8thStudents who can work with fine detail, handling tiny objects and who have a lot of patience will make 1:12 scale miniatures such as furniture, accessories, and possibly a character.McGee$2530 mintweezers, fabric scissors, paper, pencil, Aleene's tacky glue, possibly small pieces of fabric, lids, etc
Moon and Planets2nd - 3rdStudents will learn about the moon and different planets. They will have completed a lapbook and planet mobile by the end of the semester.Petrillo/Mizner$90none
Nursery0-12 monthsinfants and toddlersAllen$50diaper bag with necessities
Preschool1 - 3 yrsAge appropriate stories, crafts, music, and gamesTownsend/Toombs$70pack of take and toss cups, diaper bag with necessities
Pre-K4 - 5 yrsStudents will learn about community helpers through reading, singing, and crafts. Students will also be reviewing numbers, days of the week, and months. Students should be potty trained.Early/Williams$70cup w/lid, backpack with folder and change of clothes
Puppets K - 1stStudents will make different puppets, write and perform skits, build small stage, and have an end of semester presentationChapman/Petrillo/Estrada$50possible costumes at end of semester
Sewing Circle7th - 12thStudents will bring their current hand sewing or other fiberwork projects and socialize while working on them.Stewart$00current sewing, knitting,crochet, embroidery etc project required every week
Soccer1st - 3rdStudents will learn basic indoor soccer, dribbling, passing, and shooting.Clower$50shin guards, tennis shoes, size 3 soccer ball
Spanish4th -6thStudents will learn an introduction to conversational Spanish.Clower$1030 minPencil/pen, binder, paper
Under The SeaK - 1stStudents will learn about sea animals through books, crafts, and games.Lawler$80crayons, pencil
Water and Paper9th - 12thStudents will practice Art Composition with watercolor and cut paper.Stevens$153 hours8x10 watercolor paper, brushes, watercolor paints, 1:blue painters tape, 8x8 cutting mat, x-acto blades, multicolor construction paper
WeatherK -1stStudents will learn about many different types of weather using experiments.Wright$80crayons, marker, scissors, pencil,
World Culture Cooking4th - 12thStudents will learn about different cultures through food. They will use basic and intermediate cooking skills while working on recipes from around the world.R. Chapman$251 hourapron and containers to bring home food
Yearbook7th - 12thBuilding off of last semester's photography class, students will create a yearbook. Students will need to provide their own digital camera.Schuler$50digital camera
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