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Rocket Internet, Germanymedia@rocket-internet.com200711Samwer brothersOliver SamwerWe build winning companies. We want to be the home screen of the world. Our Mission: To Become the World's Largest Internet Platform Outside the United States and ChinaRocket Internet today employs more than 30,000 people across our network of companies (110 countries accross 6 continents)We identify and build proven Internet business models and transfer them to new, underserved or untapped markets, where we seek to scale them into market leading online companies. 38% global founders
17,3% free float
13,2% Kinnevik
8,3% United Internet
6,8% Bailie Gifford
6,1% Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company
6,0% Access industries
2,5% Further Cornerstone Investors
1,8% Holtzbrinck Ventures
Rocket Internet is listed on the non-regulated market (Entry Standard)
of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Proven winners : Dafiti, Foodpanda, HelloFresh, home24, Jabong, Jumia, lamoda, Lazada, Linio, Namshi, Westwing, Zalora
Emerging stars : CupoNation, FabFurnish, Helpling, Lendico, Paymill, TravelBird, Traveloka, Wimdu, Zanui, Zencap
Concepts : Bonativo, EatFirst, nestpick, Shopwings, SpaceWays, Spotcap, tripda, ZipJet
eCommerce, marketplace, financial technology and travel1
BetaWorks York, NY200811John Borthwick - Founder & CEO, Andy WeissmanJohn Borthwick - Founder & CEOBETAWORKS IS A COMPANY THAT BUILDS ESSENTIAL PRODUCTSTHE EIR becomes the CEO of the new company once incorporateEach projet is independant but they considered themselves as a network. They have internal ressources to start in-house projet (hackers in residence) 28M$ - Intel Capital and RRE Ventures. Softbank, Founders Collective, DFJ Growth, AOL Ventures,New York Times .100 seeds Investments (OMGPOP) -
Chartbeat, Bitly, SocialFlow, Medium, Branch, Checkthis, TwitterFeed, DIgg
news, consumer web app, data - Over time, we’ve definitely learned that successful companies are built by High teams going after big addressable markets. As a result, we are always looking for good people.The assumption has been that we focus exclusively on software—specifically, Internet software, more specifically, consumer web applications. This makes a lot of sense because it’s where we come from, it’s where we're High, it’s what we gravitate towards, and it’s usually the most effective way to reach millions of people and provoke positive, global change. The web is still our primary area of focus. have a look at :
Science.inc Monica, CA2011116 Founders : Mike Jones - CEO, Tom Dare - CFO, Mike Macadaan - CCO, Ryan Sit - CTO, Peter Pham - CBO, Greg Gilman - CLOMike Jones ( ex Myspace CEO)Solving real problems.Some projects remain in the Studio and never spin off. The project therefore generates revenue for the studio. Other projects are pure investments where Science helps on a specific task / identified added value as a studio. Science says that with incubations the stake is in the double digits, which is high compared to Y Combinator, where the stake is around 7 percent on Medium. While Pham and Jones wouldn’t disclose what the exact percentage of ownership the organization takes in startups, we’ve heard it can be as high as two-thirds. That’s a boatload of equity for an entrepreneur to give away early.35M$ - 40 investing groups. 18 companies (Dollarshaveclub)Food, Travel, Home, Clothing, Beauty, Health, Social -> C2CWe fund, develop and advise companies focused on solving the everyday problems of modern living. Science is a unique platform where talent, resources and financing are brought together in a bid to nurture and develop ideas, arm emerging businesses with the strategy, expertise and capital they need to grow, and to transform existing internet ventures, injecting them with new talent and innovation.3
eFoundershttp://www.e-founders.com Belgium & Paris, France contact@e-founders.comJanuary 20111Thibaud Elzière (Founder Fotolia), Quentin Nickmans, Didier ForestThibaud Elziere (Fotolia)Together with entrepreneurs, we turn unique ideas into successful companies. We act as the perfect co-founder to build High and independent startups.about 15 peoplefull commitment on each project during 18 to 24 months. Afterwards: startups are fully independant and eFounders is a board member.Shares are divided equally among the 3 co-founders: CEO, CTO and eFounderspersonal funds8 companies: Mailjet, Textmaster, Mention, Pressking, Front, Aircall, Illustrio, Solved SaaS and marketplaces for SMBsTogether with entrepreneurs, we turn unique ideas into successful companies. We act as the perfect co-founder to build High and independent startups.4
EXPA Francisco, CAhello@expa.com201311Garret Camp4 /5 partners : Garret Camp (Uber); Roberto Sanabria (stumbleupon) ; Naveen Selvadurai (Foursquare); hooman-radfar (Add-this)We focus on only a few projects at a time, working closely with teams on everything from product design to user experience, branding to partnerships. Sometimes, these ideas originate from within our studio; other times, we work with great entrepreneurs to help them realize their vision. Expa Capital will typically invest between $500K–$1M of seed capital, with the Expa team spending significant time on every project.investors: Garrett Camp
Ram Shriram
David Bonderman
Sir Richard Branson
Meg Whitman
Li Ka-Shing
Solina Chau
Kees Koolen
First Round Capital
Lerer Ventures
Sherpa Ventures
Matt Mullenweg
Scott Belsky
Josh Spear
Tim Ferriss
Uber, Reserve, Operatorconsumer servicesExpa is a startup studio that works with founders to develop and launch new products. After 10 years of designing and building consumer services, the Expa team has identified many techniques that help create successful companies. This experience has been integrated into a platform that will increase a startup's chance of success.5
Human Ventures York, NYhuman@humanventures.co20151Joe MarcheseHeather HartnettHuman Ventures Capital is the investment arm of Human Ventures, which will help fund projects that that are emerging from our lab. Generally, HVC will only be taking deal flow directly from our studio, not investing in companies that have already a startup studio. We turn ideas into reality. We bring together the right talent, leadership and resources to catapult early-stage startup concepts into fast-track growth companies. Human Ventures pulls from a network of seasoned entrepreneurs to collaborate, rapidly prototype and push innovation.
HFV Francisco, CAinfo@hvflabs.com201311Max Levchin (co-founder Paypal / Slide) --HVF searches relentlessly for opportunities that create value by leveraging data. This takes form of seed and early stage investing, rapid prototyping of internally-generated ideas (some of which develop into companies funded by HVF), glow.comdata, Consumer finance, enterprise document security, disease prevention/wellness“Thanks to low-cost sensors of every imaginable type, near-ubiquitous wireless broadband, advances in distributed computing
and storage, data is becoming our most plentiful, and most under-exploited commodity. The insights mined from it will unlock enormous productivity gains, create efficiencies where none existed before, and meaningfully improve lives. The mission of HVF is to be the catalyst of that transformation.”
The Giant Pixel Franciscoyo@thegiantpixel.comApril / 20141Alan BraverMan (Geni + Yammer), Elliot Loh, John CwiklaWe turn original ideas into successful companies, and talented people into experienced founders.3 foundersAntenna Radio, Nama, SoboAudio stuffLike many of the companies and studios that have launched in recent years, the idea at Giant Pixel is to build multiple projects and spin off the successful ones into startups, Braverman said. The company will build three projects at a time and has already selected the first batch that it will be building.7
The Eleven, O'Donovan and Ben Gateley
The Eleven is a startup studio. We're obsessed by building great ideas into brilliant businesses, and we’re on a mission to create the best place in the world to do just that.
A startup studio based in London, on a mission to create the best place in the world to build ideas into companies.Youth, Born Social, Making pretty, Grand Stand. Plan to build 100 companies by 20257
Elepath Fransisco, CA & Brooklyn, NYhello@elepath.com2011Vimeo co-founder Jake Lodwick’s We're filling the world
with great software:
Keezy, Exposure, Thinglist8
North Technologies Fransisco, CA 2011Kevin RoseA small team building productsRose said North will be incubating two or three ideas, and try to have one new project a quarter. consumer internet space9
MIT Ventures, Senegal & Sunnyvale, CAdiallo@mitgroupusa.com20151Ali DialloWe build ventures in the US and in West Africa. Our focus: ad tech, mobile money, trade finance and digital media.We leverage Silicon Valley’s on-demand and sharing economy to create a network of global ventures that are powered by a set of shared ideas, capital, technology, market expertise and boldness. mobile money, digital media, ad tech and trade finance fieldsOur mission is to make transportation of resources, innovations and opportunities easier and more efficient for society. In the past, our team successfully launched companies in the technology, Internet, mobile broadband and publishing sectors. Now they are at it again as a Collective building the next generation of innovative companies in the US and in emerging markets.
Sherpa Francisco, CAinfo@sherpafoundry.com201311Shervin Pishevar of Menlo Ventures and Goldman Sachs tech banker Scott Stanford Both founders are co-ceo---Internal Fund? --starp-up foundry - As stated earlier, the new company will actually have two entities: the
Foundry and a fund. With the former, it will be funded by a number of
major strategic corporations and includes well-known entrepreneurial
partners, but no investors or VC firms.
LightBankhttp://www.lightbank.com, ILMarch 20101Groupon co-founders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell, along with partner Paul LeeNO-NONSENSE
about 30 peopleVC/Seed fund very hands-on100M$ Fund53 companies - investements - contently, freeagent, echo, grouponInternetwe provide so much more than money - we provide a solid business model, technology that works, top talent, and an experienced and connected partner. We’re not a venture fund. We’re not a seed fund. We invest money, but we do it our way
You’ve got the idea, the motivation, and the vision. We’ve got the cash, the resources, and the experience to take what’s in your head and help you build a thriving enterprise.
Zuma Ventures Monica, CAcontactus@zumavc.com20141David Carter, Allen Hurff, Vincent MikolayDavid CarterWe build companies10 people$2.4M round @ an $8M pre with equal equity across all three portfolio companiesZuma Ventures builds companies from ideation to launch independently. We function as a dynamic tech studio with a suite of projects to bring to market.
Differentialhttp://differential.com, Ohiohello@differential.com201311Ry Walker & Tim Metzner Tim Metzner & Ry Walker (Co Managing Directors)We build big ideas.20We go deep with you, from cradle to your A round. Equity is accepted as payment, which aligns,,,, Differential Dev Shop (web & mobile dev services company)B2BOur mission is to rapidly unlock value for good people with meaningful ideas.
Forward Partners, UK201211Nic Brisbourne - Managing PartnerTHE CATALYST FOR ECOMMERCE STARTUPS
A unique combination of funding and help from our hands-on experts.

about 10 people: 20 projects: Unbound, Wool and the Gange-commerce“startup catalyst”, combining investment with practical hands-on expertise and insight.
Founders.as, Denmarksimon@founders.as20131Stefano ZorziWe build companies from scratch,
together with great entrepreneurs.
about 11 PeopleWe are a team of people who have decided to dedicate ourselves to mastering the art and science of building new companies.50/50 (like eFounders) Kirkbi invest, William Demant Invest and Bestsellermaguru, son of a tailor ,gobox, MinbilDinbil, pipetopThe common denominator of the companies we create is that they are technology-enabled, have innovative business models and have a potential for significantly shaping their respective industries.

We don’t have a specific industry focus but we like to concentrate our efforts on a few themes that capture our attention. You can read more about what interest us by following our blog.
Our mission is to create winning and innovative technology-enabled companies that can significantly shape their respective industries. We apply our Creation Process to build new businesses and along the way we partner with individuals who will become co-founders of the companies we start. Our main focus is on the early stage of a company, from the idea inception until a team is gathered around an initial product showing traction in the market.
IdeaLab, CApr@idealab.com199611Bill GrossBill GrossIdealab itself employs about 55 people who provide support to the start-up companies. In addition to capital, Idealab provides a full range of resources to infuse start-ups with the support they need to rapidly introduce innovative products and services. Resources include office space and the accompanying office services, development and technology, product and graphic design, marketing, financial advice, human resources, competitive research, legal, accounting and business development support and services. In addition, Idealab provides advice on strategy, branding and corporate structure.Employees of Idealab are compensated by Idealab, hold Idealab stock options, and receive Idealab benefits. about 100 companies ( about 10 in residence) - . Idealab is increasingly involved in emerging technologies such as renewable energy (eSolar, Energy Innovations), automation (Evolution Robotics), and electric and hybrid vehicle development (Aptera Motors), in addition to its traditional focus on Internet companies.IT, Internet, CleanTech, Robotic, Renewable EnergyWe create and operate pioneering companies.Our companies are based on ideas that challenge the status quo, and change the way people think, live, and work. We commit to treat our employees, companies, partners, and communities with complete fairness, respect, and excellence
ProjectAhttp://www.project-a.com, Germanyinvesting@project-a.com201211Christian Weiss,
Uwe Horstmann
Thies Sander,Christian Weiss
We build companiesTeam of 60+ of the best and most experienced experts in Online Marketing, Business Intelligence, Product Development, Human Resources and International Organization Building.Pro-Active VC : Seed phase : accompany our young ventures on their way to market entry and support them by providing all necessary resources.
Growth phase: closely cooperate with the team to continuously improve the young company’s market share. We draw on our long-standing experience and reliable expertise to address the challenges of growth.
11 projectsinternet-mobile-technologyFounded in 2012 by former managing directors of global internet incubator “Rocket Internet”, Project A Ventures consists of a investment fund aimed at early stage financing of promising ventures as well as an own operative team, filled with experts in the fields of online marketing & customer acquisition, IT & engineering as well as human resources, many of whom were vital in building up companies like CityDeal (now Groupon), Zalando or eDarling. Project A Ventures is based in Berlin, but focuses especially on internationalization of online businesses.

Liquid Labs, Germanyinfo@liquidlabs.de20121Michael Backes, Paul JozefakMichael Backes, Paul JozefakWhere Companies Are BuiltCore team = 6. Whole team =10 + 1 dog - We're a small group of former entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and technology folks building multiple businesses at a time. At Liquid Labs, we value diversity on an individual levelthree companies on the market, already built sixFinTech & logistics. It is a combination of technical products and services in the financial industry. We either build digital products or offer services accessible online.We are a small team building and market testing products for the OTTO Group. We’ve made a deliberate choice to build Liquid Labs as a platform where experimentation is welcome. We take the principles of venture capital combined with approaches from the startup world to further corporate innovation. At the same time, we avoid following trends or reacting to hype and remain driven to create real value with our products from inception. We are not measured by financial return and instead strive to build sustainable businesses.
Fastlane Venture, Russiainfo@fastlaneventures.ru201011Marina TreshchovaMarina TreshchovaFastlane Ventures is an investment company which specializes in creating and developing successful online businesses. 16 peopleLaunch of a new business in as little as 50 days
Practical support to accelerate growth
Ongoing assessment and improvement
IQcard, Homefair, Eventmag, Lokata, Kommerstat, pinme, travelRent, renthome, heverest, domgeo, vita portal, Relevant Media, Teamo, KupiBonusInternet - eCommerce - Intermediariesour vibrant ecosystem attracts internet rock stars by providing their companies with both seed investment and comprehensive operational support to develop, launch and promote remarkable businesses.
Nova Founders Lampur, Malaysiainfo@novafounders.com20121Stefan Bruun, Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen, Raphael Strauch

Mats Faurhold Jorgensen and Raphael Strauch are co-foundersNew : We Build and Invest in Winning Companies
Old : We are a creative, hard-working and dynamic group of entrepreneurs united by our common goal: to support and create great online businesses
about 10 people 30 companies (divided into Portfolio and Companies co-founded by them) including Groupon and Food Panda)
Makeshift, UK20131 Paul Birch (one of the Bebo founders), Nick Marsh (ex-design director at Sidekick), Stef Lewandowski9HireMyFriend, Attending, Wrangler
Venture Starsünche, Germanyjobs@venture-stars.com201111Stefan Pfannmöller, Martin Junker, Florian CalmbachStefan PfannmöllerVENTURE STARS, DER COMPANY BUILDER FÜR INTERNET STARTUPS9
Hanse Ventures, Germany201011Jochen MaaßBuilding Great Companies.10 plusBuilding Great Companies. Hanse Ventures is the start-up incubator in Halburg.We develop our own internet and mobile business concepts and implement these together with suitable founder teams.66% for the Studio, 33% for the co-founders1000 Kreuzfahrten,, Hochzeitsplaza, MT Performance,, ToptranslationHanse Ventures provides the necessary infrastructure that a young company requires for its first steps to success. With us, entrepreneurs can focus on the growth of their start-ups.
We support our start-up teams in all areas with our expertise, financing assistance, our powerful network or office space.
Start-ups benefit from our experience and from the support of the professional Hanse Ventures team. Right from the start, experts are available to assist entrepreneurs and their teams. These include specialists in finance, business development, online marketing, product development, programming, design and public relations.
9+ Fransisco, CAmpcampus@studio9plus.com20071Peter Relan9Plus is for founders who want personalized and deeper mentoring, plus hands-on help with product, sales or marketing.about 16 people
Atomic Lab Francisco (CA)20121We are engineers & entrepreneurs building the next generation of great companies.We are backed by Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, and top-tier VCs. We have raised a fund with enough capital to build over ten companies. So far we've created three companies, all of which have raised impressive follow-on rounds.3 companiesAtomic Labs is a company that builds companies. Founded in 2012, we believe that disruptive innovation is most successfully achieved by pairing innovative ideas with business discipline, and that building those ideas into businesses is not something that can be outsourced. We are engineers and entrepreneurs who build and operate the next generation of great companies
Found Fair Bonello, Christian-Alexander VryBurckhardt BonelloWE BUILD INNOVATIVE, HIGH-GROWTH TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES2 partnersWe follow ventures from idea to exit with intense hands-on support, experience and least 1: LokalleadsFOUND FAIR is a co-founder of online startups.
We follow ventures from idea to exit with intense hands-on support, experience and network.
Found Fair was founded by Burckhardt Bonello in 2010. By the end of 2011 Found Fair had established itself
in the Berlin scene with 4 growing startups and a dynamic co-working environment.
Faber Ventures, Portugalpitch@faber-ventures.com201211Alexandre BarbosaWe build and invest in new Internet companies.18 peopleWe combine vision and execution with capital. We blend a complementary set of internal competencies to bring the most innovative business models to market more efficiently and accelerate their growth into successful companies.14 companies (both built / invested in)"Mobility, SaaS, platforms and industries where network effects and digital distribution can change the game."We act as a startup studio for home-grown ventures designed, built and co-founded by resident teams with top entrepreneurs.
BTWinz Ventures, France20131Bertrand and Didier FredenucciWe are (very) fast to decide & execute,
We love to test & learn,
We are bold doers because we want to make a difference.
2 founders, the Fredenucci brothersWe are definitely passionnate about creating new ventures,

We believe in speed in decision & execution,

We believe in boldness to tackle big issues with simple solutions,

We believe that A player teams can change the world. ​
Rheingau Founders, GermanyCONTACT@RHEINGAU-FOUNDERS.COM201111, Dr. Tobias Johann, Kai HansenProfessional Co-FoundersWe help startups become successful.
By working closely with new companies, providing vital support and resources, we make success possible. We work with you until you're ready to walk on your own, then give you that extra push to get you sprinting..
SeedStars, Switzerlandinvest@seedstars.com2012111Pierre-Alain Masson, Michael Weber, Adrien De Loes, Benjamin BenaimWE LAUNCH IDEAS. WE GROW STARTUPS. WE BUILD COMPANIES.We build and invest in (tech) companies in emerging markets (historically in Europe) thanks to our proprietary deal-flow and network called 6 ventures (own majority) and 2 investments (via
Pollenizer, Australia2008-20091Phil MorlePollenizer builds incubation and acceleration programs that help entrepreneurs and big companies all over the world get started with high growth, tech-powered businesses. We call this 'startup science'.10 peopleToday, Pollenizer’s ‘startup science’ is designing incubator programs in multiple cities, helping large enterprise establish internal innovation practices and helping individual entrepreneurs incubate their dreams into real businesses.
FireId, South-Africainfo@fireid.com2011111We combine great culture and innovative
technology to create amazing products.
FireID is a technology incubator based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. We focus on the development and commercialisation of innovative and disruptive technologies.6 companies
Superlabs Francisco, PincusPincusWe're focused on developing products that matter in people's lives.Ian Cinnamon + 4 others no final strategy defined yet no final strategy defined yet Mark Pincus na GamingNo defined strategy retained but Superlabs will probably be either a studio of focus its efforts on 1 particular project if Mark Pincus thinks it is really the next big thing. In the meantime, they ieterate and look on how thinks work out
Neverbland, NYC, Wroclaw (Poland)hello@neverbland.com20091Sam MathewsSam MathewsWe're a Startup Studio. A company that builds companies. Sharing people, resources and technologies to accelerate our successes. We develop digital products for ourselves and select partners.28We believe in making the world a better place through technology. To do this we need to move fast. That's why we take the lean startup approach— build, measure and learn— to constantly evolve our thinking and our products.3+:, Slate,
Codegentcodegent.com, UKhello@codegent.com2004111David Hart, Mark McDermott, Luke HubbardDavid HartWe're a digital product studio. Our work is used by millions of people worldwide25We’ve created a portfolio of digital businesses which we’ve taken from idea through to commercial product. We created a fund in order to manage these businesses in their early stages. Once a business reaches the point at which it is sustainable we look to find partners to bring into the,,, LearnApps, Kizzu,
RedStar, USAinfo@redstar.com201011Jeet Singh, Mat Beecher, Joseph ChungRedstar Ventures is a creator of new businesses.11 peopleWe identify markets with high potential, long-term growth, and good opportunities for investment, partnerships and acquisitions.

We develop our own ideas for those selected markets into start-up firms, combining company-building and venture investment under one roof.

We are charting our own course, using a market-driven approach to create long-term value in startups.
At least 3
PreHype, NY20101Henrik WerdelinWe are a venture development firm, incubating startups in partnership with the world's finest corporations and VCs.Barkbox Basno Brit&Co Chartbeat Fancyhands Gertrude Issuu Managed by Q Path AlphaBox Pling Percolate Sunrise ThunderClap Tradable / Exits: Birdseye (acquired by Yandex) Go Try It On (acquired by RentTheRunway) Hot Potato (acquired by Facebook) Readmill (acquired by Dropbox) Newsmart (acquired by NewsCorp)
Active Venture Partner, SpainTel +34 93 178 686820091CHRISTOPHER POMMERENING, PHILIPP SCHROEDER, RICARD SÖDERBERGWe are on a journey to transform venture capital.
We don’t believe that money alone is a differentiating factor.
We offer a lot more – we call it ACTIVE Value Building.
Founder.orgFounder.org Fransisco, CAsupport@founder.org201211We invest in student entrepreneurs solving big problems
and help these courageous innovators build great companies.
Colab Angeles, CA11Jon Bradford, Firas Bushnaq, Michael 'Squid' BuchananJon BradfordWe're a Venture Studio. Basically, that means we build ideas and help them grow. How? Well the short answer is we partner with startups to create beautiful web & mobile solutions. Our skills include branding, UX, UI, web development, mobile development & growth hacking.20 peopleWe're committed to giving good ideas and dedicated founders a chance no matter what size the opportunity. We also believe Highly in the potential LA has to be a second Silicon Valley its out mission to be a pillar of the community.We work with developers as freelancers and after working on a few projects with the same individual, we work them into the cap table of the startup in addition to ourselves. That aligns everyone's interest and sets up the business and the developer to grow into a CTO position for the original developer as the company scales.In our short existence of 18 months, the start ups we've been fortunate to be a part of have combined valuations of over,,,, NoonPacific, Crowdfood, Brandbuck, Setster,, and several in stealthDay 1 revenue generating productsLess is more and execution is everything.
Quasa Ventures Aires, Argentinainfo@quasar-ventures.com20131Andy Freire, Santiago Bilinkis, Pablo Simon CasarinoPablo Simon Casarino11 peopleQuasar Ventures is a world-class company builder focused on technology and internet. We provide all the elements a great company needs: team, capital, business model and execution. We launch 2 to 3 companies every year.Restorando, Avenidata
DFR (Design For Revolution), Japan & Shanghai, China20121John Possman, Rick MyersJohn PossmanMedia & Entertainment Venture StudioWe designed DFR as a venture
studio: a “studio” where we
conceive, launch and grow
new startup ventures that will
drive the revolution.
9 companies including Gravity Group, Guru data..
Innovation Works, China
Shangaï, China
press@chuangxin.com200911Dr. Kai-Fu Lee (previously, head of Google China and founder of Microsoft Research Asia) we provide not just venture financing, but also value-added operational services, including in areas such as user experience/design, product, marketing, recruiting, legal, government relations, and finance, thereby helping entrepreneurial companies start up smoothly and grow rapidly in their start-up period.$500 million in assets under management through Innovation Works Development Fund, L.P. ("IWDF"), Innovation Works Development Fund II, L.P. ("IWDF II") and two RMB funds.IT space, including mobile Internet, consumer Internet, e-commerce and cloud computing
TechnoFounders, France201411Pierre et Olivier Le BlainvauxValoriser la recherche par la création de startups
Mint Digital, UK & NYC,, ny@mintdigital.com2008Andy Bell, Cameron PriceWe help companies create and grow digital products and services.about 20 people
BeeHive, UK2013A startup studio building disruptive digital businesses
SproutBox Bloomington, INmike@sproutbox.com200911Brad Wisler, Marc Trotske, Marc Guyeris an elite crew of product developers, creatives and business experts. We invest our talent in startup companies with high growth potential in exchange for equity.10 peopleSproutBox invests in entrepreneurs. We represent a new approach to venture capital that is about more than just writing checks. We invest ourselves in a company’s success. We give selectively chosen startups the team, tools, and resources needed to turn their early stage ideas into a revenue-generating reality.

We're not about talk. We are a team of coders, marketers and business experts that work with entrepreneurs full-time in exchange for equity.
25 ventures
Spook Studio, UKboo@spookstudio.com20041Carlos Saba, Laurence Mac CahillWe help entrepreneurs and forward-thinking companies launch innovative new digital products*. With our tried and tested lean approach, we’ll help you realise your vision in no time.6 peopleWe’re at the forefront of this new era of entrepreneurial practice – the sweet spot where business, design & technology meet.
UBERFORCE, Germanysupport@uberforce.de20141Fabian Wesemann
Nicklas Teicke
Malte Warczinski
Founders of and previous Rocket people Wir sind ein interdisziplinäres, breitgefächertes Team mit einer unvergleichbaren Bandbreite an Erfahrungswerten bezüglich der Anpassung, Implementierung und Verwaltung von Salesforce gestützten Unternehmen.No vertical focus UberForce is 1. A School (read Agency) 2. FortecVentures. Everything is around building on the framework. The school part is a series of experts (30) that are at the service of startups to help them build on the platform but also a series of people dedicated to the incubator part. Generally people start working and building expertise by working 2 years for 3rd party startups and evolve later as experts on the incubator part. The second entity is ForeceVentures (3 people banking and consulting senior) managing Business plan, Seed investment, investor relations.
Monkey Infernohttp://www.monkeyinferno.com Francisco, CAbananas@monkeyinferno.com20111Michael Birch (serial entrepreneurs, sold bebo for 850M USD) Shaan Puri <>50 people (mainly hackers) 50 developpers in house. 2 dedicated developpers / projectsassigned to every employees of the startup studio4 projects pendingConsumer ProductWe are all employed by Monkey Inferno Inc, the incubator. Once each project is launched it is incorporated as a sub-company and we all receive options in it. Each project has no more than two full time developers, who work side by side cranking out code. But as we receive options in all the sub-companies, everyone is motivated to help every project become a success, whether they happen to be assigned to the project or not.54
212Media, NYus@212media.com2004We craft and build companiesSaavn
Disrupted, NLhelllo@disrupted.vc20141Arnoud Haverlag, Jons JanssensWE ARE A STARTUP STUDIO

Combining skills and capital. This combination allows us to rapidly execute on innovation. We follow a structured approach of developing big ideas into disruptive companies: [ Idea > Product > Company > Industry ]. Products grow into companies when they find their market. This is the evolutionary proces we call venture creation.
Marvia ( existed before the studio)
The world needs innovation. It drives humanity forward. Products and services improve our lives every day. However the only constant in our world is change. In order to adapt to that change, continuous innovation is needed. Disrupting industries creates the change and new opportunities we need.
Push the world forward.
Startup Foundry, IL KimbarovskyRoss KimbarovskyWe Build Innovative Companies.
We create unique, sustainable startups.
ntify trends and important market opportunities to generate hundreds of ideas from which, every year, we identify 3 to 5 scalable and profitable business models. We research, develop and test those models. Finally, we form teams to transform validated ideas into great businesses.

CrowdSpring (created before Studio) We don’t have a specific industry focus – our experience helps us to take a deep dive across different industries.We are real co-founders on projects we pursue. We mentor members of our team to become the future CEOs and CTOs of the companies we build.

Stanley Park Venture
Vancouver, CANhello@stanleyparkventures.com20151Jonathan Bixby, Joshua Bixby, Mike BennaFrom Ideas to Successful CompaniesAs co-founders, we work closely with entrepreneurs, providing them with vetted ideas and a proven playbook for execution. We help find the right product/market fit, and leverage human and financial capital. And we assist with all of those time-consuming tasks, freeing them to focus on creating sustainable businesseKoho
BrandProject, Canadamedia@brandproject.com2013YesYesYesAndrew Black, Jay Bhatti, Andrew BridgeAndrew BlackWe build, buy and invest in disruptive consumer productsOur talented team of designers, engineers and business strategists work together to bring concepts to life and launch them into the world.we’ve raised over $12 Million from BDC and private investorsHello, Awake Chocolate, Rumble, Eve Snow, F3 Foods, Live Love Snack, The Coveteur- Health & Wellness
- Food & Beverage
- Beauty
- Women and/or Men’s Fashion
- Sports & Fitness
BrandProject is a different type of company. Beyond actively investing in seed stage companies we also build and help develop disruptive consumer concepts. We test, prototype and iterate on ideas in our NYC and Toronto studios.
AlphaFounders Von RohrJohannes Von RohrAlpha Founders is company builder and principle backed investment fund.13 In regular updates, we share core expertise in terms of Marketing, Organization Development, IT Engineering, Operations and Finance to all portfolio companies. Thereby, we fundamentally change the risk profile of early stage investments.askhanuman, Hansaled, Chilindo, Ladyblush, ITM technologies, Busticked. Exited : Lazada, The Iconic, BiteboxWe focus on early to mid-stage investment opportunities in South East Asia and India. We like fundamental business models that solve real world problems in these markets.Our local teams in Thailand, Indonesia and India work hands on inside the community, connecting entrepreneurs and teams, creating network effects amongst our companies as well as helping others.
66, Germanyberlin@finleap.com2014YesYesJochen Siegert, Hanno Fichtner, Jan BeckersWe build 4-6 companies per year and provide each company with seed funding of 0,5-5m €. Valendo, BillFront, SavedoWe use new technologies and scalable business models to provide cheaper, simpler and more transparent digital services to businesses and consumers within the financial services market.
SilverTree CapitalSouth Africa
Ardent Capitalhttp://ardentcap.comSingapoore,Bangkok
Oogalabs Francisco, CA
Archimede Labs
SpringLab Town, South Africa
Bmuse http://bmuse.com1Edo SegalWe build companies that reshape the way people create and consume media.The bMuse studio offers many shared functions to each portfolio company, such as sales and marketing, legal, corporate development, and hands-on strategy. All startups want two things: lots of people to use their products and to get paid. We help bMuse companies achieve these goals by pairing them with strategic customers and partners.8 companies: touchcast, retoy, paragraph, vast, kinsa, theremedia, entertainment"His model works like this: Segal dreams up a product and his staff gets to work, toiling around the clock and around the world to make it a reality. He has industrial designers in Ukraine constructing prototypes, mobile developers in India coding apps, videographers in Los Angeles shooting promos. He recruits senior managers who share his vision to build a company around the nascent product with the understanding that he will eventually hand over operations to a full-time CEO and spin each venture off to do its own thing, whether that's to raise capital to expand, as with Kinsa; get acquired; or just turn a tidy profit."
Cursives Labs Diego, CA
Boot Ventures
Livit, Indonesia, Zürich, Switzerland & Copenhagen, Denmarkstartupstudio@liv.it2010Accelerator 11Michael BodekærKristina Videroe, Managing DirectorWe Inspire and empower entrepreneurs to change the world
5 coordinators + 10 specialists = 15 peopleWe become an active part of your startup as a co-founder, filling in where you have need (CTO, CPO or similar). Startup Studio also supports the startups with specialist resources, spaces, career development, mentoring and access to investors – All elements in the Livit Ecosystem.33% for the StudioMailbird, Labster, Smartlaunch, Vilondo, Startup Heroes and Project GetawayThe Livit Tech Startup Ecosystem specializes within Enterprise and consumer software for desktop or mobile (cross-platform, e.g. Xamarin), EdTech, AI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and Digital Publishing. We are very strong and experienced within these fields but we are also always looking for a new challenge.Livit Startup Studio is different from a regular accelerator, co-founder and incubator in multiple ways. Most importantly we don’t just mentor, advice or invest in startups: We build them!
White Label, Denver,DaytonWe handcraft digital products capable of taking your team places they’ve never dreamed of.
HitFox, Seoul, San Fransisco2011111Jan Beckers, Hanno Fichtner, Tim KoschellaJan BeckersHitFox Group is a fast-growing platform for entrepreneurship. We build digital companies together with exceptional entrepreneurs on a global scale.Our overall approach is to transform selected high-growth markets by building highly synergetic company clusters within them while each portfolio companies remains independently focused and fast.9, incuding Finleap (see line 65)Digital Advertising, Big Data and FinTechwe run HitFox on the belief that great companies are always built by great people who are given the trust to start doing what they do best: to create with passion. This is our self-sustainable prophecy. HitFox is growing companies and people.
sFBI Aviv, Israelinfo@s-fbi.com11/2/2014Enon LandenbergEnon LandenbergsFBI launches businesses around human-centered innovation
MaDrona Venture Labs, USA
Pastèque Lab, Francehello@pastequelab.com2015111Nicolas Dabbaghian, cofounder SPEAR and CapSens
David Muhlberger, strategy consultant at Estin&co
Maximin d'Audiffret, restructuring consultant at Deloitte
Benjamin Blanchard, financial analyst at Free
Laboratoire de startupsWe create and accompany revolutionary web startups
We are looking for tech and business entrepreneurs with high potential
We accelerate entrepreneurs thanks to a coaching about market fit, product, network and fund raising.
Gin York, USAhello@ginlane.com20081Emmett Shine, Founder & DesignerNicholas Ling, CEOThe design and development studio helps some of the biggest consumer brands in the world build products. 30 peopleAfter years of creating digital content through more traditional methods, we wanted to establish an environment set up exclusively for shooting and testing digital-first content. Our studio space in the heart of Sunset Park’s Industry City is designed for just that - testing and producing responsive, dynamic and interactive content.brand consultation, back-end development, middleware, and front-end design/technology for partners.
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