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Book NameCurrent Owner(s)Description
Feral BookBalatarThe contents of the Feral Book are unknown but by an extremely few. It is believed to hold magic that only works in tandem with the lycanthrope virus, augmenting and explaining the powers of those that are cursed.
Germanicus Manual (English Translation)
variousThe third printing of the manual was made several centuries afterward and is, by far, the most common version available. While there have been printed copies made throughout the years, others have very modern photocopied bindings of the book, trying to mass produce it as much as possible for those that learn of the Followers existence and wish to partake in their evil ways. The exact number of copies is unknown, but could easily range in the hundreds, if not thousands.
Germanicus Manual (German Runes)Balatar, Consilium de Lumine, Blackguard and 10 othersWhile it is unknown which of the 13 known copies is the original, all of them are bound in leathered human skin and written in blood. Contained inside are the instructions of how to establish a connection between the demonic dimension now known as Der Nacht and Earth, as well as the proper steps to take in sacrificing a person who has lived a heroic life in exchange for power, be it financial, influential, political or parahuman in nature. This includes the incantations, the preparations in creating and wielding the daggers used and the need of a living portal to act as the conduit. The original version was drafted by the witch known as Morlaina some time after 21 AD, who was the one who actually created the spells and used them at the behest of Germanicus Caesar. The twelve other copies were made some time later. This is the only translation that actually contains the true spell used to transform Arminious into the Chosen One to which the conduit between Earth and Der Nacht was formed.
Germanicus Manual (Latin Translation)variousThe second version of the manual was "mass produced" (somewhere between fifty and one hundred copies) during the 9th century in the common written language of Medieval Latin. While translated fairly accurately from the German Runes to make it easier for Followers to understand the necessary rituals needed for their horrific craft, it lacks the terrifying nuances of the original versions and is easier to get copies of. While this translation also contains the Chosen One spell, it was altered during translation. It was the one that was used to successfully transform Damon Flagg into the Prophet, but wasn't completely accurate, thus the use of two people: a sacrificee and sacrificer. All future translations continued this error.
Germanicus Manual (website version)GUIIn the early 21st century, Follower Brad LaVard of the Coven took the English translation and digitized it to make it available on the web. While the site was only active for a small period of time, it received several hits, creating a new generation of Followers. Once discovered, GUI removed it from the web, replacing it with a faulty version and monitoring it for activity, but has kept a copy of the original site for information purposes.
Incantorum GrimoireNilremA sentient book, it holds many of the secrets of magically manipulating time and space, though it is often finicky about what information it shares, even with its "owner." It is the one that gave Nilrem his name and was created by Merlin.
Valkyrie scrollsValkyrja and Sarah Caton-LynxThese scrolls, written in Norse Runes, enable the female reader to gain the powers of the Erylusian honor guard of old. While only two such documents are known to be in existence, it is not unreasonable to believe that others may be out there, but as of yet undiscovered.
Grimoire HaynesmissingA spellbook written by Aliotta Haynes, it contains all of the dark magic spells discovered by her and her husband, including the one that transformed them into the undead creatures they are today.
NecroconmissingA book instructing how to raise and control the dead. The book was written by Delfan before his official war with Merlin, and was eventaully placed in the land of the dead by a greiving Peter Rostikov before turning his back on magic.