Sheet of Prophesied Parties
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IDContinentCountryStateCityFacebookDescriptionContact NameContact addressDayTime [local]TimezoneVenueAddress
6AustraliaAustraliaMelbourneMelbourne us in celebrating the conclusion of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality! We'll be at Alchemist's Refuge, a bar below a card/board game shop. You are free to bring along boardgames to play at the bar if you'd like. If/when it closes, we'll figure out where to go from there. Please invite anyone you know who has read Methods. At the very least, invite those who you finally pestered into reading it. See you there!Yuri Feldman3/15/20156:00:00 PM11:00:00Alchemist's Refuge328 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000
8AustraliaAustraliaSydneySydney're holding this at 1800 on the day after Pi Day, because the final chapter comes out at ~0300 local time. Details to come.Andrew Bennettsjb01230@gmail.com3/15/20156:00:00 PM11:00:00
42AustraliaAustraliaCanberraCanberra 70/10 Thynne St, Bruce Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is finally coming to a conclusion! To celebrate, we invite all Canberran Less Wrongers to our wrap-up party. (: Snacks will be provided. Make sure you read all the new chapters so that we can have some interesting discussions. Note that this is on Sunday instead of Saturday (π day), and there will be no LW meeting on Saturday.Daniel Filan3/15/20156:00:00 PM11:00:00Bruce
14EuropeBelgiumBrusselsBrussels & drinks provided but extras will be appreciated. Costumes more than welcome. We're expecting 8-ish people. There will be a standard LW meetup earlier in the day at a different location ( Jacobroxolan@live.fr3/14/20156:00:00 PM1:00:00Patterson's FlatRue Notre Dame du Sommeil 24, 1000 Bruxelles
17North AmericaCanadaOntarioToronto celebrate Pi Day (March 14th, 3/14, 3.14...) at hacklab! Bring a pie and get in free, otherwise admission is $10/person at the door. All types of Pie welcome - e.g. Shepherds pie, quiche, Australian meat pie, and of course fruit pies, lemon meringue, etc. We'll be baking pies starting at 1:59pm if you want to join that. Main party starts at 6pm (dinner will be pies, of course!). Bring friends and feast. BYOB, stay tuned for more details. This will also be a Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality wrap party, one of many dozens occurring all over the world on Pi Day. For those who don't know it, you can read it in full at It's a fanfic of Harry Potter raised in a scientific household. Totally awesome read. The author will be posting the final chapters over the next month, so we'll be celebrating the end of the story. (There are 100+ chapters, so if you haven't started, you might still be able to catch up.) We might share favourite passages or try to experiment with magic ourselves. :-) On the other hand, even if you're not an HPMOR fan, there'll be pie, and that's a good enough reason to come and have fun!HackLab.To3/14/20156:00:00 PM-5:00:00HackLab.To1266 Queen Street West Suite #6, Toronto, Ontario M6K 1L3
43EuropeDenmarkCopenhagenCopenhagen Copenhagen HPMOR wrap party will take place at Universitetsparken 5, 2100 København Ø from 18:00 onwards on Saturday March 14 (Pi Day). I will be providing snacks and refreshments, please bring any if you would like to. There will be some boardgames available and I will try to make Harry Potter-Evans-Verres type games aswell, but we will mostly be discussing the main storyHector B Hougaard3/14/20156:00:00 PM1:00:00H.C. Ørsted InstituttetUniversitetsparken 5, 2100 København
31EuropeFinlandFinland ProperTurku"Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is an alternate universe Harry Potter fanfiction written by Eliezer Yudkowsky, an AI researcher and decision theorist at the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence. The story focuses on a Harry Potter who enters Hogwarts after having been raised with an Aunt Petunia who married a scientist. The fanfiction is known for possibly being the most reviewed Harry Potter fanfiction, with over 20,000 reviews on as of 29 June, 2013.Plot Harry Potter has lived for 11 years with the Evans-Verres - Petunia and her scientist husband Professor Michael, reasonably happy but unaware of magic. One day, he receives a letter addressed to Mr. H. Potter inviting him to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Sceptical, he nevertheless agrees to a visit from Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall for a demonstration of magic. With magic now seemingly a proven reality, Harry now takes his place at Hogwarts, "armed with Enlightenment ideals and the experimental spirit." Now, with all rationality he needs to fight against him worst enemies and himself fights." story arc is about to come to an end and there are parties being organized all over the world. Now also In Turku. Ordered some paperback copies with the first 17 chapters. Preference will be given to US deliveries, but hopefully we'll get some as well. Come and get a copy. You can also read the book here: MaekiSebastian.maki@gmail.com3/14/20155:00:00 PM2:00:00Cosmic Comic Cafe
29EuropeGermanyBerlinBerlin celebrate the final chapter of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality! 16:00 Meet and warmup - Have fun with every flavour jelly beans. Bring some pi(e) to share. 16:45 Start countdown! Connect your reading device to the wifi. 17:00 Everyone stops acting social and reads! People who finish, move to the rooftop. 18:00 Everyone on the roof watching the sunset over Berlin. Party until late! If you don't want to use facebook, you can sign up alternatively using this form: Schuberthpmor@schubert.io3/14/20154:00:00 PM1:00:00Hub:raum Innovation Areahub:raum; Winterfeldtstraße 21, 10781 Berlin,
41EuropeGermanyCologneCologneI would like to host a hpmor party either here at Cottas or at my home in Weiden (if prefered by majority). Please contact me at Help is appreciated. Suggested time 4pm until open end. If noone else provides content I will only be there to talk / socialize and possibly a few goodies, since I won't have much time this week. Also, I would like to use this to (re)start a cologne LWmeetup. Marcel Muellermarcel_mueller@mail.de3/14/20154:00:00 PM1:00:00
7AsiaIndiaMumbaiMumbai : 4th floor, Nasam Pearl building, 13th and 18th road cross, next to Neelkamal building, Khar westSruti RaviSruti.Ravi@bain.com3/15/2015Nasam Pearl Building
28AsiaIndiaKharagpurKharagpur fans of Less Wrong's Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality ( in IIT KGP, and read the last chapter together on Pi Day (!If you've never heard of HPMoR or Pi Day before, this is a great place to get started, and meet fellow geeks with quirky interests.Who: - Fans of hpmor, and anyone interested in what fantasy and magic look like when the rules of rationality and logic are applied.- Fans of pi. Fans of tau, we will meet on June 28 ( Anyone curious about why a bunch of IITians would get so excited about magic and mathematics.When and where: - We will meet in the Maggu room at 9:45 pm on Pi Day - 14 March. The last chapter will be posted... See MoreVikrant Varma3/14/20159:45:00 PM5:30:00IIT KharagpurIIT Kharagpur Kharagpur, Kharagpur 721302
39AsiaIndiaNew DelhiNew Delhi end is nigh! This is a place for HPMoR fans in Delhi to meet up when it's all over.Devarshi Chakrabarty3/15/20154:30:00 PM5:30:00IIT-Delhi
46AsiaIndiaBangaloreBangalore ridiculously expensive tea; Have internal debates between the Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Gryffindor mental characters before accepting the final book from Prof. Yudkowsky; Those members who have succeeded in resolving their qualms over eating sentient creatures will enjoy Diricrawl slices or soup (a feathered, flightless bird), Roopo (Meat) Balls and treacle pudding; We shall also briefly diss an agent or two of yellow journalism; (more to be updated on group member's suggestions) Rohit John Vargheserohitjohnv@gmail.com3/14/201510:00:00 PM5:30:00Mary's Place [Infinitea]Infinitea Cafe, No 26, Double Road, Indiranagar 2nd Stage, Bangalore- 560008
36EuropeIrelandDublinDublin'll be a copy of Ender's Game on the table :) Contact /u/bbrazil on Reddit :)Anna Clark/u/bbrazil on Reddit3/14/20153:30:00 PM0:00:00The Long Stone Pub10-11 Townsend Street, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 2
24AsiaIsraelHerzeliaHerzelia Potter and the Methods of Rationality will have its final chapter released on pi day (3.14), and celebrations are being planned around the world. Haven't heard about this book? It's about harry potter in a parallel universe where he was raised by an Oxford professor, and finds new creative ideas to play around with in the wizard world. The plot if funny and harry's "rational" thought process is eye opening. You can read the entire book at (bring your own booze), BYOP (bring your own pie = any food that has a pie reference in it). If you want to bring something else, that's also cool, please message me so that I can coordinate it. (Empty handed people will also be accepted).The venue will be my house by default, in Herzelia. We assume Tel Aviv would be more comfortable for most people, so please tell us if you have a place to host us there.Need a lift? Please post a request in the event so that people with cars can see it. Don't forget to state what a huge hpmor/pi fan you are!Got a car (or a broomstick)? Please post it so that people can find a ride with you.I'll do my best to match people as well.Want to bring friends? Please ask them to mark "Attending" (or "Maybe") so that I can follow the number of guestsYonathan Calemyselfandfredy@gmail.com3/14/20158:30:00 PM2:00:00HerzeliaMessage Yonathan for address
25North AmericaMexicoBaja CaliforniaMexicali Mexicali, Baja California, México. Quiero ver cuántos nos podemos juntar, mi casa está disponible, pero sí nos juntamos muchos podemos cambiar de lugar.Dan Hdz3/14/20156:00:00 PM-8:00:00
38North AmericaMexicoGuadalajaraGuadalajara termino la historia! Yudkowsky posteara el ultimo capitulo este sabado a las 11am. alguien quiere reunirse en un bar o un café luego a platicar y conocer gente ?Luis Berumen3/14/2015Avenida Chapultepec
23EuropePolandKrakowKrakow about place coming soon - spread the news to your fellow HPMoR fans from Krakow and around ;) Email: fblost (at) or post here with questions.Filip Loster3/14/20158:00:00 PM1:00:00
48EuropePolandWarsawWarsaw HPMOR WRAP-UP PARTYaweł Wojtkiewicz pawel.r.wojtkiewicz@gmail.com3/14/20155:00:00 PM1:00:00Paradox Cafe
45EuropeRussiaSt. PetersburgSt. Petersburg
27EuropeSerbiaBelgradeBelgrade, our favorite fanfic of all time has come to an end! It needs to be celebrated and deeply analyzed. So then HP:MoR lovers and rationalists, we need to meet! Meeting place is Student Park near Knez Mihajlova street/Plato, starting around 18h. We'll go to a coffee shop or something similar depending on the number of people that show up. Spoilers alert: In the case you're not up to date with the last published chapter at that moment, we'll provide you with a tag which will be marked with the number of the last chapter you want to talk/hear about. Map with the meeting point will be published on this event page, at the latest 3 days before the event. Also, we will publish a unique marking by which you will be able to find us in the park and a contact phone number. We will wait until 18:30 before we move out of the park. Any suggestions about where to go, any special activities, comments in general, etc. are welcome :)Share the event and see you then! ;)Natasa Belic3/14/20156:00:00 PM1:00:00Studentski ParkStudentski trg, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
5AsiaSingaporeSingaporeSingapore Alstottjeffalstott@gmail.com3/15/20151:00:00 PM8:00:00Black Bird Cafe6 Handy road, #01-01 The Luxe, Singapore
33EuropeSpainMadridMadrid to all Madrileños! I haven't seen an event in Madrid so I wanted to make one. I'd like to organize an event but I'm pretty new to Madrid, been here for only 3 weeks and don't really speak good Spanish. I'm looking for people to help me do it!Neven Mazicnevenmazic@gmail.com3/14/2015
9AsiaSri LankaColomboColombo Thenuwarar.n.thenuwara@gmail.com3/14/20153:00:00 PM5:30:00Arcade Independence Square, 00700 Colombo, Sri Lanka
49EuropeUkraineDnipropetrovskDnipropetrovsk в день числа Pi, состоится публикация завершающей главы данного произведения. Предлагаю всем кому интересно собраться и отметить это событие/пообщаться на интересующие темы. О HPMOR: Петуния вышла замуж не за Дурсля, а за университетского профессора, и Гарри попал в гораздо более благоприятную среду. У него были частные учителя, дискуссии с отцом, а главное — книги, сотни и тысячи научных и фантастических книг. В результате в 11 лет Гарри знаком с квантовой механикой, теорией вероятностей и другими полезными вещами. И главное — он очень рациональный, а это куда лучше, чем укус радиоактивного паука.Vladyslav Sitaloroot@stvad.org3/14/201510:00:00 AM2:00:00
3EuropeUnited KingdomLondonLondon 03/03: Setting the date to be the Sunday. More details to follow.---Update 15/02: Please fill in this short survey to help get an idea of numbers and preferences! is tentative. I'm creating this to have somewhere to coordinate around and to get an idea of numbers, but I'm not necessarily actually the best organiser. If someone who knows what they're doing wants to step in and help, that would be cool.The chapter comes out at 4pm local time (not 5pm, due to summer time weirdness). To give everyone time to read the chapter, I'm not sure whether saturday evening is fine, or whether we should wait until sunday. The chapter will be about 10,000 words.Phil Hazeldenphilip.hazelden@gmail.com3/15/20152:00:00 PM0:00:00
26EuropeUnited KingdomCambridgeCambridge celebrate the end of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, it would be great to get everyone in the Cambridge area who's a fan together to discuss the story, chat about rationality, and get to know each other!It'd probably be best to have it on Saturday evening, as I suspect most CU students will be leaving on or after then (term ends on the thursday). The chapter is released at 5pm (not 6pm due to summer time effects), so we should have it after then.Place is TBC. I guess a lot of the people coming will be students, so would be great to book a common room or something like that.*This event is welcome to everyone, whether old or young, casual browser or die-hard fan. Please come and meet new and interesting people!*Chris Cundy
3/14/20156:00:00 PM0:00:00Cambridge University
32EuropeUnited KingdomSouth YorkshireSheffield in a pub somewhere in Sheffield - which one still to be determined. Suggest meeting in the afternoon, and reading it in the company of others when it comes out at 4pm?William Russellwilliam.likes.biscuits@gmail.com3/14/20151:00:00 PM0:00:00
1North AmericaUnited StatesOregonPortland Starscapeaspenstarscape@gmail.com3/14/20159:00:00 PM-8:00:00Southeast Grind1223 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97202
2North AmericaUnited StatesMassachussetsCambridge LessWrong is hosting an HPMOR wrap party to celebrate the long-awaited end of the rationalist Harry Potter fanfiction, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. Join us for Harry Potter fandom and rationalist discussion. Keenan Richardsonrichardson.andrew@gmail.com3/15/20153:30:00 PM-5:00:0098 Elm St Apt 1, Somerville, MA
4North AmericaUnited StatesArizonaPhoenix Puglisi3/14/20154:00:00 PM-8:00:00ASU Memorial Union
10North AmericaUnited StatesCaliforniaMountain View Huanancy@apptimize.com3/14/20159:00:00 PM-8:00:001797 Woodhaven Pl. Mountain View, CA 94041
11North AmericaUnited StatesWashingtonSeattle Yossi Katzin on the box next to the door to buzz in.Yossi Katzinjoseph.katzin@gmail.com3/14/20156:00:00 PM-8:00:00Chloe Apartments1408 E Union St, Seattle, Washington 98122
12North AmericaUnited StatesColoradoFort Collins am perfectly willing to host a small or large wrap party - but I only know 2 other folks in town who love hpmor! So, I extend an open invitation: Where: TBD When: 6:00 Please email me if you are interested in attending, so that I can gauge interest and determine the location. Notes: -I'll provide more information (i.e., location) this next Tuesday. I'll have a better idea of how many people will be attending then. -If you have interest in helping me with the party (organization, activities, people) then let me know!Byron Benter3/14/20156:00:00 PM-7:00:00
13North AmericaUnited StatesColoradoDenver at Darcy Pub: 4955 S Ulster St #103, Denver, CO 80237. Look for the table with a Wizard's Hat on it. Email with questions.Eneasz Brodskiembrodski@gmail.com3/14/20156:00:00 PM-7:00:00Darcy's Pub4955 S Ulster St, Denver, Colorado 80237
15North AmericaUnited StatesCaliforniaBerkeley venue is finalized, the speakers are booked, the books are ordered and the magic is planned. The event will be happening on the lawn in front of the Valley Life Science Building (on the north side). Here is a bit of information about the event:1. Costumes are welcome and encouraged! 2. Come with the mindset of a true member of the chaos legion! Be prepared to have fun, and be spontaneous and expressive in whatever you do!3. Eliezer Yudkowsky will be reading the very last chapter of HPMOR at the event itself.4. We will be organizing a raffle with a hard-copy of the first 40 chapters of HPMOR, and if enough money is donated in total, the complete book (which will be shipped after an additional one or two weeks because we will need to get them printed)5. Bring your own artwork! 6. Consider trying to convince Eliezer to sign your Kindle with HPMOR on it!7. USB-sticks available with a full-pdf of HPMOR, the sequences and a collection of Omake and Fanart will be available at the event!Oliver Habrykahabryka@berkeley.edu3/14/20155:00:00 PM-8:00:00Valley Life Science Building LawnValley Life Science Building, Berkeley Campus
16North AmericaUnited StatesMassachussetsCambridge [MIT] scheduled for 6pm on Saturday, March 14, 2015, in a TBD classroom at MIT. It looks like the Cambridge LessWrong group is also hosting an HPMoR Wrap Party, but on Sunday ( -- the more, the merrier!Chelsea Vosscsvoss@mit.edu3/14/20156:00:00 PM-5:00:00MIT77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
18North AmericaUnited StatesNew YorkNew York Potter and the Methods of Rationality is finally coming to a close! Also, Pi Day! Also, Pie! Come to Highgarden, the Brooklyn Rationality group house to celebrate. (Home of the original print of the fan-art in the banner above!)Raymond Arnoldraemon777@gmail.com3/14/20156:00:00 PM-5:00:00Highgarden851 park place, Brooklyn, New York
19North AmericaUnited StatesFloridaGainesville don't know where yet, suggestions are definitely welcome.Quentin 3/14/20156:00:00 PM-5:00:00
20North AmericaUnited StatesFloridaSarasota can meet at New College (an interesting college that's across from the airport) or at a restaurant (sweet tomatoes?).David Weinsteindavid.weinstein@ncf.edu3/14/20155:00:00 PM-5:00:00Sweet Tomatoes
21North AmericaUnited StatesKansasLawrence to come.Amanda Houseahouse314@gmail.com3/14/20151:00:00 PM-6:00:00
22North AmericaUnited StatesLouisianaNew Orleans all Louisiana HPMoR enthusiasts!Noah Crispendcrisp@gmail.com3/14/20153:00:00 PM-6:00:00Zotz CafeZotz, 8210 Oak St, New Orleans, LA 70118, USA
30North AmericaUnited StatesIllinoisChicago[If you can help me organize this, please email me.] Open to the public. At the University of Chicago, in Harper Memorial Library, room 148. There will be food, and pie, and readings from your favorite parts.You do not need to stay for the full time. Feel free to drop in whenever works for you and leave early if you need to. if you just want to take a 20 minute break from finals study, we'd love to have you for twenty minutes. The main "festivities" will start around 4:30Eli Tyreelityre@gmail.com3/14/20153:00:00 PM-5:00:00Harper Memorial LibraryHarper Memorial Library Chicago, Illinois 60615
34North AmericaUnited StatesCaliforniaLos Angeles the lawn in front of the Griffith Observatory, I will set up some blankets and light snacks at 6:00pm. Please bring more blankets and snacks! And a coat, cause it'll be cold. Access to the grounds and the museum is free, and the complex closes at 10:00pm. The last planetarium show is at 8:45, and you can only buy the tickets on site that day. A fitting end to the series!Amanda Jasmine Rollinsladyastralis@gmail.com3/14/20156:00:00 PM-8:00:00Griffith Observatory2800 E Observatory Ave, Los Angeles, California 90027
35North AmericaUnited StatesMadison Middleton 2416 Adler Cir, Middleton, WI 53562 Time: TBD Contact: Food, drink, and cupcakes will be provided. Let me know if you have food requests. I'm going board game shopping! Let me know what game you'd recommend or would like to play.Wendy Hou3/14/2015
40North AmericaUnited StatesNorth CarolinaCharlotte celebrate the accomplishments of Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres! I'm expecting a friendly chat over coffee and pastries with 3-6 people, although more are always welcome!Neil P. Quinnmail@neilpquinn.com3/14/20156:30:00 PM-5:00:00Amelie's... A French Bakery2424 N Davidson St, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205
44North AmericaUnited StatesMichiganFerndale parties on 4 continents will celebrate the release of the final chapter of "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality". The wrap party for Michigan USA will be at i3detroit hacker space in Ferndale. We will teleconference with as many other parties as possible. I will provide food and drinks, including sweet and salty snacks, Lebanese combo platters for dinner, soft drinks, and B Nektar mead from next door. Dozens of board and card games will also be there. Some HPMOR-based projects might take place for door prizes, but will remain a secret surprise until then, because the fancy equipment at i3Detroit has a probability of success lower than 100%. HPMOR is written by former PenguiCon panelist Eliezer Yudkowsky, who founded the Machine Intelligence Research Institute and the rationality community HPMOR makes Harry Potter's universe have something to do with artificial intelligence, and let's just leave it at that to avoid too many spoilers. Each chapter is intended to teach something about how rationality works. It has 17,417 reviews on, 7,832 subscribers to its subreddit, and 7,291 Facebook Likes, an animated trailer on Youtube, a giant TVTropes comment thread, and endless fan art on Deviantart. I am currently arranging carpools for several people from Ann Arbor. Let me know if you need a ride and I'll help you coordinate.Matt Arnold3/14/20153:00:00 PM-5:00:00i3detroit1481-A Wordsworth, Ferndale, Michigan 48220
47North AmericaUnited StatesTexasAustin is ending. Let's celebrate how awesome it's been! Readers are welcome from all over Texas. [LW Link:]Matthew Gravesvaniver@gmail.com3/14/20156:00:00 PM-5:00:004212 Hookbilled Kite Drive, Austin TX
51North AmericaUnited StatesUtahSalt Lake City to celebrate the release of the final chapter of HPMOR, scheduled to come out on Pi Day.Kevin S. Van Hornkevin@ksvanhorn.com3/14/20157:00:00 PM-7:00:00Carrie's Place (PM for address)
52North AmericaUnited StatesNew MexicoAlbuquerque organizer cannot see this event. In case you have any questions, reach out to her at: [Awesome email address]) Email she sent me: Hello! I would like to propose an HPMOR Wrap Party in Albuquerque, at the Flying Star Cafe at 4501 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, starting at 6 pm Mountain Time. The author's note for Chapter 103 suggested emailing you. I do not have an account with facebook or lesswrong, though I will post about this party on the map. Thank you! -JoceeDaphne Greengrasgreengrassofsunshine@gmail.com3/14/20156:00:00 PM-7:00:00Flying Star Cafe4501 Juan Tabo Blvd NE
50North AmericaUnited States GeorgiaAtlanta Potter and the Methods of Rationality is coming to an end! Join us as we celebrate! Feel free to wear costumes - in fact it is encouraged! We will have snacks, games, and discussion. Bring any food or entertainment you would like. If you have any questions, please contact the organizer, Adele or post a comment here. All are welcome to attend! We'd love to see you there! Feel free to drop in later or leave early at your convenience. From 285 - get off at Exit 38 for Lawrenceviile Hwy. Head east towards the city down Lawrenceville Hwy. The location is right *after* the light at Harcourt Drive at Norgate Manor on the right.Adele Dewey-Lopezadele@deweylopez.org3/14/20156:00:00 PM-5:00:002388 Lawrenceville Hwy. Unit L. Decatur, GA 30033
37North AmericaUnites StatesPennsylvaniaPittsburgh'll be wearing a black t-shirt that says "If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong." I promise to be there until at least 15:00. Venue has food and coffee. See also Hammkenn@aspeiro.net3/14/201512:00:00 PM-5:00:00Bagel Factory420 S Craig St Pittsburgh, PA 15213
53AustraliaNew ZealandChristchurchChristchurch in for a pint or two of your beverage of choice at Pomeroys Pub on Sunday afternoon (not Saturday). I'll be there from 2pm until at least 5pm, ready to discuss the book, the void in my life after the hype of the last few weeks, rationality, armchair physics and just about anything else. In an attempt to be recognisable as a Ravenclaw, I will wear blue ribbons in my bronze-ish hair. Any questions, message me or txt 021 913 313. -KonniKonnifer Woods3/15/20155:00:00 PM13:00:00Pomeroys Pub292 Kilmore St,Christchurch,New Zealand
54AsiaIndiaBangaloreBangalore are quite a few resources on the lesswrong site itself for meet up activities that focus on instrumental rationality. One good starting point is this Incidentally, this coincide with the Pi-day (Crazy U.S notation of, go figure.). So am hoping someone can come up/bring with a nice math-related surprise. And here's a mathy joke(for appetizer). This week we're gonna be playing: 1. 20 Questions 2. Poker and how to apply Bayes' theorem to Poker playAnand Jeyaharanand.jeyahar@gmail.com3/14/201511:00:00 AM5:30:00Bangalore central mall,77.611287,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3bae1680a56a367b:0x1b4e1221ea6de49a
55North AmericaCanadaWaterlooWaterloo much all details still to be determined, including time and place. But join the even and we can figure it out! :DMalcolm Oceanmalcolm.m.ocean@gmail.com3/14/2015
56EuropeSwitzerlandZurichZurich at Cafe Zähringer at 16:45 to enjoy the afternoon together and read. Then have a drink at Cabaret Voltaire. Currently, there are five people attending. Join us if you are from the area and a HPMOR fan. For questions you can reach me under Haagdeindrahaag@hxg.at3/14/20154:45:00 PM1:00:00Cafe ZähringerZähringerplatz 11 8001 Zürich Zürich, Switzerland
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