Team-Building Spreadsheet
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EmailSchool/Expected Grad YearWhich program are you interested in?WebsiteStartup descriptionIndustryWhat are you looking for?Progress/Notes/Contact instructions
Andrew Nathanandrew@cosignpooling.comWashU / Polsky ExchangeNVC (if a Booth student is interested)Building this now...Cosign is a marketplace for independent recording artists with similar expected royalty revenues to form shared revenue pools as a safety net against underperformance. The recording industry is a high-risk, high-volatility business in which the commercial success of a given song or album is generally unknown until it's released and people listen (or not). Moreover, the vast majority of artists never break through the noise to achieve any kind of commercial success that enables them to build a sustainable career in music or even just have a degree of financial stability in their lives post-music business. Kind of like "moneyball for music", I want to utilize data to build shared revenue pools of similarly valued artists who are interested in building a successful career independent of major labels and protecting themselves against weak cash flows from their recorded music royalties.
Music/Tech/FinanceData Scientist to help build a data-based, machine learning valuation model.

Software engineer to help build platform.

Other smart people who are interested in the business concept.
I am working on this full time. Hoping to launch within a month or so to begin partnering with interested artists.
Dr. Lisa Medalie, Insomnia Specialist medalie.lisa@gmail.comInsomnia Specialist at Univeristy of Chicago; Polsky Member;University of Chicago Graham SchoolAccepted into NVC - Join me!!NVC is a digital sleep solutions program for children. Roughly 30% of children struggle with sleep. Dr. Medalie is one of the less than 20 board-certfiied formally trained pediatric insomnia specialists. This gap in access to care is the reason Dr. Medalie is working on this mobile-friendly digital program. Dr. Medalie is the Director of the Pediatric Insomnia Program at University of Chicago. SHe is writing a book due to the publisher in August and plans to co-market the book and digital program. HealthcareSomeone excited to dive in and learn how to start a startup using a fun-filled idea. Someone great with marketing plans for consumer facing products would be ideal. Experience putting together financial models and charting such data is also preferred. We have a prototype. App will be ready April 15th. Pilot data will likely be done before NVC is complete. Collected survey data on 216 customers during I-Corps. Placed 2nd in google-sponsored techstar competition; formed LLC; patent pending; signed with publisher; established cross-promotions partner
Tunde Oshinowooshinowo@chicagobooth.eduBooth '19SNVCmodernvillage.comModernVillage seeks to transform the postpartum experience of new mothers. Life is increasingly more isolated for new moms who have to do more things on their own with less direct community involvement and assistance. Postpartum care should not be considered a luxury but an accessible necessity available to all new mothers. We are creating a platform that will place new moms, each with babies due in the same 3-9 week period, into 3-4 person groups, or "villages". Each village will be matched with experienced mother-caregivers, offering pre-birth education, post-birth in-home wellness visits, and personalized online support. Maternal Health & WellnessCurrently seeking:
- Co-founders with a passion for helping new moms
- Marketing strategy
- Business strategy
- Finance
Currenlty incorporating and organizing pilot testing. Also looking to speak with both current and expecting moms.
Rahul Gupta / SafeMatchrgupta81@chicagobooth.eduBooth/2021SNVCCurrently in Phase II of SNVC' 19https://safematch.netSafeMatch is a for-profit social company which aims to improve the safety of online dating community. Our secure mobile App provides affordable services to people who wants to validate their partner’s HIV/STD status in minutes without exchanging personal information. Our services are designed to even help people who are living with HIV.Healthcare ITSomeome who loves customer research. I am open to your suggestions on where you can create value. (Please try our App and let us know what might prevent you from using it). Please contact by email first.
Yasir Malik; Luke Skertichyasir.malik@chicagobooth.eduBooth '20SNVCAccepted into SNVCVisionary Kits creates educational kits for youth to help them learn how to build products that provide practical utility in daily life and teach them about alternative energy, water filtration, and financial literacy.

Our key focus through SNVC will be launching the renewable energy kit.
EdtechPeople with:
Industrial design experience
Hardware experience
Alternative Energy experience
Packaging experience
or Anyone interested!
If interested, feel free to reach us by email!
Theo Noomahtnoomah@uchicago.eduHarris '19SNVCAccepted into SNVCPiscene helps fisheries become more sustainable, less wasteful, and less hampered by invasive species by identifying markets for fishery by-catch, under-utilized fish, and invasive species to ensure the long-term stability of local environments and economiesFish distributionAnyone interested in environmental sustainability, ecology. Anyone interested in investment and developing new financial products (ask me why)On the hunt for new team members, email me!
Daunte or dauntehenderson@uchicago.eduSSA 21NVC / SNVCSNVCWWW.MADEMANFOUNDATION.ORGA non-profit dedicated to closing the opportunity gap for young Black men using hip-hop therapy, literacy enrichment and experiential education as tools for change.Non-Profit, Social Work, Education, Mental HealthTeaching Artist, Accountants, Marketing Professional and Curriculum Designer. Anybody who loves kids If you love hip-hop, creative writing, social-emotional learning and entrepreneurship please join MADEMAN.
Ben Ziomekbziomek@chicagobooth.eduFT '19Polsky Accelerator
Metaprop Accelerator
NVCwww.aegissystems.aiAegis AI builds AI software that detects guns and other threats in security camera footage, dramatically reducing the amount of time it takes for law enforcement to respond in an active shooter scenario, and enabling organizations to turn their passive security cameras into active analytics and response tools. We have built the first version fo the product, gone live with pilot customers, and raised just under $0.5M in funding. We are looking for a Booth FT student to help with NVC class deliverables, and possible interest in working in the future.AI
Strong interest in AI and public safety. Excitement about implementing technologies on the frontier of what is possible, while still building a good business.

Interest is key, although we'd love a team member with tech business analytics and deck-building experience.

Compensation is offered.
Email me at or for more.
David Pontespontes@uchicago.eduPritzker School of Medicine '21Apple App Store & Google Play Store & NVC IG: SocialLightApp (1000s of followers and growing!)Life is hard and everyone is busy. We help you and your friends work around your schedules so that you can actually DO something with your life. We hope to be ready for a release in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store soon!Messaging | Social Planning | Marketing | Entertainment | Mental HealthCool people only 😪😪😪
Lavanya Saripallilavanyasaripalli@oncogenomeanalytics.comKellstadat 2012

Polsky Exchange
I-Corps, NVCNVConcogenomeanalytics.comONCOGENOME Analytics software enables care providers (PCP, Nurse Practioners ) for early detection, prevention of cancer(Breast, Lung, Colon, Prostate)and thus reducing overall healthcare cost incurred. Our value proposition is vested in precision medicine predictive analytics product suite that can prevents breast, colon, lung and prostate cancer using Vital statistics, genomic data (cancer causing biomarkers and related SNP’s, genome and Exonome), family history, demographic data and EMR data.
For profit,Technology/Healthcare, Health Tech, Oncology Analytics, SoftwareWe are looking for Full Stack Developer, Booth grad CTO , CMO - Market go to strategy, Customer Acquisition, Fundraising. We initially did first attempt to SBIR, Would be interested in NIH I-Crop programm for second attempt. Looking for someone with strong entreprenuer DNA to grow our company for next level.The company was founded in 2015 as an LLC with partnership, We have MVP in place (Predictive algorithym needs to tuned up) and would like to integrate with health systems. Please send me an email if interested to join our group. MVP -
Paul Liupliu@microsensorlabs.comPolsky ExchangeNIH ICorpsOther NIH commercialization assistance program and commercialization readiness program microsensorlabs.comMicrosensor Labs develops novel sensor solutions to improve the quality of health care. Our sensor technologies offer enhanced diagnostic capabilities and positive behavior intervention to make people’s lives healthier and easier.
Technology/HealthcareWe are looking for a Booth student to work with our team during a NIH ICorps program in spring 2019 for customer discovery and market analysis. We expect the candidate to join the company for BD and operations after the program.Microsensor Labs runs the slicing pie (dynamic equity split) model. All funding received by the company to date is non-dilutive. The candidate will be paid with fair market value during the ICorps program (Spring 2019) and will receive highly competitive compensation and benefits package when joining the company. The candidate will work with a multidisciplininary team with expertise in medicine, engineering and computer science. Please stop by during Booth Startup Network Night on Nov 15 at Gleacher Center or visit us at Polsky Exchange.
Todd Walterstwalter0@chicagobooth.eduBooth '20Accepted into SNVC 2019SNVCmeetdibo.comDeveloping a new venture focused on promoting social impact banking products and services across the U.S.Financial Services / FintechOur founding team is established but we continue to look for new team members with experience/interest in impact banking covering skill sets including (but not limited to):

-Product Development
-Consumer Research / Design Thinking
-Technology Development
-Data Management and Analytics
-Partnership/Business Development and Fundraising
Please email me at if you're interested in learning more about the vision. Happy to speak with potential team members, advisors, or anyone who just wants to share ideas around this concept! Quick note on my background: Career focused primarily on financial services...I previously co-founded an online consumer lending platform that raised over $20 million in venture capital and grew to 150 employees over a five-year period.
Common Driveemily.a.bergstrom@gmail.comBooth '12Alumni NVCSNVCxx
George Fu
Jiqi Yang
gfu@chicagobooth.eduBooth 19SNVCSNVC product born from the Wise fellowship, sponsored by the Qatar Foundation to identify solutions to address refugee children's education challenges. Peakabox provides play based learning app and physical toys, allowing volunteers in refugee camps to quickly adopt the skills to train pre school childrem. We have piloted in 3 refugee camps and was short listed by IDEO challenge, won the Bendigo Innovation Award, and presented the project to the Queen of Qatar and the president of Ghana.

Education tech.App developer, marketing, advise for social business fund raising
Shannon Sheussheu@uchicago.eduCollege '19CNVCN/AWe aim to redefine the definition of "American" and break down stereotypes by accelerating the representation of underrepresented identities in media. Our approach is two-pronged: interviews (similar in approach with HONY and StoryCorps) and fielding creative submissions, both of which will be freely available on our website.NonprofitPrimarily looking for someone to help with review of creative submissions and with some journalism experience to craft interview questions. Potentially looking for someone with web development experience.Feel free to email me with inquiries!
Obi Mbanefoobi@chicagobooth.eduBooth '19NVC / Polsky AcceleratorNVCWhere do you go for your everyday non-athletic leggings? You know the staple piece of clothing most US women ages 10-40 have in their wardrobe? Most women may buy a pair at one place, go back two weeks later and the same exact item is gone. There's no one dependable source women can go to for their quality, everyday non-athletic leggings. We're looking to change that.

This venture will become the go-to quality source for your everyday and formal black leggings. This subscription service will send you a new pair every 6-8 weeks. None of that see-through LuLuLemon nonsense. Never deal with holes or fraying again. Think of us as Fabletics for your non-athletic leggings.

Get a discount and recycle @ the same time. Send us your worn out leggings and get a 15% discount on your next purchase.

Dependable access to quality everyday leggings shouldn’t be so difficult.

Find the fit and color you like. Every time. A quality leggings company you can depend on.
Consumer Retail / Fashion1) Strong Digital Marketing/Marketing Analytics Skills - Specifically DTC and/or Top Agency Experience
2) Clothing Manufacturing Experience/Connections
3) UX/UI and Strong Web Development Experience
4) Retail Financial Modeling / Accounting
5) Consumer Research / Customer Development
6) Fashion / Beauty Industry Experience
7) Branding Experience
8) Go-To-Market Strategy Experience
I've started a few companies before. So, this isn't my first rodeo. Email me at for more details.
Farhan Bananifarhanbanani@chicagobooth.eduBooth 2017NVC / ANVC on behalf of the founder of Rejuven8 bites:
Rejuven8 Bites were created for Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes by chef Shauna Shaik and her husband, sports performance doctor, Jason Jared, with Indulgent flavor + highly functional nutrition at it’s core. Goal is to now take this to the broader market that is interested in a snack that energizes supports a healthy lifestyle.
Additional elements: contain collagen, healthy omega fats, and gourmet flavor profiles that use natural, real food ingredients, and egg-free.

Early stage launch has resulted in placement at Foxtrot Markets, Potash Markets,, Chicago Health Foods, two 7Eleven stores, and Cross Fit Gyms.
xLooking for co-founders / C-level management / partnershipPosting on behalf of founder Jason Jared.
Please email:
Joseph Prosnitz
ProsnitzSolutions@gmail.comNVCNVCIn Progress: www.LoveYourStride.comAt Stride we believes that you deserve to be healthy and happy. Stride provides fitness that fits you. We make a connected home exercise machine. The MVP version transforms from elliptical to exercise bike in 30 seconds providing the fitness you want in the space you have. Not only do you get the convience of the multiuse machine in your home you also are connected through the machine to our social fitness platform. This platform allows you to connect with the people who support and inspire you (think youtube meets facebook for health and fitness). We have granted patent and working prototype as well as wireframes. We want to take things to the next level/get traction through NVC.Health and FitnessStrong interest in entrepreneurship

Skill in any of these areas:
1) Manufacturing/Mechanical Engineering
2) Marketing

Fitness experience/industry knowledge a bonus. Really looking for people who are passionate about the problem and flexible in making the startup work.
We have a team of 4 commited for NVC and also are a class project for Entreprenerial Selling at Booth.

We want to fundamentally change engagement with health and fitness to address the 1# cause of preventable death in the first world: lifestyle disease. You can do good and make good money. Join us! Project lives out of Mhub the manufacturing coworking space.
Juan Pablo Easton
Nakul Gupta
Katie Orovecz
Booth '19 and Booth '20NVCNVCwww.mymbacircle.comMyMbaCircle's mission is to democratize admissions support to the world’s most coveted business schools and make the process more transparent than it is today through honest & bite-sized mentoring.
MyMbaCircle is a tech platform where MBA prospects can instantly book essay reviews, mock interviews, GMAT guidance, resume editing, and school-specific insights from highly curated second-year students and alumni via 1-on-1 calls.
Education technology We have got a two-sided tech marketplace platform in place, 35+ mentors from top 12 b-schools and healthy traction. While we will need someone to be a business athlete and wear many hats on the team, the focus of the role would be to generating and managing demand (partnerships, content/digital marketing and growth hacking) as we are scaling up fast!This is just the start for us as we hope to achieve success in the MBA market and provide honest, bite-size mentoring services for every stage of an individual’s career. (undergard, internship search, job/careers etc.)

Write to us at
Alexandra Koscoveamkoscove@uchicago.eduLaw School'21NVCNVCPresent/Future sells prepackaged, portable superfood blends that you can take on the go and add to your smoothies, oatmeal, toasts, salads etc. These blends that address health needs and performance goals; for purposes like anti-inflammation, mental clarity, muscle recovery, reproductive health etc. As it stands, consumers have to purchase single ingredients, which are expensive, in large formats. Health and WellnessWe've covered branding, marketing, and product research and we're looking for financial professionals, manufacturing experts, and market researchers. If you're passionate about creating a consumer health product with mass market appeal, get in touch!
Brandon ArnsBrandon@rentloop.coBoothNVCNVCrentloop.corentLoop is an on demand apartment touring platform connecting prospective apartment hunters to apartment buildings current residents. Enabling incentivized and rewarding apartment tours.Real Estate, Prop-Tech, SAASDriven and motivated engineers who are familiar in PHP. Blockchain enthusiasts, AI, and predictive modeling. Ideally, we are seeking full stack/back end developers who love to code!Love passionate entrepreneur developers who share a desire in disrupting industries for the better. Shoot me an email and lets talk ASAP! We are on a mission to reinvent the multifamily apartment industry. BRANDON@RENTLOOP.CO
KAOSHIchukwunonso@uchicago.eduPSD Polsky; Polsky Numo Fintech Finalist; I Corp Cohort (Spring 2018); Polsky Summer Accelerator (Summer 2018)NVCAccepted into NVC. Seeking Team (still under construction)We create fintech solution tailor made for emerging market (starting with African banks) banks and financial institutions to keep them competitive and innocatiove, warding of competition from external fintech entrants (think what Zelle has done for banks winning the payments market over from Venmo and Cash App). Our launch product is targeting retail remittance, as remittance costs in Africa are the highest in the world, due to the broken and underserved nature of this market. We have created a peer to peer money swap solution to solve this problem. Transferwise and Currencyfair have demonstrated the efficacy of this solution in Europe. Thus, we have developed this solution and redesigned it for African banks to run and operate. FintechWe are looking for passionate and hustler type business students willing to put the sweat in figuring out how to help an infant startup grow into a successful business. Experience in the payment industry, and emerging markets (Africa if possible, though not required) would very helpful. We are looking for innovative strategists who can figure best delivery for our product and fine tune our idea. We are also looking for students who will develop a business plan for NVC and VC funding.We believe we would be one of the most experienced teams coming into the competition if accepted. Over the past one year we have operated an improvized platform and conducted over 500 money swaps. In the past 1 year, we have been through several Polsky Entreprenuerial programs that have enabled us fine tune and develop our idea - Finalist in Numo Fintech Challenge; Polsky I-Corp Spring 2018; Polsky Summer Accelerator 2018 ($10,000); Shortlisted by the British Royal Academy in Engineering for the Africa Prize (on going Prize to be announced in June 2019); Winners of the Chicago Innovation Challenege 2018 ($2000). We are on schedule to complete our app development by December and begin beta testing. We are currently talking/meeting with executives at African (Ghana & Nigeria) mobile banks and telcos to pursue licensing of our software. We hope to have a full launch in January 2019. We are currently raising a seed round for our startup. Our current team comprises of a PhD candidate in theoritical physics (UChicago), PhD candidate in computer science (Cornell), a MSc. candidate in computer engineering (TuDelft) and a compliance lawyer (Queens Mary University of London) making a strong technical team.1. 2. 3. 4.
Chad Husko
Leon Tsutsumi
Polsky Exchange
Booth '19
NVCNVC Light Technologies’ mission is to deliver innovative manufacturing solutions to transition
the $300 billion dollar optical technology industry from small-scale industrial processes to highvolume
consumer applications. Our IP protected laser technology is the critical missing piece to enable mass production of miniature light (optical) circuits known as photonic integrated circuits (PICs). Iris will deliver immediate value to the rapidly growing optical sensors sector, our entry market currently valued at $15 billion a year (16.9% CAGR).
Now we proceed to NVC Phase II, and recruit one additional team member. He/she should be a strong Booth MBA candidate or UChicago graduate student who has these experiences/skills/motivation:

1) Financial modeling
2) Rricing, cost estimate, and profit projection
3) Passionate about hardware technology startup
We are currently incubating our technology in the Chain Reaction Innovations (CRI) program at Argonne National Laboratory. Through CRI, we are deploying R&D funds to leverage existing infrastructure and accelerate our technical progress. Also, now we proceed to NVC Phase II, and are elaborating entry strategy, customer discovery, and converting the information into prototyping. If interested please contact Chad Husko ( and Leon Tsutsumi (
Lin Chenlinchen@chicagobooth.eduBooth 22Wins the national Dept. of Defense (DOD) competition prize: NVCwww.beltechsystem.comNeural Trend is here to solve that problem.Battery Materials/CleantechData ScientistPartner with Argonne National Lab for R&D; Prototypes to be finished by July; Get initial funding for material products; Partner with two other companies for materials scale up and battery testing; finalist for $1M government grant
Colin Keeleyckeeley@chicagobooth.eduBooth ' 19NVCNVCTwistTry.comTwist transforms unused city space into a network of places where you can work and connect ♻️☕️👨‍💻🏙️ We partner with city restaurants that would normally be closed during the day to make their beautiful spaces available to freelancers and remote workers.

Sign up at for early access (2,500+ waitlist).
Tech MarketplaceStrong interest in entrepreneurship and skill set(s) in any of these areas:

1) Developer
2) Design, UI/UX
3) Logistics
4) Marketing
5) Operations
I've founded a few companies before (2017 50 on Fire finalist) and did NVC last year. Email me at if you are interested in learning more.
Dipdmajumd0@chicagobooth.eduBooth '20NVCNVCwww.neuraltrend.comIt takes retailers 8 to 12 months to design a product, manufacture a small batch, ship to brick and mortar stores to test the market and if successful, manufacture in bulk. This process takes a lot of money, resources, and energy.

Neural Trend was developed to help retailers go from design to validating product success within two months and with much higher confidence, saving them thousands of dollars in operating cost. Our tool also helps find highly targeted consumer who are more likely to buy and less likely to return resulting in higher revenue.

B2B Technology / RetailBusiness content developer.
Data Scientist
Hayder Allebbanhayder@chicagobooth.eduBooth '20NVCNVCNetworking is a vital, yet painful experience for most people that should be energizing and rewarding. We are building a web platform that helps students at business schools, law schools, and medical schools find and create stronger, higher quality bonds with their peers and alumni.Social appWeb development, financial modeling.I'm a NVC / SNVC veteran trying to build a strong team that can take Quick Kick to market. Hit me up at or 313-303-6714.
Nathan Bartlettnbartlett@uchicago.eduStaffNVCNVChttps://ikgapp.comIt's has always been said that it's not what you know, but who you know. Or, to really get things done you have to be connected.
Well, the IKG app is all about who you should know and getting connected.

The IKG app pulls together all of your connections from your phone and social media. With a very simple interface and voice command it allows you to access all of your connections when and where you need them. But that's just the start. It allows you to access your connection's connections. Meaning you can connect with the people and services you need through the people you already know. You can also build a profile that showcases your skills and knowledge to find work and make new connections.
Mobile AppAll top leadership:
Head of Operations (CEO)
Head of Development (CTO)
Head of Accounting and Finance (CFO)
App is completely designed and prototyped for both mobile phone amd Apple watch.

Website is built and live.

Base marketing plan is build.

base fo the business plan and pitch deck is built as well (That's were you come in...)
Max Needle
Sean Stanley
Austin Chung
Booth 2020
Booth 2020
Harris 2020
NVCAccepted into NVC Phase IIIn progressTourneyLand is an interactive fantasy sports platform. Unlike player-based, traditional season-long and daily fantasy offerings, TourneyLand focuses on team performance in post-season tournament play across numerous professional and college sports (NFL/NBA/MLB Playoffs, March Madness, golf and tennis major tournaments, etc.). With the Supreme Court's decision to repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 in May, fantasy sports offerings and traditional sports betting are quickly blurring together, creating an industry that is ripe for innovation. TourneyLand is poised to capitalize on these tailwinds by bringing sports enthusiasts together in a new, fun, and interactive way.Sports, Media & EntertainmentoperationsOver the last few years, we have created a low-tech, minimally viable product and have experienced strong user growth and retention. We are now building a tech platform that will revolutionize the way people play fantasy sports. Please reach out to us if you are interested and share our mission!
Osei Appiagyeioappiagy@chicagobooth.eduBooth ' 19NVCNVCIn Progress: www.africanaairline.comAfricana Airlines is a privately owned and managed airline that provides substantial air service initially within Africa on the premise of connectivity, affordability, reliability, and convenience.
A variety of factors have made intra-Africa air travel problematic, including:
- Travel times exceeding 24 hours and routings that take travelers to Europe or the Middle East and back;
- Lack of connectivity and schedule depth has produced poor route pairings and low frequencies;
- Lack of online booking tools requires purchases at city ticket offices; and
- Operational inconsistency and high fares offered by incumbents.

The Company will be the embodiment of successful lessons learned from the single hub, connector airline model (COPA Airlines) and incorporates a fleet strategy successfully implemented by both Copa and AZUL Airlines.
Commercial AviationStrong students in the following:
1) Digital Strategy / Web Developer / E-Commerce
We are currently in the process of securing our Air Carrier License and may the opportunity to launch within the next 12-24 months

Please see our executive summary at the link below:
Rebecca Leonardrebecca.leonard@chicagobooth.eduBooth 2020NVCNVCThis business-to-business company seeks to digitalize inventory management across the industrial recycling industry. We will leverage blockchain, API, and AI technology and monetize insights related to domestic and international trade and shipping.Industrial RecyclingSeeking a dedicated co-founder - ideally an expert in breakthrough technologiesCurrently conducting customer analyses, understanding marketing segmentation, and developing a positioning strategy
Thomas Kerneythomas@earlyraise.comPolsky Incubator CompanyPolsky AccelatorNVCearlyraise.comEarly is an Investment Management platform that allows qualified investors to seed and invest in Private Equity through Independent Sponsors, Search Funds, Opportunity Funds, Direct, and Co-Investments from fund managers who are graduates of the Top 20 MBA Programs in the United States.x
Howard Riadyriady@uchicago.eduSocial Sciences (Econ) '19NVCNVCwww.veblenist.comDTC focusing on watch accessories. Currently expanding collection other leather goods.Consumer goods, luxury retail, DTCMarketing, product development
Soheil EbadatSebadat@uchicago.eduLaw '20NVCNVCwww.airspaceoffice.coChoswn NVC cohort for spring . Visit site for more info Hospitality/Real Estate/Data AnalyticsLooking for team members with strong interest in entrepreneurship and (any one or more of the below) 1) Commercial Real Estate Experience 2) software engineering/computer science Feel free to email me @ or call 832-283-2211
Tural Bayev
Booth "22NVCNVCwww.swapp.orgSwapp is a most innovative AI powered platform, that benefits companies to lower their employee turnover rate using our AI and DML algorithms; manage employee and client data by using our business card, networking and event management tools. B2B/ Technology Looking for passionate and enthusiastic team members who wants to be part of the Swapp team at NVC. People with below skills and background is preferred.
1. Digital Marketing, Marketing and brand strategy
2. Data scientists that is passionate about DML and AI
3. HR, Recruiting professional
4. Finance
5. Sales
6. Operations
Please note that these are preffered backgrounds I have listed but if you are not experienced in these areas but are passionate enough to take on this challenge please reach out to me. You can text me on 312 912 1515 or email me .
Thanks in advance and talk to you soon.
Balaji Jothishankarjothish2@chicagobooth.eduBooth/Pritzker 2020SNVCSNVCwww.populifoundation.orgWe are a counseling foundation for underrepresented (minority students, low SES students, etc) pre-medical students where the counselors would be medical students. We would be offering this counseling at a nominal fee and would provide a variety of counseling services that they may not get access to at their universities.Healthcare, EducationFront end website design, marketing experience, non profit experience, business strategy, operations, finance.Feel free to email me with any questions!
Tom Zhangtom.zhang@zenblen.comCollege '16, Booth ScholarNVCNVCwww.zenblen.comZenblen combines technology with nutritionist curated recipes to bring you healthy, convenient smoothies anywhere. Our automated kiosks dispense and blends ingredients right in front of you, fresh to order.Food & BeverageHardware engineer, food logistics expert, mobile app developer, anyone interested in taking the venture through NVC.Come join a fun team and disrupt the smoothie industry! Feel free to reach out to me at
Laurence Warnerlaurence@firstweekflipphone.comSocial Sciences '19SNVCAccepted into SNVC. Looking for 5th & final team-mate. Passion for Digital Detox + Experience with B2C Product.firstweekflipphone.comCrazy fun challenge to live without your smartphone for 7 days, to push the reset button with your tech. Exploring 2 directions for SNVC: 1). CheckMates: a platform for friends to take a time-limited challenge together. 2). Smartphone detox challenge in schools.Nonprofit: technology, education, digital wellnessSomeone with a zest for creative approaches to engaging tech users in 2019.Project backed by Fulbright Association.
rjankowsky@uchicago.eduSSA 2019SNVCin progressThe Academy Project works with youth soccer academies in developing countries to care for the mental health and socioemotional development of kids in their care. We provide a toolkit which adapts youth development principles to the pressurized environment of an academy setting, while allowing each user to tailor the modules to their own cultural context. We aim to open our own academy with a focus on generating learning and exchange opportunities for academy leaders, coaches, and players, while championing whole-person development.Nonprofit: Sport, Education, & Mental HealthFundraising, Curriculum development, AdministrationAn understanding of (1)the social role that soccer plays outside of the US, and/or (2)youth development is appreciated, but not 100% necessary
Tom Sheatshea@adjacenttechnology.comBooth 2021NVCNVCadjacenttechnology.comadjacent Advertising Solutions aims to outfit trucks on the road with screens to dynamically deliver time and location aware advertisements. These mobile billboards allows advertisers to reach customers with high conversion potential - at the right place, and at the right time. Advertising, Technology, TransportationMarketing (agency experience and/or contacts a plus)

Hardware Engineer

Electrical Engineer
adjacent Advertising is currently a two-person team that has been working on the idea for a few months now. We're super passionate about it, and are hoping to fill out the team with like-minded individuals that compliment the business and fill skill gaps. We've already developed the software and have a working MVP.

We have a ton of resources I'd be happy to share with interested parties (slide deck, business plan, concept video, etc). If you think you might be a good fit or are interested in learning more, we'd love to hear from you!
Anuraag Tripathianuraag@manifestledger.comMy co-founder is BoothWe just participated in NVCmanifestledger.comKeep 401(k) balances conslidated and growing as employees switch positions by decreasing administrative costsFinancial Services / FintechResearchEmail me at anytime or visit us at the Polsky Exchange
Alex Montalbinialex.montalbini@amelioproperties.comPolsky MemberNVC, SNVC, ANVC, Polsky Acceleratoramelioproperties.comAmelio is a residential property development and management company with a focus on occupant health and comfort. We implement strategies to improve indoor air, water and lighting quality, acoustic attenuation and thermal comfort.

We are currently in the early stages and are working on a pilot project (a condo unit renovation).
Real Estate/Health and WellnessWe are seeking co-founders, team members and advisors with experience in any aspect of real estate development and building design/construciton (architecture, interior design, MEP engineering), health and welness and marketing.

We are also looking for researchers (e.g., health and environmental health professionals, epidemiologists) with an interest in how the built environment affects health and well-being.
My background is in structural engineering design and I worked on international large-scale developments as well as local projects. My teammate is a post-doc at IIT researching indoor air quality, public exposure and health.
Melody Robertsmelody@liv-labs.comPolsky Incubator CompanyAnything for which your participation would qualify us. I'm a Hyde Parker and graduate of Yale, Illinois Tech, IDEO and 12 years in corporate America . . . but not Booth.liv-labs.comProduct company providing a novel exercise accessory to help women who pee themselves when they laugh, sneeze, cough, jump or go running. And if that's not exciting enough, it's intra-vaginal!eCommerce for health and fitnessFull-throttle, millenial-savvy marketing with strong experience in direct-to-consumer, social media, and PR.Make a difference in the lives of 23 million women, some of whom never exercise any more or - worse yet - avoid leaving the house! And plan to have fun with the storytelling. We can make this brand whatever it needs to be to move women off the mark - be it edgy, in your face, discrete, warm, witty.
Michael Kokotmkokot@casecomps.comBooth ' connects case competition organizers, students seeking case competitions, and firms seeking top talentTalent recruiting softwareSomeone with marketing and sales experienceSite has been used by national competitions, and is fully functional. Cofounder is needed to help scale the platform.
Pearl Rannapgranna@uchicago.eduMAIDP '19SNVCSNVCComing soonProviding sustainable programs for young single mother's in rural areas that promote opportunties tied to access to informal education and support (personal, professional and social development). Innovative solutions to socio-economic inequality and gender disparities, while achieving SDG1, 2, 4, 5 & 17. NGO - Innovative programsSeeking co-founders and/or advisors with a passion and experience in gender equality, youth inclusion, rural development or poverty eradcation. Should have one of he following skills; Data programming/analysis, Project management, financial modelling, network building, program evaluation, feasibility assesment, fund raising. Feel free to email me anytime for more information
Vipin Bhatiavbhatia0@chicagobooth.eduBooth'19NVCNVCn/aAn app-based solution that detects the size of finger touch on screen and activates/deactivates the apps, which should/should not be accessed by "certain size of finger touch."

Problem Statement : In the world of ever-increasingly and growing interactions of kids and toddlers with device screeens, a perpetual challenge of modern-day parents is to how to avoid unwarranted and accidental transactions by kids while they are on devices. How parents ensure that kids are not able to interact and transact on apps such as Amazon and Uber in the days of "one-touch transactions" claims.

Another part of challenge we are addressing is to save kids from the content they should not be exposed to from the internet, while they are on the devices.
Technology, App-based Solution, B2C OfferingApp Developer
Pricing and Financial Modeller
Join us if you believe are passionate about technology and are interested to explore ways on how to make technology work for your daily life.
48 '05 Booth '20NVC iCorp Innovation Fund Mass Challenge South by SouthwestNVCvedagracemd.comVeda Grace is a virtual cosmetic dermatology practice that uses mobile technology to democratize cosmetic dermatology and achieve unprescended results through percision medicine. Our tech is a literally a sitcker for your phone's camera that allows our dermatologist to see into your skin during a virtual consultation. After the consultation, our monthly membership model includes all your product and prescriptions, which sent directly to your home.Health
Consumer Retail
Strong interest in entrepreneurship, desire to become a cofounder, and skill set(s) in any of these areas:

1) Marketing strategy
2) Design, UI/UX
3) Beauty Industry
4) eCommerce
5) Operations
We work out of Polsky Exchange. We have a full-stack developer, data scientist and plastic surgeon/cosmetic dermatologist on the team. The founders have exited 3 previous started-ups.

Our deck:
49 '20NVC (Currently Polsy Accellerator)NVCn/aStarted by a dermatologist, plastic surgeon and Booth student, Prescribed recognizes the tremendously difficulty women face when looking for the right skin care products and aesthetic services. While the entire industry focuses on the product, Prescribed offers super fun and education skin tests to help women identify the exact characteristics of their skin and pairs the results of these tests with artificial intelligence to automate the prescribing practices of a dermatologist. Our products and services are dispensed on a subscription model and prescriptions are updated based upon repeated testing that assess the client's response to products. Technology, Medicine, Consumer goods and retail.Strong interest in entrepreneurship and:

1) Software engineering
2) Marketing strategy
3) Retailing and/or merchandizing
4) Design
5) Data Science
6) Operations
So far we have 2 cofounders: a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon/enterpreneur/Booth student. Collectively, we founded 8 startups with 4 exits to-date (Currently, closing on #5). We are looking for key individuals to bring on teammates/cofounders to get this new project rolling.

Mk Norrismaggie@upholdhealth.comNVC iCorp Innovation Fund Mass Challenge South by SouthwestSNVC, NVCupholdhealth.comRedesigning end of life planning. Looking for people with the hunger for equity leadership roles.Healthcare, Digital Health, Insurance, Finance and Legal B2B Looking for good people with a team mindset that are enjoyable to work with. Skills can be learned.conducted research at Northwestern - functional prototype - 20 users
Chelsie Pattersoncpatter1@chicagobooth.eduBooth '19NVC We are a greeting card and digital software company updating the cash givftng business to meet the digital era. Imagine a world where Hallmark and Venmo combined forces. Consumer, Technology, FinancePortfolio Management Experience- a great opportunity to gain experience with FinTech
Opportunity to join a team from the ground level. Your inputs will matter throughout NVC. Feel free to reach out to me at to learn more.
Tim Ramseytim@totalmindcare.comGSB 2003ANVCANVCtotalmindcare.comTotal MINDCARE is an online AI-powered Behavioral Health Practice.  Total MINDCARE will accomplish its goal of helping its customers achieve healthier minds through a unique fusion of behavioral health professionals, peer support, and personalized, data-driven, digitally delivered treatment plans that combine into a digital community providing affordable, world-class care to all.  Specifically, Total MINDCARE will leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist its providers and partners with the creation of personalized treatment plans and care bundles that are customized to best address each patient’s unique presentation and biology.  Total MINDCARE will deliver digital care through clinically proven techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Measurement-base Care, and wellness programs.  Total MINDCARE will also deliver telemedicine and teletherapy services.  Total MINDCARE will acquire users through direct digital marketing on Social Media and network effects driven by its community.Healthcare - Behavioral healthDatabase experts, programmers, Online Marketing, OperationsWe have completed the prototype and are currently implementing the functional MVP.  Initial clinical rules for the AI have been determined and CBT and Wellness programs have been in-licensed.
Contact Tim at
Esther '19NVC Korean inspired on-the-go breakfast sandwich roll that focuses on fresh and sustainable local ingredientsFood & BeveragesSmart, driven people interested in Food & Beverage / CPG:

- Operations / wholesale
- Sales & Marketing
- Web / App developer
- Successfully tested the product at the South Loop Farmers Market in Summer 2018
- Two flavors: (1) Free-range Egg + Cheddar w/ Scallions (2) K-BBQ (Korean ribeye) + Mozzarella
- Currently only focusing on drop-off catering opportunities and pick-ups
- Current customers include WeWork, University of Chicago - Booth, students / farmers market followers
- Looking ways to scale (coffee shops, foxtrot, other drop-off catering opportunities
Juan Mejiajcmejia@uchicago.eduMPP '20SNVCHelpii is a "crowdhelping" social platform. We seek to be intermediares between causes and people who has money, ideas, or items to donate to specific causes. Think of Kickstarter but for the social good. Our goal is to become the biggest platform there is to help social causes in the world. Innovative programs for social causesstrategyWe have completed all the prototyping of the app and designs
Jianwei Gujgu4@chicagobooth.eduBooth'19NVCNVCn/aStarted with a simple hobby - adventureous, fun, and costly, which is flying the little airplane by you or by other pilots to see the horizon in an elevated view, we wanted to extend the fun to other people and share the wonderfulness that you could experience affordably. We are making the connection between you and airplanes and pilots in an convenient way by providing the platform where you can choose which small airplane you wants to experience in the air, and when and with whom. Entertainment, sharing economy, B2Cdeveloper, digital marketingI myself hold the private pilot license and have a few experienced pilots friends too. we have broad network of knowing the need and access the resource. Just need to put it into business and get it started. Any question, please reach out
Eddie Paulinoepaulin0@chicagobooth.eduBooth ' (work in progress)The vision: To collaboratively create an open source web based design guide engineers and architects can use to find the latest and greatest design practices and resources.
Engineering, Architecture, Construction, web applicationsapp developer, marketing experience, engineers, architects, others interested1. Working on creating a website prototype that will use open source and wiki philosophies/community guidelines to have users create/contribute/edit/ and help manage the guides.
2. Looking to perform industry research on the best "guide" format that would make the site attractive for users working on the design of their projects accross all engineering/architecture disciplines.
3. Looking to create content for a blog to attract users or find other ways to bring aboard users that will contribute by creating/editing guides.
Kevan Fisherkevan.t.fisher@gmail.comUChicago Law School 2016Alumni (work in progress)Class-based boutique fitness studio utilizing weights and a VersaClimber.Fitness and ExerciseMarketing, strategy and operationsConfidential information memorandum put together. Teammates will be able to join from the ground up and have significant role and input.
James Cannonjcannonpbr@gmail.comCSU 1980NVCthenewsschool.comto educate and train minority youth to become credentiaked Youth Citizen JournalistsMediaeditors, bloggers, social media expertiseHave a detailed curriculum and proof of concept. Need space and additional equipment.
Flynn Falconeflynn@storybuild.comThe College '92ANVC/Polsky Acceleratorwww.storybuild.comStoryBuild's Mission: to provide tools with which and a place where overlooked and underserved creators can build and be seen.Entertainment MediaMissionaries in the following areas: 1) Web Development/Engineering 2) Marketing 3) Graphic Design/Animation 4) Finance 5) OperationsWe are in the early stages of development on a prototype as proof of concept/market validation. StoryBuild needs YOU! As a veteran of the Hollywood War for Visibility, I have an acute understanding of how challenging it is for creators to get their story ideas/projects: 1) Built 2) Seen 3) Sold. We want to 10X market visibility and traction for writers, actors, filmmakers, and creatives of all stripes. If our mission/project is of interest, don't hesitate to contact me by email.
Anand Seshadrianand.seshadri@chicagobooth.eduBooth, 2011NVC, ANVC (in progress)* What it is / Progress to Date - Prodecktivity(TM) is an advanced PowerPoint productivity enhancement tool. Funded by & co-created with a $500+MM / 1,500-consultant management consulting company with inputs from consultants from the likes of A.T. Kearney and McKinsey, we are in the final stages of rollout across the client organization. The tool is in the nature of a Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in / custom menu / "ribbon" with a range of functionality to enhance user productivity by 50-75+% in many tests.

* Market - there is a large white space across corporate America, many management consulting firms and businesses & individuals that use PowerPoint. And, while the largest of management consulting firms have their own in-house variants, we designed the tool to be ahead of the curve based on our own experiences and insights. We have demo'd and have traction with two major fortune 50 corporations. See "Think-Cell" as a comparable.

* Founders / what we are looking for - I am an ex A.T. Kearney consultant and former Head of Software Strategy for Anthem, and co-own the product with another ex A.T. Kearney consultant. We are looking for a third partner to help represent us at NVC and lead on an ongoing basis.
PowerPoint productivity tool / universal applicabilityI am an ex A.T. Kearney consultant and former Head of Software Strategy for Anthem, and co-own the product with another ex A.T. Kearney consultant. We are looking for a third partner to help represent us at NVC and lead on an ongoing basis.

A self-starter with a passion for entrepreneurship to help drive our NVC participation, and own the business plan and product roadmap.

Nice to haves - Microsoft technologies, product management, software development.
Funded by & co-created with a $500+MM / 1,500-consultant management consulting company with inputs from consultants from the likes of A.T. Kearney and McKinsey, we are in the final stages of rollout across the client organization.

If interested, please email me at and we can connect for a discussion. Also happy to demo the product.

Time is of the essence, so sooner the better.
Ashley Cornwellashleyb0@chicagobooth.eduBooth '19NVCwww.lavielaundry.comWe are a same day- hamper to hanger luxury laundry service. We are like a housekeeper except we only focus on laundry. You leave for work, we do your laundry, you come home to all your dirty laundry clean and put away. We have already done a soft launch, and will be excelerating in the coming year. Hospitalitymarketing, strategy and operations Feel free to contact me. If there is anything you are interested in trying and want to experiement, we are looking for anyone who is looking to expand their current background or wants to stay with what they know. We have launched but we want to stay innovative.
Marisol Perez-Chowmprezcho@chicagobooth.eduBooth '19NVCÀ’goVest is the first women-focused investment platform in Mexico that aims to democratize investments and eliminate the investment gender gap due to the lack of investment culture and women-centered financial solutions. Based on each woman’s profile and financial needs, our algorithm will offer a personalized and automated investment portfolio that maximizes her probabilities of achieving her goals and allow her to be in control of her financial future at a time when 90% of mexican women have never invested in their lives. FintechStrong interest in Fintech and passionate about leveling the playing field for women in Latin America. Looking for people with experience in any of the following areas:

Product and market research
Software engineer
I have experience in co-founding the first and currently the largest equity crowdfunding platform in Mexico and Latin America.

Feel free to reach out to me if interested: or 312 813 4036
Juan Pablo Easton
Nakul Gupta
Katie Orovecz
Booth '19 and Booth '20NVCNVCwww.mymbacircle.comMyMbaCircle's mission is to democratize admissions support to the world’s most coveted business schools and make the process more transparent than it is today through honest & bite-sized mentoring.
MyMbaCircle is a tech platform where MBA prospects can instantly book essay reviews, mock interviews, GMAT guidance, resume editing, and school-specific insights from highly curated second-year students and alumni via 1-on-1 calls.
Education technology We have got a two-sided tech marketplace platform in place, 35+ mentors from top 12 b-schools and healthy traction. While we will need someone to be a business athlete and wear many hats on the team, the focus of the role would be to generating and managing demand (partnerships, content/digital marketing and growth hacking) as we are scaling up fast!This is just the start for us as we hope to achieve success in the MBA market and provide honest, bite-size mentoring services for every stage of an individual’s career. (undergard, internship search, job/careers etc.)

Write to us at
Mk Norrismaggie@upholdhealth.comNorthwestern AlumNVC iCorp Innovation Fund Mass Challenge South by SouthwestSNVC, NVCupholdhealth.comRedesigning advance care planning. $10B in ARR by 2020Healthcare, Digital Health, Insurance, Finance and Legal B2B Looking for good people with a team mindset that are enjoyable to work with. Open to Co-founders. Engineers are most desired.conducted research at Northwestern - functional prototype - 20 users - raised angel funding in 2017
Sid Singhssingh21@chicagobooth.eduBooth '21NVCNVCThe mission of ______ is to help home sellers (and buyers) save money on a transaction by minimizing the traditional 5-6% commission that is paid to agents/ brokers.

We assist the sellers by providing a tech platform that helps manage the complexities surrounding real estate transactions- listing, marketing to buyers, scheduling showings, negotiating and paperwork related to closing. Our technology assists sellers the entire way of the process- from listing the home to closing the deal.
Real Estate TechCo-founder or team member with strong background in disruptive tech marketing strategy and growth planningWe are working on a bootstrap MVP and should have it ready by June '19
Wale Emmanuelwale.emmanuel@gmail.comDePaul '09NVCn/aSideGuard is an app platform that connects you with a personal security guard at the touch of a fingertip. SideGuard consists of an app platform that connects users with security personnel who have been screened and vetted for effectiveness, knowledge and efficiency.Mobile App / PlatformMarketing, IT
Debra Michaelsdmichaels@chicagobooth.eduBooth Spring '19SNVCUnlock Potential provides experiences and a network to help individuals connect, mentor and give back. Through unique curated experiences, such as Meaningful Lunches with "six strangers", individuals can break down barriers, and meet and build relationships with people who share their commitment to personal and professional growth. Unlock potential will bridge divides, deepen our sense of community, and leverage social capital to strengthen Chicago and ourselves.Social engagement, community development, professional developmentMy own personal experience is from the social impact world, especially in volunteerism. I am looking for partners with a passion for improving Chicago, but who would bring unique skill sets in training/development, experiential learning, corporate social engagement, and/or marketing.While I am still in the ideation and formation phase, I have spent the last 1+year talking to partners across the city. With the support of new team members, I do think we can quickly launch a pilot, with hopes to get the first customers to follow (likely to start with corporations seeking engagement for their employees) asap.
Aya Somaiasomai@uchicago.eduCollege '21CNVCCNVCHakimiO is a tech-based, data-driven and patient-centric healthcare provider that uses technology and innovation to transform healthcare into a simple, integrated, and efficient experience in MENA and African regions. We are using the mobile as the platform for creating, distributing and consuming digital services that appeal to local interests and cultures.Heathcare/TechWe are mainly looking at individuals with experience and background in technology, entrepreneurship/business or healthcare economics. Programming/app development highly recommended.From a technology standpoint, we are currently building the app for both iOS devices and Android. Our website is already designed and will be launched shortly. We are also conducting ongoing market research to help identify and incorporate the patients’ needs in a consumer-friendly, customizable experience on our platform. We have a partnership with the Tunisian Center for Public Health, helping us collect the relevant data and connect to specialists. Email: or
Arjun Vellayappanavellaya@chicagobooth.eduBooth 2020NVCAt Gumdrop, our patent pending adorable, portable and versatile tool helps working individuals, athletes and professionals reduce myofascial muscle pain all over their body so they can perform at their best. To date, we've formed an LLC, filed our utility and design patent and successfully funded and fulfilled a Kickstarter campaign of orders for over $14,000 and turned profitable in 2018.

We are currently working to update our website for full e-commerce functionality and expand our market footprint to the professional and retail segments so we're excited to meet anyone interested in the sales and marketing space for athletic/retail/consumer goods who would like to join the Gumdrop revolution!
Consumer/Athletic/MassageWe are looking for individuals with experience and interest in sales/marketing for consumer/athletic/retail products and helping us grow our presenceFinished Kickstarter and had revenues of ~$20,000 in 2018, looking for growth in 2019 with e-commerce and retail brick and mortar expansion. If interested, please contact us at with your background and reasons you're interested!
Anish Bhatnagaranishb@chicagobooth.eduBooth FT '19NVCThe "Over-the-counter" (OTC) derivatives market was $11 trillion at the end of 2017. Yet unlike exchange-traded contracts, little standardization exists in OTC derivatives, causing a roadblock to automation in the industry. We are developing SaaS technology for private banks and wealth managers that uses to determine contracts from termsheets for non-standard derivative products. The data we collect on contracts will in turn lead to standardization and automation of the OTC derivative trading and settlement processes.Financial Services / Fintech- Data Science
- Legal experts
- B2B sales
- Anyone with experience in derivatives
Dwight Frederickdfrederi@chicagobooth.eduBooth '19NVCtravelsoulapp.comTravelSOUL is a social mobile app that allows travelers to connect with one another before and during a trip based on mutual interests.Travel-Business Development
-Digital Marketing Strategy
Justin Lizli13@chicagobooth.eduBooth'19NVCbiglittledippers.comBiglittledippers is a platform for people to share and save their favorite recipes, cooking/dinning videos with their freinds and followers, also match a local restaurants or bakery to make the customized meal/food based on the recipes people like.Consumer/Food/Social-Sofeware developer/AI or Machine Learning
-Business Operation/Prodcut Management
-Marketing Strategy
We are in the early stage of developing a prototype and concept validation. We would like work with someone who are passionate about creating a futur dining experiences for people, place contact me at
Nikhil Deshpandendeshpa0@chicagobooth.eduBooth '19NVCIn ProgressEcent Corp: Dramatically simplifying Access Control. We help companies control access to software they build, so that they can reliably manage multiple different types of user roles - this creates value for customers by reducing security risks, reducing human intervention required for access control, dramatically reducing development costs, and providing better scalability.Enterprise SoftwareYou will be part of the core leadership team, hence we are looking for someone with a strong interest in entrepreneurship and any of the following skills:
-Proficiency in HTML 5 and/or Java
We are still in the early stages of development. We have had several interviews with software companies/potential customers to establish the requirements and design architecture of the product. We are now developing the prototype.

If you're interested, please feel free to contact me at
Mrignayani Kotechamkotecha@o2map.comI Corpwww.o2map.comO2M Technologies is a medical device company developing noninvasive oxygen imaging instruments for in vitro and in vivo measurements in small animals. We use patented technology to generate 3D oxygen maps based on pulse electron magnetic resonance imaging technology. Tissue oxygen maps obtained using our technology can be used to guide efficient radiation treatment, assess immunotherapy and chemotherapy outcomes, assist drug development, and probe vitality of artificial tissue grafts pre- and post-implantation.Medical devicesA team member for I Corp program funded by NIH, the committment will be from April 2019-June 2019 with the possibility of involvement for business development in the future. The deadline for reaching out to me is Jan 20, 2019.Please reach out to me at if you are interested.
Samy Bendjemilbendjemil.samy@gmail.comSNVCOur project is to connect shea butter farmers in rural west Africa with international markets that will use the raw materials for their products. A percentage of profits will be dedicated to infrastructure development in strategic areas to help people out of extreme poverty such as building schools, clinics, and small business grants. x
Natalia Khoslanatalia.khosla@uchospitals.eduPritzker 2020SNVCGrowing up straddling two cultures as a child of immigrants in the US can be alienating and confusing, yet this is a population that has received little attenion. DesiSpace is an app that aims to combat the isolation and mental health challenges prevalent amongst first generation South Asians in America. We do this by creating a social platform for South Asian Americans to meet one another and linking users to culturally-sensitive therapy and psychiatry services in their area.Community development, mental health-1 more team member who is passionate about these issues to join our team of 4Please reach out if interested or would like to discuss further!
Md Islammislam0@chicabooth.eduBoothANVCANVChttps://lubyc.comAn online multi-sided platform for development, engagement, share and care to become an impactful world citizen.Internet/ PlatformCEO, CMO, CTOPlease contact Md via email provided if you are interested.
Jared Lewisjaredl@uchicag.eduHarris/20SNVCFood incubator, accelerator and shared kitchen space targeting marginalized entrepreneurs to develop their branding, marketing and operations and then place them into acquired commercial corridors on then Southside of Chicago.
xCFO, CMOPlease email jared at
Emanuele D'Avolioedavolio@chicagobooth.eduBooth 2020SNVCtackle the issue of food-waste by leveraging the sharing economy and spare capacity of third-party couriers. Generating incremental business for grocers and restaurants, the app will allow them to sell soon-to-expire food, which will be either collected by consumers or delivered at minimum cost via a co-owned delivery network. The company name will be SoulMeal.xCFO, CTOPlease email me at
Ryan Waldorf Robbie Forest Ryan rbertee@chicagobooth.eduBooth '19NVCNVChttps://www.homebuddy.houseHomebuddy is a tech-enabled brokerage that provides a premium experience to homebuyers by continuing to provide them with support after they purchase their home.FinTech, Real Estate Tech, Property TechFullstack developer, data scientist, people with real estate, mortgage, or financial advisory, and insurance experienceLive platform with 160+ homeowners in the US, UK, and Canada; piloting with 3 brokerages in ChicagoWe were featured by Built in Chicago!
Shatisha Woodsshatishaw@uchicago.eduI CorpMarketplace for teachers and daycare providers to sell their new or gently used items (books, equipment, etc)Mobile TechnologyI am looking for team members/co-founders that have some experience in business development, marketing strategy, marketplace website, and fund sourcing.
Jenny Wangjennyw@uchicago.eduSSA 2019SNVC, mental health, emotional and social support programsNGOAnyone who is interested in.Email your resume to Jenny Wang (
Booth '20NVChttp://fivetonine.coFive to Nine helps organizations retain their top talent. Only 9% of companies currently measure the ROI of their employee engagement programs. We provide management a unified tool to organize internal programs, analyze employee participation and measure overall ROI. Five to Nine allows customers to engage employees throughout their career driving retention in a market where the US loses $160B annually on turnover. HRTech, Employee EngagementWe are looking for team members interested in the employee engagement space who have skillsets in: research, data science, modeling, operations, B2B marketing, or Human Resources.Live platform with customers that range from public companies to fast-growing startups. Please contact me if interested!
Jilian Fentonjfenton4@chicagobooth.eduBooth '19NVCwww.myartcache.comMy Art Cache is a matching platform for art dealers to find their client's most desired pieces. Today, in the art market, art professionals are unable to market their full inventories because they fear overexposure of their art. My Art Cache resolves this issue by matching individual "wishes" with available inventories. The platform was developed in conjunction with our network of art dealers and galleries in order to ensure it meets their needs.Art / Tech Marketing, Design, Software Development, Art Lovers! We are a Phase II NVC team and looking for team mates for the class. We will also likely be doing a summer accelerator and will be looking for team mates for that as well. Individuals who are interested in startup roles long term are also welcome! Live platform with customers; Phase II NVC team; contact Jilian @
Chris Katanskikatanski@uchicago.eduBMB 19'I-corps4SR bioscinces is trying to commercialize high-throughput sequencing technology to help resaerchers in microbiome fieles and cell stress fields to understand physiology and taxonomic composition of their samples. The technology is based on tRNA sequencing instead of traditional 16S rRNA sequencing.biotechTeammates for I-corp. We're interested in understanding how researchers use complicated next-gen seqeuncing data. We want to provide researchers with data that is actually useful to them and lets them answer questions, instead of just dumping TB on data onto people who have no pipeline to handle itContact by email
Mikael Mayermikaelm@uchicago.eduComputer Science Postdoci-corps serves dynamic and static HTML/Markdown pages, and propagates visual edits back to the source code, databases, text files, or css files.
Editor transforms statically generated websites to customized Content Management System.
Weblooking for teammates to join i-corps, test and validate market hypothesis. Or students who want to develop the existing prototype
Adriana Sarniasarni@chicagobooth.eduBooth '19NVCAcceptted into NVCFoodMed is the world's first website and application that serves as a "one stop shop" for treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms with diet. FoodMed targets three customer segments: patients, physicians and health food vendors. For patients, FoodMed will provide a free and convenient resource to treat symptoms with diet. It will offer means to log and track food with a target anti-inflammatory diet score (similar to the weight-watchers app) as well as information on which foods to eat, which foods to avoid, and how to effectively design and implement an anti-inflammatory diet (e.g., access to health food vendors, grocery lists, etc.). For physicians, it will offer easy access to scholarly articles and clinical trials on diet and intestinal health. For health food vendors, FoodMed will provide access to the IBD and IBS community. Healthcare / TechApp developers (full stack / frontend / backend) and anyone with a passion for our missionConducted interviews; secured influential advisors; please feel free to contact Adriana Sarni at
Chetan Mahajan; Shashwata Narain (Sakhi)cmahajan@chicagobooth.eduBooth '19SNVCAccepted into SNVCThe problem: Indian women face severe challenges in accessing high-quality and holistic healthcare throughout their lifetime.Patriarchal cultural norms, lack of doctors and unreliable, outdated sources of information compound the problem.
Solution: Sakhi is an app that solves these problem for women by providing convenient, evidence-based care for women. Sakhi aims to revolutionize the protocol for women’s healthcare and empower them to take control of their comprehensive physical and mental health.
FemTech/ Healthcare+ App developers (full stack / frontend / backend)
+ Anyone else with a passion for solving high-impact problems!
Conducted several interviews through 2 surveys & 11 focus groups for market validation. Identified doctors to join the network. Prototype in development. Goal is to conduct a pilot in Mumbai, India in the next few months.
Note: you don't have to be from India or in India to work with us! We're still in early stages but have 2 other team members in the country who can help us with our pilot as needed.
Cheryl Yu; Patrick Chencheryl.yu@chicagobooth.eduBooth '20NVCAccepted into NVCBenemind is a telemedicine platform that provides migraine patients with affordable prescriptions, holistic treatments, and ongoing support from board-certified doctors.Healthcare Technology* App developers (full stack), CTO, Marketing & Design
* Anyone that is passionate about our mission and startups!
If interested, reach us by email!
David Van Der Beekdavid@interstate.appBooth '12ANVC, NVCNVC are building the ultimate customer onboarding and engagement platform for use in financial services, real estate, healthcare, and education. Interstate combines interactive chat, document management, and e-sign tools to help companies provide a seamless and optimized digital customer experience.Business Software / Financial Services / HealthcareWe are primarily interested in the following skill-sets:

1) Enterprise Sales
2) Digital Marketing (for SAAS)
3) Ruby on Rails Engineer
4) Product Design / UI / UX
Kyle Johnsonkjohnso9@chicagobooth.eduBooth '19SNVCAccepted into SNVCThe Business Services Coop envisions a small business ecosystem where businesses owned by people of color in traditionally disinvested communities have access to resources and opportunities enabling them to survive and thrive as agents of wealth creation. We are working collectively with entrepreneurs of color to design back-end services tailored to their needs.ConstructionExpertise in Construction Cost Estimation, construction, trades. Interest in cooperative economics, working directly with low-income entrepreneurs in construction trades to understand their challenges and design, implement solutions providing immediate value to their business. Interest/experience in copy editing and materials creation (flyers, website, ppt) for gaining support of funders and entrepreneurs.Currently shadowing professional estimators and tradesmen to develop prototype estimation service. Exploring strategic partnership with local contractors' collective. Pursuing grants from institutiona funders (foundations, CSR, etc) E-mail Kyle to learn more!
Guangzhe Cuiyummyfuturecorp@gmail.comUIUC 20'ANVC NVCwww.yummy-future.comWe are making a compact robot kitchen which operates 24/7. It takes little time for customers to get their meal from our machine even at 3:00 am. The meal tastes equally delicious as human cooked but the price is much lower. We also deploy modularized robot cooking systems to other restaurants. Planning&Pitch Demo: MVP finished, need business planning and pitch for investors
Nicholas Juddnjudd@chicagobooth.eduBooth '20NVC/Polsky AcceleratorN/ASuccessful musicians hire entertainment business managers to operate their accounting, finance, and backoffice. These business managers operate today in the same manner as they did 20 years ago (think consumer banking before ATMs and online portals). These firms are highly inefficient, difficult to scale, and largely ignore artists generating less than $1MM per year. We are building an assisted-service startup to bring business management into the modern era with a highly tailored system meant specifically for musicians. While we are originally focusing on musicians, we are also planning to tailor the technology to other small, homogeneous business types (resturaunts, retail stores, etc.).FintechWe are open to a wide variety of teammates with CTO at the top of the list.Collecting primary research, dialing back the ultimate vision to an MVP that can be built quickly, speaking with designers and developors.
Korey Brownsteinkbrownstein@uchicago.eduPostdoctoral Scholar at The University of ChicagoPolsky Accelerator, Polsky I-Corps, George Shultz Innovation Fund provides information on natural medicines enabling consumers to be confident in the safety and efficacy of the dietary supplements they purchase. Our team also provides data and analytics on the quality of dietary supplements empowering professionals and retailers to make informed decisions on which supplements to sell.Research, Health and Wellness, Big Data A Chicago Booth student that has a passion for medicinal plant research and knowledgeable in computer science. The student should also understand the dietary supplement industry and determine how we can disrupt this $133B market. If you are interested, please join the team!Formed an LLC; participated in the Washington State University I-Corps Program; currently, in the idea stage of monetizing the business
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