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Senate/House DistrictCandidatePartyDo you see a need for protecting or strengthening this country's democracy? What would you propose at the state level?Tell us your views about the budget process in Harrisburg. Do you have specific suggestions for change?Describe your vision for public education in Pennsylvania. What, if anything, should be changed about school funding -- and how?Do you support a woman's right to have an abortion? What actions would you take in office to advance your position?Do you intend to address gun violence in Pennsylvania? Be specific in discussing various measures that have been proposed. Tell us your views on climate change, fossil fuel extraction in Pennsylvania, clean energy, and the role of state government in this area.Discuss the dynamics between economic development, a clean environment, and environmental justice. What factor do you weigh most heavily and why?Do you believe the American economic system is fair? If not, what changes will you advocate to make it so?Should criminal justice reform be prioritized by the state government? If so, how? Please tell us how you will win this race, why our members should support you, and how you plan to accomplish your goals once you are elected.
PASen_24Bob MenschR[did not respond]
PASen_24Linda Fields (challenger)D[did not respond]
PASen_44John RaffertyR[did not respond]
PASen_44Katie Muth (challenger)D[did not respond]
PAHouse_127Tom Caltagirone D[did not respond]
PAHouse_127Manuel Guzman (challenger)DYes. Unfortunately, we have elected officials within all levels of our government who are actively undermining our republic. Our democratic principles are being threaten on a daily basis. As your next state representative, I will be a champion for ensuring that we protect our democratic principles in Harrisburg.The status-quo has presented us with inept budgetary procedures that have handicapped future generations. I cannot specify what changes I plan to bring to the table, but I can say that I will bring a fresh perspective--a new found energy to get our budgets done correctly, balanced, and one that is not a burden to future generations. As a former school board member, I know that school districts like Reading are getting the short-end of the stick when it comes to equitable funding. Places like Reading cannot wait until 30 years from now to get equitable funding--in the meantime we risk losing multiple generations of students. When I am elected, I will be a champion for equitable funding for school districts like Reading, now. In terms of higher education, I am in support of free tuition at our community colleges, and PASSHE school systems.I am a pro-choice candidate. I firmly believe that no one, let alone a man, should tell a woman what she can or cannot do with their bodies'. When I arrive in Harrisburg, I will be a champion for protecting the rights of all of the women in the commonwealth. Whether it's protecting their right to choose--or protecting their healthcare rights; I will be there standing tall with all the women of the commonwealth. I live a block away from the mass murder that occurred in Reading a few months back. It's horrifying to know that in cities like Reading, and all around the country, thousands of people a day are victims to gun violence. We must do more to stop what to me are preventable deaths. In Harrisburg, I will be a champion for passing common-sense gun safety laws. However, that is just a band-aid to a much larger and systemic problem. If we truly want to make a difference in communities like Reading, then we must do more to tackle the root causes of poverty.

Gun violence in a lot of cases is just a symptom of poverty. When people are denied opportunities to break the cycle of poverty, you will see an increase of gun violence. So, with that... I will be a champion for addressing root causes of poverty within our neighborhoods.
Tax those that Frack. It is really that simple. Especially given the fact that we truly do not know what these energy companies are putting into our groundwater to extract these fuels. I will be a champion in Harrisburg for creating a new tax against these frackers--to help protect the health of those communities they operate in. In terms of clean energy, PA could be a world-wide leader within this emerging technology. However, we are lacking politicians who 1. can't see the bigger picture, and 2. have sold themselves out to the fossil fuel industry. When I am elected, I will be a champion for fighting for the bigger picture always and forever.There must be a delicate balance between all 3 factors. While communities like Reading could benefit from increased economic development--that development should never be at the expense of our environment. Nor should it be one that is exclusive to a single group of people. I would be an utilitarian on this issue.Absolutely not! Far too many people are working 2-3 jobs and still cannot make ends meet. Too many of our children suffer from food insecurity. Too many of of families are excluded are being priced out of neighborhoods they have lived in their whole lives. What's needed in Harrisburg are legislators who will speak truth this power. 1. We need to ensure that pay equity exists for all women within the Commonwealth. 2. We need to increase the living wage so that no working class family working a full-time job has to live in poverty. 3. We need to end the system of mass incarceration that separates families all across the state.YES!!! A million times yes. In PA we spend roughly 7 billion dollars a year to prop up a system that separates families all across the commonwealth. Millions of people all around the country are incarcerated because they are simply to poor to post bail As a state legislator, I will be a champion for the following: 1. End cash-bail for misdemeanor/non-violent crimes. No poor person should be in jail because they cannot afford to post bail 2. Fix how we deal with juvenile offenders. Starting with ending the school-to-prison pipeline once and for all. 3. Diverting resources from criminal justice system, into mental health services and drug rehabilitation services. 4. Legalizing the regulation/tax, commercialization, and cultivation of Marijuana to help fully fund our school districts.I will win this race by having a better ground game than my opponent. The incumbent has never had a primary challenger, and therefore does not have team that I have been able to assemble. So, we have a precinct-by- precinct strategy that will get us to our win number. You should support me, because a vote for the incumbent.... is a vote for business as usual in Harrisburg. I believe we will be victorious on May 15th!
PAHouse_127Vincent Gagliardo Jr. (challenger)RIn my opinion this country has gone soft on laws and criminals that commit the crimes . I would propose stiffer and harsher penalties to people who choose to ignore the law we have become a nation of leniency towards criminal activity that has to stop. In other states a more fairer way of taxing is lowering to eventually eliminating property taxes and a slight increase in sales tax so that everyone pays there fair share when an item or a property is exchanged , Property Taxes every year are costing seniors a possible loss of their own properties which they already paid for . This type of system could actually increase the tax base and give law makers more funding for the necessary needs the budget requires.All schools across Pa should come together as far a ordering supplies and bargaining , if one system was in place the cost could be substantially lower. Also the education system needs to take a step back kids are being pushed right through school and aren't learning enough in history and values in life ,heck some kids cant even cursive write . Now here's a bit of a stretch but i believe in year round school with the same amount of time off as in the summer but the students parents would choose the dates for time off throughout the year long with teachers as well but if your sick a day you lose that day in your total time . students would still have the same amount of days in school as well as the same amount of vacation but now there's a choice.I do not believe in abortion with an exception to Rape As long as we are soft on criminals that commit a crime with a gun there will be gun violence criminals will have a gun if they want one .Guns are not the problem, the laws are the problem , The way kids have been bought up are the Problem Don't blame a gun for the actions of criminals . Enforce our laws make stiffer penalties on committing a crime with a gun don't make prison like a summer camp give a criminal hard time . there should be no such thing as out sooner for good behavior . Get the criminals out on the street working with chains on so others can see what happens when you commit a crime .I'm not quite a believer in climate change just yet but i do believe we should start looking at taxing just like we do to other energy sources and looking into more solar and wind supplying energy also we have restrictions on emissions from vehicles ion this area . well it should be for the entire state to make if fair to all in the state not just penalize the few counties its currently in.Yes there is a need for development in Pennsylvania there already is in place a monitoring system for a clean environment we would just have to expand on that as development grows . also there will be more development coming as the trade tariffs continue. Development means more jobs and more tax dollars and less personal taxes I believe our current President is working on a more fair economic system with all the tax trade tariffs that will make it fair for the cost of what goes out and what comes in this country. We have become a country that every other country and corporations have used to their advantage now it's time to stop and make this country strong again.Yes This is why we have so much crime . The penalty is not sever enough for the crimes and the prisons are not extreme enough to make people not want to be there I am the only candidate in the race for 127th seat that has prior legislation experience with serving on Reading City Council for 4 years i have accomplished many goals to enhance the city . One being the negotiating between the Reading Phillies and the city of Reading on naming rights for the stadium making it profitable for both organizations , also was one of the council that approved the city's ambulance service back into the fire dept's control along with the approval of the now Santander center and many other . I have been a hard working Blue collar common sense person my entire life and always does what is best the most efficient way for the good of all.
PAHouse_128 Mark GillenR[did not respond]
PAHouse_128 Douglas Metcalfe (challenger)DAmerican Democracy is deteriorating. I strongly believe that every American has not only a right to vote but a responsibility to vote and to be engaged in our Democracy. We should be making it easier for individuals to vote and be engaged constituents not more difficult. There are many factors that have created this decay in our American Democracy – the two-party system, significant influence of special interests, the lack of campaign finance regulations, gerrymandering and voter restrictions. There are many suggestions I would purpose on the state level to improve and strengthen our Democracy:
1. We should be making it easier for citizens to vote through proposals such as automatic voter registration, same-day registration, improving the absentee ballot system, extending voting from one day to multiple days and ensure the State’s voting machines are upgraded to include an electronic voting machine with a verifiable paper backup.
2. Pennsylvania needs to end gerrymandering once and for all. We cannot rely on our courts to correct the failed and unfair mapmaking of the Pennsylvania Legislature. Pennsylvania needs to create an independent citizens commission in charge of both legislative and congressional redistricting.
3. Pennsylvania needs meaningful and real Campaign Financing Reform! Pennsylvania has virtually no campaign donation limits. A good starting place would be to at least implement the federal guidelines.
For too long special interests and wealthy donors have had an out-sized influence on our elections. It is time for Pennsylvania to put democracy back in the hands of the people! It is time to Put People Before Politics!
The Pennsylvania Budget process is a disgrace. The Pennsylvania Legislature is tasked with approving a budget by June 30th each year. They routinely miss this deadline with no personal accountability. The current budget turned out to be a gamble on gambling and borrowing against future revenues. The Republican controlled legislature continues to kick the can down the road instead of dealing with the systematic issues needed to create a long-term budgeting process that moves Pennsylvania towards the economic greatness our citizens deserve.
Due to the Legislatures lack of leadership Pennsylvania is in what seems like a never-ending budget crisis. This has a direct effect on tax payers as the Commonwealth has experienced a downgrade on its credit rating twice in recent years (2014 downgraded from AA to AA- and 2017 downgraded from AA- to A+) to the lowest rating since 1978. Instead taxpayers (and future tax payers) are left paying for higher debt costs, a long-term structural deficit and lack of recurring revenue while the budge crisis continues year after year.
These are some specific suggestions I would make to change the budget process:
1. Combine the revenue and spending bills so that legislators must cast one vote on a total budget package including both revenue and spending at the same time.
2. Freeze the State Legislators and Governors pay and hold their pay checks if the budget process is not completed by June 30th.
3. Develop a long-term plan to fix the state’s structural deficit.
Public education is the only service required by the Pennsylvania Constitution. Public education should provide every student with opportunities for career and college. Every student across the Commonwealth deserves a great education regardless of their zip code. The State Legislature needs to fully and fairly fund public education. Yes. I would support legislation that protects a woman’s right to make her own decisions regarding her body. I would oppose legislation that would impede a women’s right to choose. There are many factors affecting gun violence in Pennsylvania. We need to work in a bi-partisan fashion to focus on common sense ways that gun violence can be reduced. I believe in science. I believe climate change is man-made. I support efforts to protect our planet today and for future generations. Berks County is the biggest solar-related employer in the state. PA should continue this investment in renewable sources of energy because it creates jobs and spurs the economy. Economic development, a clean environment and environmental justice can be compatible. All of these are important factors and should be balanced equally by legislators when making decisions.
No. The shrinking middle class is a prime example of how our current economic system is allowing the rich to get richer while the middle class shrinks and working poor struggle. Pennsylvania tax system unfairly burdens senior citizens and working individuals. Yes. State funding for Corrections surpassed spending for Higher Education in 2012 and has increased every year. The focus of our criminal justice system needs to shift from incarceration to rehabilitation. My path to victory has already started! My campaign for State Representative in 128th House District has garnered real excitement and enthusiasm. This is a flippable seat and a winnable district. This campaign has many committed volunteers. We have already spent countless hours knocking on doors and interacting with voters across the district. We have a strong network of donors and are reaching out to others on a weekly basis. Voter Contact is key to our success!

I would hope that members of Indivisible Berks would support my campaign because they share the same vision for Pennsylvania as I do. A Pennsylvania that Puts People Before Politics! Real change in PA will only come if we can change the leadership in the General Assembly by changing the control of the PA Senate and PA House. Governor Wolf is trying to move Pennsylvania in the right direction, but those efforts are stymied by the Republican controlled House.

Once I am elected I will work with other members of the General Assembly from both parties to advance legislation that I support to move PA forward and oppose legislation that will hurt Pennsylvanians and move PA backwards. I will engage my constituents, listen to their concerns and develop policy positions and legislation that put People before Politics.
PAHouse_129Jim CoxR[did not respond]
PAHouse_129Trish Wertz (challenger)D[did not respond]
PAHouse_134 Ryan McKenzieR[did not respond]
PAHouse_134 Tom Applebach (challenger)DSeveral steps. One is to allow same day voter registration as proposed by Governor Wolf. Another is to ensure that all who wish to vote are allowed without restrictive identification requirements. Fair districting and the recent actions by the house to hogtie the process without open hearings removes the citizens from the process. Above all, I will work hard to protect the hard fought rights to open government that those who came before us have won.Rightfully so the budget process needs to be deliberative. but too much power is allowed to the majority party and too little input from the citizens. This has to change for Pennsylvania to move forward and fully fund retirement plans, as promised, and serve all of our residents.We must lower the college burden on our kids and families to encourage and strengthen the schools and the future work force. Public education must see a funding increase that also levels the playing field so that the quality of your education does not depend on your zip code.Yes. I believe that a women's right to choose is a fundamental right protected under the Constitution. I will do everything I can to block restrictions and to protect everyone's rights.Yes. This is a public safety issue. We can argue about the second amendment (not immutable, in my opinion), but this boils down to the right to people to live without fear. Banning ownership of AR-15's and the like does not harm those who wish to own guns, but significantly lessens the level of mass violence in our public spaces.We must continue to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. We must also place a severance tax on the extraction of natural gas with a portion of the tax going to solidify our underfunded public retirement plans and placing Pennsylvania on more solid fiscal footing. In addition, a portion of those taxes can go toward encouragement of homeowners to convert to solar or other renewable energy - the idea is to ween us off of our reliance on fossil fuels.To me environmental justice must guide development decisions. Our impact on the watershed and natural environment must be the lead factor. Too much damage has already been done. By continuing to change the impact, we can begin to live in closer harmony with the land rather than controlling it.The system is unfair, and will most likely always be. But we must work to protect and raise up those in the lower tiers. Protection from eviction, raising minimum wages and improving education and training opportunities will help, but not eliminate, some of the disparity.Changes have been happening in the criminal justice system, albeit slowly. We must focus (and fund) our attentions to mental health treatment and deterence/diversion from drugs and alcohol. We must also look at post-conviction assessments for our veterans and provide the treatments they need to right their ship.I am a pragmatic and a progressive. I retired from the military in 2006 and proudly wore this nation's uniform. I now serve as the Lehigh County Director of Veterans Affairs where everyday I work to help veterans. I will bring the same passion and dedication to the citizens of my district and this commonwealth.
PAHouse_134 Ron Beitler (challenger)R[did not respond]
PAHouse_187Gary DayR[did not respond]
PAHouse_187Archie Follweiler (challenger)D[did not respond]
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