3Princess Peach ShowtimeSwitch15hrsNPhysical15-May-2024★★★★☆Probably between a 3.5 and a 4. It was a simple and cosy game which I enjoyed. I liked the style and music of the game, and thanks to the different abilities it never really felt repetitive. It was a bit simpler than I thought it would be, and there was a few performance issues given the aging Switch, but overall it was an enjoyable game!
2Final Fantasy VII RebirthPS5120hrsNPhysical5-May-2024★★★★☆Really enjoyed the game and it's side content. Characters were fun, but a bit more serious in this game, and the music and art was brilliant. Have some gripes about some of the story beats not flowing as well due to the addition of the "whispers", and also there was way too much side content and it all intertwined with each other too much in my opinion.
1Untitled Goose GamePS5YPS Plus26-Apr-2024★★★★☆Replayed with the mutliplayer mode at a friend house and was a lot of fun!
Final Fantasy XVI: Echoes of the Fallen DLC
PS5NDigital 9-Dec-2023★★★★☆
22Marvel's Spider-Man 2PS5NPhysical28-Oct-2023★★★★★
21Final Fantasy XVIPS5NPhysical 19-Oct-2023★★★★☆
20Ys OriginSwitch~10hrsNPhysical23-Sep-2023★★★★☆
Enjoyed this a lot more then I anticipated, after first failing to get into it a few years ago. The combat was simple but very fun, although I wish the tutorials were a bit better as it took me a bit to get used to some of the magic and using the points you gather throughout the game. For a game localized in one tower nothing feels repetitive, the bosses are all unique and have fun mechs (if not slightly annoying at times), and the music is brilliant. I look forward to playing the other Ys games!
19Destiny 2: Season of the DeepPS5NPSN9-Aug-2023★★★☆☆
18Fall GuysPS5NPSN8-Aug-2023★★★☆☆
17Destiny 2: Season of DefiancePS5NPSN23-May-2023★★★☆☆
16Unheard - Voices of CrimeSteamdeckNSteam17-May-2023★★★☆☆3.5/4
15Psychonauts 2 PS5NPhysical16-May-2023★★★★☆
14Cube Escape Paradox: Episode 1Steamdeck83minsNSteam2-Apr-2023★★☆☆☆
13Destiny 2: The Witch QueenPS5NPSN22-Mar-2023★★★★☆
12Destiny 2: Beyond LightPS5NPSN19-Mar-2023★★★☆☆
11Destiny 2: ShadowkeepPS5NPSN17-Mar-2023★★★☆☆
10Destiny 2: LightfallPS5NPSN10-Mar-2023★★★☆☆
9Snipperclips DLCSwitch3hrs20minsNeShop2-Feb-2023★★☆☆☆
8SnipperclipsSwitch3hrs40minsNDigital Trial2-Feb-2023★★★☆☆
7Donut CountyXSXNGamePass30-Jan-2023★★★★☆Fun and chill game where you play as a trash panda destroying a town! It was funny, nothing too difficult, just right for a chill gaming night.
6Eiyuden Chronicle RisingXSX
NGamePass29-Jan-2023★★★☆☆It was a fun little game, with good combat, even if it was a bit easy. The side quests were quite repetitive, especially when you have the same sort of quests in the main game as well.
5Death Come TrueSwitch1hr50minsNDigital3-Jan-2023★★★☆☆Definitely an interesting premise and I would've liked to see a drawn out game with the ideas, but the execution wasn't amazing and it was very predictable.
4FlorenceSwitch30minsNDigital2-Jan-2023★★☆☆☆Interesting game, but just ended up repetitive with it's gameplay, and the story wasn't anything fantastic and was quite bored by the end.
3Sayonara Wild HeartsSwitch1hr25minsNDigital1-Jan-2023★★★★☆Fun quick game with some nice music. Some sections were a bit irritating, a bit short for the price in my opinion.
2The QuarryPS5~9hrsNPhysical1-Jan-2023★★★★☆Played as a group and both my characters survived surprisingly. Enjoyed the game even if I'm not a huge fan of playing horror games. The characters were good (even if some were extremely annoying), and the story kept you intrigued the whole time.
The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me
PS5~8hrsNPhysical1-Jan-2023★★☆☆☆I played as Erin and died straight away, watched the rest of the game, it was okay and creepy, but the game was quite janky, some of the sections were annoying. And some choices just shouldn't have even been considered to be included in the game.
9Life is Strange: True ColorsPS5NPhysical20-Dec-2022★★★☆☆
8A Plague Tale RequiemPS5~19hrsNPhysical12-Nov-2022★★★★☆
7StrayPS55hrs2minsNPS Plus4-Aug-2022★★★★☆3.5/5
6Final Fantasy VII - Episode INTERmissionPS57hrs10minsNPSN23-Jul-2022★★★★☆
5Hoizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen WildsPS5NPSN11-Jul-2022★★★☆☆
The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes
3The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little HopePS54hrs45minsNPhysical23-May-2022★★★☆☆
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan
1NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...PS5NPhysical7-Apr-2022★★★★★
13Final Fantasy XIV: EndwalkerPS5NPSN22-Dec-2021★★★★☆
12Tales of ArisePS560hrsNPhysical8-Nov-2021★★★☆☆I was really looking forward to next gen Tales of, but it was a bit of a let down. The new combat was fun, the visuals were pretty, and the music was fantasic! However the story was nothing new and was in some desperate need of some better editing. The characters generally seemed 2-dimensional, with repeated dialogue that dragged that game out. And the over reliance on items (which was far great than previous entries) hurt the experience greatly.
11It Takes TwoPS527hrsNPhysical19-Oct-2021★★★☆☆3.5/5. Was a good game, and fun multiplayer, but outstayed it's welcome.
10Ratchet & Clank: Rift ApartPS523hrsNPhysical26-Sep-2021★★★★★Great new entry to the series, great combat and characters.
9Human Fall FlatPS56hrsYPSN4-Sep-2021★★★★☆
8Death StrandingPS484hrsNPhysical19-Aug-2021★★☆☆☆
7Shadow Tactics: Blades of the ShogunPCNGOG28-Jun-2021★★★☆☆
6Hypnospace OutlawPC3hrs35minsNGamePass31-May-2021★☆☆☆☆This game is definitely unique, but was really not for me. There was some fun parts, like the viruses and pets. But overall the game just got very annoying. I found it difficult to navigate and even more difficult to read at times (especially at later sections). Some of the puzzles were overly obtuse. Overall, the story fell flat for me due to how 2-dimensional characters felt and how predictable it was.
5Battle Chef BrigadePC9hrs45minsNAmazon Games29-Apr-2021★★★★☆
4Axiom VergeSwitch
NeShop29-Mar-2021★★★☆☆I'm usually terrible at these kind of games, so being able to finish this was a feat in and of itself. I actually enjoyed the exploration of the game and uncovering things hidden in the world. The combat could be a mix of fun, easy or frustrating, depending on the the enemy. The game falls when it offers too many weapons, most of which were useless, and also it's story, which felt like an after though. It was a good game, but the abundance of useless items and the lacklustre story left the experience feeling a bit meh.
3Return of the Obra DinnPC9hrs30minsNSteam22-Feb-2021★★★☆☆3.5/5. I liked Obra Dinn more than I thought I would! I was initially put off by the graphics (which continued to hurt my eyes throughout the game), but the premise of living the memories of those that had died to uncover the truth worked really well! There was definitely some issues with things being obtuse, and in the end the story just wasn't amazing. I also would've liked a mix of memories and maybe finding notes or something scattered around the ship to break up the exploration a bit more. Overall an interesting game that I really liked, but was missing something in terms of story.
2Outer WildsPC~17hrsNSteam31-Jan-2021★★★☆☆2.5/5. Outer Wilds was an intriguing game. It had a great premise, and some interesting exploration ideas. But, in my opinion, the game hurt itself with its own mechanics. I liked the idea of flying around to gather information about what was happening to the world, but being put on such a strict time limit, and also having very small windows to complete tasks in made the game frustrating. Great ideas muddled by bad implementation made the game quite unenjoyable in the end
1Final Fantasy XIV: ShadowbringersPC~290hrsNSquare Store30-Jan-2021★★★★☆4.5/5. Shadowbringers had some great content, an interesting expansion to the story and continued content updates. I can't say much without spoiling the game, but I will say that this expansion brought the NieR raids, which are amazing! And also content I didn't think I would enjoy as much as I did like the large open battlefront Bozja. Still continuing to play it as my primary game this year!
52The PathlessPS5~12-13hrsNPhysical31-Dec-2020★★★★☆3.5/5. I enjoyed The Pathless, the traversal was something new and fun. The music was brilliant and accompanied everything you were doing in the game. I liked the puzzles, although they started to get quite easy after you knew the general idea. My main problem (which is why I've marked this 3.5 and not closer to 5) is the giant red orb which followed you no matter where you went. I don't know if I broke my game or not, but the amount of times the orb spawned on me was annoying, making me almost quit the game. The stealth was fine, but I feel it should've been scripted instead of having this anxiety inducing orb follow you while you're trying to do a puzzle. The boss fights were good, some better than others, I'm very happy you couldn't die! Overall I really enjoyed the game (got the platinum and everything), but that orb almost killed the whole thing for me.
51Spider-Man: Miles MoralesPS5NPhysical17-Dec-2020★★★★☆I'll start out by saying I wish this game was a bit longer. However, given that this was a brand new story with loads of new characters, I think they did a very good job with character development and world building in the time they had. I did have a few issues with the fighting, and some of the dodge prompts felt off. It took me a while to get used to the venom attacks they added, but that wasn't until the end, they were a bit confusing until then. I liked the story, the characters were great, it still suffered from some bugs and problems with combat found in the first game, but overall it was on par (maybe even a bit better) than the first game!
50Spider-Man RemasteredPS5NPSN5-Dec-2020★★★★☆I decided to replay this from scratch and got the plat again. It was weird having the new character model for Peter, but it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. The game was still great and I still recommend playing it, but with this new version, new problems seemed to be added. I encountered a lot more bugs then on the PS4, including freezing, disappearing models, and dying in the middle of cutscenes. The only reason I was hesitant about replaying this was because of the huge amount of side activities, it wasn't as bad this time, but I hope they don't have as many (or at least a wider range of them) in the next instalment.
NPSN23-Nov-2020★★★☆☆3.5/5. Bugsnax was a weird game. It was quite enjoyable but it started to feel a bit repetitive after a while. The characters were good, to make a weird comparison, they kind of reminded me of how characters are portrayed in Danganronpa, it's like you had the Ultimate Conspiracy Theorist or Ultimate Con Artist, etc in Bugsnax, just without the explicit naming. I also liked how they implemented the more unique bugsnax! Overall it was an enjoyable game, albeit maybe a bit too long.
48Astro's PlayroomPS55hrsNPSN21-Nov-2020★★★★★Finally, the (my sister’s) PS5 arrived! Astro was such a fun game to start the generation with and showed off what the console and the controller can do. It’s a great platformer and I liked how they used it to go through Playstation’s history! I got the platinum and the extra “DLC” trophies, setting up an expectation that I can not live up to for future PS5 games.
47Final Fantasy XIV: StormbloodPC287hrsNSquare Store19-Nov-2020★★★★☆Been making my way through FFXIV and all it’s DLC, it’s taking a while, but I’m getting there. I really like the gameplay and mechanics, and I can’t wait to get to the later stuff! In terms of Stormblood, I liked the new characters and hope they’re not shafted in the next DLC. I am a bit disappointed with some of the story points, particularly character plot which was mostly predictable or generic. But I’ve heard this is supposed to be the worst DLC (although I didn’t think it was too bad), and I’m looking forward to moving onto Shadowbringers!! (This completion is before I do the patches between the DLCs).
46Bayonetta 2Switch
NPhysical5-Nov-2020★★★★☆I really liked the first Bayonetta and I’m glad to say that 2 is even better. I definitely feel this one was easier, but that worked in my favour because I kept getting stuck in the first game. The plot is…interesting, to say the least. I did have to look up some stuff because I was a bit confused with the overall timeline, but after finding someone on Reddit that when into the whole timeline I think I got it.. The characters are still great, even with their new designs (but Bayonetta with her long hair is still GOAT). Overall great game, now I just gotta wait for 3.
45Jet Set RadioPC5hrs30minsNSteam3-Nov-2020★★★☆☆I enjoyed the concept of Jet Set Radio, it was and still is a unique game. The spray-painting mini game was good and got you in a rhythm, too bad it was the exact same thing every time, I would've liked some different types of ones thrown in there! I quite liked the level design, and that you could travel between areas was interesting, especially when it came to the racing challenges! The “boss” battles were fun as well, chasing after a group to tag them, however it did require a bit of luck. My main problems with the game revolved around its clunky controllers, floaty jumping and insistent enemies. I understood the aspect of running away from the police/other enemies, but when every corner led to another group ready to pile on you, or even getting blown up by the hidden bombs or helicopters, it just got frustrating. I could get over the problems in the controllers and gameplay, but the enemies just made the problems stand out more making me want to stop playing the game on more then one occasion. It also didn’t help that when trying to run away you get hit by cars on the road, and could possibly drive you out of the area without warning if you don’t get off them in time (happened on more than one occasion). Overall, I understand why this game is liked, but there’s definitely some flaws there that I couldn’t get over, but also good concepts that showed it’s potential! Therefore, if I recommended it to anyone it would come with a clear warning about how frustrating it can be.
44The Dark Pictures: Man of MedanPS43hrs50minsNPhysical28-Oct-2020★★☆☆☆
43Red Strings ClubPC3hrs55minsNGamePass28-Oct-2020★★☆☆☆
42A Normal Lost PhonePC1hr55minsNTwitch8-Oct-2020★★★★☆
41Halo 3: ODSTPCNGamePass4-Oct-2020★★★☆☆3.5/5
40Recore Definitive EditionPC9hrs40minsNGamePass4-Oct-2020★★☆☆☆2.5/5
39Trials of ManaSwitch
38Felix the ReaperPC3hrs15minsNGamePass2-Oct-2020★★★☆☆2.5/5
3Tell Me Why: Chapter 3: InheritancePC3hrs20minsNGamePass1-Oct-2020★★★☆☆
36Tell Me Why: Chapter 2: Family SecretsPC3hrs25minsNGamePass30-Sep-2020★★★☆☆
35Tell Me Why: Chapter 1: HomecomingPC3hrs30minsNGamePass30-Sep-2020★★★☆☆
34Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenswardPC260hrsNSquare Store27-Sep-2020★★★★☆
33Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm RebornPC133hrsNSquare Store30-Aug-2020★★★★☆
32Halo ReachPCNGamePass31-Jul-2020★★★☆☆
31Halo 3PCNGamePass27-Jul-2020★★★☆☆
30Yooka LayleePC
NEA Access23-Jul-2020★☆☆☆☆
29Halo 2 AnniversaryPCNGamePass21-Jul-2020★★★☆☆
28FigmentPC4hrs30minsNEA Access20-Jul-2020★★★☆☆
27Halo CE: AnniversaryPCNGamePass12-Jul-2020★★★☆☆
26The Gardens BetweenPC1hrs50minsNGamePass21-Jun-2020★★★☆☆
251979 Revolution: Black FridaySwitch2hrs25minsNeShop20-Jun-2020★★★☆☆3.5/5
24Gris Switch~3-4hrsNeShop20-Jun-2020★★★★☆
23The Legend of Zelda: Link's AwakeningSwitch14hrs10mNPhysical19-Jun-2020★★★★☆
22Journey PS41hrs30mNPSN15-Jun-2020★★★★☆4.5/5
21A Plague Tale: InnocencePS412hrsNPhysical15-Jun-2020★★★★☆
20Moving OutPC4hrs30mNGamePass14-Jun-2020★★★☆☆3.5/5
19Psychonauts in the Rhombus of RuinPSVR2hrs05mNPSN11-Jun-2020★★★★☆3.5/5
18Tearaway UnfoldedPS414hrs05mNPhysical10-Jun-2020★★★☆☆
17Shadow of the Colossus (2018)PS46hrs37mNPhysical5-Jun-2020★★★★☆3.5/5
16Q.U.B.E: Director's CutPS43hrs15mNPSN4-Jun-2020★★☆☆☆2.5/5
15Yakuza 3PS436hrs37mNPhysical3-Jun-2020★★★★☆3.5/5
14Concrete GeniePS48hrs25mNPhysical29-May-2020★★★☆☆
13Final Fantasy VII RemakePS445hrs32mNPhysical27-May-2020★★★★☆
12Final Fantasy VIISwitch30hrs5mNeShop17-Apr-2020★★☆☆☆
11Animal Crossing: New HorizonsSwitch110hrs+NPhysical7-Apr-2020★★★★☆3.5/5
9Indivisible PS431hrs22mNPhysical27-Jan-2020★★★☆☆
8Songbird SymphonySwitch5hrs15mNPhysical25-Jan-2020★★★★☆3.5./5
7Three Fourths Home Extended EditionSwitch1hrNeShop21-Jan-2020★★☆☆☆I don't really know what I was expecting when I started this game, I wasn't exactly sure what it was other than some sort of short story based game. However I was still somehow disappointed, the game has you speaking with your family while driving home from a story and talks about all these issues the characters are having but you never really get to delve deep into this before it ends. These conversations did have good flow, and in the ending was done well. The thing that really annoyed me was the fact the I had to hold down the trigger to drive or else the story wouldn't progress and after an hour it started to hurt. Overall it was okay, nothing great.
6Liar Princess and the Blind PrinceSwitch4hrs10mNPhysical20-Jan-2020★★☆☆☆
5Code VeinPS451hrs10mNPhysical19-Jan-2020★★★★☆