TimestampOn which operating system do you primarily use IRC?What's your favorite IRC client?If you have any customizations in your client, which is your favorite one of them?What are the commands you think every new IRC user should know? (no need to explain them; listing is enough)What points of IRC etiquette would you like every new IRC user to know?What do you wish someone had told you when you started using IRC?Anything else you think should be included in an introduction to IRC talk?
5/4/2016 16:56:50Linux/*NIXirssiautorealname -- it prints out the real name of anyone new joining the channel automagically/me of course , /whois or /wiiNO AWAY MESSAGE SPAMRegister your nick, and identify to it if the network support services if it isn't already mentioned
5/4/2016 16:58:23OS XIRCCloud/me /msg/me shrugsA list of all IRC commands
5/4/2016 16:58:43OS XIrssiNicklistJoin, msgBe nice! Humans everywhereUse a bouncerSeriously, use a bouncer
5/4/2016 17:00:49Linux/*NIXirssiscreen irssijoin, quit, awayall caps is shouting; irc has no SLA, so nagging people to respond isn't helpfulscreen irssi on a vps as opposed to having a windows desktop running pigdin all the timeetiquette around irc not being a tool for 'old fogies' (see concept culture)
5/4/2016 17:02:28Linux/*NIXIRCCloudNone./join; /part; /msg; /me; /whoisReading the topic is key, along with any channel rules or guidelines linked from it.At this point, I really can't think of anything, but it was almost 23 years ago. There was probably lots of stuff.Basic use of NickServ is probably important (particularly for Freenode), along with at least a description of how channel management works in terms of ops, voices, et cetera. That and the topic/guidelines answer above would probably address the two biggest issues we have in ##php, for instance, which tends to have a disproportionate number of IRC newbies compared to every other channel I'm in.
5/4/2016 17:03:36OS XLimeChatNone - I like no frills. /msg nameserver What the rules are - almost a best practices for chatting with peopleThat each channel has its own culture. Not a one-size-fits-all style of comms. More like Reddit than Twitter.Emphasize helping others before you need help yourself.
5/4/2016 17:07:00WindowsHexChatcustomized background /list /join /nick /msg nickserv register /me /ignore /awaynot to PM a stranger without askingthat elitists are going to elite.. ignore them.
5/4/2016 17:09:27Linux/*NIXXchat/msg nickserv registerJust speak, even though no one is speaking does not mean that no one is there. Irc allows people to lurk in multiple rooms.

Also you do not need permission to speak so you do not need to say "can I ask a question" just say what you need to and people will listen.
Join multiple rooms and someone will be saying something interesting
5/4/2016 17:12:38OS XMessagesSpeak messages out loudMsg ignore meTry not to spam a channel with too many join /left notices..
5/4/2016 17:13:14OS XEmacs ERCI don't have a favorite customization. My favorite thing is that I needn't leave emacs. ;)/whois /part /join /away /quit /help /listUse gists or other external means for quoting large amounts of text. Never use all caps. Don't create lots of visual noise with frequent nick changes, stuff like that.Make finding a client that’s comfortable for you a high priority. There are 50 million of them out there. You shouldn’t have to bend your habits or do anything uncomfortable to use IRC, because someone like you has already built a comfortable IRC client for you. :)Some things should not be said in IRC and should be reserved for in-person interactions (or just kept to oneself). And - don't use IRC too much as a ranting board or a gossip place - it can undermine productivity and morale.
5/4/2016 17:18:11Linux/*NIXquassel/shrug/me, /nick, /join, /msg (nickserv) I don't know. it feels less important in a generation that grew up on the webto use a client that's not bitchXthe bizarre disconnect sorry between accounts (irccloud vs freenode vs /nick for instance). discovery of channels.
5/4/2016 17:20:59WindowsAdiIRCMinimal UI/nick /join /part /meNot sure.Not sure.
5/4/2016 17:22:14OS XTextualNickServ, /query, /join, /leaveDon't ask if it's OK to ask a question, especially if you're pinging someone by name. Just ask.Set up a bouncer right away. Set up notifications for "watch words" for projects you work on or topics you're interested in.
5/4/2016 17:23:16WindowsNetTalkCustom /commands/joinNo all caps posting.Nothing.Nope.
5/4/2016 17:24:50Linux/*NIXirssijoin, nick, topic, whoisnot everybody is watching IRC intently, be patient when asking questionssome people are just assholes, trolls and griefers. they look the same as the nice people until they start talking
5/4/2016 17:25:13Linux/*NIXirssi/join, /part, /quitDon't prefix nicks with @Avoid the clinically insane
5/4/2016 17:25:30Linux/*NIXirssiautoblehmsg, topicexpecting folks to always be looking at the screen isn't realistic, stay around in a channel for a day or two.Not many non-developers use it.good channels to join
5/4/2016 17:28:02Linux/*NIXQuassel/me /msgDon't ask to ask, just ask.N.a.
5/4/2016 17:31:17WindowsIRCCloudWhen I used irssi and/or pidgin, the color module./msg nickserv ghost, /meDon't attack the person, attack the idea.Don't fall in love with people on the other side of the world. It's very inconvenient. Pretty cool that that's even a possibility though.
5/4/2016 17:31:36Linux/*NIXWeeChatjoin, whois, nickJust be friendly, and take a breath if you're a slow typer - you'll still be heard :)That weechat is a bouncer plus client, and that you can connect to it from the web with glowing bear. It's hands down the best IRC client available (IMHO)Why not to use Slack (not open, scaling limitations, plus others?) - this might not be great in a presentation though, but it's the most common thing I run in to when people tell me IRC is just too hard/confusing/scary/complicated
5/4/2016 17:33:32Linux/*NIXirssi (but only because I'm too used to it to switch without too much effort right now. I hear weechat is better in many ways)go2 (easier window changer. The default in irssi is outright painful. Incidentally, this exists for weechat though I can't remember the name for that)/part
I'm not sure there's any I even consciously know of anymoreMost channels are full of assholes, try to find the ones that aren't instead of molding yourself to be a little shit too. People who seem cool on the surface can be surprisingly fascistIf you regularly find yourself uncomfortable on a channel just LEAVE it, it's not uncommon to make new channels because a subset of a channel's users found the chaannel to be bad in some way
5/4/2016 17:35:04Linux/*NIXHexchatn/ajoin, quit, msg, me, ignoreTo usually put at least one sentence, sometimes an entire paragraph, on one line rather than pressing enter every few words. Sometimes channels are just quiescent for a long time. People replying to you a long time after you ask something is normal if nobody else replied yet. In help channels, to ask the question you have immediately rather than asking if it's okay to ask.Get off irc at midnight at the latest ;)
Don't talk to bots in public, they are just tiresome.
How to ask technical questions in a friendly way that will maximise your chances of solving your problem, always comes up.
How to recognise when you are hanging out with bad people or people who are bullying you and should stop doing that.
Coloured text, emoji and why you should amuse yourself with these only occasionally (but you absolutely should)
That "lol" stands for "laughing out loud" not "lots of love" (never say "I'm so sorry to hear they died. lol" to a grieving person by accident)
5/4/2016 17:35:24Linux/*NIXirssiGave up on Extensions, if i could have on it'd be (full) nvi support for command line edit, like set -o vi plus having EDITOR set where you just hit v to full screen edit or do 0 3w dw to kill the 4th word.
Normally you're not in a hurry but it saves a lot of time. Only had that once and it wasn't complete so it's back to default.
Ah and I have a screen autoaway for politeness.
/names /awaySay hi, idle and listen (30min+), introduce, ask when you think you know it's OK now. Wait 30min+ for an answer.
If someone calls you out on ANY thing, accept it and excuse. Each Chan has its own value system, your's or mine does NOT matter. What's use in there matters. If you can't adjust to so else's or a group's values you aren't being inquisitive or smarter, you're just letting everyone know you are a bad person.
Set up your ident. Avoid leaking your username, esp. Corp users.
How to efficiently pastebin.
Security: have a shell / bouncer host. Less about someone breaking into it but about not showing around where you actually are. You might use that presence for many «ears and theres no intermediate party like in a Facebook case.
So, if you can, don't you make your irc box the one with your webserver etc.
Locality of channels, hobbyist q's and chatter on if it's free time for most. If you show up with a broken system on a Sunday night you need to buy mission critical support. Not ask on irc.
If you're new in a channel, answer such stuff only if you KNOW, do not try to HELP. you might give bad advice that might cost the helpless person their job and ruin theor life for ever. It's well-meaning but not good.
5/4/2016 17:37:53Linux/*NIXThe IRC Cloud Web InterfaceHiding Joins/parts/quits - In IRC Cloud you can just pick it as a menu option.ignore (if someone is really getting on your nerves and you question your ability to be professional)1) You never know who you might be talking to or who might be paying attention in a public channel, so be careful and thoughtful about what you say; 2) Text is a very limited medium. If you find yourself struggling in a conversation, offer to do a Google Hangout or Skype call, or some other higher bandwidth medium. If it's not worth it to you to do that with the person, then you should ask yourself if engaging in that conversation is really worth it.; 3) Not every person on IRC is a native English speaker. Try not to abbreviate and use too much slang when you don't know your audience. Also be patient with others as they may be making mistakes without the intention to do so. For instance, if you personally have a preference for gender neutral language, some non-native speakers of English may use terms like "guys" as a "plural you" form without meaning to imply a gender; 4) When multiple conversations are happening at once, and you are talking with specific people in a channel, be sure prepend your replies with their names (ie, fred: anna: thanks for your feedback!); 5) If someone is not around but shows as online, you may need to directly message them as they might not see your mention in the channel; 6) Some issues are best discussed over email as IRC can be hard to follow. If you find yourself having to write *a lot* to explain something, you might want to send an email and then reference it in the irc channel; 7) If you see someone behaving in a way that is unhelpful and perhaps not very nice, you should feel free to call that person out, or at a minimum, make an effort to be helpful to the person that the rude person may be targeting.Remember that the anonymity of the internet means some people feel compelled to behave in ways they probably wouldn't behave in person. You don't have to engage with those people (and you shouldn't). If others in the channel don't do anything about it, feel free to leave the channel. If the channel is a central point for a project you are working on, and you do leave the channel, be sure to notify the project leads about that person's behavior and provide them with IRC logs.A link to common acronyms people use. Honestly that stuff confuses me all the time.
5/4/2016 17:39:00Linux/*NIXNone, they are all bad. IRC Cloud seems alright/joinRead the topic, work out how the channel works for support/community channelsYou will never be happy with it. It is a garbage fire.
5/4/2016 17:42:07OS XTextual/join, /part, /topic, /msg (/query), /ignore, /me, /away, /nickRead the topic, look in there for rules/website and read that too.

Speak in complete sentences, and use the Enter/Submit key between thoughts. IRC isn't text messaging, so take your time.

Assume, at least at first, that the people on IRC are trying to help in good faith, even if it doesn't seem like it. Asking followup questions is good, expected even.

Not everyone is an expert at your communication style (language, idioms, emoji, etc...) so try to be as clear as possible (and remember that text doesn't do tone of voice).

If you're on IRC looking for help: Check the web before, during, and after. If the IRC channel directs you to a website, read it thoroughly and ask follow-up questions if needed.

Remember that IRC is an opportunity to get free help from extremely experienced (and expensive) people, so be polite. But, those extremely experienced (and expensive) people aren't necessarily also amiable.

Keep track of your issue and what you've tried, what you've learned, and update people in IRC as you go. Often people on IRC can't help right away, but once you find something else about your problem, they can help with the rest.
Though now there are places fighting against it, the classic IRC culture is extremely toxic. And, if you're young, it can be easy to get caught up in it and learn some very nasty habits.

People will often use the distinction between "That's a stupid idea" and "You're a stupid person" to make irrelevant, rude comments.

If they had told me what I was actually signing up for, I probably wouldn't have bothered...
IRC is only one part of the larger community, so remember there are other opinions, and other places to go. If a place is toxic, find another, or make your own.

Remember that being polite goes both ways. If you ask for help and they're not polite to you, they're not worth the effort to get help. Even free help comes with its price.

Nobody who is trying to help you will be insulting you or attacking you. If they are doing either, they are not trying to help, and you should consult the channel rules for how to report problems.

There are often a few hurdles to jump over to getting help on IRC, depending on the channel. These are generally meant to make it easier for people to help you, and often they're designed to reveal problems as they're completed (such as making a minimal test case for your problem). Not doing the things asked will make it much more difficult to get help.
5/4/2016 18:02:00Linux/*NIXirssi/join /part /nick /me /msg nicknameDon't ask the same question in multiple channels at the same time, be patient, be polite (most people helping in open source channels aren't doing this as their job and problems you encounter are probably not their fault)Most people stay connected 24/7. Which means 2 things: 1. a channel with400 people doesn't mean 400 people are ignoring you, they're not at their computer 2. you'll miss stuff if you log off, and people in channel don't love doing a personal re-cap for the one person who logged off. Look into having a shell account to run your client on, or an IRC bouncer, or something like IRCCloud (not free software).I shared this in channel, but again: I also wrote a bit more about this and my participation in creating it here:
5/4/2016 18:03:45OS XLinkinusI wrote a custom output themeJoin, part, msg, nick, quitDon't ask to ask. People idle, be patient People are assholes, shields up, don't take it personal How to find good channels
5/4/2016 18:18:36Linux/*NIXHexChatserver, join, part, quit, ignore, msg nickserv"Ask your question" "don't DM without asking"You don't have to put up with assholes
5/4/2016 18:40:59WindowsHexChatNone/join /msg /nickDon't /msg people without knowing that they are willing to chat in private - keep the chat to the channel where possible. Obvious exclusion to the rule would be /msg an op or hop if there are any violations to the channel rules.That ZNC was a thing.Let people know about ZNCs, or how to set them up yourself.
5/4/2016 18:44:42Linux/*NIXweechatWeechat smart filter rules make IRC amazing.join part msg quitDon't ask to ask a question. We don't know if we can help until we know what the problem is. Don't paste large walls of text, use a paste service. IRC is both synchronous and asynchronous, be patient, let people digest what you have said and don't expect an answer in two minutes.I was lucky enough to have someone show me how to setup a persistent client connection from the get go. This isn't for everyone as it can be overwhelming to be always on, but I find it incredibly useful. Use screen/tmux or a proxy like ZNC.
5/4/2016 18:47:45OS Xweechat on cli / on guiFor weechat, I love smart filtering and the buflist plugin.nickserv, modeListen first and get a feel for the channel's culture. Also remember that real people are behind that text (usually).To listen more.Don't use colors. Nickserv is your friend. Treat every channel as a public forum and assume that everyone is logging everything forever.
5/4/2016 18:55:46Linux/*NIXHexchat Semi transparent bg, font colour Help, join, whois Patience, don't argue/ trash talk those you are seeking help from. Jump in, the water is fine
5/4/2016 19:12:20OS XxchatJoin, Nick, identifyJust ask. Hang out for a bit before diving inHang out more than just your question time
5/4/2016 19:18:07Linux/*NIXweechatlimiting nick colors to avoid that unreadable dark blue/join, /part, /queryno naked pings; no private message to people you don't know; don't open a conversation to the room with "hey guys" "hello boys" "evening gentlemen" (i.e. gendered terms)it is okay to make mistakes, like wrong windowing, everyone does it and it is not the end of the worldThe only thing you need to connect to IRC is an IRC client (try pidgin!). If you have that and the name of an IRC server and a channel to join, you are set. You don't need a bouncer, you don't need a cloak, you don't need to register your nick, it is really not that hard to get on IRC.
5/4/2016 19:19:07Linux/*NIXirssijoin quit names whodon't paste bombhow to send and receive fileshow to autojoin/away and how to quiet the server messages
5/4/2016 19:20:59Linux/*NIXWeechatAliases to simplify common actions. /ns to message nickserv, things like that. Join part msg Get the feel of a room before monologueing. Avoid text message shortcuts. Avoid text message shortcuts. You will find channels that are mean, but there are plenty of channels that aren't. Don't give up hope!
5/4/2016 19:32:39Linux/*NIXweechatjoin,part,msg,me,ignoreDon't ask if you can ask a question, just ask it. And don't be a dick.NothingOverview of the major networks; EFnet, Freenode, etc.
5/4/2016 19:33:05Linux/*NIXIrssitmux detach awareness + prowl (iOS) notificationsJoin part help msgIf you are gonna idle, make sure your connection is stable. It fills up the backlog with connect/disconnects otherwise.That it would eat my life.IRC is asynchronous and realtime. If you don't get an answer right away, wait.
5/4/2016 19:39:49OS XLimechatWhisper theme/msg /joinAt mozilla don't ask if you can ask, just ask. Also, lurk for a while first.Lurk for a while first. And sometimes your jokes will fall flat; just move on.IRC supports emoji in a lot of places. Try joining #💩!
5/4/2016 19:44:57OthermIRC/joinIRC is real time but async. Idle until someone responds. Don't expect and answer immediately. People are all over the world, and look in when they can, because IRC can _always_ waitIRC is people. Just people. Every channel is a community with its own, often unwritten, social conventions.
5/4/2016 19:46:54Linux/*NIXIrssiscreen + irssi/ignore , screen , /whoisno politics, no religion and understand not all speak English as their first language no swearinglive and learn :)
5/4/2016 19:50:45OS XTextualZNC bouncer with email to SMS forwarding when disconnected /query /whois /msg Don't ask in a channel if you can ask a question, just ask. Also, provide context with pings instead of just "jsmith: ping"About znc
5/4/2016 19:51:10Linux/*NIXpidgin/msgDon’t expect immediate answer, be patient.I don’t remember
5/4/2016 19:53:37OS XinstantbirdNoneIdeally you shouldn't need commands, if so...get a new clientDon't ask to ask; don't ping random peopleIgnore the elitists, everyone has to learn sometimeIRC shouldn't be scary, it doesn't need to be this scary old thing from a bygone era, it's just chat.
5/4/2016 20:04:16Linux/*NIXirssiNone - I use muscle memory.join part names list nickOccasionally share drinks IRLSometimes people stop being assholes. Sometimes they don't.Don't be a dick.
5/4/2016 20:04:34Linux/*NIXIrssiMultiple channels in one window/join, /exit, /wc, /winBe nice, tone doesn't communicate well 100% of the time.Read the rules of each channel just in case.
5/4/2016 20:20:24Linux/*NIXirssiA character counter, so I can dodge the 400-ish limit/join, /part, /me, /mute, /who, /whoisRFC1855 - all of it, but 4.1.2 particularlyPay attention to how you feel while you're learning how to use this, because you'll spend a notable amount of your time in a position to welcome newcomers, and you'll do a better job of that if you exercise empathy like a muscle or a new language. By comparison the tech and the in jokes basically don't matter.ii; the etiquette of logging (personal vs. public); conflict de-escalation and how it is boring if done properly; the fine art of idling in a screen(1) session
5/4/2016 20:30:01Linux/*, which automatically marks me as away when the screen session is detachedNickServ registration, whoisDon't ask to ask, just ask!Don't remember that far back, sorry.
5/4/2016 20:31:49Linux/*NIXIrciiScreen /who /whoisRehiIt stands for I Repeat ClassesDifferent server networks (efnet, freenet etc)
5/4/2016 21:11:00OS XWeechat with zncAuto-away, something to replay the backlog/who, /list, setting channel and nick options, /quote help vs /help in the clientDon't use @ before nicks when mentioning someone, read the topic, use pastebinsRead for a while before you post. /msg is like /query.
5/4/2016 21:27:05AndroidQuasselChat Monitor (standard, but configurable)./whois /names /topic nickserv/chanserv commandsJust ask. Only highlight once. Stick around (or make clear you will read logs). Be prepared for long response delays (others have lives). Do not nickchange when away. Do not verbosely autoaway.There are many networks. Try to catch them all.Netsplits. Tails(_).
5/4/2016 21:37:33Linux/*NIXirssijoin, quit, nickdon't pm people inappropriatelythe best irc servers, a good location for channel listings by topic, locationit's ubiquity. i run irc on dumbphone using java app, rasp pi at home for persistence, desktop. no other chat systems works on every system. they're limited to current fashionable systems requiring app or modern browser.
5/4/2016 21:49:52Linux/*NIXHexChat, fork of old XChat/join, /part, nick registration, SASL authenticationDon't ask to ask, don't demand an answer, use a paste and img service.That some channels don't like away messages. Asking for "somebody who knows X technology" before asking the actual question is disrespectful.Freenode requires SASL for some networks (ours is banned because of a spammer in our city). This raises the barrier of entry: you need an account to get in and you can't make an account (register nick) unless you get in.
5/4/2016 22:11:10Linux/*NIXWeechat Aliases for common channels Join, part, message, whois Probably not to paste Can't remember NickServ maybe?
5/4/2016 22:14:40Linux/*NIXirssiKeyboard controls like epicWho, names, leave, msg, queryPost short urls, be polite and if you are new introduce yourself. I started in 1994 and was fascinated by bots. Would have loved to know how bots worked. IRC is a service, don't abuse it. If you disagree about something don't DDoS IRC.
5/4/2016 22:20:15OS XTerminal/who *Be kindJust go with the flow
5/4/2016 22:27:05OS XColloquy, but it's flawed/ignore /msg chanserv /msg nickserv (to get help)Read a little before asking a questionThat people are sometimes rude, you need to take the temperature of the room before engagingIt can be a lifesaver, especially when the channel is specific to one thing
5/4/2016 23:04:36Linux/*NIXPidginJoin/Part HidingI don't know any commands myselfNothing in particularHow to use NoPaste
5/4/2016 23:38:34OS XTextualNone, wish I could color handles betterI'm a noob, I just learned /meI'm too noob to know normsHow to stay connected, or log past stuff
5/4/2016 23:45:50OS XTextualBe polite.Don't demand answers immediately, remember timezonesYou can get very high-level access to technical people with a lot of power to help you; they're also usually very busy so don't waste their time. Do your homework and come prepared and they'll be more than happy to work with you -- but if you are missing basic information, procedures, etc... it may be hard to regain their attention. Be patient, see how others ask/solve issues and how the community behaves, and then follow that model.
5/5/2016 0:01:21Linux/*NIXirssi /join /partDon't PM people without asking/being invitedThis stuff's addictive! :-)Don't be a troll, don't feed the trolls
5/5/2016 0:01:21Linux/*NIXIrssiQuitWhen asking questions, please don't make us have to drag out the details we need to help you. Be open.Go to bed on time. Easy to stay too long
5/5/2016 0:10:48OS Xirssi/register, /connect and /joindon't ask to askdon't flood on IRC channels :)no
5/5/2016 0:15:25OS XTextual 5No customisations, just stock.As few as possible. Learning IRC commands should be thought of as being the same as learning HTTP verbs: you should only do it if something has gone wrong.No naked pings. Don't just ping someone, they're just as busy as you are and they may not be around right now. Ping the person at the same time as you ask the question, and then wait.Expect to be ignored a lot. People are busy and treat IRC as an asynchronous communications mechanism, so just because you asked your question doesn't mean you'll get an answer at all quickly.Bouncers!
5/5/2016 0:26:02Linux/*NIXQuasselRegistering / Authenticating / using TLSAsking about asking, and generally not being a jerkHow to use the damn thingSetting up bouncers etc.
5/5/2016 0:43:15Linux/*NIXWeechat-cursesURL -> TinyURL/kickConsecutive messages = badStart logging :)Most clients offer scripting. Utilize it
5/5/2016 1:22:34Linux/*NIXirccloudmsg, join leavedon't be shy, speak!; irc's async, if you don't get an immediate reply, wait, there is no need to put the same thing over and over againdon't try to read everything in all the channels. You'll be overwhelmed anywayself hosted irc client vs. external services (irccloud p.e.)
5/5/2016 1:40:07OS Xadium/quit - after saying bye, if that's what people do on that channelit's a community, not on-demand supportnot sure there was anything, but I was aware of irc long before I was coerced to use it
5/5/2016 2:01:12Linux/*NIXirssiirssinotifier/join /part /awayavoiding naked pings, avoiding asking to askDon't worry about asking dumb questionsTalk about persistent connections (irssi/weechat over ssh or znc)
5/5/2016 2:37:56Linux/*NIXirssisplitlong, keepnick, nickserv, topic-diff, a whole pile of custom keybindingsjoin, part, msg, nick, away, lastlog, ignoreDon't ask to ask, just ask. Say thanks. Explain the original problem, not the one you're having with your imagined solution.Can't remember, it's been 20 years.
5/5/2016 3:00:00Linux/*NIXweechatme, query, whois, join, partRead the topic, lurk more, don't ask to askThe best way to get someone else's question answered is to give the wrong answer to their question. Others will immediately jump in to correct.
5/5/2016 3:56:57WindowsmIRCPing, DCCDon't floodBots are easier to set up than you think.
5/5/2016 5:52:57Linux/*NIXirssitab completion of nick namesBe on topic. Don't ask to ask..
5/5/2016 5:55:45Linux/*NIXxchatno I do not/who, /join, /listdon't flood the channel. Find a service/app/etc to paste links to examplesask the question, don't ask permission to ask. text is not an expressive medium no one can tell your voice or feelings, so be nice.Find a client you like
5/5/2016 7:09:25Linux/*NIXIrssijoin, whois, (de)op, kick, ban, part, topic, me, connectDon't be a dick. This is not like Facebook/Twitter etc. If you do not behave like a human being you will be kicked out faster than you can imagine. The right channels. Ircops, Distributed System, really ooold (but still works)
5/5/2016 7:43:49Linux/*NIXxchatn/a/list /join /part /nick (and any nickserv standards)NO ALL CAPS, be polite, don't expect instant answers, typos don't matter much but try to be carefulHow much fun it isOverview of which notable channels on several networks there are
5/5/2016 7:47:33Linux/*NIXirssijoin part msgLurk a bit before barging inDon't ;-)
5/5/2016 7:48:41OS XColloquynoneBe very careful with humor.naThat you will probably be treated harshly by people who see you as an outsider, and therefore stupid.
5/5/2016 7:50:04OS XAdiumMan I don't know I use a gui."Don't ask to ask." And read the MOTD, which often has a mini-faq, mini-coc, or links to same.Shrug Slack hasn't "killed" IRC. Irc will still be here when slack is forgotten. Same for everything else. its worth knowing as an Internet-chat lingua Franca, even if it will always be kind of nerdy and unfriendly.
5/5/2016 7:56:45OS Xirssibitlbee, nickcolorhow to use /away instead of changing your nickname, also /who, /whoissee above, the changing the nick to indicate status thingsome people are assholes, try to be nice and respectful no matter whathow to get non-technical people included
5/5/2016 8:02:21OS XERC/nick /join /part /names /q (or however you private message in your client)Don't ask if you can ask a question, just ask the question.To be less afraid to participate when joining a new channel.
5/5/2016 8:04:07Linux/*NIXirc-II but only by default/ignoreShower after exiting the cesspool./ignore sungo *I know/knew Teratogen in real life. He's ex-Navy and used to stand in front of the microwave radio antenna array to stay warm while on deck. He's on permanent disability and harasses women the same way in real life, and creeps everyone out. He creeped out most of Phoenix.PM but leadership was too soft to ban him. IRC couldn't ban him. Knowing him, and seeing the horrors people on IRC had to deal with, I've completely lost faith in governance. I'm male, and IRC makes my skin crawl.
5/5/2016 8:12:22Linux/*NIXgnome xchatDirect messageMake sure you've got the right channel for your question That some channels are nicer than others "Old" users need to stop throwing a hissy-fit when new users don't know a giant pile of arbitrary rules. Also, it is never ok to start hitting on someone who has approached you with a technical issue, that makes you seem like a leg - humping dog. :(
5/5/2016 8:18:41Linux/*NIXxchat, irssi, irccloud nothinglist, join, me, nick, whois, who, pingis relative, because some channels could be used to technical help or others for fun, or social conversations, I think that the basic should be not be an offensive person.nothing in particular.IRC is a place where you could find many things.. could be technical things, or funny conversations
5/5/2016 8:22:01iOSirccloud/me /op /voice /modeshorten those urls!you will be spending the rest of your life here
5/5/2016 8:27:58Linux/*NIXirssitiered-highlights/query identify-with-nickserv /join /ignoredon't ask to ask, bare pings suck, be civilpick your name carefully, it will stick around for a long timeplugins to irrsi make it usable:
5/5/2016 8:32:21WindowsIRCCloudPush notifications to my phone when certain keywords are mentioned in a channel/msgDon't paste huge walls of code or stacktraces into a channel - use pastebin or gistsIt's been too long for me to remember :P
5/5/2016 8:32:29Linux/*NIXweechatWeechat's is great for notifications/join /part /invite /topic /quitNaked pings are bad! Don't just ping or ask if you can ask a question -- just ask your question. Lots of things happen asynchronously. Don't change your nick when you're away, either.Don't be afraid to join in the conversation.
5/5/2016 8:33:05Linux/*NIXweechatColorized nicknames/join /part /qDon't ask to ask; just ask. Also, lurk more.If anybody is helpful or has good grammar, they're probably a bot.Not really.
5/5/2016 8:34:41OS XIRCCloud (also have a fondness for irssi)/IGNORE #channel JOINS PARTS QUITS TOPICS MODESlurking is fine and always kill people with kindnessthat there were more clients out there than just irssi/bitchxmake sure to discuss mobile app IRC clients, that make it more convenient for folks to use
5/5/2016 8:38:45Linux/*NIXweechatchanmon.plregister your nickdon't ask questions over and over, wait till someone ACKs youIt's information overload, but stick with it you'll eventually get it organized
5/5/2016 8:38:55Linux/*NIXirssiCap_sasl.plList, names, join/part, topic, connectDon't ask to ask, respect asynchronicity, reduce assumptions (IE 'guys'), don't volunteer irrelevant info in professional channels, read topic, use a pastebinMultiple nicks in same client w/ multiple connections
5/5/2016 8:39:08Linux/*NIXXChatnickserv identification; tab-completion in last-spoken order; hiding less-used networks; logging is on/me /query /whois /listask before PMing, if at all possible prepare a question ahead of time as though it's a bug report, read the /topic when you first enter a channel, stick around and lurk before and after the interaction you planned; turn logging on so you can refer back to things people already told you and you don't need to ask them to repeat; shown me examples of successful & unsuccessful interactions; stuff in and who you can ask for help or complain to if you are confused or scared
5/5/2016 8:47:19OS Xweechatnone, quite newbjoin, connect, nick, and I'd love to have an explanation of other basic commandshow and when to jump in"just read for a while first"how to split for multiple rooms, why open source chat solutions are REALLY IMPORTANT
5/5/2016 8:47:21Linux/*NIXEmacs (ERC)/join, /part, /meDon't have your client send a message to every channel when you're awayRegister your nick
5/5/2016 8:47:56Linux/*NIXWeechatA script that colors nicks within messages (not just at the start of the line)Inviting people/yourself via chanserv, Nick registration/management, help commandsDon't ask to askCan't remember anything specificMaybe screen/tmux if you're doing CLI stuff
5/5/2016 8:51:40OS Xweechatbuflist/join, /partIf you have a question in a technical channel, just ask the question. No need to ask if you can ask the question.address users with username:, not @username
5/5/2016 8:54:59Linux/*NIXWeeChat (not that loyal though)Aspell pluginsmart filterDon't ask if you can ask a question, and wait around longer than 10 minutes for an answerextra highlights just mean more stress, don't do it