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30's, software engineermid-20's, working, enjoys eating and working out50's, unemployed, mother of 240's, front-end dev/designer, single30's, entrepreneur/dev/design40's, analyst
What are the last 3 best public places you have been to? how did you find the place? why did you finally go?
1Mateo: en marchant devant, un collègue me l'a recommendé en 2012. Plusieurs mois avant d'y aller. J'étais à cours de restaurants à essayer et dans ma tête. Aussi le rappelle parce que je le voyais toujours quand j'allais à Boxcar.Asian restaurant that I first find on Yelp: good menu, good price, good reviews, close-by.Charlot restaurant. Friends chose the place because it was close to one of them's workplace, I met them there.Starbuck coffee shop: I have been here lots of time, I went there to go. Remembered about that place.Devil tower: native American come and comtemplate, very spiritual, offering, remind what lives must have been before people came from Europe. I want to be spiritual, close to Earth. My wife wanted to go there, let's go there and we did the road trip. I googled it. I have seen in movie. Something near by, outdoors.RMNP Loch Vale: doing a lot of hiking in RMNP and do as many areas as I could. Found it from a map I bought at REI a few years ago.
2Reuben's: suggéré par les collèguesOAthletic gym, mentioned by a friend who is a member and saw professional player on Snapchat mentioning it. Less than a week after, I thought about it, looked it up, looked at the price and decided to go.Le Balajo dancefloor. I got out of a restaurant with friends and saw it. I used to visit quite often as a younger self and haven't been back for awhile. I asked friends if they wanted to go and they did so we went.Different Starbucks: same as previous, just doing something differentMardi Gras: always wanted to see it and seeing it during Fat Tuesday. Andrea planned that trip, when to expedia.com.Sawtooth Idaho: part of trip to Northwest where I wanted to bunch of places I have never been. The sawtooth. That whole experience was awesome. I heard of it and looking for places in the way was meant to be. The destination was the journey.
3Pizzaeria Locale: suggéré par les collèguesTout Suite coffee/bakery: found through Yelp and noticed $2 macaroon Tuesday deal, randomly remembered and looked it up and went. Movie theater. I have some free time, so sometimes instead of going to cafés with friends, we go to the movie theater. Location and show times are the biggest criteria.Glassdoor to pick a window for mothership, googled for the place and sent out quotes and only one who responded.DrupalCon Portland: first time hanging out with friends/cowokers, like their vibe, from PortlandiaOregon along the hood river stayed at a campground which was OK. Best part was in the morning and there was a trail from the campground and I went west and found other falls and I was the only person there. I mean to camp somewhere else but I didn't feel safe, found that campground before I came from the maps I got from the hotel.
What are the last 3 best places you have traveled to? how did you find the place? why did you finally go?
1France parce que c'est la que je viens. Je prends billet de train et d'avion et voila. Je n'organise pas mes journées, je fais tout au feeling. Je n'aime pas organiser.Boulder, CO: to see my sister. Really nice environment, sunny, outdoors and I wanted to hike.Madagascar to visit family. I bought tickets through a travel agency but the rest of the planning was up to the family.Oaxaca, Mexico, invited and arranged a friend of a friend is a botanistThe Wave, Northern Arizona, 8 mile bumpy road and you hike 4 mile rock and can see those rock formation. I saw it in Sunset Magazine. A year from me remembering, took the page out of the magazine and put it somewhere I can see,
2Australie parce que j'ai des amis la-bas et j'ai vécu la-bas. Paris que France, billets d'avoin et airb&b et j'organize en fonction des amis.Paris: for family and food. I am a fat ass so anything is good.Egypte (I went 3 times in my life). I am fascinated by its history. [Only mentioning the most memorable time] 1st week was an organized cruise, 2nd week far niente seaside with a few chosen excursions from hotel or closest travel agency's recommendation. I also bought a guide before going there.New York City, always wanted to go, didn't do much planning except for booking a hotel reservation. I wanted to see some museums, MOMA, Guggheiem, Central Park, Lower Manhattan. Ask friends about recommendations. Told me vocally and me remembering.Big Sur, CA, up the coast, 4 hour drive. Places I have heard about, sounded neat. Specific waterfall we found on the way.
3Madagascar parce que ma copine vient de là bas. Je prends un billet d'avion et laisse la famille organiserThailand: planned by my father. I have never seen anything like this before, good food, good people, goold environment.New York: Opportunity to have free living accomodation, only needed to figure out dates. Visited historic/cultural monuments, good restaurants found in a tourist guide.San Diego, CA. I have been there, my brother lives there, it is beautiful weather. No planningScotland West Highland Way Trail wanted to hike a long distance trail and wanted to go to Scotland, wanted to go to Northern rail. I found it through research, mostly online and maybe also mentioned in books.
What are 3 places you'd like to go to? and why?
1Japon depuis que je suis petit je suis attiré par leur culture différent. Okaido une ile, parce que ça à l'air joli, je l'ai vu dans des films.Cross path in Tokyo, Japan, the busiest worldwideUnion Station, Denver, very nice public plazza, good people watching and good place to workIreland, family ancestry, gallic, family reunion, a month you go thereNew Zealand for spectacular views and Xena the superior warrior. Find another long distance trail there.
2Oregon parce que ça à l'air de combiner la mer et la montagne et la ville à l'air pas mal et je vais rejoindre mes copains hipsters là-bas.I don't know and don't mind not finding other places I'd like to go toBotanic gardens: very beautiful and plants and treeEurope: Paris, Germany, Amsterdam: Louvre, a café in Paris, (in my mind), New Zealand for beaches the furthest away possible.Hawai, I like the rain foresty part.
3Irelande j'y suis déjà allé, j'aime bien et en plus on a un bureau là-bas.My mothership, good to check out on motherAntartica because it is so extreme and different.
What are 3 places you'd like to travel to? and why?
1India but not sure where. I was told the culture, the history, the people are magnificent. I particulary want to visit temples. Before going, I'd like to get in tough with travel agencies et do some research. Also, we really need a local guide if we decide to go.Paris, never been. I want to go to Champs Elysées
2Argentina for argentinian tango and the beautiful waterfalls. I want to go to Buenos Aires to find the best dancers and professors.Japan, never been, I want to see gardens
3South of France because of the nice weather and people. I remember wanting to go to Cassis because of its creeks but not other specific places.Australia, never been, Sydney, Melbourne and the coastine
Have you planned any of those travels/visits above? why?
Non, parce que je plannifie pas en avance et j'ai d'autres choses de prévus comme voyage en Europe l'année prochaine et je ne plannifie pas plus d'une année à l'avance.Because I have no passport. Never get around traveling/planning?Ireland planned, coming up to make sure we have all the arrangememts, where to stay. It is really hard to determine how the rental car works, insurance and extra. I haven't planned Europe because of the budget and haven't done that, same thing in New Zealand.No, I haven't. Read a book on Antartica but thought I should read something else. I really should go to Hawai, but my partner had his honeymoon there. Not New Zealand because I am working now and I don't have the travel bug. I can see myself go to New Zealand on myself in a year plus I'd rather visit family than traveling.
When is the last time somebody recommended a place of interest to you? What was it? What did you do about it?
Restaurant Coréen au Colorado, une collègue de NY, j'ai du le mettre en bookmark sur Google Map? ... Non ben je ne sais pas mais si je fais une recherche rapide, ça s'appelle DaeJee à Arvada. J'ai cherché Korean restaurant and quand j'ai vu le nom, je m'en suis rappellé. Je n'y suis pas allé parce que c'est loin et en dehors de la bulle. J'ai envie d'y aller mais pas à ce point. Si je suis dans le coin, j'aimerai y aller. C'est pas comme si il n'y avait pas de a bonne bouffe à côté.Places to visit when I go to LA, I have them on my Notes app (screenshot is available). I am worried that some people recommend things I don't like.A month ago, a friend who lives in Haiti recommended me visiting.Toronto, three weeks ago, just remember and did nothing about it.San Diego, CA by friend about a year ago, remembered the conversation, used to write notes but stop doing that.A friend suggested Comanche Pass to hike, northern part of RMNP, posted a photo without telling where it is which is why I remembered.
When is the last time you were reading something and found a place you were interested going to?
Aucune idée ... si il y avait vraiment quelque chose de bien, je pense que je m'en rappellerai. Je découver les choses le plus par bouche à oreille qu'autre chose.On Facebook, I found a cool rooftop that I noted in on my phone (notes or sms). When a family member wanted to go out, there came the opportunity to go.A book by John Greeson that took place in Italy, nothing specific but remember the name of the small town?Read about stuff in Ireland, Guiness beer. I plan to go there.Recommended by friends, somewhere in Vietnam, a bay in the ocean with interesting rock formation. Top of my head.
Have you ever read an article about a cool place and wanted to go there? Did you actuall go there?
Your plans for the weekend fell through but you still want to go get out, how do you decide where to go?
Le truc plus facile à organizer, c'est pas très loin, ça va être bien. Un truc facile parce que je ne suis pas du genre à organiser. Je ne sors pas beaucoup surtout si il n'y a pas des gens que je connais qui y vont en même temps. Je ne suis pas du genre à sortir tout seul.Pop on my bike and go to the some place I know.Think about it, interesting places, think about local places hiking, brewery, on my mind first and then looking online.I evaluate what I feel like doing, taking my kayak, going to bike, decide where to go, go out of the house, decide on a direction, I would sometimes pick something I want to go. I am mostly biking where I know. Use maps or go online or probably do both.
If friend/family member was visiting/moving your hometown, how would you share your favorite spots with them?
J'irai avec eu, je leur dis.With a cocktail, take them out. I send them some links on Google search, either text or email them, I don't do Snapchat.I would take them to a local beer spot. Message them through text, email and figure out what they would like more. Google maps, Zillow.Rack my brains. A coworker probably doesn't want to hike as much as I do. Tried to remember places in the LA area away from people who want to be on tv.I need to remember what I did when I was there. I verbally share those spots. He just listened.
Have I missed anything?
Is there anything you want to tell me?
Is there anything you want to ask me?
NotesNotification when close by to a recorded placewants to be able to select places by interests/categories so she can retrieve them with key wordsDo you wish you were better at planning? More organized of what and where I want to go, I just go there and wander about.Find a place, go to travelocity and what schedule are looking like and figure out the budget. We went on roadtripper, figure out the whole course but actual places to stay. https://roadtrippers.com/Plan to Northwest, I decided to go there to see things I have seen and visit relative on Seattle. Look at atlas, online for places to hike. Craters of the moon sounds cool. Judging the distance. How far can I go today to make it on time at my final destination. Wrote itineray on paper. Felt time-consuming because . you can only do one segment at a time but can't do multiple at a time, mix decided paths and unsure. Integrate montain bike, hike, camp spaced along the way, making your way to.
Je n'aime pas organiser parce que c'est du travail. Il faut s'assurer que les gens viennent. J'aime bien recevoir les gens mais organiser ou il faut sortir, je n'aime pas trop ça. Je ne sors pas beaucoup. Je ne resens pas le besoin de sortir. Après, j'aime bien aller dans un bon restaurant de temps en temps. Regularly recommends some of your favorite places.For big travel, I will look for information on the Internet. Locally, I'd like to store all the recommendations/findings in my phone.Pre-planned itinerayAnchor spot and where, difficult to have anything on one place. Accomodation, personal planning, visit with friends and family.How would you recommend Waterfall Big Sur? If you are going to Big Sur, check it out. Don't go there to only go there.
When I forgot about a place, I google it and most of the time find it.https://www.compass.com/neighborhood-guides/nyc/Bucket todo list but just decided for travel location, remind you about it. Event driving to.People suggested I go to a place that their parents love and it was Labor Day and thought it will not be busy. Don't like to go where a lot of people go. I ended going there but it was full, so I left there, started driving forward, but most places were booked up, expedia said everything was booked up but then I found one at Missoula, Montana at 3am with a 9am checkout. Worry about being safe.
When going somewhere: price, personal priority, budget, time, season have to be taken into accounthttp://www.onthegrid.city/https://roadtrippers.com/List of places she wants to go to on personal website
Match locations that people want to go to.
Analyze type of people you want to go to, and suggest other people that you are interested.
DrupalCon event knowing my Ireland's trip, match location and time.
What platform/app are you using?
Guesstimate of how much cost and reminder of where they could go
Gamify, want to go to Boston and Paris, help going to Paris if going to Boston
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