Date Received
OrganizationTitle of Letter/issueStatusDeadlineNotes
2/26/2021Rural CoalitionSign on to support the Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color ActSigned on 2/26/20212/26/2021Focused on ensuring the House provisions from the Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color Act are included in the final reconciliation package.
2/24/2021ASPCASec. Vilsack: Address Industrial Agriculture Reforms under Climate Change EOSigned on 2/25/20212/25/2021Urging USDA Sec Vilsack to review and rescind the Trump administration’s regulations and other agency actions that are incompatible with a just, climate-conscious, resilient, and more humane pasture-and plant-based food system.
2/2/2021Child Nutrition Forum/NANAJoint Sign-On Statement for Recovery PrioritiesSigned on 2/2/20212/4/2021The Child Nutrition Forum and the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA) are collaborating on a joint sign-on statement for policymakers urging broad support and significant investments for child nutrition programs in the upcoming stimulus/recovery packages. These programs have quickly responded to the health and economic fallout from COVID-19 and moving forward, Congress must continue to strengthen and expand their reach.
12/28/2020Food Research & Action CenterEndorse the "Universal School Meals Program Act" Signed on 12/29/202012/29/2020Support for the Universal School Meals legislation in Congress that creates a vision that every child should have access to nutritious meals at school, after school, during the summer, and at child care. This is the first time there is a bill in both houses that would accomplish it.
12/14/2020Friends of the Earth (FOE)Replace aquaculture EO with new EO that supports US fisheriesSigned on 12/14/202012/14/2020
In the letter, it is requested that the incoming administration swiftly replace Trump’s May 7 Executive Order, which mandates that various agencies take swift action to streamline commercial development of offshore aquaculture while reducing vital environmental reviews and assessments. A new EO that supports U.S. sustainable wild-capture fishing communities instead of prioritizing offshore aquaculture development through a number of discrete actions that were prepared in collaboration with both conservation and fishing organizations.
11/16/2020Friends of the Earth (FOE)Oppose Heitkamp for USDA SecretarySigned on 11/16/202011/16/2020Letter to the Congress articulating support for making food and agriculture central to solving the climate crisis and the Green New Deal and opposing Heidi Heitkamp for consideration for USDA Secretary in the incoming Biden Administration.
5/14/2020Food Research Action Center (FRAC)Sign-on to Extend Child Nutrition WaiversSigned on 05/14/20205/15/2020Letter to USDA to extend waivers and flexibilities issued in response to Covid-19 through September 30, 2020, including the School Closure Waiver allowing opepration unnder the Summer Food Service Program or Seamless Summer Option, non-congregate waiver, area elgibility waivers, and waiver of enrichment requirements through the Child and Adult Care Food Program.
5/2/2020HEAL Food AllianceStop Sacrificing Meatpacking Workers' Lives Sign-onSigned on 05/04/20205/4/2020Letter to US Secretary of Labor and Congress to issue and enforce an Emergency Temporary Standard to protect food workers and all essential workers from Covid-19, provide funds to OSHA for this purpose, and mandate employers to provide premium pay (minimum time-and-a-half) to all workers.
4/27/2020Intertribal Agriculture CouncilFederal Farmer Loan Restructure LetterSigned on 04/30/2020Letter to Congress to defer principal payments due onf ederal farm program loans in 2020 and 2021, make grants to lenders equal to 2% interest buy-down for the life of existing loans, increase the FSA Farm Ownership Loan budget to $10 billion, and allow debt refinancing through this program.
4/28/2020Rural CoalitionFederal Farmer Loan Forgiveness LetterSigned on 04/30/20205/1/2020Letter to Congress in support of Relief for America's Small Farmers Act introduce by Senator Gillibrand and Representative Maloney to provide debt relief up to $250,000 on USDA loans to farmers with adjusted gross income less than $300,000 over past five years.
4/28/2020Local Catch Network, NAMA
Sign-on Letter for Community-Based Fisheries and Supporters
Signed on 04/30/20205/1/2020Letter to Secretary Ross to provide Covid-19 relief to the seafood sector, including emergency funding (at least 50% to small- and medium-scale operations), payroll protection and debt forgiveness, resources for direct-to-consumer models, medical care and testing, and participation in food assistance programs.
4/17/2020Friends of the Earth (FOE)Mnunchin Sign-on LetterSigned on 04/18/20204/21/2020Letter from FOE urging Secretary Mnuchin to block loans to and investments in major corporate players in the food system to ensure funds from Title IV of the CARES Act are distributed to small- and mid-sized producers, farmers markets, farm stands, independent grocery stores, and other regional food infrastructure.
4/17/2020Rural CoalitionCoronavirus Immigrant Families Protection ActSigned on 04/19/20204/22/2020Bill sponsored by Senators Mazie Hirono (HI) and Kamala Harris (CA) and other Senators and Reps to ensure all communities - particularly immigrants - can access Covid-19 testing, treatment, and other relief services provided by earlier Coronavirus relief legislation.
Sign-On Letter to USDA on Direct Farmer Aid in the CARES Act
Signed on 04/07/20204/8/2020Letter to Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue to ensure direct financial assistance of $9.5 billion established in the CARES Act goes to local and regional food system producers: according to their expected losses; with a simple aaplication process; robust outreach to farmers; and a robsut audit by the Inspector General of the implementation of all CARES Act related agricultural provisions.
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders (SASF)
USDA PSO and Foundation Sign-On LetterSigned on 04/04/20204/7/2020Letter to Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue to ensure direct financial assistance of $9.5 billion established in the CARES Act goes to farmers and producers impacted by the loss of direct, local and regional food system markets.
Charles Valentine Riley Memorial Foundation
FY21 Ag Allocation LetterSigned on 3/25/20203/27/2020Letter to Committee on Appropriations to support the USDA Innovation Agenda to stimulate innovation to increase food production while decreasing the environmental footprint of US agriculture
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC)
Support Urban AgSigned on 03/12/20203/20/2020A letter to chairmen and ranking members to ensure more funding for the Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production in FY 2021.
Federal GovSimplifying Meal Service and Monitoring Requirements in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast ProgramsCommented on 02/13/203/23/2020Proposed Rule by the Food and Nutrition Service that would scale back HHFKA nutrition requirements on school meals
1/27/2020NSACFarmers Bill of Rights ResolutionSigned on 01/30/20 with quote1/31/2020Strives to give rural, tribal and underrepresented communities the same access to farming land, and the ability to continue traditional foodways
1/29/2020Earth JusticeOpposing EPA’s Proposal to Revise the Application Exclusion ZoneSigned on 01/29/201/29/2020Opposes EPA’s proposal to remove or weaken the Application Exclusion Zone (AEZ) provisions of the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard (“WPS”) – an important protection against pesticide poisonings for farmworkers and communities surrounding agricultural establishments.
1/10/2020Friends of the Earth (FOE)Healthy Future Students and Earth ActSigned on 1/16/20201/23/2020The Healthy Future Students and Earth Act would: a) Amend the School Lunch Act to increase the baseline reimbursement rate for every school lunch by .5 cents; b) Include a 10-cent additional reimbursement, each, for plant-based meals and plant-based milk alternatives; and c) Clarify that a note from a parent or guardian is sufficient for a child to receive a non-dairy milk option and ensure schools can afford to provide these alternative milks.
1/7/2020Moms Across AmericaEPA Renewal of the License of GlyphosateSigned on 01/07/20Calls upon the EPA not to renew the license for glyphosate, but rather to phase out the chemical pesticide accross three years as has been done in European countries, along with certain immediate restrictions of its use
11/12/2019USDA CommentConservation Stewardship Program (CSP) Interim RuleSigned on 01/07/201/13/2020This interim rule amends the existing regulation for CSP in a way that undermines its efficacy. Our recommendations included: basing the program ranking rules solely on environmental benefits; paying farmers based on their costs, foregone income, and their positive environmental impact; and basing contract renewals on total environmental benefits generated.
IATP, NFFC, Rural Coalition, Fodo & Water Watch
Updated NAFTA LetterSigned on 12/1612/16/2019Nearly identical to the one sent to congress in July, only updated to say "the current version of NAFTA, since the changes were passed
11/13/2019Union of Concerned ScientistsLetter to Appropriators Opposing USDA relocation in FY 2020 AppropriationsSigned on 11/13/201911/18/2019Calling for the House and Senate Appropriations Committee leaders to adopt the House-passed language prohibiting funding for the relocation of ERS and NIFA outside of the National Capital Region in the final FY 2020 Appropriations bill text
7/17/2019Center for Food SafetyPart 340 Proposed New GE Rules at USDASigned on8/5/2019Calling for increased regulation of GE organisms (GMO), since many are evading regulation altogether.
7/1/2019FRACNo Shame at School Act Signed on- 7/8/2019Not specifiedIncludes provisions for prohibiting schools from taking any action that stigmatizes or shames students who cannot pay their meal fees, and requiring school districts to certify students who are categorically eligible for free school meals
7/1/2019FRACStop Child Summer Hunger ActSigned on- 7/8/2019Not specifiedHelp ensure low-income children across the country have access to the nutrition they need during the summer months when they lose access to healthy school meals
7/1/2019FRACSummer Meals Act of 2019Signed on- 7/8/2019Not specifiedHelp ensure low-income children across the country have access to the nutrition they need during the summer months when they lose access to healthy school meals
7/1/2019IATP, NFFC, Rural Coalition, Fodo & Water WatchNAFTA and USMCA
Signed on (emailed Karen Hansen-Kuhn from IATP requesting SFUSA be signed on)
7/3/2019New agreement (USMCA) does nothing to fix the fundamental shortcomings of the previous North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), while further locking in trade rules that have devastated family farms and expanded corporate control over agriculture and our food system in all three countries. Urge to reject the USMCA and instead insist on new trade rules that would serve the interests of
family farmers, ranchers, indigenous communities, farm and food chain workers, consumers and our environment in all three nations.
6/7/2019Businesses for Bristol BaySupport of CA Congressman Jared Huffman's floor ammendment to thte House Appropriations Bill that could stop the Army Corps of Engineers from completing Pebble's permitting process (Bristol Bay)Signed on6/10/2019After request to Army Corps of Eng. to have a more rigorous, science-based environmental review of the Pebble Mine and its potential impacts on Bristol Bay's fisheries (sign on in cell 44), Congress is taking steps to provide oversight. Jared Huffman's ammendment to the House Appropriations Bill could stop the Army Corps from completing Pebble's permitting process. The business sign on letter's purpose is to educatet key decision makers in Congress about what is at stake in Bristol Bay and why it matters to businesses around the country.
6/7/2019NSAC, in partnership with National Farm to School NetworkSupporting farm to school marker bills that could be included in the next CNRSigned on6/7/2019NSAC and Farm to School Network working on 2 marker bills: 1. Reintroduction of the Farm to School Act 2. Reform existing geographic preference law to make it easier for schools to source locally --> to facilitate better access to healthy, high quality meals fr children and create economic opportunity for farmers
6/7/2019NSAC No relocation or reorganization of ERS and NIFA in FY20 in Senate billSigned on (via Reana)6/7/2019To Senate Approps Committee leaders (including ag subcommittee chair and ranking member) requesttinig they "include bill language stating that no funding be used for relocation or reorganization of ERS and NIFA in FY20", and to deny any reprogramming requests. Won it in the House bill, now need it in the Senatte
Introduced by Congresswoman DeLauro (D-CT), spearheaded by Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM)
Endoresement of bill: Buy American Agriculture Act, H.R. 2712Signed on?Would require the USDA to buy seafood and agricultural commodities under the Food Purchase and Distribution Program from domestic enterprises, instead of subsidizing multinational corporations. NAMA (Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance) worked with OCM (Organization for Competitive Markets) to make sure that seafood was included in the legislation. It not only stops the forced taxpayer subsidization of the most abusive transnational corporations; it encourages USDA to start considering local and regional processors when making purchasing decisions, creating new market opportunities for family farms and food businesses.
5/13/2019Natural Resources Defense Council
Circulated by the NRDC that addresses Wendy's CEO, Todd A. Penegor, to establish a policy that phases out the routine use of all medically important antibiotics from its beef supply chains.
Signed on5/24/2019Approved by Anna and the policy committee- SFUSA has joined NRDC in the past in successfully calling on restaurant chains like McDonald's, Subway, and KFC to end the routine use of antibiotics in their meat and poultry chains.
4/2/2019National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA)Requesting funding to implement the Office of Urban Agriculture, and funding for an urban agriculture follow-on study to the 2017 Census of AgricultureSigned on4/5/2019Approved by policy committee
4/2/2019Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM)
A latter endorsing the OFF Act- The Opportunities for Fairness in Farming (OFF) Act, S. 935, was reintroduced by U.S. Senators Mike Lee (R-UT), Cory Booker (D-NJ), Rand Paul (R-KY) and Elizabeth Warren, (D-MA). The Off Act would put an end to the most egregious abuses committed by the boards and contractors of the federally mandated commodity checkoff programs.
Signed onUnknownAprroved by policy committee
4/1/2019Friends of the Earth (FOE)Food and Agriculture in the Green New Deal- To Address the Climate Crisis, the Green New Deal Must Transform Our Food System and Revitalize Rural AmericaSiigned on4/8/2019Approved by Anna and majority of policy committee
4/1/2019Center for Science in the Public InterestsSupport Funding for Public Education Campaigns for Menu Labeling and Nutrition Facts- for FY 2020 Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies spending bill, request $3,000,000 for consumer-awareness education campaigns for menu labeling ($1,500,000) and the updated Nutrition Facts panel ($1,500,000).Not signed on4/12/2019Questions from policy committee- where are these numbers from? Did FDA specifically request?
3/27/2019Businesses for Bristol Bay
To the Army Corps asking for a suspension of Pebble's rushed and inadequate permitting process
Signed on4/1/2019Approved by policy committee
3/20/2019Friends of Agricultural Statistics & Analysis (FASA) ERS/NIFA FY20 Letter to Appropriators- opposing relocation of ERS and NIFA, and reorganization of ERSSigned on3/22/2019Approved by policy committee
Friends of Agricultural Statistics & Analysis (FASA)
Support for USDA's ERS and NASS funding in FY20Signed on3/29Approved by policy committee
3/4/2019USDA FNS- SNAP/EBT Funding 3/7/2019Approved by policy committee
3/1/2019Rural CoalitionRecommendations on Farm Bill ImplementationSigned on 3/1/2019Rural Coalition's EIJ recommendations for Farm Bill 2018 Implementation
12/10/18Good Fod for All NetworkOppose change n Public Charge RuleSigned on 12/10/18Approved by Policy Comm; signed online form by Richard McCarthy (
10/12/18Friends of the Earth; Food & Water WatchOppose Scott Hutchins as chief scientist at USDASigned on 9/12/18Approved by Policy Comm; signed online form by Richard McCarthy (
9/11/18National Sustainable Agriculture CoalitionLetter to Pelosi re: Bay Area Lamp Support Signed on Signed by Charity Kenyon
08/06/2018National Sustainable Agriculture CoalitionTell the Conference Committee what you want in the 2018 Farm BillSigned on 09/01/2018From Reana.
07/17/2018Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's AssociationsOppose Cathy McMorris Rodgers' anti-salmon, pro-pollution appropriations riderSigned on 07/17/2018From: Gerry Warren <
06/22/2018Center for Biological DiversityRequest for 60-day extension to CEQ ANPRMSigned on 06/25/2018plopes@biologicaldiversity.or

Letter requesting that CEQ provide a minimum of 90 days to comment and allow for comments to be submitted via regular mail.
06/20/18Friends of the Earth U.S.USRSB Sign-on LetterSigned on 06/26/

Denouncing the US Roundtable on Sustainable Beef as an effort of pure greenwashing. The letter urges the Roundtable to go back to the drawing board to craft a real plan for sustainability in the beef sector, one that addresses the need for fair markets, significant policy change, and meaningful metrics
02/02/18NSAC/NWFCrop Insurance Modernization ActSigned on
01/31/18Organization for Competitive MarketsLocal and Regional Food Systems Signed on 02/09/
01/30/18NRDCMcDonald's Antibotic CutsSigned on 02/12/
01/25Human Society Legislative Fund Opposition letter-HR 3599 and 2887Signed on
01/02/18Center for Biological DiversityEndangered Species Act Pesticide RequirementsSigned on 01/12/
12/12/17NSACAppropriation Allocation Increase Letter to CongressSigned on 12/13/
11/14/17National Rural Housing Coalitoin Rural Dev. FY 2018 Sign on Signed on 11/17/2017
11/07/17The Beginning Farmer and Rancher Opportunity ActFarm Bill 2018Signed on N/
11/01/17National Farmers Union and Organization for Competitive MarketsGIPSA sign onSigned on 11/03/
10/26/17Getting Our Act TogetherRural Dev Sign onSigned on 10/25/
9/25/17Food & Water Watch2018 Farm Bill Competition Letter to CongressSigned on N/A
8/23/17Food & Water WatchFair Farm Bill Principles LetterSigned on 8/23/17
6/20Endangered Species CoalitionEndangered Species ActSigned on NAJamie Pang,
6/15/17Friends of the EarthGE Animal Public Comments to FDASigned on 6/16/17Proposed by Charity.
Businesses for Bristol Bay
5/2/17Scott Weathers & Sophie HermannsTo WHO Director Candidates, urge to focus on reduction of factory farming of animalsSigned on5/7/17
4/20/17Food Futures CampaignersUrger Makan Delrahim to reevaluate Bayer-Monsanto mergerSigned on4/25/17Tiffany Finck-Haynes
4/19/17March for ScienceIndigenous Science, Let Our Indigenous Voices Be HeardSigned on4/19/17To be read at the March for Science, DC on 4/22. Melissa Nelson,
4/10/17Organization for Competitive MarketsCheckoff Program ReformSigned on4/10/17Angela Huffman,
4/7/17The Humane SocietyRhode Island Confinement LegislationSupported4/7/17Jennifer Hillman,
4/5/17NSACOASDVFR FY 18 Appropriations sign on LetterSigned on4/5/17Sarah Hackney,
4/5/17NSACFY 2018 Conservation FundingSigned on4/5/17Sarah Hackney,
3/21/17Food Animal ConcernsAction on KFC and AntibioticsSigned on 3/23/17Adam Hostetter,
3/17/17Food and Water WatchSave the EPASigned on3/17/17Eric Weltman
3/7/17SBC GlobalVisioning of United States Agricultural Systems for Sustainable ProductionSigned on3/9/17Debbie Hillman:
2/13/17Good Food CommunicatorsOpposition to mega mergers (Dow/DuPont, Bayer/Monsanto)Signed onN/aLink to sign-on letter:
1/30/17Stop Corporate AbuseOpposition to DOL sec nominee Andy PuzderSigned onN/A Contact: Sriram Madhusoodanan,
1/26/17Center for Biological DiversityOpposition to Rep. Zink for Secretary of Internior nominationSigned onFeb 3Contact: Jamie Pang,
1/12/17FRACSafeguarding Federal Nutrition ProgramsSigned onMarch 1Proposed by Ed, contact Joel Warren at FRAC ( with questions,
12/19/16SFUSAGE Bent Grass OppositionSent to NSACJan 9Proposed by Charity,
Food and Climate CoalitionFood in climate action letterSigned on 11/29/
8/3/19Comment on USDA Proposed Rule
USDA's proposed rule to allow companies to self regulate their GMOS.
CommentedComment: "Slow Food USA, with more than 160 local chapters and more than 20,000 members and supporters, believes in a food chain that is Good, Clean, and Fair for All with Equity, Inclusion, and Justice at every link. Our national network includes small and mid-scale, sustainable, family farmers and ranchers, community based and indigenous fishers, food processors and retailers, and, of course, eaters. Slow Food USA opposes the USDA's proposed rule that would allow companies to self-regulate their Genetically Engineered Organism research, development, and marketing practices. This rule would create an inherent conflict of interest that is at odds with the government's responsibility to ensure the welfare of all, including farmers and consumers. This didn't work with the Boeing 737 MAX. Let's not try it here."