Councillors supporting Space for Cycling
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CllrDavidCameronAberdeen City CouncilScottish Nationalist
CllrSteveDelaneyAberdeen City CouncilLiberal Democrat
I agree the roads are too busy for most people to feel confident cycling. I tried it a few years ago, ably assisted by a friend from our local cycle forum and it was terrifying!

We are where we are with current road layout and need to be pragmatic as to what can be delivered in this respect, but where do opportunities exist to make improvements these should be done in consultation with local cycle groups.
CllrMartinGreigAberdeen City CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrAileenMaloneAberdeen City CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrRossThomsonAberdeen City CouncilConservative
I am pleased to advise you that I am the City Council’s Cycling Champion and in that role over the last two years I have been working very closely with the Aberdeen Cycle Forum. We have been successful in providing more cycle parking, ensuring new developments coming forward have proper cycle facilities, we managed to ensure that some cycle routes were gritted last winter for the first time ever and that is set to continue this winter, we have significantly increased the number of schools participating in Bikeability and recently we brought a petition to the petitions committee calling for the Westhill Cycle Route to be widened and improved. On the back of that a report is now coming to a future meeting of the Council regarding those improvements which is a very positive step forward.
CllrIanYuillAberdeen City CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrGraemeClarkAberdeenshire CouncilScottish Nationalist
CllrKarenClarkAberdeenshire CouncilLiberal DemocratAs an elected member I do acknowledge we need to do more on this issue
CllrJohnCoxAberdeenshire CouncilScottish Nationalist
CllrAlisonEvisonAberdeenshire CouncilLabour
This campaign matches the work of NESTRANS locally which has a vision of creating an environment in which walking and cycling are convenient, safe, comfortable, healthy and attractive travel choices for everyday journeys. _x000D_
Clearly , although positive steps are being taken to seek funding for this locally, within the current climate there are many competing priorities and progress has to be looked at over the longer-term.
CllrRonMcKailAberdeenshire CouncilConservative
CllrRichardThomsonAberdeenshire CouncilScottish Nationalist
CllrPaulMossAmber Valley Borough CouncilConservative
Cycling is very important in Reddish North. We have great access to The Fallowfield Loop via Station Road. It is correct to promote cycling. It is a great healthy persuit.
Kind Regards
Cllr Paul Moss
CllrSandyTaylorArgyll & Bute CouncilScottish NationalistI would be interested to learn how we can deliver 'space for cycling' in a rural area like Argyll and Bute.
CllrRichardTrailArgyll & Bute CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrFrancisOpplerArun District CouncilLiberal Democrat
I am fully in support of creating space for cyclists, we need to ensure there are safe routes for bikes all around Bognor Regis. I am a cyclist myself ! I would be happy to help with any campaign. My number is 07887 893509.
CllrNigelRobertsBath & North East Somerset CouncilLiberal Democrat
I very much support that we should be spending at least £10 per head of population for Bath and North East Somerset this will be £1.8 million per year for cycling. Cycling is a vital part of our transport strategy.
CllrDavidSawyerBedford Borough CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrAlbertBoreBirmingham City CouncilLabour
CllrJerryEvansBirmingham City CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrPeterGriffithsBirmingham City CouncilLabour
CllrKarenHamiltonBirmingham City CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrRogerHarmerBirmingham City CouncilLiberal Democrat
I welcome the £17m that the Lib Dems in Government have helped to secure to improve cycling conditions in Birmingham, though that is clearly just the start of achieving what is needed.
CllrKathHartleyBirmingham City CouncilLabour
CllrTimothyHuxtableBirmingham City CouncilConservative
CllrEwanMackeyBirmingham City CouncilConservative
CllrJamesMcKayBirmingham City CouncilLabour
CllrJohnO'SheaBirmingham City CouncilLabour
CllrDavidPearsBirmingham City CouncilConservative
We need to encourage to cycle to work or use public transport and need to get the infrastructure right.its not just about the roads but issues like more trains with space for bikes will help.Some roads do not have space for cycle lane in which case other avenues need to be explored such as tow paths along canals
CllrJessPhillipsBirmingham City CouncilLabour
CllrVictoriaQuinnBirmingham City CouncilLabour
CllrCarlRiceBirmingham City CouncilLabour
CllrClaireSpencerBirmingham City Council
Labour and Co-operative
We have the Cycle City Ambition project and the Birmingham Mobility Action Plan, both of which lay out our plans for cycling. I desperately want a Birmingham where people can cycle safely and confidently, and I will always consider how we can rebalance spaces to make them better for people walking and cycling.
CllrPaulTilsleyBirmingham City CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrPhilWalklingBirmingham City CouncilLabour
CllrMikeWardBirmingham City CouncilLiberal Democrat
I welcome the £17m that the Liberal Democrats in Government have helped to secure to improve cycling conditions in Birmingham
CllrElaineWilliamsBirmingham City CouncilLabour
CllrWaseemZaffarBirmingham City CouncilLabour
CllrSamanthaMaxwellBlaby District CouncilLabour
I would like to see opportunities for safe cycling promoted and extended throughout my district (Blaby district council) since it is beneficial not only to the environment but also to people's general health and well being. Alongside this, I would support the promotion of safe cycling too (eg: the wearing of helmets, reflective clothing, front and rear lights and the use of roads/cycle paths for cycling rather than pavements, particularly for adult cyclists.)_x000D_
Good luck with the campaign.
CllrDavidChadwickBolton Metropolitan Borough CouncilLabour
CllrStephenPickupBolton Metropolitan Borough CouncilLabour
CllrGaryMcGuinnessBorough Council of King's Lynn & West NorfolkLabour
CllrMarkHowellBorough of PooleOther
Poole People and local residents are campaigning to introduce more pedestrian and cycle friendly road systems into Poole town centre. Transport officers are still heavily car-focused and are resisting. We encourage members of the cycling fraternity to contact councillors from the Lib Dem and Conservative parties to help persuade them of the need for safe on-road cycle routes.
CllrFelicityRansomeBoston Borough CouncilUKIP
CllrSimonBullBournemouth Borough CouncilGreen Party
Bournemouth does have a cycling strategy in place to get more people cycling but it also has a considerable amount of poor infrastructure, high traffic levels and consequently a high level of cycling injuries. I aim to become an active member of the cycling forum and do what I can to address these issues in my role as a councillor.
CllrJamesAbbottBraintree District CouncilGreen Party
Far too much transport money goes into schemes that do not provide space for cycling - or pedestrians. We need local and national transport policies - as well as a shift in funding - to swing the balance towards sustainable modes of travelling which will also have huge benefits for health.
CllrLizzieDeaneBrighton & Hove City CouncilGreen Party
Many more people would cycle if they felt the streets were safer. There needs to be a greater balance of needs for alternatives to motor vehicles.
CllrTomDruittBrighton & Hove City CouncilGreen Party
I am a keen cyclist and in densely populated and often congested Brighton cycling is the obvious choice. There has been a lot of improvements in recent years in cycling infrastructure but sadly some groups are becoming very anti- any cycling infrastructure if it affects road space or motorist-priority. We need to do more to win the argument that improving space for cycling improves the space for everyone. And we need to do more to improve the reputation of cyclists by not riding on pavements, running red lights, riding in the dark with no lights etc etc.
CllrLeoLittmanBrighton & Hove City CouncilGreen Party
CllrPhelimMacCaffertyBrighton & Hove City CouncilGreen Party
CllrWarrenMorganBrighton & Hove City Council
Labour and Co-operative
CllrOllieSykesBrighton & Hove City CouncilGreen PartyLots has been done in Brighton and Hove to make cycling easier and safer but there's much more to be done
CllrPeteWestBrighton & Hove City CouncilGreen Party
As a Green Council administration, in line with our recognition as the world's first city committed to One Planet Living we have made multi-million pound investments in new cycle and bus lanes and pedestrian infrastructure improvements, personal travel planning and introduced widespread 20mph - all of which is together supporting growth in sustainable and active travel. The city is now a national leader in sustainable travel.
CllrCharlieBoltonBristol City CouncilGreen Party
Cycling is good for health, good for the environment, good for fitness, good for employers, good for employees, good fun, the quickest way to travel in a city, cuts air pollution, cuts congestion, saves money - all win, win, win.
CllrMarkBradshawBristol City Council
Labour and Co-operative
I am very supportive of the campaign and it is very welcome given the emphasis on less confident cyclists, awareness and promoting better connected, more segregated routes. In Bristol, these are priorities for us and active work is underway to achieve these goals. As England's first Cycling City, we view this as unfinished business: we want to do more and to work across the City with neighbourhoods and cycling organisations.
CllrClareCampion-SmithBristol City CouncilLiberal Democrat
Cycling has a very important part to play in keeping cities moving. We need to make it safe and pleasant for all types of journeys and for all ages
CllrSimonCookBristol City CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrMartinFodorBristol City CouncilGreen Party
I welcome this report and attended the launch of the council's new Cycling Strategy. Better high quality provision for cycling is a vital part of our local transport infrastructure and will have multiple benefits for congestion, pollution, health and fitness. I am following proposals to do more in my ward and the city with interest and impatience when proposals get delayed
CllrFiHanceBristol City CouncilGreen Party
CllrGaryHopkinsBristol City CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrGusHoytBristol City CouncilGreen Party
CllrTimLeamanBristol City CouncilLiberal Democrat
A long way to go perhaps encouraging cycling as one means of alternative travel in Bristol. Traffic congestion and pollution are on the increase_x000D_
We create more cycle space as part of the future. Safe routes designed to link cycling across our city. Joined up thinking with investment as part of an integrated transport system at long last!
CllrTimMalnickBristol City CouncilGreen Party
CllrGleniseMorganBristol City CouncilLiberal Democrat
I have already signed up as an individual but happy to do so as a councillor also. I'm particularly concerned that pedestrians and cyclists do not come into conflict. Walking is even more accessible as an easy way of getting exercise and it is important that older people do not feel intimidated and reluctant to go out, so let's move to a culture where cars no longer dominate our roads: more space for cycling!
CllrAnthonyNegusBristol City CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrKevinQuartleyBristol City CouncilConservative
CllrDaniellaRadiceBristol City CouncilGreen Party
Bristol needs an integrated transport authority. We have a great cycling campaign here and a clearly set out 'Freedom to Ride' manifesto has been set up by Bristol Cycling campaign which I support. I am keen to explore the implementation of traffic cells in my ward to make the streets safer for cyclists and pedestriens.
CllrRobTelfordBristol City CouncilGreen Party
CllrMhairiThrelfallBristol City CouncilLabour
CllrMarkWrightBristol City CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrLukeMallettBromsgrove District CouncilLabour
As a cyclist myself I am very aware of the need for safer roads for cyclists and the creation of specific cycling space on roads, reduced speed limits and better cycle routes through our parks etc.
CllrSteveCarrBroxtowe Borough CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrTonyMartinBurnley Borough CouncilLabour
CllrAlanQuinnBury Metropolitan Borough CouncilLabour
CllrAnneCollinsCalderdale Metropolitan Borough CouncilLabour
CllrDotFosterCalderdale Metropolitan Borough CouncilLabour
As a newly elected local councillor with close involvement with the CTC, l understand some of the problems faced by cyclists when competing for space on the road. To increase the numbers of cyclists on the road, and tackle some of the serious health issues in our community, it is important we make cycling safer to encourage more people to use bicycles for leisure and commuting. I fully support the Space for Cycling campaign.
CllrGrahamHallCalderdale Metropolitan Borough CouncilConservative
I fully support Space for Cycling. This makes for a cleaner air quality environment in local areas. In addition, it enables cyclists to get more regular exercise. This in turn will reduce the amount of money spent by the NHS. New cycling routes could be part financed by savings acheived from cyling creating a healthier community.
CllrDavidKirtonCalderdale Metropolitan Borough CouncilConservative
As the Tour De France is scheduled to depart on the 5th July here in Yorkshire, many more people have taken to cycling and what a great way to get and keep fit.
CllrAdamWilkinsonCalderdale Metropolitan Borough CouncilLabour
CllrSimonYoungCalderdale Metropolitan Borough CouncilLabour
Happy to work with CTC and all community organisations to promote space for cycling and the wider active travel agenda in Calderdale.
CllrFenellaBowdenCardiff County CouncilIndependent
CllrJoeBoyleCardiff County CouncilLiberal Democrat
The planned expansion of Cardiff is set to throw an even greater number of cars onto the city's already over-crowded streets. We need to break this reliance on the car but will not do so until alternative methods of transport are made more attractive. Creating space for cycling is precisely the sort of initiative needed in a city that at present does not cater sufficiently for cyclists.
CllrJosephCarterCardiff County CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrElizabethClarkCardiff County CouncilLiberal Democrat
CllrRalphCookCardiff County CouncilLabour
Wales is generally difficult for cyclists seeing as it has long stretches of often rural roads between communities, or in South Wales ribbon development along the sides of valleys, either way cycle lanes become extremely expensive infrastructure to put in. Cardiff, being a compact urban area is finally cottoning on to the needs of cyclists and I did quite a bit to assist cyclists whilst I was the cabinet member for highways and transport.
CllrRichardCookCardiff County CouncilLabour
CllrIonaGordonCardiff County CouncilLabour
I totally support CTC's Campaign to provide space for cyclists which will encourage more to get on bikes to travel around our cities. Cardiff is a flat city till the outer suburbs which rise gently. We are working out how to make it No 1 Cycling City in
the UK! Watch out Bristol and York!
CllrMaryMcGarryCardiff County CouncilLabourCardiff Council is already committed to this policy.
CllrSarahMerryCardiff County CouncilLabour
CllrHuwThomasCardiff County Council
Labour and Co-operative
CllrJudithWoodmanCardiff County CouncilLiberal Democrat
We have cycle lanes within my ward , but need more.Sadly , there is not enough money to do all that we want , and the willingness also has to come from the council._x000D_
Children need to be taught cycling proficiency at school and that sadly is also at threat due to council finances.
CllrJohnJamesCarmarthenshire County CouncilLabour
This is an excellent initiative. More people need to be made aware of how cycling can become an everyday part of their lives. _x000D_
But we need to make it as safe and as comfortable as possible to encourage this regular usage, as well as looking after the current regular users.
CllrRichardStayCentral Bedfordshire CouncilConservative
CllrJudeDeakinChelmsford Borough CouncilLiberal DemocratI continue to press for more cycle lanes in Chelmsford city centre and surrounding areas and better road and paved surfaces.
CllrStephenRobinsonChelmsford Borough CouncilLiberal Democrat
I have long been a member of Chelmsford Cycling Action Group. I had not heard about this campaign; I would have signed up immediately if I had.
CllrChrisNelsonCheltenham Borough CouncilConservative
This is an excellent initiative and Cheltenham Borough Council has recently set up a task force to examine how the Authority can improve cycle routes throughout the Town.
CllrKlaraSudburyCheltenham Borough CouncilLiberal Democrat
In principle I would like to see the roads in Cheltenham made much safer for cyclists. The congestion in the town often makes it feel very unsafe for cyclists in my opinion. I am really very concerned about the impact of the Cheltenham Transport Plan on safety of cyclists. Although some roads like Clarence Street will see less traffic many other town centre roads will see increased congestion. Roads like College Road, which serves the general hospital is already very congested and unpleasant for cyclists but is predicted to see an increase in congestion. Other roads which will be affected included London Road, Sandford Road, Old Bath Road, Fairview Road, Hewlett Road, St Georges Street, Gloucester Road, Honeybourne Way, Poole Way, St Margaret's Road, Albion Street, All Saints Road and others. People who cycle should learn more about the proposals which are currently being consulted on. Although they are being promoted as a means to make cycling more attractive I sincerely believe the impact of displaced traffic just outside of the town centre will be really harmful to people who cycle. I cycled everywhere for most of my life having passed my driving test relatively late in life, I can see how much more difficult it is for cyclists these days having to contend with increased congestion but the Cheltenham Transport Plan threatens the town with gridlock which will affect the most vulnerable road users such as cyclists the most.
CllrSuzanneWilliamsCheltenham Borough CouncilLiberal Democrat
I live near some very busy roads, that tend to make cycling a very scary option and also have a child who cycles. That worries me.
CllrSteveCarterCheshire East CouncilLabour
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