AvailabilityScientific NameCommon NameCategoryHeightWidthLightWaterFlowerWildlifeCharacteristicsEdibleDeer
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Abies grandisFir, GrandTrees100-250 ft40 ftSun, Part-shade, ShadeMoist, Seasonally WetHummingbirds, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsLarge, evergreen conifer with flat needles. The common name refers to the large size of mature trees, one of the tallest of the firs. N
Acer circinatumMaple, VineTrees10-15 ft tall, multi-trunks15-30 ft, arching formShadeMoistSpring, red & white clustersPollinators, Hummingbirds, Birds or MammalsSmall deciduous tree that typically grows in the understory. Features bright red and white flowers in the spring, as well as showy red, orange and yellow foliage in the fall.N
Acer macrophyllumMaple, Big leafTrees50-100 ft70 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, Moist, Seasonally WetSpring, lowers are yellowPollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsLarge, long-living, deciduous tree with round shape and the largest leaves of any maple. Foliage yellow to gold or brown in fall.Y
Alnus rhombifoliaAlder, WhiteTrees50-80 ft40 ftSun, Part-shadeMoist, Seasonally WetSpring, catkinsBirds or MammalsMedium-sized deciduous tree. Fast-growing and relatively short-lived compared to other native trees.N
Alnus rubraAlder, RedTrees40-50 ft40-50 ftSun, Part-shadeMoistSpring, cylindrical reddish-orange catkinsPollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsFast-growing deciduous tree well-suited for disturbed and infertile soils. Bark color is varied from white to gray.N
N/AArbutus menziesiiMadrone, PacificTrees20-65 ft20-65 ftSunDrySpring, pinkPollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsBroad Leaved evergreen tree. Bark Smooth and red to reddish brown and exfoliating. N
N/ACalocedrus decurrensCedar, IncenseTrees70-110 ft30 ftSun, Part-shadeDryBirds or MammalsEvergreen conifer that is narrow columnar. Bark is bright cinnamon-red.N
N/ACornus nuttalliiDogwood, PacificTrees30-40 ft10-25 ftPart-shadeMoistSpring, showy white bractPollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsBroadleaf deciduous tree naturally found in partly shaded locations, growing as understory trees. In spring, large white bracts, often mistaken for petals, are bright and beautiful. N
Crataegus douglasiiHawthorn, Black (Douglas)Trees20-40 ft6-10 ftSun, Part-shadeMoistSpring, whitePollinators, Hummingbirds, Birds or MammalsDeciduous tree, but may be shrubby and spread into wide thickets. Branches armed with thorns.N
Fraxinus latifoliaAsh, OregonTrees70 ft25 ftSun, Part-shadeMoist, Seasonally WetSpring, yellow/greenBirds or MammalsBroadleaf deciduous tree with 5-9 ovate leaflets that turn strikingly yellow in the fall.N
Malus fuscaCrabapple, Western (Oregon)Trees30 ft20 ftSun, Part-shadeMoist, Seasonally WetSpring, pinkish whitePollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsDeciduous thicket-forming shrub or small tree, often with several trunks. Produces sour fruit that provides fall color. Not reccomended around livestock.Y
Picea sitchensisSpruce, SitkaTrees125-180 ft50 ftSunMoist, WetBirds or MammalsLarge evergreen conifer with stiff, sharp needles on all sides of stem.
N/APinus monticolaPine, MountainTrees80-100 ft25 ftSunMoistBirds or MammalsEvergreen conifer with longer, blue-green needles that are fine-textured.N
LimitedPinus ponderosaPine, Valley PonderosaTrees150-200 ft25-30 ftSunDryPest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsEvergreen conifer that lives 300-600 years. Its straight trunk is typically without branches on its lower end. Needles are 4-11 inches long.N
Populus trichocarpaCottonwood, BlackTrees150-175 ft40 ftSunDry, Moist, Seasonally WetSpring, catkinsBirds or MammalsFast growing deciduous tree with glossy leaves. Tufts of silky hairs (i.e., cotton) easily blown by the wind.N
Prunus emarginataCherry, BitterTrees5-50 ft20 ftSun, Part-shadeMoistSpring, whiteBirds or MammalsA native, deciduous shrub, 4-12 feet high, or sometimes a small tree up to 50 feet high. Can send shoots.TOXIC TO LIVESTOCKN
N/APrunus virginianaChokecherryTrees12-40 ft10-20 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, Moist, Seasonally WetSpring, whiteBirds or MammalsDeciduous, thicket-forming shrub or small tree. Aromatic flowers that produce edible fruit. POISONOUS TO GOATS, CATTLE AND SHEEP IF CONSUMED IN LARGE QUANTITIESY
Pseudotsuga menziesiiFir, DouglasTrees80-200 ft30 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, Moist, Seasonally WetBirds or MammalsEvergreen conifer that is the second largest conifer in the world. Has a noticeable resinous scent.N
Quercus garryanaOak, Oregon WhiteTrees25-90 ft30-60 ftSunDry, MoistSpring, catkinsPest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsDeciduous tree that is broad spreading, with rounded crown. Its rugged, heavy ascending, crooked branches are often shrubby when young (less than 25 years).N
Rhamnus purshianaCascara Trees30-50 ft20 ftPart-shade, ShadeMoist, Seasonally WetSpring, whitePollinators, Birds or MammalsDeciduous tree with dark green, glossy leaves and purplish-black fruit.N
N/ASalix lucidaWillow, PacificTrees40 ft10 ftSun, Part-shadeMoistSpring, catkinsPollinators, Birds or MammalsTall, slender deciduous shrub or tree with yellow glossy twigs and long, narrow leaves. Grows well in very wet soil.N
N/ASalix scoulerianaWillow, Scouler'sTrees6-40 ft15-20 ftSun, Part-shadeMoistSpring, catkinsPollinators, Birds or MammalsTall, spindly, multi-stemmed decidous shrub or tree. Twigs densely velvety.N
Salix sitchensisWillow, SitkaTrees3-25 ft10-15 ftSun, Part-shadeMoistSpring, catkinsPollinators, Birds or MammalsSmall deciduous multi-stemmed shrub or tree with dark brown to grey branches.N
N/ASequoia sempervironsCoast RedwoodTrees50-125 ft30-60 ftSun, Part-shade, ShadeMoistFast growing dense conical evergreen that does well in woodland and costal gardens. Reddish-brown bark. N
Thuja plicataRed Cedar, WesternTrees50-200 ft30-40 ftSun, Part-shadeMoist, Seasonally WetBirds or MammalsLarge evergreen conifer with arching branches and flattened, fan-shaped sprays.N
LimitedTsuga heterophyllaHemlock, WesternTrees60-200 ft30-40 ftSun, Part-shade, ShadeDry, MoistPest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsLarge evergreen conifer with flat, short, stalked needles of unequal length.N\
N/ATaxus bravifoliaPacific Yew Trees20-60 ftsun, shadeMoistBirds Messy evergreen conifer, sometimes oddly shapedN
Amelanchier alnifoliaServiceberry, Western (Saskatoon)Shrubs15-30 ft10-20 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, Moist, Seasonally WetSpring, whitePollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsDeciduous shrub or small tree with spreading-erect habit. Delicate oval leaves give the best autumn color in sunny sites. Dark blue edible berries.Y
N/AArctostaphylos uva-ursiKinnikinnickShrubs6-12 in3-6 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring, white-tinged pinkPollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsShowy evergreen ground cover with thick small leaves and non-edible red berries.N
Baccharis pilularisCoyote bushShrubs2 ft6 ftSunDrySpring, yellow or whitePollinators, Pest-eating Insects, BirdsBroadleaf evergreen shrub that is mat-forming and drought resistant. Can be sheared.N
Berberis (Mahonia) aquifoliumOregon Grape, TallShrubs3-10 ft2-8 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring, yellowPollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsEvergreen shrub with shiny, leathery leaves and attractive yellow flowers with tart, edible berries. State flower of Oregon. Y
N/ABerberis (Mahonia) nervosaOregon Grape, DullShrubs2 ft3 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring, yellowPollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsEvergreen shrub or tall ground cover that is slow growing with dull, bristle-toothed leaves that may show purple in the winter. Edible berries.Y
N/ABerberis( Mahonia) repensOregon Grape, CreepingShrubs1-3 ft4 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring, yellowPollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsEvergreen shrub or tall ground cover that has spine-toothed, blue-green, broad leaves that are bronzy in the winter. Black edible berries.Y
N/ACeanothus sanguineusCeanothus, Red StemShrubs3-10 ft3-10 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, Moist?, white-pinkDeciduous shrub with tall, loosely branched stems and small, dark green leaves. Red/purplish branches stand out in fall and winter.N
Ceanothus thyrsiflorusCeanothus, BlueblossomShrubs4-12 ft4-12 ftSun, Part-shadeDrySpring, bluePollinators, HummingbirdsBroadleaf evergreen shrub with tiny, shiny leaves and beautiful blue blossoms.
N/ACeanothus velutinusCeanothus, SnowbrushShrubs8-10 ft8 ftSun, Part-shadeDry?Summer, whitePollinators, BirdsEvergreen shrub that is thicket-forming and can create a privacy screen.N
Cornus sericeaDogwood, Red OsierShrubs15 ft6-9 ftSun, Part-shadeMoist, WetSpring-Summer, creamy whitePollinators, Hummingbirds, Birds or MammalsBroadleaf deciduous shrub, often planted for the red coloring of its twigs in the dormant season.N
N/ACorylus cornutaHazelnut, BeakedShrubs3-15 ft3-15 ftSun, Part-shadeMoistLate Winter, CatkinsBirds or MammalsDeciduous shrub with open, spreading, multistemmed trunks. Fruit is an acorn-like nut concealed by two husk-like bracts.Y
N/AGaultheria shallonSalalShrubs1-5 ft 1-5 ftPart shade to Full shadeDry, MoistSpring, Pinkish whitePollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsSmall evergreen shrub with lustrous, dark green leaves and pinkish, showy flowers followed by edible purple berries. Its “berries” (actually swollen sepals) are edible raw and can be made into jams, preserves, and pies.YN, EMSWCEMSWC (best info)
N/AHolodiscus discolorOceansprayShrubs8-10 ft3-7 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSummer, creamy whitePollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsBroadleaf deciduous shrub with lobed leaves on drooping branches and cascading clusters of white flowers.N
Lonicera involucrataTwinberry, BlackShrubs8-10 ft4-10 ftSun, Part-shadeMoist, WetSummer, yellow with redPollinators, Hummingbirds, Birds or MammalsFast growing, broadleaf deciduous shrub, with pairs of tubular-shaped yellow flowers, followed by showy red bracts and twin purple berries.N
N/AMyrica californicaPacific Wax MyrtleShrubsSun, Part-shadeWetBirds or MammalsDrought tolerant evergreen shrub
Oemleria cerasiformisOsoberryShrubs15 ft5-10 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring, whitePollinators, Hummingbirds, Birds or MammalsEarly blooming deciduous shrub with almond-scented white flowers that hang in long, lovely clusters. Produces a bitter fruit. Spreads readily.Y
Philadelphus lewisiiMockorange, Lewis'Shrubs6-10 ft4-10 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring, whitePollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsLow maintenance deciduous shrub that's great for borders, screens and hedges. Flowers have a heavy, sweet scent.N
N/APhysocarpus capitatusNinebark, PacificShrubs8-12 ft4-7 ftSun, Part-shade, ShadeMoist, WetSpring, whitePollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsDense deciduous shrub with small maple-like leaves, bark that peels in many layers, and impressive glossy red seed pods.N
N/ARhododendron macrophyllumRhododendron, PacificShrubs6-12 ft6-12 ftSun, Part-shadeMoist, WetSpring, varies from pink to purplePollinators, HummingbirdsCompact broadleaf evergreen shrub. Given time and right conditions, could become a small tree up to 25ft. N
LimitedRibes aureumCurrant, GoldenShrubs6 ft6 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring, yellow turning orange to violet with ageHummingbirds, Birds or MammalsLow, deciduous shrub with edible berries. Drought tolerant and thornless.Y
Ribes sanguineumCurrant, Red-FloweringShrubs4-10 ft3-10 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring, red-pinkPollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsMultistemmed shrub with pink cascading flowersY
Rosa gymnocarpaRose, BaldhipShrubs1-4 ft1-4 ftSun, Part-shade, ShadeDry, MoistLate Spring-Summer, pinkPollinators, Pest-eating Insects, BirdsSmall deciduous shrub. One of few roses that can grow in shade.N
Rosa nutkanaRose, NootkaShrubs6-10 ft3-4 ftSun, Part-shade, ShadeDry, MoistSpring, deep pinkPollinators, Pest-eating Insects, BirdsSpindly deciduous shrub with the largest thorns and rosehips of the native roses.N
Rosa pisocarpaRose, SwampShrubs6 ft2-3 ftSun, Part-shadeMoist, WetSummer, pinkPollinators, Pest-eating Insects, BirdsMedium, thicket-forming deciduous shrub with small purple rosehips. N
Rubus leucodermisRaspberry, BlackcapShrubs6 ft1-2 ftSun, Part-shade, ShadeDry, MoistSpring, white-pinkPollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsDeciduous shrub-vine with arching or trailing round stems. Old stems are bluish. Red berries becoming purple to black.Y
N/ARubus parviflorusThimbleberryShrubs4-6 ft3-6 ftSun, Part-shade, ShadeDry, MoistSpring-Summer, whitePollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsThornless, deciduous shrub with maple-shaped leaves that are finely fuzzy on both sides. Red rasperry-like soft berries.Y
Rubus spectabilisSalmonberryShrubs4-12 ft4-10 ftSun, Part-shade, ShadeMoist, WetSpring-Summer, magentaPollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsThicket-forming, deciduous shrub with zigzaging twigs. Yellow to red berries.Y
N/ASambucus ceruleaElderberry, BlueShrubs10-25 ft18 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring, whitePollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsMulti-stemmed, deciduous shrub or small tree with reddish to brown bark. Foliage has characteristic odor. *Don't eat berries raw.Y*
Sambucus racemosaElderberry, RedShrubs10-20 ft6-10 ftSun, Part-shadeMoist, WetSpring, creamy whitePollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsMulti-stemmed, deciduous shrub or small tree with reddish to brown bark. Foliage has characteristic odour. Berries not edible.N
Spiraea douglasiiSpiraea, DouglasShrubs2-7 ft3-7 ftSun, Part-shadeMoist, WetSummer, pinkPollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsLeggy, multi-branched deciduous shrub with complex, cone-shaped, flower clusters. N
Symphoricarpos albusSnowberry, CommonShrubs3-6 ft2-4 ftSun, Part-shade, ShadeDry, MoistSpring-Summer, whitePollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsFine-twigged deciduous shrub. White berries that last all winter.N
N/AVaccinium ovatumHuckleberry, EvergreenShrubs3-8 ft3-6 ftSun, Part-shade, ShadeMoistSpring, whitePollinators, Hummingbirds, Birds or MammalsCompact evergreen shrub with glossy green foliage. Edible purplish to black berries.Y
N/AVaccinium parvifoliumHuckleberry, RedShrubs4-10 ft3-5 ftPart shade, ShadeMoistSpring, pink-whitePollinators, Hummingbirds, Birds or MammalsDeciduous shrub with bright green, strongly angled stems. Bright red edible berries.Y
Achillea millefoliumYarrow, WesternPerennials2-3 ft2 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSummer, whitePollinators, HummingbirdsPerennial herb with flat clusters of flowers throughout the summer and soft, feathery aromatic foliage.NY
N/AAdiantum pedatumFern, MaidenhairPerennials1.5-2 ft1-2.5 ftSun, Part-shadeMoist, WetBirdsDeciduous fern with delicate, glossy hair-like leaf stalks on dark stems.
Allium cernuumNodding OnionPerennialsMoistSummer-FallPollinatorsBeautiful small flowering onion with aromatic leavesY
N/AAnaphalis margaritaceaPearly EverlastingPerennials1-3 ft1-2 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSummer-fall, whitePollinators, Pest-eating InsectsSilvery plant with narrow leaves. Dense white and yellow-centered flowers.
N/AAquilegia formosaRed ColumbinePerennials3 ft1-2 ftSun, Part-shadeMoistSummer, red-yellowHummingbirds, Pest-eating InsectsAttractive red and yellow wildflower. Simple stem with arching blooms.N
N/AAruncus dioicusGoatsbeardPerennials3-6 ft3-5 ftPart-shade, ShadeMoist, Seasonally WetSpring-Summer, whitePollinators, Pest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsTall perennial with attractive fern-like foliage. Feathery plumes are creamy white.N
LimitedAsarum caudatumWild GingerPerennials6 in3 ftPart-shade, ShadeMoistSpring, maroonPest-eating Insects, Birds or MammalsGroundcover with unique maroon flowers hidden under heart-shaped, glossy leaves.Y
N/AAsclepias fascularisMilkweed, Narrow LeafPerennials3 ft1 ftSunDry, MoistSummer-Fall, lavender-whitePollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating InsectsThin stems with narrow, dark green leaves. Smaller than showy milkweed.
N/AAsclepias speciosaMilkweed, ShowyPerennials3 ft1-2 ftSunDry, MoistSpring-Summer, white-pinkPollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating InsectsUpright perennial with large, gray-green leaves and clusters of white-pink, fragrant flowers. Monarch butterfly host plant.
N/AAthyrium filix-feminaFern, LadyPerennials4 ft2 ftSun, Part-shade, ShadeMoist, Seasonally WetHummingbirds, Birds or MammalsUpright, graceful fern with fine-textured, light green, lacy fronds on stalks that can be green to purple or red. N
LimitedBlechnum spicantFern, DeerPerennials1-3 ft2 ftPart-shade, ShadeMoist, Seasonally WetBirds or MammalsDelicate ornamental fern that is best in moist shade.N
N/ACamassia quamashCamasPerennials1-2.5 ft6-12 inSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring, bluePollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating InsectsSpring blooming bulb with spikes of striking, pale to deep blue star flowers on tall stems.Y ??
N/ACarex apertaSedge, ColumbiaPerennials
N/ACarex deweyanaSedge, Dewey'sPerennials
Carex obnupta / allSedge, SloughPerennials2 ft1 ftSun, Part-shadePerennially WetBirds or MammalsDense swards of slough sedge provides erosion control and streambank stabilization.N
N/ACarex utriculataSedge, NW TerritoryPerennials
Clarkia amoenaFarewell to SpringAnnual0.5-3 ft24-36 inSun, light shadeDry, well drained soilsSummerPollinators, hummingbirdsAnnual wildflower with pink cup-shaped flowers that support pollinators well into late summer after most plants have gone dormant. Great in pollinator gardens, meadowscapes, and attracts hummingbirds.
LimitedDicentra formosaPacific Bleeding HeartPerennials1-1.5 ft1.5-2 ftPart-shade, ShadeMoistSpring, pinkHummingbirds, Pest-eating InsectsPerennial with delicate, deeply-cut foliage, pendant jewel-like pale to dark pink flowers in spring.
Deschampsia caespitosaTufted HairgrassPerennials2-4 ft1-2 ftSunMoistA great grass with densely clumped slender leaves
Eschscholzia californicaCalifornia PoppyPerennials1-1.5 ft1.5-2 ftSun, Part-shadeDrySpring-Early Summer
Pollinators, Pest-eating Insects
Annual with sage-colored delicate leaves and yellow-orange flowers
N/AEpilobium angustifoliumFireweedPerennials6 ft1 ftSunDry, MoistSummer, pinkPollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating InsectsTall perennial. Pink spiked flowers. Spread vigorously by seed.
Eriophyllum lanatumOregon SunshinePerennials1-2 ft3 ftSunDrySpring-Summer, yellowPollinators, Pest-eating InsectsLow-growing perennial with green-silvery foliage and small leaves in rosettes. Bright yellow daisy-like flowers.
Fragaria chiloensisStrawberry, CoastalPerennials4 in3 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring-Summer, whitePollinators, Pest-eating Insects, BirdsSpreading evergreen groundcover. Good option for lawn substitute, stabilizing slopes, or just growing strawberries. Y
Fragaria vescaStrawberry, WoodlandPerennials6 in1 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring, whiteBirdsPerennial understory groundcover. Best wild strawberry for shade.Y
N/AFragaria virginianaWild StrawberryPerennials6 inSun, Part-shadeMoistPollinators, Birds, MammalsClassic strawberry with small leavesY
N/AGaillardia aristataBlanketflowerPerennials1-2 ft1-2 ftSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSummer, yellow/redPollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating InsectsPerennial wildflower with bright cheery multi-colored flowers.Y
Geum macrophyllumAvens, Large-leaf (Oregon)Perennials1-3 ft2 ftSun, Part-shadeMoistSpring-Summer, yellowClump-forming, upright perennial with basal leaves. Small yellow flowers. AND
N/AGeranium oreganumGeranium, WesternPerennials10 in4-40 inSun, Part-shadeDry, MoistSpring-Summer, rose pinkPerennial groundcover for moist meadows or partly shaded forest areas.
N/AGoodyera oblongifoliaRattlesnake PlantainPerennialsShade, Part-shadeDry, MoistA beautiful flowering plant with deep green and white leaves
N/AGrindelia integrifoliaGumweedPerennials8-40 in12-24 inSun, Part-shadeMoistSummer-Fall, yellowPollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating InsectsPerennial wildflower is a sunflower relative that provides an abundance of reliable, nectar-rich flowers beginning in late summer.
Gymnocarpium disjunctum Western Oak FernPerennialsShade MoistElk Grow in shady moist forests, streambanks and wet cliffs. Prefers growing in coniferous forests, not typically found with oaks despite their name.
Helenium autumnaleHelen's FlowerPerennials3-5 ft2-3 ftSunMoist, WetSummer-Fall, yellowPollinators, Hummingbirds, Pest-eating Insects, BirdsPerennial. A fall bloomer, Helen’s bright flowers are abundant when many others are done.NY
N/AHierochloe odorataSweet grassPerennials