Vehicle Notes for Coding
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about how often
about how long
about layout
about when/times ride
about typical ride
about other transportation
Fill in cells below with ^ list
402Intro / Context15 mins on the bus at a time twice a day101about how often
402Intro / ContextFirst stop on large bus so normally can get a seat or handholdabout typical ride
403Intro / ContextUses the bus daily for at least 20 minutes.101about how long
403Intro / ContextRide is just "average" or not exciting.about typical ride
403Intro / ContextRides public transportation since being a kid.about how long
407Intro / ContextTakes bus less than once a month, if car is broken downabout how often
409Intro / Context"I don't give a shit about how the bus seating, it's just a means to get from point A to point B."-
408Intro / ContextRode bus all last year, didn't have a parking pass about how often
409Intro / ContextRides the bus multiple times every day to class, each ride about 15 minutes a piece-about how long
404Intro / ContextHas a car but uses the bus for going to class, switched apartments which provides her with better access to public transportation, prefers bus because she doesn't have to worry about parking, also cheaper, only uses car for extracurricular/grocery shoppingabout other transportaiton
405Intro / ContextLives off-campus, uses buses to and from classes and campus. Uses bus at least twice a day to go to classes and back home, and get food and use gym on-campus. Has used trains, subways, and metro before. Plane features - always squished, instead of 2 rows of seats each, some have 3 to a side. Metro features - same seating as buses, rows of 2 seats. Differ from bus - airplane seat more soft, but smaller and crammed together. The blacksburg buses are old and have deflated seating, like a carpet on the seat, but more space. He prefers to be in bus seat with more space. Home-ride buses have compartments like airplane racks for baggage storage - more space between bus and less seats.about layout
406Intro / ContextShe usually uses her car. She takes the bus late at night because parking at night isn't always an option. She takes friends cars, parents cars, buses, trains, airplanes as alternate . Car seating is more comfortable than an airplane's for instance. Most train seating is smaller and not well kept up. about other transportation
410Intro / ContextQ: What kinds of Public Transportation have you used in the past?
A: Bus system to get to classes, rides the bus every weekday to and from campus.
about how often
410Intro / ContextQ: Why do you take the bus at this time?
A: To get to classes or to get food on campus.
410Intro / ContextQ: What other types of vehicles have you ridden in the past?
A: Metro, planes, taxis, uber, car rides from family or friends.
about other transportation
410Intro / ContextQ: What about these modes of transportation is better than Public transportation?
A: Taking friends’ cars or her own car is best, she doesn’t like planes or trains. She doesn’t like the confined space of planes, trains take too many stops.
about other transportation
411Intro / ContextQ: What kinds of Public Transportation have you used in the past?
A: Typically uses the bus: sits in seats or stands when it is too full
about typical ride
411Intro / ContextQ: Why do you take the bus at this time? A:takes it to go to campus or see friends, 3 times a day last year 2 times a week this yearabout how often
411Intro / ContextQ: What other types of vehicles have you ridden in the past? A: subway and metro into philly- toenail clippings on seat once timeabout other transportation
411Intro / ContextQ: What about these modes of transportation is better than Public transportation? A: The subway wasnt better- nice when you got a bench seat and could spread out- place to put backpack or fit in extra people.about other transportation
411Intro / Contextsubway dirty and attracted a strange crowd .
411Intro / ContextQ. What types of other vehicles do you use? A: A. Friends drive her. Prefers cars because you dont have to make unessesary stops. Whats worse is you have to keep up conversation, cant zone out.about other transportation
412Intro / ContextQ: What kinds of Public Transportation have you used in the past? A: bt transit, nyc subway, boston subway, dc subway about other transportation
412Intro / ContextQ: Why do you take the bus at this time? A: getting around the city, take it if I don’t get too tired from biking
412Intro / ContextQ: What other types of vehicles have you ridden in the past? A: Metro, planes, taxis, uber, car rides from family or friends, taxis about other transportation
412Intro / ContextQ: What about these modes of transportation is better than Public transportation? A: lincoln town cars have the most comfortable seat, the bus seat is pretty comfortable. The bt transit bus doesn’t have a leg room about other transportation
413Intro / ContextAnna says that the bus ride becomes an unpleasant experience when the buses are crowded and full of students trying to get to and from class. She also realizes that the current objects to hold onto(bars, handles) are not friendly her to stature group. She has also observed how other become frantic finding a place to stand. That also puts her in a bad mood for class when the first thing that happens to her before class is getting pushed around in the bus.259, 121, 244, 201, 127, frustratingabout layout
414Intro / ContextEarly recognition of discomfort when the bus is crowded, unorganize, unfomfortable etc. Monica noted that the bus can feel dangerous when too crowded and the driver doesn't go slow enough for comfort. Annoying when it is too loud.246 127 219 238 129 244 126 121 201about typical ride
415Intro / ContextUses the bus to get to class, grocery store, go out to eat. Main mode of transportation. Occasionally uses the subway when travelling about how often
415Intro / ContextUses the bus every weekday at least.about how often
415Intro / ContextOther seating used: personal car, bike, subway, train, plane, charter bus, school busabout other transportation
415Intro / ContextFeels charter bus seats are 'nicer' because she can lean back and sleep on them, they sometimes have outlets, lights, wifi, foot restabout other transportation
415Intro / ContextDoes not like that the bus is very crowded sometimes. It is not as comfortable, likes to have some personal space.about typical ride
416Intro / ContextUses blacksburg transit which means they are in the areaabout typical ride
416Intro / ContextCommutes from class to home so there is a specific purpose to her trips
416Intro / ContextAbout twice a week only on week days so not much experience with weekend ridingabout how often
416Intro / ContextBeen on many different vehicles so there will be some biasabout other transportation
416Intro / ContextPrefers bus costs as opposed to other vehiclesabout other transportation
416Intro / ContextNegative is the amount of space on the bus and how crowded it isabout layout
416Intro / ContextFinds that buses are punctual for the most part
416Intro / ContextSafety on the bus is a question when standing on the bus for fear of falling
416Intro / ContextThe breaking system (safety) of the bus is also in question when sitting on the bus
416Intro / ContextPOTENTIAL SOLUTION: Individual seating > Bench seatingabout layout
417Intro / ContextShe uses the bus the most, relatively comfortable but thinks it won't be as comfortable for a long period of time. about how long
417Intro / ContextShe uses the bus daily, to and from class and to get around Blacksburg. about how often
417Intro / ContextShe has used trains, planes, subway/metro and long haul buses (greyhound & Megabus). about other transportation
417Intro / ContextShe thinks that long-haul buses are more comfortable because the back hugged her when she sat in it. about other transportation
417Intro / ContextShe rides the local bus mostly by herself or with one or two friends.
418Intro / ContextUses bus once a day(walks often because buses suck)(takes it home from class, too tired to walk)about how often
418Intro / ContextUsusally takes bus around 5pm
418Intro / ContextHas been on subway, car, plane, bike, train, boats, ski liftabout other transportation
418Intro / ContextNY subway is worse than Blacksburg transit. It is hot and crowded, feels dangerousabout other transportation
418Intro / ContextCars are better, no people interaction, no stopping for other stopsabout other transportation
418Intro / ContextAirplanes are fast, but expensive and violate your privacy. People cough on youabout other transportation
402BarrierID required to enter slows people down frustrating about typical ride
402BarrierNot getting a seat or handhold223about typical ride
401BarrierTaking bus multiple times in one day leads to more wasted time; bus schedule is not synchronized to class ending times; number of buses decrease from morning to afternoonconnectedabout how often
403BarrierBus takes too long. It shows up every 15 minutes or so. Frustratingabout how long
403BarrierSeats gets full very quickly.Frustratingabout typical ride
403BarrierIt is easy to miss the bus because it is full. Being late to class is the effect.Rushedabout how often
403BarrierWhen the bus gets full, personal space becomes an issue. Impersonalabout layout
404BarrierHas experienced sleepy person beside her on the bus, values her personal space, a man fell asleep beside her on the bus before but she didn't know what to do119
404BarrierHas missed the bus before due to time111about when/times ride
404BarrierSometimes hears obnoxious conversations on the bus but can also be entertaining to hear convos going on102
404BarrierFeels "germy" because of close proximity of people on the bus, especially being on a college campus because students seem to get sick during the same periods of time, the "mesh of germs"232
405Barrierin the morning, in neighborhood lot of people commute by bus, so get svery crowded, to point of no seating, you have to stand - standing feels like rollercoaster when bus goes around corner202
405Barrieralways have the problem of bringing backpack on the bus, no place to put because space between seats very small, only room for legs - can't put it next seat, cause someone else can't sit there.convenientabout layout
405BarrierIt was raining hard last week - the chairs are made of soft, carpet-like material. The water sticks in the chairs for rest of day when people sit, gets smelly and you get wet after you sit - maybe not have absorbent fabric on chair116
406Barrierthey can be gross. seating the hand rails can be dirty. 232
406Barriershe feels she may miss itrushed
406Barrierespecially on buses, it can take a long time for it to arriveslowabout how long
406Barriervery loud. She wants to relax but people are talking loudly. Hard to cancel out all of the noise.238
406BarrierYou have to wait for the public transportation.201about how long
406Barrierthere isn't always a lot of space to hold things. In other public transportation options there are limits to how much lugagge can be had. Public transportation could possibly add more storage.105/limitedabout layout
406BarrierSeats are uncomfortable. Weird felt material is uncomfortable. 256about layout
407BarrierBus is crowded and uncomfortable, annoying to have to wait for the bus to arrive/leave/stop constantly225236about typical ride
408BarrierBus is slow, always late or early, doesn't fit my schedule. "feel constrained to the wishes of Blacksburg Transit"
frustrating, 207, 129
about how long
408BarrierIsolated from other people. Nobody talksIsolatedabout typical ride
409BarrierThe bus is "always late": "I check the app and everything but it's always late, sometimes by 15 or 20 minutes"101/207about how long
409BarrierThe routes and schedule are incredibly confusing, doesn't have a car so they have to use the bus to get to friends' too. The online and mobile apps are "a mess"219
409BarrierThey hates sitting on the bus seeing on the clock that they're late, it's "taunting me"frustratedabout typical ride
409Barrier"I can hear the bus coming from my house, and it's never the time I expect": has to rush to put on clothes and get organized to try to catch the bus in fear of missing it and having to wait for the next onerushed
415BarrierOne time she almost couldn't get onto the bus because there was too many people, almost got left behind.about when/times ride
415BarrierRecently just missed the bus, saw it leaving and didn't make it. Another didn't come for another thirty minutes.
slow, frustrating, rushed
about how long
415BarrierWhen travelling she finds other transit sytems to sometimes be confusing, becasue they don't tell you exactly where they are going.219, 202
415BarrierPercives the poles to be dirty.232
415BarrierDangling handles slide back and forth, she sometimes falls into people. dangerous
415BarrierIn big cities, if she's waiting by herself at night, or on the bus with other people, she can feel unsafe. She will message people on her phone so that 'maybe they will realize if I stop replying that something is wrong.'safe
412Barrierupside down turtle, issue bc I wouldn’t want the public transportation to be that uncomfortable 236
412BarrierCamera, triggered issue in my head bc it gives thoughts about loud environment for public transportation238
412Barrierguy shooting himself on the head bc I don’t want anyone to be suicide on the bus203