Operation Center/Manufacturing Facility
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No Man's Sky Atlas Rises 1.38 pc
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Harvester IDTextRaceTypeOption A textOption A rewardOption B textOption B rewardOption C textOption C rewardNumber of puzzlesLoot tables
TRA_HARV_1An off-world command priority has stalled all processes within this installation. The terminal blinks angrily with a demand for urgent action on an unpaid debt. There is an option to reply with currency attached. I get the impression someone's life would get a lot easier if I'm feeling charitable...GekOperation Center(Harvester)Pay full amountRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAPay partial amountUSEFUL_PROD, STD_DEC_TRARECIPE_LISTRECIPE_LIST(40 Recipes)Bypass ChipAtlas pass v1Atlas pass v2Atlas pass v3Unstable PlasmaShielding ShardShielding PlateShielding Sheet
TRA_HARV_2Images of fighter-class starships have been sent here. They bare scorch-marks from battle, and are most likely pirates. The message seems to ask for witnesses, and there's some form of reward for replies...GekOperation Center(Harvester)Tag some shipsMONEY, STD_INC_TRATag all shipsRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRA10 Gek Opsraw list from fileHACK1ACCESS1ACCESS2ACCESS3GRENFUEL1SHIELDFUEL1SHIELDFUEL2SHIELDFUEL3
TRA_HARV_3A mass-mailed corporate message sits unread on the terminal. It is full of high numbers and seemingly impressive profit margins. The tone seems satisfied, and grateful. At its foot the employee can choose between one of two images: a galactic unit banking account, or a full hold of cargo.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Choose unit accountMONEY, MONEY, STD_INC_TRAChoose ship's cargoRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRA6 Korvax OpsPower GelPower CanisterPower ReservoirCarite SheetSuspension FluidMicrodensity FabricElectron VapourAntimatterDynamic Resonator
TRA_HARV_4There is a message from a distant alien race. They sound angry with the trader who's logged into the system. I can send them one of two on-screen Heridium products. The first looks oddly faint in colour, and the second shimmers brightly on-screen.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Send faintly-coloured HeridiumSTD_DEC_WAR, STD_INC_TRASend brightly-coloured HeridiumTECH_ALL, STD_INC_WAR9 Vy'keen opsPRODFUEL1PRODFUEL2PRODFUEL3COMMODITY1COMMODITY3COMMODITY4COMMODITY5COMMODITY6COMMODITY7
TRA_HARV_5The screen shows that a lot of silicate elements are exchanged here, but right now the trading vault is open... and empty. An off-world message, perhaps related to this, flashes on-screen.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Put common silicate into trading vaultMONEY, STD_INC_TRAPut uncommon silicate into trading vaultTECH_ALL, STD_INC_TRAPut rare silicate into trading vaultRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRA16 Gek ManufacturingAroniumDirty BronzeHeroxLemmiumMagno-GoldGrantineGeodesiteIridesite
TRA_HARV_6This is a brand new manufacturing plant with no assigned specialty. The terminal is entirely blank, and is running automated start-up procedures. I have to flick through several screens before a pictorial message appears. There are three chemical symbols – one belonging to the Silicate family, and the others Isotopes and Oxides. Production processes warm up around me, waiting for a template to work from.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Choose the Isotope elementRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAChoose the Oxide elementRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAChoose the Silicate elementTECH_ALL, STD_INC_TRA16 Korvax ManufacturingALLOY1ALLOY2ALLOY3ALLOY4ALLOY5ALLOY6ALLOY7ALLOY8
TRA_HARV_7The trade vaults in this installation are full to the brim, and ready for distribution. There are three images on-screen, each showing the outline of a different sort of trader. It's strange... it's as if they're put in order of the size of their gut. The first trader is small and sleek, the second is pudgier – and the final has a huge belly that almost drags on the floor. I'm clearly meant to choose one...GekOperation Center(Harvester)Choose the small, sleek traderSUBST_COMMOD, STD_INC_TRAChoose the medium-sized traderUSEFUL_PROD, STD_INC_TRAChoose the obese traderC_VYKEENEFFIGY, STD_INC_TRA14 Vy'keen ManufacturingThermic CondensateEnriched CarbonAmmonium SaltOrganic CatalystSemiconductorHot IceFusion AccelerantSuperconductorCryo-pump
TRA_HARV_8An important message has been received from off-world. A holographic overlay shows various interstellar trade routes, but each one ends abruptly – long before their destination is reached. There are goods waiting in a locked trade vault for transportation. I can select the final destination, or I can select one of points at which a ship has disappeared.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Select trading destinationRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRASelect disappearance locationTECH_SHIP, STD_INC_TRATECH_ALLREACTION1REACTION2REACTION3COMPOUND1COMPOUND2COMPOUND3COMPOUND4COMPOUND5COMPOUND6
TRA_HARV_9This whole facility beams out some kind of suppression field over the planet's surface. It's dampening some unknown form of communication, and clearly seen as a vital and necessary operation by the traders that operate here. The suppression field is powered by silicate elements, fed into the system by the unlocked resource vault that's at my feet.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Remove Silicate ElementsSUBST_TECH, STD_DEC_TRAAdd Silicate ElementsTECH_ALL, STD_INC_TRA7 Gek OpsFreighter FuelQuantum Processor
Cryogenic Chamber
Fusion IgnitorStasis Device
TRA_HARV_11A trade vault shakes, and closer inspection reveals that it's full of writhing molluscs. They are pink and slug-like, with sharp bloodied teeth. A diagram on the screen in front of me suggests that inserting one in or around my face would have some benefits. What isn't specified, however, is which orifice.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Insert slug in noseDAMAGESMALLInsert slug in earTEACHWORD_WAR, TEACHWORD_WAR, TEACHWORD_WARInsert slug in mouthnothing10 Korvax OpsMEGAPROD1MEGAPROD2MEGAPROD3ULTRAPROD1ULTRAPROD2
TRA_HARV_12A strange test is visible on the terminal. I see a holographic image of a shell-wearing creature lying on its back in the bright glare of the sun. Try as it might, it cannot right itself. I can manipulate the scene to indicate what I would do to help. A resident Trader has left a note for a colleague.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Help creature, then sell it waterRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAStudy creaturenothing4 Vy'keen Ops
TRA_HARV_14The outpost is abandoned, its alarms still blaring a warning to souls long-dead. The Gek used this installation to plan asymmetric wars against the other species of the galaxy. This faction would bolster rogue elements within other star systems, routing the resulting tithes and protection fees through this outpost. The last log shows potential Vy'keen traitors en-route to discuss terms with the Gek. What happened to them is unclear.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Alert the GekSTD_INC_TRAAlert the Vy'keenSTD_INC_WARSteal unitsMONEY1 Gek Manufacturing
TRA_HARV_15The facility contains multiple video files, images, and bioscans of unusual beings taken by Gek from across the Trade Federation. They seem to have been studying exosuits. Something happened during the experiment, a dormant prototype of such a suit lying in wait below. Nothing else remains.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Submit bioscanTECH_ALLErase dataTECHFRAG_SSteal technologyTECHFRAG_M1 Korvax ManufacturingTECH_ALL(57 Recipes)
Identical to a combination of the 3 loot tables
TRA_HARV_16The facility acted as a staging ground for what appears to have been an unprovoked Gek attack against something called an 'Atlas Interface'. The logs show that a great deal of material was harvested from the oceans of many worlds. This substance was cross-referenced against data stolen from other species, and then field-tested against this Atlas structure. The interface was utterly annihilated, as were the attackers. The blast seems to have wiped five star systems from existence. Only this record remains.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Delete recordsTECH_ALLAlert Gek Trade FederationTEACHWORD_TRA, MONEYAlert other speciesSTD_INC_WAR, STD_INC_EXP, STD_DEC_TRA4 Vy'keen Manufacturingraw list from fileTECH_WEAPONTECH_SUITTECH_SHIP
TRA_HARV_17The outpost is ancient, even by the standards of the Gek. Its environment is specifically calibrated for data preservation. One log speaks of the time just before the rise of the 'Gek First Spawn'. The Gek seem to have experienced a fertility crisis. Something in the water began to affect their spawning numbers, leading to an attempts at selective breeding, cloning programmes, and more. This scientific crisis became a moral one. The self-proclaimed 'First Spawn' took power, promising greatness and murdering all those who opposed them. Memories of the past were erased. To be strong was to be righteous.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Upload to GekMONEY, STD_INC_TRAAuction dataSTD_INC_EXPSteal technologyTECHFRAG_MTECH_WEAPONTECH_WEAPONPlasma LauncherBeam Focus Sigma
Beam Coolant System Sigma
Combat Amplifier Sigma
Homingbolt Adaptor
Impact Damage Sigma
Plasma Clip Sigma
Reload Accelerant Sigma
Recoil Stabiliser Sigma
Rebound GrenadesHoming GrenadeGrenade PropulsionDamage Radius
Grenade Intensity Sigma
TRA_HARV_18The facility contains records of temporal anomalies and reported sightings of time travellers. The majority of these appear to be Gek or Korvax, often bearing advanced technology. The chief scientist's log reveals a great deal of scepticism, deeming such travel not only physically impossible but unlikely from a social perspective. If time travellers exist, why do they change nothing? Why do they not attempt to avert the catastrophe of which they speak? The final log shows the arrival of the scientist's superiors, confiscating their files and silencing them.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Attempt data recoverynothingTake technologyTECHFRAG_SContact Geknothing1 Gek, 1 Korvax, 4 Vy'keen Opsraw list from fileGRENADELASMINERAD1LASCOOL1LASDMG1BOLTHOMINGBOLTDMG1BOLTCLIP1BOLTREL1BOLTSTAB1BOLTBOUNCE1GRENHOMING1GRENSPEED1GRENRAD1GRENDMG1
TRA_HARV_19This installation appears to have been staffed by an old SalesGek, a veteran of a hundred trade routes and 'personal friend' to one of the Trade Lords themselves. Estranged from their consort, their hundred surviving spawn no longer wishing to speak to them, the SalesGek had one final meal before their death, crashing their ship into the side of a nearby ridge. They leave behind a life of regret and a litany of unanswered invoices and receipts. Perhaps there is something useful here.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Report deathTECHFRAG_SSearch for unitsnothingSell trade dataMONEYOps centerRangeBoost Sigma
Fauna Analyzer Sigma
Flora Analyzer Sigma
Blaze Javelin Damage Sigma
Blaze Javelin Coolant Sigma
Blaze Javelin Drill Array Sigma
Scatter Blaster Damage Sigma
Scatter Blaster Capacity Sigma
Scatter Blaster Reload Sigma
Scatter Blaster Accuracy Sigma
Pulse Spitter Damage Sigma
Pulse Spitter Accuracy Sigma
Pulse Spitter Reload Sigma
Rapidfire Tau
Rebound Grenades
TRA_HARV_20This Gek outpost acted as a point of exchange for replacement ship and space station components. All of the blueprints are at best adapted, at worst stolen, from the technology of other species. There are a number of such designs available upon the terminal's screen.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Download dataTECHFRAG_MSell dataMONEYReport theftSTD_INC_TRATECH_SUITSCAN2CRESCAN1FLORASCAN1RAILDMG1RAILCOOL1RAILMINE1SHOTGUNDMG1SHOTGUNCLIP1SHOTGUNREL1SHOTGUNACC1SMGDMG1SMGACC1SMGREL1BOLTRATE2GRENBOUNCE1
EXP_HARV_1I discover an excited message from off-world. It seems to be discussing a report with... an image of me at its centre! Someone seems intrigued by my journey, and may well want to help. Should I get in touch?KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Delete reportSTD_DEC_EXPOpen commsTECH_ALL, STD_INC_EXP 1 Gek, 2 Korvax, 1 Vy'keenTECH_SUIT
Jetpack Booster Sigma
Aeration Membrane Sigma
Radiation Deflector Sigma
Toxin Suppressor Sigma
Thermic Layer Sigma
Coolant Network Sigma
ShieldBoost Sigma
Life Support Module Sigma
Health Module Sigma
Stamina Enhancement Tau
EXP_HARV_2I find a report filled with images of Sentinels, but its upload seems to have stalled. A demanding, perhaps rude, off-world message flashes at me. Somebody, somewhere, wants something.KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Resend Sentinel dataTECH_ALL, STD_INC_EXPReply with a refusalSTD_DEC_EXPOps Centerraw list from fileJETBOOST1UNW1RAD1TOX1COLD1HOT1SHIELDBOOST1ENERGYBOOST1ARMOUR1STAM2
EXP_HARV_4A mass-mailed off-world message shows damaged electronic lifeforms. Arms are ripped off, masks chewed and facial lights dimmed. It feels offensive. It's clearly intended to shock recipients into a response. Replies can be sent with units attached...KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Reply with unitsWEAPON, STD_INC_TRAReply with outrageSTD_INC_EXPDo not replynothingTECH_SHIPTECH_SHIPPhase Beam
Phase Coolant Sigma
Beam Impact Sigma
Advanced Cooling Sigma
Accelerated Fire Sigma
Cannon Damage Sigma
Deflection Enhancement Sigma
Pulse Jet Sigma
EXP_HARV_6An image of a distant solar system is being studied here. A mineral-rich moon can be seen, orbiting a desolate and toxic-looking planet. Slightly obscured in the background, meanwhile, is a strange dark-coloured smudge – a diamond shape floating in space. A hint of red flashes from its centre. There are no coordinates visible, but I can enhance different parts of the image to study them and automatically upload the terminal's findings.KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Enhance moon imageTECH_WEAPON, STD_INC_EXPEnhance planet imageTECH_SUIT, STD_INC_EXPEnhance diamond-shaped structure imageTECH_SHIP, STD_INC_EXP2 Gek, 4 Korvax, 3 Vy'keenraw list from fileSHIPLAS1SHIPLASCOOL1SHIPLDMG1SHIPGUNCOOL1SHIPGUNRATE1SHIPGDMG1SHIPSHLDBOOST1SHIPJUMP2
EXP_HARV_7An off-world message to all planetary research stations has filled the screen with plans for a scientific expedition of some sort. Complex star charts, fuel requirements, complex communication rigs and plans for orbital experiments fill the screen. The outpost's resource vault is open to contributions of silicates for the cause, while it also appears that the resident scientist could join the fleet... although it would require an upgraded ship.KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Contribute a silicateTECH_ALL, STD_INC_EXPJoin teamTECH_SHIP, STD_INC_EXPOps CenterWarp Reactor Sigma
Cyclotron Ballista Coolant Sigma
Cyclotron Ballista Fire Rate Sigma
Cyclotron Ballista Damage Sigma
Infra-Knife Accelerator Coolant Sigma
Infra-Knife AcceleratorFire Rate Sigma
Infra-Knife Accelerator Damage Sigma
Positron Ejector Coolant Sigma
Positron Ejector Fire Rate Sigma
Positron Ejector Damage Sigma
EXP_HARV_8This outpost seems to be a vast library of production knowledge. A vast list of product formulas endlessly scrolls on the terminal, moving so fast that it hurts just to look at them. They appear to be catalogued by their base elements, but any deeper inspection makes me feel nauseous. The resource vaults next to me are open, and are clearly in regular use.KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Insert Silicate elementRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXPInsert Oxide elementRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXPInsert Isotope elementRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXPHDRIVEBOOST1SHIPBLOBCOOL1SHIPBLOBRATE1SHIPBLOBDMG1
EXP_HARV_10Reams of data are flowing into this terminal from research outposts all over the planet. As well as a storage depot for the planetary products locked away in the vaults beneath my feet, this is a point of transmission. Knowledge accumulated on this world is being sent up to a scientific flagship hanging in orbit high above my head. I could easily breach the flow to improve my own knowledge, but sharing my own knowledge and discoveries is also an option.KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Breach data flowTECH_ALL, STD_DEC_EXPShare knowledgeTECH_ALL, STD_INC_EXP
EXP_HARV_12A back-up procedure has come to a standstill. The system is archiving a huge amount of language data, but the system has run out of memory to allocate. I can attach my multi-tool to provide extra space, it would require some variety of silicate to re-engage the process...KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Insert common silicateTEACHWORD_EXPInsert uncommon silicateTEACHWORD_EXP, TEACHWORD_EXPInsert rare silicateTEACHWORD_EXP, TEACHWORD_EXP, TEACHWORD_EXPTECHFRAG_S4-10 Nanite Clusters
EXP_HARV_13The facility is processing a signal that emanates from a distant location deep in space. Endless processing units are combining to crack the code of a strange mathematical language. Rare elements are being pulled from the resource vaults at my feet, but some are running low.KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Place rare silicates in vaultnothingPlace rare oxides in vaultRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXPTake elements from vaultSUBST_FUEL, SUBST_TECH, STD_DEC_EXPTECHFRAG_M
12-25 Nanite Clusters
EXP_HARV_14The outpost is abandoned, its alarms blaring a warning to souls long dead. The Korvax in this installation quarantined themselves from the rest of their species, believing that a violent impulse was emerging within the group. Something happened to them out here... something awoke within their minds...KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Examine logsTECHFRAG_MPurge facilityTECH_ALLAlert KorvaxSTD_INC_EXPTECHFRAG_L
28-60 Nanite Clusters
EXP_HARV_15The research station contains a vast array of scanners and monitoring equipment directed at bodies of water throughout the system. It is searching for signs of something designated 'abyss'. The scientists who worked here seem to have been comparing the transmissions associated with the Atlas to strange signals found within the water. Before they went missing, the workers concluded that this 'abyss' seemed to hold a similar yet distinct energy signature to the Atlas itself. Another power in the universe...KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Examine the abyssTECHFRAG_MExamine the AtlasTECHFRAG_MAlert KorvaxSTD_INC_EXP
EXP_HARV_16The facility seems to have been a meeting place for multiple Korvax factions, uploading and downloading from multiple bodies during tense diplomatic and war-time situations. Even if one's whole species can unify at will with a single great mind, still, there is unique value in face-to-face communication. These Korvax recorded many things they wished to keep secret from their brethren. Some are always more equal than others.KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Access recordsTECHFRAG_LReport to Korvax ConvergenceDAMAGESMALLReport to other speciesDAMAGESMALL
EXP_HARV_17The outpost is ancient, even by the standards of the Korvax. The log speaks of alternate realities, histories of the Korvax that take radically divergent paths. In some regions of the multiverse, their progenitors never shed their biological origins. In others, they remain in the slavery of the Gek, never rising up or convincing their false masters of the glory of the Atlas. Many of these realities have faded, gone as if they had never been.KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Upload to the KorvaxTECHFRAG_MSearch for yourselfTECHFRAG_MSteal technologyMONEYSUBST_TECH50-100 Platinum
EXP_HARV_18The facility allowed for the quarantine and processing of Korvax minds to and from their central Convergence. The log shows records of troubled Korvax minds, those disturbed by their actions; those haunted by sorrow; those who might threaten the minds they encountered. They arrive here, away from the Convergence, seeking to overcome pain or purge themselves. A single Korvax soul remains. According to the log, it has inhabited this system for thirty years.KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Upload to ConvergencenothingWipe systemTECHFRAG_SComfort the KorvaxC_KORVAXCASINGraw list from file
Technology category. Rarity Uncommon
EXP_HARV_19The facility acted as a central upload point for Korvax scans from a thousand worlds, collating their data in an attempt to understand the underlying mechanics of the universe. The problem was existence. The solution was a single number, a warning screamed by every atom in the firmament. 'Sixteen'... Sixteen...KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Steal technologynothingAnalyse dataDAMAGELARGEContribute scansTECH_ALL, STD_INC_EXPSUBST_COMMOD50-100 Zinc
EXP_HARV_20An incoming message contains the report of a Korvax spy. The individual was disguised within a Gek body, acting for many years as if they were a simple ToilGek. They harvested much data from those they called friends. This was the purpose of the experiment: the enemy must be understood. The enemy must never be forgiven, even until the end of time itself. Even in the face of damnation. The Korvax will never forget the violence committed against them. They will never release their anger...KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Upload report to GekMONEY, STD_INC_TRAUpload report to KorvaxTECHFRAG_MLeavenothingraw list from file
Commodity category. Rarity Uncommon
WAR_HARV_1I open a list of military achievements that's waiting for upload. There are images of distant battles, bloodied robots and vast explosions. A covering note clearly expects something in return, but the author chose not to send it.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Send war recordWEAPONEdit war recordSTD_DEC_WARSUBST_FUEL50-100 Thamium9
WAR_HARV_2Military insignia and images of recently destroyed Sentinels fill the screen. Alien propaganda imagery takes glory in the destruction. I can respond with a numerical value, and nothing else.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Input a huge numberRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXPInput a small numberMONEY, STD_INC_WAR, USEFUL_PRODInput a zeroDAMAGESMALL, STD_DEC_WARraw list from file
Fuel category. Rarity Uncommon
WAR_HARV_5A huge list of equipment is waiting to be sent off-world. It's a stock list of some sort: everything has been confirmed and ticked off.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Send stock listMONEY, STD_INC_WARUncheck one item and sendTECH_WEAPON, STD_INC_WARUncheck many items and sendDAMAGESMALL, STD_DEC_WARUSEFUL_PRODShielding PlateShielding SheetNight CrystalsUnstable PlasmaPower CanisterPower ReservoirVortex CubeGekNip
WAR_HARV_6I find an off-world message intended for a creature posted in this station. It's oddly sentimental. Images of an infant warrior can be seen, then a picture of the same creature as a bloodied adolescent – proudly biting into the throat of a hoofed beast. In the final image a young warrior salutes its family as it leaves a distant world. There are two locked storage vaults at my feet. The message is programmed to release only one...Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Choose the storage vault on the leftTECH_SUIT, STD_INC_WARChoose the storage vault on the rightTECH_WEAPON, STD_INC_WARraw list from fileSHIELDFUEL2SHIELDFUEL3COMMODITY2GRENFUEL1PRODFUEL2PRODFUEL3CAVECUBEDRUGS1
WAR_HARV_8An off-world message has been sent here from a species of beaked traders. It looks like a signed contract, or maybe some sort of treaty. In response several offerings of valuable trade goods have been left in a vault by local warriors for exportation. Warrior High Command has sent a subsequent message to explain...Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Give trade goodsMONEY, STD_INC_TRATake trade goodsC_GEKRELIC, STD_INC_WARGek RelicVy'keen EffigyKorvax CasingGrahgrahFascination BeadGek CharmVy'keen Dagger
Korvax Convergence Cube
WAR_HARV_10This appears to be a staging post for an imminent military operation. On-screen plans show a trading ship that carries a very particular sort of cargo, that's perhaps intended to persuade a distant planetary authority to allow the craft through their checkpoints. Covertly, however, the craft has been heavily modified – and also carries a phalanx of warriors carrying enhanced multi-tool technology. I can request further details on several aspects of the plan before I am detected, and shut out of the system.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Investigate details of the cargoRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAInvestigate details of the trade shipTECH_SHIP, STD_INC_WARInvestigate details of the multi-toolTECH_WEAPON, STD_INC_WARCURIO1CURIO2CURIO3CURIO5CURIO6CURIO7CURIO8CURIO9
WAR_HARV_11This is a military terminal, in a facility that seems recently vacated. Three huge databanks have been partially deleted, and will require heightened processing power to restore them. A rare silicate would likely do the trick. Databank alpha bares the emblems of the warrior race, but beta and gamma are otherwise unmarked.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Restore databank alphaTEACHWORD_WAR, TEACHWORD_WAR, TEACHWORD_WARRestore databank betaTEACHWORD_TRA, TEACHWORD_TRA, TEACHWORD_TRARestore databank gammaTEACHWORD_EXP, TEACHWORD_EXP, TEACHWORD_EXP
WAR_HARV_13I receive an incoming distress call from a distant space station, demanding aid from any nearby Vy'keen vessels. Their spaceport appears to have been damaged in a struggle with pirate raiders, no craft remaining in which its inhabitants might leave. Video feeds show that the station commander has been putting soldiers to death for even the smallest infraction, afraid of a potential mutiny in the face of starvation.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Share video with Vy'keenSTD_INC_WARContact nearby GekSTD_INC_TRADemand ransomTECHFRAG_MWEAPONMulti-tool
WAR_HARV_14The outpost is abandoned, its alarms still blaring a warning to souls long-dead. There was a coup in this place. Battle-brother raised arms against battle-brother, seemingly in a dispute about some ruins found on this world. The last survivor died before they could delete the data.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Download dataTEACHWORD_WAR, TECH_ALLSteal technologyDAMAGESMALLReport to Vy'keenMONEY
WAR_HARV_15The facility acted as a local base for raiding parties against the system's Sentinels. Each night the Vy'keen would go out under the cover of darkness, baiting drones and walkers in a variety of locations. Theirs is a war without end or purpose, executed with grim finality. The last war party never returned, leaving behind only mission logs and weapons.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Alert Vy'keenSTD_INC_WARSteal technologyTECHFRAG_MScan for SentinelsnothingC_GEKRELICGek Relic
WAR_HARV_16An incoming message warns all recipients that heresy will not be tolerated. It demands that those who suspect their brethren of cowardice, sympathy with the enemy, pacifism, faith in the traitor Nal, or any other un-Vy'keen belief to contact High Command immediately. The system shows that one warrior in this base attempted to upload such a report, only to be murdered by their comrades. The killers left the base soon after.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Report heresyTECH_ALLDelete recordsTECHFRAG_LLeavenothingC_KORVAXCASINGKorvax Casing
WAR_HARV_17The facility appears to have been in the process of researching chemical and biological weapons before a containment failure killed all those who worked here. From the system's logs, it is clear that this operation was not sanctioned by Vy'keen High Command. Though their superiors viewed this work as dishonourable and weak, the lifeforms here clearly felt differently. What if it could turn the tide of battle? If it could end war? Someone would see the benefit of this weaponised pestilence. There might even be some who would pay for it.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Destroy samplesDAMAGESMALLSell to GekMONEYSell to KorvaxTECHFRAG_MC_VYKEENEFFIGYVykeen Effigy
WAR_HARV_18The facility's logs show the arrival of a new Vy'keen recruit two weeks ago. There are no records of anyone arriving or leaving since. Yet even so, no-one is here. A single transmission appears to have been sent from the lower level of the facility, encrypted with Korvax safeguards.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Locate origin pointMONEYAlert Vy'keenC_VYKEENEFFIGY, STD_INC_EXPAlert KorvaxDAMAGESMALL, STD_DEC_EXPP_HYPERFUEL1Warp Cell
WAR_HARV_19This facility acted as a training outpost for young Vy'keen from across the sector. They would train and battle here in order to earn their citizenship. The logs show the petty rivalries, the love affairs, the nobility, and the passion of those who trained here, all recorded by a proud and aging commander. One day, the logs end: the Vy'keen no longer had a use for this place. Nanites have replaced training, passing memories from individual to individual without the need for physical repetition.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Extract Nanite ClustersTECHFRAG_MSearch training logsTECHFRAG_SSell data to the GekMONEYR_CURIO7Gek Charm
WAR_HARV_20The outpost is ancient, even by the standards of the Vy'keen. Its environment is calibrated to preserve the data within. One log speaks of the first Vy'keen contact with a Traveller. The figure remained with the warrior race for a long time, learning from them, exploring from them, even falling in love. The Vy'keen died, but the Traveller did not. The log shows how instrumental this figure was in the development of the early Vy'keen race, contributing much to their early technology. These records were lost in the intervening years, forgotten until I found this account.Vy'keenOperation Center(Harvester)Share with Vy'keennothingTake technologyTECH_ALL, P_HYPERFUEL1Search for Traveller recordsTECHFRAG_MR_CURIO9
Korvax Convergence Cube
Factory IDTextRaceTypeOption A textOption A rewardOption B textOption B rewardOption C textOption C reward
TRA_FAC_1Something deep within the complex is malfunctioning. Surfaces feel hot to the touch. Hidden machinery clanks and whirrs. A bead of sweat rolls down my forehead.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Engage coolant chamber networkRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAActivate fusion dampening fieldnothingInitialize laser refraction systemsnothingSTD_INC_TRAGek Standing +
TRA_FAC_2All systems have stalled. Warning lights blink on and off. Vaults that usually store uncommon elements mined on the planet have run low...GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Insert uncommon isotopeRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAInsert common isotopenothingSTD_INC_WARVy'keen Standing +
TRA_FAC_3The outpost is offline. My exosuit's atmospheric toxicity gauge starts to flicker. Figures on the terminal suddenly plunge downwards. There's a leak in the system.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Vent excess gasRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAFlush coolant chambernothingIncrease system pressureDAMAGESMALL, HAZARDSMALLSTD_INC_EXPKorvax Standing +
TRA_FAC_5A warning panel shows a power core overwhelmed from the inside. Strange symbols pulse urgently. This is a nuclear system. All bad news...GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Activate radiation dampening fieldRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAShut the system downRECIPE_LIST, SUBST_FUEL, STD_INC_TRAEvacuate in panicDAMAGESMALLSTD_DEC_TRAGek Standing -
TRA_FAC_6The terminal oversees element usage. I can adjust the amount of oxides pouring from resource vaults into the production systems. Warning lights flash, and a timer ticks down...GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Maintain oxide levelsnothingIncrease oxide levelsRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRADramatically increase oxide levelsRECIPE_LIST, DAMAGELARGE, USEFUL_PRODSTD_DEC_WARVy'keen Standing -
TRA_FAC_7I feel heavy. My multi-tool pulls me down, and my helmet forces itself into my shoulders. It's not just me impacted. Production processes are going haywire...GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Reboot gravitational stabilisersnothingReduce electromagnetic flowRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAPower down facilityRECIPE_LISTSTD_DEC_EXPKorvax Standing -
TRA_FAC_9The terminal isn't running proprietary code. It's possibly illegal, and emptying resource vaults of rare silicates. I could revert the facility to its original use, but I could also see where the system hijack leads...GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Revert systemRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAInsert rare silicateRECIPE_LIST, STD_DEC_TRA
TRA_FAC_11Three vast columns of words endlessly scroll on-screen, each in a strange alphabet. Bloodied runes scratched in sand, precise sequences of dots and a hand-written font full of exclamatory punctuation. Each comes with separate unit cost.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Select the bloodied runesRECIPE_LIST, TEACHWORD_WAR, TEACHWORD_WARSelect the dot patternsRECIPE_LIST, TEACHWORD_EXP, TEACHWORD_EXPSelect the hand-written fontRECIPE_LIST, TEACHWORD_TRA, TEACHWORD_TRA
TRA_FAC_12My scanner picks up traces of rare elements in nearby trade vaults, but the security alert is closing them off. The terminal is tracking an approaching trade ship. If throw some elements in before they lock, I could benefit...GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Insert rare oxideRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAInsert rare silicateMONEYInsert rare isotopeMONEYTEACHWORD_TRAGek Word
TRA_FAC_13There's been a recent fire alert. The screen is wet to the touch. Panels in the ceiling drip where a sprinkler system has been engaged. A warning flashes on the terminal.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Drain capacitor banksnothingDrain resource vaultRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRADrain laser-assisted replication tanknothingTEACHWORD_EXPKorvax Word
TRA_FAC_14A biological probe launches from the terminal and pierces my exosuit. It's pinned deep into my chest. I can barely move. There's no indication if this is the facility's function, or a security measure.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)EscapeRECIPE_LISTWaitRECIPE_LIST, HEALTHLARGETEACHWORD_WARVy'keen Word
TRA_FAC_15The alarm has rebooted the facility. An automated start-up routine is running. Three chemical symbols flash on-screen: a silicate, an isotope and an oxide. Machines around me hum as they warm up...GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Choose the isotopeRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAChoose the oxideRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAChoose the silicateRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRA
TRA_FAC_16The production facility is dormant, but still has enough charge to operate. The resource vaults that feed the alien machinery are empty. I need to act quickly, but the element I need isn't immediately clear...GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Insert common isotopenothingInsert common silicatenothingInsert common oxideRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRADAMAGESMALLTake damageSTANDING_STONE50x1.5 hard
TRA_FAC_17An enthusiastic gilled blob is on-screen. It talks in the language of the traders and bounces up and down letters in alien alphabets. The bizarre computer program asks for something. Trade vaults open.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Insert common isotopeTEACHWORD_TRA, TEACHWORD_TRA, TEACHWORD_TRAInsert common silicateTEACHWORD_EXP, TEACHWORD_EXP, TEACHWORD_EXPInsert common oxideTEACHWORD_WAR, TEACHWORD_WAR, TEACHWORD_WARDAMAGELARGETake damage
80x 2 hard
TRA_FAC_18The security alert is scrambling the screen. It's a chaotic jumble of words. There's just enough visible text to point me towards the right workflow, and potentially to bring the installation back online.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Planetary trade platformnothingSpace StationTECH_ALL, STD_INC_TRAGeknothingHEALTHLARGEHeal 2-3
TRA_FAC_19The alarm has covered the terminal in unreadable static, I can only make out a few bits of text. There's hopefully enough to make sense of what the last user was working on, which could restore systems...GekOperation Center(Harvester)JetpacknothingHyperdriveTECH_SHIP, STD_INC_TRALaunch thrustersnothingHAZARDSMALL20 Hazard damage
TRA_FAC_20The security breach has dimmed the terminal, but when I concentrate I can make out a few words in the blackness. When translated they could lead me to the last user's workflow, which would automatically bring the facility back online...GekOperation Center(Harvester)LaserTECH_WEAPON, STD_INC_TRABoltcasternothingLand disruption grenadenothing
TRA_FAC_21The security breach has scrambled the screen, but some text is still legible. The words can be traced back to the previous user's workflow, which is how I can get it back online.GekOperation Center(Harvester)ScannernothingHazard ProtectionTECH_SUIT, STD_INC_TRAExosuitnothingMONEY500-2000 Units
TRA_FAC_22An unknown fault has forced the whole system offline. I exhale deeply and notice condensation appearing in my visor. It isn't long before the security alert will force a total shutdown.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Activate incineration banksRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRASupercharge coolant flownothingInitialise charge cylinder sequencenothing
TRA_FAC_23A recent scan shows a small alien lifeform crushed in the machinery below. Equipment all round it has corroded. The impact has been near-catastrophic. Emergency measures have initialised.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Neutralise electrolyte solutionRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAAcidify heridium tanksnothingRelease suspension fluidnothing
TRA_FAC_24Something, somewhere in the facility is on fire. A faint smoke begins to rise, and my scanner registers a steadily increasing temperature. Whatever product is created here won't last long...GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Starve production chamber of oxygennothingStarve resource vaults of oxygenRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAInitialise facility sprinkler systemnothing
TRA_FAC_25A geological probe is buried deep below the installation. If I'm quick, I can call it back up to the surface - along with its cargo. Resource vaults are empty. I need an isotope with the right amount of power...GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Insert common isotopenothingInsert uncommon isotopeRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAInsert rare isotopenothing
TRA_FAC_26Machinery is still active. A timer ticks slowly down to the facility's next roll-out of products. My scanner has detected the elements used here. I could speed up the process...GekOperation Center(Harvester)Replenish common isotopenothingReplenish uncommon isotopeRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAReplenish rare isotopenothing
TRA_FAC_27Despite the security alert machines are operational. My scanner flashes briefly with the element varieties used to fuel them. I can speed up processes, and maybe sustain them too.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Replenish oxideRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRAReplenish isotopenothingReplenish silicatenothing
TRA_FAC_28Industrial manufacture of a complex product is underway. The next expected retrieval I could make isn't imminent, but I can speed up systems. A screen detailing production conditions is open.GekOperation Center(Harvester)Increase temperaturenothingIncrease pressurenothingIncrease catalyst supplyRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_TRA
TRA_FAC_29The factory recycles bundles of clothing and other materials harvested throughout the galaxy, spitting out new items for Gek exosuits. Amidst the detritus of the production line, the body of a Korvax scientist appears to drift, their lights disabled, their limbs completely motionless. The factory's systems allow outbound communication. Numerous options are available.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Report to Vy'keenSTD_INC_WAR, STD_DEC_TRAReport to GekMONEYReport to KorvaxSTD_INC_EXP
TRA_FAC_30The factory produces components for starships, fabricating them with the resources available on this world. This installation creates parts for Gek trade vessels. They are designed to hold the maximum possible cargo whilst protecting against Sentinel and pirate attacks. The terminal shows a video feed of the factory's depths. A group of Gek appear to be removing key components from each ship.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Alert Gek Trade FederationSTD_INC_TRADemand bribe from GekC_GEKRELICAsk what they are doingnothing
TRA_FAC_31As I approach the terminal, it is clear that something terrible has happened in this place. The facility produces items known as 'Gek Charms', supposedly granting luck to their bearers. The video feed shows strands of Nanite Clusters overrunning the facility's depth. Bulbous green masses extending from a great deal of the machinery, teeth sprouting from within. A voice cries out in an unknown tongue.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Take Nanite ClustersTECHFRAG_MReport Production FailureTECHFRAG_STake Gek CharmsC_GEKRELIC
TRA_FAC_32The terminal displays the logs of numerous financial transactions and trade deals conducted from this facility over the last few months. Readouts show layouts of multiple Vy'keen and Korvax factories. The Gek overseers of this installation were attempting to discover how these other species conceal their buildings from Sentinel attacks. No-one remains. The last life sign here was terminated three days ago.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Report to GekSTD_INC_TRAReport to Vy'keenSTD_DEC_TRAReport to Korvaxnothing
TRA_FAC_33The installation crackles with blue sparks, electricity arcing from panel to panel across the machines. The terminal shows the time and date appearing to flip back and forth, advancing into the future and retreating into the past. Sensors indicate something called a white hole has been activated within the factory's heart. The terminal presents numerous options.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Alert FutureGekTECH_ALLActivate Chronal TriggerTECH_ALLObeyTECH_ALL
TRA_FAC_34The factory appears to produce literature. Not machines, not files, but paper, covered in a handwritten font full of exclamatory punctuation.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Shut down productionTECHFRAG_SReport to Gek authoritiesMONEY, TEACHWORD_TRASteal technologyDAMAGESMALL
TRA_FAC_35The factory produces everyday implements for the Gek. Eating utensils for their meals, spray to keep their skin from drying out in alien atmospheres, pheromone bottles, and so forth. The facility is abandoned, but there is no obvious reason for an alarm to be going off. Everything seems fine.GekManufacturing Facility(Factory)Search for technologyTECHFRAG_LReport to Gek authoritiesnothingShut down productionTECHFRAG_M
EXP_FAC_1The screen is full of product formulas, but the system is crashing. An error message appears alongside a countdown timer.KorvaxManufacturing Facility(Factory)Save dataRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXPWaitnothing
EXP_FAC_2The primary terminal is non-responsive, but comms seem open. I can open up conversation with whoever - or whatever - installed it.KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Request remote helpRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXPHard reset the systemnothing
EXP_FAC_3A fragmented file has frozen systems. The machine is stuck in a loop trying to open it. Its deletion could free up the outpost, but the file would be lost forever.KorvaxManufacturing Facility(Factory)Attempt file reconstructionRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXPDelete fileRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXP
EXP_FAC_4An unknown program has hijacked the terminal. It looks... more alien than expected. The code is enmeshed with vital research drives. I can quarantine it before damage is done.KorvaxManufacturing Facility(Factory)Quarantine unknown processRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXPAllow unknown processRECIPE_LIST, STD_DEC_EXP
EXP_FAC_5The outpost's sole focus is a complex planetary scan. Every single facility system has been directed into its completion. Intriguing storage vaults are at my feet, but are locked.KorvaxManufacturing Facility(Factory)Cancel planetary scanRECIPE_LIST, STD_DEC_EXPLeave planetary scan runningRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXP
EXP_FAC_6Two electronic lifeforms are registered on this terminal. The primary entity's work is full of complicated chemical symbols, the secondary entity focuses on diagrams of electronic circuitry.KorvaxOperation Center(Harvester)Login as Primary EntityRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXPLogin as Secondary EntityTECH_ALL, STD_INC_EXP
EXP_FAC_7A geological probe is buried deep below the installation. If I'm quick, I can call it back up to the surface - along with its cargo. Resource vaults are empty. I need an isotope with the right amount of power...KorvaxManufacturing Facility(Factory)Insert common isotopenothingInsert uncommon isotopeRECIPE_LIST, STD_INC_EXPInsert rare isotopenothing