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05/19/2018 14:28:18Kerri SternKstern@sha613.orgYesTake aways to implement in class and with staff immediatelyNoneTo explain if you have done all of the suggestions and the students are still challenging - then what?We must make time for kindnessColleague2YesThank you!
05/19/2018 15:30:51Alicia Jensenalicia@mikeandalicia.netYesLots of opportunity to connect with othersOne day is always hard. Too long of a break going to the gymKeep it upClicker to count number of kids I call by name each dayOrting2
05/19/2018 15:30:57Mikayla CailingCailingm@orting.wednet.eduYesReally enjoyed this. Gave me lots of tools to bring back and try during the tough months at the end of The year.I choose number 6 admin being the exampleOnline and work-2
05/19/2018 15:31:46Lisa DarlingDarlingl@orting.wednet.eduYesGreat information and concepts to put into action immediately. Loved time to interact even though it sometimes pushes me out of my comfort zone.Teachers in the hallway treating studentsDistrict2
05/19/2018 15:32:26Tye Goodrichgoodrich.t@wenatcheeschools.orgYesYour passion, experience, and ability to connect all of this back to what's best for our kids. I loved the focus on relationship piece because it's been a huge focus of mine over the last 3 years.Nothing! :) I loved today.The leaders in our school helping to build the culture by forming relationships.My teaching partner2Everyone. But specifically, I would love for our principal, Rob Cline, to be able to experience this training.You guys did phenomenal today. I loved it and am so inspired even in the last few weeks of school.
05/19/2018 15:33:16Sheryl Sargentsargents@nclack.k12.or.usYesSeems really positive; I like that all of the lessons and everything are already there.The training was good; I just don’t know how to get the follow through or the buy in to carve out the time at our school to make this happen. But we need it.From our school administrators1
05/19/2018 15:33:40Dawn Woodwood.d@wenatcheeschools.orgYesAMAZING!!! John and Bryan did a great job of presenting, keeping us engaged, and adding humor to today’s training.#18CharacterStrong website...I frequent it 😉2Mark Helm Wenatchee School District executive director of student services
05/19/2018 15:33:58Barb HaleHaleb@orting.wednet.eduYesLots!Some of the being active portions are hard for people with disabilities. Being active is not always what everybody wants.Marci Shepard2
05/19/2018 15:35:52Kristin Powellpowellk@orting.wednet.edyYesPrompts (strategies for problem behavior)
Web activitieCharacter Dares
NoneMore of them! Can’t wait for you to visit our schoolThe personal information one of my teacher’s shared with me that strengthened our relationshipMarci!😁2Yes, but my principal and I have already talked about itIt’s more than a workshop. It’s a one day experience that will change your life.
05/19/2018 15:41:25Danae Barnesbarnesd@orting.wednet.eduYesThe servant triangle
Four at the door
Being intentional with the 8
The trust triangle
Students greeting at the doorAdministrator2Thank you. This training was not only amazing as an educator but also as a mom and person. Pieces of this training hit my personal life in ways I cannot express
05/19/2018 15:44:31Jeremy MolinaroJmolinaro@upsd83.orgYesEverything it was great. Experiential and informative. Chipotle was a great lunch!NoneMore trainings or a part 2 to address implementation and culture transformation at schools.12From the blog2Barnaby fletcher ( training takes me back to the heart of why I choose to be an educator, when there are so many other things that can distract teachers from truly serving their students.N/a
05/19/2018 17:50:24Beth Thompsonthompsone@orting.wednet.eduYesAll of it was great and applicable for this Monday and onward. I look forward to exploring your website and going over today's everything.
Thanks for lunch also.
More dipping portions please, I bought books first, then missed out on the dippings to go with my wonderful burrito.
Not huge, just mentioning.
Nope. Very clear and fun training with great take-aways.#13. Intensional activités will be planned to support those students with the least amount of power in my school.
I am the resource teacher for OPS which encompasses all four grades of K through 3rd.
These students, even at this young age notice that they're abilities are not up to what most of their peers' abilities are.
They need a voice and a building of their esteem to achieve their skills and dreams as well.
From my OPS principal and colleagues who have gone through part 1 in recent months.2I did not see the OPS counselor, OPS assistant principal, secretaries, some paras, some teachers.....I heard the whole staff will be trained by the end of August.
This will be a great way to start out this next school year.
Thank you for including other schools from different states and different districts. This was really great to work with a more diverse set of educators.
05/19/2018 17:53:10Penny FramePframe@carbonado.k12.wa.usYesLoved it all! I came home with lots of activities for my school!Planning ideas to connect with the kids that have the least power.I took my 8th graders to SERVUS and I follow character strong on twitter.2
05/19/2018 18:14:16Stephanie Donlavagesdonlavage@gmail.comYesThe presenters were engaging and lively. The material and real life stories were relevant and made me think about my own practices.There was a little bit more active activity at the end. After the long day, I wanted to move around a bit.Number 10.Principal2John Mitchell at Four heroes Elementary in clover park school district.This is a thought provoking training. It makes you really think about your teaching practices and how others perceive you.
05/19/2018 20:05:56Matthew BunkerBunkerm@orting.wednet.eduYesI love the idea that there is a curricula out there that employees good old-fashioned Biblical principles in a way that is safe and accepted in a public school environment. The ideas presented during this training are exactly what the kids of today need and I hope these ideas continue to catch on and spread. I am also very happy to see how this curricula had an effect on Sumner High because as an alumni of the school (class of '98), this sort of movement was the very thing I prayed for while attending. I am even happier that I am now able to use and practice these principles in my own classroom!I don't know that there were any misses from the training, but personally I missed the point of the activity in the gym. While I understand there was a time crunch also, any other training I have been to has had longer breaks/lunch.I wish this training was no longer needed because all of the things taught were common place. : )The one about inviting the community in to let them know the kinds of things we are working on with their children. #17 I think.I was asked to go.2All of them.The ideas presented in this training will definitely change the culture of any school.Thank you for everything!
05/20/2018 10:45:28Megan Turnermturner@carbonado.k12.wa.usYesThe overall presentation is something all teacher should participate in. I thought it was balanced well in presentation and activities. I think the best thing about the training is that it provides motivation to go out an implement the ideas learned.Can't think of anything.I wish I could have heard the best way to get teacher buy-in. At least the ones that don't go to the training. Besides having a Character Strong representative come out to a school, what is the best way to help fellow teachers see the importance of these ideas.I am going to greet my students at the door more intentionally, asking about their day, giving them compliments, high fives, etc.Offered by our district.2
05/20/2018 13:04:00Kyle Williskyle.willis@rentonschools.usYesCharacter dares, lunch, character building activitynoneMore training opportunities closer to Renton.Orting school district2Yes. Administrators at McKnight Middle school in RentonA perfect training for the end of the school year. Re-energized me to continue to work hard to advocate for my students and reminded me about the influence I have on students, even at times I do not think they are paying attention.
05/20/2018 19:49:52Nick Hedmannhedman@whiteriver.wednet.eduYesThe content was on par with where we are at as a staff and school community. The content also got to the HEART of the work where I had to examine my OWN character and identify areas for growth.

The Delivery used multiple strategies that helped engage my mind and heart. The stories are a must, the humor helps the content go do down smoothly, visuals were the best I have seen and the activities connected the truths.

There were times that the truth was powerful that I think there were moments of transformation for me and others around me. Thank you for pushing us to grow.

Lunch hit the spot.
The one day workshop is what I could afford and what I needed. If it had not been mentioned that the presenters felt rushed or were needing to cut things short, I would not have known any better. There were some less smooth transitions, but I was also being interrupted with some school issues during the training. And this is being really picky ... a couple times there were some powerful moments that felt interrupted by a confusing transition with presenter changes (there are probably several variables that might have contributed to this) and for my team this had no adverse effect because they are all bought and sold.I listened and helped others think and feel through the content. It was fun to see eductors processing the information personally and professionally.Online since I subscribe.2I will take care of this.The Character Strong content and workshop learning process is absolutely critical if we are going to take more positive ground in our schools and community in shaping student's hearts and minds for everyone's future.Bryan is coming to work with our staff in August, I think the content and all the activities will be perfect for our staff of 70. Please feel free to speak and preach from the heart and head. It will be received and I welcome the disequilibrium of paradigm shifts. :-) We have really really good people at Glacier.
05/20/2018 21:00:28jsprouse@carbonado.k12.wa.usYesFew quotes that stood out to me:
HIgh intellect with low character is a dangerous combination.
Personality is a gift and character is a habit.

The hands together activity and thumb resting--I will take this for our staff when presenting on changes coming and how that "feels."

Two presenters working together is a plus.

The 8 characteristics

Presenters lead educators there to learn as if they are students--completing activities with educators that you hope they will do with their students
You all really have this down, so thank you. There are no misses.
1.There was only one time when I was taking notes about happiness under the Serve Intentionally section. It showed the continuum which was useful. It made sense to talk about happiness in this section as well as later in the day at The Purpose which you all did. This feedback is probably way too specific, and honestly isn't even a miss, but when talking about happiness at Serve Intentionally that slide could say that there is a section on p. 13 in our booklets that we can take notes in and we will revisit it later as well. Again, not a miss.
2. I would appreciate, but not sure all participants would, a list of the activities that we did. For example, webbie, inner/outer circle, raccoon ropes (I know that isn't the right term), etc.
Continue to share your passion...thank you. I feel fortunate to have gone with a team of teachers from our building so that we can build as a team and not in isolated classrooms.Cross-grade tutoring or just playing together and modeling good behavior. For example, we have 8th grade students working daily with our kindergartners.

Coaching football had seniors invite back their favorite teacher (encouraged all the way back to elementary school) and we honored those teachers at half-time with a jersey. Years after, teachers wore those jerseys to games and around hallways at schools in district. Varsity players tutored at the elementary schools once a week during the football season.
Have followed thru social media for a couple of years--got on your website2Any school district :)How many schools are implementing the curriculum in Washington?
With the recommendation of 60 minutes each for a this doable at two 30 minute sessions for a lesson?

And thank you to Lindsay, she is quick to reply and is very much organized. You all work well together.
05/21/2018 7:42:22Holly Mortensonmortensonh@orting.wednet.eduYesThe entire training was very well planned and delivered. It was very inspirational, well done.None, that I can think of.Dr. Marci Shepard, and Debi Christensen.2In a world, where thoughtfulness and kindness is not normal, this training reminds you of your purpose through servant leadership - and how you can make a difference in the lives of those you meet. A training that invokes and inspires, is one of the best I have attended. -Holly M.
05/21/2018 8:18:49Alyssa Barrientesbarrientesa@orting.wednet.eduYesLots of ideas to bring into the classroom. I especially love that much of it is things I can weave into what I'm already doing, which means I can start this year. Also, Chipotle for lunch is always a good thing. :)Note-taking was sort of tough. I'm very organized and the book provided didn't always match up with the presentation in terms of where I'm "supposed to" take notes.A second day! I feel like there was a lot of valuable stuff that we didn't get because it was only a one-dayer.Some select colleagues of mine went to a weekend training a few months ago and they, along with our admin and superintendent, were so in awe that they brought it to OHS2
05/21/2018 14:15:21Cari Johnsoncjohnson@upsd83.orgYes*Direct instruction to stand up activities ratio was perfect.
*the progression from low to high risk activities was well through out.
*the written materials do a great job of giving background/in depth info.
*the presentation/presenters didn't just regurgitate what was in the booklet/on the powerpoint.
Honestly I can't think of one. I've tried. ;0)Having the smaller post its....? I like to place my post its next to the info in the booklet and move them around as the ideas begin to solidify in my head, many of the ideas I wrote down during the day ended up being good for the 3-2-1 reflection at the end of the day. So I could just re- position them.#9 showcasing student workMy Washington Student Leadership family.2Jeff Chamberlin ( University Place School District Superintendent)
Angie Tolan and Kelley Artiaga - counselors at Curtis Junior High..... wanted to come today but couldn't make it work.

I've been in student leadership for 20 years. Having said that, I think we know as teachers, advisors etc, that just because we've been doing it a long time doesn't mean that we know it all or have all the answers. This training re-ignited the fire in me. Not an easy task on a Saturday in late MAY when we are all at empty in our teacher fuel tank! Run! Don't walk to sign up for CharacterStrong. FIND the money to fund this. Our students, our staffs, our society NEEDS to build and flex our character muscle and THIS is just the program to do it.
I want to become a part of this team.
Please call me and we can talk about this.
Cari Johnson
253 576 9062
05/19/2018 15:39:03No2
05/19/2018 15:39:08Bethany Walkerwalkerb@orting.wednet.eduNoMethods of teaching character in an academic classroomNot being able to ask the individuals about what they wrote in our notes when we walked around writing strategies. Would like clarificationMore guacamole because there wasn't enoughIntentional chracter traits awards for staff and students at end of yearSchool district1YesNoNo
05/19/2018 15:41:06Alyse Van Scoyocalysebruce@gmail.comNoAll of it! Loved the content and activities!I could’ve used caffeine at lunch, lol#13My principal, Dave2The Federal Way School DistrictYes, it was one of the best professional and personal development opportunities I have ever had!
05/19/2018 15:44:52Denise Thompsondatintac@gmail.comNoLots of practical applicationsIt was all great1
05/19/2018 16:36:54Cassie O'Dellodellc@orting.wednet.eduNoTrying strategies and daresSeeing this used in a classroom.anyone can be a leader and join our create an activity to help their schoolBuilding principal2
05/19/2018 16:55:06Robin Knutzenrdknutzen@gmail.comNoEnthusiasm of presenters; solid information about character development and the need for specific instruction in the schools; organized schedule for the day- timing and length of breaks, lunch; lunch and snacks providedNumber of interactive exercises were definitely outside my comfort zone, even though I could easily see the value of them. Grateful for option to observe and not participate fully in each one.Maybe more video clips of this "in action" in the classroomGreeting students at the door, by name, with a smile (I do not have a classroom of students so it requires additional, intentional effort to go out to the playground, the lunchroom or the hallways during passing to do this.)Email through our school principal2Will consult with our principal. Can see it being so very valuable for school secretaries/office administrators who often are the first face at the school._The presenters exuded passion and compassion- you can tell they are totally sold out for whatever is best for kids! The entire day was well organized and every aspect was very welcoming. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront and providing specific things to "do Monday morning."
05/25/2018 15:51:33JoAnn Tracytracyj@orting.wednet.eduYes-hand- on activities
-great videos
-excellent speakers who actually work with kids!
-training was meaningful and so needed in today's world
-more directed toward secondary students & staff-adding elementary/intermediate curriculumAsking students what they did for someone else each day.Orting School District-2