Goal 2 Advancing equity, diversity, and social justice
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Goal 2: Create a positive and inclusive campus climate for all by advancing equity, diversity and social justice.
Campus Climate website: http://www.d.umn.edu/chancellor/climate/August 2013
(Please write to umdplan@d.umn.edu to report additional activities related to an action step below)
Action StepGeneral Description of ActivitiesPerson/Group ResponsibleNext Steps
1. Create a campus definition of equity, diversity, and social justice and share these understandings with all students, staff, and faculty (December 2011).Definitions were sent to Denny Falk and ECCA (Executive Committee of the Campus Assembly) on Dec 29, 2011 for campus discussion and approval. The Leadership Team gave final approval on May 17, 2013. Definitions are posted on the website.CCT (Campus Change Team), ISAT (Integrated Strategic Advisory Team), ECCA, Chancellorhttp://www.d.umn.edu/chancellor/climate/definitions.html
2. Implement effective, measurable processes to recruit, retain, and support diverse students, faculty and staff (May 2012).a. Multicultural Living Learning Community was initiated Fall 2011 and continued for 2012-13.Office of Cultural Diversity (OCD) , Housing, Admissions, First Year ExperienceAssessment of the 2011-12 program was completed Summer 2012 and led to changes in the 2012-13 program.
b. Collect baseline and historical data
c. Work with Strategic Enrollment Management Council by providing feedback on SEM recommendations and engaging in discussions about enrollment action plans and goals.Chancellor and EVCAASEM Council recommendations were submitted to Chancellor and EVCAA.
d. Prepare McNair Proposal (for low income, first generation college and underrepresented studentsA 4-member team attended McNair Proposal Writing Workshop Feb 10-11Team submitted proposal June 7, 2012, but proposal was not funded
e. Diversity Initiative Proposals fundedAcademic Affairshttp://www.d.umn.edu/vcaa/Diversityinitiativereports.html
f. Revise Office of Equity and Diversity booklet on searches to recruit and hire a more diverse faculty and stafff.
g. Kathy Obear's workshop on search procedures and policies at College of St. Scholastica (March 2012)UMD-CSS collaboration. Ten UMD administrators and staff attended.Incorporate best practices into UMD search processes.
h. Prepare Grant to Reduce Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking on Campus Program (Campus Program) A 4-team prepare the proposal / UPDATE: A new proposal was submitted May 2013 by Susana Pelayo-Woodward and Dori DeckerTeam submitted proposal May 22, 2012, but proposal was not funded. Some of the training sections have been funded by the Campus Climate Initiative. New Proposal was submitted May 2013 .
i. Fund program to strengthen math skills of incoming Fall 2013 freshmen.SCSE UCT, OCDSummer 2013
j. Fund Shades of Africa music festivalSFA UCTProgram took place in April 2013
k. Fund LSBE cultural awareness programs for students. Fund the development of a mentoring program.LSBE UCTTwo programs occurred during Spring 2013. Development of the mentoring program will continue in Fall 2013.
l. New Student Evaluation announcement proposed by CCT was accepted by LT for Fall 2013 Student EvaluationsCampus Change and Leadership Teams
3. Update, implement, and rigorously enforce all policies and procedures that advance cultural diversity and social justice (May 2012).a. Increase number of gender neutral restrooms (GNR) on campus - met with FM and coordinating with UM OED. UCTs, CCT, FM (Facilities Management)GNR will be designed into future campus renovations and new construction.
b. Developed Campus Climate Response Protocol and Team (Fall 2012)Leadership Teamhttp://www.d.umn.edu/chancellor/climate/reporting/ccrt.html
c. Updated How to Report Incidents that Degrade the Campus Climate (Fall 2012)ad hoc committee convened by LThttp://www.d.umn.edu/chancellor/climate/reporting/
d. Incidents Reporting link is located on the UMD Homepage (Quick Links). (Spring 2013)LThttp://www.d.umn.edu/
e. Develop Annual Campus Incidents Report for posting in Fall 2013CCRThttp://www.d.umn.edu/chancellor/climate/reporting/summary.html
f. Develop policy for delivering programs to minors, Fall 2013LT
4. Develop and begin to implement a plan to serve indigenous people through the recruitment of students, staff and faculty, the enhancement of curriculum, and partnerships with tribal governments (May 2012).a. Jan 2012: American Indian Program Unit Change Team (UCT) formedAmerican Indian Programs UCT
5. Evaluate progress toward and support of diversity and climate initiatives as an explicit part of performance reviews of campus leadership. Conduct a longitudinal survey and assessment of campus climate and diversity initiatives every three years, disseminating results and integrating findings into academic and student life (December 2012).a. Summarize 2002, 2009, 2010 Campus Climate SurveysCCT co-chairsCompleted and posted on website.
b. Conduct Student Focus Groups for African American, American Indian, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander students (Spring 2011)VCAA/VCASSL, PIs, Office of Cultural DiversityCompleted and posted on website.
c. Contact OED Director of Evaluation, Office of Planning and Analysis, CFANS. Meet with VCSL about adding questions to a SL survey. Formation of 4-member CCT subcommittee
d. Conduct Student Focus Groups for GLBTA, Disabled and Women students - Spring 2012.CCT co-chairs, Office of Cultural Diversity, and PIs; GRA hired and working with PIsCompleted and posted on website.
e. Embed efforts and achievement on Goal 2 actions into performance reviews of campus leadership, faculty and staff.Chancellor's CabinetIt has been incorporated on Staff and Administrators performace reviews.
f. Develop protocol and guidelines for administering campus surveys.ad hoc committee on surveyshttp://www.d.umn.edu/vcaa/institutionalresearch/Documents/Survey%20Protocols.pdf
g. Develop climate surveys for 1) Faculty and Staff and 2) Students.CCT Assessment Committee, ITSSFaculty and Staff survey approved by Leadership Team for use Fall 2012 and every even year fall term. Student survey under development for use Spring 2013 and every odd year spring term.
Faculty/Staff climate survey was deployed January-February 2013.
Student Climate survey was deployed March 2013
h. Fund program to increase cultural competency of Student LIfe UCTStudent Life UCTSpring 2013
i. LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index Tool deployed July 2013GLBTA Serviceshttp://www.d.umn.edu/news/2013/August/20a.html
6. Integrate cultural diversity, cultural competence, and social justice topics into the curriculum and campus life, using an enhanced liberal education theme on cultural diversity as a core of this effort (May 2013).a. How Did you Come to be Here? - curriculum integration project including extensive website. Campus Forums Diversity Commission, Office of Cultural Diversity and Human Resoruces and Equal OpportunityFall 2012, What is America? Spring 2012, Campus Forums Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013
b. Diversity initiative Proposals fundedAcademic Affairshttp://www.d.umn.edu/vcaa/Diversityinitiativereports.html
c. Just Us meetingsInstructional Development Services
d. Annual Summit on Equity, Diversity and MulticuluralismDiversity Commission, Office of Cultural diversity and Human Resoruces and Equal OpportunityFall 2012, Spring 2014
e. Fund Conference on Empahty, Leadership and Social ChangeCLA, KLI, CUltural Diversity, Writing Studies, Chancellor's Office, IDS, GLobal ProgramsMarch 2013
7. Develop partnerships with the surrounding community around diversity and social justice initiatives (Immediate and Ongoing).a. Achievement Gap among K-12 students in Duluth.United Way in partnership several community and UMD organizationsFinal report completed Fall 2012
b. Civic EngagementUMD Office of Civic Engagement
c. Integration Specialists (ISD 709 Duluth Public Schools)Office of Cultural Diversity and Office of Civic Engagement
d. Land of PlentyDiversity CommissionFall 2012
e. Create website of community resourcesHuman Resoruces and Equal Opportunity
8. Enhance orientation programs and special training opportunities for all members of the UMD community that promote equity, diversity and social justice (Immediate and Ongoing).a. Deliver workshops and training on UMD campus. Respectful Workplace Workshop since August 2011. Presented a total of 16 workshops with 606 attendees.UMD HR/EO in partnership with OED and others2012-2013: 1100 attendees. Ongoing
b. May 2011 Train the Facilitators program facilitated by Kathy Obear. May 2011 followed by Skype meetings from June 2011-January 2012Facilitators have incorporated skills into training programs (Residence Assistants, RSOP student employees, UMD Seminar faculty, etc).
c. Inventory current programs including new faculty, GTA, collegiate, Welcome Week, etc
d. Leadership Team and other campus members engaged in taking the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). This activity was followed by analysis and discussion.Spring 2012Leadership Team will deterimine continuing work on intercultural competency.
e. June 25-27, 2012 Train the Facilitators program facilitated for 25-28 UMD and CSS staff and faculty.Summer 2012Facilitators have incorporated skills into training programs (Athletics, SIT, Facilities Management, Kirby Programs, Cultural Diversity, Sudent Conduct).
f. Continuing skill building for UMD and CSS staff.January 2013Student Services staff; sponsored by Student Life and CCT
g. Student Leaders Workshop by Kathy ObearFebruary 201343 students from various student organizations attended
h. TOF Follow up for UMD and CSS staffFebruary 2013Followup on TOF 2011 and 2012 workshops
Othera. Create organizational structure to support and sustain campus change: Leadership, Campus Change, and 18 Unit Change Teams. Nearly 300 campus members serve on these teams.Fall 2010The formation of additional UCTs is welcome. Members of the UMD are also invited to work with us on these activities. Send an email to uchange@d.umn.edu
b. UMD received UM OED Equity and Diversity Outstanding Unit Award.November 2011 UM OED E&D BreakfastSee video.
c. Jan 2012: SOM UCT formed.School of Medicine UCT
d. Update and improve Campus Climate website.CCT co-chairsOngoing at website
e. 2011-12: UCTs are working on 1-2 priorities to be completed May 2012.CCT and UCTsReports are posted May 2012
f. Campus Forums Co-sponsored by four Commissions (Diversity, Women, GLBTQA, Disabilities)Fall 2012 on racist video filmed on campus. Spring 2013 on A Personal Call to Action. Spring 2013 on Reporting Incidents.