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AuthorThis spread sheet was created to accompany an article by Anthony Luscre K8ZT to assist in choosing a new call sign. All Rights are reserved and no claims of accuracy are guaranteed. Please contact author at
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Locked pagesAll areas, except data entry areas, have been Protected to prevent accidental changes. For those with knowledge of spread sheets, feel free to unprotect sheets and make changes as necessary
Callsign Comparison WorksheetThe main sheet, where you enter your calls and ratings.
CallsignsEnter up to 10 call signs of your choice here. Do not use slashes or other characters only numbers and letters.
These are automatically calculated based on callsigns you enter# of CW ElementsCalculates total number of dits and dahs in letters and numbers in each of your callsignsWeighted Values for Character Counts-- CW Character Count and CW Character Weighted Totals are each multiplied by a constant to more better fit them into 1 to 10 range of self rated values in the other categories.
CW WeightCalculates total number of dits and dahs in letters and numbers in each of your callsigns
Weighted Values for Character CountsCalculates weighted totals. Each dit counts as one and each dah counts as three.
Entering Subjective Rating Information Visual AppearanceRate each of your calls from 1 (best) to 10(least) on how will it look on a QSL card or on vehicle license plates. You may rate more than one with same number.
Letter ClarityRate each of your calls from 1 (best) to 10(least) on how on letter pronunciation clarity (without phonetics). For example, the letters B, D, and E, tend to sound alike, whereas letters like R, X, and O have their own unique sounds and are easier to distinguish.
Phonetic ClarityRate each call on how the call sign sounds phonetically and how easy each phonetic is to pronounce
CW Emphasis Lettersemphasis letters for DX pileups in CW and SSB. Hard consonants sound best on SSB at the end of a call sign, and a call sign ending with a dah is considered preferable in CW, but some letters, such as K, can be mistaken for prosigns (K = invitation to transmit, the “go ahead” signal) instead of the last letter of a call sign
SSB Emphasis Letters see above under CW Emphasis
CW Rhythm I put various call signs into my keyer’s memory and played them back at various speeds to rank their desirability. Use the 1 to 10 scale here also.
TotalTotal Score for all categoriesThe Lower the Score the Better
AverageAverage Score for all categories