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TrinityMother McAuleyMaristNazarethDeLaSalleFenwickIgnatiusJosephinumJoliet CatholicIC Catholic PrepMontini CatholicChicago ChristianHoly TrinitySt. JosephMarian CatholicOL TepayacCristo Rey JesuitGuerin PrepMorgan Park AcademyLa Lumiere Catalyst MariaSt. LaurenceProvidence Catholic
Contact Number(708) 771-8383(773) 881-6500(773) 881-5300(708) 354-0061(312) 842-7355(708) 386-0127(312) 432-8411(773) 276-1261 (815) 741-0500(630) 530-3460(630) 627-6930(708) 388-7656(773) 278-4212(708) 562-4433(708) 755-7565(773) 522-0023(773) 890-6800(708) 453-6233(773) 881-6700(219)-326-7450(773) 993-1770(708) 458-6900(815) 485-2136
Address7574 Division St, River Forest, IL 603053737 W 99th St, Chicago, IL 606554200 W 115th St, Chicago, IL 606551209 W Ogden Ave, La Grange Park, IL 605263434 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60616505 Washington Blvd, Oak Park, IL 603021076 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 606081501 N Oakley Blvd, Chicago, IL 606221200 N Larkin Ave, Joliet, IL 60435217 S Cottage Hill Ave, Elmhurst, IL 6012619W070 16th St, Lombard, IL 6014812001 S Oak Park Ave, Palos Heights, IL 604631443 W Division St, Chicago, IL 6064210900 W Cermak Rd, Westchester, IL 60154700 Ashland Ave, Chicago Heights, IL 604112228 S Whipple St, Chicago, IL 606231852 W. 22nd Place, Chicago, IL 606088001 W Belmont (near Harlem and Belmont) River Grove, IL 601712153 W. 111th Street, Chicago, IL 606436801 N. Wilhelm Road, La Porte, IN 463506727 S California Ave, Chicago, IL 606295556 W 77th St, Burbank, IL 604591800 W Lincoln Hwy, New Lenox, IL 60451
2016-17 Tuition$11,250$11,100$11,850$12,775$11,250* (+$1,350 for laptop)$14,700$18,000$8,720$11,295$10,900$11,390$10,545$8,200$9,900$10,400$5,200Families must qualify as low income, most anyone pays is $3000$10,100$11,985 - $23,970$43,500 (Tuition, room, and board)NONE--CHARTER SCHOOL, families pay enrollment $155 and activities fee$9,950
Scholarships availableSOME, will honor all of our scholarships at Trinity, need to know if mom is alumYES for students enrolled at Mother McAuleyall Financial AidSOMEall through Financial AidCase-by-CaseNeed-based tuition assitance ONLYYESAll need based, 30% have need-based financial aid, scholarships range between $500-$3000, average is $1500YES, due March 1stYESNOYESThrough financial aidThrough financial aidNOAvailable in October, students can apply once they are enrollmentYESCase-by-caseYESN/A
Financial aid elibilityYES closes (Feb 19)YESYESYES (February 1st)YESCase-by-CaseYESYESYESYESYESYES, the most a family can receive is 10% of tuition cost for 1 student; 20% for 2 or more studentsYESYES, through FACTSYESYESYESYESYESN/AYES, through FACTS
When are Financial Aid forms due?February 19th February 24thApril 15th March 1stFebruary 1-March 1st FACTS COMING SOONAll transfers welcome to apply once admitted Rolling application through FACTSMarch 1stMarch 1st, FACTSMarch 1st (may extend)Rolling applicationRolling applicationASAPDeadline has passed, will make exception for QoP COMING SOONRolling admissionMarch 7th All transfers are welcome to apply once admittedN/AMarch 1st
Upcoming Events for Queen of Peace FamiliesQoP Interest Evening February 22nd"Meet Marist" Evening at Marist on March 8thInformational Meeting for Parents March 1st Informational Meeting for Parents March 1stFebruary 28th Shadow DayMarch 1st Shadow Day
Welcome shadows?YES, call Mary Tansey or register onlineYESYESYES, call John Bonk at (708) 387-8538 at least 2 days in advanceYESCase-by-CaseYESYES (Feb 1st)YESYes, call Kate Luburic at (630) 530-3484YESYESYESYESYESYESNO, students would apply first and shadow in AprilYESYESYESOnly on March 1stYES
Total Enrollment9737751,200about 1400200665319654360About 340380Just over 1000About 165About 560400160228560
Average Class Size or Student:Teacher Ratio13:1Average class size is 24 studentsAverage class size 22-26 students15:1About 25 average class sizeAbout 18 average class size11.5:1 ratio19:1Average class size is 20 students17:111:1Average class size is between 20-2517:115:1Average class size is between 25-28 students12:114:1Average class size: 11 | Student:Faculty Ratio 7:1Between 20 and 25 kids per class
Letter of recommendation required for transfer?YES, "Letter of Good Standing" from DeanNot requiredNot for frosh/ soph; Possibly for juniors in college application process if counselors want that follow students in their fileNot requiredHelpful but not required YESYES, 3YES or Teacher Recommendation FormNONOYESNOYESNONONOYES, 2 letters: one from current English or Math teacher and another from a counselor or coachYESYESYESNONO
Service Hour Requirement/Transferring Service HoursCOMING SOONMinimum of 15 hours per year, will accept transfer hoursNONE.Graduate with 40 service hours, QoP students would not need to play catch up with what they missed. Will accept a printout for service hours attached to transcripts.100 hours of service required, jump in wherever they are, tied into religion grade, can do outside service and in-school opportunities provided as well. Will accept a printout for service hours from QoP.Hours will transfer.10 hours freshman year, 25 hours sophomore year, will not require students to complete retroactive hours.No service requirement, all service completed through IB program.60 service hours. Will accept a printout for service hours from QoP.No service hours required for graduation, service built into the curriculum 10 hours each year, opportunities through Campus Ministry, Habitat for Humanity trip, Nicaragua trip every year. Will accept a printout for service hours from QoP.10 service hours per year, 15 for NHS. Queen of Peace students would start fresh with service hours.200 service hours, will accept QoP hours40 hours required for graduation, will accept our hours on QoP letterheadNO100 hours: 10 hours Freshman year, 20 hours Sophomore year, 30 hours Junior year, 40 hours senior year. Will accept Queen of Peace hours.Required each quarterAll transfer hours will be acceptedComplete 40 hours by graduation, QoP completed service hours will be honoredService hours not required20 hours
Credit transferNeed 28 credits to graduate (QoP is 26), Deb Murphy, Dean of Students, will work to help students graduate on timeTake 7 credits per year, case-by-case, Class of 2020 and beyond are required to have 4 years of scienceYES, Visual and Performing Arts credit required, Speech required, will make it work for Peace girls (summer credits)Need 23 credits to graduate, will accept any credits that match course descriptionsNeed 24 credits to graduate, no credits should be problematic. Once application and transcript are submitted DeLaSalle will go over with parents.Case-by-caseNeed 23.5 credits to graduate for college prep diploma, 25 credits for honors. Would work case-by-case to help students to accomplish course requirements.Need 27 credits to graduate. Will work with individual student schedules.25 credits minimum to gradaute24 credits to graduate24 credits to graduate, require 2 years of language for graduationNo problems transferring credits; 4 English, 3 Math, 2 Bible 2.5 PE and Health, SS 2.5 Science 2= 24 total credits24 credits to graduateCurriculum is relatively aligned. Any class failures require summer school.Case-by-caseCase-by-caseTwo courses entirely in Spanish. Curriculum must be an exact match (need to show transcripts).All records will be reviewed individually and a program of study will be developed on an individual basis to make sure each Queen of Peace student can graduate on time.Case-by-caseCase-by-case BasisCounselors will work with students to accommodate credits based on requirements at Queen of PeaceCounselors are working to accommodate Peace students
Scheduling8:00-3:07 College schedule, 4 classes from beginning ofthe year to the middle of January, 4 new classes in January until June 2 classes in AM, 1-hour break, 2 classes in afternoon 83 minutes long 7:55-2:50; 9-period day including lunch, 1:38 dismissal on Thursday for staff development7:45-2:20 8 periods, 44 minutes including lunch7:50-3:00, 7 class-period day, start at homeroom, 50-minute periods, 30 minute lunch period8 period day, 8:05-2:45 44-minute classes, 3 levels of education, dual enrollment (more kids do dual enrollment than AP courses), online courses offered and students are encouraged to take at least 1COMING SOON8:00-3:00, 8-day rotating schedule, the "Wolf Pack" schedule, 50-minute classes, 9-period schedule, 7 periods per day + lunch, within each rotation each class meets 6 times.8:15-3:45 MTThF, Wednesday start at 9:50 to accommodate teacher development and Frosh take PE during that time. Block scheduling, 4 classes on MTThF and 5 classes on Wednesday.7:50-2:40; 8 class periods including lunch, 50-minute classes, includes homeroom7:45-2:50; 8-period day, lunch included, most students have a study hall, PE and health8:00-2:45 MTWF, Thursdays 2:00 dismissal for teacher development. 48-minute classes (except Thursdays 44) 9 periods with 25-minute lunch period 8:20-3:00; MThF 7 periods, about 45 minute periods, TW block scheduling--3 periods per day, 80-minute classes, Lunch A and B (Quest Food Service about $4.50 per meal), after school tutoring8:00-3:00 8 period MTF, WTh block scheduling, Thursday often a short day for teacher development with dismissal at 1:308-2:30, Thursdays are late start days for teacher development 9-2:30. 7 periods, 45-minutes each, inclusing homeroom and 25-minute lunch.7:45-2:20; 7-period day, 45 minutes long and 5 minute passing periods. 5th period is lunch and homeroom.COMING SOONWork/study program: classes 4 days per week, work one day per week9 periods a day are available- 2 semestersIndividualized, Classes run from 8:33 - 3:22PM7:45 Homeroom period (college seminar)-3:40; 8 classes per semester, block scheduling Monday-Thursday with 94-minute classes and Fridays students have early dismissal at 12:55 and go to all 8 classes for 30 minutes each12 class periods per day, 30 minutes long, students see each period 2 times per day (6 core classes each day)
GPA requirements for transfersNo set GPA, each student looked at on an individual basisApplicants evaluated on an indivdual basis.Case-by-case2.5 minimum2.0 GPACase-by-caseCase-by-case, tranfers typically maintain a 3.5 GPACase-by-caseCase-by-case, college-prep curriculum, upper college-prep, advanced or honorsCOMING SOONCase-by-caseCase-by-case, no minimum GPANONO, placement in one of 3 levels to accommodate learners3.0 GPA minimum, will take school closing cicumstances into considerationNOTypically a 3.0 and above for transfersCase-by-case3.0 & ACT score of 25Case-by-case BasisNO, students must reside in ChicagoGive transcripts to St. Laurence
Transportation$750/year round trip Kathy Tomasek (773) 881-6518$800 per semester, 4 locations$845 round-trip for the year, no activities bus. $70 for 20 rides (buy books of tickets from the bookstore for what you need), Activity busCOMING SOONFor an annual fee, students can utilize a shuttle bus from the downtown Metra stationsNONE.$900 for round-trip for the year$1200/year round-trip $975/year round-trip; 5 buses, redo route every year based on family needs; no activities bus$595 flat family fee + $62 per mile per student, paid over 10 months1 bus, 1 route, depends on freshman, only for the morningNO, the 322 bus drops off in front of St. Joseph$300/semester, only inbound tripsNONO$900/yearYESN/ANOTBD
Open for March 1st shadow day?YESYESYESYES, time for parents to meet in the morningYES, bus possibility from DeLaSalle, parents can tour, wear Peace uniforms YESNOYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNOYESYESNo (School Spring break)YES, 8:30-1:00 with transportation providedYES
Is there a limit for the number of shadows?20 maxNONONONONOCase-by-caseNONONO15 max at a timeAround 20NONO40 maxYESNO10 students maxN/ANONO
Technology RequirementsBYOD (Bring your own device) laptop, chromebook, iPad CANNOT BE phoneNeed to buy an iPad Need to buy iPad (32 gig), all books are onlineiPad (65 gig)Lenovo Touchscreen Thinkpad PC, $77/month for 20 months; want to work with our families 1:1 iPad1:1 iPad program, most textbooks are electronic1:1 Chromebooks, students are responsible for purchasing, use of google suites1:1 Lenovo N-22 laptop $200None, students and teachers use HP tablets, phones used for certain apps during class, Chromebooks for 2017-18 school year1:1 iPadLaptops in Media Center, attempting 1:1 next year but currently do not have computers for every student. $80-$200 for books, $95 hard cover book rental feeNONE. Smartboards and desktops in every room, laptop carts for use in class. 2 computer labs for classwork and after school use.1:1, families have to purchase an HP tablet, $645 rental fee for seniors. Frosh-juniors purchase their device for $300/year tech fee.1:1, students need to purchase iPads (64 gig recommended)NONENONEWe supply all students with a Chromebook/laptop loaded with texbooks and all tech support at no additional charge beyond tuition.iPad 1:1 program1:1, class set of iPads that students use. Available Chromebook carts 4:1 used for projectsTBD
UniformCOMING SOONRequired level kilt and McAuley polo, black or navy socks that cover the ankle. Shoe requirement. Available through School Belles.COMING SOONDennis Uniform Company for skirt (on website, "Admissions"), Naz polo and fleece purchased at school COMING SOONNONE. Dress code.NONE. "Nice casual" dress code. Collared shirt, no jeans. Pants or skirt and Josephinium polo. Students can wear long sleeves under their polo. Requirements around shoes and leggings. Zemsky's for uniforms.Khaki pants or shorts, Sperry topsider-type boat shoes (do not need to be Sperrys), polos purchased at spirit shop (brown, white or blue)Plaid skirt with polo top, juniors and seniors navy skirt with polo top, dennis uniform companyPants and polo shirt (through School Bells) + dress shoe (no gym shoe, boots, slipper), Spirit Store sells fleeces and sweatshirts, every Friday is Spirit Friday, gym uniform is anything Montini colors or with Montini on itNONEPolo (long or short sleeve) available at book store + khaki pants/shorts with embroidered letter available onlineBlack pants + red, black or gray polos all through School BellsAll done through Land's End. Khaki or black dress pants with Marian Catholic logo. Polo shirt with Marian Catholic logo. Students can wear sweaters without hoods in the winter.Uniform skirt and polos + gym shoes (black and white)NO, dress code. Button down color shirt + dress pants and dress shoesCan continue to wear QoP uniformAny khaki pants and selection of skirtsYesGrade level polo shirt with Catalyst logo (available in school store) + navy or black pants depending on grade, black shoes and beltTBD
NEXT STEPS FOR TRANSFERCopy of transcripts, copy of any standardized test, interview required, call Mary Tansy if you are sending scores to TrinityModified transfer application for Queen of Peace students + unofficial transcript + $150 (upon acceptance), may meet with families. May 1st deadline for transfer application.Application (on website) with disclosure form +unofficial transcript and $200 application fee, then interviewTranscript and most recent report cardTransfer application on website (Admissions-->Prospective Students); one page is discipline attendance report completed by us and a transcript of their grades. Will accept applications now and students will receive an answer as soon as possible. Transfer deadline through July.School is fully enrolled but Queen of Peace students will be considered based on academics for transfer.Traditional Transfer Process: Application available on the bottom of the "Admissions" page of St. Ignatius website called "Transfer Application." Require transcripts + 3 letters of recommendation + record of standardized testing + letter from school treasurer indicating good financial standing + letter from Dean to assure good attendance record and no attendance issues. All due June 1st. *Queen of Peace transfers are recommended to contact Ignatius sooner rather than later if interested.Apply online + transcripts + teacher recommendation. Shadow day and Open House visits are recommended.Meet with Assistant Principal, fill out application $300 application fee, $200 toward first tuition payment, school contacts, dean conatcts deanAcademic records + transfer discipline formApplication, Release of Records, Discipline form + Letter of rec from teacher or counselor + Letter from the student as to why they would like to transferFOR QUEEN OF PEACE FAMILIES ONLY: $200 Application fee, $100 non-refundable; $100 goes toward first month tuition. If student decides not to attend the fee is non-refundable, if Chicago Christian determines the transfer is not a good fit then the fee is refundable. Need to obtain an Application Packet from Chicago Christian. Application packet requires: current report card, standardized testing, recommendation form to principal or teacher. Teachers indicate where they think students should be next for Math. Pastor's Recommendation form to current pastor about church attendance. Interview with Principal.Transfer application, discipline and attendance form, unofficial trnascript, letter of recommendation from a teacher or academic advisor, current state test scores, IEP or 504Transcript from Queen PeaceApplication + Letter stating the reason for transfer + Attendance record + discipline record + transcripts, Principal will review.Online application for transfers. Students will provide transcripts and have a meeting with the principal.Dual Language School: Students will be interviewed in Spanish and need to pass a written exam in order to transfer. Cristo Rey needs transcripts before all else. Next parent needs to submit taxes to see if they meet requirements for tuition. Contact us!! Call Nancy Konrath -708-437-4820Call or email Brian Tonino at or (219)-326-7450Complete the application on the website and will be added to the waitlist and will find out about admission within a week. Enrollment day is March 11th, students bring birth certificate, proof of address, parent ID, transcripts and up-to-date physical + dental and eye exam records + immunization record. By Thursday, 2/23, Peace families need to give St. Laurence (1) Transcripts (2) Financial Aid Release (3) $280 Registration fee
Other informationNo deadline for transfer applicationShadow with same grade, call Alex with basic interestsExcellent college-placement service through guidance department; will work closely with students in placing them into college--use NavianceBeginning PLTW 2017-18 for frosh.Admissions speaks SpanishSTEM programProject Lead the Way and STEM schoolBSTEM Program: App and web development. Robotics club. Resource Learning Center open for before, during and after school extra support. About 10% of population are international students. No fees for books or activities, tuition covers all costs. All students meeting stated academic requirements as Juniors and Seniors can articipate in our Jump Start College program and receive Dual College Credits from Triton, St.Mary's and Concordia at-details. Why La Lumiere? 1+ School. All students are accepted into college and many seniors are involved with dual enrollment at Daley College. LaSallian-based, old convent is community center where kids go after school for support.
One of the top IB schools in the nation (honors program) Use"Junior Descriptive Summaries," 3-4 letters from junior teachers used for reference in college application
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