J202 Spring 2019 IS pitch (Responses)
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First nameLast nameLabStatusFocus of your story in one sentenceSource suggestions from University CommunicationsWhy is this story important?Name and brief description of a person you interviewed while coming up with your ideaDescribe the nature of *any* connections you have with this organization or subject matter you're proposing to explore.Website URL and TA name
2/1/2019 14:43:29AllysonKonzLab 301/DaveApproved — SFFood injustice on campus and in the Madison areaSlow Food UW? ASM lead for the Open Pantry?Not all students have the capabilities to go off campus and go grocery shopping and have limited options to shop, which may be expensive. Some students also may not be able to afford some of the options near campus.I have not interviewed anyone yet I interned with Slow Food last semester and learned a lot about the food injustice system.
2/1/2019 15:09:36AnaDemendozaLab 301/DaveApproved — SFHow Venezuelans in Madison stay connected to what's happening back home.NoneWith President Maduro's dictatorship, over 1 million Venezuelans have fled the country. Many have made Madison home as seen with the rise of local Venezuelan businesses. Also, students seeking political asylum and there posisibly could be people at UW who are undergoing this process.I plan to interview workers at the "Caracas Arepas" food truck on State Street to get an inside look on Venezuelan identity in Madison.I am Venzuelan and when I transferred to UW, I was surprised to see two Venezuelan food trucks on State Street. With the majority of Latinos in Wisconsin being Mexican, I wondered how Venezuelans carry there identity in a place that's so different from home.
2/3/2019 14:19:53HannahHarmsLab 301/DaveApproved — SFThe consequences (or lack thereof) of receiving a ticket for underage drinkingMarc Lovicott/UWPDUW Madison is fairly well-known as a "party school," and I think most would agree that the culture of underage drinking is pretty normalized. I think it's really important to examine the friction between this culture and the laws in place regarding alcohol use. I want to examine the effects of certain policies on student lives, careers, and future alcohol use; as well as the steps that students can take to minimize impact.My roommate, who has received a drinking ticket in the past.As a student who is still underage, I have had a lot of experience with the culture of underage drinking. Although I have never gotten in trouble for it, many of my friends and acquaintances have received tickets for underage consumption and possession of alcohol.
2/4/2019 13:28:00CooperHamiltonLab 301/DaveApproved — SFDiscovering the impact of the Foxconn donation to the UW Madison Engineering School.Cathleen Walters/EngineeringA lot of people do not know what the money is going towards.No one yet.I go to the university that they are donating to.
2/4/2019 13:28:44BenKenneyLab 301/DaveApproved — SFGun-related crimes/WiscAlerts and their affect on gun-related crimes on campusMarc Lovicott/UWPDI live on Langdon St and have received many alerts about somebody with a gun or a robbery near me. I am interested in how these alerts and the technology that allows them affect crime in the areaPerson behind me in line at RathskellerNone aside from living near where many of the alerts take place
2/4/2019 13:58:38HayleySnellLab 301/DaveApproved — SFHow marijuana affects the UW campus.NoneMarijuana is rapidly becoming legalized in the United States. I want to research the social, academic, health, and legal aspects of marijuana and how it effects students.A co-worker and I discussed drug testing for jobs and smoking on campus. It's something that I have always found interesting. It's a conversation that so many people don't want to have, but I want to shine some light on.
2/4/2019 14:10:32LeahKramerLab 301/DaveApproved — SFLooking at how sustainability plays a role at UW-Madison.Missy Nergard/Sustainability directorIt is important to be environmentally friendly, especially with a school like UW that uses many resources in its facilities daily. I could contact the person in charge of Slow Food UW to set up an interview.I am a member of WASB, and we partner with Slow Food for one of our events (I have not planned that event, only helped volunteer).
2/4/2019 17:59:52LaurenLaibLab 301/DaveApproved — SFThe significance and history of the National Historic Landmark Buildings on UW's campusSteve Wagner/FPM or Gary Brown FPMSome of these buildings have been around for so long and they're cool buildings but you don't really think about them very often. I was walking around campus with one of my friends and we came up with the ideaNot really anything other than having been in the buildings before.
2/4/2019 20:17:50BrianHuynhLab 301/DaveApproved — SFHow does the UW-Madison community view rape culture on their campus?Marlena Holden/UHSSexual assault has been a persistent issue on college campuses. Statistics from the U.S. Office on Women's Health show that 1 in 5 women experience some form of it during their time in college. This doesn’t even take into account men, people from the LGBTQ community, ethnic minorities, etc. Sexual assault affects everyone. I want to explore rape culture as it exists on the UW-Madison campus by examining how a diverse sample of the Badger community views sexual assault’s impact on their time on this campus. As opposed to looking at statistics and policy, I want to focus on the community's perception of the issue and create an open dialogue in the community to understand rape culture's impact on the UW-Madison campus. Linda Huynh - UW-Madison JuniorWhile I don't have any organizational connections to this topic, I have a personal connection to the subject matter.
2/5/2019 17:48:13LexiMcCannLab 301/DaveApproved - JBThe unequal allocation of resources for different departments at UW MadisonNoneThis is important because accredited programs at UW can be overshadowed by the amount of money and attention that other programs receive which further contributes to the budgeting gap between departments and the students in those programs can feel it. I would want to interview John Zumbrunnen who is the head of the political science department, or other faculty/TAs, and other students that are in departments that feel are overshadowed.As a student of 2 majors that I feel can get over looked I have felt a sense of separation between the difference in college experiences between colleagues and I between our separate majors, as well as personally receive inquisitions on the legitimacy or importance of my programs in comparison to others. Additionally, I've witnessed the lack of resources affect peoples jobs in departments which proposes an effect on the education the faculty can provide and would like to dig into this issue to see what there is to this issue historically, socially and if theres any probable solution.
2/5/2019 18:29:40EliseO'BrienLab 301/DaveApproved — SFUniversity Housing, specifically the dorm experience and its effects on social and academic development Brendon Dybdahl/HousingThe majority of students live in a dorm at some point in their time at college and this environment has a large effect on their college experiences, even beyond the years they live there, as it determines students' friends, study habits and general life skills.Reagan Stultz, a friend who is going to be a House Fellow next yearI lived in a dorm my freshman year
2/5/2019 19:55:46HollyAndersonLab 301/DaveApproved — SFI want to focus on female students' experiences with student orgs that help build leadership among womenNoneThere are so many things to get involved in on campus that it makes it hard to even decide where to start or know if the experience you're getting will actually be beneficial to you. There's definitely some trial and error in deciding if a group does or does not work for youFor starters, I plan on interviewing Erin Kleber, who is one of the presidents of Her Campus I'm involved in a couple student orgs on campus (Her Campus Wisconsin and Ad Club) and while I've stuck with these, I've also tried out orgs that I didn't end up sticking with/liking. I want to get different points of view from different people.
2/6/2019 13:51:35AlyssaHuglenLab 301/DaveApproved — SFI want to focus on the girls intramural rec basketball program.NoneThere are many girls who might have played basketball in high school and are not deemed "college-level skilled" in their abilities, but they still want to play the sport they love. There are also other girls who might want to try something new to stay active and meet new people.I am going to interview some girls that played rec basketball this past semester. I used to play Varsity basketball in high school and am not playing in college, so I relate to many of the girls in the rec center program.
2/7/2019 13:28:54AlexisMixonLab 301/DaveApproved — SFHow UW students are empowering themselves to be safer on campusMarc Lovicott/UWPDBecause with past and recent events, it has become imperative for students to take precautionary measures to make themselves safe. I plan to interview Safe Walk staff who are also students on campus. I recently had a member of my sorority become a victim of an assault and now I am much more cautious with my own safety since I was personally affected by this incident.
2/9/2019 13:33:08AlexNerodLab 301/DaveApproved — SFWhether or not the University of Wisconsin places enough emphasis on professors learning to teach or if it is more focused on research. Steve Cramer/Provost's OfficeBecause it will allow students and citizens alike to see whether or not the university is placing a big enough emphasis on teaching. While I havent interviewed anyone yet, I am planning on interviewing Christian Castro, who is the director of UW Madison's Teaching and Learning Excellence program. I will probably ask some of my professors about their experiences and the process they went through to be able to teach a class at UW.
1/29/2019 11:45:22MarciMitchellLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFThe physical and social limitations brought on by having to go to school in a wheelchair here at UW-Madison.Mari Magler/McBurney, Darcy Wittberger Division of Student LifeIt is important for the students on campus to be aware of the discrimination they may be unintentionally demonstrating towards handicapped students on campus. Most students in wheelchairs still have full cognitive function and should be treated as normal students on campus.I have not personally interviewed anyone yet. However, there is a student in my discussion who is in a wheelchair, but fully functioning besides her limiting ability to walk. I do not have any personal affiliation with this on campus. However, I have a heart and interest for this story because I grew up with a handicapped father. He suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) so he is permanently in a wheelchair and has been for a very long time.
1/30/2019 14:50:26MichaelBogaardsLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFHow global warming will affect the weather at UW-Madison in coming years, and what the university's response to changing weather conditions will be. Shane Hubbard/AOSRecently, the record temperatures at UW-Madison made me wonder if this could become the new norm, with global warming affecting global weather everywhere. I am also curious as to how the university will respond to changing weather conditions, as many students feel that the precautions and labor from the university already are not sufficient to handle some weather conditions.I will interview John Young, director of the Wisconsin State Climatology Office. His knowledge of climate change, global warming, and Wisconsin weather will provide great insight into what the university may have to do in order to be better prepared for extreme weather in the future.My dad really likes weather, and I inherited some of that appreciation for our climate from him.
1/30/2019 14:52:34GradyGibsonLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFExamining trends of religious involvement in Generation Z—the generation now in college—compared to past generations.noneIt would help paint a better picture of the generation that is soon to graduate and take to the work force. Additionally, it'd give a better idea of what Madison's students currently value.Fr. Andrew Showers, priest at St. Paul's University Catholic CenterI have attended services at St. Paul’s University Catholic Center before.
1/31/2019 10:30:07HannahRaeWilsonLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFWhat UW-Madison does to spread awareness and manage instances of sexual assault on campus and how it compares to other Big Ten schools.Marlena Holden/UHSBecause sexual assault on college campuses, UW included, is a very relevant and serious issue for many students.I emailed Ayellet, who helped me narrow down my idea which was once way too broad. I talked with both my father and my friends over the phone. They liked this topic because writing about it is another way to spread awareness and bring attention to a serious topic. It is also a very relevant issue on college campuses that more people should read about, and it may be really effective for students to hear this information from another student (myself).The only thing I can think of is the fact that as an athlete and UW Madison student we had to go through sexual assault trainings and seminars. I do not have any other connections through campus organizations or anything like that. Thanks!
2/4/2019 13:11:14AbigailRadewahnLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFHow has the closure of the SERF and construction of the Nick already affected campus, and how will it in the future.Alex Peirce/RecSportsThis story is important because it provides the opportunity to remember an alum and examines the health tendencies of UW students.I plan to interview Nancy Nicholas as part of a profile of Albert "Ab" NicholasI'm a UW student with an interest in the health and fitness of students.
2/4/2019 13:35:39KatieArnesonLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFHow does off-campus crime cause anxieties for UW-Madison students, and how are those anxieties heightened for students who populate those off-campus areas? Stephanie Benson-Gonzales/Parent ProgramIt is important to create a dialogue about things that are scary and potentially life-threatening. By opening conversation about crime, people may be able to come up with useful solutions or ways to prevent being in the face of danger.My mom, a Madison resident who travels through campus everyday and has two children attending the UniversityAs a past president of a greek organization on campus, I constantly worried about the increased amount of crime that occurred on/around Langdon Street and how it could harm the women of my organization (or any other people in the area). I always hear horror stories in the aftermath of WiscAlerts and I hope to open a dialogue where students (and others) can create preventative solutions to the overarching issue of crime.
2/5/2019 17:24:06JD DanielsonLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFI want to spotlight Humorology, UW Greek life's annual philanthropy event.Darcy Wittberger/Student LifeDue to the negative connotation currently associated with Greek life, I want to highlight an example of the good fraternities and sororities can do.I was talking with my friend, a current "Humo" director, about this year's beneficiary Badger Childhood Cancer Network.I have been an active participant in Humo for 2 years, so I have direct connections to the Humorology student directors, executive board, alumni, and staff.
2/5/2019 18:24:01IvyFedewaLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFHow the architecture of certain buildings on campus tell stories of their time of construction.Gary Brown/FPMI recently heard the Humanities building might be destroyed and updated so I wanted to focus on why it was built the way it was in the 60s, along with other buildings such as the Wisconsin Historical Society, which was founded before the campus was. I have not interviewed anyone yet, but I came up with this idea based on interest and while reading the UW Campus Master Plan.I took an art history class where we spent a day discussing the different forms of architecture based on the years they were built, which sparked my interest in the details of the buildings.
Ayellet, https://uwarchitecture265151675.wordpress.com/
2/5/2019 20:32:46JaredSchwartzLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFAn examination of anti-semitism on campus and the University's responses to itMeredith McGlone/UCommAnti-semitism on college campuses has increased each of the last three years, and it is important to discuss ways to combat itI plan on interviewing Greg Steinberger, the director of HillelI am jewish and think it is an important topic on campus
2/5/2019 22:13:42Ingrid DuffyLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFHow the gentrification (specifically in the Regent Street area) has had an impact on rising housing costs and the changing demographics in the neighborhoods that make up the madison area surrounding UW.NoneThis story relates directly to UW as a school because the development and expansion of the university has contributed to how neighborhoods in Madison have changed and displaced many residents. I also think that its important to understand how UW as a community can help deal with some of the effects of gentrification because it is an inevitable process. I will interview Professor Jenna Loyd who is in the Geography department here at UW and was my teacher for Geo 101In my Geography 101 class last semester I learned a lot about how Madison continues to change a city. Much of the area that surrounds the campus is no longer composed on the same racial/ethnic lines that it originally was. The development and creation of the University has al ot to do with the changing demographics of Madison and I think as a student who goes to the University its important to learn about the role I play in this change.
2/6/2019 0:00:31WillCiociLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFI want to look at homelessness in Madison from both a human and policy perspective.NoneAnyone who has spent time at UW-Madison knows that the homeless population is in many ways a defining part of the city and the campus. To help alleviate the conditions that some of these people live in, it's necessary to understand who they are, how they got here, and what they need that they aren't getting. As the University is so entwined with Madison's identity, it's important for students to be conscious of how they interact with, and how they can help, a very different community that they share a space with.I haven't interviewed anyone yetI don't really have any direct connections with the subject matter. I am an intern in a legislative office at the State Capitol, which could present a conflict of interest depending on if or how I cover state policies on housing and homelessness.
2/6/2019 1:05:21HayleyCopusLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFHow social media promotes the drinking and drug culture as well as other reckless behavior on UW's campusNoneThis story is important because social media has a great influence on student's drinking habits on campus as well as drugs in adolescents. These social media accounts encourages other poor behavior and make students feel the need to participate.I briefly discussed social media on college campuses with a person in my apartment building on the elevator, we discussed how students feel it necessary to document events and post them on social media to feel accepted.I follow a variety of accounts on social media that promote and influence students to binge drink, "black out", juul and use other drugs. Some of these accounts are @badgerbarstool, @imshmacked, @totalfratmove and many more. Also how the use of "finsta" accounts pressure students to share risky posts with their peers.
2/6/2019 2:14:10AmandaJensenLab 302/AyelletApproved — SFObsessive-Compulsive Disorder NoneThe media and society perpetuate the idea that OCD means that somebody needs to keep things clean or neat, when in reality it is something completely different than that; it's something far, far more serious, and those who suffer from OCD sometimes commit suicide because due to that portrayal, they have no idea that what's going on in their brain is happening because they have a disorder called OCD, which can be utterly terrifying. Ryan Latham: University of Wisconsin-Madison finance major, junior The type of OCD that I suffer from and attend therapy for twice a week is called "aggressive OCD," which is one of the most distressing, yet common forms of OCD, especially between 18 and 24 year olds.
2/6/2019 12:14:21SimranJainLab 302/AyelletApproved - JBBody standards for women in college. NoneHaving recently visited UHS, I realized that there is a large number of women on campus that seek professional/medical help for their body weight. There is an enormous pressure among young women to chase an ideal, accentuated by media and social influences. The extent that women can or are going to achieve the ideal standards can sometimes be damaging to the mind and body. I did not interview directly but had a conversation with a gynecologist. The plan starts with speaking to a UW nutritionist, and a writer for HerCampus. I have interacted with many women, in everyday life, that express distress due to the way they look and how it puts pressure on them. The organization I want to look into is the Eating Disorder Assessment and Treatment within UHS.
2/6/2019 12:28:02Jack Hatton Lab 302/AyelletApproved - SFHow the state of Wisconsin is proposing a bill that would lower the state drinking age to 19 and the impact that would have on the students, school, and surrounding Madison community. Marlena Holden/UHSIf this bill were to go through, the university would have to take additional measures to ensure security and safety on campus because the drinking culture among students would increase. It would also affect the community around Madison with specific impact on law enforcement as well as drinking establishments. This bill is also met with immense discrepancy among different sides varying form pro-amendment as well as con, with various organizations as well as corporations getting involved (i.e. Miller or MADD – Eradicated Drunk Driving Group). All in all, this bill would have repercussions both positively and negatively within Madison.I interviewed a Wisconsin alumnus, who was at UW when the drinking age was 18 and has met with people advocating for either side. He described the bill primarily based on personal preference with immense emphasis on how it is the responsibility of the students to make this bill work.Currently at the age of 19, if this bill passes it will have direct impact on me and my ability to consume alcohol in the state of Wisconsin.
1/30/2019 12:20:12RhiannonMcCarthyLab 303/ElenaApproved — SFThe amazing benefits of 3D printing for cardiovascular surgeons, specifically with infants.noneMedical imaging combined with additive manufacturing is making ground-breaking revelations in regards to patient care, specifically for cardiovascular surgeons on infants. This is important because this paving the way for new advancements that can make surgery more efficient and successful.I plan to interview Professor Roldán-Alzate, director of the UW Cardiovascular Fluid Dynamics laboratoryI first learned about Professor Roldán-Alzate through my job at the Grainger Institute for Engineering. My boss, Dan Thoma, has close ties to Prof. Roldán-Alzate.
1/31/2019 11:10:36AbbyMeyerLab 303/ElenaApproved — SFI am researching how the Allen Centennial Gardens prepare for the springtime and the process of making sure the gardens are ready—from the trip to the flower factory to planting and eventually, in full bloom; additionally, I would like to touch on other gardens on campus that one could visit. Allen Garden manager/CALSThis is important because the gardens are a valuable resource on campus that many students may not know much about. I think it could be interesting to understand the process behind the beautiful gardens, which allows you to appreciate the gardens more. Phone: 608-576-2501
E-mail: info@allencentennialgarden.org
Last summer, I interned with my downtown, and I helped manage our local farmers market. The flower vendors were always my favorite, so I would love to do a story on the gardens that are so important to the UW-Madison community. I think this would be a cheerful, spring story to cover about the "City in Bloom."
2/1/2019 14:37:10JPSwensonLab 303/ElenaApproved — SFCollege Republicans of UW-MadisonMike Wagner? Someone from PoliSciTo analyze the state of healthy debate and a healthy political environment on campus.Lucas Buttazoni, discussing politics on campus.I am not familiar with members of the org, but I am connected to a few students who I know have conservative beliefs and are likely active politically on campus.
2/2/2019 13:57:34EliseGoldsteinLab 303/ElenaApproved — SFStudent athletes who have quit and why/do they regret it?Maybe Athletic Comms/Brian LucasIt's important to get a different perspective of UW athletics.Sarah Stacks- sophomore, member of the UW Lightweight Rowing team I was on the UW rowing team my freshman year and quit due to the time commitment.
2/2/2019 16:12:39AnishaEngineerLab 303/ElenaApproved — SFThe research and implementation of autonomous/connected vehicles at UW-Madison and the future of transportation and mobility on campus noneThe field of autonomous vehicles is rapidly growing and has potential to revolutionize modern transportation. It is important that students on campus be informed of these technological advancements and how their lives will be impactedI plan on interviewing Peter Rafferty, who is part of the Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety Laboratory, and an expert on connected and autonomous vehicles My dad works and researches autonomous and electric vehicles, so I have gained a high level of interest for this field from him.
2/4/2019 22:10:47I'm a member of the Queer in Business club which is one way that LGBT+ issues and events are talked about on campus (mostly academic), and I also lived in the Open House Learning Community last year as a freshman on campus. EllisLab 303/ElenaApproved — SFHow well represented is the LGBT+ community within UW Madison, and where has the University stood when it comes to LGBT+ issues on campus. https://lgbt.wisc.edu/about-2/meet-the-staff/I am a member of the LGBT+ community and don't know much about the universities history within my community, but have seen some pretty cool things about this community on campus so I thought it would be interesting and fun to take a dive into where we are in the system here. Long Yulin, who is the president and founder of the Queer in Business club on campus.I've heard of the Queer in Business club which is one way that LGBT+ issues and events are talked about on campus (mostly academic), and I also lived in the Open House Learning Community last year as a freshman on campus.
2/5/2019 16:17:56JamieRogersLab 303/ElenaApproved — SFHow UW-Madison students use their college networks to land internships and jobsSuccessworks?It is important that students are resourceful and knowledgeable when it comes to landing a job or an internship, and I think this could be very helpful to know what has been beneficial or notI was talking to my friend about the Badger Alumni networkBadger Alumni network, LinkedIn users, employers, badgers looking for/who have a job
2/6/2019 13:49:04JenniferJiangLab 303/ElenaApproved — SFThe now-and-then UW-Madison campus flooding Steve Wagner/FPMThis incident has had an impact on the entire communication departments. People should be informed about the past similar events and about how UW responds to them. Jesse, our lead TA for J202I am a Communication Arts and Journalism major, and I have almost all my classes in Vilas Hall.
2/6/2019 18:36:51PaigeTuttle Lab 303/ElenaApproved — SFHow students are adapting to technology by online shopping for convenience and timeliness. Jerry O'Brien/SoHEThis story is important because it relates to how students spend their time and money and also relates to the economy of Madison stores, as people spend less time shopping in person and more time shopping online. My friend Emma who just recently started working for a shopping app created by a UW student that aims to make online shopping more concentrated by having products from multiple companies on one app. I have a friend that works for an online shopping app and I also have friends at UW who are ambassadors for online brands. Furthermore, I have noticed how I increased my amount of online shopping as I have been in college.
2/6/2019 22:20:23HannahTwietmeyerLab 303/ElenaApproved — SFI would like to examine the narrative of the transfer experience to UW, including acceptance standards, preparation, challenges, resources, etc.https://transfer.wisc.edu/There is a lot more that goes into the transfer process than simply getting accepted. Once students are here, there is much to be excited about but that is not without challenges. I have yet to interview someone, this idea came up in a conversation with someone from class.I am a transfer student and this is my first year at UW. I have gone through the transfer process and have my own story, but would like to examine the general experience of others. I get a variety of emails from the Transfer Transition Program, but I have never visited or participated in any of their events.
2/6/2019 22:23:39Emma Gottsegen Lab 303/ElenaApproved — SFI will be focusing on the pressures of choosing a major at UW-Madison and how students are effected by this. Successworks?It's important because it is an issue for many students, yet it's an issue that is rarely discussed. When students graduate high school, it is often expected to know what they want to study or do later in their careers. However, that is the purpose of college - we are supposed to figure out what we want to do and explore many different areas of academic interest. I talked to other students who felt passionate about this issue. I plan on talking to advisors, college counselors, high school guidance counselors, and so on.
2/6/2019 23:41:56Taiwo SunmiFamuleLab 303/ElenaApproved — SFStudent protests at UW-Madison.https://news.wisc.edu/free-speech-guidelines-help-students-distinguish-between-protest-and-disruption/Recently UW-Madison released new protest guidelines that are fairly vague. It is interesting to consider what the future of protesting looks like on campus under these new guidelines. Professor Todd BarryI have none
2/7/2019 8:55:01CrisannaNovotny Lab 303/ElenaApproved — SFLake shore v. downtown Madison residence halls for first year students. brendon Dybdahl/HousingBoth of these resident hall locations bring different aspects to your first year.Liz Schmidt, she is currently living in Witte. I know a few RA's and freshman currently living in the dorms, as well as previous students who can reflect on their experiences as well.
2/9/2019 18:37:39MollyDeVoreLab 303/ElenaApproved — SFDifferent programs UW has that aim to help local farmers such as the Lands we Share Exhibition and the outreach CALS and UW Extension does.noneBecause Wisconsin is such an agriculture-based state and the market is becoming tougher and tougher for farmers. I want to contact some of the farmers they profiled in the exhibition as well as staff at CALSMy dad works with organic farmers but primarily out of Minnesota.
2/10/2019 10:57:07Samantha IdlerLab 303/ElenaApproved — SFLooking at how service improves your college experience Morgridge CenterCommunity service and philanthropy can help you recognize changes needed to better your community. I plan on interviewing teachers from service learning classes, members in badger volunteers, philanthropy chairs in greek life, and community service advisors in schools. I am the philanthropy chair of my sorority and I currently intern at a non-profit.
1/30/2019 21:17:42McKenzieWoyakLab 304/AlexApproved — SFMental health and anxiety among studentsMarlena Holden/UHSMental Illness continues to increase amongst students and access to reliable, worthwhile services is necessaryI plan on interviewing Jack Nitschke, an expert on anxiety, depression, and the neuroscience of emotion.I personally struggle with anxiety and depression and want to discuss the resources that are available on campus as well as the short comings of what is available.
2/4/2019 15:13:38MayaMuschitzLab 304/AlexApproved — SFHow professors are using electronics to be in touch with students 24/7 and assign more work than previously.Steve Cramer/Vice Provost for Teaching and LearningNot all students have access to expensive required electronics, access codes, online resources, etc., which is causing them to go further in debt or fall behind. Professors also have access to contact students at any time, creating more assignments for students or more of a feeling of burnout since they are expected to be checking emails and doing work at all times. Not only this, but professors have to put in less work for their classes since they can potentially just reuse the same slideshows and material every semester. I plan to interview Professor Jonathan GrayI, along with many students, feel like the increase of electronic use for class like online lessons and access codes, etc., has made education more expensive and stressful for students, along with making professors do less teaching work.
2/5/2019 23:08:26OliviaFuldLab 304/AlexApproved — SFI plan to explore the separation and integration of international students on UW campus.Roopa Rawjee/ISS via Darcy WittbergerThis story is important because there is a large number of international students on UW Campus. I interviewed someone who is in one of my classes. I am not an international student at UW but I am an out of state student.
2/6/2019 18:59:08NourSafwatLab 304/AlexApproved — SFThe historical German influence on UW MadisonNoneIt explores how early German settlers in Wisconsin, specifically Madison, influenced UW Madison.My German 102 instructorI am currently learning German.
2/6/2019 21:05:38ZachLutzLab 304/AlexApproved — SFThe absence of the D1 baseball program here at UW, why we do not have it and whether there is a future for it here.Brian Lucas/Athletic CommunicationsBaseball is a major sport and this school is the only B10 school without a baseball program.I want to dig into the reasons it was dismissed and the chances of it coming back. I plan to interview people in the athletic department as well as club baseball players.One of my friend's dad played on the baseball team in one of its final seasons here and he could be a possible interviewee.
2/6/2019 22:01:24Gretchen Gerlach Lab 304/AlexApproved — SF"Brain drain" of UW graduates leaving Wisconsin Successworks?This is important because taxpayers help fund the university but many students end up leaving and do not contribute to the Wisconsin workforce. There are also a lot of angles to take with this story that I am hoping to explore I have not interviewed anyone yet but I think talking to career advisors or a company like HandShake would be a good startI don't really have any connection with the subject matter other than that I find it interesting
2/6/2019 22:47:13HannahBrandtLab 304/AlexApproved — SFLack of funding for public transportation in MadisonNoneBus ridership in Madison has notably increased in recent years, which has led to there not being enough buses to consistently or comfortably sustain the number of riders. This is important because it affects both university students, with people who commute to and around campus, and other residents of Madison that rely on the system. I didn't exactly interview someone, but I got the idea while I was talking to my roommates, who all expressed frustration with being late to classes because of buses being late or passing them by when they are full. I have experienced this as well. I use the city buses on the daily during the wintertime, and have been late to class or paid to take an Uber to avoid being late to class because of the bus system.
2/6/2019 23:31:17HenryKosvicLab 304/AlexApproved — SFMy topic will be on the issues of injuries (particularly CTE and head trauma) in both high school and college football players and how this may be an issue for the practice of the sport in the future.NoneThis story is incredibly important considering how big football is too America, as well as to our university culture. I plan to dive into concussion protocol and the thought that football may not be around in the years to come. This is very relevant to our university considering how much money we spend on our football program, our facilities, and players.I plan to interview Brad Murphy, head football coach at Madison West high school. I would like to pick Mr Murphy's brain on this concept and gauge his thoughts and opinions on both concussion protocol, and the future of the sport in this modern era of society. He holds a highly regarded opinion, being both a head football couch, and couching in the district at one of the biggest football schools in the country.I know some players on the football team I would like to get into contact with. I also have some personal experience with the dangers of football. In seventh grade, I played one quarter of football before tearing the ACL in my right knee and ending my career for good. This experience gives me a perspective many don't as I firsthand know the dangers the game holds.
2/7/2019 4:24:51MirandaCarrassiLab 304/AlexApproved — SFhow students use social media to get jobs, how has that changed the job search processDon Stanley/LSCI think it goes without saying that use of social media is something extremely apparent amongst millennial and genZ. However, since it is so commonplace, we often don't realize the effect this has had on our job markets and the way we interact with other individuals. I recently decided to help with the startup app WOAV. This app places small successful Instagram brands with no physical stores on a platform where consumers can easily shop for their items without endless scrolling to find them again. This sparked my thought of "influencers" on Instagram and how they make jobs out of thin air. Also platforms such as LinkedIn came to mind among others. I think that this is something that I have been thinking about just because I have recently been admitted into the journalism school. Media is going to be so prevalent in our lives from now until the end of our career I think it would be interesting to be even more informed on how it has already changed the industry.
2/7/2019 8:23:02MadisonWaechterLab 304/AlexApproved — SFI want to discuss the origins and continuation of traditions students participate in on campus.NoneUW has a lot of traditions that students participate in and it is important to learn why they started and why they are still around today.
I talked to a member of the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board and how their presence on campus helps keep certain traditions alive, such as how they teach freshmen songs that fans sing at football games.
As a student at UW, there are a number of traditions I have participated in without questioning why we have them, and I am interested in learning more about them.
2/7/2019 9:15:56ZahiahHammadLab 304/AlexRevise — SFHow racial climate affects students at UW- MadisonMary Carr Lee/DDEEAPoor racial climate has an effect on ability to learn, feel safe, build relationships with students and professors which shows in academics, interpersonal relationships, substance useElizabeth Haberland- ErvinI am a person of color who has experienced or seen the effects of racial climate on campus but I dont know enough to this campus specifically and want to write a story about it
2/7/2019 12:27:04ColtonMosleyLab 304/AlexApproved — SFExamining the culture of the pickup basketball scene at the ShellNoneThese games at the shell have transformed into a community and could make for a really unique story.Stacy Forster I don't have many connections, but my basketball knowledge should help significantly.
2/9/2019 22:42:26Sarah KafkaLab 304/AlexApproved — SFRural Wisconsin students struggles with attending UW-Madison.NoneThis story is important because people from rural backgrounds are often viewed as less educated and less likely to attend college after graduating from high school. Because they often grow up without the advanced and well-endowed classrooms of their peers from Madison or Milwaukee, these students find it more difficult to be accepted at UW-Madison, and if they get in there are often no resources on campus to help them make the transition. Because my focus too broad initially, I followed the professor's suggestion that I narrow it to students from rural areas. I come from a rural area.
2/10/2019 14:43:54KexinBianLab 304/AlexApproved — SFLiving situation of young mothers who are also students on campushttps://occfr.wisc.edu/about/occfr-staff/Because it is quite significant to pay more attention on life of young mothers on campus and what difficulties they may handle for balancing their private life and schoolworkI haven't interviewed anyone yetSome of my friends' experience drew my attention on this issue
2/10/2019 15:59:03Madison WaechterLab 304/AlexApproved — SFI want to discuss the origins and continuation of traditions students participate in on campus, and how these traditions add to the overall experience of being a student at UW-Madison. NoneUW has a lot of traditions that students participate in and it is important to learn why they started and why they are still around today, and how they might impact a student's time here.
I talked to a member of the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board and how their presence on campus helps keep certain traditions alive, such as how they teach freshmen songs that fans sing at football games.
As a student at UW, there are a number of traditions I have participated in without questioning why we have them, and I am interested in learning more about them.
2/10/2019 16:54:45ColtonMosleyLab 304/AlexApproved — SFAnalyzing Upper|House and the organizations they house and supportNoneThese organizations provide Christian students with various outlets to study/commune with fellow Christians. Haven't officially interviewed anyone, but have the leader of one of the organizations in mind. I have attended one of these organizations, "Chi Alpha Madison" periodically this and last semester.
2/11/2019 17:02:50Zahiah Hammad Lab 304/AlexApproved — SF
I want to focus my story on the results of the survey for the "Campus Climate Survey" and recent survey by UHS asking why students on campus consider leaving, which made me want to focus my story of that specific piece of evidence through reporting on the different reasons why students of color v. white students consider or don't consider leaving UW.
It is important because these survey responses and findings are shocking ones that the campus of UW Madison needs to spread more openly to the rest of campus in order to create a motion for change and need to react to the shocking results of the study between students of color and white students.
Elizabeth Haberland- Ervin
PeterShannonLab 304/AlexApproved — SFThe way the UW admissions department focuses their recruitment with in-state vs. out of state studentsWith UW's growing demographics, it is important to look into how the admissions department is attempting to diversify its student bodyTalked to StacyA friend who is a tour guide works close with admissions department, and I'm very interested in how the admissions process
2/5/2019 12:04:36Enjoyiana NururdinLab 305/GillApproved — SFAdvocacy and representation in media for people of color. noneThis is important because as a female person of color in journalism, there is not enough advocacy or representation that I have seen at this University, and I would like to see more. A woman who is Black and is interested in media, also personal observation.I am a Black woman who is a journalist.
2/5/2019 12:08:30Dana MunroLab 305/GillApproved — SFWhat is UW doing to include more female figures in the curriculum. may be helpful: https://news.wisc.edu/a-womans-place-is-at-uwcelebrating-150-years-since-first-women-got-undergraduate-degrees/Teaching about women's contributions to the world helps students view women as as capable and important to the state of the world today as men.
I was talking to a friend who said that women didn’t achieve much throughout history because they haven’t been enabled to do so until recently and I know that they have accomplished just as much. Their contributions were just never recognized.
A theater professor I had last semester taught an almost completely even amount of plays written by men and women.

2/5/2019 14:43:04AbbyDoedenLab 305/GillApproved — SFThe Native American Student experience on campusMary Carr Lee/DDEEAHow does UW Madison help Native American students through their experience here?My roommate and I were thinking of important topics on campus, and thought about thatI know a few Native American students and have had Native American TAs
2/5/2019 16:52:02AbigailSteinbergLab 305/GillApproved - JBHow does the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and activism surrounding it influence student life at UW?NoneASM's BDS resolution from 2017 intensified the debate of this issue on campus and inflamed tensions between Jewish and Arab students, both marginalized groups. Though this is an international issue, it has local implications for students, and gives UW an interesting opportunity to weigh in as an institution.I talked to Matt O'Connor, the editor-in-chief at The Badger Herald (my journalism dad) to clarify my ideas. I am Jewish, however, I have no strong views on Zionism or anti-Zionism. I want to explore this topic because people tend to ask me my opinions, as a Jew but also as a liberal, and I don't really have an answer. I want this project to educate me on the issue as much as it does on journalism practices.
2/5/2019 20:51:56KaylaHymowitzLab 305/GillApproved — SFHow yoga/mindfulness on campus impacts stress in studentsCenter for the Investigation of Healthy MindsBeing college students, it is very common to have high levels of stress with loads of work and intense schedules. it is necessary for these students to find ways to alleviate that stress.My friends constantly complain about how they are unsure how to manage all of their work.I took a class last year that touched upon the benefits of mindfulness
2/5/2019 23:43:19SpicePhongthiengthamLab 305/GillApproved - JBSafe sex awareness among UW- Madison students Marlena Holden/UHSBecause the number of STIs cases in Wisconsin are skyrocketing my friend who just got tested for HIV I too has engaged in unprotected sex in the past.
2/6/2019 9:58:54SophiaWimmelLab 305/GillApproved — SFthe naming of certain buildings on campus (like the NICK) and what they mean to studentsGary Brown/FPMbecause it is timely and students tend to overlook these names when they talk about buildingsi didnt interview anyoneexperts on the buildings or university administration that is working with the plans for the NICK
2/6/2019 15:59:12Chloe Weil Lab 305/GillApproved — SFThe sleeping cycles of students and what they use to stay awake and study. Marlena Holden/UHSThis story is important because it will reveal information about how UW Madison students sleep and how they stay awake for studying. I haven't interviewed anyone :/I don't have many connections other than being a tired student
2/6/2019 23:22:18CourtneyErdmanLab 305/GillApproved — SFHate crimes on campus toward any group, whether that be a minority or not.https://doso.students.wisc.edu/bias-or-hate-reporting/This isn't something I hear a lot about, but in an article I found that hate crimes had increased in 2016 on campus. If this issue is discussed more often, then students will get a better understanding of the campus. They could potentially advocate against it or support victims. I googled it.I wrote a story on the vigil held for the Jewish church shooting in Pittsburgh. One of the girls I talked to said she had seen swastikas drawn on a white board in a dorm. I was surprised because it was the first outwardly discriminatory act I had heard about on campus.
2/7/2019 10:38:10HaileyEisenrichLab 305/GillApproved — SFUW-Madison students running their own small businesses on the side of school: who are they, what they’re selling, how they do it, https://bus.wisc.edu/centers/weinert/contact-usThere are UW students who are working super hard and being really creative with these awesome side businesses. I think there are more than I originally realized. (I wouldn’t talk about students selling things from higher up, like Wish necklaces for example. I’d only talk about people completely doing their own thing) I talked to a friend who bought some shirts from a girl who apparently runs an Instagram selling re-purposed Badger gear. I’ve also heard about this UW student who offers his services as a personal chef to other students (you can order food from his website and he’ll come cook it in your house for you). Not much connection, I’m just really interested. I’m not even sure what kinds of accounts/small side businesses are out there and who’s running them
2/7/2019 13:34:25EthanFellerLab 305/GillApproved — SFThe role of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Institute (WARF) in UW's research process and the numerous patents and technologies they own.Jeanan Yasiri-Moe/WARFNot many students know about how powerful and wealthy WARF really is, and WARF has received a lot of negative news coverage for being labeled at "patent trolls," so I think it's an interesting topic to bring to light.No interview yet, new idea.None
2/7/2019 13:34:31ChelseaHylton Lab 305/GillApproved — SFHow are LatinX students at UW combatting offensive comments made by politicians.NoneThere is a significant amount of LatinX students at UW that are often forgotten. I was having a conversation with a LatinX identifying student at the Red Gym which sparked this idea. The student and I were discussing the current state of our union. He spoke of how it’s is hard to feel united when many people around you are doing the dividing. As a LatinX student, I’m interested to explore anyways that UW could do a better job at making LatinX students feel more welcomed on campus.
2/7/2019 15:25:02SamanthaSalmirsLab 305/GillAppproved — SFI want to focus on the students of the McBurney center with learning disabilities and stigma's people might have about them. Mari Magler/McBurney, Darcy Wittberger Division of Student LifeThis story is important because people with learning disabilities might have a more difficult time adjusting to school and can be overlooked since their disabilities aren't physical.I haven't interviewed anyone but have heard stigma's people have about McBurney students, so it got me interested. I had a visa and want to look into the ways people with other disabilities are accommodated and treated by other students and faculty at UW Madison.
2/8/2019 20:57:45Alex GravattLab 305/GillApproved — SFI want to focus on sustainablility of dining on campus and focus specifically on single use plastic containers.Missy Nergard/Sustainability directorThis story is important because we have an international crisis of pollution and climate change, and our oceans are see some of the biggest impact.I didn’t, but an email conversation with Stacy was helpful.I have none.
2/10/2019 18:03:09HunterKaplanLab 305/GillApproved — SFMy focus is on why some freshman choose to live in on campus dorms while others choose to live off campusBrendon Dybdahl/HousingPeople should learn about the pros and cons of living on or off campus as a freshmanI can interview a freshman who is living in an off campus form such as StatesiderI lived in an off campus form as a freshman
1/31/2019 17:36:25EmilyLynchLab 306/BrianApproved — SFHow UW-Madison's teaching and beyond the classroom support for its fashion programs are generating successful students and raising Madison's stock in the fashion industry.Linda Zwicker/SoHEThis is a huge industry within the US & aboard that many students from all different majors are pursuing. UW has recognized that with their efforts to update programs and support growth in the number of extra curricular activities on campus in relation to fashion careers of all types. My friend, Kendra Edwards as we were discussing Virgil Abloh who is the art director for men's fashion for Louis Vitton and how cool it is that he did his undergraduate at UW-Madison and is in the fashion industry even though he was an architecture major. I used to be a Retailing & Consumer Behaviors major and I'm still very interested in fashion in general and in relation to Journalism.
2/1/2019 13:34:56Jessica MatsonLab 306/BrianApproved — SFThe experience of Greek life chefs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Sue Brunett/Alpha Chi Omega chef It is important to understand who the people are that serve us everyday and what kind of salary and benefits they receive Elise GoldsteinI am in Greek life and have lots of friends who are also in Greek life and I've always wanted to understand more about the faculty in the house.
Brian Lepine https://greeklifechef.home.blog/main-story/
2/1/2019 16:14:24NathanDenzinLab 306/BrianApproved — SFHow fairly do college athletes get compensated, relative to their value to the universitynoneThe NCAA has long used amateurism as an argument against paying college athletes, but collegiate athletes often find it difficult to make money and play their sport at the same time, which can make surviving in college difficult.Cam Flehinger, my co-editor at the DC sports deskI work for the Daily Cardinal sports desk, and have a strong passion for sports
2/2/2019 16:33:47PaigeMezzatestaLab 306/BrianApproved — SFThe effects juuling has on college students. Michael Fiore/Center for Tobacco Research and InterventionThis story is important because many college students are involved in juuling and are addicted to it but there are many health risks associated with it. I plan on interviewing someone at UHS to see if anyone has come in with side effects of juuling such as a cough but to come up with the idea I was hanging out with my friends who were talking about how they hope juuling ends as my other friend sat there juuling. I have a connection to this subject because a lot of my good friends juul and I have done it before as well.
2/4/2019 13:02:49LillyZollerLab 306/BrianApproved — SFExercise routines or lack thereof of UW students https://experts.news.wisc.edu/experts/lisa-cadmus-bertramConcepts of developing unhealthy habits in college and the Freshman 15 surround exercising in college but in an age of obsession with health, fitness, and body appearance, it is important to uncover the true relationship students have with exercise Jordan Bogaty, an workout enthusiast, who goes to daily cycling classes at a studio off-campusI was a varsity sport athlete in high school so working out was a large part of my high school experience and as a student, I try to prioritize exercising regularly
Brian Lepine -- https://lillyzoller.wordpress.com
2/5/2019 12:17:47NoahJonesLab 306/BrianApproved - JBI want to explore independent music/musicians on campus and student opportunities to pursue music.noneThis story is important because it highlights music as a creative outlet for students on campus.Molly from my labI make music as a hobby and know a few people who do as well
2/5/2019 12:22:07KylaRosenbergLab 306/BrianApproved - JBThe enforcement of meal plans on campus this year and its implicationsBrendon Dybdahl/HousingMeal plans restrict students to eat at the dinning hall and force low income students to overpay for overpriced food plans they don't need. I was talking to my friend who's a freshman and how frustrating the meal plan is.I lived in the dorms last year before meal plans were required.
2/5/2019 17:08:38LizzySteinLab 306/BrianApproved — SFEstablishing, exploring and silencing the "stigma" of mental health Marlena Holden/UHSAlthough a personal struggle myself, mental health is embodied by individuals in all facets of the institution (surprisingly more than we think!), yet constantly swept under the carpet and thought of as a “disease” to be ashamed of. I want to bring this to light and hopefully extinguish this toxic flame, uncovering the reality of it and accepting its beauty. A close friend with bi-polar, a leader in the writing center, and reflections on my own personal experience.I've endured years of mental health diagnoses, which I tirelessly beat myself up over. Through extensive self love, reflection and specifically writing, I have learned its beauty and wish to share that. While mental health is prevalent among students, it is not nearly spoken about on campus in its essential means. My goal is to change this.
2/5/2019 18:23:45ChloeColalucaLab 306/BrianApproved — SFThe challenges that low-income students face at UW-MadisonKarla Weber/OSFAMany UW-Madison students are unaware of the percentage of low-income students at UW and how their financial circumstances affect their school life. Katy Weisenberger, Assistant Director of Federal Awards at UWMany of my peers are either on scholarships or financial aid but are not considered to be "low-income," so I am interested in learning about how UW accommodates students different levels of financial struggle.
2/6/2019 11:06:58HaileyHaLab 306/BrianApproved - JBI want to explore how international students adjust their life in campus in their first year?Roopa Rawjee/ISS via Darcy WittbergerMany international students find hard time in their freshmen year so finding the way they go through is important.I was talking with my friends who are from foreign country.I am also an international student and was interested to look for.
2/6/2019 16:55:47AmandaMizeraLab 306/BrianApproved — SFThe benefits of being a Badger.Successworks?How graduating with a degree from UW-Madison (or any Big 10 university) has opened up doors for jobs and other opportunities just because of the famous name of the school you graduated from and how different it is graduating from a school of over 40,000 students in comparison to a couple hundred.I plan to interview Pam Garcia about jobs Badgers have gone on to have, Scott Farell who is an alumni of the J School and UW-Madison and works for Golin in Chicago, and someone who goes to a smaller, more local school.I go to UW-Madison and have already been told by major companies that my degree is very valuable and also have seen many alumni from UW and other large schools go on to do amazing things.
2/7/2019 11:01:09IsabellaPompeoLab 306/BrianApproved — SFThe disconnect between on campus and off campus crime. I feel as if there are so many incidents that happen a mile or two off campus that students are never notified about. Marc Lovicott/UWPD, Joel Despain MPDThis story is important as there are many off campus issues that students should know about, but they never actually hear about from WiscAlertsAfter a recent assault on campus, I have interviewed a friend that lives on Langdon Street, and how a house across the street from her had an armed robbery, that she never got a WiscAlert aboutLiving off campus, this is a topic that I am extremely passionate about, and honestly fear about. Not hearing about dangerous events that happen near where I reside is something that upsets me.
2/7/2019 12:45:08BaileyOwensLab 306/BrianApproved — SFChanging political climate at UW, trends over timeBarry Burden, PoliSciIt is important to see the changes in political values in younger voters since they become future leadersno oneI identify as a democrat, but am not affiliated with any political organization.
2/10/2019 12:56:41MadisonPhillipsLab 306/BrianApproved — SFLocal food and its environmental/economic impacts on campus and producersnoneNot many people know the amount of locally sourced food that exists on UW's campus, it's important to know why and how this phenomenon has occured Talked with Stacy about itI don't really have any personal connections with this I just find it interesting
2/10/2019 18:17:55MollyDavisLab 306/BrianApproved — SFHow has the establishment of the Black Cultural Center impacted the campus experience of Black students at UW Madison?Karla Foster/BCC vias Darcy WittbergerThe story is important because the Black Cultural Center is one effort by the university to provide more resources for Black students. Not much connection at all.
2/1/2019 13:35:43OliviaVan Den HeuvelLab 307/BrandonApproved — SFI am researching how social media negatively affects students on campus, with an emphasis on mental health.Don Stanley, LSCThe majority of students on campus use social media on a daily basis, it is important to know how this contributes to their livesI was talking with a friend about how many hours a day are spent on social media apps I have noticed how social media impacts my life in different ways and how it has impacted my friends as well.
2/4/2019 17:15:16JoshSupinskiLab 307/BrandonApproved — SFTo discover the origins, mission, and day in the life of the a member of the UWPD First RespondersMarc Lovicott/UWPDIt will more greatly publicize a niche student organization that I believe not many are aware of. To me, balancing what they do with the responsibilities of college is simply remarkable.A man named Sean Yun I talked to at the library liked the idea.I wanted to be an EMT once, that is all.
2/4/2019 22:37:48CourtneyDegenLab 307/BrandonApproved — SFI plan to explore how tuition costs and lack of merit scholarships dissuade out-of-state students from attending UW-MadisonKarla Weber/OSFAThis story is important because UW-Madison is missing out on academically gifted students from states besides Wisconsin and Minnesota that are choosing to go to universities elsewhere, often ones that offer merit scholarships. I talked to my mom about this, as she knows as well as I do that many students from Illinois (my home state) choose not to go or even apply here due to lack of merit scholarshipsAs an out-of-state student myself, I am frustrated by the lack of merit scholarships UW-Madison offers. On the other hand, I did choose to go here, so I have a bit of a different perspective than out-of-state students who decided not to attend UW-Madison.
2/5/2019 17:37:15EmGiombiLab 307/BrandonApproved - JBI will tell the stories of the people who drive the Accessible Circulator Shuttle.NoneThese people aren't in the public eye and their stories wouldn't otherwise be told.Gail, Nurse at the DermatologistI rode on the bus for the entirety of Spring 2018 semester and was able to develop relationships with the drivers.
2/5/2019 23:36:35HazelTangLab 307/BrandonApproved — SFHow the tough and random H-1B Visa System affects the university's international students to get a job in America.Roopa Rawjee/ISS via Darcy WittbergerThe H-1B visa system, designed to be expensive and random as a lottery, will potentially affect the employment choice of companies and also career path for international students. The employment cost for hiring an international student can be expensive and time-consuming so that many local American companies will not hire these students at all even if they are capable and competitive enough for the positions. Students cannot get a job only because of their identities. And companies may lose talents.Jiaxi Zheng, an international student I met during the Career Fair. Although she majors in Statics and Maths, subjects that are supposed to give her many career choices, she is limited because of her identity. Many companies she talked to cannot provide sponsorship and immigration support to help her work in America, which made her frustrated.I am an international student too. Therefore, exploring my future career path in America is also a concern for me right now. I have heard many stories about how international students miserably rejected by companies though I know all of them are competitive, smart and talented.
2/6/2019 9:35:38ReaganZimmermanLab 307/BrandonApproved — SFThe life of Veterans on the UW campus and the difficulties they endured during their transition into civilian life.Vets for Vets-- Vets resources in the Registrar's OfficeVeterans are a large part of our campus community but many may not know how many there really are or even who they are. I want to bring their stories into the light because their pasts are so different than others. It's important to know the stories of those who are different from you so you can understand why they did what they did and how that shaped them into the person they are today.Cadet Sydney Mortenson: A fourth-year cadet in the UW Army ROTC department and a veteran of the US National Guard. Once I found my idea, I reached out to the first veteran I found on campus and Sydney was the first. I asked her a few questions about what she wants the story to reflect about veterans like herself, as well as a few of the questions I will be asking the veterans I interview in the future. I was in ROTC and planned to become an officer in the Army but a medical disqualification took me out of the program late last year. I decided to dig into this topic because I think there is an interesting story to be told here. I do not know any of the veterans I am interviewing personally, they are just names I got from some of my friends across campus.
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