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KRRC Program Guide Spring 2019
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12AM[citation needed] "Filthy Weeb Hour" - This is a Description............[DJ Bleu] "Anarchy of the Mind" - Whatever music DJ Blue fancies at the moment. Let it loose![Egosurf] "Noise" - Sounds for everyone and no one.
1AMNo Programming ScheduledNo Programming ScheduledNo Programming ScheduledNo Programming ScheduledNo Programming ScheduledNo Programming ScheduledNo Programming Scheduled
6AMNo Programming ScheduledNo Programming ScheduledNo Programming ScheduledNo Programming ScheduledNo Programming ScheduledNo Programming ScheduledNo Programming Scheduled
7AM...[DJ Wacky Black and DJ Bog Troll] "What is happening?" - Tune in around breakfast time for daily recommended amounts of pure garbage................
10AM[Owen Hart] "This Is Not A Show" - RedactedNo Programming Scheduled...............
11AM[Big Lucy and Bigger Claire] "Leitmotif" - A weekly compilation of songs that fall under a theme and maybe talking.[SRT] "Can I get uhh... rock n' roll" - Contemporary rock & Classic Rock & Whatever Else......[DJ Cenobyte} "The most incosistent show on radio." - It could be anything.[Brend Bend] "Nightfall of Diamonds" - Weighty psych, alien grooves, ethereal twang, far-out bleeps, odds 'n' ends.[Elena Turner] "It's always a good time" - Good tunes for a good time.
12PM...[J-Moho] "Last Splash!" - Let's have one last go at saving the world.........[Chris Barclay] "The Chris Barclay Hour" - If you enjoy Alex G., Andrew Bird, Russian folk music, jazz music, and/or Frank LoCrasto, you should consider tuning in at noon![DJ Diamond Piss & DJ Golden Showers] "Cartoons and Cereal: The Farewell Tour" - We're old, send us some tapicoa and prune juice. Say goodbye to KRRC's longest running sitcom.
1PM[Rachel Bork and Erica Miner] "REM Radio" - Interview a new Reedie each week and ASMR review Commons food.[DJ Dog Adopter] "Mommy & Me" - Remember Mommy & Me? Well this time, it's NSFW. Call in, suggest a track, and rememer the sweet time of childhood music introductions.[DJ Baby Teeth] "Reve Sexuel" - Yummy disco, lesser-known punk, r&b + soul.[DJ Wren] "Music for the People" - A new theme ever week, depedning on what genre of music I'm feeling. From post-rock to pop to musicals.[IceJJFish's Mistress] "Cuttlefish Hour" - :*)[K Queen] "Sad Boi Hourz" - Lo-fi music to cry to/chill to.
2PM[Freddy Smith] "503-777-7528 - Advice Hotline" Unqualified ...[Theofaustus] "Demigods of Chaos"...[S.R. Jones] "SurroundSound" - Film scores and the ocasional guest discussion about cinema[Samrath] "Color me Samrath" - Music by non-white people only.Scheduled Station Maintenance
3PM[Squinkum/Czolgosh] "52 Song Pick-up" - I'd hope to play sets that dive into different themes each week.............[Beats on Brezhev & Rollo] "101 Years Since" - Leftist news & political theory...
4PM[Gordon Schmidt] "The Last Semester" - Tune in, catch whatever I'm listening to in my last semester! Probably gonna be a lot of indie rock, like usual, but who knows?[M.C. Rib] "SLAMMIN SHARK SHOWDOWN" - SRV brought back the blues when no one was expecting it, and we're about to do the same....**RECORD LIBRARIAN OFFICE HOURS** **WALK INS WELCOME** ~learn more about our extensive record catalog~...[Aliza Philips] "The Mothball Radio Hour" - A Selection of my favorite short stories and eventually maybe great story-tellers, read live on air....
5PM[fulltouch] "terror spectrum" - Ernest Becker’s Denial of Death [BASS BOOSTED][DJ Sharp and DJ Phenix] "Airing Your Dirty Laundry" - The Martha Stewart of your sexcapade.[D.J. Boots & D.J. Spurs] "Boots & Spurs" - What is country music? Tune in and we'll answer this question together.[Miles and Madison] "Basic Bitches of Reed (BBR)" - Remember the radio station you turned off in 2008? It's back with a vengeance. [DJ I Drink Milk] "DJ I Drink Milk's Milk Drinking Hour" - Eclectic - Music that will rock your butt right the fuck off. Tune in if you're hard on the core, or don't.[Krystal & Chiru] "Blah Blah Blah" - Discussing the week's news & other stuff we're into.[Deer Heart] "Frog's Gizzard & Woodland Noises"
6PM[Castle] "Net Geo: The Revival Tour" - Top 10 Best Queer Dance Anthem Betrayals[Princess Spacebunz] "I just want to listen to Weezer" - Weezer and bands that sound like Weezer.**STATION ENGINEER OFFICE HOURS** **WALK INS WELCOME** ~come learn about the station and how to use all the gear!~[Garfield, but Mecha] "Tweet and Beets" - Original tweets by Reed students read out loud and sweet beats.[Diasporics/ButtaMeBiscuit] - "ssecrets" - People call in with their anonymous sex, or religious spiritual secrets andI give them a song to match OR a song tat will help level them up sexually.[Monty] "Monty's Radio Hour" - 1 Hour of good music and commentary.[Max] "The Flax Hour" - Come forthe music, stay for the the flax.
7PM**STATION MANAGER OFFICE HOURS** **WALK INS WELCOME** ~come in and chat about the radio station, your show, volunteering, our equipment, or just about anything!~[Icky Vicky] "The Dreamatorium" - Maybe you'll cringe, maybe you'll get lost in the sounds, maybe both! Check it out.[hypersurface & dimension 11] "cryptoaudiology" - Sound? Music? Birds?[Wayne "the Croc" Swanson + Kate] "MORE MUSIC (less talking)" - Music (more! of it!) Less talking.[Calavera] "Madreship" - A fun mix of classic rock & great music in Spanish.[Tom Rudd] "The Shabbat Show" - Playing songs loosely related to Shabbat, or just hip-hop.[DJ Good Music] "Good Music" - Good Music pt. 2
8PM[Ely Eastman] "The Garage Loft" - Hey dude, I just found these old records in my dad's garage. Let's go up to the loft and check them out....[DJ MARON] "No Fare Air" - Come listen to chill and relax and let yourself be free[Despacito 2] - "Reed Twit" - The way it be (sometimes.)[Rafi] - "Rafi's Jukebox" - Playing what I want.[Cow-Wrangler Jim] "Reed Rodeo Radio" - Do you like cows? Do you like wrastlin and tasslin? Tune into Reed Rodeo Radio.[Bean] "I Love My Volvo" - These are songs I play in my horrible car. His name is Dick Nixon.[DJ Toto, Artist Formally Known as Dooley] "Member's Only" - Birds aren't real.
9PM[Rylie] "The Bubble" - Paul Simon, Warren Zevon, etc.[L.I.Z] "Fractcore" - M.U.S.I.C. brought 2 u by yr frattiest DJ[Mx. Tape] - "Error 404" - Everything but nothing.[Nah] - "nah official dot youtube dot edu dot gov" - From Finnish Freak Folk to atonal glitch music, is an undianbly pretentious hour of music.[C] "Yum" - Delicious music with themes and guests![Mathilde Prosper] "Radio Playharnel" - Music from different European countries.[Glen, Sebastian, Bas, Son Bus] -"Humanity Exausted" - The music, thoughts and remainds of perturbed individuals, genius composers, etc.
10PM...[Billie] "Soft Core Porn for Sad Boys" - Yes, an hour of soft boi music, lil peep is gd :)[Lillie c.] "Not Your Father's Radio Station!" - (It's probably not your grandfather's either.) Music from the 1900s-1940s.[That Bitch] "Mood of the Day" - Just how I'm feeling. People always vibe. I keep it chill but can switch it up.[Cola Montez] - "R Orgones Real?" - Strictly beat.s Weekly themes.[Henry] "Henry + Music" - Hi, I'm Henry. My music is pretty okay. So tune in for (maybe) good music.[H-Lily] "Little Witching Hour" - Music & maybe some shenanigans.
11PM......[Makena] - "Mad Ethnic Right Now" - That ain't me fellas....[POPS] "Sout Bae" - Playing sweet tunes from paradise A.K.A. South East London[Taco Stand] "So Long and thanks for all the fish." - I'll play prog metal, prog rock, or whatever hipster shit I found last night....