Automation Toolkit for vMix Comparison Guide
NOTE: All licenses issued before v1.0.0 will continue to work. If you purchased a $60 license before March 15th 2020, it will be automatically upgraded to a $150 Standard edition license. Fault detection and programme guide have been removed from the Standard Edition.
60 Day Free Trial Available60 Day Free Trial Available60 Day Free Trial AvailablePlease email: for a license key, or please obtain one from your local reseller.
Quick Start GuideDocsDocumentation
"Cluster Node" EditionStandard EditionProducers EditionTV Station Edition
Edition:FREE in v2£110+Vat / $150£185+Vat / $250£270+Vat / $350More Info :-Notes
"Schedule Folders"Yes (v2)Schedule FoldersAutomation v2 has a new feature called “Schedule Folders”. By creating a folder structure on the hard drive of the TV station computer, it is possible to create a complete schedule in minutes.
Assisted Automated TV Station Playout and SchedulingYesIncludes GUI Picker and Google Sheet Schedule Data Assembler. No scripting required, as high level functions are provided to enable playout of programmes, commercials and filler, direct from the schedule. Also includes automated programme guide and title. Tried and Tested for reliability, so you know that your TV station will work "out of the box".
Automatically Generated Programme GuideYes
Custom "Turn-Key" scripts created for you by an expertNot into programming or script writing? These editions come complete with an expert who can create scripts to do what you need.
Audio "Sound Board" - automatically created page of shortcuts, 1 for each audio file in the specified directoryYes with v2Yes with v2YesYesWhen the button for an audio file is pressed, it is automatically loaded into the soecified LIST input and played to air, in the background.
Video "board" - automatically created page of shortcuts, 1 for each video in the specified directoryYes with v2Yes with v2YesYesWhen the button for a video is pressed, it is automatically loaded into the soecified LIST input and put into preview, ready for the switching operator to play it to air.
vMix Call "Talk-Back" FacilityYesYesPro DocsTalk back to your vMix callers without interrupting the live stream. PTT (Push to Talk) buttons 1-8. The talk-back terminal may be a separate computer, avoiding the need to have direct access to the vMix UI.
Remote Switching Terminal (NDI, Zoom Skype etc)YesYesPro DocsSwitch the production from a separate PC (may be WiFi), leaving the vMix UI available for another operator. The operator performing the switching may be remote from the production.
Stop playing after currently playing item. Useful for Filler/Commercial playout for an indeterminate duration.YesYesPlay content on a video list - content will play until the 'Finish Active' button is pressed. It will transition back to Preview once the currently playing list item finishes.
Pre-Defined Keyboard and Web ShortcutsYesYesPro DocsNetworked Keyboard support and Web interface. ... useful predifined shortcuts for camera switching etc. See docs for more info.
Music-TV style playout of lists with 'playing now' TitleYesYesUsing a Turn-Key script called from the schedule, this simple extension plays a directory of videos and automatically overlays the file name (without the path or extension) as each video plays.
Fault Detection and HandlingYesYesHeartbeat monitoring enables automatic action to be taken in the event that a system goes offline.
Schedules and Scripts are Saved to DiskYesYesYesScripts and schedules are stored between sessions, enabling the system to "pick up where it left off" and enables the re-use of scripts and schedules in the future.
Support for Google Sheets (Schedule, Titles, Scripts)YesYesYesFor larger organisations, management of scripts, titles and schedules through the use of Google Sheets can enable a production team to collaborate with the configuration of Automation. Sheets also enables configuration from any internet connected work-station with the high levels of security provided by Google.
Title ManagementYesYesYes
Schedule, Title and Script Data SwitchingYesYesYesIf you regularly produce shows to a schedule, you'll really appreciate this feature, which will automatically load the correct titles, scripts and even alternate schedules, "to a schedule".
LIST Playout TrackingYesYesExtendedFor professional users who may need to be able to prove when and how many times a particular file has been played (logged per month). Also includes a reporting tool.
Automated Content SelectionYesYesYesWhether you are producing a live show or playing out content to a schedule, there are many times when it is desirable to play a selection of content (sequentially or shuffled) to fill a specific time. Automation can select the optimum number of files to fill a specified amount of time and then play it out for you.
Import / Export Script DataYesYesYesYes
Networked GUI ToolsYesYesYesExtendedNot enough screens to see everything? Need to have more than one engineer working in your production? No problem, all the Automation Tools work over the network (& Internet with a VPN).
Weather ForecastingLimitedYesYesExtended (in dev)Bring LIVE weather data into your production. The TV Station Edition will (in the future) include extended functions to make this even simpler.
SchedulerGUI Only.
RAM only.
YesYesYesSchedule anything that Automation can DO or CONTROL! Use in conjunction with the Studio Clock to count-down to the next scheduled event - or to watch any of the user timers.
ScriptingGUI OnlyYesYesYesCreate scripts to automate aspects of production,
Up-Next and Up_Now title featuresYesYesYesYesUse the schedule to automatically generate UP NOW and UP NEXT titles.
Automatic Camera/Script Switching & TriggeringYesYesYesYesAutomatic Actions based on Audio, or Silence - such as switching cameras, running a script or performing any of the built-in automation functions. Very controllable for a natural look.
Event triggering of ScriptsYesYesYesYesExtensions to the triggers available in vMix - including an on 'DataChange' event.
X-Keys SupportYesYesYesYesUse X-Keys to trigger any automation function. X-Keys may be shared with vMix simultaniously.
Network Keyboard SupportYesYesYesYesAny keyboard on the network can be configured to trigger any Automation function - the Admin app (which provides this function) does not even have to be "in focus".
Clustering FunctionsYesYesYesYesUse a group of machines to spread the load - especially useful for render farms etc.
Dynamic Web Control PanelsYesYesYesYesDynamically create and remove "shortcuts" for use via a web browser (eg. on a Tablet or Phone) - during production. Schedule when particular buttons should appear and disappear.
DMX SupportYesYesYesYesControl DMX Lighting and other fixtures in "Symphony" with your vMix Production.
File Watcher and Duplicate DetectionYesYesYesYesEver wanted to automatically generate an MP3 "Podcast" version of your recorded live stream - or convert the recording to another format upon completion? Use the FILE-WATCHER !
Sleep/Reboot/Power ControlYesYesYesYesPower Saving and remote management of rebooting are possible through the power management functions. Automatically sleep your system and have it wake at selected times.
Web Page WatcherYesYesYesYesDo you sometimes need to display alerts for your organisation? Automate it by watching for phrases in your organisations web pages. This can trigger any Automation function.
GUI Admin ToolYesYesYesYesControl many of the features of automation and monitor/control vMix. Tools include Script Builder, Playout Tracking, Schedule Builder and export of the schedule for management.
GUI Schedule ManagerYesYesYesYesA simple to use graphical tool to schedule input/overlay changes in vMix or to run an automation script.
GUI Studio ClockYesYesYesYesMonitor the time to the next scheduled event or monitor any of the user timers built into automation. Useful for watching count-down to commercials etc in a live show.
GUI Macro RecorderYesYesYesYesWhen enabled, this tool will record your actions in vMix and write scripts to re-enact your actions automatically.
GUI Digital SignYesYesYesYesThis is a remote web browser, under the control of automation. Schedules and Scripting may be used to change the currently displayed page automatically.