Social Justice Training Organizations in the US
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ORGANIZATIONSCityStateType of TrainingsTraining DescriptionWebsite MissionMore InfoCan They Come To You? Do They Host Trainings in Home City?Confirmed with org
Allies for ChangeEast Lansing, MIMIRacial Justice and AntioppressionAnti-racism and Systematic Oppression
Allies for Change is a network of social justice educators and trainers. We provide anti-oppression workshops, training, and resources for individuals and organizations seeking to deepen their commitment to social justice and structural change. Resisting a hierarchy of oppressions, we seek to nurture life-giving ally relationships devoted to dismantling unjust systems and structures.YesYesYes (Melanie Morrison)
Oakland, CA, Minneapolis, MN, New Orleans, LA, Philadelphia, PA, Durham, NCCA, MN, LA, PA, NCAntioppression, Organizing and StrategyAnti-Oppression, Organizing and Activism, Capacity Building, Strategic Planning and Visioning, Facilitation, Communication and Conflict Mediation, related consultinghttp://aorta.coopAORTA is a worker-owned cooperative devoted to strengthening movements for social justice and a solidarity economy. We work as consultants and facilitators to expand the capacity of cooperative, collective, and community based projects through education, training, and planning. We base our work on an intersectional approach to liberation because we believe that true change requires uprooting all systems of oppression.Contact: info@aorta.coopYesUncertainYes (Roan Boucher)
Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD)New York, NYNYOrganizing and Strategy, Organizational DevelopmentANHD conducts a comprehensive, year-round series of training courses and a score of single-session workshops that promote best practices in affordable housing and economic development, increases policy advocacy skills, and helps community organizations build capacity. ANHD also has two additional programs that offer training for community organizers and community development graduate students. Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD) is the umbrella organization of 100 non-profit affordable housing and economic development groups, serving low- and moderate income residents in all five boroughs of New York City.This is a nonprofit with some support from financial institutions like Bank of America, Citi, Neighborhood Works, and others.YesYesYes (Melanie Breault)
Baltimore Racial Justice Action
Baltimore, MDMDRacial Justice Racial Equitybmoreantiracist.orgBRJA is an action-based organization grounded in collective analysis of structural racism and white privilege. We attempt to influence and guide respectful and just thinking and actions. We strive to support people and organizations to see themselves as world residents or leaders or change agents by acknowledging our linked fate and encouraging responsibility for our choices, decisions and actions to collectively build an equitable world for all.They have separate workshops for white people and for people of color. They custom design workshops based on an organization's goals and to meet participants "where they are" on their journey of understanding racial equity.YesUncertainYes (Dianne Lyday)
Blackout Collective
NationalDCOrganizing and StrategyDirect action and organizing trainingwww.blackoutcollective.orgThe Combahee Action Camp is a space for Direct Action Practitioners to gain skills in action theory, planning, strategy while deepening and sharpening direct action coordination and practitioner skills in pursuit of/ in the name of Black Liberation.Name: Combahee Action Camp. It is for those who identify as Black and/or a Person of Color and have played a key role in a direct action, and/or have experience facilitating direct action trainings, and/or have action coordination experience
. Says the date was 2016 but there might be another one happening in 2017?
YesUncertainYes (Chinyere Tutashinda)
Center for Story-Based StrategyOakland, CACAMedia and Technology Storytelling and Social Change, Media center for Story-based Strategy (CSS) is a national movement-building organization dedicated to harnessing the power of narrative for social change. Main contact: They host an annual training called the Advanced Training. Location and dates vary (sometimes in Corbett, OR).YesYesYes (Ratema Uch)
Center for Third World OrganizingNationalDCRacial Justice, Organizing and StrategyCommunity-based organizing, grassroots organizing
CTWO is a racial justice organization led by people of color whose mission is to achieve social and economic justice.YesYesYes (Karissa Lewis)
Chicago Freedom School
Chicago, ILILAntioppression, Organizing and StrategyAdultism, White Folks in Racial Justice, Rev Up for Adult Allies, Community Organizing, and Anti-oppression mission of the Chicago Freedom School (CFS) is to create new generations of critical and independent thinking young people who use their unique experiences and power to create a just world.YesYesYes (Naomi Milstein)
Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training
NationalDCRacial JusticeAnti-Racism, Anti-Bias, Critical Cultural Competency offers a distinctive Power Analysis of how racism functions in institutions and provides tools
to assist institutions in creating transformation teams that develop long-term solutions toward becoming more racially equitable organizations.
Crossroads facilitates a variety of workshops and offers consultation to guide institutional leadership through an analysis of its policies and practices and helps them create an intervention strategy to dismantle oppressive systems.
YesUncertainYes (Debra Russell)
Direct Action and Research Training (DART)NationalFL, SC, VA, KY, TN, OH, IN, KSOrganizing and StrategyCongregation-based community organizingwww.thedartcenter.orgTo engage congregations in building power for justice.In addition to leader trainings, DART also hires and trains full-time organizers on an annual basis. For more information on career opportunities in community organizing with DART, contact Hannah Wittmer: hannah@thedartcenter.orgNoYesYes (Hannah Wittmer)
Do The Heart Work (DTHW)NationalAntioppression, Healing JusticeThe Cadre is a holistic development program that centers on UNlearning (safety zones; fears; limiting stories; inner critics; habits; egos; mindsets; the status quo; shame; imposter syndrome; and systems of internalized oppression/repression) while CREATING your revolutionary work and mission. are a community of practice that helps courageous humans disrupt the status quo: in their lives, and in the world. Our core charge is an inside-out pursuit of collective liberation. laura@dotheheartwork.comYesYesYes(Laura Brewer)
Equity SolutionsBrattleboro, VTVT, MA, NHAntioppressionInnovative training and consulting experience that supports agencies, businesses, and schools address poverty and economic inequality with an equity lens.
The mission of Equity Solutions is to provide engaging and innovative education for state agencies, social service organizations, schools, and businesses so participants gain tools for strong client, staff, and leadership/management relationships, for creating a work environment where all are valued and thriving, and for actively contributing to a collective response to root causes of poverty. By using an equity lens we move beyond “helping” to transform relationships among people living in poverty and the organizations meant to serve them. This model empowers all stakeholders to co-create short and long-term solutions that work.equitysolutions@gmail.comYesYesYes (Morgan Mahdavi)
FrameWorksWashington, DC
DCAntioppression, Organizational DevelopmentStrategic framing of issues to advance social change; Skill-building, online courses, coaching works to advance the nonprofit sector's communications capacity by identifying, translating, and modeling relevant scholarly research to frame the public discourse on social problems.They offer workshops and webinars. Generally operate on a fee-for-service model, so the webinars and workshops are for our partner organizations (and their networks) who fund particular work on a specific issue area, e.g. immigration, housing, climate change, education, etc. No public schedule of webinars/trainings. FrameWorks Academy is a great resource. They offer one free course, and many others at affordable rates.Yes
YesYes (Danielle Evennou)
generative somaticsNationalDCHealing Justice, Antioppression, and Organizing and StrategySomatics, Embodied Leadership Development, Trauma-Healing, and Resilience Building. gs works with Movement Partners to integrate those elements along with political education and community organizing.generativesomatics.orgThe mission of generative somatics is to grow a transformative social and environmental justice movement -- one that integrates personal and social transformation, creates compelling alternatives to the status quo and embodies the creativity and life affirming actions we need to forward systemic change.
We envision a movement guided by cultivated wisdom, love and rigor. generative somatics (gs) makes a contribution to social and environmental justice movements by providing a pragmatic and actionable approach to embodied transformation on an individual, organizational, and movement level. gs programs focus on healing from the impacts of trauma and oppression, and developing the embodied leadership skills needed in movements that aim to envision and create new means of safety and accountability, practice interdependence, and build dignified and thriving communities. "
In partnerships, gs often travels to where the organization or membership is located.

Upcoming application deadlines listed here:
YesUncertainYes (Danielle Feris)
Harriet's ApothocaryNew York City, NYNYHealing Justice, Organizational Development, Organizing and StrategyTrauma informed care trainings, harm reduction, conflict mediation, strategic planning and visioning, organizational development, developing alternative systems of community care that do not rely on the state, cultural organizing trainings’s Apothecary is an intergenerational, healing village led by the brilliance and wisdom of Black Cis Women, Queer and Trans healers, artists, health professionals, magicians, activists and ancestors. Our village, founded by Harriet Tubman and Adaku Utah on April 6 2014, is committed to co-creating accessible, affordable, liberatory, all-body loving, all-gender honoring, community healing spaces that recognize, inspire, and deepen the healing genius of people who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of color and the allies that love us. Contact:
YesYes (Adaku Utah)
Highlander Research and Education CenterNew Market, TN TNRacial Justice, Antioppression, Organizing and StrategyOrganizing for Economic justice, Immigrant Right Justice, Racial Justice serves as a catalyst for grassroots organizing and movement building in Appalachia and the South. We work with people fighting for justice, equality and sustainability, supporting their efforts to take collective action to shape their own destiny.Through popular education, participatory research, and cultural work, we help create spaces — at Highlander and in local communities — where people gain knowledge, hope and courage, expanding their ideas of what is possible. Contact info: 865-933-3443, hrec@highlandercenter.orgYesYesYes (Brandi Agustus)
Interaction Institute for Social ChangeBoston, MA, New York City, NY, Oakland, CAMA, NY, CARacial Justice, Organizing and StrategyFacilitation, for racial justice and beyond
IISC catalyzes the will and skill of the diverse public to create social justice and sustainability. We do this with people in communities, organizations and movements through training, facilitation, network building and public engagement. IISC brings our commitment to equity, love and trust to all of our work.Provide facilitation and consulting services in 1) Racial Equity 2) Collaborative Skills Training 3) Facilitation and Design and 4) Network Building. They offer trainings in NYC, Boston, and OaklandYesYesYes (Tiffany Morris)
Just Practice
Chicago, ILILHealing Justice, Organizational Development, Organizing and StrategyHarm Reduction, Healing Justice and helps organizations in need of urgent restructuring
Just Practice exists to provides space for activists, organizers and community to be in genuine relationship with each other so that we can fully explore the intersections of transformation justice and harm reduction. Just Practice provides coaching, workshops and organizational consulting to individuals, grass-roots organizations and community groups.Contact info: 773.818.8512 ShiraHassan@gmail.comYesYesYes (Shira Hassan)
Lifted VoicesChicago, ILILOrganizing and Strategy, AntioppressionDirect action, advanced tactics, strategic campaign planning, and anti-oppression workshops. Voices is an action-oriented collective of queer Black and Brown women and non-binary organizers who are committed to the personal, political and cultural defense of women and non-binary people of color.Contact: They are able to travel to you with advance notice and compensation.YesYesYes (Delia Galindo)
MAG Consulting
NationalDCAntioppression, Organizational DevelopmentConsulting/coaching; Facilitating movement networks envisions a world where the planet and all who inhabit it are treated with dignity and love and resources and power are shared in ways that enable everyone the opportunity to realize their potential and live life fully.Contact: mag@magmail.orgYesUncertainYes (Natasha)
MomentumBoston, MAMAOrganizing and Strategy, Organizational DevelopmentAdvanced trainings on movement building and strategy, distributed organizing and decentralization, and civil resistance is a training institute and movement incubator. We give progressive organizers the tools and frameworks to build massive, decentralized social movements.By combining and systematizing best practices from past movements, critical movement theory, and applicable skills, we encourage organizers to dream about big change, and give them the tools to make it happen. This organization has an affiliation with AyniYesYesYes (Cicia Lee)
Movement NetlabNationalDCFundraising, Organizing and StrategyTrainings on decentralized, self organized movement network for social movements. Community of Practice spaces for Movement activists, as well as community of practice spaces for funders and philanthropists who are interested in transforming movement philanthropy to more effectively fund movements Movement Netlab is a practice-centered ‘think-make-and-do tank’. We are comprised of movement-based activists, organizers, and researchers whose goal is to help develop powerful conceptual and practical tools that help facilitate the growth and effectiveness of the most dynamic, emerging social movements of our time. As experienced practitioners with decades of combined experience, we believe that mass, popular social movements working to create deep, system-wide transformation are our best hope of achieving a more just, equitable world. Deeply embedded in movements ourselves, we are a project run by practitioners, for practitioners. While we do work with organizations, our top priority is always serving genuine, people-driven social movements for change.Our goal is to support social movements, organizations and networks to do the following: 1) Gain a clear understanding of networked social movements and how they work. 2) Put theory into practice, the ‘how to’ of building networked social movements 3) Collaborate in the design and building of tools and platforms for movement-wide infrastructureYesYesYes (Tamara Sharpiro)
Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative
Detroit, MI, Los Angeles, CAMI, CARacial JusticeAnti-Racism
Our work consists of raising awareness and training Muslim and non-Muslim communities on issues of racial justice, including Islamophobia. In order to uproot racism, we focus on developing and delivering faith-based education on internalized, interpersonal, and institutional racism.

MuslimARC’s diverse team has led interactive workshops and trainings both on the ground and online for the general public. We can tailor our workshops to the needs and goals of a range of organizations from formats that include short discussion sessions to longer weekend retreatsYes
UncertainYes (Namira Islam)
Race Forward
Oakland, CA, New York City, NYCA, NYRacial JusticeAnti-Racism Race Forward's mission is to build awareness, solutions, and leadership for racialjustice by generating transformative ideas, information, and experiences. We define racialjustice as the systematic fair treatment of people of all races, resulting in equitable opportunities and outcomes for all and we work to advance racial justice through media, research, and leadership development.Race Forward’s Building Racial Equity series is a collection of interactive training for those who wish to sharpen their skills and strategies to address structural racism and advance racial equity. Unlike “diversity trainings” which primarily focus on interpersonalrelations and understanding, the Building Racial Equity trainings emphasize how to challenge and change institutional racial inequities. Contact: YesYesYes (ramesh kathanadhi)
Radical Arts and Healing Collective
New Orleans, LALAHealing Justice, Organizing and StrategyDirect Action, Movement Organizing, Planning and Arts integration is to promote transformative and healing justice, to use art as a tool to interrupt and transform deep roots of injustice, to promote self-determination.YesNoYes (Jayeesha Dutta)
Resource GenerationNew York, NY, Oakland, CA, Philadelphia, PANY, CA, PAAntioppression, Organizing and StrategyCross-Class: Discusses issues on wealth, privilege, philanthropy and grassroots movements
(not confirmed) Generation organizes a multi-racial constituency of young people with wealth and class privilege in the U.S. to become transformative leaders working toward the equitable distribution of wealth, land and power.There are additional regional chapters throughout the U.S. Chapter leaders may be able to meet with you in your specific geographical area. RG also hosts webinars on class privilege and wealth, and has multiple conferences annually throughout the U.S. where potential members can attend. There are retreats held in Chicago, Philadelphia and the Bay AreaYesYesYes (Zara Chaudary - waiting to hear from Sarah Abbot about trainings)
Rockwood Leadership InstituteOakland, CACAOrganizational Development, Organizing and StrategyLeadership, Effective Communication, Resilience and Personal Sustainability. teaches skills and tools that help these leaders overcome organizational challenges; inspire and align individuals and organizations toward producing quality outcomes; develop collaborative skills; decrease "burn-out"; and create organizations that celebrate sustainability and diversity.
Most of their trainings are in California
UncertainYesYes (Stacy Kono)
Social Justice Training Institute
NationalDCRacial Justice, Organizing and StrategyRace and Racism Social Justice Training Institute provides a forum for the professional and personal development of social justice educators and practitioners to enhance and refine their skills and competencies to create greater inclusion for all members of the campus community.Upcoming trainings posted on the right on the home page. SJTI hosts two institutes a year for professionals (one in December on the west coast and one in June on the east coast). SJTI also hosts an institute for undergraduate students in July that is hosted on a campus. They cannot travel to you as SJTI, but specific trainers can travel; Trainings offered in different cities across USYesNoYes (Dr. Jamie Washington)
Spirit in ActionPalmer, MA, Black Mountain, NCMA, NCAntioppression, Organizing and StrategyTrainings for visioning and building transformative communities and movements in Action envisions a world in which every community is strong, vibrant, heart-centered and working joyfully together across our unique identities to sustain an interdependent system of caring for each other and the earth. The mission of Spirit in Action is to create a positive future grounded in the values of equality, peace and justice for all. We develop effective leaders, support organizational sustainability, build cohesive networks, and catalyze transformative social change. Through our programs, we aspire to build a broad and interconnected social force committed to collectively changing the world by working with communities to Reimagine culture, Resist domination, Reform institutions and Recreate society.The list of trainings offered is available at the following link: (Anthony Rominske)
The Truth & Titus CollectiveBattle Creek, MIMichiganAntioppression, Healing Justice
We work with organizations to provide equity training on a long term basis, including training specific to leadership, training for all staff, organizational development, and coaching.
The Truth and Titus Collective is emergent, interactive, intersectional, and collaborative in our approach to the work of facilitating equitable transformation at the individual and institutional levels. In our trainings we support participants in connecting with mind, body, spirit, history, and community. We seek to embody and elevate adaptability, accountability, and healing in our work. We aspire to cultivate brave space where people feel safe enough to risk authenticity, vulnerability, and growth. Our model does not shy away from prompting the cognitive dissonance and discomfort necessary to sustain equitable change. Every step of the way--both inside and outside of formal training--we offer love and support.YesYesYes (Sara Johnson)
Think Again TrainingMadison, WI
Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Illinois
Racial Justice, Antioppressiontraining series and intensive training retreats,
policy and problem-solving consultations,
assessment processes and reports,
planning and process facilitation for long-term change efforts,
one-time trainings, and more in catgories of Gender Diversity & Trans Inclusion, Economic Inequality & Classism, Skill Building for Social Justice, and Intersectional Understanding of Diversity and Social Justice.
www.thinkagaintraining.comThink Again Training helps schools, workplaces and communities to develop critical consciousness about issues of oppression and social justice, gain skills to enact justice in our work and in our lives, engage in informed and compassionate dialogue across differences, and work together effectively and joyfullyYesYesYes (Davey Shlasko)
Training for Change
Philadelphia, PAPAOrganizing and Strategy, Racial Justice, AntioppressionDirect Action, strategy, Campaigning, Anti-racism/anti-oppression, community organizing, coalition-building, facilitation skills; training for trainers; able to do SPANISH-ENGLISH training for Change builds capacity for powerful training and education among activists and organizers. We work with groups taking nonviolent direct action, building strong teams, and working for grassroots social change. Since 1992, we’ve trained over 15,000 participants in over 20 countries across diverse sectors and issues.
There are trainers located across the U.S. and Colombia. They will send trainers across the world. Fellowship for Trainers of Color: West Virginia Trainers Project: Yes (Celia Kutz)
Transform FinanceNationalDCFundraising, Organizing and StrategyTrainings on capital for social change envision a world where capital is a tool for the advancement of real, transformative social change. Through thought leadership, trainings, convenings, and the Transform Finance Investor Network, we support all stakeholders, from community leaders and activists to investors and entrepreneurs, who are exploring that vision.The Transform Finance Institute for Social Justice occurs annually. They also offer trainings for organizations. There are also projects and programs as well as online resources available on the website. YesYesYes (Andrea Armeni)
Vision Change Win
Brooklyn, NYNYOrganizing and Strategy, AntioppressionRacial justice, economic justice, LGBTQ issues, strategic visioning, strategic planning, transformative justice and restorative justice program development, verbal de-escalation, creating office and demonstration security protocols, developing anti‐violence programs including: domestic/intimate partner violence, police violence, sexual violence, and hate violence programs and training, healing justice, increasing organizational sustainability, leadership coaching, cultural organizing, integrating arts and organizing, conflict resolution, community organizing training, coalition and movement building training, grassroots fundraising, mediation, and organizational crisis management, and media spokesperson training. team of social justice leaders who support organizations in fully manifesting their missions, visions, and values. We deliver practical and effective solutions organizations working in policy advocacy, community organizing, art, culture and direct services. This organization takes on clients throughout U.S. and some international clients. Vision Change Win brings an anti-oppression analysis into traditional organizational development -- with a particular focus on supporting communities to address violence and increase systems to increase safety without relying on law enforcement.YesUncertainYes (Adisa and Ejeris Dixon)
Visionary Organizing LabWashington
DCVisionary Organizing; Systems Change; Systems Based
Thinking and Organizing; Holistic Approaches to Anti-oppression; They also co-design trainings for groups and organizations
We call our trainings Praxis Labs because they create opportunities to experiment with theory, practice, reflection, and relationships between them. We use a mixture of popular education practices and principles of emergent strategy facilitation to connect people to their knowledge of the world around them, support them in understanding how who they are is connected to the larger world, and connect them with how people might become more human human beings by developing transformative practices to transform people, systems, and facilitate system change. Praxis Labs are part training, part workshop, and induce growth. Organizing Lab (VOL) prepares people to facilitate the systemic change of the world economy into a sustainable system that values human dignity. Recognizing that the world-economy is undermining its survival on environmental, technological, and economic grounds, VOL sees this crisis as an opportunity to facilitate the emergence of a sustainable economy and a just social system. To support people in taking advantage of this opportunity, VOL creates media and provides Praxis Labs that nurture people's capacity to create and transform, as well think and act holistically in systems based ways.for booking and descriptions see (Matt Peace)
Twin Cities, MNMNMedia and Technology, Organizing and StrategyCamp Wellstone offers breakout tracks focused on grassroots organizing, working on a campaign, or running for office. Movement Technology trainings are focused on digital organizing, data and analytics, or an introduction to movement technology (encompassing digital organizing and data and analytics). Can offer customized trainings. believe that electoral politics, public policy, and grassroots organizing can be woven together to create progressive change. We call it the Wellstone Triangle, and it anchors everything we do. We believe that to set this triangle in motion, and sustain change over the long haul, we need to develop a critical mass of diverse leaders with the motivation and expertise to win back our values. So that’s what we do.They have staff and adjunct trainers across the country. Upcoming workshops in Las Vegas and Seattle. They are able to come to you if it's a mutually good fit. YesUncertainYes (Jen)
Wildfire Project
NationalDCOrganizing and StrategyMovement building through political education and group transformation. democratic, experiential methods, the Wildfire Project fuses political education and skills training with personal and group transformation in a curriculum tailored to specific needs of groups in action.In most cases, the Wildfire Project will partner with an existing group to create a Wildfire Group Process. The standard Wildfire Groups Process is a five-month process that includes building a program and group together, one weekend seminar per month for three months with organizing work in between them, and one month to create structures for the future. This program format is changed and re-developed according to the needs of the group, the goals of the program, and the principles of Wildfire.YesUncertainYes (Yotam Marom)
World Trust
Oakland, CACARacial JusticeAnti-Racism Trust Educational Services is a non-profit social justice organization that provides deep learning, tools and resources for people interested in tackling unconscious bias and systemic racial inequity in their workplace, community and in their lives.YesUncertainYes (Michelle Cooper)