Suspense Log April 27 2020
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Broadcast dateNumberEpisode titleSURVIVING RECORDINGSComments,
historical items,
NetworkAFRS/ AFRTSAircheck'70s/'80s
1940-07-22AUDThe Lodger (audition)YPart of CBS Forecast series; Hitchcock listed as producer; because Hitchcock had to go to New York City, British actor Edmond Stevens imitated him at end of program; script by Harold MedfordSummer 1942New York
1942-06-171The Burning CourtYSummer 1942New York
1942-06-242Wet SaturdayY"The Life of Nellie James" originally announced for this dateSummer 1942New York
1942-07-013The Life of Nellie Jamesmissingmissing single performance; Loretta Young was originally cast for this episode, but she did not appear on Suspense until 1950-03-02 Lady Killer; originally planned as first episode of the series; first script that was not an adaptation of an existing work; "Rope" originally announced for this date; this was the first of three productions based on the famous 1892 case of Lizzie Borden and the murder of her parents in Fall River, MassachusettsSummer 1942New York
1942-07-084Ropemissingmissing single performance; based on the Leopold and Loeb murder case of 1924; Hitchcock would release his movie in 1948; originally planned for Melvyn Douglas as the 1942-07-01 broadcast; some newspapers announce "Nellie James" for this dateSummer 1942New York
1942-07-155Witness on the Westbound Limitedmissingmissing single performance; last program produced by Charles Vanda prior to joining war effort and assisting in development of AFRS; script adapted from movieSummer 1942New York
1942-07-226Finishing Schoolmissingfrom short story "The Third Eye"; there are newspaper listings that incorrectly list "Third Eye" and "Finishing School" as separate performances; this particular performance may be missing but it was performed again on 1943-12-30Summer 1942New York
1942-07-297Philomel Cottagemissingthis particular performance may be missing but it was performed again on 1943-10-07 and 1946-12-26Summer 1942New York
no script or other resource material exists for this date in any archive that indicates a broadcast on this date; all Suspense logs have had one pre-empted week in the Summer 1942 run, usually 1942-07-22; based on hard copies of scripts for the other weeks and other production references, this is the skipped week by process of elimination; newspaper timetables have no pre-empted weeks and have conflicting script information for many weeks
1942-08-128Suspicionmissingthis particular performance may be missing but it was performed again on 1944-02-10 and 1948-04-03Summer 1942New York
1942-08-199The Cave of Ali BabaYshow opens with WW2 Victory PSA; "One Hundred in the Dark" originally scheduled for this dateSummer 1942New York
1942-09-0210The Hitch-HikerYYYre-use of Lady Esther script 1941-11-14 (only a recording of the drama portion of the 1941 broadcast is available; the full program is not available)Summer 1942New York
1942-09-1611The Kettler MethodYre-use of Shadow script "Nightmare at Gaelsbury" which itself was later re-used in the Shadow series as "Terror at Wolf's Head Knoll"Summer 1942New York
1942-09-2312A Passage to BenaresYSummer 1942New York
1942-09-3013One Hundred in the DarkYThis was planned to be the conclusion of the series, but there was significant CBS executive and listening audience support for the series to continue despite not having a sponsorSummer 1942New York
1942-10-2714The Lord of the Witch DoctorsYJohn Dickson Carr started a special run as the main scriptwriter for Suspense. His hiring was a major boost to the program as he was a prominent and popular mystery novelist.NY sustainedNew York
1942-11-0315The Devil in the Summer HouseYThe show begins with the reading of the various definitions of "suspense"; it is used again at the beginning of the ill-fated hour-long series in January 1948.NY sustainedNew York
1942-11-1016Will You Make a Bet with Death?YNY sustainedNew York
1942-11-1717Menace in WaxYNY sustainedNew York
1942-11-2418The Body SnatchersYNY sustainedNew York
1942-12-0119The Bride VanishesYNY sustainedNew York
1942-12-1520Till Death Do Us PartY"Hollywood guest star" policy officially begins; this title used twice in series with different storylines and authors; this is by John Dickson Carr and plot is that a British professor believes his wife has desire for a young American doctorNY sustainedNew York
1942-12-2221Two Sharp KnivesYNY sustainedNew York
1943-01-0522Nothing up My SleeveYYaircheck opens with Thin Man promoNY sustainedNew York
1943-01-1223The Pit and the PendulumYfirst time narrator refers to himself as "Man in Black"; played by Ted OsborneNY sustainedNew York
1943-01-1924The Devil's SaintYAFRTS Radio Theater #2069 known to existNY sustainedNew York
1943-01-2625Death Went Along for the Ridemissingthis particular performance may be missing but it was performed again on 1944-04-27NY sustainedNew York
1943-02-0226The Doctor Prescribed DeathYspecial Hollywood broadcast; script was later used on The Whistler 1944-06-11NY sustainedHollywood
1943-02-0927The Hangman Won't Waitpt 1 onlymissing single performance; special Hollywood broadcastNY sustainedHollywood
1943-02-1628In Fear and TremblingYidentified as #17 in MacKenzie AFRS referenceAFRTS Radio Theater #2074 known to existspecial Hollywood broadcast; script was used earlier on The Whistler 1942-09-27 "Jealousy"NY sustainedHollywood
1943-02-2329Will You Walk into My Parlorpt 1 onlymissing single performanceNY sustainedNew York
1943-03-0230The Night Revealsmissingthis particular performance may be missing but it was performed again on 1943-12-09, 1946-04-16, and 1949-05-26; cast was originally announced as Henry Hull and Constance BennettNY sustainedNew York
1943-03-0931The Phantom Archermissingmissing single performanceNY sustainedNew York
1943-03-1632Cabin B -13missingthis particular performance may be missing but it was performed again on 1943-11-09; script adapted to movie "Dangerous Crossing" in 1953NY sustainedNew York
1943-03-2333The Customers Like MurderYNY sustainedNew York
1943-03-3034The Dead Sleep LightlyYNY sustainedNew York
1943-04-0635Fire Burn and Cauldron BubbleYfinal New York production except for three episodes in 1947 and one in 1953 until the ultimate return in August 1959NY sustainedNew York
1943-04-1336Fear Paints a PictureYHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-04-2037The Moment of DarknessYHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-04-2738The Diary of Sophronia WintersYSpier would re-use the script for 1949-04-29 Philip Morris PlayhouseHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-05-0439Death Flies BlindYHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-05-1140Mr Markham, Antique DealerYCharles Laughton and Elsa Lanchester were originally planned as stars; moved to following week's ABC MurdersHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-05-1841The ABC MurdersYYHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-05-2542Sorry, Wrong NumberYAFRS #8original titles "You Can Always Telephone," "I'm So Nervous," "She Overheard Death Talking," She Overheard Death Speaking, "If at First You Don't Succeed"; missed cue at end muddles conclusion for listeners, helped make this episode legendaryHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-06-0143Banquo's ChairYmentions flub in SWN; original titles were "The Extra Guest" and "Extra Chair"; Spier would re-use the script for 1949-03-25 Philip Morris PlayhouseHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-06-0844Five Canaries in the RoomYVincent Price was originally planned as starHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-06-1545Last NightN2 copiesIncome tax announcement at open of one recording; the other recording has a piano solo until network feed is fixed at 2:30 of broadcast; it is believed that the "piano broadcast" is from a Seattle station; the pianist is Carol Marsh, who had a musical program of piano music in the CBS schedule that usually aired weekday mornings in the early 1940s; searching for information about Marsh is difficult because there was a young British actress with the same name who was also in the news at the time; it is not known if it is a recording of Marsh that was played or if she was on call that evening to play live in case there was a broadcast interruptionHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-06-2246The Man Without a BodyYVariety reports in its issue of this date that John Dickson Carr was recalled to the UK to assist in the war effortHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-06-2947Uncle Henry's Rose BushYAFRS#4last Kearns as "Man in Black" until 1943-09-23Hwood sustainedHollywood
1943-07-0648The White Rose MurdersYclaimed that this episode inspired serial killer George Hodel; Jim Bannon, and possibly others, substituted for Kearns in this and following weeks as he recovered from a broken jaw; the actors who subbed for Kearns is poorly documented and either mis-credited or uncredited in those particular episodes; Kearns did appear on other programs such as Lights Out in August, but not SuspenseHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-07-2049Murder Goes for a SwimYRobert Shayon directed for next three episodes as Spier recovers from first heart attack; Suspense had been cancelled the prior week because of Spier's absenceHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-07-2750The Last Letter of Dr BronsonYHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-08-0351A Friend to AlexanderYNewspaper clippings indicate press releases had title as "A Friend of Alexander," but Thurber's original story is "to," correctly announced in broadcastHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-08-1052The Fountain PlaysYSorry Wrong Number repeat performance originally scheduled for this date; likely held for publicity purposes for its move to Thursday nights for the new seasonHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-08-2153Sorry, Wrong NumberE&WY (CJOR Canada)repeat of 1943-05-25; special Saturday broadcast with 7:30pm ET (4:30 PT in studio) and 8pm PT (broadcast and in studio) for first east-west broadcasts; the 8pm PT / 11pm ET broadcast was available nationally if stations desired it; west broadcast is a Vancouver BC recording at CJOR - was meant to be a private recording from network feed for an actor studying Moorehead's technique and was not broadcast over the stationHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-08-2854The King's BirthdayE&Wspecial Saturday broadcast with 7:30pm ET (4:30 PT in studio) and 8pm PT (broadcast and in studio) for first east-west broadcasts; the 8pm PT / 11pm ET broadcast was available nationally if stations desired it; the east recording closes with tease for next week with ET and PT times; the west recording has tease only for PT timeHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-09-0255The Singing WallsYreturn to single national performanceHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-09-0956Marry for MurderYHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-09-1657The Cross-Eyed BearYAFRS #21Hwood sustainedHollywood
1943-09-2358The Most Dangerous GameYAFRS #23Kearns returns as "Man in Black"; Spier returns to work in full, become producer-editor-directorHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-09-3059The Lost SpecialNAFRS #24Hwood sustainedHollywood
1943-10-0760Philomel CottageNYrepeat of 1942-07-29; begins with promo for the Moore-Durante program; Donovan's Brain (part 1) originally scheduled for this date, likely the request of Republic Pictures to delay until after their film adaptation "The Lady and the Monster" release in April 1944; Welles had used Republic's screenplay to develop radio adaptationHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-10-1961Lazarus WalksNYbecause network recording does not exist, it is not known if the two different day broadcast plan is announced; Donovan's Brain (part 2) originally scheduled for this date; selection of this script may have been near last-minute as no newspaper clippings can be found for this script's productionHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-10-2662The After Dinner StoryYPlan for separate day broadcasts for East & Central and Mountain & Pacific beginning 1943-12-02 is announced at end of programHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-11-0263Statement of Employee Henry WilsonYPlan for separate day broadcasts is repeatedHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-11-0964Cabin B-13YYYrepeat of 1943-03-16; plan for separate day broadcasts is repeatedHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-11-1665Thieves Fall OutYPlan for separate day broadcasts is repeatedHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-11-2366The Strange Death of Charles UmbersteinYYPlan for separate day broadcasts is repeated; first radio script of E. Jack Neuman, who would become a legendary radio writerHwood sustainedHollywood
1943-12-0267 ThuThe Black CurtainY (assumed)One copy of performance exists, says "next week" no specific day; repeat of 1943-12-02; first time phrases "radio's outstanding theater of thrills" and "a tale well calculated..." are used; Frank Martin is Roma announcer

East + Central had Thursday broadcasts, Mountain + West had separate Monday performances; CBS could not clear time for same-day Pacific Network broadasts because of prior advertising commitments
Roma 2xHollywood
1943-12-0667 MonThe Black Curtainmissing
1943-12-0968 ThuThe Night RevealsYrepeat of 1943-03-02; title sent to newspapers was "The Night Revealed"Roma 2xHollywood
1943-12-1368 MonThe Night Revealsmissing
1943-12-1669 ThuWet SaturdayYAFRS #30AFRS is drawn from West (Monday) broadcast: East at 26:30 has “I told you to keep still, George, I am thinking” and AFRS at 24:00 has "I told you to keep still, George, I’m…your father’s thinking” ; repeat of 1942-06-24Roma 2xHollywood
1943-12-2069 MonWet Saturdaymissing
1943-12-2370 ThuBack for ChristmasYRoma 2xHollywood
1943-12-2770 MonBack for Christmasmissing
1943-12-3071 ThuFinishing SchoolYYAFRS is from west (Monday) broadcast; AFRS 1:55 "Just as I saw them that very first time" while east is 1:45 "Just as I saw them the very first time"; also AFRS 3:36 "I'll hear about it.." and east is 3:34 "I'll, I'll hear about it..."Roma 2xHollywood
1944-01-0371 MonFinishing Schoolmissing
1944-01-0672 ThuOne Way Ride to NowhereYAFRS #34script adapted to become movie "Last Crooked Mile" in 1948; AFRS recording is from the West broadcast; East 20:28 "...and ask for a bellhop named, uh, Ted Martin"; AFRS 18:51 "...and ask for a bellhop named Ted Martin"Roma 2xHollywood
1944-01-1072 MonOne Way Ride to Nowheremissing
1944-01-1373 ThuDime a DanceYidentified as #35 in MacKenzie AFRS referenceYBall made suggestions for changes that resulted in Spier re-writing the script for the Thursday broadcast; Spier was still making changes as the show was on the air, and Ball read the last three pages cold, without rehearsal. It can be assumed that all of the changes were fully integrated for the west broadcast.Roma 2xHollywood
1944-01-1773 MonDime a Dancemissing
1944-01-2074 ThuA World of DarknessYRoma 2xHollywood
1944-01-2474 MonA World of Darknessmissing
1944-01-2775 ThuThe Locked RoomYknown to exist, #37Roma 2xHollywood
1944-01-3175 MonThe Locked RoomY
1944-02-0376 ThuThe SistersYknown to exist, #38Roma 2xHollywood
1944-02-0776 MonThe SistersY
1944-02-1077 ThuSuspicionYAFRS #39repeat of 1942-08-12; the AFRS version is from the west coast broadcast; the east broadcast has at 17:32 "Tomorrow or next day, when he’s quite well, mind you, I’d like to have you….have him….come down to the office…" while the AFRS has at 15:49 "Now, tomorrow or next day, when he’s quite well, mind you, I’d like to have him come to my office…"Roma 2xHollywood
1944-02-1477 MonSuspicionmissing
1944-02-1778 ThuLife Ends at MidnightmissingRoma 2xHollywood
1944-02-2178 MonLife Ends at MidnightY
1944-02-2479 ThuSorry, Wrong NumbermissingAFRS #41repeat of 1943-05-25 and 1943-08-21; AFRS recording is from the west broadcast as drama dialogue matches throughoutRoma 2xHollywood
1944-02-2879 MonSorry, Wrong NumberY
1944-03-0280 ThuPortrait Without a FaceYThe Defense Rests originally scheduled for these datesRoma 2xHollywood
1944-03-0680 MonPortrait Without a FaceY
1944-03-0981 ThuThe Defense RestsYYRoma 2xHollywood
1944-03-1381 MonThe Defense RestsY