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The accident happened down a narrow bridge OVER the nearby RIVER The accident happened on a narrow bridge. (on a nearby river) The accident happened on a narrow bridge. (Over a river suggest that something was above and across a rive, like a bridge.)The accident happened near the end of the bridge which was over a river, down where the bridge and road met.The accident occured on a narrow bridge over the nearby river The accident happened when he was driving on a narrow bakunba over a nearby river. Bakunba : Bridge 1. The accident happened on a narrow road/bridge.The accident happened on a narrow bridge over a river.The accident happened on a bridge over a near by river. Our evidence is "over the nearby river".Where the accident happened: On a bridge over a riverWhere the accident happened:1. Where the accident happened?Near the end of a bridge over a river. "over the nearby river" suggests that it is a bridge.
A ghost clad in a white dress APPEARED FROM NOWHERE, SCARING Samoda, causing the accident.He saw someone clad in a white dress appear out of nowhere, scaring Samoda and causing him to swerve into a tree.A ghost clad in white (a scary...out of nowhere, the "out of nowehere" suggests that it appeared suddenly, like a ghost and "scary" supports this idea)Samoda was scared by the sudden appeareance of the scary ghost clad in a white dress which he swerved right to avoidThe accident was caused by a scary woman clad in a white dress, causing him to swerve and hit a treeA scary namunti clad in a white dress appeared out of nowhere. He swerved to avoid her and hit a tree in turn. Namunti : GhostThe accident could be a plotted one. The culprits sent one of them to act as a "ghost" to scare the driver. They were observing everyone at the casino so as to know who to target. Then, at the right time, the "ghost" appeared out of nowhere so as to cause the accident.A scary namunti wearing in a white dress, probably a woman, (as the namunit had appeared out of the blue), causing Samoda to swerve to avoid the namunti and hit a tree in turn.The appearence of a white dressed pontiana. Our evidence is "scary namunti clad in a white dress".What caused the accident: A scary woman clad in a white dress popped out of nowhere, and Samoda responded by swerving his car to avoid her but he hit a tree.At the end of a bridge

Clue: over the nearby river
2. What caused the accident?The appearance of a ghost or a girl dressed in white dress appreared out of nowhere
His fiancé was missing from the car the only things left behind were her empty purse, THE RING SHE ACCEPTED FROM HIM, and her phone.His fiancé. A ring was accepted by her from Samoda, most likely an engagement ring. His fiancé was the person who was missing ("Her purse" Tells us that the person was female, "the ring that she had accepted from him" tells us that Samoda has probably proposed to her.His girlfriend who he just got engaged to recently when missing (the ring is the clue), along with the $500000 that she won at a casino eariler on. She had ditched at items that would contain her identity, taking only the money. He found that his fiancée had vanished and the briefcase with the money that contained the $500000 she had worn in the casino was gone.When he regained consciousness, he found that his bomba, who had won $500,000 earlier that night at the casino, had vanished. Bomba: FianceHis fiancé was missing. The only things not missing were her phone, the ring she accepted from him, and her phone.His fiancée, whom he had probably proposed to that night.His fience went missing. Our evidence is "the ring she had accepted from him".Who went missing from the car: Samoda's fiancée, whom he proposed to that night.What caused the accident:3.Who went missing from the car?The person is either Samoda's fiance or wife as she accepted the ring Samoda gave to her.
A girl clad in white.

Clue: Samoda said that the "Namunti" was scary and SHE was wearing a white dress.
Who went missing from the car:
Samoda's Fiancée

Clue: The ring she had accepted from him