SJAs (Social Justice Activists)End social oppressionSocial JusticeSocial ActivistKyriarchyAlt-Lite, Alt-Right, Sorters, TrumpistsCampuses, Tumblr, TwitterBrianna Wu, Laurie Penny, Arthur ChuEssentialism, Normativity, IntersectionalityJudith Butler, Kimberle Crenshaw, New Left
Black Lives MatterJustice for racialized peopleRestorative JusticeAfrican AmericanSystemic racismAlt-Lite, Alt-Right, Trumpists, Establishment RightProtests, Campuses, TwitterAlicia Garza, DeRay Mckesson, Ta Nehisi CoatesBlack Bodies, Reparations, Cultural AppropriationsAudre Lorde, Franz Fanon, Malcolm X
#MeTooEnd sexual harassmentEmpowerment, Social JusticeEmpowered Woman / AllyWeinstein level abuseAlt-Lite, MRA, Manosphere, IncelsHollywood, MSM, Pop CultureTarana Burke, Oprah Winfrey, Alyssa MilanoToxic Masculinity, Rape Culture, Pay GapSecond and Third Wave Feminists
Gender-Critical FeministsEnd patriarchyGender Equality
Liberated (biological) woman
Continued Patriarchy SJA, MRASpeaking Tours, TwitterMeghan Murphy, Germaine Greer, Sheilay JeffreysRapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria, Womyn-born WomynJanice Raymond
Modern Neo-MarxistsDestruction of false consciousnessClass ConsciousnessRevolutionaryRecuperationEstablishment Left, Establishment RightStudent groups, Zero Books, LibcomDouglas Lain, Mark Fisher, Slavoj ZizekHauntology, Capitalist Realism, Spectre of IdeologyMarxism, Situationist International, Frankfurt School
AntifaEnd fascismFreedom (from fascism)MilitantFascismAlt-Right, Alt-Lite, Neo-Nazis, TrumpistsProtests, It's Going Down, CrimethincMark Bray, Natasha Lennard, Scott CrowDirect Action, Diversity of Tactics, No PlatformingAnti-Racist Action, Antifaschistische Aktion
OccupyRemove the 1% from powerEconomic JusticeProtesterPolice crackdownEstablishment Left, Establishment RightProtests, Student groups, zinesKalle Lasn, Naomi Klein, David GraeberThe 99%, Culture Jamming, Crony CapitalismAdbusters, Arab Spring
Dirtbag LeftOvertake and revitalize the leftEconomic Justice, ProgressUnapologetic SocialistMaintenance of pragamtic and centrist liberial status quoSJA, Alt-Right, Establishment LeftWeird Twitter, Chapo Trap HouseWill Menaker, Matt Christman, Felix BiedermanThe Ratio, Milkshake Duck, TankieBernie Bros
DSA (Democratic Socialists of America)A democratically elected socialist stateEconomic Justice, ProgressDemocratic SocialistNeoliberalism Establishment Left, Establishment Right, Trumpists, Alt-RightTwitter, Jacobin, Local chapters
Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez, Julia Salazar, Bernie Sanders
Social dividend, Calculation in kind, CooperativeMichael Harrington, Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Bros
Establishment LeftAchieve social and economic equalityEquality, ProgressLiberalInequalityEstablishment Right, DSA, Dirtbag LeftCNN, The New Yorker, HarvardThe Clintons, Barack ObamaWelfare state, Pro-choice, Gun ControlJimmy Carter, MLK, JFK
"Enlightenment Now" (e.g. continual progress through reason and science)
Reason, Science, ProgressGlobal citizenA societal retreat to populism and fundamentalismTrumpists, Neoreactionaries, Alt-Right, SJAsDavos, GovernmentsSteven Pinker, Hans Rosling, Bill GatesSkepticism, Scientific MethodUN
New AtheistsObjective truth in a post-religious worldObjectivity, Secularity, FreethoughtAtheistReemergence and dominance of religiosity and irrationalityChristian Right, SortersDebates, YouTubeRichard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher HitchensSpectrum of Theistic Probability, Logical FallaciesBertrand Russell, Charles Darwin
Street EpistemologistsSpread the correct epistemic method amongst the populaceObjectivity, Doxastic OpenessAtheist activist
Backfire effect when being too aggressive with adherents of religion
Christian Right, SortersStreets, YouTubePeter Boghossian, Anthony MagnaboscoDoxastic Openness/Closure​, Socratic Method, AporiaRichard Dawkins, Sam Harris
Rationalist DiasporaOvercoming biasRationalityApplied RationalistUnfriendly AISJA, NeoreactionariesLessWrong, Slate Star Codex, MeetupsEliezer Yudkowsky, Scott Alexander, Robin HansonBayes Theorem, Effective Altrusim, Cognitive BiasesThomas Bayes, I. J. Good
Post-RationalistsRefactoring perceptionInsight, InterestingnessInsight PornographerThe Uninterestingness of Eternalist or Nihilist WorldviewsNoneRibbonfarm, TwitterVenkatesh Rao, Sarah Perry, David ChapmanWeirding, Meaningness, Gervais PrincipleJames Carse, George Lakoff, Keith Johnstone
Integral Theorists"Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up"Wisdom, HolismTier 2 consciousnessHumanity stuck in Tier 1 consciousnessNoneWe Spaces, Integral LifeKen Wilber, Jeff SalzmanAQAL, Spiral Dynamics, HolonsSri Aurobindo, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
SortersAim towards the highest goodFree Speech, Responsibility, TruthAn IndividualLoss of free speechSJA, #MeTooTwitter, Facebook, Reddit, CampusesJordan PetersonDominance Hierarchies, Sort Yourself Out, Meta-HeroCarl Jung, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Jean Piaget
Intellectual Dark WebConsidered free speechFree Speech, Viewpoint Diversity, Intellectual HumilityIntellectual heterodoxIntellectual orthodoxySJATwitter, Quillette, PodcastsBret Weinstein, David Rubin, Claire LehmannViewpoint Diversity, Intellectual Humility, TribalismHeterodox Academy
Strategetic segregation from mainstream culture to rebuild Christendom
Christian FaithTraditionalist ChristianComplete dissolution of ChristianitySJAs, New AtheistsThe American Conservative, Churches Rod Dreher, Anthony Esolen, John Horvat IIBenedict Option, Liquid Modernity, Moralistic Therapeutic DeismSt. Benedict of Nur­sia, Alasdair MacIntyre
Christian RightA Christian nationChristian Nationalism, Christian Faith True ChristianLosing the "soul" of AmericaEstablishment Left, New Atheists, Street EpistemologistChurches, Christian Broadcasting NetworkJerry Falwell, Pat RobertsonMoral Majority, Rapture, Family ValuesEvangelists, Baptists
Establishment RightUphold traditional values in a free market societyAmerican Tradition, MeritocracyConservativeLoss of traditional values and economic collapseEstablishment Left, Trumpists, Alt-RightFox News, National Review, PragerUThe Bushes, John McCainSchool Choice, Pro-Life, Just Say NoWilliam F. Buckley Jr.
Tea PartyReduce national debt and government spending.Fiscal Responsibility, Freedom (from government)PatriotDebt crisisEstablishment Left, Establishment RightRalliesSarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Amy KremerLamestream Media, Don't Tread on Me, MoneybombingRon Paul
Trumpists"Make America Great Again"American ExceptionalismTrue AmericanImmigrationEstablishment Left, Establishment Right, SJA, AntifaRallies, /r/The_Donald/Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Candace OwensMAGA, Fake News, The SwampPat Buchanan
InfoWarriorsExposing and overthrowing the globalist world orderFreedom (from elites)Exposers of TruthComplete domination of the New World Order Establishment Left, Establishment RightInfoWarsAlex Jones, Paul Joseph WatsonDeep State, Crisis Actor, False FlagGary Allen
QAnoners"The Great Awakening"RetributionRevolutionary PatriotDonald Trump defeated by a cabal of elite globalist pedohilesEstablishment Left, Establishment Right/pol/, Reddit, twitter, ralliesQanonThe Storm, Double Meanings, PedogateFBI Anon
Alt-LiteUnapologetic free speechFree Speech, Western MonoculturismWestern ChauvinistDeath of Western CivilizationSJAs, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, AntifaTwitter, Gabber, RedditGavin McInnes, Mike Cernovich, Milo YiannopoulosVirtue Signalling, SJWsCultural Libertarianism
Alt-RightWhite Ethno-StateWhite Ethnic SurvivalWhite NationalistThe Great ReplacementAntifa, SJAs, Black Lives Matter, Establishment Right, Alt-LiteTwitter, Gabber, /pol/Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, Kevin B. MacDonaldCuckservatives, (((Echo))), Race RealismNouvelle Droite, Identitarians
Modern Neo-Nazis14/88White Ethnic SurvivalWhite SuprematistWhite GenocideAntifa, SJAs, Establishment Left, Establishment RightStormfront, The Daily StormerDavid Duke, David Lane, Andrew AnglinZOG, RaHoWaKu Klux Klan, Skinheads, Nazis
NeoreactionariesRestorationNatural Order, CivilizationReactionaryUnrecoverable Social DegeneracySJAs, Rationalist DiasporaBlogosphere, Hestia Society, Unqualified ReservationsMencius Moldbug, Nick Land, Michael AnissimovThe Cathedral, GNON, Cthulhu only swims leftThomas Carlyle, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Peter Thiel
MRA (Mens Right Advocates)Social and legal equality for menGender EqualityMens AdvocateBiased legal system against menSJA, #MeToo, Gender-Critical FeministsA Voice for MenWarren Farrell, Paul ElamGynarchy, Boy Crisis, Male Expendability
Men's liberation movement, Mythopoetic men's movement
A "Return of Kings" (e.g. a return of patriarchy and traditional sex roles)
MasculinityNeomasculinistCultural enforced emasculationSJA, #MeToo, Gender-Critical FeministsReturn of Kings, Roosh V Forum, Red Pill RedditRoosh V, Heartiste, Rollo TomassiGame, Alpha/Beta, Rationalization HamsterPick Up Artists, F. Roger Devlin
MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)Societal and relational disengagementFreedom (from women)Detached ManGynocentrismManosphere, SJA, Gender-Critical FeministsMGTOW CentralBernard ChapinNAWALT, HypergamyEsther Vilar
IncelsEnforced monogamy through a "Beta Uprising"Sexual RetributionInceldomBlack pilling murder–suicideSJA, #MeToo/pol/, Reddit, incel.meAlana, Elliot RodgersNormies, Chads/Stacys, FemoidsBrian Gilmartin