AI202144602ArmourSense is focused on increasing safety and productivity in industrial facilities such as factories and logistics centers by identifying and predicting safety risks through the use of computer vision and artificial intelligence. The companys solution is designed to protect people from accidents involving vehicles, machines, and robotics. In order to prevent accidents in real time, ArmourSense triggers voice and light alerts on the relevant production floor and surrounding areas as well as on any vehicles and machines involved
Algoplanner has developed an advanced decision-making system to help businesses run and manage an automated, accurate global supply chain operation. The companys platform leverages embedded algorithms and machine learning technology in order to implement algorithmic supply chain planning (ASCP). Algoplanner allows operational teams to plan, build, and customize solutions and automations using its end-to-end, SaaS planner platform, which utilizes embedded algorithms and machine learning. The platform is designed to enable 10x faster customizations, increase profits by millions of dollars, and raise operational capabilities to Industry 4.0 standards.
Control-See & Automation1994"1-10"Control-See Software Solutions Ltd offers a range of products and services that are changing the face of industrial automation control. UCME-OPC is an industrial automation control software that uses standard technologies
CLOUDYO is an AI-based platform that allows companies to easily plan, build, optimize, control, and scale their SaaS ecosystem to their needs, all from a single point. Cloudyo enables businesses to invest their money in the right apps according to their dynamic requirements and market context, ensuring the best return on investment with a secured and scalable SaaS operation.
$ NextNine $
Cyber Security199811-50Nextnine provides OT security management solutions for complex multi-vendor ICS environments. Empowering industrial organizations to benefit from integrated OT/IT operations while minimizing security vulnerabilities, Nextnine's ICS Shield is a field-proven solution for protecting multi-site remote field assets from a single security and operations center. Using ICS Shield, industrial operators automate the deployment and enforcement of plant-wide policies that improve security governance and compliance while saving OT and IT resources. Nextnine solutions have been deployed by systems integrators, managed security service providers, and automation vendors at thousands of industrial plants worldwide. Nextnine delivers visibility, reliability, and compliance for connected industrial operations in the oil and gas, utility, chemical, mining, and manufacturing sectors.
Acquired by Honeywell
Polygon Technologies
Robotics & Automation1999"11-50"Polygon Technologies devises robotics solutions for multiple sectors, including military/defense, industrial, and medical. The company's technology accounts for the various kinds of development, from electronics and hardware, to mechanics, to software, co
Insighting is an AI-based platform designed to help sales and distribution companies grow their sales by unveiling hidden opportunities. Insighting analyzes massive amounts of internal and external internal data, including credit scores and sell-out reports, from a variety of sources such as sales, operations, finance, and more. The company provides actionable insights using its smart algorithms and advanced AI and ML technology.
Maiura Labs Labs is aiming to solve the challenge of the complex, time-consuming, and error-prone solution of pricing and costing. The company leverages deep neural network, natural language processing, and computer vision technologies to calculate the predicted price.
BizWatch"1-10"BizWatch is an AI-driven business intelligence company focused on gathering data from open web sources such as news
sites and social media, transforming it into valuable commercial insights. BizWatch offers a One-Stop-Shop SaaS
solutions for Sourcing, analyzing and monitoring suppliers, vendors, distributors, business partners and other third parties
for procurement, supply chain, sales and finance professionals.
Engini"2-10" is the developer of a platform that advances enterprise resource planning (ERP) into enterprise resource engagement. helps businesses create workflows and apps to automate business processes, and connects stakeholders and teams with business process automation. connects all business data and tools, and develops algorithms to simplify and synchronize business processes and ERP data for use in tools such as WhatsApp, email, engini's app, and After completing the tasks, the ERP automatically updates the data.
IKido"2-10"IKIDO is a software platform that helps hardware engineers build and maintain electronic bills of materials in a volatile semiconductor market. Using the IKIDO platform, engineers can improve their component selection, avoid hard-to-source items, monitor items for evolving risks, and optimize components sourcing, all based on reliable real-time data from multiple sources.
PhononIA"2-10"PhononIA is developing a state-of-the-art AI-based acoustic sensing system designed to continuously monitor, test, and predict failure in control valves.
UnitySCMhttps://www.unityscm.comAI2020"1-10"Streamline supply chain operations with end-to-end visibility, early disruption detection and automated responses.
Plastic Beat & Sustainability20201-10Plastic Beat is specialized nozzle designed for measuring a materials viscosity. The device accurately reports the state of materials in real time, identifies abnormalities in processing, and predicts deviations before they occur, enabling efficient maintenance and ensuring product quality.
Mantis vision
Professional 3D Scanners, 3D Smartphone, 3D/VR Technology | Mantis Vision (
AR/VR2005"51-200"specializes in the creation of 3D content for a wide range of applications and markets, such as: 3D modeling of static objects for professional scanners, 3D engines for OEM partnerships, 3D cameras inside smartphones and tablets for face recognition access control, and generation of highly 3D dynamic volumetric content for AR/VR environment, including Robotic Vision.
Aqualitas & Data analytics2020"2-10"A self-sustained water quality sensor network, for continuous cost-effective monitoring of drinking water distribution systems.
Event detection and alerts of abnormal activity, decision support, and risk-based planned maintenance capabilities.
UltraWis"1-10"Ultrawis focuses on production of an auto-control enhanced-vision solution for tower cranes. Ultrawis aims to reduce the accidents, inefficient operations, and project delays that result from traditional crane operation and communication processes.
Waterfall Security
Cyber Security2006"51-200"Waterfall Security’s technology represents an evolutionary alternative to firewalls. Our innovative, patented Unidirectional Security Gateway solutions enable safe and reliable IT/OT integration, data sharing, cloud services, and all required connectivity for industrial control systems and critical infrastructures. Waterfall products enable external parties, HQ, engineering, contractors and vendors, cloud services, and others to have access to operational information, while keeping the industrial control systems safe and secure.
XJET Ltd Manufacturing2007"51-200"XJet is a provider of breakthrough ceramic and metal additive manufacturing solutions for the aerospace, automotive, medical/dental and tooling markets. XJet was founded by Hanan Gothait, an inkjet printing industry veteran who co-founded Objet Geometries, which later merged with Stratasys. XJet exponentially growing in the ceramic and metal additive manufacturing markets.
deepchecks"11-50"Deepchecks is an open-source package for Machine Learning validation. Our Open Source is a python library for data scientists and ML engineers. The package includes extensive test suites for machine learning models and data, built in a way that’s flexible, extendable and editable.
Kaleidoo'Kaleidoo develops advanced AI technology, products, and services to help businesses overcome data overload. Kaleidoo fuses multiple AI capabilities into a single, sophisticated platform that is robust and highly scalable. The platform enables users to add, change, and replace data and AI elements in a modular fashion. It also allows users to tailor an advanced AI solution based on the relevant technologies, such as data labeling, model building, machine learning, deep learning, video analytics, natural language processing, speech recognition, face recognition, anomaly detection, predictions, and blockchain.
Cortica Security2007"51-200"Cortica has an Autonomous AI is based upon proprietary brain research and utilizes unsupervised-learning methodologies backed by more than 200 patents. The Cortica AI understands the visual world on a human level – thereby significantly exceeding the capabilities of the industry.
Perytonshttp://www.perytons.comCyber Security2007"11-50"Perytons Ltd provides analysis, monitoring, and cybersecurity solutions for both standard and proprietary communication protocols, particularly those used in IoT (internet of things) platforms. Supported standard protocols include Zigbee/Thread/IEEE 802.15.4, PLC-PRIME, G3-PLC, Bluetooth LE (BLE/Bluetooth Smart), and LoRa. Perytons also offers customized analyzers for proprietary protocols.
qwak'Qwak is a management platform designed specifically for machine-learning models in production. The platform allows all relevant stakeholders to observe, analyze, and manage their machine-learning models regardless of how they were developed, deployed, or hosted. With Qwak, users can quickly onboard their models with a single line of code. Qwak supports and assists R&D leaders, data scientists, DevOps engineers, technical analysts, and product owners by providing a management and observability platform with a clear view for each model. Everyone sees the model, from the infrastructure level to the business outcome level, with complete metrics, performance, costs, and versions.
RescueDose & Automation200711-50RescueDose is a medical device company developing compact robotic devices for ready-to-use, automated dispensing of liquid medication or radiopharmaceutical agents. The company develops a line of products for syringe-filling systems. Based on its patented Industry 4.0 automation platform, the RescueDose solution is suitable for ampoules and vials and provides precise dosage and dilution measurements to help ensure maximum safety for the patient and eliminate potential dosage errors. The syringes issued by the RescueDose system are filled in sterile conditions and labeled to ensure correct identification of the patient or procedure. The RescueDose management software is user friendly and can be easily integrated into existing medical IT infrastructure.
Polyn Technology is developing Edge-AI neuromorphic analog technology to 'cast' AI software directly into ultra-low-power AIoT hardware. The company's solution can help clientsrun their artificial intelligence on various IoT and autonomous devices with higher security and reliability. The solution does not require an internet connection and reduces energy consumption and latency. Polyn's solution helps customers from a wide variety of industries (e.g. IoT, security, robotics, Industry 4.0, mobility, electronics, wearables, healthcare/medical, etc.) to bring their AI solutions to the edge. In addition tothe conversion algorithm, Polyn developed a novel chip layout with a hardware analog neuron as a standard building block optimized for cost-efficient mass production.
ScoutCam is the developer of an AI-based platform for predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring, providing maintenance and operations teams visibility into areas that are inaccessible under normal operations or where the operating environment is not suitable for continuous real-time monitoring. The company’s rich and informative data is continuously collected and analyzed on a secured cloud, providing customers with access to raw data as well as to processed insights and analytics while perpetually training its algorithms for improved accuracy and prediction capabilities. Accompanied by specialized, trained AI models, ScoutCam’s camera-as-a-sensor technology is being deployed in hard-to-reach locations and harsh environments across diverse predictive maintenance and condition-based monitoring use cases.
DataDudeswww.DataDudes.aiAI20191-10DataDudes develops an AI platform for Process Autonomous Re-Calibration and Optimization
The PARCO platform continuously ingests sensor data and predicts process outputs, proactively re-calibrates the process and serves as an autopilot for manufacturing processes
MOIS Platform2019"1-10"MOIS is a quality control tool allows manufacturers and suppliers to manage quality performance using a digital online tool. Their dynamic modular online inspection system (MOIS) enables to the inspectors to create templates and check-lists and use it any time, over his mobile phone.
Deeyook & Data analytics2019"11-50"Deeyook has developed a self-learning patented wireless-based firmware solution that is ubiquitous, ultra-precise (~10 cm), passive and low power, allowing absolute indoor and outdoor position determination.
PV Nano Cell
Additive Manufacturing2009"11-50"PV Nano Cell (PVN) offers the first-ever complete solution for mass-produced inkjet based, printed electronics. The proven solution includes PVN’s proprietary Sicrys™, silver-based conductive inks, inkjet production printers and the complete printing process.
indeni Security2009"11-50"Indeni provides security infrastructure automation with unprecedented visibility that’s up and running in minutes. Indeni has automated the world’s best practices to deliver predictive, prioritized, and actionable insights that help you prevent costly disruptions. Indeni dramatically reduce chaos and risk to improve agility, giving you the confidence to accelerate mission-critical projects that drive new business.
RADiFlowhttp://www.radiflow.comCyber Security2009"51-200"Radiflow provides cybersecurity solutions for industrial IoT applications. Its secure networking solution enables industrial operators to maintain visibility and control of their operational network while enjoying the benefits of the industrial IoT era.
GreenVibe & Data analytics2019"11-50"GreenVibe is developing smart and unique sensors for construction materials. GreenVibe developed an IP protected sensor that can monitor in real-time, very accurately and continuously, the curing process of concrete. This enables the improvement of the delivery time for constructors by monitoring the curing process as well as optimize concrete formulations for concrete manufacturers. GreenVibe offers a full system comprised of sensing units, hardware, a communication unit, and user interface application.
Highcon Systems Ltd.
http://www.highcon.netRobotics & Automation2009"51-200"Highcon Systems Ltd has developed a solution for the folding carton finishing market, based on its proprietary DART (Digital Adhesive Rule Technology). This digital cutting and creasing process brings many ofֲ the benefits associated with digital workflow
Saccade Vision
Sensors & Data analytics2019"1-10"
VADO Security
Cyber Security2010"1-10"VADO Security enables the safe transfer of data between low & high security networks. VADO'​ s systems enable the safe transfer of data, based on Layer 1 security using fiber optic communication on a single fiber, thus eliminating the stream of data in the opposite direction. The system uniqueness lies in its ability to ensure 100% prevention of data leakage out of a receiving network and handle a verity of protocols which are originally 2 way protocols over a one way channel.
Sensiotivity & Data analytics2019"1-10"Sensiotivity add value to the sensor market with an innovative and more efficient technology and provide full IIoT / Industry 4.0 advantages.
fvmat Void Materials (FVMAT) is using applied mechanics, computational simulations, and optimization to create a new class of mechanical metamaterials. These materials have novel properties that go beyond what is found in nature and can be controlled by design. FVMAT specializes in mechanical metamaterial research, fabrication, and computational mechanics, with the goal of turning theories and simulations into reality. The company is developing a wide array of mechanical metamaterials for applications encompassing several industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, healthcare, energy, and education.
AiDock Ltd."11-50"AiDock uses artificial intelligence to process all shipping documents, matching the details and classifying the commodities.
CogniTeamhttp://www.cogniteam.comRobotics & Automation2010"11-50"CogniTeam develops autonomic components for mobile robots and professional development services. Its solutions include artificial intelligence for single and multiple robots; robot navigation and path planning; simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM); robot patrolling, surveillance, and reconnaissance in GPS-denied environments; machine learning; adaptation; and natural-language interactions.
Cybord"2-10"Cybord's software solutions monitor placements on SMT lines in real time and eliminate the use of nonconforming electronic components during product assembly, while arming OEMs and EMSs with visibility and traceability. Using artificial intelligence and big data, Cybord's technology detects counterfeit, defective, and tampered components, including hardware-based cybersecurity threats. Component defects are addressed during placement and before reflow, simplifying rework and improving product reliability. By integrating with MES systems, nonconforming material is placed on quarantine and prevented from being used. Manufacturers get a dashboard view of all assembled components, assembled boards, and traceability data from multiple production sites and contract manufacturers. Alongside inspection, early repair, and prevention, Cybord creates placement traceability (as-made certificate) that combines material inspection, documentation, and visual imagery to establish material provenance with intelligent board/component tracking for better recall management.
Modal AI"1-10"Modal AI develops a core Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) Technology that enables guiding, overseeing and explaining human and technical actions, to support compliance, quality and reduced human error.not exist
Jasa Connectwww.jasaconnect.comAI2018"11-50"Jasa Connect focuses on its core which is field service management to help companies make their digital transformation seamlessly.
Databand'Databand offers a software platform for agile machine learning development. The company aims to help data scientists and data engineers build solutions quickly, iterate easily, and productize improvements. While todays classic software market is saturated with DevOps and CI/CD tools to help move code from development to production, machine learning development requires specialized solutions. Databand addresses this gap with a framework that provides cross-team standardization and complete visibility for all project stakeholders.
Mona Labs'Mona Labs develops an algorithm quality check system for companies using artificial-intelligence models for big data. Mona allows users and companies that utilize AI models for their business to improve visibility into their system's production runs, alerts them on changes in their data and model behavior (due to data drifts, version changes, inherent biases in their training sets, etc.), connects their business KPIs and their model performance, and more.
Cyber Security2011"51-200"CybergymIEC offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge training solutions, defense products and value-added services - based on knowhow and technology proven effective in defending and securing the infrastructure of one of the most-targeted companies, Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) - to enable the critical infrastructure sector to prepare its people, products, and processes for the next attack.
Ideeza & Sustainability2018"11-50"IDEEZA is a no-code product development platform that enables users to create customized hardware from a simple description within minutes. IDEEZA generates production-ready blueprints and machine-readable files while it identifies the optimal production progress. Users can send their blueprints to optimal affiliated manufacturers and have their product built and delivered to their doorstep. IDEEZA is developed by PCBIX Ltd.
Foxsmart Systems & Data analytics2018"1-10"Foxsmart Ltd developed Findy, a locator solution that tracks and finds wearable devices using a smartphone. Findy requires no adaptation of the wearable's hardware and is completely mobile-based.
Enervibe & Data analytics2018"1-10"Enervibe is a Fabless company designing a MEMS-based Vibration Energy Harvesters (VEH) to power wireless sensor networks and other I-IoT devices. The VEH Transforms the vibration energy of objects (e.g, machines, human motion) into useable electrical energy.
AI201751-200'proteanTecs is a provider of deep data monitoring solutions for advanced electronics in the datacenter, automotive, communications, and mobile markets. Based on universal chip telemetry (UCT), the company’s technology provides system health and performance monitoring from production to the field. By applying machine learning to novel data created by on-chip UCT agents, proteanTecs’ analytics platform delivers predictive insights and visibility aimed at achieving new levels of quality, reliability, and scale.
optiQGain & Automation2011"1-10"optiQGain offers a stimulated raman-scattering spectroscope capable of high-resolution (PPMs in 0.1 second) molecular detection and concentration determination of specified target molecules.
Beyon3D & Automation2011"51-200"Beyon3D is a multidisciplinary building technology company. Beyon3D develops an innovative digital manufacturing system, based on the use of industrial robotic arms and custom-made software tools and hardware.
Robologicshttp://www.robologics.comRobotics & Automation2011"1-10"RoboLogics provides industrial vision systems that help our customers measure and improve the quality of their products. Our unique technology enables us to minimize false positives and false negatives in quality control classifications.
Deep AI Technologies"11-50"Deep AI Technologies accelerates the processing of deep neural networks to help AI vendors develop their applications faster and cheaper, and reduce cloud compute expenses.
Edgecase.aiwww.edgecase.aiAI2017"51-200" is a full-service technology platform for the generation and annotation of Ai ready data for image and video recognition solutions. Working with Fortune 500's and factories and industry, enterprises and startups alike use's synthetic data generation platform to quickly and easily create and deploy end AI solution. For example, using our software companies can generate 1 million+ labeled images or videos of defects on the assembly line and build and deploy a video analytics system seamlessly. Selected as a Prodware co-sale partner, and other commendations, is here to help companies with their data, Ai and deployment needs.
Inuitive Manufacturing201251-200Inuitive designs powerful multi-core processor integrated circuits that serve as vision processors for smartphones, augmented reality and virtual reality devices, as well as robots. Inuitive's NU4000 employs advanced artificial intelligence combined with 3D imaging, computer vision, and deep learning capabilities that make smart devices faster and smarter.
INTSITE"11-50"INTSITE employs AI and Deep Learning to optimize and automate the machinery at the center of a worksite, transforming the performance of industries focused on heavy machinery, amongst construction, mining and container ports.
kiami-solutionswww.kiami-solutions.comAI2017"1-10"KIAMI provides top-class failures troubleshooting software. Our FAST troubleshoot enables engineering, maintenance, operation, IT and other support teams to provide much faster and more effective failures repair treatment thus cutting down repair time by half, improving operation processes, and enabling excellent knowledge collaboration and sharing cross teams and sites. The system combines a powerful troubleshooting knowledge-base, which is dynamically optimized using a learning algorithm, and an expert wizard that enables to transform a complex problem to a set of expert guidelines
MADA Analytics
AI2017"1-10"MADA Analytics is a data analytic energy storage software company, that has developed the MADA Energy Processing Solutions (“MEPS”). MEPS is sophisticated simulation software that leverages data analytics to create enormous economic value when used for renewable energy project finance and energy trading. Driven by proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, MEPS optimizes the design and operational regimes for energy storage integrated into solar, wind, and hybrid solar-wind projects.
Neural-flowwww.neural-flow.comAI2017"2-10"Neural Flow is an industry 4.0 software solution that controls and optimizes the performance of reactor agitation & mixing systems in complicated rheological and mixing conditions, using advanced mathematical models. Our software connects to control system sensors, identifying the quality of mixing in real time, and allowing process engineers to make changes on the spot to ensure batch quality.
Qseehttps://www.qsee.ioAI2017"1-10"Qsee is developing a real-time bot to assist manufacturers when automating and testing product quality over the production line. The company's AI allows users to easily integrate data logs from the shop floor without installation or extra hardware. Users can also easily obtain QC assistance capabilities with no programming required.
V5 Groupwww.V5-group.comAI2017"2-10"V5 Group offers complete solution for automation quality and control based on advanced AI machine vision. V5 Group developed a built-in solution, targeting multiple applications for different industries, such as Food & Beverages, Military & Defense, Plastic & Metal, and more. Clients have different production quality challenges in manufacturing such as recalls & refunds, “too late” detection of defects, manual processes, multiple equipment types and integrations, and no “single point of truth”. They can deploy this solution with existing machinery on the production line without the need to invest in expensive equipment.
AI2017"11-50"Aperio Systems leverages advanced proprietary algorithms to intelligently identify unique fingerprints in measured signals, validating their integrity and authenticity. Our solutions detect injection of new synthetic data, replay of past data, or transformation of process data. Aperio Systems alerts and pinpoints the physical location of equipment under attack, while reconstructing the true state of systems in real time.
Cyber Security2012"51-200"Our platform simulates hacker breach methods across the entire kill chain to identify breach scenarios in your environment before an attacker does. Think of it as your very own "virtual hacker"​ that performs continuous security validation so you can: - quantify your enterprise risks - validate your existing security controls - weaponize your threat intelligence
$ CyberX $ Security201251-200CyberX delivers an industrial cyber-security platform that is widely deployed to continuously reduce industrial cyber-security risk and prevent costly production outages, safety failures, and environmental incidents. CyberX is a simple, mature, and interoperable solution for auto-discovering assets, identifying critical vulnerabilities and attack vectors, and continuously monitoring industrial cyber-security networks for malware and targeted attacks. CyberX provides seamless integration with existing security operations center workflows for unified IT/OT security governance. Notable CyberX customers include US energy providers, a US chemical company, a global pharmaceutical company, and national electric and gas utilities across Europe and AsiaPacific. Strategic partners include Palo Alto Networks, IBM Security, Optiv Security, DXC Technologies, and Deutsche-Telekom/T-Systems. by Microsoft
explorium"51-200"Explorium provides an external data platform for improving analytics and machine learning. The companys solution enables organizations to automatically discover and utilize thousands of relevant data signals in order to improve predictions and model performance. Exploriums external data platform allows data scientists and analysts to acquire and integrate third-party data efficiently, cost-effectively, and in compliance with regulations. With faster, better insights from their models, organizations across FinTech, insurance, consumer goods, retail, and eCommerce can increase revenue, streamline operations, and reduce risk.
Hailo is developing a microprocessor designed to deliver data center performance to edge devices by using proprietary technology for deep-learning applications. The processor fits into embedded devices, enabling them to process high-resolution video and other high-throughput streams in real time using deep-learning algorithms while operating at low power consumption, size, and cost. Hailo's AI processor is designed to fit into smart devices in a variety of industries and use cases, including automotive, smart cities, retail, and Industry 4.0. Hailo's mission is to enable smart edge technologies to reach their full potential. The solution Hailo presents bridges the gap between existing and future AI technologies and the compute capacity needed to power these applications. The company is focused on building AI processors efficient and compact enough to compute and interpret vast amounts of data in real time – processors that can be embedded in the edge devices themselves.
CoreTigo Platform2017"51-200"CoreTigo develops industrial IoT wireless mission-critical applications, many for situations when high reliability, deterministic linkage, and low latency are essential. CoreTigo technology aims to bring wireless reliability and determinism closer to the level of wired cables and open the door for emerging use cases.
Eye.do Platform2017"2-10" provides Field Operation Management Solutions
Musashi AImusashiai.comRobotics & Automation2012"11-50"Musashi AI is a leading manufacturing technology company with a focus on providing global customers advanced Edge AI vision solutions. Engineers at Musashi AI have designed and developed a number of proprietary object detection algorithms and model architectures that truly expand the capabilities of computer vision solutions for manufacturers. Confidently integrate AI into your production facilities with Musashi AI. We've deployed automated AI inspection solutions for quality control and assurance of manufactured parts to global OEMs and SMEs.
WeldObot & Automation2012"11-50"WeldObot develops innovative welding equipment and products using new sensory and robotics technologies to advance the traditional field of welding. The company focuses on heavy steel construction, pipeline laying, and super-alloy applications.
factory one Platform2017"2-10"Gain access to real-time business KPI tracking, advanced business intelligence and artificial intelligence to find opportunities to optimise your core cost and consumption drivers.
Massivit 3D https://massivit3d.comAdditive Manufacturing2013"51-200"Massivit 3D Printing Technologies Ltd. is a pioneer of large format 3D printing solutions for visual communication applications spanning the advertising, retail, events, entertainment and architectural sectors. Leveraging its proprietary Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology, the company’s solutions enable rapid and cost-effective production of super-sized, eye-catching 3D signage, displays and props.
hoopo Platform2017"1-10"hoopo is the developer of a GPS-independent geolocation solution for IoT networks and sensors. hoopo uses an accurate, patent-pending geolocation estimation algorithm as an alternative to GPS, which can reduce BoM costs, while prolonging battery life by geolocating data transmissions only.
TechPack Lab
IOT Platform2017"11-50"We are a boutique expert hardware and embedded design services and consulting company.
We help companies of any size in building their products.
Companies come to us for our specific deep fields of expertise, and remain for our overall top of the class product development.
Some of the fields we handle:
- Medical, Consumer, Industrial, Agriculture, Wearables, Military
- IoT, Wireless and RF design: BLE, Wi-Fi, Sub-GHz, etc.
- Firmware: Architecture, Drivers, bootloaders, OTA, Applications
- Security: Authentication, Encryption and Brand protection
- Low power optimizations
- Production ramp up and support
- High-Speed Board Design
- Analog Design

Specially fitting the industrial applications - we are also the developers of low-power and high-throughput Mesh Network technology. This technology for example allows making sensor networks which are powered by harvesting energy from the machines they are attached to.
Wiliot Platform2017"51-200"Wiliot is a fabless semiconductor company providing passive SoC platforms for the IoT market. The company is developing a wireless technology designed to eliminate reliance on batteries and wired power in order to vastly accelerate the internet of things.
Caligo Systems Platform20171-10Caligo develops an industrial control system and Industrial IoT endpoint protection platform based on dynamic integrity algorithms, relying on source physical data, which provides real-time detection, protection, and intrusion recovery. The company enables secure connectivity for Industrial IoT networks, paving the way for Industry 4.0 transformation. Caligo Systems offers ease of deployment, accessibility, and scalability to verticals such as smart cities, smart buildings, smart traffic, alternate energy, and critical infrastructures.
Feelit & Data analytics2017"11-50"FeelIT’s printable nanotechnology-based tactile sensors turn any object to a self-aware object able to sense its structural integrity, deformation, warping, wear and tear, internal or external pressure buildup, and internal or external material flow.
$ FieldBit $http://www.fieldbit.netAR/VR2013"11-50"Fieldbit provides an end-to-end, interactive field service collaboration platform for equipment manufacturers and users. The solution includes enterprise-grade, real-time software for hands-free field service collaboration using augmented reality and smart glasses. by Help Lightning
$ Unbound Tech $
Cyber Security201351-200Unbound allows users to work with confidential information without exposing it, ensuring the safety of their digital assets. As physical and virtual worlds intersect, the company is seeking to address the security, privacy, and compliance challenges that are restricting innovation and free infrastructure from physical constraints. Unbound enables businesses to deliver digital products and services with speed and at scale. by coinbase
Prisma Photonics
Sensors & Data analytics2017"51-200"Prisma Photonics is developing next generation fiber sensors for smart infrastructure (for example: perimeters, highways, railroads, power-lines, pipelines, optical networks, etc.).
Sixdof Space & Data analytics2017"11-50"Sixdof Space has created an optical tracking approach offering long-awaited breakthroughs in speed/latency, accuracy and power. Our patent-pending technology leverages existing room lights and/or infrared lighting to serve as location beacons. Embedded in any manufacturer’s existing hardware, our products will independently report accurate position at a very high speed, to any host system.
85"11-50" is shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by simplifying and accelerating AI adoption with enterprise ready apps. By delivering on our vision of “AI Your Future Today,” allow companies to focus energy and resources on creating new, value-added services powered by proven AI rather than developing in-house capabilities.
Frisimos Technology & Automation2013"1-10"Frisimos Technologies develops and sells machines and systems for assembling electrical cables. The company’s automated solutions allow the connection of data cables with high precision, accuracy, quality, and speed.
RoboTiCan & Automation2013"11-50"RoboTiCan develops modular robotics and mechatronics technology systemsֲ that are specially designed for research applications. RoboTiCan offers a complete product development process, including mechanical, electrical, electro-optical, and software engine
XACT Robotics & Automation201351-200XACT Robotics’ technology is designed to be compatible with a broad range of imaging modalities, capable of delivering various instruments to a desired target for a wide range of clinical applications and indications.
SONICLUE"1-10"SONICLUE develops a technology designed to detect and diagnose current and impending vehicle malfunctions through sound. The company’s solution will allow vehicle owners to perform preventive maintenance on their vehicles before a malfunction occurs, save on repair costs, and become knowledgeable about their vehicle’s current condition, in particular before arriving at a repair shop.not exist
UVEye"51-200"UVeye is a computer vision company that specializes in the design and development of camera inspection systems for vehicles. Its first product, an under-vehicle inspection device, uses high-fidelity cameras and computer algorithms that scan and automatically detect, identify, and highlight any anomalies, modifications, or foreign objects in a vehicle's undercarriage.
Versatile Natures"1-10"Versatile Natures develops a process control solution that provides comprehensive site management for operational sites. The platform uses a plug-and-play IoT device and onsite cloud computing. The data platform automatically gathers relevant data from the construction site, analyzes it, and provides real-time alerts, actions, and insights to streamline the building process.
Yoran imaging
AI2016"1-10"Yoran Imaging develops Packaging Analytical Monitoring (PAM), a non-intrusive in-line inspection system for heat-sealed packages, which does not result in production slowdown. PAM combines thermal imaging technology with advanced real-time algorithms.
Assembrix Manufacturing2014"11-50"Assembrix has developed a SaaS platform for 3D printers that is designed to maximize manufacturing efficiency and minimize costs. The company’s solutions incorporate software tools that improve the speed, cost, and quality of 3D printouts. The platform enables to allocate and monitor manufacturing spaces of industrial 3D printers to multiple in-house users or external clients, leading to a fully automated and self-controlled process, higher utilization of the printers and higher ROI.
Modix 3D Manufacturing2014"11-50"Modix 3D manufactures large scale 3D Printers.It offers a large-format self-assembly 3D printer kit. Modix's technology, Asynchronous Fused Filament Fabrication (aFFF), is a variant of FFF 3D-printing technology.
Nano Dimension Manufacturing2014"51-200"Nano Dimension is a leading additive manufacturing company. With a focus on high precision 3D printed electronics technologies Nano Dimension's systems enable dramatically accelerated development cycles, and get products to market more quickly. This additive manufacturing technology is disrupting, reshaping, and defining the future of how electrical devices are made.
UMake Manufacturing2014"2-10"uMake provides an innovative platform that empowers creatives to design in 3D. uMake’s interface uses the power of the iPad and its touchscreen to add a new dimension to the sketching experience.
Buddi"1-10"Buddi uses its machine learning and natural language processing technology to enhance and automate the customer support experience. Buddi's language understanding technology is simple, scalable, and requires no integration.
SeatBack"1-10"SeatBack provides a platform that teaches users the best sitting posture to avoid health-related problems caused from excess sitting and prevent existing conditions from further deteriorating.
Agrint Sensing Solutions"11-50"Agrint Sensing Solutions Ltd developed sensing technology for early detection of any infestation threats to various of trees. Its IoTree technology is based on sensors which provides early detection of pests activity, no matter the size of the tree or larvae.
ClearML"11-50'ClearML is an open-source platform that provides ML and DL researchers with tools to help them efficiently manage their own experiments and data. The platform gives data scientists simple plug-and-play tools that integrate into any toolchain for experiment management, workload orchestration, and data management. ClearML is trusted by brands including NVIDIA, NetApp, Samsung, Hyundai, Bosch, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, and Philips. ClearML is developed by Allegro.AI Ltd.