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2Drink (Lifestyle)2016"1-10"New way of serving alcohol
3DBattery (Storage solutions)2016"1-10"3DBattery (3DB) is developing technology to improve the performance and price of rechargeable lithium-ion microbatteries by combining flexibility in shape and size, high energy and power capabilities, and high safety levels.
6Degreeshttp://6degrees.techAI (Assistive solutions)2015"1-10"6Degrees is developing an algorithm designed to be imbedded in a line of innovative assistive products. The first of these products is Crescent, an assistive technology band that allows people experiencing a loss of hand dexterity to reconnect with their smart devices.
AbiliSense Optimization2015"1-10"AbiliSense develops a technology that offers a sophisticated way to analyze sounds in home, work, city and transport environments. AbiliSense provides assistance for life-threatening and unexpected situations based on sound analysis that use unique algorithms.
Agrint Sensing Solutions Data (Sensors)2016"11-50"Agrint Sensing Solutions Ltd developed sensing technology for early detection of any infestation threats to various of trees. Its IoTree technology is based on sensors which provides early detection of pests activity, no matter the size of the tree or larvae.
AimBetterhttp://www.aimbetter.comOperations Optimization2014"1-10"AimBetter is a cloud-based database performance monitoring service that provides deep insight into database and application environments. AimBetter offers increased database performance, efficiency, and uptime, enabling mission-critical applications to run
Albitechhttp://www.albitech.orgOperations Optimization2006"1-10"Albitech Ltd offers consulting and programming solutions for multi-axis CNC machines, giving engineers and manufacturers the potential to increase productivity, lower development costs, and get to market faster.
AllBe1http://www.allbe1.comSecurity2015"1-10"AllBe Solutions Ltd develops a small, polyvalent sensor capsule. It combines several capacities and services into one wearable device, including a help button for emergency situations, human detection (a burglar alarm), location tracker, movement detection, child-in-car alarm, UV monitor, temperature sensor, smartphone lock, and more.
Anodothttp://www.anodot.comOperations Optimization2014"11-50"Anodot uses AI analytics to help illuminate businesses’ blind spots in order to prevent companies from ever missing another revenue leak or brand-damaging incident.
Anomeet Platform (Social)2015"1-10"Anomeet is an interactive ordering platform that reaches customers through their own mobile devices. With Anomeet, customers can order, pay, give feedback, and receive benefits and promotional offers directly through their mobile devices, without having to install any additional applications.
Aperio Security2017"1-10"Aperio Systems leverages advanced proprietary algorithms to intelligently identify unique fingerprints in measured signals, validating their integrity and authenticity. Our solutions detect injection of new synthetic data, replay of past data, or transformation of process data. Aperio Systems alerts and pinpoints the physical location of equipment under attack, while reconstructing the true state of systems in real time.
Asana Technologyhttp://www.asanatechnology.comAI (Automobile Operating Systems)2015"1-10"Asana Technology's SmartCarOS is an operating system for smart cars. Based on an open-source electronics architecture for vehicles inspired by data centers, SmartCarOS is a unifying software infrastructure layer providing core automotive-grade IT services for autonomous and connected cars.
Assembrix Manufacturing2014"1-10"Assembrix has developed a SaaS platform for 3D printers that is designed to maximize manufacturing efficiency and minimize costs. The company’s solutions incorporate software tools that improve the speed, cost, and quality of 3D printouts. The platform enables to allocate and monitor manufacturing spaces of industrial 3D printers to multiple in-house users or external clients, leading to a fully automated and self-controlled process, higher utilization of the printers and higher ROI.
Augwind"1-10"AugWind offers technology that utilizes solar energy to augment intermittent wind energy. AugWind develops and installs large-volume underground storage vessels designed to break the production-consumption link and enable full optimization of the compressed air system.
Coretigo Platform2015"1-10"Axonize is an IoT application enablement platform offered as a DIY service that supplies all necessary backend functionality. The platform's architecture enables users to offer multiple applications in multiple industries with minimal time and effort.
Bacsoft Tech (Connectivity services)2008"11-50"Bacsoft develops industrial IoT solutions that feature remote connectivity and efficient application delivery, all at reasonable cost. With Bacsoft, companies can connect both their legacy infrastructure and smart devices to the industrial internet
Beyon3D (Operations Optimization)2011"11-50"Beyon3D is a multidisciplinary building technology company. Beyon3D develops an innovative digital manufacturing system, based on the use of industrial robotic arms and custom-made software tools and hardware.
BionicHivehttp://www.bionichive.comRobotics2014"1-10"BionicHIVE is developing an automated warehouse solution based on a fleet of synchronized autonomous robots that can be retrofitted onto existing warehouse infrastructure. The solution consists of multiple autonomous robots with 3D movement capabilities that extend the picking face from floor to ceiling.
Breathe.me (Health Monitoring)2015"1-10" has developed a solution for predicting and preventing respiratory attacks, enabling lung-function monitoring and self-management for individuals who suffer from asthma, COPD, and other respiratory conditions. The company uses an affordable proprietary device along with a smartphone app to allow individuals to better control their conditions.
BrighTap (Control systems)2015"1-10"BrighTap, developed by BwareIT, is a smart water meter designed to increase water consumption awareness by displaying water usage, cost, temperature, and total usage time.
BT9 Maintenance2012"11-50"BT9 is an end-to-end cold chain management (CCM) solutions provider and the developer of Xsense, a web-based, real-time monitoring and information system for temperature-sensitive products. It is currently used by more than 200 companies in more than 35 c
BT9 Intelligent Supply Chain Technologies Data (Sensors & Control Systems)2012"11-50"BT9 is an end-to-end cold chain management (CCM) solutions provider and the developer of Xsense, a web-based, real-time monitoring and information system for temperature-sensitive products that is currently used by more than 200 companies in over 35 countries worldwide.
Buddi (Lifestyle)2016"1-10"Buddi uses its machine learning and natural language processing technology to enhance and automate the customer support experience. Buddi's language understanding technology is simple, scalable, and requires no integration.
BZ-TECH Data (Sensors & Control Systems)2008"1-10"BZ-TECH, a brand of BZ-COM Ltd, has developed a product line of wireless sensors and advanced control systems that offers solutions for a variety of fields. Its sensors and control systems can monitor greenhouses, beehives, fields, storerooms, or product
Caja Systemshttp://www.cajasystems.comRobotics2015"1-10"Caja Systems uses sophisticated software and robots to quickly implement automation technology in standard warehouses. The system is designed to improve the efficiency of e-commerce retailers who require rapid delivery.
Cannatrixhttp://www.cannatrix.comAlgriculture Tech (Big Data analytics)2015"1-10"Cannatrix has developed a cloud-based system that helps cannabis growers better understand their crops by troubleshooting problems, enabling plants to reach their full potential.
CarsDome Robotics, Inc.
http://www.carsdome.comAI (Automobile Security)2016"1-10"CarsDome Robotics Inc offers a multilayered suite of automotive security solutions. The company has developed multiple integrated platforms and layers to provide active and hermetic protection for private vehicles and autonomous vehicle technology.
CartaSense Data (Sensors & Control Systems)2007"11-50"CartaSense offers a complete IoTֲ solution for logistics. It includesֲ wireless sensors syncedֲ with communications server software and gateways, enabling real-time monitoring of pharmaceuticals and food.
Cat2Seehttp://www.cat2see.comSecurity (Sensors & Data imaging)2010"1-10"Cat2See has developed three IoT devices that facilitate interaction with and monitoring of pet cats. The Cat2See feeder, camera, and rod game transmit and receive data with the mobile app in real time.
CityShob Softwarehttp://www.cityshob.comSecurity (IoT Platform)2016"11-50"CityShob is the developer of an urban platform for controlling and operating city assets in a more efficient, reliable, and safe way. Its technology provides both the public and private sectors with tools for smarter management of operations and informed decision-making.
ClearVuze (Big Data analytics)2016"1-10"ClearVuze is building software that autonomously controls drones and positions them to capture video of the environment below. The video is then processed to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the scene, using structure-from-motion, machine learning, and tracking algorithms. This enables the company to provide customers with high-level, customized analytics derived from the video data and tailored to their particular use cases.
CMoo Systemshttp://cm-oo.comAI (Control systems)2015"1-10"CMoo Systems develops and sells CMee products for smart-home automation. By leveraging the existing light circuit, and without the need for batteries or neutral wires, CMoo enables limitless IoT features on switches and bulbs.
CogniTeamhttp://www.cogniteam.comRobotics2007"1-10"CogniTeam develops autonomic components for mobile robots and professional development services. Its solutions include artificial intelligence for single and multiple robots; robot navigation and path planning; simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM); robot patrolling, surveillance, and reconnaissance in GPS-denied environments; machine learning; adaptation; and natural-language interactions.
Com-Sensehttp://com-sense.comAI (Safety)2014"1-10"Com-Sense has developed a cloud-based alert system designed to improve quality of life for elderly persons at home, providing peace of mind to families and reducing the burden on professional caretakers.
Contel ITS Optimization2005"11-50"Contel ITS Ltd, a subsidiary of Contel Group, is a software companyֲ that develops solutions for manufacturing plants. The company has extensive experience in installing manufacturing execution systems (MES) for customers.
Control-See Optimization1996"11-50"Control-See Software Solutions Ltd offers a range of products and services that are changing the face of industrial automation control. UCME-OPC is an industrial automation control software that uses standard technologies
CoreTigoIoT Platform2017"1-10"CoreTigo develops industrial IoT wireless mission-critical applications, many for situations when high reliability, deterministic linkage, and low latency are essential. CoreTigo technology aims to bring wireless reliability and determinism closer to the level of wired cables and open the door for emerging use cases.
Agriculture Tech (Adaptive Irrigation Solutions)
2013"11-50"CropX is an agriculture analytics company that has developed an adaptive irrigation service, which automatically optimizes irrigation, thereby delivering an increase in crop yield and water and energy savings to farms
CymbIoThttps://www.cymbiot.comOperations Management2013"11-50"Unique product based approach to integrating and managing large scale IOT and video management systems networks and deployments
Deep Learning Robotics
http://www.dlrob.comRobotics2015"1-10"Deep Learning Robotics Ltd (DLR) designs industrial robotics equipment for automation. Its products are programmed for robot-human interaction as well as robot-robot collaboration. DLR offers a deep-learning RT-ROS controller that connects with industrial systems
Diagsensewww.diagsense.comOperations Optimization2013"1-10"Analysing data and diagnosis for mechanical devices in industries
Eco-Nethttp://eco-net.comAI (Lifestyle)2014"1-10"Eco-Net (the Ecology Network) develops smart, connected, digital fishing lures tailored to the Leisure and Sports Fishing markets. This IoT lure, the Eco-Popper, supplies fishermen with detailed metrics to enhance their experience.
EcoPlant Technological Innovation (Control & Optimization)2016"1-10"EcoPlant is a cloud-based platform for infrastructure systems such as air compressor systems, chillers, cooling/heating systems, and vacuum pumping systems. The platform monitors, alerts, controls, and recommends settings by connecting directly to the mac
EGM Maintenance2012"1-10"EGM has developed a monitoring system that allows for rapid threatֲ detection and reaction for electrical grids. The system has been tested in Israel and on Chinaג€™s second largest grid.
Engage Technologies
http://engageiot.comIoT Platform2016"1-10"Engage Technologies Ltd develops solutions for the internet of things (IoT). By automatically generating device drivers and connectivity code, the company’s solutions aim to reduce risk and increase ROI in the manufacturing of IoT devices.
EOC-OS Optimization2015"1-10"ECO-OS is a cloud-based operating system that provides businesses with valuable sustainability metrics in order to improve their environmental performance. With eco-OS, businesses can engage their teams, utilize tools to share and analyze environmental performance data, and integrate environmental metrics into their future business decision-making.
Equalumhttp://equalum.ioOperations Optimization2015"11-50"Equalum is a top Data Beaming platform, relied upon by enterprises across industries to seamlessly transmit operational data to real-time analytics environments.
eSave (Control & Optimization)2012"11-50"eSave Ltd produces and distributes a product designed to improve the quality of electricity supplied to buildings, stabilize voltage, and decrease electricity consumption by 10% to 18% without affecting electrical devices or lighting capacity. The company
Excelero Ltd.http://www.excelero.comIoT Platform2014"11-50"Excelero Storage has created a software-defined block storage solution that meets the performance and scalability requirements of large web-scale and enterprise applications.
Factoryone Optimization2017"1-10"Gain access to real-time business KPI tracking, advanced business intelligence and artificial intelligence to find opportunities to optimise your core cost and consumption drivers.
Fctoryonefactoryone.ioIndustry 4.0 / IIOT / AI2015"11-50"
FieldBithttp://www.fieldbit.netAR/VR2013"11-50"Fieldbit provides an end-to-end, interactive field service collaboration platform for equipment manufacturers and users. The solution includes enterprise-grade, real-time software for hands-free field service collaboration using augmented reality and smart glasses.
FieldIn Tech (Big Data analytics)2013"11-50"The FieldIn system combines sensor-based hardware with data-science analytics, proprietary algorithms, and agricultural best practices to produce a single, integrative solution designed to provide growers with visual insights and practical tools to manage every step of the pest control process.
Firmitas Cyber Solutions
http://www.firmitas-cs.comCyber Security2014"11-50"Firmitas Cyber Solutions provides a next-generation solution for adaptable operational security. Its innovative approach to cyber defense is based on process-oriented security rather than information or data security. Instead of creating antidotes to specific threats, the Firmitas solution enforces a system’s predefined design, thus making unexpected attacks infeasible and ensuring system uptime.
Fitto (Health Monitoring)2015"1-10"Fitto has developed a personalized smart bottle and customized pods designed to optimize dietary and sport-nutrition supplements on the go.
FlexiMatterhttp://www.fleximatter.comAdditive Manufacturing2014"1-10"FlexiMatter manufactures 3D printers designed to make products in large quantities. The company’s goal is to make manufacturing on demand more accessible to small and mid-size companies.
Foxsmart Systems (Tracking systems)2015"1-10"Foxsmart Ltd developed Findy, a locator solution that tracks and finds wearable devices using a smartphone. Findy requires no adaptation of the wearable's hardware and is completely mobile-based.
Frisimos Technology"1-10"Frisimos Technologies develops and sells machines and systems for assembling electrical cables. The company’s automated solutions allow the connection of data cables with high precision, accuracy, quality, and speed.
galiguhttp://galigu.comAR/VR2016"1-10"Galigu develops an advanced mobile VR platform that enables users to search all VR content types.
Gaonic Platform2014"1-10"Gaonic is developing Open Sense Platform (OSP:tm:), a real time IoT cloud-based data brokerage platform for sensors data and analytics that facilitates the setting up, management and analytics in real time of Smart Entities. OSP uses modular open platform architecture for managing human-machine communications to build knowledge-based platform
Geosoft Systems Optimization1998"11-50"Geosoft Systems Ltd is the developer of the KITARON ERP & MES, a manufacturing management system that enables modern organizations to enhance and manage their communications, customer relations, manufacturing processes, quality, purchasing, and finance. T
Glassifyhttp://www.glassify.meBig Data (Data analytics for Beverages)2015"1-10"Glassify Ltd produces a smart beer glass for bars. The company’s beer glasses feature an integrated printed circuit board (PCB) and QR code. Using the Glassify app, customers can scan the code with their smartphones to access real-time information about their drinks, consumption, and promotions.
GlobeKeeperhttp://www.globekeeper.comSecurity2014"1-10"GlobeKeeper Ltd offers a secure field-collaboration platform designed for law enforcement, military, government, first response, public safety, and other mission-critical applications. The GlobeKeeper protocol imbues civilian devices with military-grade encryption for strategic, tactical, and operational communications in real time.
GlucoMe (Health Monitoring)2013"11-50"GlucoMe offers a comprehensive digital platform designed to streamline and simplify diabetes care for patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and payers.
GOARC offers a safety platform based AI, which aggregate data from different sources like ERP, OT and Industrial IOT sensors, and generate real time personalized safety alerts and guidelines to the employee at risk situation, in order to prevent work accident and improve operatoinal costs.
Go Vivohttp://www.govivogo.comAI (Lifestyle)2015"1-10"Go VIVO patented wearable technology merges the creative world of online computer games. with the real world of physical activities
GreenQ Platform (Environmental tech)2015"11-50"GreenQ offers a connected garbage-collection platform for municipalities. The company’s technology optimizes garbage collection by showing trash companies their trucks’ location history as well as the bin capacity of residents’ trash cans. Its smart waste management services are designed to meet the needs of municipalities, haulers, and system integrators.
Grid4C Optimization2013"11-50"Grid4C uses machine-learning capabilities to provide predictive analytics to energy value chain participants. The company’s solutions analyze data collected from millions of smart meters alongside customer data, weather data, and pricing information to maximize the efficiency of energy operations and increase customer engagement.
Growee Technologies
http://www.getgrowee.comAgriculture Tech (Big Data analytics)2016"1-10"Growee Technologies is the developer of Growee, an IoT device that combines automation, advanced analytics, and professional growth protocols to enable urban farmers to monitor and control their hydroponic gardens from anywhere using their smartphones.
GTC Sound Innovations
http://www.gtcsound.comWireless Tech (Entertainment)2008"1-10"GTC Sound Innovations expands the capacities of the electric guitar with the REVPAD, a wireless touchpad that enables the guitarist to operate effects with touch technology. The platform upgrades the versatility of the guitar with endless creative possibilities.
Halo Digital & Monitoring2015"11-50"Halo Digital develops a “digital replica” solution for operational technology environments such as complex manufacturing, distribution, and logistics. The “digital replica” is a real-time, complete and deep model of all activity in the operational environment, including physical activity, file-system end point activity (e.g. firmware, configurations and parameters), network activity and management systems. The digital replica is generated through a combination of sensors and streaming analytics.
Hermes Innovation (say)
https://www.saynecklace.comAI (Lifestyle)2013"1-10"Hermes Innovation Ltd develops SAY, a social smart accessory designed for young adults. It engages with their interests, social behavior, and communication style. It can be worn as a necklace or attached to clothing or backpacks.
Highconhttp://www.highcon.netOperations Optimization2009"11-50"Highcon Systems Ltd has developed a solution for the folding carton finishing market, based on its proprietary DART (Digital Adhesive Rule Technology). This digital cutting and creasing process brings many ofֲ the benefits associated with digital workflow
Hoopohttp://www.hoopo.techWireless Tech (Location Services)2016"1-10"hoopo is the developer of a GPS-independent geolocation solution for IoT networks and sensors. hoopo uses an accurate, patent-pending geolocation estimation algorithm as an alternative to GPS, which can reduce BoM costs, while prolonging battery life by geolocating data transmissions only.
ICS²"11-50"ICS² is a cyber security company focusing on protecting the control system of power, oil, gas, and petrochemicals plants. Headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel, ICS² was launched by a veteran team of control system experts with broad experience working with Big Data and large scale communication applications. Our team combines mathematicians, computer scientists, power plant system designers and process control experts.
Iguaziohttp://iguaz.ioOperations Optimization2014"11-50"Iguazio's data management technology addresses challenges specific to big-data applications. The companyג€™s Enterprise Data Cloud is a secure data-platform-as-a-service (PaaS) deployed either on-premises or in hybrid cloud architectures, offering security
illumaSensehttp://www.illumasense.comBig Data (Data analytics for urban)2015"11-50"IllumaSense helps cities manage their infrastructure and gather meaningful information from the urban environment. The company utilizes LED lighting fixtures throughout the city to deploy smart-sensing brains that collect, analyze, and monetize urban data.
Indegyhttp://www.indegy.comCyber Security2014"11-50"Indegy provides situational awareness and real-time security for industrial control networks in order to ensure operational continuity and reliability. The Indegy platform delivers comprehensive visibility and oversight into all OT activities.
Intellithingshttp://www.intellithings.netAI (Lifestyle)2014"1-10"People Sensor by Intellithings Ltd is an occupancy sensor that enables smart-home systems, including smart-home-IoT devices, to know who's in a room so as to automate and personalize the behavior of the smart home.
Intuition Roboticshttp://www.intuitionrobotics.comRobotics2016"11-50"Intuition Robotics is the creator of ElliQ, a proactive social robot that helps older adults stay active and engaged. The company's AI cognitive computing technology, award-winning design, and intuitive interaction models provide a natural way for older adults to reap the benefits of technology without the need to master the tools.
IoT Boxhttp://www.iotboxsys.comBig Data (Sensors & Control systems)2008"11-50"IoT Box Systems Ltd develops a wide range of products for integrated pest management and control and for managing diverse quality processes in the hygiene and food safety industries.
Jasaconnectwww.jasaconnect.comField Service Management2017"10-30"Field Service Management for Service Industry
JpUhttp://www.jpu.ioAI (Connectivity)2015"11-50"JpU is the developer of a self-service mobile connectivity platform for IoT and enterprise mobility systems. Its Network Access Gateway (NAG) represents a security and network control paradigm shift from the mobile network operator (MNO) to the end customer.
Jumper Labshttps://jumper.ioIoT Platform2016"1-10"Jumper disrupts traditional embedded software development paradigms by eliminating the physical hardware constraints. Our plug-and-play virtual lab brings the benefits of virtual machines to IoT devices and systems.
Kalisayahttp://kalisaya.comEnergy (Portable device)2014"1-10"Kalisaya's product, the KaliPAK, is a portable, autonomous energy storage device that can charge itself from multiple sources, including the sun, and is particularly useful when grid-based electric power is absent.
Kannita Data (Data analytics for retail)2015"1-10"Kannita provides real-time, actionable insights on shelf contents and consumer behavior. The platform tracks shelf items and presents real-time data to the store’s sales team. It boosts staff performance and training, provides planogram compliance warnings, predicts refill needs, and offers advanced big data tools.
Kazzatahttp://kazzata.comSupply Chain2014"1-10"Kazzata is creating a unique cloud platform that shortcuts supply chains and aims to bring substantial savings to spare part manufacturers and distribution companies.
Kedma Solarhttp://www.kedmasolar.comEnergy (Affordable Solar)2016"1-10"Kedma Solar is a solar energy company that provides customers with PV solar arrays and smart home energy monitors at no cost. Through the company’s revenue-sharing contract, customers can utilize its clean energy technologies while paying Kedma Solar for their electricity services at a discounted rate. Kedma focuses on the installation of micro-fields in residential and business locations, generating maximal clean electricity at favorable rates while minimizing bureaucratic delays.
kiami-solutionswww.kiami-solutions.comOperations Optimization2017"1-10"KIAMI provides top-class failures troubleshooting software. Our FAST troubleshoot enables engineering, maintenance, operation, IT and other support teams to provide much faster and more effective failures repair treatment thus cutting down repair time by half, improving operation processes, and enabling excellent knowledge collaboration and sharing cross teams and sites. The system combines a powerful troubleshooting knowledge-base, which is dynamically optimized using a learning algorithm, and an expert wizard that enables to transform a complex problem to a set of expert guidelines
KITOV Systems & Monitoring2014"1-10"Industrial automation and robotics are taking over many manual tasks in manufacturing. However, in most production lines visual quality inspection is still done manually due to product complexity and inspection requirements
Kwik Commercehttp://www.kwik.meE-Commerce (Consumer engagement)2014"11-50"Kwik is an end-to-end push-button commerce solution for consumers to re-order their favorite products or services. Kwik's open marketplace offers brands the ability to develop a direct customer relationship, increasing engagement, loyalty, and sales. Unlike existing solutions, brands can choose their own delivery and fulfilment partners.
Largix Tech Manufacturing2015"1-10"Largix Tech prints end-use products made of industrial polymers. Its 3D robotic printers are designed to work autonomously, and the resulting printed products comply with industrial quality standards and regulations.
LedSwim (Lifestyle)2014"1-10"LedSwim is developing a pace-keeping system to help swimmers plan and perform training exercises. The system will also enable swimmers to use the LedSwim website or app to monitor their training, build training programs on their own or with a coach, choose preset programs that match their objectives (such as a triathlon), and share their achievements through social networks.
LEO Lane Manufacturing2015"1-10"LEO Lane is an SaaS for controlling, protecting, and tracking additively manufactured products and parts. Limited Edition Objects (LEOs) are digital files created from the brand's product/part files and specifications.
Lightapp (Operations Optimization)2011"11-50"Lightapp Technologies offers an energy management solution that enables companies to understand how their energy is being consumed. Its software helps manufacturing organizations gain value through data collection, analysis, and management process automation.
LikeAGlovehttp://www.likeaglove.meSensors & Data analytics (Fashion)2014"11-50"Like A Glove Ltd develops smart garments that measure body shape in seconds. The garments bypass the need for conventional measuring means such as cameras and measuring tape.
Lingacomhttp://lingacom.comNanotech (Sensors)2012"1-10"Lingacom Ltd is a developer and manufacturer of scanners that detect subatomic particles known as muons. The company supplies the entire platform, including detectors and software. The technology is relevant to several industries, and can be applied to ob
Liola Technologies Optimization2010"11-50"Liola Technologies Ltd offers software that uses mathematical algorithms to optimize theֲ production plans of complex manufacturing plants, with the goal ofֲ increasing plant throughput.
M.D.S Wireless Technologies Tech (Connectivity services)2013"1-10"M.D.S Wireless Technologies Ltd developed the Smart Switch. It pairs by WiFi with Switcher, a smartphone app that allows users to control their home's boiler from their phones. Users can define a daily and weekly schedule and also evaluate the history of the electric consumption.