Digimon Pendulum Ver.20th Evolution Guide
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A New and Improved Version of This Guide Has Been Released!
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I will continue to update both the spreadsheet and the site for the time being, but for real, the site is a lot easier to read so I'd highly recommend going there instead.
Commenting has been disabled. If you find any errors or would like to contribute, please message me on Discord, username humulos#2562
The evolution charts can be found on the different tabs of this spreadsheet. If this is your first time here, take a second to review the information on this page.
Important information regarding raising Digimon
A Care Mistake is counted when the call light goes out. Multiple Care Mistakes can happen simultaneously. For example, if Hunger and Strength depletes at the same time, and this neither is resolved within 10 minutes, this counts as 2 Care Mistakes
Waste, Sickness, Overfeeding and Sleep Disturbances do not count as Care Mistakes
4 Trainings equals 1 Effort Heart
Getting sick 20 times or getting injured 20 times will kill your Digimon
Freezing Digimon will pause their evolution timer, sleeping will not
If your Digimon does not evolve after the appropriate amount of time, it will not evolve on its own, but may still be able to evolve via Jogress
Full DP is required for Jogressing
Battle counts do not reset after evolution. If you had 15 Victories as a Child, these will work for evolving into Perfect from Adult
For a 100% chance of evolving into Perfect, at least 12 of the 15 most recent battles must be victories
Probability for evolving into Ultimate is currently unknown, but winning the most recent 15 battles is the best way to improve your chances
A Traited Egg can be achieved by keeping your Digimon alive for 2 days from its most recent evolution. No battles are necessary to receive a traited egg.
The effect of Traited Eggs has not been explicitly revealed, but it is very likely that it increases the odds of evolution into Perfect and Ultimate. The exact amount of increase is not known, but I have had a 100% success rate so far of evolving into Ultimate with a traited egg and 15/15 Victories.
Getting 5 care mistakes an Adult or Perfect will cause your Digimon to die when it reaches the evolution window for the next level.
Please help this effort by replying to "Needs Confirmation" comments with your results!
Other Notes
This guide should now be 100% accurate for the Wave 1 Devices. This means that following the requirements found here will result in you getting the result shown. That being said, it is still possible that errors have been made, so PLEASE comment if you think you have found a mistake. While the information should all be accurate, there are still superfluous requirements that will be added as time goes on, but these are not necessary for getting specific evolutions. Most of the things discovered were discussed at the WTW link below, and on the Digimon Discord Community server. THANK YOU to everyone who has been providing information and suggestions thusfar, this would have not been possible alone.
Also, a specific big thank you to BladeSabre, who has gone above and beyond in personally collecting data about these devices. The link below is to his data collection spreadsheet, which has been a major tool in determining many of these evolutions and other details.
Complete listing of Digimon was discovered by Sinobali, and can be found here:
This guide was inspired by the INCREDIBLE DMver20th guide created by linkwrighton, which can be found here:
If you have no idea what you are doing, check out this other guide
Reports of getting eggs not normally available on a specific device have been debunked. The cases that have been seen were the results of battery glitches and tab cheating.
UPDATES (not updating for specific requirements, those will likely be updated daily regardless)DATE
Big changes coming soon, GOOD big changes.15 January 2019
Someone went and resolved all my comments, so I've turned commenting off for the time being11 January 2019
Added comments for the missing inbetween values, as well as for the new eggs. I've already unlocked the Darkdramon Egg, so I'm working on that now.8 January 2019
Santa is real folks, because he showed up at my house on Christmas eve to deliver two new Pendulums! Wasn't expecting to get them this early, so that was a great surprise. I'll be working to get the two new eggs as quickly as possible, but if anyone finds em first, leave a comment!27 December 2018
I'm back baybeeeeee. The Pendulum Artbook revealed the evolution charts for the two new eggs introduced by the Dukemon and Beelzebumon colors, so they have been added. 11 December 2018
Completed the final result confirmation, so all results are now accurate! It's been just under 3 months since the devices released, which I'd say is a pretty fantastic time. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE! The guide is now at a point where I would consider it to be completely accurate, and the only missing information pertains to items that don't actually matter for getting specific results, such as in between values for care mistakes and effort. Those items will continue to be updated as time goes on, but will not be something I put as much effort into. 19 September 2018
I love that I actually got tweets from the last update. Happy to see people actually read these! Finalized information on how to achieve traited eggs. All reuqirements and results for natural evolutions up to Perfect are now completely correct. All listed natrual evolutions are also correct, but waiting to determine whether two other Perfects can evolve or not. Almost all Silve Blue Jogresses are verified, with not too many left for Silver Black. After all Jogresses are confirmed, the next goal will be to figure out inbetween values for Child to Adult level.6 September 2018
If anyone actually reads these update notes, please tweet @humulos with the message "Live every week like it's Shark Week"16 August 2018
Removed all inbewteen requirements that haven't been explicitly confirmed. This means for the most part, only the lowest or highest (whichever applies) condition will be shown until more samples confirm more precise requirements. 9 August 2018
I finally have my own dang device and have been keeping track of my results on their own tab. Removing notes about acquiring bonus eggs until further evidence can be provided25 July 2018
Added list of all Digimon. Also removed requirements for getting 4 bonus eggs, because people are saying the requirements given don't work. Also added accuracty estimate19 July 2018
MOAR SPRITES. Clarified how to get certain Digimon for special Jogresses16 July 2018
Added sprites to Spreadsheet. Colors now directly correspond with attribute15 July 2018
Added a battle roster section, and all Single Battle opponents, thanks to Xan at WTW13 July 2018
Added comments for all unverified evolutions and requirements. Please provide information in reply to these comments where you can12 July 2018
Finalized design of image chart, should help determine lines more generally, and visually appealing. Holding off on making more until we have more exact information on lines. Or next week if I get impatient6 July 2018
Began work on visual representation, labels to come later5 July 2018
Added more data from examples on Twitter and WTW forums. 3 July 2018
Updated charts to be based on hypothesis with data we have been given. SOME INFORMATION WILL BE INCORRECT, PLEASE ALERT ME WHEN THIS IS THE CASE SO I CAN UPDATE. Jogressing especially is me taking a long-shot, but the information seen here is at least 60% accurate. Accuracty will improve as I am given more samples. 2 July 2018
Added some more confirmations, beginning work on new method of presentation1 July 2018
Confirmed several evolutions, added a lot of Jogressing combos found on Twitter and from some other users.30 June 2018
Inital Release. All data based on original Pendulums, where possible. Non-confirmed data is struck-through.29 June 2018