Long TutorialJune 2022Project Titan: Building Tool Simon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to use the PyroFX tools to simulate smoke and render a flipbook to use in Unreal. If you are new to FX and simulation, this tutorial will be a great introduction because the simulation will be friendly for beginners.
Long TutorialMay 2022Project Titan: Building Tool Simon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to create the Project Titan building tool. This tool lets you place boxes in Unreal and then use the tool to convert them into buildings. In Unreal, this tool can instance modular geometry and create a roof shape that fits to the building shape.
Long TutorialMay 2022Project Titan: Train Destruction FX Simon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to create Train crash using simulation in Houdini that is then sent to Unreal using vertex animation textures. Learn how to prepare a train mesh for fracturing and simulation. Once the simulation is ready, you will use vertex animation textures to save out the sim as a mesh and textures which can be set up as Unreal shaders to playback the deformations.
Long TutorialApril 2022Project Titan: VAT CharactersSimon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to generate VAT Characters where you define the character motion without using bones and skeleton meshes. The animation comes from textures, using the vertex animation textures method. Then learn how to add variation to your characters when they are placed in the level.
Long TutorialApril 2022Project Titan: Rail ToolSimon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to set up a Rails tool which generates a rail system by drawing a curve. This overhead infrastructure is used to move trains around the Project Titan level.
Long TutorialApril 2022Project Titan: Tree Pivot PainterSimon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to use Pivot Painter to bring your trees to life with wind effects. Pivot Painter is a SideFX Labs tool that can add effects like wind in a realistic way. Learn how to create the tree and how to get all the Pivot Painter data.
Long TutorialApril 2022Project Titan: Fence ToolSimon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to create a Fence tool using input curves to define the fence inside the Unreal game editor. The output of the fence will use a combination of geometry and instances. The corners are newly created geometry designed to work with different angles.
Long TutorialApril 2022Project Titan: Platform ToolSimon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to create a Platform tool that uses basic shapes to generate platforms. The tool creates new geometry and then adds instanced details around the platform.
Long TutorialMarch 2022Project Titan: Shrub ToolSimon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to create a shrub tool that can be used directly in Unreal. Learn how to procedurally generate the branches and leaves, then how to set up the tool to conform to an input shape.
Long TutorialMarch 2022Project Titan: Ivy ToolSimon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to build an Ivy tool from scratch that uses an input shape to grow ivy. The tool will generate branches and then place leaves on these branches. The tool incorporates simulation to handle falling branches of ivy. Learn how to package up the tool as a digital asset in Houdini then use it in Unreal Engine using the artist-friendly interface.
PresentationMarch 2022SideFX Labs 2022 | Next-Gen DevelopmentMai AoSideFXMai Ao from the SideFX Labs walks you through some of the latest Houdini tools of the past year as well as Labs team’s upcoming plans for supporting the community. Many of these tools are created with the needs of the next-gen development in mind, aimed to help with world-building, photogrammetry, grooming, UV, FX, and pipelines.
PresentationMarch 2022Procedural Workflows in ProductionSimon VerstraeteSideFXSimon talks about procedural workflows for games. Recently Project Titan was released and he will use this as guidance to show different procedural workflows. The talk will go in to detail about the making of Project Titan and how tools are build and used in it.
PresentationMarch 2022Procedural Primer for ArtistsRobert MageeSideFXMore and more game designers and developers are using Houdini's procedural workflows for high quality, art-directable FX, modelling, and world building. In this quick primer, learn how technical artists can develop powerful procedural tools in Houdini - and share them with game artists throughout the studio.
Long TutorialMarch 2022Project Titan: Cloth ToolSimon VerstraeteSideFXThe Train tool packages up modular models and an underlying rig to create an animatable train. The two main parts of the tool involve making the model and auto rigging it. Based on patterns, you can quickly generate the look of the train, then by simply enabling a toggle you can set up the rig.
Long TutorialMarch 2022Project Titan: Cloth ToolSimon VerstraeteSideFXWith the cloth tool you are able to use a cloth simulation inside of Unreal Engine to shape your geometry. This lesson you will learn how to add a cloth simulation to your digital asset tool using the Vellum nodes. This tool will then be used in Unreal using the Houdini Engine plug-in.
MasterclassMarch 2022Crowds MasterclassCameron WhiteSideFXUpdates to Agent Primitives new in Houdini 19. Cameron goes over how to create an agent, round-tripping between crowds and KineFX, writing sequences to disk, how to add things to your crowds (props, for example), Vellum sim with agents and specifying custom data to your agent definition for varying the look of your crowd sim.
Long TutorialMarch 2022Creating a Mega CharacterChristopher RutledgeLearn how to create a Mega Character that is made up of many smaller characters. Learn how to design and model using VDB tools, rig and animate with KineFX, then use Vellum to create soft body effects. Bring the Mega Character into Solaris and light and render the final sequence using Karma.
Long TutorialFebruary 2022Project Titan: Stacking ToolThomas TobinThe Stacking tool makes it possible to quickly populate your environment with stacked objects. Learn how to create an asset stacker that can scan your scene then pack the chosen assets into a predefined volume.
Long TutorialFebruary 2022SideFX Snacks V2: Mojito AdTim van HelsdingenWant to create your own fake commercial from start to finish? Check out this full course from Tim Van Helsdingen, which shows you the process in taking an idea to a rendered sequence.
Long TutorialJanuary 2022Project Titan: Cable ToolSimon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to create a collection of cables of varying thickness, then run a simulation to drape them. This setup can be wrapped up into a Houdini Digital Asset and used in UE4 to set up cables in the editor. The result will be a cable tool that will quickly add detail to your environment which is optimized for gameplay.
Quick TutorialJanuary 2022SideFX Labs Post Animation DeformLuca PataracchiaSideFXAn overview of the new post animation deform tool. This tool is useful for adjusting and cleaning up existing deforming geometry (eg muscle/character deformations, cloth sims. etc)

PresentationDecember 2021Deserted - Building the World with HoudiniJan TrubacIn this talk, Jan will walk us through the creation process of the procedural environments behind his short CGI film Deserted. He will cover how he took advantage of Houdini's HeightFields to create desert plateaus and sand dunes. He will also break down the concept of his Sci-Fi City and Space Ship generators, as well as talk about his experience from a new user's perspective. SIGGRAPH Asia 2021H19
PresentationDecember 2021Procedural Generation of Urban Traffic SystemTencent GamesThis talk describes how to use the procedural method to generate a configurable urban traffic system, with high fidelity and controllability. We have developed relevant HDAs and extended Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine to achieve the final results. SIGGRAPH Asia 2021H19
PresentationDecember 2021A Glimpse into USD ALab and Asset Building at Animal LogicChristian Lopez BarronAnimal LogicUSD ALab provides great insight into Animal Logic's USD production assets and explores the capabilities of Houdini Solaris and Karma.This session will take a deep dive into the studios customised USD Shade material workflows and associated proprietary renderer integration, and explore how the Tree Building system “Spruce” was added to Houdini Solaris. SIGGRAPH Asia 2021H19
PresentationDecember 2021My thoughts on Simulation in HoudiniCarl DrifterSimulation is one of the most powerful feature in Houdini yet the most complex. It has various contents and functions but I would like to unify all of them and share my core idea about simulation. SIGGRAPH Asia 2021H19
PresentationDecember 2021Remaking of the Battle of Sekigahara (Crowd Animation Using Houdini)Hitsuji backspacetokyoThis talk will go over the process of making crowd animation using to Houdini based on my work for the installation of "Sekigahara sansuizu byoubu", a digital recreation of the folding screen depicting the battle of Sekigahara. SIGGRAPH Asia 2021H19
PresentationDecember 2021Using Acceleration For Smoother Particle SimulationsBen AndersenLuma PicturesLearn how to source particles using acceleration to make more readable simulations and avoid stepping while reducing processing time and conserving disk resources. SIGGRAPH Asia 2021H19
PresentationDecember 2021KineFX to Unreal Engine 5: From Combat Systems to CinematicsÁlvaro Garcia MartinezMayhem Mirror StudiosWe will explore how KineFX is helping Mayhem Mirror Studios and the video game CRETE to merge all the possible animation workflows into one package, including motion retargeting from Xsens, but also granular motion editing, where we will explore how KineFX is shaping the combat system of the prototype in Unreal Engine 5, keyframe animation using the refurbished rigpose, and finally procedural animation to save hours of manual work. SIGGRAPH Asia 2021H19
PresentationDecember 2021Medical Research & Product Design with HoudiniToshiki SaitoJapan Medical Company Inc.Toshiki Saito has been using Houdini in medical product design and medical visualization. He will showcase his uses of Houdini in these areas and explain why chose Houdini and the advantages of it. SIGGRAPH Asia 2021H19
PresentationDecember 2021Generative 3D: The Art, Science and Bendology of Using Algorithms in 3D DesignMoritz SchwindEntagma In this talk, Entagma's Moritz and Manuel will cover a selection of algorithms from physics, biology, medicine and math which they use and abuse to create generative artworks using SideFX Houdini. They'll dive into the weird and sometimes tumultuous history of scientific discovery, the extraordinary style of academic papers and how to crack them open and use them in a design centric manner. Enjoy a scenic tour to some of the better and lesser known algorithms used in generative motion design and the events that inspired them. SIGGRAPH Asia 2021H19
PresentationDecember 2021Building Levels Procedurally & Vertex Animation TexturesSimon VerstraeteSideFXPROJECT FILES:

This SideFX presentation will cover how to build a level in Unity using procedural assets from Houdini and how to use Vertex Animation Textures (VAT) to create complex effects animations.

This presentation premiered as a Unity Live Session. Learn more about Houdini + Unity here: SessionH18.5
PresentationDecember 2021Getting Started: Houdini Engine for Unity plug-inSimon VerstraeteSideFXPROJECT FILES:

The Houdini Engine for Unity plug-in gives commercial artists and studios the ability to widely deploy procedural assets created in Houdini to the Unity game editor for use in game and XR development, virtual production and design visualizations. Learn how to install the plug-in, make use of procedural assets in Unity, and explore how to create your own procedural assets.


This presentation premiered as a Unity Live Session. Learn more about Houdini + Unity here: SessionH18.5
MasterclassNovember 2021KARMA | A BEAUTIFUL GAMEMoeen SayedSideFXearn how to transition to Karma from Mantra and how to work within the Solaris context. Learn how to set up shaders with VEX and MaterialX then explore Motion Blur, Depth of Field, AOVs and other render settings that control the quality of your final image. These lessons will give you a good working knowledge of the Karma renderer.
PresentationNovember 2021Rigging and Animating Trees with KineFX and VellumGuilherme CasagrandiHardcoreFXExplore some workflows to fully rig a tree, including the tiny branches, use it in a vellum simulation to make It grow, and then deform It using KineFX workflows. Sao PaoloH19
MasterclassNovember 2021H19 NODESPaul EstevesPaul Esteves explores his top ten Houdini 19 nodes and discusses what is amazing about each of them. Learn how to set up the nodes, work with key settings and then apply each node to real world examples. In many cases, Paul shows how to use the node for purposes outside its intended use to have even more fun. As Paul would say “It’s Houdini Time.”
MasterclassNovember 2021THE COMPLETE A-Z TERRAIN HANDBOOK: ND EDITIONNikola Damjanov This tutorial series covers everything that you will likely ever need, to understanding how to create terrains in Houdini. Starting from foundation layer of HF nodes and their functions, to using generated masks to create textures in COPs, to scattering geometry using said-masks, to applying and rendering them in a LOPnet with Karma.
Quick TutorialNovember 2021Animation in a SnapFianna WongSideFXGet a glimpse into the use of motion capture hardware and software to conveniently bring 3D meshes to life. See the mocap kit that I used for H19 demos, as well as the general workflow of streaming mocap data into Houdini.
Long TutorialOctober 2021Using Vellum Fluids to Create a MojitoTim Van HelsdingenI was asked to create a demo video utilizing vellum fluids... so naturally I created a digital mojito. In my talk I break down the entire project from start to finish, talk about the issues I ran into, tips and tricks for rendering in karma, and a lot more. HIVEH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021SideFX Labs PolySliceRichard C. ThomasJellyfish PicturesA walk through of the PolySlice tool, its development, and how its features can be used to process geometry to create complex patterns that are graphic, organic and technology inspired through practical examples. HIVEH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021Houdini 19 Crowds - Shiny New Layers and Meta PowerMikael PettersénMPCThere is a staggering amount of cool stuff in Houdini 19 and the the crowd updates might not be the first that comes to mind. They are still very useful though and Mikael is going to walk you through his favourites. HIVEH19
MasterclassOctober 2021KineFX Secondary Motion ToolsMihnea StoicaSideFXWalk through the tool set designed for applying secondary animation, like lag, overshoot and ragdoll, on KineFX characters - including secondary motion SOP and the three ragdoll SOPs - ragdoll collision shapes, ragdoll constraint and ragdoll solver. HIVEH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021Shockwaves Tool in Houdini 19Miguel Perez SenentMegalis VFXThe process for the Shockwaves Tool seen in the Sneak Peek. HIVEH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021Real-Time Pyro Workflows - Chasing PhotorealismMai AoSideFXHoudini 19 and SideFX Labs' newest real-time pyro workflows. Beautiful and fast viewport renders, film-industry-standard ACES color space setups, redesigned visualization and flipbook export tools, our latest compression and shader techniques, all of which work together to bring your real-time pyro effects to the next level. HIVEH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021Fire Tornado in Houdini 19Joshua RizzoThe process for the Fire Tornado seen in the Sneak Peek, which makes heavy use of the new Volume Deform workflow, showcasing some of the methods behind and to conclude highlighting some challenges and problem solving. HIVEH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021Layout LOP & Layout Asset GalleryFianna WongSideFXLearn how you can do environment concepting using the new Layout LOP and the Layout Asset Gallery in Houdini 19. Geared towards those who want to use Karma and paint assets in their scene, but don't necessarily care about the maximum blinding power of USD. HIVEH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021Vellum Grains in Houdini 19 Bishoy KhalifaTrend VFXA preview of the grains statues setup done in H19 and a look at the new vellum upgrades. HIVEH19
MasterclassOctober 2021Sexy PyroAttila TorokSideFXThe new pyro tools and features in Houdini 19, such as the updated pyro workflow, improved volume shading, volume-deformation, axis-force, spark tools and many more. HIVEH19
MasterclassOctober 2021Asset Workflow and File CachingAttila TorokSideFXA demonstration of the new digital asset creation workflow to help technical artist with they asset management. The second part covers the new file-cache 2.0 node, and comparing it to the also new labs file-cache workflow. HIVEH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021Solaris: Easy ModeAndreas WeidmanSwiss InternationalSimplifying Solaris and USD concepts, together with a peek into real world productions and small studio toolsets. Solaris WorkshopH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021Solaris: A Production RetrospectiveBen Lutz / Hannes ReindlArx AnimaWe will share some more detailed insights about setting up a USD pipeline with Solaris, the choices we faced and our approach to defining the USD hierarchy, composition and implementation with LOPs. The hip file used for this demonstration will be shared. Solaris WorkshopH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021Solaris: Understanding MaterialsYolanda CharloSideFXTake a closer look at working with materials in Solaris. We will explore the Assign and UnAssign Material LOP, different uses of collections, selection rules, geometry subsets and a quick look at MaterialX. Solaris WorkshopH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021Solaris: Creating USD Assets with Component BuilderChris RydalchSideFXCovers building USD assets in Solaris, using the Component Builder tool-set added in Houdini 19. We'll discuss what USD assets can look like, and how the Component Builder simplifies making good USD assets even for artists new to USD/Solaris. Solaris WorkshopH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021Solaris: The Secret LanguageRobert MageeSideFXWhen Houdini artists talk, it can seem like they are speaking in their own secret language. Robert explores how easy it is to understand "Houdini-speak" in relation to the new Layout, Lookdev and Lighting tools in Solaris while introducing different ways that a node-based procedural workflow can support your rendering workflows. Solaris WorkshopH19
Long TutorialOctober 2021Vellum Fluids CoursePeter QuintPeter Quint does a walk-through of the new Vellum Fluids in Houdini 19. Want to see how to set up a Vellum fluids with collision geometry, how to use the OpenCL-accelerated Minimal Solver, and get going on brushing some fluids with the new brush for Vellum Fluids? Check out this 3-part quickstart and grab the scenefiles to get up and running!
PresentationOctober 2021Motion Design in Houdini [Chinese Only]Lewis Orton / Krystal Ding / PB_zz / Yuesheng ZhengMeet motion graphics artists Lewis Orton, Krystal Ding ,PB_zz and Yuesheng Zheng, who will take you through some of their latest Houdini work. Hosted by Fan Zhang and Zhuo Zhenyuan. BeijingH18.5
Long TutorialSeptember 2021FLIP Fluids Course: Crashing WaveMark SpevickEscape StudiosExplore the crashing wave shot along with a quick tour of the lessons that you will be completing to achieve the same result. This will give you a good idea of where these lessons are taking you to help you orient yourself as you work through all the steps.
Long TutorialSeptember 2021An Intro to Vertex Animation Textures for Unreal and UnitySimon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how the Vertex Animation Texture tool (VAT) bakes the animation of a mesh into a texture that can then be used to create motion in a game engine. Learn how this technique works and then take a quick look at the SideFX Labs VAT exporter.
PresentationAugust 2021HDAs for Level Generation in Unreal EngineVictor SkarbyeTruemax AcademyThis project is the result of Victor's bachelor's degree final project, where he created game-ready HDAs using Unreals BSP brushes to create a level generation system inside of Unreal Engine. The presentation will go through the creation of some of the HDAs, getting it inside of Unreal, and showcasing how the tool works inside of the engine. LAH18.5
PresentationAugust 2021Worldbuilding with USDGrant MillerIngenuity StudiosUsing recent work with Spotify as a case study, we'll cover USD at a variety of levels. From an artist-friendly intro to a behind-the-scenes look at production files, you'll walk away with a great overview of how USD has transformed our pipeline at Ingenuity Studios. SIGGRAPH HIVEH18.5
PresentationAugust 2021Why do I keep coming back to Houdini?Alex VeauxTendril StudioA range of projects that demonstrate why I keep coming back to Houdini, whether that is for personal or professional work at Tendril. We'll go over a few different techniques that can be used for character work, and then we'll dive into practical tips and tricks for working in a studio with a diversified toolset. SIGGRAPH HIVEH18.5
PresentationAugust 2021SideFX Labs 2021 New and improved Workflows for ArtistsPaul Ambrosiussen / Mai AoSideFXSeveral enhancements that have been made with a focus on improved UX and functionality, as well as some new additions to the toolset. SIGGRAPH HIVEH18.5
PresentationAugust 2021In the Eye of the Storm | Large scale fluid and Volume SimulationsAndreas GiesenRISE | Visual Effects StudiosWe will hear about the creation of photo realistic oceans and ships that sail directly into a water-tornado and the sinking of an incredibly high island into foaming waters, focusing on large scale fluid simulations and volumetric effects. SIGGRAPH HIVEH18.5
PresentationAugust 2021Fractals & other Procedural Madness in 3D 360°VRAdrian MeyerAdrian Meyer talks about the Houdini Pipeline developed for his awarded Cinematic 360°VR Experience STRANDS OF MIND. Covering his unique approach to bringing fractals to Houdini, custom PDG toolsets, automated Megascans and Speedtree workflows, the challenges arising with stereo 360°VR and more. SIGGRAPH HIVEH18.5
PresentationAugust 2021Firehawk PDG Tools: Orchestrating VFX assets at ScaleAndrew GrahamRising Sun PicturesFirehawk PDG is an open source Houdini package for production being built since PDG became generally available.We consider: Orchestrating many versioned assets across shots with minimal resources; Reproducing output: immutability and idempotence; Integration with asset databases; Multiple schedulers. SIGGRAPH HIVEH18.5
Long TutorialJuly 2021Lighting in SolarisVaro CastanedaMIX TrainingQuickly explore the different topics being taught in this series of videos. Discover what you are going to learn about lighting in the Solaris context of Houdini. This will allow you to determine if this is the right tutorial for you. GameDev HIVEH18.5
Long TutorialJuly 2021Kitchen Generator ToolIan BonifacicThe Kitchen Generator tool allows you to generate variations of kitchen configurations within 3ds Max, through the use of Houdini Engine. You can work with the existing kitchen starter-pack, which contains sets of cupboards, shelves, sink, panels and parts. Download the scene files and build your very own kitchen!
PresentationJuly 2021SideFXLabs 2021 - New and Improved Workflows for ArtistsPaul Ambrosiussen / Mai AoSideFXSeveral enhancements that have been made with a focus on improved UX and functionality, as well as some new additions to the toolset. GameDev HIVEH18.5
PresentationJuly 2021Prototyping Stylized Landscapes in HoudiniPatrick McAvenaMoving Pieces InteractiveBehind the scenes on designing stylized landscapes for our game Shoulders of Giants. We'll learn some tips and tricks and a few different approaches to creating unique looking landscapes for games. GameDev HIVEH18.5
PresentationJuly 2021Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales / Ratchet & Clank: Rift ApartDavid Santiago / Xray HalperinInsomniac GamesAn overview of some of the procedural systems and tools developed to generate open world content for “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales” and “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart”. GameDev HIVEH18.5
PresentationJuly 2021Environments of Crash Bandicoot:
On the Run!
Miguel MendezKINGCrash Bandicoot: On The Run! is King's first released game that relies heavily on Houdini for its environments and during prototyping phase. This talk focuses on the 18 month evolution of the tools as a process of discovery that involved tech and art working close and would go from refinement to profound shifts in mindset and data layout. GameDev HIVEH18.5
PresentationJuly 2021Xuan Yuan Sword FranchiseSolomon TemowoPlayeriumPLAYERIUM helped to define how the beloved Xuan Yuan Sword franchise from SOFTSTAR, could be refreshed for todays players; Using Houdini as an integral part of the prototyping of FX, parametric level design/layout, and destruction to establish an holistic creative and technical vision for Softstar. GameDev HIVEH18.5
Long TutorialJuly 2021Houdini Digital Assets for BeginnersSimon VerstraeteSideFXLearn what a Houdini Digital Asset is and how it can be created to streamline workflows in your studio. Then create a simple chain asset that is controlled by an external curve. Learn how to promote parameters and build a simple user interface for the tool.
PresentationJuly 2021Mardini HighlightsDavid TornoSelect highlights from two of David's Mardini entries. He will focus on his Houdini work for "Fantasy" (tree trunks and swaying vines) and "Valley" (simple art directed mountains). LAH18.5
Long TutorialJune 2021KineFX Rigging for Beginners | FurdudeRobert MageeSideFXLearn to rig, animate and add fur to a two legged character named Fur Dude. Starting with existing geometry, you will draw the skeleton, capture the geometry then build rig controls for an animation rig. You will then keyframe a run cycle and add fur to the surface of the creature.
MasterclassJune 2021H18 Pyro | Building a Combustion ModelJeff LaitSideFXThis master class builds several different combustion models inside of the new Pyrosolver SOP. These include the Houdini 17.5 combustion, oxygen limited combustion, and flamefront controlled combustion.
PresentationJune 2021World Building in HoudiniSimon VerstraeteSideFXAn overview on world building in Houdini for game engines. Simon goes over creating procedural terrains in Houdini to asset placement in the scene. OrlandoH18.5
Quick TutorialMay 2021Vellum NodesPaul EstevesA series of fast and fun Vellum tutorials - Cloth, Balloon, Hair, Glue, Pin to Target, Grains, Strut Softbody, Rest Blend, Tetrahedral Softbody, Weld.
PresentationMay 2021The VFX Industry in Cairo [Arabic Only]Mahmoud Ageena / Mohamed KrakMBC Group / FreelanceMahmoud Ageena talks about how using Houdini and Unreal Engine together has improved his creativity and productivity as a Flame / VFX artist working in broadcast branding field. Mohamed Krak then talks about Houdini in advertising and film, and how the demand on VFX works is rising in Cairo. CairoH18.5
PresentationMay 2021A Shot from Start to FinishKenny ClarkSideFXA quick overview of how to plan and execute a shot for your own demo reel aimed towards Houdini students or newcomers who might be struggling with their first personal projects. LAH18.5
PresentationMay 2021Fun with Solaris and RendermanErhardian (Hardi) SiswadiSideFXAn overview of Hardi's first project as an intern at SideFX where he was tasked with making a small project of his own idea and had to use Solaris and Renderman; both of which he had barely touched before. LAH18.5
PresentationMay 2021It's Not All About Vellum in Cloth SimulationSantiago Jiménez FrancésTrazos SchoolIn this presentation we talk about the importance of the work done before and after a simulation in order to achieve the desired result. MadridH18.5
PresentationMay 2021A Pipeline from Scratch - Making of the Evil Genius 2 Cinematic TrailerMarco Dörner / Aleksandr UusmeesRebellion VFXTune in for a look at the brand new USD pipeline from Rebellion VFX that was used to bring the Evil Genius 2 trailer to life. Aleksandr and Marco talk about their experience on the project from an FX and Lighting point of view. FMX HIVEH18.5
PresentationMay 2021Workflows from a Solaris ProductionAndreas WeidmanSwiss InternationalThe tricks, tips, and lessons learned from our first Solaris production. What to expect, the challenges faced; and the solutions we found while working with variants, instances, animated shaders and much more. FMX HIVEH18.5
PresentationMay 2021RenderMan 24 - Bringing Powerful New Tools To HoudiniSarah Forcier / Ernst janssen Groesbeek / Hristo ArabadzhiyskiPixar / 9to3 AnimationPixar’s lead developer of the RenderMan for Houdini plugin, Sarah Forcier, will show where state-of-the-art rendering technology is headed in the upcoming version of RenderMan 24, with updates on XPU, Lama, and other major features in this upcoming release. FMX HIVEH18.5
PresentationMay 2021Solaris and Karma in ProductionChristopher Hiess / Ben LutzArx AnimaAn introduction into their USD based pipeline on the bases of their current project. They will give us some insights into their current production and demonstrate how Houdini Solaris and Karma have made their pipeline more efficient and flexible. FMX HIVEH18.5
PresentationMay 2021Stags & Stripes, Creating Photoreal CharactersAhmed Gharraph / Gabriela SalmeronFramestoreAn in-depth look at the process we went through to create two very different creatures for two very different Television shows. FMX HIVEH18.5
PresentationMay 2021Houdini and Motion GraphicsMaxime HacquardMhsprodIn this talk, Maxime will share his experience about starting Houdini for 3D Motion Design and talk about his director point of view about picking an artist for a project. OFFF HIVEH18.5
PresentationMay 2021Playstation 5 - Play Has No LimitsMike BattcockTime Based ArtsAn overview and breakdown of the VFX completed by Time Based Arts for the PlayStation 5 advert "Play Has No Limits". The advert is almost entirely CGI and contains a huge number of FX, assets, environments and characters, including a kraken and rock troll! OFFF HIVEH18.5
PresentationMay 2021Shape ShiftingSimon HolmedalPanoplyA breakdown of Panoply's project for Herradura, covering the unconventional transition techniques. OFFF HIVEH18.5
PresentationMay 2021Heightfields in MotionTim BollandManvsMachineHeightfields in Houdini work wonderfully well, and can be used for far more than just terrains. Over the past few years we have played around with them in various set-ups, taking advantage of their quick speed and extensive tool-set. My plan will be to show you a few examples, and elaborate on how Heightfields have helped enable some of our more interesting shots. OFFF HIVEH18.5
PresentationMay 2021Painting with DataWill MacNeilThe MillWill’s talk looks at his weather paintings system, D’istral. Will will go through the process behind acquiring live weather data and using it to create generative images, all within Houdini. This will include a quick look at Python scripting as well as massaging data values and then connecting them a generative art system. OFFF HIVEH18.5
PresentationMay 2021XK studio x HoudiniAlexa Sirbu / Lukas VojirXK studioFrom conception to delivery, Houdini is at the core of all XK studio's productions. This presentation will show how Houdini helps in producing a range of visuals for art, fashion, beauty and technology clients. OFFF HIVEH18.5
PresentationMay 2021Mograph LiquidsMark FancherAlready Been ChewedA few techniques for creating "fake liquid" effects in Houdini. By "fake", I mean non-simulated effects that appear liquid-like in terms of stylized motion design. This is basically volume-building on steroids. Setups I've created and used in production that lean heavily on the VDB toolset to achieve super flexible control over liquid-like behavior in SOPs. OFFF HIVEH18.5
Quick TutorialMay 2021Houdini Engine for Unreal | Instancing & VariationSimon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to set up instancing in your Houdini Digital Assets to work properly with Houdini Engine for Unreal. Learn the packed/copy method and a new method using instance attributes. Also how to instance a variety of objects and how to weight their presence in your system.
Quick TutorialMay 2021Houdini Engine for Unity | Instancing & VariationSimon VerstraeteSideFXLearn how to set up instancing in your Houdini Digital Assets to work properly with Houdini Engine for Unity. Learn the packed/copy method and a new method using instance attributes. Also how to instance a variety of objects and how to weight their presence in your system.
PresentationApril 2021Abstract Hydrodynamics with HoudiniKate Xagoraris / David ErtsinianMr X / PixomondoHow to create Jupiter’s atmosphere in Houdini. Kate and David go over how to produce these atmospheric effects by using some awesome hydrodynamic tools, particles, and ideas. New YorkH18.5
PresentationApril 2021Making of the FlowBence CzanikBence will show you how he created his flowing-glowing tubes for Mardini challenge day six. He will guide you through the SOP network and show the material setup for 3Delight renderer. Mardini HIVEH18.5
PresentationApril 2021VEX of the Ancients: A Mardini BreakdownGareth McFarlaneIn this presentation we'll go throught a brief breakdown of my submission for Day 7 of the Houdini Mardini challenge: STONE. (warning! contains copious VEX and a blatant disregard for syntax...) Mardini HIVEH18.5