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Long TutorialNovember 2017Speeding up your 3D workflow with Procedural ModelingLuis GarciaH16 "Lune" Garcia will show the basics of procedural modeling using Houdini and Houdini Engine to create game assets for Unity. The main goal is to increase your art quality while also reducing your production time.
Long TutorialNovember 2017eXiin WorkflowKwanboH16 a closer look at the tools and technology being used to create 'Ary and the Secret of Seasons' with Kwanbo Kim, eXiin's Lead Artist. Some of the examples he will show you include trees, stairs, character rigging & animation, and more.
Long TutorialNovember 2017FlowmapsAndreas GladH16.5 how to create a flowmap using the new Flow Map tools in Houdini. You will see how control the flowmap velocities, and also how to manually comb it if you wish for more specific control. Then how to assemble your riverbed in Unreal Engine.
MasterclassNovember 2017Fur & Hair GroomingKai StavginskiH16.51:00:23 masterclass introduces new fur & hair grooming features in Houdini 16.5. The new features are first introduced individually, then put to good use in an examples project that simulates wet fur, with the fur being driven by velocities of a flip simulation.
MasterclassNovember 2017Open CL vs VEXJeff LaitH161:42:28 OpenCL SOP and DOP allow you to take advantage of your GPU to do computations. This Masterclass walks through how to use the OpenCL SOP. It also addresses when you should use OpenCL, and when you should use VEX.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017UV LayoutFianna WongH16.5 how you can arbitrarily select uv islands, and pack that selection into an area of your uv tile which already has existing uv tiles. It also shows you what Pack Between Non-Group Islands can do, as well as the new option Pack Islands in Cavities.
WebinarNovember 2017Houdini PipelinesJeff WagnerH16.5 webinar focuses on good pipeline practices for the Houdini user. Whether you are a lone user plugging away or you are working with a large group of Houdini users within a studio pipeline, you have to know how to take control of the pipeline world around you.
MasterclassSeptember 2017HeightfieldsJeff LaitH160:37:58 16's new terrain tools are built on heightfields. Heightfields in Houdini are groups of 2D volumes displayed in the viewport and at render time, as a distorted grid. In this masterclass, we delve into what these are, and how you can use them beyond terrains.
Long TutorialAugust 2017A Little Particle StreamAri DaneshH160:37:16 is a beginner tutorial. Learn about Point and Primitive attributes. Using the Particle SOP and the Primitive SOP. Learn how to create an inline DOPnetwork. Create point attributes to sort all the particles by emitter point and create curves...
WorkshopAugust 2017Getting Started with GrainsRob StaufferSIGGH160:30:41 this class SideFX's Rob Stauffer covers the basics of working with grains. We will look using shelf tools for setting up dry and wet sand and will look at clumping and constraints.
WorkshopAugust 2017Masterclass: CrowdsCameron WhiteSIGGH160:47:59's Cameron White shows how to use Houdini's tools for simulating crowd agents as ragdolls. Topics covered include: best practices for setting up collision geometry and joint limits, crowd solver integration, heightfields, and more.
WorkshopAugust 2017Rigging & MusclesScott KeatingSIGGH160:33:18's Scott Keating covers a variety of rigging methods inside of Houdini, from Auto-Rigging to custom networks. From there, he covers a variety of techniques for adding muscles to your character and simulating the result.1
WorkshopAugust 2017Masterclass: Animating using CHOPs and ContraintsGuillaume LaferriereSIGGH160:53:17 this Masterclass, SideFX's Guillaume Laferriere demonstrates how to use the Constraints introduced in Houdini 16 to animate characters. How to reparent objects during animation, how to animate a rolling cube and how to make a character walk on a path.
WorkshopAugust 2017VFX of “Attraction” Motion PictureMikhail LesinSIGGNA0:51:51 Road Post's Mikhail Lesin provides in-depth details of VFX production for Attraction. We will go right from the early stage of pre-production through all fascinating effects. How we generate an authentic city and then destroy it, develop design of alien exoskeleton and spaceship, make genuine clouds and atmosphere...
WorkshopAugust 2017Boolean or not Boolean: Fun with FracturingSteven KnippingSIGGH160:57:37 Knipping of the Applied Houdini video tutorial series talks about Houdini 16's new workflows for making awesome looking fractures faster and easier! He'll discuss how to art direct certain material looks and when to use booleans, voronoi, for loops and more!
WorkshopAugust 2017Procedural Scattering in Houdini Engine and UnityJohn MoncriefSIGGH160:57:37's John Moncrief examines an advanced scatter tool created using HE for Unity. Takes you through building a tool that will randomize and scatter assets (like trees or rocks) based on several factors incl slope calculations, curve based boundaries, etc
WorkshopAugust 2017Houdini 16 Games Tools UpdatesLuiz Kruel / Mike LyndonSIGGH160:48:27 you through the workflows developed to make it easier to export data from Houdini to your game engine. Includes an overview of the games rendering pipeline, which informs a lot of the decisions on how to generate and optimize content. Essential viewing for Houdini TDs transitioning from film to games.1
WorkshopAugust 2017Procedural Level Building in UE4Robert MageeSIGGH160:56:58 how you can create procedural assets in Houdini that can be used to build game levels in UE4. He talks about how to create these assets in Houdini's node-based environment and how to deploy them using the Houdini Engine for UE4 plug-in.
WorkshopAugust 2017Castle VR OverviewRob StaufferSIGGH160:15:19's Rob Stauffer takes a look at the assets and workflows used to create a VR game in Unity. We will look at the assets we created and how they were incorporated in the game, including Houdini Engine.1
WorkshopAugust 2017Virtual Authenticity: Houdini for VR StorytellingWinslow PorterSIGGH160:52:23 Reality Co., creators of the critically-acclaimed cinematic VR drama Giant and the haptically enhanced follow-up piece Tree, will expand upon their utilization of Houdini to finesse virtual environments with photorealistic 3D assets.
WorkshopAugust 2017Procedural Rock Formations for UE4Saber JlassiSIGGH160:36:39 procedural rock formation and cliffs can be very challenging due to all the complex natural patterns. Using Houdini VDB volumes and voronoi fracturing, Saber Jlassi shows how this problem can be solved to create all kinds of complex rock formation.
WorkshopAugust 2017Topobuild 3.0 Sneak PeakFianna WongSIGGH160:22:17 was recently released only a few months ago, but we are already working on new tools. SideFX's Fianna Wong gives you a sneak peek on one of the features coming down the pipe for surfacing tools - specifically the TopoBuild toolset.
WorkshopAugust 2017Believability in Procedural Modelling: Layering of Simple RulesAnastasia OparaSIGGH160:46:06 modelling is, in a way, like painting, where complexity emerges from the interaction of simple rules. Thus, we can achieve great intricacy and believability from layering the simplest rules if we analyse correctly our own thought patterns.
WorkshopAugust 2017Lighting and RenderingScott KeatingSIGGH160:57:56 some of Mantra's new rendering capabilities and how to take advantage of the new Material workflows in Houdini 16. From there, we will look at how to take advantage of Material Style Sheets when assigning materials and assembling your scene.
WorkshopAugust 2017Procedural Modelling/LookDevMatt EbbSIGGH160:26:01 use Houdini's perfectly good renderer when you can make your own weird substitute (inside Houdini)? Matt will show how a little bit of rendering knowledge can be dangerously useful.
WorkshopAugust 2017How to Get a Studio Job in FXPANELSIGGH160:52:12 industry recruiters tell you everything you will need to know in order to make a great first impression, get your reel ready to show off, and more. Moderated by Ian Failes. Panelists from The Mill, Double Negative, and Pixar.
WorkshopAugust 2017The Secret Language of HoudiniRobert MageeSIGGH160:27:41 Houdini artists talk, it can seem like they are speaking in a secret language. In this session, Robert Magee teaches you how to understand "Houdini-speak" while learning how a node-based procedural workflow can support your film, TV and gamedev projects.
WorkshopAugust 2017SideFX Intern Program - Feather ToolsTighe RzankowskiSIGGH160:26:41 Intern Program - Feather Tools
WorkshopAugust 2017A Day in the Life of a Studio ArtistPANELSIGGH160:44:53 unique look at the transition from student to professional artist, from the perspective five young artists who have made such a transition. Moderated by Ian Failes. Panelists include Nema Safvati, David Chow Michelle Lee, Nha Ca Chau, and Kristen Eggleston.
WebinarJuly 2017Pyro Tips & TricksJeff WagnerH162:16:55* SCENE FILES: * SideFX's Jeff "Old School" Wagner takes you through intermediate-level tips and tricks in Houdini Pyro... - Building Pyro networks inside…
Long TutorialJune 2017CurveSweeper - Intro to Houdini Engine - Houdini for GamesAndreas GladH160:30:52 this one, you will learn how to create a mesh that is known by many names like, swooshes, soulercoasters, trailmeshes. In the tutorial, we'll build a tool (digital asset) that allows us to…1
MasterclassJune 2017Compiled SOPsJeff LaitH160:56:31 in Houdini 16 is the ability to block-off a group of nodes to be compiled. This unlocks the ability to multithread for-each loops, but requires some attention to detail. This masterclass runs…1
WorkshopJune 2017Rigging in Houdini 16Michael GoldfarbEUEH160:49:17's own Michael Goldfarb takes you through all the latest and greatest rigging and animation features that are included in Houdini 16.
WorkshopJune 2017Assets That Care: Why I'm Rebuilding all my Realtime VFX Workflows in HoudiniAndreas GladEUEH160:37:09 Glad is a VFX Artist with a specialization in the games industry. In this session, he will share with you some of his valuable insights on how to optimize your realtime VFX workflow.
WorkshopJune 2017Building Production Oriented Assets in HoudiniSimon FiedlerEUEH160:44:24 Fiedler is a freelance 3D Artist based in Mainz, Germany. In his discussion he will share a wide variety of tips and tricks using examples that include a procedurally-generated feather system…
WorkshopJune 2017Algorithmic Design in HoudiniEntagma (Moritz)EUEH160:42:15 Schwind from Entagma provides his insights on designing in Houdini using algorithms, using the beautifully intricate design of a snowflake (snow crystal) as a key example.
Long TutorialMay 2017Cloudscape - Houdini for GamesAndreas GladH160:27:14 video is going to show how to create a cloudscape for Unreal Engine 4 using a skyrig that we're going to make in Houdini, then convert it to a mesh and use it as a spawn surface in Unreal.…1
WebinarMay 2017Houdini in the PipelineRob StaufferH161:00:30* Working files: * SideFX's Rob Stauffer takes you through the basics of production in Houdini... - Houdini integration for beginners - Project structure and…
WebinarMay 2017Houdini VOPsJeff WagnerH162:36:16* Working Files: * Jeff Wagner digs into VOPs - visual programming for everyone! VOPs delivers powerful shading and geometry manipulation tools and much more. Topics…
WorkshopMay 2017Intro to Motion GraphicsHelge MausFMXH161:00:50"Besides the various simulation solvers and the procedural approach of doing things, the integration into the Games and VFX world, through Digital Assets, is one of the key benefits for artists…
WorkshopMay 2017Design/VFX/Generative ArtEntagmaFMXH161:00:54's Manuel & Moritz share their insights (and humour) on how to successfully combine physics, biology, VFX and design into a new approach to Motion Design using Houdini.
WorkshopMay 2017Shading in Houdini 16Kai StavginskiFMXH160:43:55 introduction to Houdini 16's redesigned shading workflow and enhanced shading capabilities. With Material Networks, Houdini now has a unified context in which you build, combine and assign…
WorkshopMay 2017Fur in Houdini 16Kai StavginskiFMXH160:25:43 introduction to Houdini 16's redesigned fur tools. Learn about the open SOP-based approach to grooming without black boxes, unrestricted layering of grooming operations and rich set of dedicated…
Long TutorialApril 2017SplashMesh! - Houdini for GamesAndreas GladH160:18:37 a nice and thick mudsplash in Unreal Engine 4, using a FLIP tank in Houdini. Literally go from an empty scene, set up your FLIP tank, throw a rock down (it's really just a deformed sphere)…1
MasterclassApril 2017New Shading Features in Houdini 16Kai StavginskiH160:26:27 masterclass covers new shading features in Houdini 16. The focus is on aspects that enable visual effects which weren't possible before. For example realistic absorption and dispersion.…
MasterclassApril 2017Custom Shading MasterclassKai StavginskiH160:40:50 16 moves shading and shader building into a new unified context called Material Networks. This masterclass by Kai Stavginski goes over everything you need to use the new context and build…
WebinarApril 2017Geometry Workflows in Houdini 16Jeff WagnerH162:08:21's Jeff "Old School" Wagner dives into geometry workflows in Houdini 16, including the new SOPs and network-building methods. Topics will include: - Copy SOP replacements…
WebinarApril 2017Houdini for GamesLuiz KruelH161:38:43's Luiz Kruel explores Houdini 16's new Games Shelf Tools. Topics include: - Learn how to create simple source scenes for cloth,…
MasterclassMarch 2017Autorig Tools MasterclassMichael GoldfarbH160:33:06 16 includes the new modular Autorigs system. This masterclass provides an introduction to the tools and demonstrates a complete workflow starting with an imported character mesh all the way…
MasterclassMarch 2017FLIP Fluids MasterclassRyan GoldadeH161:00:12 have added some exciting new features to the Flip Fluid simulation tools in Houdini 16. We now provide better control of the simulation through the waterline, boundary layer and variable slip viscosity…
MasterclassMarch 2017Hair & Fur MasterclassKai StavginskiH161:13:47 16 comes with a redesigned set of Fur and Hair tools. This masterclass introduces the new workflow and techniques from the ground up. We look at the structure and overall design of fur object…
Quick TutorialMarch 2017View ToolsRob MageeH160:03:20 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialMarch 2017WorkspaceRob MageeH160:03:58 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialMarch 2017Panes & TabsRob MageeH160:02:45 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialMarch 2017Network ViewRob MageeH160:06:08 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialMarch 2017Navigating NetworksRob MageeH160:04:35 tutorial.11
WorkshopMarch 2017Procedural Assets for UE4Rob MageeGDCH160:21:10 this presentation, Robert Magee will show how you can create procedural assets in Houdini that can be loaded into Unreal Engine 4 using the Houdini Engine plug-in. He will talk about how assets…
WorkshopMarch 2017Procedural Art for IndiesLuis GarciaGDCH160:12:31 Garcia, also known as “Lune” is an indie game developer working on the project “Suki & the Shadow Klaw” for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Playstation Vita and PC platforms.…
WorkshopMarch 2017Castle Defender VRGabriel ValdiviaGDCH160:23:24 his presentation, Gabriel talks about the Castle Defender VR project. He walks through the creation of the Houdini Digital Assets used to build the cartoony environment, along with how they were implemented using Houdini Engine. He also talks about the process of creating the game characters in Houdini from modeling to rigging to animation.
WorkshopMarch 2017Herding Rocks - Procedural AnimationMichael LyndonGDCH160:13:48 Lyndon is a visual effects artist, teacher, mentor and team leader. He has a broad range of experience creating computer graphics for commercials, films and video games.Michael's talk…
WorkshopMarch 2017Houdini 16 Game ShelfLuiz KruelGDCH160:49:32 this presentation, Luiz teaches how to use the new Games Tool Shelf that is included with Houdini 16. He will go over the new normal map nodes for COPs, Flowmap Tools, Make Loop SOP, RBD to FBX…
MasterclassFebruary 2017Ocean Tools MasterclassJohn LynchH162:05:08 masterclass starts by examining the meaning of an ocean "spectrum", then explores the additions in Houdini 16 and how they can create "infinite" oceans with particle-based foam, plus embedded FLIP simulations using an Extended Surface workflow.1
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Network Editor | Duplicate WiresFianna WongH160:02:09 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Network Editor | AlignFianna WongH160:01:37 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Network Editor | Dots & WiresFianna WongH160:05:00 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Network Editor | Stickies, Network Boxes & Background ImagesFianna WongH160:05:37 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Network Editor | QuickmarksFianna WongH160:04:14 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Hair & Fur | MaskingFianna WongH160:06:13 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Hair & Fur | Guide ProcessFianna WongH160:04:58 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Suction FluidFianna WongH160:06:06 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Viscosity with SlippageFianna WongH160:06:37 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Compositing ThumbnailsFianna WongH160:03:22 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Boolean ShatterFianna WongH160:05:00 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Network Editor | Node Ring & Info PanelFianna WongH160:04:39 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Network Editor | DependenciesFianna WongH160:02:40 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Network Editor | Colors, Shapes & NavigatorFianna WongH160:02:34 tutorial.11
Quick TutorialFebruary 2017Terrain | Heightfield OverviewFianna WongH160:04:08 tutorial.11
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