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Quick TutorialJune 2018SketchFab UploaderLuiz KruelThe Sketchfab uploader is now available in the Game Development Toolset in Houdini. In this video, we run through the whole process of loading a model into Houdini all the way to seeing it in the browser.
PresentationJune 2018MOPs - Motion Graphics Operators for HoudiniMoritz Schwind, Henry aka ToadstormMotion graphics studios are increasingly adapting Houdini into their pipeline, so we need a versatile toolset to quickly iterate and experiment in order to meet todays client's demands. In this session, Moritz and Toadstorm give a quick intro to their newly released MOPs tools.
PresentationJune 2018VEX Driven WorkflowsDavid KahlAfter a brief VEX intro, David creates a demo of the VEX approach. He also showcases the features of a procedural VEX-driven sci-fi corridor generator, along with highlighting the problems that occurred during creation and how they were solved using VEX.
PresentationJune 2018Adapting Houdini FX into Your PipelineHelge MausPixelTrain's Helge Maus talks about strategies of integrating Houdini FX into small boutique pipelines, shows fields in which this amazing software can help you solve day by day problems and how to approach your first projects.
PresentationJune 2018Approaching Houdini: Effective Learning TechniquesMark SpevickPearson College / Escape Studios' Mark Spevick walks through how to approach learning Houdini, and some of the fundamental concepts behind how it works. Understanding these concepts lays a solid foundation on which to continue building and understanding Houdini.
PresentationJune 2018Houdini for Game CinematicsNikolay SkolkovNikolay covers some of the techniques used at Wargaming for the mind blowing cinematics they create, including... 1) Rust spreading / Decay, 2) Low-Cost Sand Storm, 3) FEM Crushed Car.
PresentationJune 2018Houdini for VRScott KeatingSideFX's Scott Keating demonstrates tools to help you design and plan your virtual worlds - including polygon reduction and procedural set dressing techniques as well as some of the ways Houdini can be used to analyze your scene and optimize your resources.
PresentationJune 2018Point by PointSimon FiedlerSimon demonstrates a collection of techniques on how to create geometry using simple VEX code and deforming objects with generated data.
PresentationJune 2018Destroy the ShoeTim van HelsdingenNetherlands studio Colorbleed asked freelance artist Tim van Helsdingen to come on board once again to work on a single-shot FX filled extravaganza for Solidgear. Tim outlines his setups, the issues they faced, and how they handled the Houdini > Maya/Vray pipeline.
PresentationJune 2018Procedural World Generation of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5Etienne CarrierHow do you create 100 square km of wilderness with a terrain changing every day? Ubisoft's solution on 'Far Cry 5' was to develop a set of procedural tools to generate biomes, texture the terrain, setup freshwater networks, generate cliff rocks and more.
WebinarMay 2018KISS Pyro FXJeff WagnerHoudini provides so many different ways to build up networks that we must always KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. This webinar will focus on simplifying the simulation of Pyro in Houdini.
MasterclassMay 2018Rigging Series - 04 Left Hand & Left Arm CompletionMichael GoldfarbIn Part 4 we rig the Left Hand and finish the Left Arm. The Hand has global and individual controls for finger curl, splay, fan and flex. The Left Arm and Hand mirrors to the Right side. We finish the Left and Right Arms by adding twist for both upper and lower arm bones.
Long TutorialMay 2018Guard Tower SeriesKenny LammersShows beginning Houdini users how to construct game ready units using Houdini. The learning series shows the process of building up the parts and pieces of the props using only Houdini to procedurally produce each asset.
PresentationMay 2018Procedural Title SequenceSimon HolmedalSimon shows his workflow when designing abstract effects for motion graphics using Houdini as his primary weapon of choice from early development and RND to final production. We also review the development of the title sequence for “Us by night”.
PresentationMay 2018All Your Clones Are Belong To Us!Moritz Schwind & Manuel Cassola MerkleManuel And Moritz present the techniques they've been implementing since deciding to use Houdini as their go to tool for advanced motion graphics projects. They brought anecdotes, behind the scenes info, infamous hacks and other surprises.
PresentationMay 2018Pentakill & GWRSimon French & Dean RobinsonElectric Theatre Collective presents work from two of 2017’s most creative and challenging fully CG projects - Pentakill “Mortal Reminder” and GWR “Five go on a Great Western Adventure”.
PresentationMay 2018Audi Pure ImaginationAlex Hammond & Dan YargiciOver the course of six months a team of Mill artists worked to realise the vision of cult director GMUNK and his brief. The task was to visualise the way an artificial intelligence might perceive, conceive and create a car ad for Audi.
PresentationMay 2018Five Elements of VFX - WaterJeff WagnerLearn about many different ways you can use to make, shape and bend water entirely in Houdini. Make water conform to deforming shapes, creating directed stormy oceans, calm water with ripples, dripping water, water with variable viscosity, bubbles and more.
PresentationMay 2018Custom Shading in Game TrailersSergio CairesThe evolution of the subsurface scatter shader over the years at Axis Animation.
Long TutorialApril 2018VAT PaintsplatAndreas GladHow to create a Paintsplat projectile in UE4. I'll take you through the creation of Vertex Animation Texture splashes as well as creating a decal based on baking a FLIP splat. We will start with an empty Houdini scene and finish with a paintlaunching gun in engine.
WebinarApril 2018Material Style Sheets - Pt 2Jeff WagnerPart Two on MSS focuses on CVEX overrides and using MSS outside of Houdini. The bottlecaps example is worked up from scratch in Houdini looking at the process of using VOPs to construct a CVEX run-time procedural.
Long TutorialApril 2018Fire PresetsMike LyndonThe Fire Presets Tool wraps up the source, solver and visualisation of a pyro sim making it quicker and easier to generate fire of different sizes as well as use your own source to emit fire from.
PresentationApril 2018Adventures In Procedural DesignWill MacNeilWill MacNeil talks about recent design work at The Mill, with a focus on two projects: 1) MUSTANG - a playful new spot for Ford Mustang’s latest campaign, ‘Make it Personal’, and 2) LUSH - a film created via biometric data visualization.
MasterclassApril 2018Rigging Series - 03 Left ArmMichael GoldfarbIn Part 3, we will begin rigging the Left Arm. The arm will have both Forward and Inverse Kinematics, the ability to twist both the upper and lower arm as well as 'space switching' for the wrist.
WebinarMarch 2018Material Style Sheets - Pt 1Jeff WagnerFocus on using Material Style Sheets to apply material looks and Mantra render properties to Packed archives. Also look at SOHO and how it relates to Material Style Sheets. A few examples will be worked up covering the most used options of Material Style sheets.
PresentationMarch 2018Procedural Game Content Workflows in Houdini, Houdini Engine, and UnityKenny LammersLearn how the Houdini Engine and Procedural Content workflows can help you produce your game content faster and with the ability to change that content on the fly. Learn how to install Houdini Engine and how to incorporate assets into your game content pipeline.
PresentationMarch 2018Houdini FoundationsRobert MageeFor game devs new to Houdini, this presentation shows concepts and ideas that make Houdini, and its procedural node-based workflow, the perfect solution for creating next level game art. Also learn how to access Learning Paths for building up your Houdini skills.
PresentationMarch 2018Building TerrainsAri DaneshCreate realistic terrains for games using Houdini’s height field tools. Starting from scratch, add patterns, noise and 3D projections to shape the terrain, then erosion tools for added levels of realism. Learn to scatter points to populate the terrain with trees, rocks, and snow.
PresentationMarch 2018Game Development Made Easy Using HoudiniPaul AmbrosiussenPaul demonstrates that Houdini for Game Development is NOT hard(!) by featuring ways GameDev Tools simplify your workflow. Using the toolset in Houdini enables you to focus on building high-quality creative experiences, rather than technical nightmares.
PresentationMarch 2018Houdini Engine for Autodesk Maya and 3DS MaxRobert MageeDiscover the best way to bring procedural tools into Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3DS Max. Build digital assets in Houdini then open them up in their favorite app while the Houdini Engine plug-ins run under-the-hood to deliver game-ready content.
PresentationMarch 2018Game Development Tips and TricksLuiz KruelDiscover the production techniques used on this year's SideFX game demo. Luiz will be sharing some details on a wide variety of tricks designed for games, including tips on Terrain, Houdini Engine, Sweeping Geometry, Stadium Crowds, Modelling and Texturing.
PresentationMarch 2018Automated Photogrammetry To Game Res PipelineLuiz KruelAs Photogrammetry becomes a deeper part of productions, the need for a pipeline emerges. Luiz will show how to use Houdini and Reality Capture to generate high resolution meshes and convert them to game ready assets in minutes.
PresentationMarch 2018High Quality Integrated Workflows Made EasyMike LyndonIn this video you will see how to use multiple game dev tools to quickly generate production quality fire assets and get them into your game engine. And then we'll cover some tools and techniques for getting fluid data from Houdini into your game engine.
PresentationMarch 2018Texturing in Houdini using Quixel MegascansLuiz KruelHoudini's powerful material context, combined with Mantra, allows for a new way of texturing high resolution assets. Quixel's high quality Megascans are a great compliment to that workflow; allow Luiz to teach you the fundamentals of Houdini shaders.
PresentationMarch 2018Hex Map GeneratorAnjeong Go & Fianna WongThere are many ways to create a game environment - we have developed an automatic map creator for strategy or RPG-style games. Using this Hex Map Generator, it is possible to iterate many times without committing to a final map design.
PresentationMarch 2018Make More AssetsRob StaufferDiscover ways to rapidly create variants of game assets using Houdini's procedural workflow. Explore methods for generating textures and geometry by iterating over value ranges (wedging).
PresentationMarch 2018Creativity of Rules and Patterns: Designing Procedural SystemsAnastasia OparaHuman mechanisms of representing the surrounding world in a form of ‘language’ is an outstanding ability that enables us to store the information as internal compact abstractions.
PresentationMarch 2018Generating HeightField Terrain Textures in HoudiniAlex DracottGenerating HeightField terrain textures within Houdini. The basic pipeline of taking mask and height information from your Heightfield terrain, bringing it into a COP image network to generate textures and splat maps, and finally bringing it back onto your terrain.
PresentationMarch 2018Procedural Tools for Building VR worlds: A case study from Marshmallow MeleeMike MurdockWith Houdini, you’re not just building 3d models, you’re building reusable tools for your project. For Marshmallow Melee (a toy-scale VR battle game), we created a pipeline using procedural tools that allowed the team to see more in context.
PresentationMarch 2018Creating Real-Time Oceans for Call of Duty: WWIIMatt VitaloneThe latest Call of Duty game required realistic oceans and breaking waves on the beaches of Normandy that could run at 60fps. Find out how Houdini Ocean Toolkit and FLIP Fluids were used to build the data that drives these real-time oceans.
Long TutorialMarch 2018High-res Mesh PipelineMichael PavlovichWelcome to this Houdini Game Dev Toolset series by Michael Pavlovich! After watching these short introductory videos, you'll be able to create your own automated pipeline for asset creation in minutes.
Quick TutorialFebruary 2018UV Flatten | Sew UVs with Pre-existing SeamsFianna WongShows how you can sew UVs on a geometry with pre-existing seams, using UV Flatten. Be sure to watch the "UV Flatten | Cut, Sew, Align & Straighten" video if you wish for more information on the different modes and options within UV Flatten.
Quick TutorialFebruary 2018UV Flatten | Cut, Sew, Align & StraightenFianna WongModes within UV Flatten, which allow you to cut seams, sew seams, pin vertices, align vertices in U or V direction, and straighten edge loops. Also the flattening methods available: Spectral and Angle-Based and the options that are associated with each.
Long TutorialFebruary 2018Intro to VFXScott KeatingLearn how to set up a basic destruction simulation in less than 30 minutes! Presented by SideFX's Scott Keating at The VFX Festival in London, this quick overview makes it easy to follow along. FESTIVALH16.50:26:59
WebinarFebruary 2018Collisions - Part 3Jeff WagnerGood collision geometry for the various DOP solvers in Houdini. Looks at both Bullet collision geometry and FLIP colliding against static, deforming and height field colliders. Also Particle collision geometry, both SDF and surface collisions and Pyro colliders.
WebinarFebruary 2018Collisions - Part 2Jeff WagnerGood collision geometry for the various DOP solvers in Houdini. Looks at both Bullet collision geometry and FLIP colliding against static, deforming and height field colliders. Also Particle collision geometry, both SDF and surface collisions and Pyro colliders.
WebinarJanuary 2018Collisions - Part 1Jeff WagnerGood collision geometry for the various DOP solvers in Houdini. Looks at both Bullet collision geometry and FLIP colliding against static, deforming and height field colliders. Also Particle collision geometry, both SDF and surface collisions and Pyro colliders.
MasterclassDecember 2017Rigging Series - 02 Head, Eyes & NeckMichael GoldfarbIn Part 2, we will work on the Neck, Head and Eyes. We will add 'space switching' to the Head and Eyes using constraints.
MasterclassDecember 2017Rigging Series - 01 HDA & SpineMichael GoldfarbIn Part 1, we will create an HDA and start working on the spine. We will be using the Path Tool, Bones Tool, Follow Curve IK; we will create controls, create proxy geo and create HDA parameters.
MasterclassDecember 2017Rigging Series - IntroMichael GoldfarbIntro video on rigging in Houdini - HDAs, objects vs geometry, parenting and hierarchies, bones and nulls, animation controls, constraints, rotation order/gimbal lock, naming conventions, mirroring and rigging, and animation scripts.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Game Development Toolset InstallationPaul AmbrosiussenDifferent ways to install the Game Development Toolset provided by SideFX. The Game Development Toolset is a set of tools to assist the workflow of mainly, but not exclusively Game Devs. Contains Shelves, Digital Assets, Custom Desktops and Scripts.
WebinarDecember 2017COPsMike Lyndon
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 14 - Digital AssetBjorn SorensenIn this final video, we will be creating a digital asset of our quadruped rig, to be able to export it for use in a pipeline. We will also be taking a quick look at how to expose and edit select parameters in the finished asset.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 13 - CapturingBjorn SorensenIn this video, we will be exploring different methods of capturing the geometry, to drive it with the bones of the rig. We will also be looking into mirroring of the bind and the delta mush node.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 12 - EyesBjorn SorensenIn this video, we will be creating the eye setup for the character using look-at constraints.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 11 - Head FinalizationBjorn SorensenIn this video, we will be connecting the blendshapes up to our face controllers, so that the animator can drive the shapes of the face. We will also be looking into methods of limiting our controller nulls from translating too far away from the character.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 10 - HeadBjorn SorensenIn this video, we will be creating the head setup for the quadruped with jaw and ears. We will also be importing and testing our blendshapes for the face.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 09 - NeckBjorn SorensenIn this video, we will be creating the neck for the creature with an IK/FK switch.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 08 - ConnectingBjorn SorensenIn this video, we will be connecting the various rig parts up, and setting up a blend system for the front legs so that they can be driven by either the hip or world.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 07 - TailBjorn SorensenIn this video, we will be creating the tail setup with both IK and FK controllers. After having created the tail, we are going to connect it up to the spine.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 06 - SpineBjorn SorensenIn this video, we will be creating a spine, and during the video, we will be exploring two different methods for creating an IK setup on a bone chain driven by a NURBS curve.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 05 - MirroringBjorn SorensenIn this video, we will be mirroring our front and hind leg setup with the mirror tool. After mirroring the rig legs we will proceed to connect our custom parameters up to the new mirrored legs and making the rig ready for the next step.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 04 - Hind LegBjorn SorensenIn this video, we will be creating the hind leg of the quadruped with IK/FK blend, twist effectors and custom parameters. This process used in the video will be very similar to the one used when rigging the front leg, seen in the previous two videos.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 03 - Front Leg FinalizationBjorn SorensenIn this second of two videos, we will be finalizing the front leg. In this video, we will be creating twist effectors and custom parameters to drive the IK/FK blend.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 02 - Front LegBjorn SorensenIn this first of two videos, we will be building part of the front leg. In this video, we will be creating the bone chain for the leg and setting up the FK controllers along with the IK.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - 01 - Getting StartedBjorn SorensenIn this video we will be importing our geometry, assigning a material and creating a world controller null, so that we are ready to rig the character.
Quick TutorialDecember 2017Cat Quad-Rigging - IntroBjorn SorensenIntro to the series. Rigging a quadruped character from scratch - from basic techniques for creating bones, capturing geometry, setting up IK for bones, blendshapes for the face, creating spine and tail, as well as creating custom parameters to controllers for additional user control.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Delete Small PartsLuiz KruelUtility SOP to delete small disconnected pieces.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Calculate Occlusion SOPLuiz KruelAn Ambient Occlusion SOP.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - PolyDeformLuiz KruelThe polydeform node lets you warp a model into the general shape of another. Useful in photogrametry pipelines.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Voxelmesh UpdateLuiz KruelAdded Sharpen Features to the Voxel Mesh SOP, Which allows users to get better hard edge models.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Multi File SOPLuiz KruelUpdates to the OSM tool with some better attribute handling.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Multi File SOPLuiz KruelSimple node to load multiple geometry files at once.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Instant Meshes UpdateLuiz KruelFew updates to the Instant Meshes SOP to expose more control.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Extract FilenameLuiz KruelUtility SOP to store the filename of a file SOP as its detail attributes to be then used in other SOPs.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Axis Align SOPLuiz KruelThe Axis Align SOP is a simple utility tool to help artists align meshes quickly. It lets you control XYZ alignments with ease.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Auto UV UpdateLuiz KruelThis video covers some updates to the Auto UV SOP as well as some more info on its capabilities.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - OSM Import UpdateLuiz KruelUpdates to the OSM tool with some better attribute handling.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Quick Material SOPLuiz KruelQuick Shade style node, but can handle Normals and other PBR parameters.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Soften NormalsLuiz KruelWrapper around the Games Baker, but in SOPs. Making it easier than ever to bake information from HighRes to Low.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Soften NormalsLuiz KruelUtility SOP for softening the normals and hardening based on UV seams.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Thicken SOPLuiz KruelThe Thicken SOP is meant to make a planar surface water tight, by smartly extruding it and welding it back on itself.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - UV UnitizeLuiz KruelThe UV Unitize SOP simply sets the UVs for each face to be from 0-1.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - UV Visualize SOPLuiz KruelThe UV Visualize SOP is a handy tool for quickly visualizing the UV shells, seams and distortion in your mesh.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017Games Tools - Voxelmesh SOPLuiz KruelThe Voxel Mesh SOP is a shortcut for the common VDB from Polygons > Convert VDB workflow. It also has some extra features like projecting to the original mesh and dilating/eroding the volume.
Long TutorialNovember 2017Speeding up your 3D workflow with Procedural ModelingLuis GarciaLuis "Lune" Garcia will show the basics of procedural modeling using Houdini and Houdini Engine to create game assets for Unity. The main goal is to increase your art quality while also reducing your production time.
Long TutorialNovember 2017eXiin WorkflowKwanbo KimTake a closer look at the tools and technology being used to create 'Ary and the Secret of Seasons' with Kwanbo Kim, eXiin's Lead Artist. Some of the examples he will show you include trees, stairs, character rigging & animation, and more.
Long TutorialNovember 2017FlowmapsAndreas GladLearn how to create a flowmap using the new Flow Map tools in Houdini. You will see how control the flowmap velocities, and also how to manually comb it if you wish for more specific control. Then how to assemble your riverbed in Unreal Engine.
MasterclassNovember 2017Fur & Hair GroomingKai StavginskiThis masterclass introduces new fur & hair grooming features in Houdini 16.5. The new features are first introduced individually, then put to good use in an examples project that simulates wet fur, with the fur being driven by velocities of a flip simulation.
MasterclassNovember 2017Open CL vs VEXJeff LaitThe OpenCL SOP and DOP allow you to take advantage of your GPU to do computations. This Masterclass walks through how to use the OpenCL SOP. It also addresses when you should use OpenCL, and when you should use VEX.
Quick TutorialNovember 2017UV LayoutFianna WongLearn how you can arbitrarily select uv islands, and pack that selection into an area of your uv tile which already has existing uv tiles. It also shows you what Pack Between Non-Group Islands can do, as well as the new option Pack Islands in Cavities.
WebinarNovember 2017Houdini PipelinesJeff WagnerThis webinar focuses on good pipeline practices for the Houdini user. Whether you are a lone user plugging away or you are working with a large group of Houdini users within a studio pipeline, you have to know how to take control of the pipeline world around you.
MasterclassSeptember 2017HeightfieldsJeff LaitHoudini 16's new terrain tools are built on heightfields. Heightfields in Houdini are groups of 2D volumes displayed in the viewport and at render time, as a distorted grid. In this masterclass, we delve into what these are, and how you can use them beyond terrains.
Long TutorialAugust 2017A Little Particle StreamAri DaneshThis is a beginner tutorial. Learn about Point and Primitive attributes. Using the Particle SOP and the Primitive SOP. Learn how to create an inline DOPnetwork. Create point attributes to sort all the particles by emitter point and create curves...
PresentationAugust 2017Getting Started with GrainsRob StaufferIn this class SideFX's Rob Stauffer covers the basics of working with grains. We will look using shelf tools for setting up dry and wet sand and will look at clumping and constraints.
PresentationAugust 2017Masterclass: CrowdsCameron WhiteSideFX's Cameron White shows how to use Houdini's tools for simulating crowd agents as ragdolls. Topics covered include: best practices for setting up collision geometry and joint limits, crowd solver integration, heightfields, and more.
PresentationAugust 2017Rigging & MusclesScott KeatingSideFX's Scott Keating covers a variety of rigging methods inside of Houdini, from Auto-Rigging to custom networks. From there, he covers a variety of techniques for adding muscles to your character and simulating the result.
PresentationAugust 2017Masterclass: Animating using CHOPs and ContraintsGuillaume LaferriereIn this Masterclass, SideFX's Guillaume Laferriere demonstrates how to use the Constraints introduced in Houdini 16 to animate characters. How to reparent objects during animation, how to animate a rolling cube and how to make a character walk on a path.
PresentationAugust 2017VFX of “Attraction” Motion PictureMikhail LesinMain Road Post's Mikhail Lesin provides in-depth details of VFX production for Attraction. We will go right from the early stage of pre-production through all fascinating effects. How we generate an authentic city and then destroy it, develop design of alien exoskeleton and spaceship, make genuine clouds and atmosphere...
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