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birkyRandy Carlyle replaced with Dallas EakinsJake Gardiner sat game 1 of the Leafs' series with the Bruins. He was put back in for game 2 and was the second best player on the ice the rest of the series (after Tuuka Rask). There's been a whole string of questionable roster decisions throughout the season. The team was terrible if judged by puck possession metrics.Let Tyler Bozak walkBecause he's been miscast as a top line center in Toronto and he's not worth the money he's reportedly seeking. He's also pretty bad.Acquire a top 5 defensemanGunnarson - Phaneuf is a stable pairing. Gardiner & Franson have both shown they are ready to assume second pairing duties. The Leafs need NHL quality on their third pairing in case of injury. The days of Kostka, Holzer, & Fraser need to end.Avoid free agencyThere's little of value in the free agent pool this summer. Avoid the likes of Weiss, Morrow, Clowe, etc. Stop wasting money on bad players.Re-sign Phil KesselBecause duh.
daoustLet Tyler Bozak walkHe’s not good enough to be a 1 or 2 C, and will want more money than a 3 C warrants. He also seems like a real douchenozzle IRL.A shiny new top 4 DBecause our D outside of Phaneuf, Gunnar and Gardiner is shite.Amnesty buyout KomisarekHe’s useless and it’ll save us cap space.Re-sign KesselHe’s the best talent we’ve had since Mats left and amongst the elite in the league. Would love to have him locked up and not have the distraction of ‘will he or won’t he be a UFA’ all year.No David ClarksonHe’ll likely cost way more than he’s actually worth.
Bower PowerReplace Randy CarlyleRoster managementNot re-sign BozakCarlyle's over-dependence, ridiculous rumored salary expectationsSecond pairing tough minutes defenderRelieve Phaneuf's tough minutesNumber one centerBig possession hole at #1C, riding Kessel's coat tailsRe-sign Clarke MacArthurCapable, productive depth winger.
ForbesFire CarlyleIt took systemic injuries for him to figure out a line-up that worked.Trade Bozak's UFA rights for a draft pickBozak would be fine as a 3C, face-off, shoot-out specialist. Not as a 1C. If he re-signs, Carlyle will play him as a 1C (see wish #1 - Fire Carlyle)Stand pat with the goaltendingReimer and Scrivens are fine. Cost of upgrading outweighs benefitAvoid over-payments during UFA seasonThis needs an explanation? You want the team to pay too much on a crap group of UFAs?Figure out someway to improve the DLeafs need someone to help Phaneuf and push their D down the depth chart.
Godd Till, the Papa Shango of Maple Leafs bloggingAcquire a top four, preferably top two defencemanTeams biggest area of need; allows us to fire Ryan O'Byrne into the sunLet Bozak walk and replace him with a centre that can play against tough competitionFrees up scoring role for Grabovski and Kadri; dude blocked me on TwitterDraft for upsideTruly outstanding players are always the most difficult to acquire; if you don't swing for the fences it's hard to hit a home run. I'm very high on Bo Horvat, but that would probably require trading up. However, a lot of very skilled players have fallen in recent drafts, such as Grigorenko and Teräväinen.Retain Dallas EakinsDoes an excellent job with the Marlies; would be great to have him available if it becomes necessary to replace Carlyle next yearExplore trading guys who might be at peak value (eg Franson, Scrivens, Frattin, etc) for a 1C or first pair DIt sounds like you're working for your car. SIMPLIFY, MAAAAAN
Steve BurtchFire Randy CarlyleHe is a horrible possession coachTrade (Lupul?) for a top pairing D manPhaneuf plays too much and they need to improve defensively more than anywhere else.Let Bozak walk and promote ColborneBozak is horrible... and is not integral to the success of the team.Re-sign Clarke MacArthur.If we trade Lupul we can use his offense + he gets more minutesJake Gardiner plays in the top 4 next yearHe is one of the Leafs top 4 D men.
JP Nikota1/2 DefenderPhaneuf can't do this alone.An elite forwardLupul can't keep producing at this rate, and Kadri should drop off, so another threat up front would be awesome. A solid, second-pairing defender. Emphasis on skating ability.See below.Buy out Mike Komisarek and J-M Liles if we're not going to use him.Do I need to explain?Fire CarlyleI've left this to #5 because I know it's not going to happen, and I think acquiring/getting rid of players helps more than replacing a coach.
JulianFire CarlyleA better coach can get more out of this team, the biggest improvement (PK) wasn't even himRe-sign MacArthurLong-term the marginal benefit from re-signing Clarkson would be off-set by the incremental cap space needed.Find a shutdown defenceman to help Gunnar and PhaneufThey need some help with the tough minutes and it would free up Franson and Gardiner to destroy the opposition's weaker playersRe-sign Cody FransonHe had more points that fucking Tyler BozakShore up the bottom of the defenceKeep Liles for one more year at most, don't ever let Holzer play again, and probably never play Kostka again
ChemmyFirst pairing DWe need more defenseRandy Carlyle tragic accidentWe could all pretend to be sad for him but he'd be gone.That we draft someone who is point per game before being drafted.Tyler Biggs sucks.Tyler Bozak signs for $5MWith the Montreal CanadiensMore wishesI don't think this is as strictly regulated as your standard genie.
skinnyfishfire carlyleduhacquire top 4 dmanobviouslyyes MacArthur, no Clarksonduhbuyout Komisarek and JMLobviouslyLet Bozak walkhe sucks