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South School 2018-2019 PTA Committee
BoardPosition DescriptionNameEmail
Vice President
TreasurerTJ O'
Membership/Volunteer Coordinator Collect names, contact info, and dues for each participant to offer to the Treasurer.
Log contact info for all volunteers including their availability for those who provided it.
Communicate with each committee chair(s) their needs for volunteers.
Contact volunteers via email or Sign Up Genius for specific events.
Coordinate volunteers and events so that each event has necessary coverage from set up to clean up.
Periodically check in with South School office for visitor sign in logs.
Add up volunteer hours for each volunteer-keep a running total all year.
At the end of the year this info will be used for our application to the Blue Ribbon Committee for consideration.
(Coordinator may be involved with application.)
Committee Chairs:
Adopt A Family (co-chair)The Adopt a Family Program is a partnership between St. Marks Church and South School Community to provide 10 families in need with holiday gifts. The Adopt A Family Coordinator works closely with the St. Marks Coordinator to ensure all the holiday gifts are purchased and delivered to St. Marks. The South School Coordinator completes the following tasks: 1) Obtain the Wish Lists 2)Post the Wish Lists on the PTA Website 3)Alert the South School Community through the Principal's email, Hawk Talk, and Parent Teacher Conferences 4)Track wish list sign ups to ensure all gifts will be purchased 5)Recruit 10 Volunteers to collect gifts from the lobby and deliver gifts to St. MarksEmily
Adopt A Family (co-chair)Kate Falzarano
Art to RememberWork closely with the art teacher. Some tasks are done by the parent volunteer and some tasks are done by the art teacher.
Beginning of October she sends completed artwork to the company. Beginning of November students bring order forms home. Beginning of December product ships to school. Parent volunteer processes order forms, counts money, and separates orders to distribute to classrooms.
BINGOCoordinate a bingo night in the spring. Reserve room, work with volunteer coordinator to secure volunteers, purchase necessary snacks. Send out fliers to students promoting the event, including details on bringing a prize as the cost of entry for the event. Bingo cards, chips & numbers are already on hand.
Bookfair (co-chair)Coordinate the setup and sales of books during the week of the book fair. In addition, help students and faculty pick out and buy Scholastic books during school and host a Family Night so that the entire family can come enjoy the book fair. And, buy books for the teacher's classrooms. Be sure to reserve the space needed with the school department.TJ O'
Bookfair (co-chair)Kristen
BoxtopsRegularly collect box tops from school and send in to Box Tops for Education. Meet Box Top submission dates in November & March. Coordinate a box top challenge, with awards for the top classroom in January. (Past prizes have been free popcorn & $1 gift card to the Hawk Shop for the top class.)Jen
Cross CountryCoordinate t-shirt orders (send out forms, compile order info, place order), awards, and pasta dinner for 5th grade cross country participants. Be sure to reserve the space needed with the school department.Kim
DodgeballHeld in January. Flier with info on event & sign-up form sent out 2 weeks before the event. Night of the event, put up hall decorations (still have.) Will need to providing water and possibly selling snacks as no outside drinks will be allowed. Be sure to reserve the space needed with the school department.
EnrichmentEnrichment is the program through which the PTA funds school field trips (in house & out). Reach out to teachers at the start of the school year to gather details on the requests each grade will be making. The following are the programs that have been in place for the last several years: TIGER (school wide), 1st Grade
does a story teller at the end of the year, 2nd Grade does an Ocean Program, 3rd Grade does Tin Cup Pioneer Living, 4th grade does a traveling historical program & both 4th Grade and 5th Grade do Tom Whale the magnetic structure program. Manage the requests within the approved budget.
Family DanceCoordinate all aspects of hosting a family dance in February. This includes sending out invitations, tracking RSVPs, arrangement for refreshments and entertainment, as well as volunteers to help with setup, serving refreshments, and cleanup. Be sure to reserve the space needed with the school department.Jen
5th Grade Send Off (co-chair)Coordinate T shirt orders, forms go out the end of May. Coordinate food & beverages, pizza through the school. Cake & water brought in. Coordinate decorations (balloons weights on hand). Previously successful in using Sign-up Genius for donations of mini bottled water & paper plates. Coordinate entertainment, typically a DJ. Recruit volunteers to assist with set up, serving & clean up. Be sure to reserve the space needed with the school department.Kim
5th Grade Send Off (co-chair)Denise
GrantsOversee the grants award process, working within the given PTA budget, typically $1,000/yr. Update and send out grant letter and application to all faculty. Letters & applications are typically sent out prior to the holidays with a deadline in early February. Present grant requests to the committee in February for voting, and notify grant requestors of approval/denial of request. TJ O'
Green TeamWorks with South School to coordinate care & maintenance of garden spaces.Joy
Hawk Shop (co-chair)Purchase (when necessary) and price school supply merchandise. Catalogs usually have suggested prices, we buy wholesale.... this is not a fundraiser, it is mostly to help children learn how to "shop" and add up their purchases, etc.. The main goal is to price things reasonably and not have it cause a deficit, but have a break-even or small profit at the end of the year. Hawk shop is set up on the 3rd Wednesday and Thursday each month and students get to shop during their recess time. Currently, 1st 4th and 5th graders shop on Wednesday and 2nd and 3rd graders on Thursday. This runs the smoothest with 4-5 volunteers, more needed when 1st and 2nd graders shop as they need the most assistance. Jacky
Hawk Shop (co-chair)Kate Falzarano
Hawk TalkMonthly newsletter with PTA updates and Connor's Corner (art updates) and any other staff distributions. The newsletter is distributed from the main office to all families that have provided an email address.
Hospitality (co-chair)In November, coordinate a teacher breakfast (grab & go style) for the Friday of Parent-Teacher conferences. In December, coordinate a teacher appreciation lunch prior to holiday break, working with Linda Boyd to select a date. In April, coordinate thank you gift and small note for front office support. At the end of the school year, coordinate a thank you gift and small note for crossing guards and bus drivers. (Thank you gifts to bus drivers & crossing guards in the past has been Mack’s Ice Cream gift cards, or to Janie’s Café.)Brandi
Hospitality (co-chair)Emily
Ice Cream SocialCoordinate the September Ice Cream Social for the school. Send out fliers with info and sign up forms, collect all forms and money, create a pre-paid list for use at the door that night. Order/purchase ice cream and toppings. Work with the volunteer coordinator to recruit volunteers to help with ticket sales, scooping, ladling, garnishing, and clean up. Be sure to reserve the space needed with the school department.Kim
Kidz Night/Old Home DayCoordinate a table & activity for Kidz Night at Old Home Days, and recruit volunteers to assist. Keep the activity and any hand-out items simple. Last few years we have done bubbles and handed out dum-dum lollipops and it has been a hit. PTA has plastic pans for the bubbles as well as the wands, and made the corn-syrup bubble mix. Typically someone from Old Home Days will reach out to the PTA to initiate contact in May or June. Jacky
Literacy Night (co-chair)Coordinate a literacy night to work in conjuction with the spring book fair. Create and send out announcement fliers/RSVP info to all students, coordinate activity, including purchase/coordinated donations of all supplies needed. Be sure to reserve the space needed with the school department.TJ O'
Literacy Night (co-chair)Kristen
Logo WearCoordinate the sale of logo wear at identified events, work closely with website coordinator to fulfill online orders, and manage inventory (ordering more when necessary.)Denise
Memory BookKeep track of the school calendar, take pictures regularly at school events, create & send out order forms, coordinate sales & take care of yearbook layout. Christy Murray
Munchkins with your MunchkinCoordinate event where students are able to bring a parent with them for donuts/munchkins. Previously with was Munchkins with Mom and Donuts with Dad. We need to further explore the possibility of keeping this format if tied to celebrating Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June. Otherwise, will need to make generic, all-inclusive event. For this event, you will need to send home flier for sign-up ($1 per student RSVP due 1 day prior to event), purchase food, coordinate volunteers. Be sure to reserve the space needed with the school department.Emily
Popcorn (co-chair)Popcorn day is currently the 2nd Thursday each month. Popcorn is sold for 50 cents a bag and there is a 2 bag limit per student. The chairperson is responsible for ordering supplies when needed (popcorn, oil and seasonings are ordered through Michele at food services in South School, bags can be ordered anywhere, currently through Mari-Ann Thibedeau) Reminder notes are copied and sent home, preferably Monday of popcorn week. Thursday, you pop popcorn, bag it up and label the bags for distribution (the bags are picked up in the lobby by the classrooms). Money is also collected on Thursday. Ideally, 3-4 volunteers make this run smoothly.Nicole
Popcorn (co-chair)
Elizabeth Woodman
Red Ribbon WeekOrder & distribute (via teachers) red bracelets and pencils to all students w/Red Ribbon Week messaging. Holly
Reflections (co-chair)Reflections is a national art competition sponsored by the PTA. The chairperson (people) distributes information, collects the entries, prepares and transports entries for local judging. Once the local judging is complete, students are notified if they placed and thanked for participating (through email at this time). In January you display all the entries at the town wide exhibit. The top 3 in each category are entered into the state level competition, in Derry. Every student that enters is awarded a certificate and a ribbon at the town wide exhibit. More information is available at Kristen
Reflections (co-chair)
Santa BreakfastManage all aspects of Santa Breakfast, working closely with each sub-committee chair. Reserve all space needed, confirm Santa’s appearance. Linda
Santa Breakfast - printingCoordinate all aspects of printing pictures with Santa, including ensuring you have enough printers, ink, and photo paper. Work with photo room volunteers to coordinate exchange of photo card to keep both photo line and printing moving efficiently. Dana
Santa Breakfast - kitchenCoordinate all aspects of breakfast service at the Santa breakfast, including placing food order with food services, renting coffee pots, and working with volunteer coordinator to recruit volunteers to cook and serve breakfast, coffee & cocoa. Oversee clean-up of breakfast. Holly
Santa Breakfast - Kitchen co-chairEmily
Santa Breakfast - photo room-Order (if necessary) candy canes & bells to hand out in photo room (we can work together to do inventory).
-Set up the room the night before the breakfast.
-Keep families moving through the room the day of the breakfast, getting their picture taken with Santa.
-Santa will hand out bells & candy canes.
-Take pictures of kids/families with Santa.
-Work with printing room volunteers to coordinate the exchange of photo card to keep both photo line and printing room moving efficiently.
-Recruit a volunteer to assist in the Santa room on the day of breakfast.
-If you have your own camera that you are comfortable with, you can use that (provided it uses an SD card compatible with the printing equipment), or we can provide you with a camera for that morning.-
Santa Breakfast - Raffles-Work with Mr. Boyd (Mrs. Boyd's husband) to get the list of all raffle prizes to be able to create necessary signs and labels for the individual ticket baskets
-Purchase (if necessary) individual raffle ticket boxes (traditionally use the Chinese food to-go style boxes, purchased most recently at The Christmas Tree Shop)
-Create signs & labels necessary leading up to the breakfast
-Set-up the raffle area as much as possible the night before the breakfast
-Complete set-up before the breakfast Saturday morning (putting out items that were not put out Friday night)
-Sell raffle tickets at the breakfast
-Work with the Santa Breakfast Volunteer Coordinator to recruit volunteers to assist with ticket sales at the breakfast (3-4 per shift if possible)
Santa Breakfast - Registration- Work with the front office staff to
- Send out ticket order forms (breakfast & specialty raffle)
- Collect all pre-event ticket orders (breakfast & specialty raffle)
- Coordinate delivery of tickets (breakfast & specialty raffle) to those who ordered in advance. Once tickets are ready to go home, orders will be grouped by & delivered to teachers to send home with the appropriate students.
- Compile the list of those pre-purchasing breakfast tickets for the "pre-registered" check-in table the morning of the breakfast
- Work with the Santa Breakfast Volunteer Coordinator to recruit volunteers to assist with the registration table the morning of the breakfast. (4 per shift: 2 at the "pre-registered" table & 2 at the "buy at the door" table)
Santa Breakfast - Candy GramsAt the Santa Breakfast, set up a table to sell candy grams to parents. (Candy gram – a candy cane (or other item) with a note from a parent/guardian to be delivered to the student the week before holiday break.)Brandi
Santa Breakfast - set upWorking closely with each Santa Breakfast committee chair, oversee the set up for the breakfast the night before. Coordinate volunteer recruitment with volunteer coordinator. Areas that will need set up: Candy Cane Cake Walk, kitchen/dining space, raffle, photo room, photo line, printing room, store, raffleKristen
Santa Breakfast - storeStarting in October, identify and work with vendor to make items available for students to purchase holidays gifts for family members. Coordinate set up, sales during the breakfast, and breakdown of the store. Coordinate volunteer recruitment with volunteer coordinator. NOTE: The store product should be on a consignment basis where any product not sold is returned to the vendor. Jen
Santa Breakfast - Volunteer Coordinator- Work with each Santa Breakfast committee chair to identify volunteer needs
- Assist with recruiting volunteers as needed to fill the necessary roles during the breakfast
- Each volunteer need is divided into 2 time slots - one for the first half of the morning, one for the 2nd half of the morning
- Set-up a Sign-up Genius for all volunteers needed
- Work with the PTA Volunteer Chair to share volunteer need information with all PTA Volunteers
- Work with Linda Boyd to make sure that a volunteer plea with sign-up genius link, is included in November Friday emails
- Reach out to Katie S at Londonderry High School to help with recruiting high school volunteers for the event
- Reach out to Saint Mark's church for CCD volunteers
- Reach out to other community groups for volunteers if necessary
- Greet volunteers the morning of the breakfast & direct them to their assignment
Ski Club (co-chair)Contact through emails with McIntyre Ski Mountain, sending out flyers to students about registration as well as reminders, contact for parents re: questions, monitoring registration database through McIntyre, work with Excel database which includes extracted info from online registrations for group emails, emergency contact, etc., group emails to parents of enrolled kids with info about ski club, enlisting chaperones if available.
Mari-Ann Thibodeau
Ski Club (co-chair)Melissa
Spirit WeekCoordinate 2-3 school sprit weeks each year, one in the fall, one in the winter, and a final one in the spring. Designate themes for each day of the week (for example: crazy hair day, 60s day, favorite character day). Send out fliers the week before Spirit Week.Sheryl
STEM Night (co-chair)Identify STEM project for the night and secure materials needed. Work with the school to reserve the Multi-purpose room, create and send out announcement fliers/RSVP info to all students, coordinate activity, including purchase/coordinated donations of all supplies needed. Be sure to reserve the space needed with the school department.Kristen
STEM Night (co-chair)Joy
Sum-ItCoordinate the SUM+IT math program in the spring where students are given the opportunity to accept the challenge to complete packets of math problems. The SUM+IT Math program consists of 12 math-related activities in each packet, varying in difficulty and complexity. Students pick five activities each month to complete with their families. The activities consist of real life scenarios using familiar items such as candies, street signs, dice and other household objects to teach students different math concepts. It takes place 3 times a year. It involves asking for participants then photocopying the packets. Jessica
Teacher AppreciationCoordinate events for the full week of Teacher Appreciation Week, the first week of May. Monday – provide a breakfast. Tuesday – provide a small treat. Wednesday – provide a lunch. Thursday – a small token in teacher mailboxes. Friday – food truck/vendor. Also, throughout the week, coordinate the thank you letters from students and compile into books to deliver to teachers on that Friday. Teacher appreciation week is a lot of work and takes some prior planning. 2-3 volunteers is definitely a plus.Brandi
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