[OLD] Giveth Roles: Purposes, Domains & Accountabilities
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Black text = Solid roles | Purple text: To be confirmed | Greyed out: inactive role | Orangebox = to be discussed at meeting
Descriptive nameFilled ByClarifies the identity and intention of a Role or CircleDApp, Governance, Social Coding or CommunicationPlz indicate here to which Circle Goals this role is linked --- see Circle Goal Document HERE!Anything this role exclusively controls and regulates as its property, on behalf of GivethAn ongoing activity expected of a Role. Always starts with a verb ending in -ing. Think of How to achieve a goal. (Tips: avoid words like enforcing/ensuring/collaborating with/managing/supervising/Approving..)Specific outcomes that require multiple sequential actions to achieve and that would be useful to work towards, at least in the absence of competing prioritiesYour next steps. Actions you could execute now and that would be useful to execute immediately, at least in the absence of competing prioritiesAverage score of the month. If scores are too low (below 3?) for 3 consecutive months a role should be reassigned or split up.Give a score from 1-5 on how well a role is being filled, based on objective observations linked to the accountabilities that go with the role and how this is being translated ànd executed in projects and next-actions. 5 = no objections/feedback 1 = immediate and strong rectifying actions needed. Please write down your feedback in the next column for giving any score lower than 5.LanskiLanskiGriffGriffBowenBowenKrisKrisLoreleiLoreleiDaniDaniKayKayJoshJoshMichaelMichaelParkerParkerJeffJeff
RoleFilled ByPurposeCircleGoalsDomainsAccountabilitiesProjectsNext ActionsPoints AveragePointsPointsFeedbackPointsFeedbackPointsFeedbackPointsFeedbackPointsFeedbackPointsFeedbackPointsFeedbackPointsFeedbackPointsFeedback
DApp Documentation and commsAdamDocument, and report devteam activities and decisions, as well as other relevant DApp related updates, between dev leads and stakeholders.Communication 1,2,3,4- All DApp-related posts on medium
- DApp-related content on wiki
- Other misc. writings as needed
- writing regular posts on all dev activities, translating this to our current audience
- translating the current status and evolution of the dapp on all owned & earned media
- spotting writing opportunities and prioritizing these
- supporting DApp devs and other DApp stakeholders in broadcasting their visions for the DApp
GRACEaid article: https://docs.google.com/document/d/183B7nGHhiObgusLI0Ybd3TwINElzHJ5qOcoeiEJarqo/edit?usp=sharing / Datafund article: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rr6dxho4Ps4FsNdpGF35VTzQ7jWI4id1kWgPnqYz0RE/edit?usp=sharingConfirm that campaigns/ DACs are created by these users, and that these are appropriate in certain basic ways (in terms of professionalism, clarity, etc.) to be used as public-facing examples of how to use the DApp. These pages will be hyperlinked into the text of the articles before they are published. Other next actions include identifying future articles to be written.555Back In Action!5Great to see Adam back in action!!5What Kris said!5Adam is diligent, asking questions and following up consistently and awesomely.5Looking forward to see Adam's articles coming out5Seeing lots of activity from Adam. Great stuff.
Grants project supportAdamSupport Parker in his new grants endeavor, primarily but not exclusively through writingGovernance4- write public facing materials on the project
- possibly write materials to support our communications with (potential) funders
- possible write materials to support our communications with (potential) fund recipients
- help identify and make progress towards various goals, which will become clearer as the project begins to take more shape
2.6666666672This is likely on hold3Haven't see anything happening here? Would be cool actually to team up with Parker and see where/how to get grants and write about this.3seems inactive?Is this active?- on hold?I've not seen anything but dont have much to do with Granting
Security GuardBowenTo watch and verify that the Giveth Bridge is secureGovernance- Perform routine checks on the Giveth Bridge Monitor
- Daily (or as necessary) Security Guard Check-In to the bridge contract to allow payouts
- Check the validity of payouts that appear large or strange (match to milestones)
- Delay of any anomalous payouts
- Disbursing all authorized payments as quickly as possible (Payroll)
- Contribute to eliminating the need for a Security Guard (Decentralization)
- more updates to bridge monitor- putting bridge monitor PRs needing merging in DAPP issues55In this case, no news is good news!55I do my best!55keepin it goin and making improvements!5Always on!5A quiet vigil, but it is great that while we are asleep and cuddle - there is one man out there watching over our payments. The Batman!5Yep, he's online5Seems to be on top of it.
Social Coding DelegateBowenCommunications between Giveth Community and Social CodingSocial Coding- Representing Social Coding in other Giveth meetings
- Liason to Social Coders from Giveth Community at large
- Identifying issues that require wider Giveth resources
- sharing with giveth by way of Roles Sheet what these Social coding folks are up to! Esp fleshing out grant ops and ed roles4.4166666674Social Coding is going through a slump... But I feel it's tied to the conceptual reorganization the whole galaxy is going through.5Stepped up to fill a gap, in a time of crises, huge!4Getting my bearings here but attempting to do a good job!4Would be good to describe this even a bit more (also the next steps, time for social coding to shine again!) & also link to the goals of social coding (now empty column) 4.5Same as kris on filling out the sheet, but great moves in general!5Doing it!4Feel social coding is still finding its bearings, but would be nice to have more integration into problem fields of other circles. Did not know this role existed before, so might be trying to approach more5On it!5Definitely on top of it.
Social Coding Community Manager BowenCoordinate the SC Community on Riot and elsewhere, foster new and current member relationships, provide answers and maintain a presence online. Help connect developers with SC projects.Social CodingSC 1, 2- #socialcoding riot channel
- Biweekly sync jitsi
- conducting biweekly social coding sync meetings
- maintaining a presence on riot as much as possible
- generating public interest and driving new users to our channel
- being helpful and offering assistance to new users as well as connecting people with projects
- helping foster social coders' projects with reward dao and eventually grant ops
- Roll Call Form & SC Member List
- Prep for ETHDenver
- Onoboarding 'release' testers for dapp (future iterations)
add definition to the social coding grant and education roles55alles good55I try to stay on top of riot all the time!5Doing a great job welcoming people5excited to see this flourish at hackathons5
Bowen rocks in this role.
5I love how active Bowen is in social coding - I would love if we could get more enthusiasm back into developing it further.5Like a car bonnet!5Definitely on top of it.
Social Coding Grant OpsParkerHelps social coding fostered projects find and apply for fundingSocial Coding- #grantops riot channel-Working on grant proposals as approached to do so and as relevant opportunities present themselves
- Providing templates for interested grantees
-Act as a source of information for interested grantees
-GrantOps website set up to share relevant info-Continue to look for more projects to support
-Continue to seek funding as our coffers run low
Not seen much action
I know he is there if we need it
?GrantOps is in-between projects, but ready to help as soon as projects mature to this point3not much happening here? 3ready for dat update?
Off season right now?
-on hold?4Great job last month, below my radar this month!5Saw the update last night. Seems to be doing well.
Social Coding EducationJames ZakiDeveloper educationSocial Codingpossibly tech reviews for social coding projectsdetermine james' role, bowen will update on this2.666666667N/A?
Not seen much action
3?We are trying to have a call with james and parker about this role. He is excited to continue developer education.1Haven't seen James around unfortunately 4my understanding is this role means James is someone to be called upon when needed. i like that. we should just confirm it.?
I have not visibility to this
-although this is really needed big-time, we have a hard time finding somebody fulfilling that role. It could be consolidated with Bowen as social coding delegate4Seen in EthProduct last month, below my radar this month
Below my radar.
Contributor CoordinationDaniTo guide contributors through reward processGovernance1, 2, 3, 5, 6Reward DAO folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2gzflwFITCBdmYyb1BJcVp5bjg?usp=sharingIdentifying and communicating with new members to share tasks and information.
Introducing contributors to the reward DAO and guide them through the process.
Collecting feedback on improvements to the Reward DAO and Wall of Fame and coordinate follow through.
Facilitating the monthly point allocation, milestone creation, approval and payout.
Finding new volunteers, tracking the videos of volunteers-
identify tasks and share information in the #contributors room in riot
communicate with reward recipients on video creation and reward process
ensure points are dished for contributions shared by volunteers
create milestones and facilitate completion process through payout
Coordinate improvement to milestones and wall of fame toward video insertion in milestones created by contributors
Guide contributors in making their own milestones for Reward DAO
Dish points and engage contributors in Dapp user testing and feedback
Seek out new contributors to match roles needed
4.755dey see me dishin' them claimin' on that wall of famin'4rewarddao timelyness is a tough one for sure... i dont think we ever get it on time but its a goal to shoot for... and just getting people to dish points.... really this is a mark down on me cause i am almost sabatoging it5Great job!5Dani is doing a great job here 4.5only complaint is i wish more points were being dished and i think your role could help nudge people to do so!5I am all over this in the background5Dani is the most awesomest of them all!5See lots of this5great job as always
Contact Engagement TrackingDaniImplement and maintain the CRM (contact relationship management) system for internal communicationsCommunication1,2,3,4https://crm.giveth.ioCollecting, importing, and updating contact information for anyone that has expressed interest in collaborating with the Giveth Galaxy
Reviewing data for defining taxonomy and categorization of interest areas for ease of use and information management
Creating, documenting and publishing protocols and procedures for effective use and maintenance of the system
Communicating with Giveth contacts for permissions and preferences, needs and offers, and tracking/updating/sharing this information
Initial setup and configuration of the tool
Import of existing contact information
Analysis of available data for field modifications
Creation of procedural documentation for use
*not currently active beyond gathering data*
Map Giveth contact data needs to system modules and fields
Import existing Google spreadsheets of form responses
Send out initial communication to obtain permissions for further contact
4.755So far so good - we've got ourselves a CRM! Looking forward to these next steps :)4gatherign data, i would support a Radi card contact??5no feedback 5i think it is totally fine that this is on hold5Still haven't imported the spreadsheets.. worked on formatting a little but my other roles have been prioritized over this so far.-This probably suffered from low availability over holidays.Willing to take details while the system in not running, snowed under I believe?Is this related to the CRM? I think on hold this month
DApp OnboardingDaniIdentify, engage and develop potential DACs and campaigns to be part of the giveth mvpDAppsee role description (completed by vojtech, found here)Responding to and Supporting DApp Early Adopters as Point of Contact
Identifying, Qualifying and Proposing New Candidates
Developing Supporting Tools & Resources
Gathering, Analyzing and Reporting Feedback
Providing First Line Technical Support
Onboarding DACs and Campaigns
Designing an onboarding process
Identifying and Evaluating project candidates
Creating new user documentation
Maintaining community responsiveness
Gathering Feedback on DApp Satisfaction
Provide first line tech support for Beta users to guide through changes for new release
Review and edit Beta first wave non-Giveth campaigns and milestones for improvement
Define and document decision process for new DAC's and Campaigns that meet prequalification criteria
Coordinate issue compilation and prioritization for best use of Dev time to meet Dapp User needs
Contribute to strategic roadmap and project planning development for the Dapp
Participate in meetings throughout the Giveth Galaxy and beyond as Dapp representative to surface challenge/opportunities and facilitate relationships
55Yep, Dani's got this5amazing work on a hard job5555This has ramped up to over 30 hours a week right now with the existing users working through issues and new users working their way through the onboarding process.5You are a star Dani. Thank you so much for your dedication, coordination and hard work!5Seen this happening in our channels5great job as always
Whitelist GatekeeperDaniEnsure that the whitelist is maintained effectively and efficiently for reviewers, campaign and DAC managersDApp4Whitelist on feathers for the DApp- manage the whitelists
- onboard reviewers by sending out canned messages (see loomio)
- assess whether reviewers are right to be on that list, at every stage (before they get whitelisted, and while they have reviewer status)
- kick people off the list according to grounds for removal
- onboard campaign and DAC managers
Onboard Beta Users as campaign and DAC managers
Define process for guiding users through campaign and DAC creation
Define process for removing reviewers
add definition to the social coding grant and education roles5N/ACan't tell before the deadline whether it's good or not55555Managing new requests and working with existing whitelisted folks to confirm activity. Will survey this month to flag inactive users and start process of notification for removal.5Yeah!?NA5
UnicornDaniUsing my magical unicorn horn to point at milestones and allocate a portion of weekly budget toward them.Governance1,3600 DAI a week allocationMonitoring Campaigns/Milestones for activity to fund
Prompting Givethers through the steps toward being funded
Encouraging Contributors to create new Milestones on existing Campaigns for work being performed.
Raising awareness amongst Unicorns of active milestones that need funding.
Allocating 600 DAI a week by the Sunday deadline.
Allocating 600 DAI a weekMeeting weekly deadline for allocations
Identifying contributions that should have milestones created
Helping to get the milestones created
Listing milestones for funding in the suggestions tab
Technical SupportDeamTry to help with all technical questions especially front-end stuff. Always there to give input if you reach out to me! Maintaining Social Coding projects such as Wall of Fame and Giveth Bot. Sometimes also helping with the Giveth Dapp.Social Coding- Giveth Riot Bot
- Wall of Fame
Maintaining Giveth Bot and the Wall of Fame.Working on the Video integration on for the Giveth DappSplit this into multitple special, maintainers role3?Not been myself paying attention to this3?Is this active?2haven't seen deam around lately - but no blame, we also haven't called upon him 4i think this is another reactive (to be called upon) role?Is this active?-Deam is working on different stuff atm. In reality this role depends on what kind of technical support you need. We could split this role into more than one and call them maintainers. By this logic deam would be maintainer of wall of fame, Frederik of pointsbot.5Did we summon him this month?
Ethereum SpokespersonGriffTo promote Giveth to the Ethereum EcosystemGovernance2, 5Ethereum Outreach- do interviews
- stay active on twitter
Open Source Block Explorers
Conference Events
Griff Riff, News Letter with Josh? hosting a lot of people in Thailand, Working on Vision doc, speaking at AraCon, going to ETHDenver55Who is Griff Green? Never heard of the guy. I also live in a pinneaple under the sea. 55One of my favorite voices in the community5Griff's podcasts & presentations are as always impressive & entertaining 5fantastic meetup this week!5Love the Riff, see all that's happening with Aragon, ARaCon, EthDenver and more!5I am missing out on sooo much genius Griff time by not being able to come to Thailand. Soon - I will hear him speak again to the Ether.5Shilling teh ETH!5
UnicornGriffTo Support the Giveth Galaxy and direct fundingGovernance1,3Allocating 600 DAI a weekAllocating 600 DAI a weekAllocating 600 DAI a weekAllocating 600 DAI a week, slowly buying DAI with the anon donation55No day without his shiny horn55555e'ry week5?NA5
Delegate for DACGriffManage the governance, especially around the funds for maintaining this communityGovernance1, 3, 4, 6Delegating general donations- staying active on the DApp
- following the wishes of the donors
- make an effort to DAOify
- facilitate the community meeting and everything to do with that
Aragon DAC
Unicorn DAC
Venezuela Christmas Cards, Unicorn DAC , DApp Support milestones4.91666666755554.5strategy convos should be more inclusive!5Thanks for your delegating5Somebody has to do it (still)5Indeed5
StrategyGriffTo define the best course of action for the Giveth Platform in generalGovernance6Social Capital Decisions
Delegate for DAC
- Allocating resources
- Defining the Priorities and Strategies for the development of Giveth
- Listening to the team and incorportaing their opinions
- Working with the various teams so that the strategy is consistantly applied
xDAI node set up, maintaining it, doing a strategy meeting in early jan, working with AragonDAC, working with Jeff to push the curry model 4.6666666674There seems to be a pattern, or a roadmap - but it should be made clearer for everyone4I need to be communicating more and i would love a meeting about things but havent been able to put it together55no idea what the curry model is though :) 4strategy convos should be more inclusive! yes, i did mean to give this same feedback as the above role5Strategic dev work is apparent in Dapp prioritization sessions5I am always amazed how far out Griff plans the future, but is still always open to embrace any kind of change and stay agile.5All good5
Legal GriffTo oversee the creation of the legal structure for the our DAC as needed to maintain our status as a blockchain-based entityGovernance3, 6Status as a Legal entity- Watching for projects that create a solution for bridging the gap between the legal world and the blockchain space
- Blazing the trails of becoming a blockchain based entity
- old school with Bernd Practicing by building a personal swiss association 5N/ALegal?5so far so good55no feedback55intrigued5I did not give this a high rating in the past and the role is still kinda unclear to me, but to shake things up I give a higher rating this time.??5
Campaign Manager for GovGriffTo organize the effort and funding around experimental governance using blockchain tech within the Giveth Galaxy and general admin of the Giveth GalaxyGovernanceGov Campaign on the DApp- Delegate funds donated to this circle
- Make decisions about which milestones to accept
just keeping the money flowing4.666666667555My milestones get reviewed and paid out relatively quickly :)4minus one for not really documenting here what the gov circle's next steps will be ;-) I guess it will be documenting Kay's Gov lab initiative & the unicorn dac4more attention could be given to managing milestones of your campaign in a timely fashion!5no complaints5Always pretty spot on with engagement here. Seeing how busy Griff is, I even appreciate it more (he is also often my picked out reviewer on top of it all)5Delegates funds I believe5
Recruitment GriffRecruiting talented contributors.Governance1, 3google doc, google forms- Responsible for strategizing and recruiting talented contributors for giveth projects
- creating advertisements
- scheduling interviews
- attending interviews
on Pause for the most part, but would love to stablize Josh5N/AToo early to tell! Mwhaahhaha55Good picks!5no feedback55Great to see Jeff and Michael kicking in, with Josh right behind yep5You are the filter5Same as last month, picks a good crowd5
Resident Google Sheets WizardGriffMaking lives better with The Magic of Google Sheets ~ I made this role a little as a joke but tbh it is a priceless resource and that's another function of the roles sheet we will start taking advantage of: documenting sources of expertise within our community so that if anyone is ever looking for wisdom on that thing - they know where to find it! -be available for quick consult on how to do a thing in google sheets: conditional formatting, complex equations, etcmake support people roles in their own section (this role, deam's tech support role), might help L redo this sheet4.96N/AOh shit, I will SO use this resource now that I know it exists5??5no feedback4.8u say you'll help me with making a better form feed into the google sheet for roles process - i hope this happens!5no comment5Your magic is miraculous ... More ... MORE??I imagine amazing.. Does this need to be in the Roles sheet? I would create a separate skills sheet.
Wiki Gov Content OwnerLoie/Kay/Josh?Keep the content up-to date for the circleCommunication 2- All Gov pages on the wiki- Documenting all governance experiments and experience on the wiki, create THE place for modeling DACs
- Documenting specifically the current gov experiment: the Unicorn DAC
- Intro page created by Kris, starting from existing content (site & wiki) + goalstbd!4.855??5no feedback yet4looks like we need some clarity here5no complaints5So this month we did really a lot to make this better to work in. One note is that this should probably be consolidated with the governance decision documentation??5
Events CoordinationGriff and Lorelei (temp)To make sure all the events are easyGovernance3Making milestones for expenses- Chiang Mai house
- Aracon Berlin
- ETH CC Paris
- Potential Giveth Offsite in Paris
Keeping Thailand-Berlin sheet updated and facilitating peeps to put in deets4.83333333354we need to get an event going some time this spring5Haven't been able to go to the events but i've watched from afar!5loie is doing a great job & so is griff5honestly we could really use more support paying for airbnbs, just the fiat part of course the person with debit card gets reimbursed in crypto. this is the #1 block to me doing a good job organizing events5Looks good for what's happening now.. would be awesome to know more about other upcoming events for planning.5Damn, I know I am missing out.5Most are in Chang Mai!5Wish I was there in Thailand.
Product Owner for Curation Market DAOJeffDrive forward progress building the Curation Market DAO.Governance1,3- Curation Market product specification for Giveth DACs
- Token Bonding Curve product specifications for Giveth DACs

- writing & updating product spec
- reviewing product milestones & progress
- writing articles & wiki for greater education around product
- curation market DAO product specification
- project road map
- brainstorm and finalize system properties and operational requirements
- draft and iterate product roadmap with Michael Roberts
4.916666667N/AI Can't tell as I have not seen anything5want to see that psec tho!5Excited to see where this goes5looking forward to content & next steps! 4.5Seeing the enthusiasm flowing is awesome! What's really visible is the time put into research/calls with Zargham, and I'm curious what other steps towards the tangible realm are happening.5Enjoying seeing what Jeff is bringing to Giveth5I would love to get more info on what Jeff does - how and where? I also miss him for concept ping-pong5Doc looks good5Doc look great.. I know lots of research happening
Marketing/Comms/Processes Consult
JeffAssist Communications circle with any required branding/marketing/advertising
Communication 4- on hold until first steps of Aragon DAC are moving forward. - I am available to assist on future iterations of branding, customer focused messaging, communication strategy (newsletter, etc)4.75N/AI Can't tell as I have not seen anything4hasnt done anything yet??5not really happening, so no feedback5Reactive role for consulting/quick questions, passive on any projects of this nature5not seeing this-did not know about this, others have no infoNANA I think Jeff is beeline focused on curation stuff. This isn't a priority at the moment.
Community Connection for R&D Funding of Token Engineering
JeffConnect various TCR, TBC & Curation Markets communities to share ideas, failures, progress, and R&D research
Governance/CommsGov - 2, 5; Comms - 3
- All token engineering R&D research articles on Medium
- communicating & connecting various channels
- interpret & publish Block Science research to community via Medium articles
- weekly call with Zargham, biweekly articles presenting new research, liaising with similar projects via calls to coordinate potential funding
- organize project thrust with Jonathan, BlockScience manager
- publish "A Call for Token Engineering" article
- determine list of next articles to write!
4.833333333N/AI Can't tell as I have not seen anything55What Kris said!5looking forward to content & next steps! 4my 4 may be uninformed on this - forgive me if so. but are there riot rooms for this community? where can we see you doing community management on this in a way that actively weaves the people into giveth?5Happy to have Jeff active with us on this5such interesting stuff - I want to know more!5I believe this is gong well :)5Tons of resarch happening.
Wiki supportJoshCarries the flag of the wiki! Educating people to use the wikiCommunication 2- Surface level pages, supporting circles to maintain their own subpages- Edit existing content for surface level organisation and keep it current- Review the lot- Upload, circle with appropriate people on that4.9166666675Me like wiki5wow5He's doing a great job on the wiki5I would give a 10 if I could4.5I dig! One little thing it could have been nice to have josh seek to inform himself more thru the process, josh i want you to be pushier with things! I prob should've had conversations with you re:wiki reordering and i never really felt prompted to do that5All good things5Josh did a great thing at reordering the Wiki! Thanks so much man!5Tis I, MEEE!!!5Fab
Wiki Social Coding Content OwnerBowen/Josh?Keep the content up-to date for the circleCommunication 2- All SC pages on the wiki- Documenting all SC projects and progress on the wiki, THE entry point for devs & collaborators
- Documenting our stars & planets that come from Social Coding as a reference
- Intro page created by Kris, starting from existing content (site & wiki) + goalsTbd!5N/AI Can't tell as I have not seen anything5not sure whats happening5No feedback yet, it's in early stages5No feedback yet-new role!5no feedback-Looking forward to it - there are ways to automate content with mkdocs!0NA5
Governance Circle Maintainer JoshMaking sure that all our governance initiatives are strategized & documented on a continuous basisGovernanceall - wiki part of governance
- governance circle meeting
- all gov documentation on the wiki
- gov content on medium
- organize a weekly gov meeting (gov-lab facillitation? hosting?)
- write posts for our medium & wiki with guidance for future DACs
- Git hub Gov repo maintenance
- Talk to Kai, Loie and Kris about forming this
- identify inconsistencies in process and seek to resolve them
4.2N/AHuh?5not sure whats happening??5No feedback yet, no idea if Josh actually wants to do it? Content for Gov is prob the Gov content owner role? 1I find this role extremely confusing5This is in Black, seems like it's not yet solid yet though5We discussed something similar last gov-lab. I think this will be likely a collection of people. Anyway, we definitely hope to have Josh be one of them and maybe do the editing (role is about accountability not doing everything)?0Happy to do but can we co-create the role? I like governance, I like circles, I like maintaining things!Not clear what this means?
Media and DesignKayOversight and quality control for documentation, tutorials, video creationCommunication 1,3,4- Youtube account (shared within Giveth)
- wiki content (shared via GitHub)
- github content (shared via GitHub team)
- digitalocean servers (shared with other Giveth members)
- Periodically manage youtube videos and descriptions
-Providing support for the team in creation of content.
-Establishing and maintaining technical resources, like the wiki and video streaming solutions.
-Overseeing creation of audiovisual media for Giveth.
-Enabling and encouraging technical and organizational documentation
- Writing and supporting technical writers, reviewing (or coordinating the review of) technical content
Video documentation on meetups in person
Encourage Unicorns to use the Wiki as prime source of truth
Periodically update the Wiki static site builder
Continually evaluate content and structure of Wiki
- Hope to do some video at Aracon about Aragon DAC
- Last mile support for Josh and Kris in merging the Wiki
- Provide support for Wiki editing with community editing effort (roles get their "domains" on the wiki)
- Would love to connect at Aracon about documentation, media and design efforts
- Coordinating "handbook" effort
4.65thumbs up554Minus one point for not really seeing here what or if anything happened here last month :) Content in projects column seems to overlap with what's written in the description of the activity. Wiki structure is mostly in my domain & I worked on this this month, so that does not really belong here in projects.. Next steps seem not really related to this role? If content description of YT videos is part of this role... then I should prob giv a little bit less.. Whenever I check this, we are behind on this (and I update titles & content). Looking also forward to clearer goals for the Giveth Design Team! Hope that could be part of this role's description, that initiative started off strongly but seems to have died down a bit now.. 54It is really not easy to keep up with youtube, as people often just hit the stream button.

Kris is right when he says he has to edit titles and descriptions on youtube as well - I do it periodically and not in an exhaustive way. Youtube really could be its own role here.

as another reaction to Kris - the way the design team seems to want to work is on-demand. so whenever we need something designed we can announce there.

Otherwise did a lot of helping for the big wiki merge and lots of little things here like always
Web infrastructureKayCreate, maintain, administrate Web-resources for GivethGovernance1, 3, 4, 5- website front & backend, netlify, gandi, digitalocean, bitnami
- one on one support
- community support for Github, Email, DNS, riot
- bridge support
-Creating and maintaining the website on github - keep 100% uptime.
-Managing progress of content and aligning with current strategy phase.
-Quality assurance: All pages need to be clean and devoid of errors.
-Managing analytics and communicating insights.
-Configure DNS for website domain and subdomains.
-Manage chat-bridges between Riot and Chat-X
-Managing permission layers for whole DAC
keep giveth.io updated in content
Please note that the other people with access to these ressources will have less to no reachability in the future, so I would be the SOLE KEYHOLDER. We should probably have a fallback.
- Big review completed. There are still some sites missing, like /world which is linked on google - so there should be something here
- If we manage to clean up the roles nicely, this document should be linked to from Wiki and other places
- Currently getting more into points bot, bridging
- Experimenting with services, like Zulip and communicating opportunities in show & tell
- Currently working on security concept and collecting permission list
- Would love to set up a dedicated machine to run hard disk or computationally intensive services, but hindered by Barcelona move-out
5555Projects & next steps seem not really updated here? Kay did support us extremely well here in working out the kinks with the wiki update that is ready to go live, but now people can't see this. Deploying the Aragon DAO and the matterbridge fixes prob belong here as well? I know all this but many prob don't :) 55No complaints5This month mostly was ironing out the last bugs for giveth.io, dive into different possibilities for development, learned a lot regardless of discipline.5Great job, I've seent tons of infra support from Kay
UnicornKayTo Support the Giveth Galaxy and direct fundingGovernance1,3Allocating 600 DAI a weekAllocating 600 DAI a week
Take part in Unicorn meetings
Administrate Aragon DAO for Unicorn DAC
Allocating 600 DAI a weekAllocating 600 DAI a week5555555Kay is on this5Love the feeling?NA5Not sure what this means, but I love interacting with Kay.
Governance Decision Documentation (Gov-host)Kay/Lorelei/JoshHave written accountabilities in one place for easy accessGovernance3- Make sure that notes are taken (a notetaker should be recruited before the meeting)
- Edit and Upload notes after community meeting
- Agreed proposals shall be added to approved policies on Wiki
File meeting notes under Protocol on the Wiki - i.e. https://wiki.giveth.io/protocol/gov-meeting-1/
File agreed on Proposals in wiki under "approved policies" - https://wiki.giveth.io/policy/approved-policies/
- Make sure that the process for policies is held up by proposers in loomio, else document yourself
- Document past agreed on policies (our most important ones are documented, but it never hurts for somebody to go hunting for approved policies in case something slips through the cracks)
4.666666667I am very sorry but I will have to pass on evaluating this role... I have the feeling that yes, meetings and decisions are being recorded but I'm not sure what's the process and the "evaluation" criteria55waiting for more info4It would actually be good to assign this role to just one person, so decisions always get filtered out and added to the wiki 4its being pieced together, we could probably do it better with a more unified approach. Determine which decisions actually need to be documented on wiki?5I see movement, no concerns5I disagree that only one person should fill this role. I did for almost a year until Lorelei started helping me and it is definitely great to have help there. I would love for this process to become totally absorbed by the way we record decisions.4I'm keping tabs on this and taking notes. Most recent meeting pending but saved!5
Community ManagementKrisGetting the Community actively involved whenever possible. Communication3- Riot
- Slack
- Blockchain Buddies' Community Platforms
- Sharing relevant new content in owned community channels
- Sharing relevant new content in befriended community channels
- Welcoming new people and engaging the community to take an active role in Giveth
- Answering any questions by people and refering them to the right people and resources
- Stimulating the discussion by posting relevant content in various rooms/channels
- Working on the automation of welcoming messages
- Identifying of gaps in our own DAC workings & communication and planning actions
- constant posting of content in all of the room
- trying to answer most people's questions and referring them
- follow up with bowen what's next for social coding, our beating community heart
- keep on stimulating more and more people to speak up, in the end I'd like ALL of us to be community managers, Dani & Bowen are currently great examples of this
- more of the same, special focus (if possible) on helping out bowen with social coding
5555Kris has been a big help when I wasn't able to be on top of #sc 5Was slightly quieter month but tried to make sure all Qs got answered (by me or others)55Kris seems to be everywhere5Kris is like a magical genie. I strongly suspect he never sleeps. Take a break once in a while! please <35Noisy community!5Excellent as always
Brand IdentityKrisCreate and maintain Giveth identity Communication1, 2, 3 , 4, 5 - Branding Guidelines
- Branded materials
- Look&feel website
- Social Media Tone of Voice
- Consistent use of the Giveth brand
- Representation of our values in everything that is shared through official Giveth channels
- High quality communication (no typos, native english level communication)
- Feedback on ... many places on the whole giveth.one initiative, esp in our riot, but also some docs, trying in my arguments to always focus on what brings clarity for our users
- bringing the logic and flow back into the wiki (//site) with josh writing a lot and thinking with me, creating roles for people in this sheet to follow up

- Helping out content owners to really own their content & the logic to reflect our goals
- hopefully time to work some more on design ideas for site & wiki with kay
5N/A Not sure if this role had any action this month. Not sure what happened as a response to giveth.one. I advocate for brotherhood and sisterhood. Or if not, Cousinhood?55Good job :)55No concerns5Strong stuff by the master. 4Lots to keep busy with, rated 4 because I'm not sure the galaxy page fits the guidelines. 5Kris is there to watch over the brand identity - doing a great job.
Social Media outreach KrisPresenting Giveth and reaching out to the world on different social media platformsCommunication 1, 2, 3, 4, 5- Sprout Social (social media tool)
- Reddit
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Instagram
- Giveth Youtube
- Giveth Transparency Youtube
- keeping a close eye on all giveth mentions on various channels and responding appropriately
- spreading all messages related to Giveth on the various channels
- increasing followers through the above actions, plus by retweeting and answering to relevant posts, following influencers, liking relevant posts
- finding the balance between quantity (number of posts/tweets) and selection of used channels based on current audience
- Stimulating likes, upvotes and reposts by our own community
- spotting tweet or post opportunities by spending a considerable amount of time on staying up-to-date (reading posts, tweets, etc)
- regular updates on Twitter and Reddit
- tweeting & liking & following more and more lately, more 'live' now in the app itself
- continuing and hoping to stimulate others to send content to me proactively 555Looking forward to more!-i really know nothing about social media outreach 😆5More content surely forthcoming for the new year5There is so much coming up - he will need help!5Perfecto!5
Content Editor KrisPresenting Giveth and reaching out to the worldCommunication 1, 2, 3, 4 - Medium content
- Website content
- All social media content
- Reviewing all content that is posted on our medium, site, wiki and social media to make sure they are aligned with our mission, values and branding
- Contributing to keep the structure of our homepage and subpages of our 3 main content portals up-to-date (medium, site, wiki) to keep them in line with our mission, value and branding
- Writing content for medium, site, wiki and social media that is in line with our mission, values and branding
- review & correction of articles that went out: this month only cryptoxmas
- a whole bunch of wiki copywriting and editing
- loads & loads of work on the wiki, giving feedback to josh plus tinkering with the code myself (see all the commits)
- Content review of content by wiki content owners
- more reviews coming up (texts briefed-esp on funding, jeff content coming soon, possibly dapp?)
- hopefully writing another text myself (but prob will not happen in Jan, not for Giveth at least :) )
555on top of it!5i know you do a lot of this all the time5Lots coming up I see 5(+100) for decentralizing this by sharing grammarly5Perhaps I shoulda sent the update article to Kris?
Comms DelegateKrisMaking sure we have one unified brand voice for Giveth
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
- Github Communication Repo
- Communication Loomio
- Comm points
- RewardDAO Comm vote
- Continuously reviewing all communication efforts are inline with the communication goals as stipulated in our mission statement here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NbdshyZEATW0N7C5_lYIozodvwe8F7pPn5SZfDOKG1Q/edit
- Keeping an overview of all Communication efforts in the various circles (via github comms) and giving feedback where needed, following up with individuals who have tasks assigned to them
- Organizing a weekly call to share this overview with the entire Giveth community
- Being a spokesperson for Giveth whenever is needed/relevant (presentations, podcasts, interviews, new opportunities
- Monthly voting on RewardDAO and following up on this
- Regular syncing with the 3 other circle delegate to be in the know of any changes in strategy, helping out and advising where relevant
- Recruiting of new writers if and where necessary with various specializations
- Attending and contributing to the weekly governance call plus voting and contributing to the linked loomio proposals
- Regular creation of issues to optimize usage of the DApp
- weekly comms meeting
- syncing with circle delegates on what comes now
- follow up on website, wiki, ...
- accepting & creating Milestones
- funding & promoting unicorn Milestones
- syncing with too many to sum up
- RewardDAO point dishing & voting
Same 55555Seems like it would be good to have more support in the Comms circle, you have a lot going on Kris!5Wonderful job like always!5Dunno where he finds the hours!5
Fundraising Comms SupportKrisFocusing on bringing funds into the Giveth ecosystemGovernance3,4,5All comms going out w/ regards to funding- Making sure we get an overview of all the salaries & details in funding proposals and get this approved internally
- Ensuring all funding comms is on brand
- Big support for funding campaigns
- Always on the look out for big donors
- Attempt to crowdsource funds
- Look for opportunities to collaborate with other projects
- all the work on the wiki will hopefully attract funding, bcs we are becoming more transparent & open!
- 2 funding calls with Michael, following up on some leads
- briefing of one post (coming up)
- continue work on the wiki (to make us more legit)
- work on deck with Michael, Griff and Jessica (tbc if this next month)
- followup calls on the onward labs initiative!
- looking out for more oppts
4.955How many roles is this?4.5i don't know whats happening - i'd like to see at least some presence of the support/plan on this when we have convos re: salaries and funds in general lasting into the future 5Thanks for trusting me to continue the Onward Labs chats!5Can't believe he does this too!?NA, I dont see this stuff5
Wiki Structure GuardianKrisGuaranteeing that the wiki keeps a clear and transparent overall structure Communication 2- Keeping an eye on the overall structure
- Be the go-to person when it comes to creating new sections in the wiki, or changing anything structure-wise
- extrrrreme makeover of the wiki
- creation of this role plus roles+domains & suggested 'fillers'
- following up with anyone who wants to create new content, specifically content owners
- please do not change the navigation file without discussing first <3
4.23structure!?!?!? CHAOS! This seems a little power grabby, but thats just my initial vibe, if this is an important battle to fight then go for it, but it seems liek the people reworking the contrent on the wiki should be also determining its structure so it can weave to gether better53i think this is a micromanaging role and that it's somewhat unnecessary - both in how it draws your energy kris away from other things and in how it draws power out of the hands of contributors55You did a great job at restructuring the Wiki! As I said, don't think this will stay a role (and you need to lose some), but without you - it would be less approachable <35Yep, fending off feinds like myself from the nav bar5
Wiki Comms Content OwnerKrisKeep the content up-to date for the circleCommunication 2- All Comms pages on the wiki- Keeping all comms related content up-to-date on the wiki - Created a comms intro which I copied and adapted for the other circlesMore coming soon, eg a page dedicated to our writers & other regulars!555-new role!55Own and edit!5Owning his page. Suspecting no problems5
Writer LanskiWrite! Help out with medium articles, wiki or White PaperCommunication1,2,4- Writing articles :)- Unicorn DAC medium post4.5554would be good to see the advice process article revised/updated a bit under governance5this is a to-be-called-upon role4I haven't seen anything written by Lanski, did I miss it?4More Lanski, more content!5Seen the Unicorn DAC article
Panvala Awards Committee LanskiRepresent Giveth and keep an eye on the Panvala granting project and its token capacitatorGovernance2,5- Panvala Awards Committee- Reviewing projects that apply for a panvala grant
- Suggesting projects that should recieve a grant
- Ensure that the token capacitator receives enough donations to become a sustainable granting option in the long run by choosing the right projects and people who will understand the philosophy and donate to the capacitator
- 1st wave of Grants: Jan
- Review applications
- Suggest
- 2nd wave of Grants: Q2
- Trying to get Maria from Aragon to be part of it as well4.55Nothing much has happened yet, except this: https://medium.com/@Panvala/panvala-token-grant-applications-from-gnosis-status-and-level-k-be63ae503ca9. The 28th of this month we will issue our recommendation.4would love to hear updates??4I don't really understand what this is and how it is related to giveth? What is the role in relation to Giveth? But pretty sure that Lanski is doing a great job as always5trust ya5No familiarity here either..-is this a role? show and tell :-P?I know he's on that, and thus representing Giveth but how do we get visibility?not familiar with this, would love to learn more.
White Paper Support *standby*LanskiSupport with input and reviews. Write entire sections.DApp- White Paper- Writing sections
- Reviewing content and philosophy
- Editing
- White Paper- Standby waiting for Parker 3.4N/AAs mentioned in the role, standby waiting for movement - by Giveth.one or Parker or actually, to know where the movement needs to come from! I will get in touch w Vojtech53New info?4What is the status of this whitepaper? When can we put this on the wiki? 2not about lanski. too quiet on the whitepaper for too long.3No movement on this one at all in a couple months..-please make it community maintainable?NA
Conflict Resolution LoreleiTo facilitate resolution of conflicts in a restorative way and thus demonstrate how others in the team can resolve conflicts in our decentralized manner.Governance1,3Conflict within Giveth Galaxy-Observing and being aware of team dynamics and communication
-Being available for consult and facilitation of communication between team members.
-Offering resources to folks in conflict, be that facilitation, mediation, consultation, strategies for handling it on their own
-Documenting conflict resolution processes and their action steps and checking in as time unfolds to see if action plans are being followed
-Keeping an eye on tools for the team that can prevent future conflicts
-Keeping wiki updated with our conflict resolution model
-Ongoing learning about conflict resolution: esp continued education (trainings & partnerships) around tools/approaches
-Sharing resources and approaches with other teams, like Swarm City or the Humanistic Management Network

- check in post-conflict: what learnings are we grabbing as a community from this?
- professional development this year: exploring training to refine skills/direct them more twds this work environment where they have before been more crime and social community focused rather than work communities
55Not had to ask for intervention yet!55Great job5Doing a great job5nice to see the feedback :)5Good Loomio5I asked Lorelei for help and she responded immediately. I see her as the perfect person to do this, but I am also a harmony freak, so I love it when she has not much to do =)5I've not needed to request her attention5
Team Structure Lorelei To ensure order to our DAC core team and community so that everyone knows who is responsible for what Governance1,3This Spreadsheet
Weekly Gov. Meetings
- Making sure roles are filled out
- Encouraging people to use these roles
- Researching Holacracy
Unicorn DAC, Roles Process, continued education around tools/approaches, supporting individuals in how they fold into Giveth
- Maintaining/refining roles meeting process
usher current Unicorn pledges toward onboarding mtgs, host roles meeting, delegate current Unicorn's weekly funds, talk further with inspiral folks and plan for HR conferences, trainings that I may get involved with55Can we have a loomio to open this to more points than 5?55Great job being on top of this5Loie has been doing an extraordinary job here, beyond words, really appreciated enormously 5it seems to lately always work out... the tweaks and new approaches i have been trying5Great bones :)5Great strong work with Roles meeting. Looking forward to even more streamlining.5Always on this stuff5
Miss Frizzle Field Trips Fo ShizzleLoreleiBonding within Giveth and between the Giveth Galaxy and rest of community thru funtimez when we are all in the same location!Social Coding?Group excursions during conferences/offsites etc- Coming up with fun things to do in whatever locale we are in
- Coordinating people to get to the fun
96.55Thailand <355Haven't been there for it but sounds fun!5I'd propose a slightly clearer title here ;-) 4i want to do this moaarrr!555Let's get magic and more school buses.5I want to see one first, but I believe they are magical?I love this role, but I've not been on a field trip yet. Bring on Berlin!.. (again)5seems very trippy.
FundraisingMichaelDeveloping strategic partners and fundraising channels and implementation.Governance4- Some Google Docs/wiki pages (will specify here once solidified)
- Giveth - google spreadsheet - fundraising pipeline with annual targeted budget
- Giveth - Fundraising Roadmap
- develop a fundraising strategy with specific fundraising targets
- create a team spreadsheet of fundraising opportunities including an est of the probability of success
- interact with blockchain foundations as well as traditional foundations to develop relationships and learn about new opportunities
- assist/lead proposal writing, and engaging team members to add content where necessary
- explore and promote those who may want to use Giveth's products and services
- developing business models and strategies esp. related to the DApp
- Ongoing weekly updated Giveth Fundraising Pipeline
- Transitioned to hosting weekly Fundraising meetup to go through pipeline, budgets, and opportunities and followup
- Current High Priority Opportunities: Onward Labs, Flock Proposals
- Other Opportunities - (see spreadsheet for complete) list - Michael followingup directly with individuals within Giveth
- Work on revised Giveth deck with Kriss, Griff and Jessica
- Followup calls with Long Now Foundation, Parachute token, Onward Labs
- Modify strategy doc
- Create draft budget doc (potentially in collaboration with Lanski)
- Re-organize spreadsheet to include weekly action items and a better organization of high priority areas
- Engage broad Giveth team (regularly) around opportunities and ensure all community members have the deck/talking points
5N/ANew role, but excited to see it happening!5love organizing 5Excited to see more come of this5Last meeting was really energizing, great to see michael picking this up! 5i'm so happy somebody's on this :)5It's a pleasure to collaborate with Michael on Onward Labs and so much more.5Timezones unfortunately seem to block me getting much informed on Michaels work. I would love to know more! 5I can see Michaels engaged with this. I'd like to know more!
Product Owner for 'Daoification' of the DAppMichaelStewarding the Giveth DApp enabling it to help people with experiments in decentralized governance. identify and develop a plan that includes all the milestones required to launch, further develop and maintain the platform.DApp1,2- DApp meeting notes
- DApp roadmap google doc
- Governance ZenHub/Github
- product development
- strategy
- communications
- Writing & updating the Giveth specific product spec
- long-term vision for the DApp
- Develop the overall 6 month DAPP / DAO integration roadmap with specific milestones, dates, dependencies
- Working with all the teams necessary to prioritize github issues as per the roadmap on a weekly basis
- Organizing standup daily meetings, weekly meeting and coordination with other related teams
- Writing articles & wiki for greater education around product
- Interfacing with Aragon DAC
- Roadmap DApp integration of the DAO
- Revised Vision for the DApp that included how DAO and Token Bonding Curves integrate together
- Product specification DApp DAO
- Organizing weekly DAPP DAO meeting regarding Roadmap, product spec, and updates
- Attend Aragon DAC meetings
- Revise Dapp roadmap document
- Revise Dao/Dapp roadmap document
- Revise strategy doc
4.833333333N/AI can't tell yet4i thought this was my role! :-D i cant do it without you as PM tho5Looking forward to more info5Haven't really seen anything here, looking forward to documentation coming up!55Great first meeting!5I am so excited for what is to come here!?I think he's waiting on Jeff document to go forward?5- great work so far, still early in the initiative. Thanks for pulling together our working group! Excited to get started
Product Owner for 'DApp Quality' and maintenanceMichaelTo make sure our product and its different parts are up to the very high standard.DApp1,2Testing, Github, Netlify, Social media...- Organize weekly sprint
- Organize weekly loomio
- prepare job description
- prepare weekly sprint and loomio
- prepare weekly team meeting note doc and post to the riot
- manage the Zenhub
- Multisig training
- Engage contributers who have questions
- UX Design research
- add columns for Gitcoin work in Zenhub and organize tasks and coordinate with Gotcoin
- transfer of knowledge from Vojtech to key people
- reorganize loomio with bug/features indicated
- prepare weekly pre-meeting doc
- adjust meeting time this week (check with everyone)
- testing and adding new bugs/features
5Wait, so DApp is not maintained by giveth.one?5fuck yeah55Great to see Michael taking charge of the DApp meeting & following up on all the issues!5gettin the hang of it!5Love having Michael on the team to manage the logistics and help with prioritization!5I love the loomio initiatives (which are only the tip of the Iceberg of issue management), because it brings some scrutiny to the process and makes sprint planning focused.5Handling all the nitty gritty!5- amazing job pulling together a complex task in times of flux!
Strengthening governance modelsMichaelStrengthen internal governance models while preserving the nature of the decentralized organization, its values and ethics.Governance1- Some Google Docs/wiki pages
- Some Riot Channels Unicorn, Governance, Communication
- Share meeting organizational ideas in collaboration with Loie/others and with full team input that could improve and streamline meetings
- Assist with thoughts/suggestions around governance in coordination with Griff/Loie others
- Explore opportunities for greater female and developing country perspectives
- Team learning community interviews
- Organize Mozilla call as first interview
- Coordinate with Mozilla (date, questions), Bowen (podcast, mics etc), comms team (promotion, structure)
4.753While it's true that I have heard very sound inputs from Michael in meetings, not sure how the strenghtening is happening.4Well worded, we need strengthening, especially around rewarddao points, using the dapp and making milestones in advance and some how reducing meetings while increasing participation5Looking forward to the Mozilla talk!5Mozilla is a great initiative, looking forward to more of michael's input on how we do gov in the future4.5i think the title of this role is a littel misleading - it sounds like the models we are actively using to govern our team, but i'm hearing it's actually about exploring all governance models out there5Kicking it up a notch, great new energy to this.5Michael was very interested in gov-lab ... Getting that Mozilla interview is just kicking the ball out of the park!5Seems to be going fine
Wiki DApp Content OwnerMichael/DaniKeep the content up-to date for the circleCommunication 2- All DApp pages on the wiki- Documenting all DApp progress and planning on the wiki - Intro page created by Kris, starting from existing content (site & wiki) + goalstbd!4.5N/A3needs lots of work5No feedback yetnew role5no feedback5Oh YES! Started to plan some stuff with Dani here - more to come5Still to spin up but I believe its current5- we have lots of work to do to fill in the gaps between the current wiki and where we're going with these topics - will keep in touch with Michael to build this out further.
Event organizationMichaelAssist Giveth with event organization as well as represent Giveth at events.
Communication, Social Coding
Social Coding - 1- Some Google Docs/wiki pages- Organize events and workshops with the blockchain and communities interested in giving including the possibility of a major event next year that solidifies Giveth as an innovator in this area
- Organize workshops that promote Giveth
- Represent Giveth at various workshops and events
- Organize speakers for Giveth event on Blockchain Charitble Giving - Feb 21, in Montreal
- Organize interviews around it for a podcast series with Bowen and others
- Explore opportunities to plan for a larger event in Spain next year - Givethcon
- Explore the possibility of a hackathon in Toronto in May
- Formal invite to speakers
- Create targeted participant invite list
- Write summary of event for potential participants
- Ensure quality mics and people to interview are lined up
- ensure website for event is created
- figure out process whereby the surplus for the event is donated to a Giveth DAC and invite event participants to join and govern that DAC
4.85??5No feedback yet4yet to see! honestly, we should all know more about what's going on here, michael i sense you're doing a lot but keeping it to yourself, and this should be part of the role is keeping convos about it kindled amongst all givethers5Sounds good so far!5Lets see =)?Spinning up but I'm sure Michaels a good representitive
White Paper LeadParkerWrite technical white paper that encapsules the current status and future vision of the DApp. DAppWhitepaper - Produce drafts and gather ideas from other circle leads.
- gather feedback and integrate
- keep a clear timing and report on progress
34not our white paper, more for Vojtech's group3Waiting for new information on this3I would so love to see this one finished and up on the wiki :/2it's been said3seems like Parker needs a boost here!-I wish parker had more time, or could hand it over to some other maintainer4I think Lanskis blocked by this?
GrantsParkerTrack down and apply for grants in the Ethereum spaceGovernance4- Being aware of all grants in the Ethereum space and applying when appropriate for Giveth.
- Tracking down answers and getting feedback from contributors.
42Not much5always there if we need it-I believe this is on hold3Nothing moving here? 4on hold? which is ok5down season?3Ok, I just miss Parker. Parkeeer!?Dead season?
BookkeepingTHE DAPPTo keep track of ongoing expenses and make sure they get paid and to the right personDAppGoogle docs, Dapp- Organizing receipts, proof of purchases and ongoing expenses
- Proposing milestones in the correct campaign and pushing it through to paid
there's a bounty for this - Vojtech never picked it up but Griff thinks he would like to at some point, and he is far and above the best for the job4.21Not happy at all. There's no overview of all money put in, all money out and for what and what's still inside.4very excited to see an excel spreadsheet print out from each campaign4Did a shitty job but it is catching up again4wow, if it really is bookkeeping i'd love to see some big picture views or the ability to populate directly to a spreadsheet...4Help Wanted on minor issue fixes!5You would be amazed how useful it actually is for bookkeeping!????
BudgetingLanski?Creating and managing a yearly budget and forecast. I think Vojtech used to do this, but currently no one is doing it. 3would love to see lanski doing this????
Dev OpsRJallow users to access our dappsDAppGiveth ServersManaging giveth servers#DIV/0!
Backend DevelopmentRJProvide data caching, manipulation and blockchain integration for uiDAppfeathers cache, contract integrations
Building codebase to support the UI#DIV/0!
Frontend development??Make blockchain interaction possible in the browser in the most user friendly wayDAppReact, UX implementation, Feathers integration-Coding DRY non-spaghetti javascript that works flawless#DIV/0!
Smart Contract DevelopmentRJDevelop, test, document and wrap to be used the smart contracts in the platform.DAppSmart Contracts- Building the architecture for Giveth's system of Smart Contracts #DIV/0!
UX??Find out how we can best accomodate users' needs and translate that into the dappDApp- Axure prototype
- User surveys?
Administration ? a bit LoreleiTo keep the burocracy organized and make sure its completedGovernance3,1Governance Notes: ALL ON WIKI https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-CIs3wLk5T4TE1UbVVkUmp3SzA?usp=sharing
PoC DApp: http://dapp.giveth.io/#/
Chasing down people to make sure their buracracy is done and remind people to collect eth, wiki maintenance#DIV/0!
Salary review rolesalary committeeGovernanceUnicorn DAC - this could potentially be fullfilled by the evaluation/appraisal meetings that are set during the onboarding process of the Unicorn DAC#DIV/0!
Team OrganizationLoreleiTo model giveth style governance philosophy and practices in an organized way where everyone can effortlessly communicate and know what is happeningGovernance43103Holacracy Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-CIs3wLk5T4ZVF1V0xMRDJoVFE?usp=sharing Setting up a system to organize the team (Trello or some similar program), using HolacracyWe're setting up our own team organization systems right now, created in-house. Either trello isn't relevant to my (Lorelei) role right now, or I'm not relevant to this role...Determine what this role is really calling for, if it's different from Team Structure and if there are any requirements the team isn't getting fulfilled right now#DIV/0!
Support for Fundraising OutreachExplore opportunities with donors and events.Governance3- Fundraising Channels
- Partnerships
- Events
- Reviewing strategy documents, editing and creating new ones where needed.
- Developing new partnerships in support of fundraising goals and tracking documents and agreements thereof.
- Intermittently available to make connections/plug for donations within her network, Jess travels a lot so she's in and out.
- Review fundraising strategy document
- Establishing funding channels
- Creating a donation deck and email template to send to potential donors
-- Begin reaching out to strategic partners for fundraising and events
- Possible hackathon with AnarchaPorto follow up event?
-Talk with event organizers and potential donors2N/AI Can't tell as I have not seen anything3i think she's falling off?1I am unsure what is happening here3Jess is bit MIA right now2it's funny - constant traveling doesn't stop any of us from being active in our roles, in fact it fuels it! perhaps jess's flow isn't gel-ing with ours?1Do we have a Jess?-I think I saw Jess once at a comms meeting a few months ago. Not active - request to reassign this or delete the roleNANAJess was active in December but I think travelling at this point.
Admin, Maintainer & SupportKaywebsite (giveth.io)
wiki (mkdocs)
Admin, MaintainerRJDeploys and CI
Riot Server
Admin, Maintainer & SupportVojtechDApp
SupportGriffGoogle Sheets
Maintainer & SupportFrederickpoints-bot
Maintainer & SupportDeamWall of Fame
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