Club or Organization?
Mission/Purpose of CLOG?CLOG Email Address? Advisor Full Name (First, Last) Social Media Accounts? Meeting Days + TimesHow/Where will you be meeting?
Acts of Random Kindness (ARK)
OrganizationTo promote kindness in Milpitas High's communitymilpitashighschoolark@gmail.comDarra Cacao @milpitashighark1st and 3rd Fridays of the month Mrs. Cacao's room (L32)
AIM ClubOrganizationThe CLOG's main objective is to increase an understanding of and interest in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as to promote the interaction amongst both those experienced in, as well as those unsure about what coding is and how to do it. aiformilpitas@gmail.comCharles CastlemanInstagram: @mhsaimclub Website: Friday at luncha
American Red CrossOrganizationThe purpose of the Milpitas High School American Red Cross is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and generosity of donors.mhsamericanredcross@gmail.comRoy Huang@mhsarc Every Thursday at Lunch on the grass in front of G03 In person outside until theatre is open.
APtitudeOrganizationOur club is to tutor students about the AP Stem classes that our school offers. Our tutors will tutor AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Computer Science, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1 and 2, AP Enviromental Science, AP Stats and other science classes offered at MHS. Our goal is to help students improve their GPAs and learn more about the subject so they can be better prepared when they choose to take the class.mhsaptitude@gmail.comRobert AvelaisInstagram: @mhssciencentials Discord: weeklyOutside in the L building area until we can have in person meetings
Art & Literary Magazine ClubOrganizationThe Art & Literary Magazine Club produces the Arras Periodical to feature the creative writing and visual art of MHS students. We solicit submissions from the student body, critique submitting authors and editorial staff members, and biannually publish an issue of the magazine on our website. Members of the club will serve as the magazine's editors, writers, and curators.arrasperiodical@gmail.comHeidi, ShannahanInstagram: @mhs.arrasperiodical // Website: & 3rd Thursday after schoolOnline until in-person meetings // Mrs. Shannahan's room (E10)
Asian American AssociationClubThrough good fellowship, service, and events that showcase the unique values of various ethnic cultures, AAA hopes to enhance the quality of life at Milpitas through its focus on diversity appreciation. AAA will provide its members with community service events, workshops, and bondings to foster an accepting community. aaamilpitashigh@gmail.comDeana QuerubinInstagram: @aaamilpitasEvery other Monday during lunchOutside Ms. Querubin's room or Zoom
Astronomy ClubClubThe purpose of the Astronomy Club is to expose students to the field of astrophysics and astronomy. We discuss new scientific advancements and discoveries in the field of astronomy, while doing our own research. We also invite famous astrophysicists and speakers to talk with the club, while using our own telescope to look at our local and interstellar space objects! Make sure you join if you are interested in astronomy or want to learn more about the subject.mhsastronomyclubclog@gmail.comKelly KingInstagram:, Facebook: Mondays at lunch L-01
Badminton Club ClubOur CLOG can be beneficial to students by creating a place where people who enjoy the sport can play together. Furthermore, our CLOG can teach beginners more about the sport. A way our CLOG can be beneficial to the staff could be providing entertainment for the individuals that are Kristina Tao for gym and every other fridayWhenever Gym is open or Online
BeeFluentOrganizationBeeFluent will provide students with fun leadership opportunities and experience in mentoring nonEnglish-speaking students. Our CLOG will also introduce students to foreign cultures and broaden the horizons of their minds. mhs.beefluent@gmail.comMartha, Kanginstagram: @mhsbeefluent discord: 1st and 3rd Thursdays during lunchMrs. Kang's room (P18)
Best BudsOrganizationThe mission of Best Buds is to help students build everlasting relationships with those with Intellectual and Development Disabilities (IDD). We also hope to educate others about the IDD spectrum and to promote an inclusive environment in order to help breakdown the stigma about IDD.bestbudsmhs@gmail.comTravis Blair@bestbudsmhsThuraday LunchOutside of P6
Between the Lines~Literature ClubClubOur purpose is to indulge in ALL forms of literature! We want to create a community of people who love, in short, analyzing, discussing, and recommending literature. This is not a plain book club, but a club that will discover and explore the depths and history of literature itself (poems, plays, books, biographies, comparing literature to other medias!)tv88564@student.musd.orgAmy Huddleston@mhsbetweenthelinesSecond Monday of every monthZoom meetings or In-Person meetings outside the E building
Bio-Olympiad Club OrganizationBio-Olympiad club is a place where you can collaboratively study for USABO (USA Biology Olympiad). This competition opens an array of opportunities and experiences for you to learn from. Your hard work could pay off with you advancing to state, national, or even international competitions! mhsbioolympiad@gmail.comElizabeth Ellmore-TrujilloInstagram: @mhsusabo ; Website: Other Wednesday at LunchMs. Ellmore's Room/Virtual
Bring Change 2 MindOrganizationBring Change to Mind will benefit the students of MHS by providing students with a safe place to hold meaningful discussions about mental health. The goal of BC2M is to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness on campus, as well as foster the passions of those students interested in working in the mental health field.mhsbc2m@gmail.comLiza Gable-Ferguson instagram: @mhsbringchangetomind2nd & 4th Tuesday during lunchMs. Gable's room (F02)
California Scholarship Federation (CSF)
OrganizationMilpitas High School’s CSF chapter will serve to bring the values embodied by the nationally recognized California Scholarship Federation organization to the Milpitas High School students. Our CSF chapter aims to celebrate students that exhibit exemplary academic achievement. csfofmhs@gmail.comElijah Liaoinstagram: csfofmhs facebook: Every 2nd and 4th Monday of every month during lunch Mr. Liao's room
CATTClubYouth group focused on the health within the community and youth from tobacco products. Our members are motivated to bring change to tobacco laws targeting the youth through teen advocacy and participating in City Council.cattmilpitas@gmail.comShree, BattaInstagram: @milpitascatt
Chinese ClubOrganizationOur mission is to educate and celebrate Chinese culture and share the Chinese-American experience.milpitashschineseclub@gmail.comVictoria LinInstagram: @milpitascc Facebook Group: Milpitas Chinese Club2nd and 4th Wednesday during lunchMrs. Lin's room (F10)
Collaborative Computer Science Club
ClubCollaborate, learn, and share knowledge of CS skills with members to create collaborative project(s).mhscollabcsclub@gmail.comAndrea HutchisonInstagram: @collabcsclub.mhs Discord: Wednesday during brunchMs. Hutchison's room
Computer Science ClubClubTo teach students essential coding skills and help them pursue a career in computer science or allow them to just simply acquire more knowledge in this fieldmilpitashscs@gmail.comCharles Castlemangmail:, instagram:mhscompsciclub2nd and 4th Thursday After School Mr. Castleman's room
DataScience ClubClubThe purpose of the CLOG will be to teach students about CS and algorithms to prepare them for college level CS courses and Kaggle Competitions.milpitasdatascience@gmail.comKathleen Downummhsdatascience1st and 3rd Wednesday after SchoolOnline
DEAD POETS SOCIETYClubThe club plans to benefit the student body by actively encouraging literary advancement for all students, which in turn benefits school events via students applying new values they’ve learned from literature throughout their daily lives.
Deana Querubin mhsdeadpoetssocietyEvery other Wednesday during lunchMs. Q's room
Decode CSClubThe purpose of Decode CS is to teach students the fundamentals of computer science and provide volunteering opportunities in the field of computer science.mhs.decodecs@gmail.comRodney Enns Discord: Wednesday during lunchMr.Enns' room
Desi UnionOrganizationThe purpose of Desi Union is to unite, embrace, and spread Desi culture across our school.mhsdesiunion@gmail.comKaila Schwartz@mhsdesiunionEvery other Wednesday during lunchMs. Schwartz room during lunch
Dragon Flower UnionOrganizationDragon Flower Union partners with local domestic violence organizations to raise awareness about DV and fundraise for these organizations.
Annie, Shine@dragonflowerunion.mhsEvery Monday during lunchTop of L building
Dungeons and Dragons Club
ClubShare, teach, and play the tabletop role-playing game of Dungeons and Dragons.mhsdndclub@gmail.comKristina, Taoinsta- mhsdndclogFridays afterschool; 3:30 - 5:15Ms. Truesdell's Room L44
Entrepreneurship ClubOrganizationThe CLOG's mission is to help students increase their problem-solving and collaboration skills by solving real-world problems in the form of building prototypes with people.mhsentrepreneurship20@gmail.comRogelio PalaciosInstagram: @mhs.entrepreneurshipEvery Wednesday; during lunchF11
Environmental SocietyClubOur mission and philosophy are to help the environment by educating and raising awareness among the student body on how our everyday actions are creating a negative impact on the planet. We also provide Eco-friendly community service opportunities to our members.esocietymhs@gmail.comGlen BarrettJoin our Facebook Page where we will post useful information on events and such: Milpitas High School Environmental Society | Email us at | Follow us on Instagram @esocietymhs Discord: | Remind: text @esociety to 81010 | TikTok: @mhsenvironmentalsocietyEvery 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month during lunchIn Mr. Barrett's room (L03)
Esports OrganizationOrganizationThe Esports Organization is organized for the purpose of allowing students to effectively use critical-thinking skills in an engaging, competitive environment.milpitashighesports@gmail.comRoy HuangInstagram: Website: other wednesday during lunchOnline or In Mr. Huang's room F03
FEMunityOrganizationFEMunity’s mission is to provide a safe and empowering space for female and non-binary students at MHS. We strive to educate and spread awareness of women's issues on health and wellness. mhsfemunity@gmail.comRita BentoInstagram: @mhsfemunity1st and 3rd Friday during lunchMs. Bento's room, L43
French Club OrganizationTo promote French culture through food, art, literature, music, and film.milpitashighfrenchclub@gmail.comLisa ToppingInstagram: @milpitasfrenchclub Every other Tuesday at lunchMadame Topping's room, H03
Friday Night LiveOrganizationFriday Night Live builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities. Friday Night Live will participate in an environmental prevention project and host awareness campaigns.milpitasfnl@gmail.comMimi NguyenInstagram: @milpitashigh.fnlEvery Tuesday afterschool from 3:30-4:30.In Ms. Nguyen's room (G08)
Generation SheOrganizationGeneration She’s purpose is to encourage students who identify as girls or non-binary to pursue careers in business, leadership, and entrepreneurship. We hope to create a community where these students, who are often underrepresented in the entrepreneurial and leadership landscape, gain confidence in the skills necessary for them to pursue these careers as well as have a support system to guide them in the process.mhsgenshe@gmail.comTricia RobinsonInstagram: mhsgensheEvery 2nd and 4th Tuesday during lunchMs. Rob's room (G07)
Girls Empowerment Leaders ClubClubThe Girls Empowerment Leaders Club encourages and inspires girls to become leaders and be confident change-makers. Our main focus is to uplift girls to be courageous and innovative leaders, to be unafraid of intimidating careers, and to be prepared for the future and being future leaders. The Girls Empowerment Leaders Club will be mentoring girls about leadership qualities, like integrity, empathy, self-awareness, innovative thinking, and a growth mindset. We will also encourage girls to break stereotypes and break through to intimidating careers. The club will also prepare members for college applications, leadership roles, choosing a career, and many more future-related topics. The club will provide girls with informational and creative activities and programs to develop leadership skills, learn about different careers, and be prepared to take on future leadership responsibilities. Some of these opportunities would be conferences, programs, informational slides, and guest speakers.
Kieu, Pham@girlsempowermentleadersclubEvery other Friday during lunchIn Ms. Pham's room (L42)
Girls Who CodeOrganizationGirls Who Code (GWC) members can join a supportive environment to learn coding, to see themselves as computer scientists, and engage with other girls who are interested in tech. mhs.gwcode@gmail.comCharles, Castleman @mhs.gwcodeWednesday afterschool biweeklyOnline
God FirstClubGod First is a Christian club that exists to provide the opportunity for all students (Christians and non-Christians) to learn more about Jesus and the Bible through interactive activities like group discussion, guest speaker, in-depth Bible study, and other activities.mhsgodfirst@gmail.comSoo, Park@g1mhsEvery Tuesday during lunchMs. Park's room, P19
heART OrganizationWe put Art in HEART: Inspiring art and creativity in others! Learn new art techniques, attend community art projects (such as murals), meet new people that share similar interests, and gain more experience in the art world! milpitasheart@gmail.comFiona Walker Instagram(@milpitasheart): during lunch biweeklyMs. Walker's room (J7)
I Am That GirlOrganizationIATG will build a safe community where we can talk about things that matter, love ourselves and those around us, and create healthy media together. By building community and providing everyone with a safe space to have meaningful and mindful conversations, we enable ourselves to have a higher sense of self worth.iamthatgirlmhs@gmail.comTricia Brownsteininstagram: @iamthatgirlmhsEvery other Tuesday during lunchMs.Brownstein's room (G05)
InSight FilmClubInSight Film is a club at MHS aiming to give new insights into our ever-changing world through film.mhs.insightfilm@gmail.comClarence WrencherInstagram: @mhs.insightfilmFridays biweekly during lunch or afterschoolMr. Wrencher's room, H02
InteractOrganizationWe offer community service opportunities to students as well as volunteering hours for fundraisers! We contribute all our profits to charities and have bonding events and meetings at MHS!interactmilpitas@gmail.comKimberly Marion@milpitasinteract - instagram; - link to facebook groupEvery other Tuesday @ lunchSenora Marion's room (H6)
Junior State of AmericaClubThe purpose of the Milpitas High School Chapter of the Junior State is to strengthen American democracy in Milpitas High School by educating students about responsible leadership, giving back to the community through various service projects, and informing the school about the political world.mhsjuniorstate@gmail.comMichael Cummins@milpitas_jsaWednesdays during lunchMr. Cummins's room F18
Just Social JusticeClubThe purpose of Just Social Justice will be to focus on educating the MHS community about current events that are currently happening globally from an unbiased perspective. We will talk and share current news happening so people within our school can be more aware of what is going on in our world and be able to make opinions of their own and grow more knowledgeable about the world around them.
Rita Bento@mhsjustsocialjusticeEvery other Monday during lunchMs. Bento's room, L43
KASAOrganizationAn organization that showcases the daily lifestyle and culture of South Korea by introducing individual, cultural aspects such as food, music, clothing, history, language, and current events. kasa.mhs@gmail.comSoo ParkInstagram - Kasa.mhsEvery other Wednesday during lunchMrs. Park's room P19
Key ClubOrganizationKey Club will benefit the student body at Milpitas High School by providing students with opportunities to provide service to their home, school, and community. Key Club will find events for members to participate in and will have workshops that will build character and develop leadership.milpitaskeyclub@gmail.comLauren Byler-GarciaInstagram: @milpitaskeyclub Website: Facebook: other Thursday during lunch In front of J08
Keyboard ClubClubKeyboard Club (Or MKC) will provide an opportunity to learn about the hobby of mechanical keyboards, interact with the local community, CAD (Computer-Aided Design), PCB Design, Manufacturing, soldering and other aspects of the mechanical keyboard hobbymilpitaskeyboardclub@gmail.comRodney, EnnsN/A
Latino Student UnionClubThe Latino Student Union aims to promote and teach about the Latino Culture. We would like to expose students to the Culture by hosting a Cultural Show and other events throughout the year. Our next goal is to promote the Culture in a positive light to empower all students through this culture to strive for better and to embrace where they come from no matter where they are from. latinostudentunionn@gmail.comMónica RiveroInstagram: @lsu.mhs, Remind: @lsumhsThursdays during lunch Mrs.Rivero's classroom H08
Leftward Coalition ClubOur CLOG will provide a safe space to learn about economic and political theory. Discussions will center on social and political issues and will include topics on social, racial, economic, and political equality. leftwardcoalition@gmail.comAudrey Yanginstagram: @leftwardcoalitionThird Thursday of the month at lunchMs. Yang's room E17
LEO ClubClubLEO Club is a youth, community service based club that encourages youths to develop Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity through service activities, events and projects.milpitasleoclub@gmail.comAudrey YangInstagram: @milpitasleoclub1st and 3rd Monday during lunchMs. Yang's Room E17
Math Club OrganizationOur CLOG provides for all students who want to seek tutoring with math or students who want to participate in competitive math a place to do so. We also provide benefits like extra credit opportunities to certain math classes.milpitashighmathclub@gmail.comWai-Lan TsangInstagram: @mhs.mathclubMonday at lunchMs. Tsang's room P15
Medical SocietyOrganizationThe purpose of the Milpitas High School Medical Society is to be a resource for students who want to pursue a career in the medical field. We will strive to educate them about health-related careers, bring in professionals from the field, and provide mentors to supplement their growth. Moreover, we will give them the opportunity to serve in the field through voluntary service and internships.mhsmedicalsociety@gmail.comHeidi ShannahanInstagram: @mhsmedicalsociety; Facebook: 1st and 3rd Tuesday during lunchMs. Shannahan's room E10
MedPathClubThe purpose of MedPath is to give medicine-bound students exposure to the medical field through watching medicine related videos and presentations, and conducting activities that raise awareness about health care problems around the world.medpathmhs@gmail.comKaren TruesdellInstagram: @mhsmedpath1st, 3rd, 5th Monday 6:30 pmMeet link: :
MHS 3D Printing ClubOrganizationThe MHS 3D Printing Club will aim to provide both MHS Students and Faculty the opportunity to learn more about and interact with various 3D printing technologies and software associated with it(CAD - Computer Aided Design) that will give students skills such as how to work with CAD software and iterate designs.MHS3DClub@gmail.comKelly, KingInstagram: @mhs_3d_clubDuring lunch on Thursdays or after school for online meetsL-01 and Online
MHS Fishing ClubOrganizationThe mission of the MHS Fishing Club shall be to provide the MHS students and staff with opportunities to learn and improve their fishing skills, connect with nature, and bond as a community.feeshingclub@gmail.comDeana QuerubinInstagram: @mhsfeeshingclub - Discord: other Wednesday during lunch Ms Querubin's room (G10)
MHS GardeningOrganizationMHS Gardening strives to serve our community by providing healthy and sustainable produce whilst educating youth on the issues of resource sustainability for the future and gaining skills in the field of Gardening.milpitasgardening@gmail.comEmily MooreInstagram: milpitasgardeningThursdays afterschool every other weekGarden space behind L building
MHS Social Media ClubWe create book reading videos for students as well as podcast episodes, which feature various topics involving the MHS community. For the Video Reading Team, we are also planning to include videos featuring student-created literaturemhslibrary@musd.orgJoy, KimIG - trojanslibraryteam and for podcast team mhs.podcast Website: 1st and 3rd Wednesday after schoolOnline
MHS Table Tennis ClubOrganizationThe purpose of the MHS Table Tennis Club is to promote competition through table tennis and to allow students to use table tennis as a means of having fun.mhstabletennis20@gmail.comKristina EdwardsIG- @_mhstabletennis, Discord:
Every Tuesday and sometimes Thursday during lunch
Small gym
MHS Thirst Project ClubOrganizationOur club is the MHS Thirst Project. Our mission is to raise money to end the global water crisis around the world by building freshwater wells in communities who need clean drinking water. Our goals are to educate and spread awareness about the water crisis around the world by hosting guest speakers and having educational events. We want to raise money through fundraising, partnering with Milpitas businesses that support our mission, and collaborating with other CLOGs. All proceeds will go to the Thirst Project, which is a non-profit organization that uses support dollars to find solutions to the water crisis and aid other countries. Why water? Using contaminated water from unsanitary water sources can cause waterborne diseases such as cholera and polio. Additionally, women spend untold hours hauling water from distant, unclean sources, which does not allow them to find employment, gain an education or educate their children.. If there were local community clean water wells, the infection and mortality rate of individuals affected by waterborne diseases would decrease and women would have more time to educate themselves and their family.mhsthirstproject@gmail.comBrian Knitterinstagram: thirstprojectmhsEvery other Tuesday during lunchMr.Knitter's Room E5
MHS Youth Arts MovementOrganizationThe Youth Arts Movement (YAM) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing students and aspiring artists a platform for their creative expression. We seek to create a community for artists to collaborate and communicate. We welcome musicians, illustrators, writers, photographers, etc. to join together to express ideas and insight to better our community through art and provide opportunities for friendly competition, galleries and performances, scholarships, and collaborations and learning.mhsyouthartsmovement@gmail.comEmily, MooreInstagram: @mhsyouthartsmovement, other Thursday during lunchMusic room / theater when it's available
Milpitas Culinary HEROesClubOur purpose is to teach culinary skills while promoting a teamworking environment.culinaryheroes@gmail.comLori Anderson DayFacebook: Milpitas Culinary HEROes Instagram: milpitasculinaryheroesSecond Tuesday of the month at Lunch, Third Wednesday of the Month After School
Milpitas DECAOrganizationDECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. competence, innovation, integrity and teamwork. decamilpitas@gmail.comVictoria LinInstagram: @milpitasdecaMondays at LunchF10 (Ms. Lin's room)
OrganizationOur club's purpose and mission is to build interest, provide new opportunities, leadership, and educate students about jobs available in the field of digital design through a focus on developing life skills and skills that are required to be successful in this field.mhsgraphicd@gmail.comAudrey YangInstagram: @mhsgraphicdesignTuesday AfterschoolE 17 (Ms. Yang's Room)
Milpitas High Book ClubClubThe purpose of this club is to provide a place for all book lovers to be comfortable with one another through shared interests. In fact, members don’t have to be book lovers! This club is a space where students can openly discuss their thoughts and feelings, whether it’s about plot twists, ambiguous endings, interpretations on diction, or merely just something one enjoyed. From this club, you can expect bonding sessions, friends, game nights, and intriguing discussions about your favorite books, genres, etc...
Kieu PhamInstagram: @milpitas.bookclub Invite link for discord: after school every 3 weeksL42
Milpitas Model United Nations
OrganizationMilpitas Model United Nations strives to teach students about the issues of the world and how they, as young students, can change the world. MMUN continues to help students practice their public speaking skills while understanding diplomacy and relations of the world.milpitashighmun@gmail.comBrett, WebberInstagram: milpitashigh_munFridays during lunch E4 (Webber's room)
Milpitas Xtreme RoboticsOrganizationWe aim to offer opportunities for club members to pursue a career in STEM, robotics, and engineering through hands-on experiences with robots.mxrmhs@gmail.comMimi NguyenInstagram: @milpitas_xtreme_robotics Mondays and Fridays after schoolOutside K building or in G08 (Ms. Nguyen's Room)
Model CongressOrganizationModel Congress gives its members the opportunity to develop their oratory skills while simultaneously engaging in simulations of the American Congress. Participants receive a unique view into the government's inner workings and are exposed to new perspectives in modern-day politics.milpitashighmodelcongress@gmail.comAnnie ShineN/A1st and 3rd Monday of every month during lunchShine's Room
MTB ClubClubOur CLOG will be beneficial to the students and staff at MHS by educating those who are interested and providing a safe space for any questions related to mountain biking. This CLOG will also be a place where mountain biking enthusiasts can openly discuss new ideas and build on each other while helping others gain interest in the sport.tn80056@student.musd.orgBen PangInstagram @mhsmtbclub, Discord other Wednesday during lunchMr. Pang's room L10
Muslim Student Association of Milpitas High (MSA of Milpitas High)ClubThe purpose of this CLOG is to provide Muslim students with a space in which they can feel comfortable with their Muslim American identities, and to provide non-Muslim students with a place where they can ask questions and learn about Islam.msaofmilpitashigh@gmail.comNatalya Selitser@msaofmhsFirst and third Tuesdays of the month (at lunchtime)Online until futher notice; then Ms. Selitser's room (H01)
National Honors Society OrganizationThe purpose of National Honor Society is to promote scholarship, leadership, community service, and character.milpitashighnhs@gmail.comKaila Schwartz instagram: milpitashighnhs website: Wednesdasy 3:30 every weekOnline until futher notice
Next Generation NationsClubThe purpose of Next Generation Nations Club is to educate and guide future generations about solving political, social, and economic issues worldwide. next.gen.milpitas@gmail.comTeresita RomeroInstagram: @ngnmhs Website: ngn.orgEvery other Tuesday at lunchSenora Romero's room
Operation Smile Milpitas Organization Our CLOG aims to raise awareness surrounding the lack of funding for cleft lip surgeries. It will help students and teachers learn more about the issue and get them involved with helping the cause. operationsmilemilpitas@gmail.comLiza Gable-FergursonInstagram: @operationsmilemilpitasEvery other Monday at lunchOnline until further notice, then Ms. Gable's room
POVision OrganizationWe hope to build and develop a community where people are able to express their opinions freely and spread empathy! POVision provides members with guest speakers, cultural activities, community events and discussions! empathyclub.mhs@gmail.comMarianne Schlein Instagram(@empathyclub.mhs): Every Other Monday during Lunch Marianne Schlein's room (J11)
PragnyaClubPromote autism acculturation within the communitynr99091@student.musd.orgJesus ZamudioFacebook: MHS PragnyaEvery Wednesday at lunchOutside at the lunch tables near the library
PrepWorks TutoringOrganizationPrepWorks Tutoring will allow MHS students to tutor elementary and middle school students in subjects such as history, math, English, and science. Tutors will earn community service hours for the time they spent on tutoring and preparing lessons. Our clog aspires to help those students who are struggling or seeking a boost and will strive to allow them more opportunities to learn more.tutoring.prepworks@gmail.comKieu, Phammhs.prepworksEvery other Tuesday at LunchL42 - Ms. Pham's Room
Project GreenOrganizationThe mission of our CLOG is to spread awareness of what is currently happening to our environment and the pollution that humanity is contributing to. Not only will we be trying to improve the Earth is almost every possible way that we can, we want to provide students at MHS an experience that they will take with them in the future. We hope it will give them leadership skills as well as knowledge on how to preserve our planet in the future as well as a fun high school memories where they can make friends and have fun in. mhsprojectsgreen@gmail.comJoanne Mollotinstagram: mhsprojectgreen Thursday bimonthly during lunchMadame Mollots room (J16)
Psych SocietyClubThe purpose of this CLOG is to create an environment in which students can really explore the breakthroughs of psychology as well as neuroscience while learning how they can affect our society today.md97416@student.musd.orgLauren Byler-Garciainstagram: @psychsocietymhsWOnline until further notice; then Ms.Garcia's room
PUSOOrganizationPreserve and promote the Filipino culture at MHS.mhs.puso@gmail.comMr. Carlos Tonichi LorenzanaInstagram: @mhspusoTuesday Biweekly meetings every month @ lunch In Mr. Lorenzana's room/outside at G building
QuizbowlClubOur CLOG is about a jeopardy styled game called Quizbowl which you can play in teams of 4 or alone.milpitasquizbowl@gmail.comN/A@mhsquizbowlMonday BiweeklyOnline
Speech and DebateClubThis clog provides a space for students to develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills, along with helping them improve their confidence and self-esteem.speechanddebate.mhs@gmail.comCharles SchletzbaumInstagram: @milpitasspeechanddebate Website:, tuesday, wednesday after schoolOnline until further notice; otherwise, L19
STEM E MedicalOrganizationThe purpose of our club is to allow for students to gain more exposure to the different medical and STEM majors and careers out there. We want people to gain experience and learn more about these fields in order to better prepare themselves after high school.milpitassteme@gmail.comMary Leggin@milpitas_steme
STEMgirlsOrganizationThe purpose of STEMgirls is to encourage girls to increase their interest and comfort in Science, Math and Technology through the means of guest speakers, conferences, workshops, and math competitions in hopes of decreasing the gender gap in the STEM fields.mhsstemgirls@gmail.comIvy Nguyeninstagram: @mhsstemgirls website: Biweekly during lunch Ms.Nguyen's room, L7
Stock Market ClubClubOur mission is to financially educate members on the global financial markets, such as cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds, futures, commodities, forex, options, etc., with a primary focus on the US stock markets.officialstockmarketclub@gmail.comPaul HarrisonDiscord Server: Instagram: Thursday Weekly during LunchMr. Harrison's Room, F7
The EcoWay OrganizationThe EcoWay is designed to support non-profit organizations. The members of this club will build on their gardening skills and fundraise money by selling their home-grown plants. With helping our members build on their gardening skills to fundraising as a team for a good cause to involving and learning from guest speakers, we will work together and expand leadership skills. We also have a vision of saving plastic, bottle caps, and paper by recycling. We will be involved with home shelters, hospitals, and old age homes by donating plants, as a way to improve their surroundings and ambiance.teamecoway@gmail.comn/aInstagram: @team.ecoway Website:
Thespian Troupe 8201Organization The Thespian Troupe is an organization for people who are passionate about theater. It also gives students the opportunity to learn more and express their love for this field of art. mhsthespians8201@gmail.comKaila Schwartz@milpitasthespias on instagramEvery Tuesday at lunchP10 (Schwartz's Room)
True Colors OrganizationOur purpose is to provide a safe space for students to freely express themselves and talk about community issues, particularly those dealing with mental health and the LGBT+ community. We also strive to educate those unbeknownst to these issues, and bring awareness and light to these topics. mhs20truecolors@gmail.comBrett WebberInstagram: @truecolorsatmhsTuesdays during lunch weeklyAlternates between Webber and Samy's rooms (E4 and E6)
Ukulele ClubClubHave fun, play the ukulele and learn songs with others!milpitasukuleleclub@gmail.cokmEmily Moore@mhs.ukuleleclubFridays 1st and 3rd every monthMoore band room
UNICEFOrganizationThe purpose of this organization is to educate, advocate, and fundraise for the work of UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), focusing on seven core areas: health/immunization, nutrition, water/sanitation, HIV/AIDS, emergency response, education, and child protection.milpitasunicef00@gmail.comMonica RiveroInstagram: @milpitasunicef Facebook: Milpitas High UNICEFTwo tuesdays a month during lunchIn Rivero's room
UnitopiaOrganization;milpitas@unitopia.foundationCharles Castleman@milpitasunitopiaEvery other ThursdayOnline until further notice
Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)
OrganizationTo educate and spread information about the Vietnamese culture to the students and staff at MHS. VSA's mission is to help those who want to learn more about our culture and community through activities.milpitashsvsa@gmail.comKent Mitchellinstagram: @mhsvsa ; facebook: Milpitas High VSAFirst Friday and third Friday of each month during lunchE16 (Mitchell's room)
Yogi ClubClubThe purpose of the Yogi Club is to increase students' flexibility and physical and mental health through customized yogic and meditative practices. yogiclub15@gmail.comMimi NguyenInstagram: @mhsyogiEvery other Friday at lunchIn-person at G08
Youth and GovernmentClubYouth and Government provides its members with an opportunity to actively participate in their local political community.
Sejee KimN/AEvery other Thursday during lunchOutside of E12