Crazy Rich Asians Food List
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tea with jam, clotted cream, and scones at Tea & Sympathy11"You sure about this?" Rachel asked again, blowing softly on her steaming cup of tea.... Nick laughed, slathering jam and clotted cream onto a scone still warm from the oven.
finger sandwiches at Tea & Sympathy11At a neighboring table, the girl huddled behind a three-tiered stand piled high with finger sandwiches was getting increasingly excited by the conversation she was overhearing.
sticky toffee pudding at Tea & Sympathy13"Hannah, let me get a picture of you with that delicious sticky toffee pudding."
braised quail and abalone over hand-pulled noodles at Carol Tai's house17Today's lunch started off with braised quail and abalone over hand-pulled noodles.
ice kacang: a Malay dessert made of shaved ice, colorful sugar syrup, and a variety of toppings such as red beans, sweet corn, agar-agar jelly, palm seed, and ice cream.75-76Gordon and I sold our Pulau memberships because I realized I was only going there to eat their ice kacang.
nasi goreng: Indonesian fried rice76They could play soccer until the sun went down, and then head to the nearest kopi tiam for cold beers and some nasi goreng or char be hoon.
char bee hoon: fried vermicelli76They could play soccer until the sun went down, and then head to the nearest kopi tiam for cold beers and some nasi goreng or char be hoon.
bobo chacha: coconut-and-sago pudding82The ladies sat around enjoying homemade bobo chacha... Eleanor began her lament as she savored her chilled coconut-and-sago pudding.
char kuay teow: rice noodles flash-fried with seafood, egg, and bean sprouts in a dark soy sauce90As Rachel tasted the char kuay teow, her eyes widened in delight at the rice noodles flash-fried with seafood, egg, and bean sprouts in a dark soy sauce.
orh luak: fried omelet with oyster90There was...a fried omelet with oysters called orh luak.
rojak: Malay salad with chunks of pineapple and cucumber90There was...Malay rojak salad bursting with chunks of pineapple and cucumber.
Hokkien-style noodles90There was...Hokkien-style noodles in a thick garlicky gravy.
otah otah: a fish cake smoked in coconut leaves90There was...a fish cake smoked in coconut leaves called otah otah.
chicken and beef satay90There was...a hundred sticks of chicken and beef satay.
roti paratha 90"I bet you'll love this," Araminta said, handing Rachel a plate of roti paratha. Rachel tore off some of the doughy golden pastry and dipped it into the rich curry sauce.
beef Rendang curry107"Our new cook is from Ipoh, so today you are getting some ty-pee-cal Malaysian dishes and Singapore dishes," Neena continued, dishing a heaping portion of beef Rendang curry onto Rachel's gold-rimmed plate.
salted fried chicken111Colin did not look up from his plate of salted fried chicken.
beef curry pie with Coke at the "tuck shop"111-112Perhaps out of nostalgia, Nick and Colin liked to meet up at the coffee shop of their old alma mater on Barker Road. Located in the sports complex between the main pool and the basketball courts, the Anglo-Chinese School coffee shop served a motley selection of Thai and Singaporean dishes as well as such oddities as British beef pies, which Nick loved.... "I'll have the beef curry pie, please. And a Coke, extra ice."
nyonya kueh: Peranakan dessert cakes made of glutinous rice and coconut custard117-118"Your hotel serves a terrific high tea, with fabulous nyonya kueh."* *Peranakan dessert cakes. These addictive, delicately flavored, and colorful kuehs, or cakes, usually made of rice flour and the distinctive pandan-leaf flavoring, are a beloved teatime staple in Singapore.... " need to try this kueh," Peik Lin said, putting a slice of glutinous-and-coconut custard on Rachel's plate. Rachel took a bite, finding the juxtaposition of subtly sweet custard with almost-savory sticky rice to be surprisingly addictive."
E-fu noodles and seared scallops in ginger sauce140She decided to start one cuisine at a time and began at the Chinese table with a small helping E-fu noodles and seared scallops in ginger sauce.
kueh pie tee: tarts filled with jicama, carrots, and shrimp140She came upon a tray of exotic-looking golden wafers folded into little top hats. "What in the world are these?" she wondered aloud. "That's kueh pie tee, a nyonya dish. Little tarts filled with jicama, carrots, and shrimp."
goren pisang: deep-fried banana fritters150* Banana fritters deep-fried in batter, a Malay delicacy. Some of the best goren pisang used to be found in the school canteen of the Anglo-Chinese School and were often used by teachers (especially Mrs. Lau, my Chinese teacher) as a reward for good grades. Because of this, a whole generation of Singaporean boys from a certain social milieu have come to regard the snack as one of their ultimate comfort foods.
blancmange with mango sauce152Nick stood at one end of the desserts, wondering what to have first: the goren pisang with ice cream, the blancmange with mango sauce, or the chocolate chiffon cake.
chocolate chiffon cake152Nick stood at one end of the desserts, wondering what to have first: the goren pisang with ice cream, the blancmange with mango sauce, or the chocolate chiffon cake.... [Nick] offered some cake to Rachel. "You've got to try this--it's one of our cook Ah Ching's greatest hits." .... She tasted the cake, her eyes widening instantly. It was the perfect combination of chocolate and cream, with an airy melt-in-your mouth lightness. "Hmmm. I like that it isn't too sweet." "That's why I can never eat other chocolate cakes. They're always too sweet, too dense, or have too much frosting," Nick said.
smoked lychee tea152-153[Nick] handed the cup with smoked lychee tea to Astrid, knowing it was her favorite.
mee rebus: Malay egg noodles in a spicy-sweet curry gravy159"Listen, I'm famished, and I think I have to have some of that delicious-looking mee rebus back at the house," Astrid said.
Belgian waffles with maple butter167"Okay, but let's order some of those Belgian waffles with maple butter first."
fish porridge168As Eleanor tried to imagine the countertops in a neutral Silestone, a maid placed a bowl of steaming fish porridge in front of her.
toast with marmalade168"No, no porridge for me. Can I have some toast with marmalade?"
baby Bibb lettuce with hearts of palm in coconut milk dressing200As the first course of baby Bibb lettuce with hearts of palm in a coconut-milk dressing was served, the cluster of girls to Rachel's left were busy skewering into the heart of another girl's boyfriend.
langoustine and calamansi lime geleé terrine202The second course had just been served -- a surprisingly tasty langoustine and calamansi lime geleé terrine.
flat white222, 226"What is a flat white?" Mehmet asked. "It's a kind of of cappuccino that they only do down in Oz. You use the steamed, frothy milk at the bottom of the jug, holding back the foam at the top so you get this smooth, velvety texture." .... Colin took a long sip of his coffee, its perfect vevety foam leaving a white frothy mustache on his upper lip. "This has got to be the best coffee I've ever tasted."
tea230An elderly Chinese servant came out of the house with a large round wooden tray. On it was a ceramic teapot, an old copper kettle, three clay teacups, and three smaller snifter cups. Dr. Gu held the well-burnished kettle high above the teapot and began pouring. “I love watching Dr. Gu do his tea ritual,” Wye Mun said to his daughter quietly. “See how he pours the water from high up. This is known as xuan hu gao chong -- ‘rinsing from an elevated pot.’ ” Then, Dr. Gu began to pour the tea into each of the three cups, but instead of offering it to his guests, he flung the light caramel-colored tea dramatically from each cup onto the grass behind him, much to Peik Lin’s surprise. He then refilled the teapot with a fresh batch of hot water. “See, Peik Lin, that was the first rinse of the leaves, known as hang yun liu shui -- ‘a row of clouds, running water.’ This second pouring from a lower height is called zai zhu qing xuan -- ‘direct again the pure spring,’ ” Wye Mun continued. “Wye Mun, she could probably care less about these old proverbs,” Dr. Gu said, before launching into a clinically precise explanation. “The first pouring was done from a height so that the force of water rinses the Longjing leaves. The hot water also helps to acclimate the temperature of the teapot and the cups. Then you do a second pouring, this time slowly and near the mouth of the pot, to gently coax the flavor out of the leaves. Now we let it steep for a while." Dr. Gu peeked into the teapot, finally satisfied with the brew.... Dr. Gu peeked into the teapot, finally satisfied with the brew. He poured the tea into the snifter cups. “Now this is called long feng cheng xiang, which means ‘the dragon and phoenix foretells good fortune,’ ” he said, placing a teacup over the smaller snifter cup and inverting the cups deftly, releasing the tea into the drinking cup. He presented the first cup to Wye Mun, and the second cup to Peik Lin. She thanked him and took her first sip. The tea was bracingly bitter, and she tried not to make a face while swallowing it.
Ipoh hor fun: rice noodles in clear soup with prawns, shredded chicken, and fried shallots 235"Will you ever accept my invitation and come over for dinner? I have a new cook who makes amazing Ipoh hor fun,* Dr. Gu." * A delicacy from Ipoh, Malaysia -- rice noodles served in clear soup with prawns, shredded chicken, and fried shallots.
fried noodles with extra gravy247"I used to call Nicky my "Noodle Boy" -- he was always so crazy over noodles as a kid. We would take him to the top restaurants in Singapore, and all he ever wanted was a plate of fried noodles with extra gravy."
laksa: butterfly shrimp, fried fish cake, tofu puffs, boiled eggs over thick vermicelli and fiery soup244-247The cook made laksa, and it's always better to have more people for that." Three maids entered the dining alcove and placed large steaming bowls of laksa noodle soup in front of each guest. Rachel marveled at the beautiful composition of butterfly shrimp, fried fish cake, pillowy tofu puffs, and hard-boiled egg halves beautifully arranged over the thick rice vermicelli and fiery soup. For a few minutes, the room lapsed into silence as everyone slurped down the distinctive noodles and savored the rich broth.
chocolate banana cake with caffe latte249[Philip] helped himself to a large slice of chocolate banana cake.... [Daisy] scrutinized the maid pouring her caffe latte.
Ah Ma's tea257As they made themselves comfortable on the cushioned wrought-iron chairs, a trio of servers appeared as if on cue, bearing an enormous five-tiered silver tray laden with delectable nyonya kuehs, finger sandwiches, gemlike pâte de fruits, and fluffy golden-brown scones. A tea cart was rolled toward them by one of the Thai lady's maids, and Rachel felt like she was hallucinating as she watched the maiden delicately pouring freshly steeped tea from a teapot intricately carved with multicolored dragons. She had never seen a more sumptuous tea service in her life. "Here are my grandmother's famous scones -- dig in," Nick said gleefully, licking his lips. The scones were still warm as Rachel broke one apart and slathered it with a generous helping of clotted cream, just as she'd learned from Nick. She was about to put some of the strawberry jam onto the scone when Su Yi said in Mandarin, "You should try it with some of the lemon curd. My cook makes it fresh every day." Rachel didn't feel like she was in a position to defy her hostess, so she scooped on some lemon curd and took her first bite. It was pure heaven -- the buttery lightness of the pastry combined with the decadent cream and the smooth hint of sweet lemon made for a perfect alchemy of flavors. Rachel sighed audibly. "You were right, Nick, this is the best scone on the planet."
sculpted mango popsicles261From the sculpted mango popsicles handed out to guests lounging by the pool to the precise placement of a camelia blossom on every eiderdown pillow, Annabel's unerring eye for detail was what made her chain of luxury hotels the favored choice for the most discriminating travelers.
Pimm's No. 1 with fizzy pineapple juice and fresh mint leaves263What are they offering on these Selangor pewter trays? Pimm's No. 1 with fizzy pineapple juice and fresh mint leaves.
digestive biscuits272"And every morning she wakes us up by bringing a 'calling tray' to the bedroom with a tea for Nick, done just the way he likes it, coffee done just the way I like it, and a plate of those delicious cookies -- 'digestive biscuits,' Nick calls them.
langoustines289"My dad's right there piling his plate with langoustines."
kueh lapis: thousand layer cake295Alexandra approached the wrought-iron table where sweetly aromatic kueh lapis* and pineapple tarts were arrayed on Longquan celadon dishes. * Also known as "thousand-layer cake," this decadently buttery cake with dozens of thin golden stripes is created by baking each layer of batter separately. Extremely laborious, but sinfully good.
pineapple tarts295Alexandra approached the wrought-iron table where sweetly aromatic kueh lapis* and pineapple tarts were arrayed on Longquan celadon dishes.
mojito303There was just an industrial space with waiters bearing mojitos.
Giant south sea scallop consommé with Washington state ginseng vapors and black mushrooms310The engraved menu card indicated that it was Giant South Sea Scallop Consommé with Washington State Ginseng Vapors and Black Mushrooms,* but Rachel wasn't quite sure what to do when the white-gloved waiter at her side lifted the shimmering dome off her plate. In front of her was a bowl, but encasing the surface of the bowl was what appeared to be a pinkish, membrane-like bubble that wobbled on its own accord.... [Rachel] gave it a jab with her fork, and the bubble immediately collapsed on itself, releasing a burst of medicinal steam into the air. As the filmy pink membrane met the surface of the soup, it created a beautiful marbleized pattern across its surface. Rachel could now see an enormous poached scallop in the middle of the bowl and thinly julienned black mushrooms artfully positioned like sun rays around it.
Caramelized Peking duck y chocolat molé312"I mean, it says on this menu card that this is Caramelized Peking Duck y Chocolat Molé, but it looks like peanut brittle. Where's the duck, I ask you? Where's the damn duck?"
Hawaiian suckling pig truffle tacos312Francesca was just about to take a pensive first bite into her Hawaiian Suckling Pig Truffle Tacos when Eleanor interrupted her.
Edible bird's nest semifreddo318"This Edible Bird's Nest Semifreddo at the end -- why would you ever puree bird's nest? Bird's nest is all about the texture, and that idiot transforms it into a half-frozen muck."
Toast and marmalade332Eleanor was just sitting down to her usual breakfast of toasted seven-grain bread, low-fat butter, and low-sugar marmalade when the phone rang.
Kopi-o333"Patient Shaw woke up at four this morning and started demanding his Kopi-O." "If he's asking for Kopi-O, something tells me he's not going to kick the bucket anytime soon." * A traditional black coffee served with sugar only.
Ah Chee's breakfast337There [Astrid] found a rather excessive spread laid out for her on the round glass table: pitchers of coffee, tea, and orange juice were accompanied by poached eggs and thick-cut bacon on a warming plate, scrambled eggs with Cumberland sausages, toasted English muffins, French toast, sliced mango with Greek yogurt, three types of breakfast cereals, silver-dollar pancakes with strawberries and Chantilly cream, fried crullers with fish congee.
nasi lemak: Malaysian coconut rice dish, wrapped in banana leaf344[Nick] handed Rachel a still-warm banana-leaf packet tied with string. "Try Malaysia's most popular dish -- nasi lemak," he said. Rachel undid the string and the glossy banana leaf unfolded to reveal a neatly composed mound of rice surrounded by cucumbers, tiny fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, and a hard-boiled egg. ... Rachel gingerly scooped some of the rice into her mouth, instantly breaking into a smile. "'s coconut rice!" .... Rachel dug into the rice and discovered a curry sauce oozing out from the middle along with big chunks of chicken.
sugarcane juice345Just as [Rachel] was finishing her last bite, the litte boy from earlier ran up with two clear-plastic drinking bags filled with rough chunks of ice and freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. Nick took the drinks from the boy and handed him a ten-dollar bill... Rachel countered, sipping the icy sweet sugarcane through a thin pink straw tucked into the corner of the plastic bag.
pei daan zhook: century-egg congee345Peik Lin entered the bedroom gingerly, holding a gold tray with a covered earthenware bowl. "Our cook made some pei daan zhook for you."
poh piah363[Neena] placed a thin wheat-flour crepe on a gold-rimmed plate and scooped a big serving of meat-and-vegetable filling onto the middle. Next she slathered some sweet hoisin sauce on one side of the crepe and reached for the little dishes, scattering plump prawns, crab meat, fried omelet, shallots, cilantro, minced garlic, chili sauce, and ground peanuts over the filling. She finished this off with another generous drizzle of sweet hoisin and deftly folded the crepe into what looked like an enormous bulging burrito.... Rachel began inhaling her poh piah ravenously, barely tasting the jicama and Chinese sausage in the filling.
mango ice cream sundaes363"Now, time for mango ice-kleam sundaes!"
kueh tutu: floral-shaped, steamed rice-flour cake filled with sweet shredded coconut371[Nick] loved the long rainy afternoons at his grandmother's house during monsoon season, hunting for kueh tutu* in Chinatown.... * This floral-shaped, steamed rice-flour cake filled with sweet shredded coconut is a traditional Singapore delicacy.
hor bao danh: "fried wrapped eggs," similar in style to sunny-side up or over-easy372"Watch, as the Iron Chef attempts to fry up some hor bao daan."* .... * Cantonese for "fried wrapped eggs," similar in style to sunny-side up or over-easy.
wine, longans, and lychees378Two deckhands approached with a wine bucket and a gigantic platter overflowing with fresh longans and lychees. Charlie popped open the bottle of Château d'Yquem and poured Astrid a glass.
Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel402"Well, I have to admit, this Singapore Sling is better than I imagined," Peik Lin said, taking another sip of her frothy crimson drink.