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URLBlog NameBlog OwnerHome SystemTheme
3 the sky full of dustSimon ForsterACKs, The Black Hack, my ownmostly maps, but maybe more stuff now too
4 then what happens?Adam StoneDCC, LotFP, Troika!Play reports, homebrew stuff, mob-vote comic adventures
5 Tipsta
http://3toadstools.blogspot.com3 ToadstoolsShane WardBasic Fantasy, Blueholme, B/XOSR ramblings, free maps, reviews, random tables.
https://crateredland.blogspot.comA Blasted, Cratered LandVelexiraptor
Mimics & Miscreants (a GLOGhack)
Various GLOGgy classes and races with a side of tables
8 Blog Full of DemonsMabel HarperDIY LotFPMonsters. House rules. Demons. Spooky places.
A Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons and Dragons
taicharaBECMIoriginal monsters, treasures, and mini-dungeons
10 Life Full of AdventureRoger BrasslettWFRP, D&D 2eLots of game recaps/reports. Some brainstorming.
11 Swamp in Spacewr3cking8a11OSR, GLOG, DCC
Space Fantasy, Personal Thoughts, Gonzo weirdness, new-school ideas
12 the FlatlineTim Ponce
GURPS and sometimes ACKs and D&D
OSR gaming, science fiction gaming, worldbuilding, and sometimes rockets.
13 Gaming & TheoryRipper X
Adventures Under the Dark Sun
Rajaat99AD&D2 MostlyDark Sun Setting, Campaign Journal, Monsters
https://www.aelf.workAelfWorksChris PaulOSR and 5eDungeons, Art and other game content
16 the Wicked CityJoseph ManolaOSR
Romantic clockpunk fantasy OSR gaming in a vaguely Central Asian setting. May feature killer robots.
17 Wizardrycampaign notes, news
https://lairofmegagorgon.blogspot.comAL0 Lair of the MegagorgonArturs Leitans OSR,BXSome OSR
19 in the LabyrinthSofinho
OSE/BX and Homebrew (Pariah)
Proto neolithic psychedelia, urban horror, classic D&D
20 Abominable FancyJoel PriddyOSR/DIY, rules-lite, PbP
A well-dressed shoggoth, his pockets full of soggy comic strips
21 DiceAlex Welk5e/D&Dhomebrew, terrain crafts, and house rules
Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets
S R HillTroika!
And He Built a Crooked Dungeon
Ian Borchardthomebrew, many other stuff
Very very irregular postings of my homebrew rules and old guard stuff. ["Viva la Emeror!"]
24 KratocracyHenry VThe GLOG
Stuff for my homebrew setting that can be easily stolen, cool summoning, the GLOG
http://antlerrr.blogspot.comANT-LERRRLuke GearingLotFP, WFRPgame content of varying quality
https://rthorm.wordpress.comAntherwyck House GamesRodger Thorm
DragonQuest (SPI); TFT; CPunk; other misc
Dungeon (&other) maps, homebrew, SF
https://anxietywizard.blogspot.comAnxiety WizardDavid WilkieOSR
tables, settings, play reports, mapmaking, the low cosmic, fungus, a prison, a boat
https://appliedphantasticality.blogspot.comApplied PhantasticalityGordon CooperS&W, OD&D, B/X, DCC RPG
fantasy, science fiction, science fantasy, random generators
29's CourtLuther GutekunstSci-fi stuff, focused on gameability instead of theory
30 MagisteriiMagusHomebrewHomebrew and heavy metal
31 and OrcsAxes & Orcs
B/X, Stars Without Number, King Arthur Pendragon, Troika, What's So Cool About
House rules, homebrew classes, play reports, cross edition conversions
https://backtothekeep.blogspot.comBack to the KeepRobert MorrisLabyrinth Lord, B/X D&D
Random gaming stuff, reviews, maps, and actual play reports
33 and BathhousesBoris Stremlin5e (mostly)Worldbuilding, fantasy societies, Russia, Eurasia
34 RedDaniel DeanOSRClasses, Monsters, Spells, Dungeons, Rules
35 McDowallInto the Odd (creator)Odd magic items, game mechanics, GM advice
36 in the AtticRob ConleyOSROSR, Bat in the Attic Games, GURPS, Harn, etc
37 DevilBearded Devil5eSession reports and art from Bearded Devil's homegame
38 Brown BeastIan McDougalllotfp, 5eMostly dead rn, but hopefully maritime
39 the FlumphJosh BurnettLotFP, DCCGame content, play reports
https://beyondfomalhaut.blogspot.comBeyond FomalhautGabor LuxC&C?AD&D, System neutralzine, reviews, OSR
41 of the Dice GodsJeff Russelhomebrew GLOG-ishprocedures, Fellhold campaign, Urbancrawl
42 Full of BoxesGreat_Job!OSRGonzo
Reynaldo Madrinan, Grey Wiz
Break!!Anime style, OSR, graphic design, upbeat
44 BrackishB/XB/X, OSR, Horror, Weebstuff
45 Are PeopleMichael Bacon
Village Folk, GLOG, Into the Odd, Knave
Mechanics, folk tales
46 Odin's BeardColin Le SueurOSR, Pathfinder, 5eRandom tables, monsters, treasure, traps
https://cavegirlgames.blogspot.comCavegirl's Game StuffEmmy Allen
Mostly LotFP and derivatives, some WoD
Fairytales, body-horror, surrealism and dark whimsy
48 of a Sundered EraSteve GilmanOSR, S&WGeneral OSR/S&W posts
49 and ScrollsSkerplesGLOG
Huge torrents of useful content. Classes, monsters, dungeons, etc
www.CreativeMountainGames.comCreative Mountain GamesMark CMG CloverOSRePublisher of Old School Medieval Fantasy RPG Materials
Crimhthan The Great's OD&D Blog
Daithi MacLiam/David McCarthy
http://www.crossplanes.comCross PlanesMark Craddock
D&D, Labyrinth Lord, Silent Legions
Monsters, Magic Items, Classes, Genre Mash-Ups
53 Caltropsktrey parker
BECMI, Yoon Suin, WhiteHack, Beyond the Wall
procedures, reference sheets, house rules
54 GamesDavide PignedoliOSR, some PbtA
Home of the Black Dogs zine, Crying Blades and Crying Hack, some other OSR productions by Daimon Games, and City of Judas (dark fantasy PbtA)
55 Elf PressJohn FeldmanPits and Perils
DIY, OSR related items, Solo rpg gaming w/ Perils on the Borderlands
http://darkwormcolt.blogspot.comDarkworm ColtNorbert Matauschfreeform/proto-rpgOld School rpgs, new creations
57 CyclopsJürgen MayerDCC & system-neutral OSRSome adventures, monsters, magic items
58 & DismembermentLloyd NeillB/X, RolemasterHouse rules, mini reviews, Death & Dismemberment tables
www.deepsheep.comDeep SheepJonathan N.OSROSR thoughts
60 Six DelverJohn St. GaptoothTunnels & TrollsFast, fun, simple, creative stuff for retro role-playing
http://deltasdnd.blogspot.comDelta's D&D HotspotDeltaOD&DLong running OD&D focused OSR Blog
62 HurstOSRWorldbuilding, Hexcrawls, Swordfish Islands, Random Crap
63 MagicDaniel J. DavisOSRish homebrewStructure, procedures
https://dieuncast.wordpress.comDie UncastPerttu Vedenoja
DIY / something resembling BX or LotFP / "what is tentatively called GROT"
Kinda sparse at the moment, nerd ramblings and random advancement classes.
https://diomedes-descent.blogspot.comDiomedes' DescentDaniel L. BennettOSROSR, gaming ideas, rules, reviews
Dismaster's Den of Unfinished Thoughts
Dismaster FraNe
OSR, LotFP, Traveller, Risus and more
OSR, gaming ideas, random tables, a few reviews, sometimes in Italian
https://diyanddragons.blogspot.comDIY & DragonsAnne HunterDCC, general OSR
play reports, procedural generation, resource management, links, long quotes
68 adventures, monster parts
69 in the Chthonic DeepsNick SDIY D&DAdventure Frameworks, Monsters, Sub-Systems
Dragon Bones and Rusted Armor
Matt Lichtenwalnersystem agnostic Gaming art, character portraits, map making ideas
71 DungeonsS. KeltyOSR/DIY, LotFP
So far just reviews. More reviews to come, and updates on my projects.
72 NieudanMacchiato Monsters, B/XRules, classes, development journal
https://dreamingdragonslayer.wordpress.comDreaming DragonslayerSam DoeblerMaze Rats and Dungeon WorldGame Design, Questing for Tabletop Adventure Games
74 and FeversT AKW5e but weirdMonsters, Items, Inspired by the 10th century Volga river
dreamsofmythicfantasy.blogspot.comDreams of Mythic FantasyJames A. SmithAD&D 1e, S&W, OSR generally
Playing Dungeons & Dragons During the Old School Renaissance
76 (Ian)D&D 5e, OSR
Hexcrawls, campaign/setting notes, play reports, idea cataloging, and mini adventures
77 & DifferentialsVan NoahomebrewAvatars & Annihilation, Dark Souls
Http://dungeonspossums.blogspot.comDungeons & PossumsDungeons & PossumsB/X, AD&D 1e for the most part
Old school thoughts, ideas, and reviews. Also I draw possums.
79 of KlangHerman KangHolmes Basic /Blueholme
Holmes/weird fantasy inspired monsters, classes, and rules, LBB compatible, Also mass combat stuff.
http://www.dwarvenautomata.comDwarven AutomataJohn CarlsonAD&D, OSRIC
Scripted random generation tools, play reports, campaign setting info
Dweller of the Forbidden CityBlack Dragon GamesOSR
82's DodecahedronDyson Logos
B/X / LL / AEC / Vampire / DCC / more
Primarily maps with adventure hooks and backgrounds, but zines, house rules, actual play reports, etc.
83 From the GeekcaveJeff SparksBX/LL/AEC
Thoughts and ramblings about classic D&D, especially Moldvay/Cook BX
84 Eyeeegag
OSE, 5E, Into the Odd, homebrew
homebrew, house rules, play examples
85 tomo carmesíEneko MenicaVieja Escuela, OSRMaps,one page dungeon and OSR
86 SkullHuthdead flag blueswe're all trapped in the belly of this terrible machine
87 FieldsTamás KisbaliLotFP
Weird fantasy tidbits, ideas, house rules, occasional reviews.
88 & Octopichris tammdnd, gammaworld, brpgrungy dnd in style of early 80s UK
89 los GorgotenJavi ArceAD&D, OD&DReviews and videos, FR campaign (spanish)
eviltables.devEvil TablesEvil TablesOSR random tables and hexcrawls
91 PlaygroundRobertson Sondoh Jr
LARA, Metatoy, Savage Flower Kingdom
classes, monster, setting, Savage Flower Kingdom, Lara, metatoy
92 Tales & FolkloreMorgan T. CoreyFaerie Tales & Folkloredesign notes
http://failuretolerated.comFailure ToleratedSean McCoy
Mothership RPG, Heist, Null.hack
Game design, business development
https://ruinsoffallenempires.blogspot.comFallen EmpiresIsaak H
Heavily modified LotFP (James' Hack)
Session reports for now
95 MachinePatrick StuartSystemless, OSR/DIY
Pieces of strange worlds, adventure Ideas, unusual and good ideas
96 TysonFASERIP, Supehero gamesSuperhero gaming, RPGs
97 for the TitancorpseJacob ButcherKnave/5e/AD&D Hack
98 Me, And Die!Larry Hamilton
AD&D, Met. Alpha, Gamma World,
Old Shool focus. Interviews, reviews, tables, RPG ideas
99 h in hexesShelby Maddox5e / homebrewWorldbuilding, some mechanics
100 Kuroth's QuillAllan GroheAD&D/OSRICGreyhawk and AD&D 1e content