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The Schematics: ZS Tinkering Bible
Updated 4/15/2018: Variants/Crafts are fully up to date
RESEARCH STATUS: Complete?No Known Unknowns!
If you find any innacuracies, or missing entries, leave a comment, or reply to the thread on the fourms.
WHAT IS THIS?Formerly the ZS Crafting spreadsheet, The Schematics is a repository for all gun modification/crafting in Zombie Survival. Here you'll find everything you need to know about remantling(SOON), crafting, and weapon variants. Use this spreadsheet to help plan builds, or simply learn more about the game. There's a lot of good stuff in here that players simply don't know enough about. Use the tabs at the bottom to access the actual information
WHAT IS THE INVENTORY?Your inventory is where trinkets and components are stored. Trinkets, indicated by a red outline, provide passive bonuses and sometimes act as components. Components, indicated by a blue outline, are used solely for crafting. To access your inventory, simply hold your alt key (+walk).
WHAT DOES X DO?To see what an item does, simply select it in your inventory. The currently selected trinket will provide a description of its effects, and a list of valid recipes. If no items are selected, there will be no visible description.
WHAT CAN I CRAFT?Look at the CURRENT RECIPIES tab to see all the current recipes. You can also press F1 and look in the Weapon Database to see all currently craftable weapons. Clicking on a component or trinket in your inventory will also show you what recipies it can create
HOW DO YOU CRAFT?Crafting generally involves combining a component from your inventory with a base. To attempt a craft, open your inventory using ALT (+walk), click on the matching component/trinket, then click on the recipe you wish to craft.
HOW DO YOU DISMANTLE A WEAPON?Hold alt to bring up your inventory, then press the disassemble weapon button on the right side of the screen. Make sure no components or trinkets are selected before hand.
HOW DO YOU CRAFT WITH TRINKET?To craft with a trinket, simply select it while holding the base weapon in your hand and click craft with held weapon. You no longer need to break it down into a component.
WHY CANT I SCRAP WORLD PROP?Instead of scrapping world props, any world prop that would have given a component now simply becomes the component. All world compoents are also available in the arsenal after a recent change. Some will require the "Crafting Pack" skill to purchase. Components glow orange and go directly into your inventory when picked up. The sole exception to this is the explosive barrel, which is no longer a crafting component.
WHY CHANGE FROM THE OLD CRAFTING?While requiring more clicks, this crafting solves the problem of players stealing each other's items off the floor, and makes crafting much less awkward.
WHAT IS A WEAPON VARIANT?Weapon variants are a new mechanic implemented in a recent update. When remantling a weapon, instead of only applying a damage boost, or stat boost, you can choose to "Tune" it into a variant. Variant weapons are denoted in the kill feed by different icon colors. Weapon Variants drastically change the way a weapon works, usually enabling an entirely different style of play. For example, the Annabelle's variant transforms rifle ammo into birdshot, making it a fairly accurate shotgun that fires rifle ammo.
HOW DOES THIS IMPACT REMANTLE BONUSES?Remantle bonuses still apply to weapon variants, with tuned, modified, and reformed weapons also recieving the sturdy, honed, and pefrected bonuses. Just be aware they may work differently given a weapon variant's new base stats.
SHOTS? PELLETS?Shots or pellets refer to the amount of bullets fired with a single trigger pull for a single unit of ammo. Shotguns for example fire multiple pellets/shots for each buckshot shell fired. Such weapons are sometimes referred to as "Multi-shot" weapons. Note that this is a seperate concept to ammo-consumption.
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