What's it all about? ➜ This Google Sheet contains developing details on all of the competition categories available for the 2023-24 STLP year.Last Update: 09/14/23
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UPDATES/NEWSImportant Dates for 2023-2024DatesALLLINKN/ACheck out the complete STLP calendar for the year. This live sheet will update as new deadlines are determined.
HELP US RENAME DPOJ!SurveyALLLINKEVERYONE!We've said for years 'DPOJ' can't be the best name for this category and now we need your help choosing a new one!
Get Recognized Week is 9/18 - 9/22KickoffALLLINKEVERYONE!Add your STLP to the list of Recognized schools to make sure you get all the latest updates and communications from STLP HQ.
NEW! DPOJ UPDATED RUBRICSDPOJALLSEE BELOWALL of the DPOJ Rubrics have been re-written! Check them out below
ALL YEAR ACTIVITIES4GET RECOGNIZEDStart by letting us know about your STLPSchool wideK - 12thVIEW FORMOne form completed annually per schoolEach STLP school is asked to complete the online form to help us know where our active STLP groups are located, how many students are participating, etc.
Complete the online form annuallyAnnually completing the online form is a prerequisite for participation in any of the STLP Big 3 competitions (Regionals, DPOJ, and/or State).
5GET CONNECTEDJoin KySTLP listserv STLP CoachAllSUBSCRIBEN/AThe KySTLP listserv is a subscription based email group that allows STLP Coaches to crowd-source questions, ideas, etc. Take action to join or leave the listserv at your own discretion.
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Join Twitter, follow @STLPKentucky FOLLOWStay up to date on STLP events, see what other STLP groups are doing, and share what your STLP is doing! Follow from your Twitter, or create new account for your STLP.
LEVEL UP (BADGES)Display STLP Support badgesSchool wideK - 12thGET BADGES
6Earn "Achieve" type badgesVIEW BADGESNo limitEarn recognition for creating artifacts that demonstrate learning or show evidence of participation in events that forward the mission of STLP. Example: register a project for a Regional event. Multiple Achievement Level Up badges available.
Earn "Collaborate" type badgesVIEW BADGESNo limitWork with others to accomplish STLP goals. Example: Google Meet with another STLP to peer review project presentations. Multiple Collabortion Level Up badges available.
Earn "Contribute" type badgesVIEW BADGESNo limitCreat and share content, news, ideas, feedback as a way to connect STLP with your school, parents, community and peers. Multiple Contribute Level Up badges available.
Earn "Progression" type badgesVIEW BADGESNo limitLevel Up by earning cumulative badges. Example: compete in every catevgory of a Big 3 Event, like DPOJ. Multiple Progression Level Up badges are available.
Earn "Challenge" type badgesVIEW BADGESNo limitTackle new activity challenges within a limited timeframe. Challenge badges are available only during specific windows of time throughout the STLP year.
7GOLD STATUS STLP- At the end of the STLP year, apply onlineSchool wideK - 12thGO FOR GOLD1 application per schoolUtilize the Gold Status application process as an activity for your STLP students. Let them work on the application as a team as an end-of-the-year activity.
- Apply this year for designation next yearGold Status application deadline is near the end of the school year intentionally, as your STLP will reflect upon your activity over the current year to apply for Gold Status for next year.
- Two options: Retain Gold or Achieve Gold"Retain" Gold Status is for STLPs with a current Gold Status designation. "Achieve" for STLP's that have allowed their Gold Status to lapse or are new to applying got Gold Status.
- "Retain" is for returning Gold Status groupsMaintaining your school's Gold Status is helpful. Current Gold Status schools have a greatly abbreviated application process when submitting to "Retain" as compared to "Request"
- "Achieve" is more in-depth applicationVIEW RUBRICLetting your Gold Status lapse means your STLP will return the "Achieve" Gold Status application process.
- Both options require earning Level Up badgesGathering Level Up badges is an important part of the Gold Status application process. The application will ask you identify how several of those badges were earned.
- Applications have student input/participationThe Gold Status application review process is lengthy and takes the whole of "summer vacation" to complete. Expect to learn if your STLP acheived Gold Status at the start of school.
1ALEVEL L PROJECTSLocal Project Showcases to Pick Level 1 TeamsSchool/DistrictK - 12thUnlimitedNew for 2023: Level L Project stage occurs at the local level as a pitch fest to determine which project teams will be chosen to represent your school as part of the Level 1 Project presentations in December. See Project Toolkit for details.
STLP PROJECTS1BLEVEL 1 PROJECTSSTLP Project Toolkit (with Level 1 Rubric)TeamK - 12thVIEW TOOLKIT4 Projects per schoolStudents present their project plan/starting stages. Level 1 Project Pitch LIVE to Judges via online conference. Share your project plans in a succinct pitch. New guiding questions in updated rubric.
KY Academic Standards (Tech) PostersN/AK - 12thGET POSTERSN/ASTLP is built on the foundation of the required K-12 KY Academic Standards for Technology. Utilize these posters to make projects meaningful to student learning and tie Projects to standards.
Get at
Click here to get your own STLP + KAS TECH Posters!
KY Academic Standards for TechnologyN/AK - 12thGET STANDARDSN/ASTLP is tied directly to KAS Technology. Since the new KY Technology Standards are to be taught at every grade level, use STLP activities to help meet those required standards...and maybe become a State Champion!
Resource: Real World Challenge BuilderN/AK - 12thCOPY SLIDESN/AUtilize the concepts and tools supporting challenge based learning to develop your STLP Project. Provided by Beechwood Independent Schools Dir. of Curriculum, Ben Lusk. Great resource!
Resource: Access the STLP logoN/AK - 12thACCESS LOGOSN/AAccess the STLP logo (in various forms, styles, and colors). The STLP logo should be displayed proudly in your presentation and presentation space.
1CENGINEERS/ AMBASSADORSService Team: Engineers/AmbassadorsIndividual9th - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 candidates per schoolInterview for position on STLP Engineers service team. Provide leadership and technical support at STLP State, KySTE Spring Conference. Review qualification carefully.
1DLEVEL 1: REGISTRATIONSTLP23 Level 1 Project Registration DeadlineK - 12thCOMING SOONCOMING SOONRegister working project titles to reserve a spot for your teams before Nov. 1 deadline. Consult the STLP Project Toolkit for info about projects, dates, and resources
Submit "Not Yet" RepliesDeadlineALLDEADLINE TBACOMING SOONIf team qualifies, submit a brief response indicating what steps your team plans to take to implement Level 1 Judges feedback. "Not Yet" projects will be considered for advancement to L2 at STLP State.
Submit "Do Over" PresentationsDeadlineALLDEADLINE TBACOMING SOONTeams that could not/did not present during Regionals can submit a video to be considered. Teams will not have the benefit of detailed judge feedback but will be considered for L2
Submit Engineer ApplicationsDeadlineNov. 1VIEWCLICK TO VIEW Visit the STLP22 Regionals Info Page: Engineers for details about next steps for STLP Engineer interivew candidates
2022 Regionals Info PageInfoALLVISITVISITImportant launch pad for Level 1 Projects. Learn about Regionals, register projects, view elevator pitch assignments.
2ADIGITAL PRODUCT ONLINE JUDGING (DPOJ)DPOJ: 3D DesignIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per school Artists create a 3D model/design of an existing object or an original creation using digital tools. Products must be submitted as a screencast.
*NEW* DPOJ: Book CoverIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per school Imagine a new book cover for your favorite book. Students can use digital photography, image manipulation tools, or digital art as the basis for this product
DPOJ: Digital ArtIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per school Look for creative students who produce digital art for projects, web sites, materials, etc. All original Digital Art work has no clip art or images from any other source.
DPOJ: Digital Element DesignIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per school Students create original digital designs using elements that incorporate graphic design principles infused with digital elements such as motion, interactivity, or looping graphics
DPOJ: Digital Music CompositionIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per school Create original digital music piece using available software. Review rubric for details about how to properly document the type of music being produced. Rock on!
DPOJ: Digital Music ManipulationIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per school Create original digital music piece by using loops/samples of other music. Review rubric for details about how to properly document the type of music being produced. Rock on!
DPOJ: Digital PhotographIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per schoolEnter original photos that utilize composition, framing, and feel without over dependence upon software enhancement (filters, effects, etc.)
DPOJ: Digital Photo EssayIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per schoolStudents will tell a complete story using only original photographs they have taken. Photo essays will utilize between 5 and 10 original photos to tell an impactful story...without words.
DPOJ: Digital StorytellingIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per school Use digital tools in any combination of music, sound effects, images, text, narrations and more to present a digital telling of their own original story.
DPOJ: InfographicIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per schoolInfographics are visually stimulating ways to present data/information in a simplified and understandable manner. Create design elements such as charts, graphs, maps, etc.
DPOJ: Logo DesignIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per schoolSoftware is used to create and combine symbols, images and/or words to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. All aspects of the content should be original.
DPOJ: Manipulated ImageIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per schoolTake one or more original images and combines them, change them, add/remove items, etc., in order to create a totally new original image.
DPOJ: Multimedia Mash-UpIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per schoolUse digital tools to create original content by combining at least three of the following media types: animation, audio, design software, images, interactive device, text, and video.
DPOJ: Screen Capture TutorialIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per schoolScreen capture tutorials are short multimedia products that utilize screen recording tools to actively teach a skill or process as it occurs on the narrator’s device.
DPOJ: AnimationTeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per schoolUsing digital tools, students produced original animated shorts (can be stop motion, motion graphics, etc.)
DPOJ: Augmented RealityTeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC1 entry per schoolUsing digital tools, student teams create projects in the augmented reality domain that can be useful for school, home, and/or community
DPOJ: Data for ActionTeam6 - 12thVIEW RUBRIC1 entry per schoolSpecial two part categorey: Stage 1 (DPOJ) - using specified sources, tell the story behind the data; Stage 2 (State) - present data based findings and recommend action
DPOJ: DocumentaryTeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per schoolEntries tell stories about a person, event, or a place from recent or past history. It may include some still images or other media but the majority should be motion footage.
DPOJ: ePublishingTeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per schoolStudents publish digital materials. Provide a URL link to a strong sample of how students are making publications for learning.
DPOJ: Feature VideoTeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per schoolA Feature Video is a short piece used to inform or entertain the audience about a specific topic (of your choice).
DPOJ: Kentucky TravelTeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC1 entry per schoolCreate a video that adds to the travel campaign: THERE’S ONLY ONE KENTUCKY. Your local community is the ideal location and the best way to get others involved is to make a video that showcases your area.
DPOJ: Media Literacy AwarenessTeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC1 entry per schoolStudents produce a collection of at least 3 samples of media used to promote peer/community awareness and identification of misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation
DPOJ: Minecraft '24: LitCraft: Imagination to CreationTeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC1 entry per schoolTeams follow the prompt provided and submit a video capture of their Minecraft build (and process document explaining their build). Submit link to video by DPOJ deadline.
NEW to DPOJ: NewscastTeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC1 entry per school
If your school has a news program, let us know more about it. Sign up and show off your news show prowess!
NEW to DPOJ: PodcastTeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC1 entry per school
Create and share an original podcasting series using a variety of hosting options.
DPOJ: PSA VideoTeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 entries per schoolThe Public Service Announcement (PSA) video should market a product or idea and be persuasive. It meets the precise time limit of 15, 30, or 60 seconds (including credits)
2BSERVICE TEAMS (Apply During DPOJ for Position at State)Service Team: Block Code CrewIndividual6th - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 may apply per schoolSubmit digital presentation with highlighting experience and sample work .Those selected will serve on Block Code Crew service team at STLP State.
Service Team: KyGoPlay InnovatorIndividual6th - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 may apply per schoolSubmit a video describing how they personally “play to learn” and how they exhibit a tolerance for ambiguity. STLP KyGoPlay Innovators will lead others to play and learn through challenge-based activities at STLP State.
Service Team: Creative Media TeamIndividual6th - 12thCOMING SOON2 may apply per schoolNEW for 2023: Apply and interview to be a contributing member of the STLP Creative Media Team at STLP State and put your Media Arts skills to use. Travel to Lex and help us promote, inform, and highlight events throughout the day at State.
2CDPOJ: RESOURCESKET Media Arts ToolkitResourcesK - 12thVIEW TOOLKITWhole School ResourceGreat connections to DPOJ categories with thanks from partners at KET Education. Find tips on how to start creating media and learn how artists are using media in their artworks.
DPOJ Categories slide deckVIEW SLIDESNEW RESOURCE: Shared from Kelly Fischer and Emily Tighe, DLC's and STLP Leads for Fayette County Public Schools. Great resource for students and coaches to explore and discover DPOJ categories.
Digital Products Review slide deskVIEW SLIDESNEW RESOURCE: Great share from Stella Pollard, Instructional Technology Coordinator, DLC, and STLP Advocate from Franklin County. Look at each DPOJ category, see examples! Great for students and coaches.
STLP23 DPOJ Registration Planning ToolPLANNING TOOLGrab a copy of a Google Sheet version of the DPOJ registration. Complete "offline" then copy/paste your entries into the DPOJ registration when you're ready to submit.
STLP23 DPOJ Registration + Info PageVIEWComplete the online registration ahead of the deadline. Be sure to check all product URLs are directly accessible for judges. Deadline Jan. 18, 2023
STLP23 DPOJ Semi-Finalists listVIEWCongratulations to this year's Digital Product Semi-Finalists. See who is advancing to #STLP23 State and check out their entires for yourself
STLP22 Digital Product ChampsVIEW CHAMPSGet inspriation from the Digital Product Champions from the 2022 STLP State Championship. View these champs as samples of DPOJ categories.
STLP21 Digital Product ChampsVIEW CHAMPSGet inspriation from the Digital Product Champions from the 2021 STLP State Championship. View these champs as samples of DPOJ categories.
STLP20 Digital Product ChampsVIEW CHAMPSGet inspriation from the Digital Product Champions from the 2020 STLP State Championship. View these champs as samples of DPOJ categories.
STLP19 Digital Product ChampsVIEW CHAMPSGet inspriation from the Digital Product Champions from the 2019 STLP State Championship. View these champs as samples of DPOJ categories.
STATE CHAMPIONSHIP - MARCH 273ASTLP STATESTART HERE: STLP23 State Championship Info Page#STLP23STLP.LIVEApril 19, 2023Get information on this year's State Championship in Lexington on April 19, 2023. Review the 3 main events: Projects, Digital Products and Challenges on the #STLP23 Info Page.
#STLP23 State Championship REGISTER by 3/22Sign up before March 22 to compete (Level 2 Projects, Challenges, Digital Products), to "Attend Only" (explore without competing), or Volunteer/Judge events.
STLP22 State Champs REVIEW STLP22Review the 2022 STLP State Champions. Link to the recordings of the STLP Award Shows.
STLP23 Award Shows LIVE on KETWATCH LIVE 4/19Recorded live from Rupp Arena while broadcast on KET, you can watch both the STLP Award Shows. KET News Quiz host Kelsey Starks MC's the Digital Product Award Showcase and the STLP State Champion Projects were celebrated in the second show.
STLP21 State ChampsVIEW '21 CHAMPSReview the 2021 STLP Champions. See their project presentation, view the digital product winners, and see the list of Live Challenge winners, too.
LIVE CHALLENGESCertipalooza (Certification Challenge)Individual6th - 12thNO RUBRICTBAUpdated for 2023: Earn as many industry certifications as you can within the competition window as part of the 2023 Certipalooza (Sponsored by Microsoft and Certiport)
Coding ChallengeIndividual6th - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 students per schoolOne student works as an individual (no teams) to solve a prompt by creating a script/code in a timed environment completely offline (bring your own device category)
Drone Challenge (NEW for 2023Team9th - 12thVIEW INFO1 team per schoolNew for 2023: STLP Drone Challenge! Two teams compete head to head. Fly your drone (BYOD) through the provided course. Event based on Help us develop this new challenge!
KyOLXC Website Design ChallengeIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC1 student per schoolOne student builds a website on demand focusing on design and creativity. This is a timed challenge. Category is a BYOD event.
Game Design Challenge Team6th - 12thVIEW RUBRIC1 team per schoolGame design involves system-based thinking, critical problem solving, art, storytelling, interactive design, game logic and rules, and computer skills. Present your game to judges.
Help Desk/Support Challenge (updated rubric)TeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC1 team per schoolStudents present how they help support technology within their school/district/community back home. Describe how technical support is provided and share examples.
KY Cinemania Video ChallengeTeamK - 12thVIEW WEBSITE1 team per schoolProduce a short video and post it on YouTube within 48 hours after registered teams recieve emailed instructions. Videos will be due in the days before State...finalist entries judged at State.
NKU College of Informatics IOT ChallengeTeam6th - 12thVIEW RUBRICFirst 15, 1 per schoolChoose and use any method to create an IoT solution that positively impacts your community or school. Depending on what the problem demands from your solution, you may use one or multiple IoT devices.
STLP Tech Bowl IndividualK - 12thNO RUBRIC2 students per schoolQuick minds and fast fingers using online quizzing/gamed response system will test students on technology topics. Speed and accuracy are needed to be Champs in the STLP Tech Bowl. BYOD Bring your own device to participate.
UK Engineering: Minds on InnovationTeamK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC1 team per schoolThinking about problems and finding solutions are part of the engineering world. Have a team create an original idea, products, or processes which solve a problem. Share with judges.
UK Web Coding ChallengeIndividualK - 12thVIEW RUBRIC2 students per schoolScripting is a key skill for web development. All environments require an understanding of the basic building blocks of programming and an ability to creatively combine them to create a satisfying experience for the end user. For the 2022 web coding challenge a common development platform will be used. All participants will use scratch to complete the challenge.