Uses of Twine
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TimestampWhat will you use your Twine for?How will you do that?
11/29/2011 18:36:39Telling me when my water heater is leakingMoisture sensor on the ground below the heater
11/29/2011 18:40:53Telling me if my garage door is openMagnetic sensor on the door and the rails
11/29/2011 19:37:24Monitoring how frequently the house heat turns onUsing the temperature sensor with the Twine in front of a vent
11/29/2011 19:41:51Detecting when my cats are somewhere they shouldn't be (like on a shelf)With the Twine on the shelf, the accelerometer should detect a cat landing on it
11/29/2011 19:46:31Tracking how often I move around while sleepingPutting the Twine under a mattress pad in the bed and using the accelerometer
11/29/2011 19:57:10Monitoring vehicle traffic on a nearby roadWith the Twine near the road on the ground, the vibrations may be strong enough for the accelerometer to detect
11/29/2011 21:13:11Earthquake detectionAttaching the Twine to a wall that should not be vibrating or moving and using the accelerometer (assuming sensitive enough for "normal" quakes)
11/29/2011 21:18:02Making sure the dogs never run out of water.Using the moisture sensor with a rule that texts me when it is dry.
11/29/2011 21:21:58Telling me when UPS has delivered a package.Putting the magnetic door sensor on the courtyard gate and setting up a rule to notify me if someone has come and gone in under a minute.
11/29/2011 21:23:23Letting me know when someone opens the beer cooler so I can catch them in the act.Using the door latch on the cooler door and setting up a rule to alert me when it is opened.
11/29/2011 22:38:54Detecting when people are fondling the Christmas presents under the treeGift wrap a Twine, stick it under the tree, use the accelerometer to detect movement
11/30/2011 0:06:45A hi-tech door bell to send an email when someone is at the door (possibly also triggering a camera to take a picture and send that also)Have no idea, but I think it can be done... :-)
11/30/2011 15:40:11Smoke DetectorSmoke sensor
11/30/2011 17:14:29Ensure HVAC system is working properlyOne Twine connected to the thermostat fan/heat/cool relays via the breakout board (if enough inputs)

Temperature sensor on that Twine or another in the ducts

The thermostat heating/cooling actions should correspond to an increase/decrease of temperature in the vent. If not, alert.
11/30/2011 20:22:38Telling me when someone is trolling on the internet.Using the temperature sensor on the trollee.
11/30/2011 23:24:33Tell me when a door opens.Idk yet.
12/1/2011 22:10:18Telling me when the dog jumps on the couch.Motion sensor set on couch.
12/1/2011 22:16:06Being notified when it is raining outside.Placing the moisture sensor outside and programming a rule to send me a text when it detects moisture.
12/6/2011 6:55:14Using Twine to alert us (hotel management) when the hot water system pilot light has failed.

We have a total of 8 hot water tanks located in the external rear of the complex. The pilot lights tend to trip when either flooding occurs or extreme cold frost.
I was hoping you could tell me? My email:


12/7/2011 12:44:52Turn on my central heating when it's coldIf Twine could operate an electrical switch or turn on a button (with a linear actuator) as an output or response I'd connect it up to my central heating system. I'd love for Twine to be able to tell me "It's cold in here!" by SMS, and for me to text back instructing it to "turn heating on". Actually, more accuratley, I'd SMS Twine to turn the heating on when I leave work as I work odd hours and can't really use a thermostat or timer to have the house warm when I get back. I know I could also do this with X10 but it overkill for a simple problem
12/7/2011 22:36:45not surebut i want one anyway
12/8/2011 23:08:59"Talk to my software, like quartz composer"Would be great if there is a twine API so we can use these with more sophisticated software than the simple human interface rules system you are planning.

More details on the break-out would be great too.
12/9/2011 9:16:57Change the wordlUsing the accelerometer with the Twine on top of the machine
12/9/2011 14:55:39I'd like to use it to monitor the volume of beer left in a keg.I'm thinking a pressure sensor is the best way to go about this.
12/9/2011 15:20:52Monitor home heating oil tankAttach a float-style fluid level sensor. Then text / email once certain volume criteria are met.
12/9/2011 22:48:00The controllable call in feature interests me. If a long lasting device could call in a GPS coordinate at a given interval ( 24 hrs, weekly, hourly) it could keep track of many things. Where it is now. And then it could burst info. the temp. the jostle, the humidity (of the heart or other organ, or the live lobsters, or the shrimp, or the sweet corn going across country. Or the location of the nice old car or musical instruments that are stored until the next show.
As a retired electrician / security guy I can say $100. is reasonable for the sensing features discussed.
I would put it with the GPS reader in the right rear headrest of my car. To tell me where it is every day. Thus when it is stolen (twice in 6 mo.) I can look, after the text I get.
12/10/2011 0:21:11Tell me if you detect natural gasUse a sensor that can detect the presence of natural gas. This Twine could sit in the kitchen or anywhere there is a natural gas source that could leak.
12/10/2011 0:22:17Tell me if you detect harmful levels of RadonEPA guidelines:
12/10/2011 0:27:59Help me control convectors throughout my houseMany of us live in older buildings that have multiple thermostats, each of which controls an individual convector (often through "line level" thermostats). Twine could, with the right controllers, replace those thermostats so we could have intelligent control of the thermostats via the network. If they could somehow speak to Nest and take commands from Nest, that would be awesome!
12/10/2011 8:03:31Logging a dog's activities while I'm away.strap a twine to a dog via collar. use a sound sensor to log barking. use motion sensor to log movement and non (rest). use light sensor to log when outdoors. use GPS to track movement.
12/10/2011 13:33:28Someone suggested telling when it's raining outside. More specifically, you could leave one in your top-down convertible so you would get a tweet telling you to go put the top up. (Or just put the windows up in any type of car.)
The basic Twine would do this nicely. Place it in a small open box so the water would accumulate faster.
12/10/2011 14:17:30Telling me when the mailman has delivered mail.Proximity sensor that'll register mailbox being opened.
12/10/2011 14:29:15Telling me when someone enters the laundry room.My building's laundry room has 2 washers and 2 dryers. It's sufficient for me to know simply that someone has entered the room, and then I can guess from there what's likely going on ("Someone probably just emptied that load that was in the dryer..").

Would need inconspicuous motion sensor for room. Something that the building manager would likely not notice or care about. Sensors attached to washer/dryer doors would likely get stolen or removed.
12/12/2011 20:15:33shows that there is movement in the room or at a small distancevolumetric or ultrasonic motion detector
12/12/2011 20:29:39integrated sensor for an aquariumconsisting of 3 or 5 sensors (sorted in order of importance):
liquid level sensor
temperature probe
a light sensor
speed of water flow sensor (to monitor the cleanliness of the filter)
PH sensor

The first 3 are good probe to determine the emergency (leaking, hypothermia, darkness). The last two allow you to accurately determine the degree of contamination and time to clean the aquarium, or call the service:)
12/12/2011 20:40:38Although the integrated sensor for an aquarium can be divided into two more simple sensor "sensor crashes" and "dirt sensor" in this case they will be easier and cheaper.Get sensor failures will contain 3 simple sensor:
Liquid level, temperature and light sensor. - That will show any problems with the tank.

Well, more sophisticated sensor contamination will contain HP sensor and speed sensor flow of water. - A sensor that can warn of the degree of contamination of the tank and warn about the need for cleaning.
12/18/2011 12:52:25tell me if someone has opened the doorI don't know yet
12/18/2011 15:25:35Illegal entry in the basement by doors or windows.Probably a combination of sound sensor and magnetic switch (on door).
12/19/2011 21:02:10A homemade security system.It would require a larger breakout box with the ability to input many more signals.
12/20/2011 5:02:46When the mailman brings my maillight sensor
12/20/2011 17:34:52I want to protocol if the fridge has been opened after p PM ;-) Magnetic Switch
12/21/2011 15:31:28telling me if my motorcycle is stolenusing a sensor to notify when the motorcycle is in motion
12/21/2011 22:43:23Keep track of how much beer is left in each keg in kegerator.Putting the keg on a weight scale that can hook into the Twine would do the trick. Alternatively, float something in the beer and have a sensor at the bottom of the keg that can measure how far the floatie is from it.
12/21/2011 23:02:10Smarter thermostat - a number of features would be useful.
1. Be able to text Spool commands like set the thermostat to a specific temperature, turn it on/off, set energy saving mode (like letting the house get colder during work and sleep hours.)
2. Have a learning mode - software uses an unsupervised learning algorithm to learn my preferences (a) what time do I go to sleep/wake up, leave for work, and come home b) how warm/cold do I prefer different rooms of the house when I'm getting ready in the morning, hanging around on weekend afternoons, cooking dinner and sleeping).
3. Integrate with local weather reports and local weather conditions to be smarter. IE) If my oven is turned on, the heater doesn't need to be running as much. If the weather forcast says it is going to be a hot day, then its okay for my bedroom to be a couple degrees colder when I wake up
Basic functionality will work even if twine is only able to detect time of day and current temperature. The big feature needed is for some hardware/software that will make the twine capable of communicating with a heating system (to turn the heater on/off) like a thermostat would.

Some more advanced features would require extra software support. For example, I'm not sure if the website can receive a text message and relay it back to the twine -- this would be useful so I could text the twine from work to tell it that I'll be home early and it should start heating up the place now, or if I'm home sick and want to prevent it from going into regular work-day energy-saving mode (but don't want to get out of bed to change the thermostat.)

Other great additions would be an LCD screen so it can display real-time information and a grid of buttons so I can control the unit without the website.
12/21/2011 23:04:42Detect whether I am home or not. This would be useful for integrating with other Twine systems (like a burglar alarm or thermostat system.)Either use a bunch of motion detectors around the house, or an iPhone app that communicates my GPS with the twine website.
12/21/2011 23:08:41Turn the lights on when I come home and it is dark.Light sensor plus door open/close detector plus some circuit capable of flipping a light switch or some other system capable of turning the lights on/off.

It will be tricky to detect whether I'm coming home or leaving (wouldn't want to turn all the lights on, on my way out.) Perhaps the system could also use a motion detector inside my front door -- if motion is detected inside the home before the door is opened, then I'm leaving, otherwise I'm just getting home.
12/21/2011 23:12:41Sensor to tell me when to water my plants. (Like but more cost effective)Many moisture sensors, one twine unit. Text message me when moisture level drops below a certain level. Each plant will get a name so I know who is thirsty!
12/22/2011 6:58:12Server Room MonitoringI'm hoping to make use of our Axis security cameras, use the alarm IO ports to interface with the Twine and have it tweet me when there's motion detected in the server room.
12/25/2011 11:00:56when the kid has used the snow shovel (or rake) or washed dishes for at least 30 minutes, or exercised a specific amount of time, send an automatic text message authorizing allowance earned (also keeps a datetime record of chores completed.Attach accelerometor sensor to handle of shovel or rake / sports shoe / or use an optical motion sensor (IR sensor?) at sink level.
12/28/2011 15:02:12As security guard for my house.I use the accelerometer with twines connected to all the doors and windows on the ground floor and the accelerometer on. As soon as something opens I get a message on my phone. I also connect this to a timer so I only get messages when I don't expect that the windows / door are opened.
12/29/2011 0:44:21Listen for me snoring or Let me know when dog is barkingI need a sensor that listens for sound.
12/30/2011 1:06:54Tell me (a) if there is any standing water in basement, and (b) when last time sump pump has ejected water(a) moisture sensor
(b) either vibration of sump pump motor or crude flow meter on pump output line
12/30/2011 9:48:07To integrate with my Service,, a personal mobile safety app, specially created for women, and children, check out a two minutes intro video at the accelerometer to check for continue shaking movement in 1-2 seconds, if this happen, it cld mean user's are in danger..
12/31/2011 16:39:58Use accelerometer to monitor for bicycle theft &/or tampering.
(Future: Use GPS to locate and retrieve stolen bicycles?)
Could the device be made small enough to be "hidden" inside the bicycle's seat tube?
1/8/2012 16:17:25Anyone who has a garage has been through this scenario: After driving five miles, either you (in your head) or whoever is riding shotgun says: "Did we close the garage door?" Unless, you absolutely remember closing the door, you now have a nagging voice in your head saying: "The garage door may be open".I'm hoping to use the magnetic switch to keep track of whether my garage door is close or not by mounting the Twine to the garage door track and the magnet to the door itself. I'll get a text to my phone when the door closes.
1/8/2012 16:18:44Anyone who has a garage has been through this scenario: After driving five miles, either you (in your head) or whoever is riding shotgun says: "Did we close the garage door?" Unless, you absolutely remember closing the door, you now have a nagging voice in your head saying: "The garage door may be open".I'm hoping to use the magnetic switch to keep track of whether my garage door is close or not by mounting the Twine to the garage door track and the magnet to the door itself. I'll get a text to my phone when the door closes.
1/23/2012 11:39:26Try to keep an orchid alivemoisture sensor
2/6/2012 17:20:33Tell my whether my kids has been driving irresponsiblyUse limits on the accelerometer in each direction (accelerate, brake, cornering) to send alerts. I expect the alerts to be triggered when the Twine gets back within WiFi range of my home.
7/12/2012 0:29:24confirm that my X11-controlled chicken coop door has successfully opened or closed. it's controlled by a computer that goes online each morning to see what time the sun rises & sets, but once in a while the door doesn't get the signal for whatever reason. door open all night == happy raccoons, unhappy chickens.magnet sensor.